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Museum Gardens Dream Pavilion Competition 175

London, UK

Competition: 2013

The design brief was to design a temporary,

The Dream Box is constructed of recyclable,

freestanding, transportable and contemporary

translucent, honeycomb plastic panels that

pavilion to be installed in the Kensington

are cantilevered on a slotted base. Supporting

Museum Gardens, with the theme of "Dream."

the panels is a secondary structure of metal threaded rods located on the top and bottom

Dreams are made up of different layers of

of the panels. All 48 panels are CNC-milled

each individual’s feelings and emotions.

to form. Because interior portions of the

The design of the Dream Pavilion represents

panels feature a rubber trim coated with

a “dream box” where one can move through

phosphorescent paint, the dream box

these pensive layers.

illuminates and reflects at night.

The pavilion layout is based on the experience

The vertical filigree created by the layered

of a physical dream. Visitors enter into the

panels permits people outside the pavilion to

unknown (dream induction), move through a

catch fleeting glimpses of those inside. People

new sensory experience (dreaming) and leave

are invited to bring their own dreams to play,

with a new memory (awakening). Designed

laugh, interact and relax.

to symbolize the development of this dream sequence, the pavilion offers areas for people to reflect, walk, sit, lie, crawl and stand.

◄ exterior

2014 design annual

390 sq. ft. / 36 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

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