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Oregon State Hospital 209

Junction City, Oregon, USA

Oregon State Hospital in Junction City is a new

The 360-bed Junction City facility is located

mental health facility designed on the model

on a greenfield site donated to the state

of care that HOK developed for Oregon’s

of Oregon. The site’s major challenge – its

other psychiatric hospital in Salem. In this

location on a floodplain – created several

Annual EUI: 99 kBTU / sf / yr

model, patient treatment and care mirror the

design opportunities. Abundant groundwater

56% below ASHRAE 2007

activities of a typical daily routine. Throughout

will power a geothermal exchange system,

the day, patients move from their living units

which combines with solar hot water and

to treatment areas, exercise space and the

distribution via radiant heating and cooling.

Completion: 2014

facility’s “downtown” area. With its natural ventilation and daylighting This “live, work, play” design approach, which

strategies, this facility will be among the most

has led to documented improvements in the

energy-efficient hospitals in the country.

behavior and lives of patients at the Salem hospital, is replicated in Junction City. The strategy will accelerate many patients' return to society, where they can become active, productive members of their families and communities.

◄ abstraction model

2014 design annual

223,900 sq. ft. / 20,800 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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