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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Interior Design 139

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

Completion: 2009 Labs:

King Abdullah University of Science and

an engineering classroom building, applied

A pedestrian spine bisecting the campus

Technology (KAUST) is a 26-building,

mathematics building, library, mosque,

links labs with the quadrangle. This spine is a

graduate-level research university located

student center, performing arts auditorium,

shaded, passively cooled outdoor concourse

50 miles north of Jeddah on the east coast of

university center and main dining hall.

housing conference, office and retail space.

the Red Sea.

Annual EUI: 92 kBTU / sf / yr for 2.9 million sq. ft.

Careful sunlight management creates comfort Human interaction and collaboration are at

KAUST was envisioned as an entirely new type

the core of sharing knowledge, advancing

and visual drama in the primary social spaces.

of research university with a new academic

research and making new discoveries. To

The three-story, freestanding academic

Higher Education Space:

organizational structure that promotes

encourage chance meetings and interaction,

library is a beacon signifying the metaphorical

Annual EUI: 147 kBTU / sf / yr

innovation and creativity. Individual schools

collaborative and social spaces are given

heart of the campus. A translucent skin

for 837,362 sq. ft.

and scientific departments do not exist and

privileged, highly visible spots on campus.

surrounding the library's tall, open interior

there are no departmental boundaries. Administrative Space:

volumes establishes a dramatic visual Based on the dominance of the sun

connection between the interior and exterior.

Annual EUI: 70 kBTU / sf / yr

Designed to encourage physical and human

in KAUST’s desert climate, the team

The library functions as an academic

for 346,335 sq. ft.

networks to flourish without boundaries, the

incorporated daylight as a primary building

commons that encourages interdisciplinary,

KAUST campus creates a new framework for

medium. The effect of daylight on the

cross-cultural collaboration. The warm,


a global community that brings together the

perception of space and surface also

social environment balances the technical

Annual EUI: 90 kBTU / sf / yr

world’s best minds around humanity’s most

played a key role in the interior design of the

nature of the surrounding engineering and

for 139,990 sq. ft.

urgent scientific and technological challenges.

buildings. Similar to the Arabic screening of

laboratory buildings.

the “mashrabiya,” windows and skylights have In addition to the four interconnected,

an integral shading system that reduces heat

500,000-sq.-ft. research buildings, the

loads while creating dramatic, dappled light.

university includes administration buildings,

◄ interior view of library

2014 design annual

5.5 million sq. ft. / 510,967 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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