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Rosewood Abu Dhabi 223

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Completion: 2013

The Rosewood Abu Dhabi is an ultra-luxury

As guests enter the hotel, a pair of full-height

resident to personalize a space that is already

five-star hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s new

wood-framed doors evokes a sense of

unique. Smooth surfaces are juxtaposed with

central business district on Al Maryah Island.

historical drama. A water feature spills out

textured design elements such as leather wall

The design creates a distinct, personalized

into the entry court in a refreshing, directional

treatments and patterned screens, creating a

luxury lifestyle experience that captures the

gesture that gently guides guests through

spatially dynamic and tactile atmosphere.

essence of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts’

the space, releasing them at the reception

“Sense of Place” philosophy.

and concierge area.

Interior spaces take cues from the local

The design of the interior encourages a

pottery reinforces the indigenous expression

topography and culture, merging the

free flow of movement between key living

of the public spaces.

vastness of the desert’s white sand dunes

zones, promoting a relaxed experience. Full-

with the crystal blue of the Arabian Sea. The

height windows bring unique views into

sleek, modern aesthetic creates a feeling of

every guestroom, offering panoramas of

understated opulence and elegance.

the city and sea.

With a backdrop of the surrounding waterways

Guestroom furnishings echo the stylish

and sea beyond, the grand lobby greets

feel of the lobby while providing richer

guests as if they are royalty. Soft, tonal colors

details. Natural materials, including stone,

inspired by the textural essence of the

wood and glass, offer a contemporary,

desert landscape are balanced by bursts

sophisticated touch. Providing a choice of

of blues and greens.

fabrics, furnishings and artwork allows each

In the guestrooms, combining modern regional artwork with traditional accessories and

◄ reception

2014 design annual

1.1 million sq. ft. / 102,000 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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