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University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences Facility III 259

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Completion: 2016

The Health Sciences Facility III is centrally

On the building’s southern face, the massing

A carefully planned network of campus green

located among the University of Maryland’s

transitions to an outdoor plaza. A “porous”

spaces and courtyards creates an “emerald

medicine, dentistry and pharmacy schools.

massing of offices allows views into the

necklace” that unifies these spaces and the

Both the site plan and building design

building through the adjacent atrium. An

buildings. Exterior plazas are designed as

encourage collaboration within this new

additional north-to-south building mass faces

extensions of major interior spaces, with

facility, which will advance UMB’s position as a

the school of medicine to accommodate

transparent materials on the edges blurring

leader in academic research.

future campus growth to the north.

boundaries between the two.

The program includes wet and dry research

The design follows university and city design

Connecting bridges span the central atrium at

labs on typical floors and imaging laboratories

guidelines by expressing a base, middle and

different levels to bring together researchers

in the basement. Collaboration areas are

top to the buildings. Durable materials appear

and faculty members. This atrium aligns with

located throughout the facility.

along the lowest portion of the structure,

atria within the adjoining schools of medicine,

where the building meets the ground. Middle

dentistry and pharmacy, encouraging

A lab block oriented east to west steps down

portions of buildings are strongly articulated,

collaborative meetings of researchers, faculty

along the street to one-level, pedestrian-scale

with few massing variations. The top steps

members and community residents.

massing elements. Materials, textures and

back to allow the massing to meet the sky.

elements like seating and planters combine to make the building feel welcoming to users and passersby.

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2014 design annual

434,900 sq. ft. / 40,400 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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