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Commerce Union Center 53

Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China

Competition: 2013

The city's abundant greenery and natural

A low-scale outdoor shopping street is set

On the site's western edge, a park between

beauty inspired the design of the Jiangxi

against the larger indoor retail outlets to the

the commercial edge and the residential

General Chamber of Commerce complex. This

east. This provides an attractive destination

towers serves as the project’s green heart.

development will anchor the northern end of

with views of the entire shopping experience.

Primarily used by residents, the park's

Nanchang's new central business district on the Gan River's western shore.

eastern edge will be activated by cafés The towers appear to be formed by the same

and storefronts. The park also serves as a

natural erosion that created the river and

buffer and connecting point between the

Located in an underdeveloped part of the

its new retail edge. Their design is heavily

commercial areas on the east and residential

city, the project provides a strong sense of

infl uenced by the sculptural forms of the

areas on the west.

place and a self-sustaining environment that

ceramic vases produced in the Jiangxi

takes advantage of the river and its

region. Tapering at the top and bottom, the

amenities to attract visitors.

smooth, shifting form creates a distinct tower that, like the river, appears to change

The design stretches the retail space along

shape when viewed from different angles.

the site’s long river edge and anchors each

The triangular plan maximizes views to the

end with two large office and hotel towers.

river while creating a structurally sound

Stepped terraces make the retail space feel

form for the buildings.

like a natural extension of the curving river's edge while maximizing views of the city.

◄ aerial view

2014 design annual

3.77 million sq. ft. / 351,000 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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