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Hospital Design Competition in Shanghai, China, for a Confidential Client 109

Shanghai, China

Competition: 2014

The design of this private hospital, which will

In the central public atrium, warm limestone

Efficient water systems significantly

serve the healthcare needs of Shanghai’s

flooring, glass panels and wood screens help

reduce the building’s overall water demand.

rapidly growing affl uent population,

create a peaceful, healing environment. All

Rainwater harvesting and on-site graywater

accommodates complex healthcare delivery

patient rooms and most staff spaces provide

and blackwater treatment generate water for

models and emerging technologies.

access to outside views, operable windows

use in cooling towers, power generation,

and landscaped terraces.

laundry and irrigation. An on-site water treatment facility will enable the hospital to

Inspired by the beauty and performance of nature, the design combines the efficiencies

Guided by regenerative principles, the

return at least as much water back to the

and rigor of biology with the soothing,

design achieves net positive energy and

municipal water system as it uses for its

restorative qualities of natural forms.

water targets through sustainable and

potable water demand.

biophilic strategies that also promote A solar analysis informed the site plan and

health and wellness.

shape of the buildings to optimize access to daylight and wind. The gentle curves of the

Advanced lighting, daylighting, heating,

massing reduce sharp corners and allow for

cooling and ventilation strategies will

the easy flow of space, air and light.

reduce energy use by at least 50 percent compared to similar facilities. The hospital’s

Textured natural materials and smooth

remaining energy needs will be provided

finished surfaces form the exterior materials

by a combination of building-integrated

palette. The patient towers and central core

photovoltaic systems and on-site

are clad in glass and light-colored metal

cogeneration via biomass or biogas.

panels, while the building podium is enveloped by a hillside.

◄ view from entry

2015 design annual

893,000 sq. ft. / 83,000 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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