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LG Science Park 155

Seoul, South Korea

Completion: 2015 Annual EUI: 24 kBTU / sf / yr

The LG Science Park research campus in

All science areas – a mix of dry and wet labs

Among the Science Park’s sustainable design

Seoul’s Magok district consolidates staff from

– have a large block of space between two

strategies are use of a distinctive bronze

six different LG affiliates. This landscaped

cores that can be configured to accommodate

anodized facade and innovative technologies

urban site provides facilities supporting

any research function. An innovative

such as algae panels and footfall harvesting

innovative research and industrial prototyping.

strategic service distribution system enables

to generate power. Flat roof surfaces

researchers to reconfigure lab environments

accommodate photovoltaic panels and

with minimal, cost-effective modifications.

vegetated roofs. Ground-source heat pumps

30.4% below ASHRAE 2007 A public greenway connecting the city to a park bisects the site from north to south. The

provide heating and cooling in electronics

master plan also creates a new linear park

Each LG affiliate has its own main entrance

running east to west through the site, forming

and lobby while sharing a common drop-off

extensive swaths of greenery and encouraging

area. Building elevations are framed with

public access to the parks.

stone and in-filled with glass and stainless steel panels, creating a varied family of

Intersecting the parks at the heart of the

facade treatments that provide views to the

campus is an Integrated Support Center (ISC)

parks and control solar gain.

designed for LEED Platinum certification. In the lower ground level, under the linear Planned around LG’s vision for highly

park, a dining facility links affiliate buildings

collaborative, interdisciplinary research, the

and shared facilities. A three-level basement

Science Park provides flexible buildings and

provides a connecting service corridor,

laboratory adjacencies that accommodate

support spaces, a central utility plant and

virtually every type of science.

parking for 4,200 cars.

◄ view from magok-dong district public park

dry labs.

2014 design annual

8.51 million sq. ft. / 791,000 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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