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Beijing Art Hotel 23

Beijing, China

Competition: 2013

The Beijing Art Hotel acts as a counterpoint

With its striking zigzag geometry, the hotel

to the new Tadao Ando-designed museum in

cuts across the landscape. Firmly anchored

northeast Beijing.

on the eastern end, the structure rises above the ground plane at the western end, floating

At the site entrance, the museum is conceived

as it is reflected in the pond below. Directly

as an oval floating in a reflecting pond and

accessible from the hotel and museum, a

accessible via a pedestrian bridge. The crisp,

destination lounge hovers in the water like a

angular planes of the hotel provide a sharp

droplet poised for immersion.

contrast to the soft, oval form of the museum. This design creates a boundary edge for the

Located in an accent pavilion, the ballroom

museum space and a surface for its

and ancillary facilities form the western

floating silhouette.

enclosure of the arrival plaza. Based on floor-area ratio constraints, many of the

◄ aerial view

The 180-key, fi ve-star boutique hotel

dining areas sit below grade, opening onto a

functions in the landscape like a liaison,

recessed water garden that is designed as an

balancing the water side of the museum with

“oval void” and is visible from the

the land side of the hotel.

museum’s solid oval.

2014 design annual

339,000 sq. ft. / 31,500 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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