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Dechert Law Office 73

Washington, DC, USA

Completion: 2013

Carefully crafted with exquisite details and

By concentrating the focus of the

Partner offices are designed and furnished

refined materials, Dechert’s fresh yet timeless

programming within the building core, the

to support both collaborative and quiet

law office was completed from design through

team maximized the use of the lease area

concentration work. All attorney offices

occupancy in just 10 months.

without compromising the work environment

are sized to eliminate wasted space and

for attorneys and staff. As a result, the space

standardized on a module to facilitate

By collaborating with Dechert's employees to

has a more open feeling than other offices

operations. Instead of being in enclosed

develop new work strategies, the design team

with such a high occupancy rate.

suites, administrative workstations are in an

created a flexible environment that enables Natural materials and subtle architectural

This allows for flexible space assignments as

and productively.

features – including glass partitions for

the needs of support departments

all offices, soft indirect lighting and wide

change over time.

The design ensures that the space adapts

corridors – create airy volumes that blur the

to the firm’s evolving needs without

distinction between interior and perimeter

compromising grace, comfort or the

space. Interior offices have been upgraded

permanence that signifies Dechert’s

with the same glass partition system used

prominence in the legal community.

on perimeter offices. A painted accent wall

Punctuated by the firm’s vibrant art collection,

illuminated by a light cove simulates daylight.

the interior architecture is restrained and the detailing is precisely executed.

◄ elevator lobby

open plan contiguous with legal workspaces.

attorneys to practice law more efficiently

2014 design annual

60,000 sq. ft. / 5,575 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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