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King Khalid International Airport Development + Expansion 147

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Three decades after designing King Khalid

The design solution responds to Riyadh’s

Designed for LEED Silver certification, the

International Airport (KKIA), HOK is now

culture while providing a series of memorable

project's sustainable strategies include

leading the design for the expansion of

spaces. The distinctive, hexagonal roof form

replacing the existing terminals’ external

Terminals 3 and 4. Though KKIA has served

and triangular organization of the original

cladding with a high-performance facade

Annual EUI: 27 kBTU / sf / yr

the city and region well, this expansion will

buildings guided the design. Basing the plan

system and upgrading infrastructure with two

69.3% below ASHRAE 2007

enable the airport to meet increasing demand

on the original module size, the team designed

new energy centers.

and support the country’s growing economy.

a seamless intervention with no clear

As with the original airport, the design creates

distinction between old and new modules.

Completion: 2016

a strong sense of place and a passenger-

design team to rationalize and coordinate the

friendly terminal welcoming each traveler as

The central processor building accommodates

an important guest to Riyadh.

the technical requirements of arrivals and

process throughout construction.

departures within curved, large-span,

The facilities are being refurbished in two

The design goal for the current project is to

triangular forms that emulate the original

phases to allow the existing airport operations

integrate and extend Terminals 3 and 4 as

smaller-scale roof forms. Clerestory glazing

to function at capacity during construction.

an infill development that complements and

similar to that of the original terminals creates

enhances the existing airport to accommodate

a consistent daylighting approach.

more than 17.5 million passengers yearly. The project also introduces a central processor

Using variations of the original triangular roof

building and three new piers with 24 gates.

geometry, the three new piers are designed around their functional requirements and the need to carefully control daylight.

◄ view of roof

An integrated BIM strategy allows the entire

2014 design annual

3.06 million sq. ft. / 284,200 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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