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King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center Residential Community Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and

of motion across the site's east-west axis.

night, the glass box becomes a lantern

Site: 500 acres / 200 hectares

Research Center (KAPSARC) is a research

The curving, flat-seam metal roofs of the

in the landscape washed with light at the

and policy center committed to energy and

central dining facility and library extend off

bottom and punctuated with points of light

environmental exploration and analysis. The

the building, transforming into flowing shade

near the night sky.

residential community provides a premier

canopies. These two buildings face each

Annual EUI: 45 kBTU / sf / yr

family environment that helps KAPSARC

other across the central plaza.

57% energy reduction from average

attract and retain world-class researchers.

Completion: 2013

KAPSARC's residential community is the first and largest project outside of North America to

Two long, rectilinear apartment buildings

achieve LEED for Homes certification. It is one

The 10 community buildings include three

flank the central dining facility and library.

of the first projects included in the LEED

apartment complexes with retail; a library;

The horizontal sunshade structures of these

for Homes International Pilot Program. All

a dining hall; a recreation center; a natatorium;

modern, stone-clad forms complete the liner

191 of the villas have been awarded LEED

a community masjid, or mosque; a

that defines the central plaza.

for Homes certification (188 Gold, one Silver

supermarket; and a bowling alley. A 191-unit

and two Certified). All community buildings

residential community features 11

As the spiritual center of the KAPSARC

except for the mosque are aiming for LEED

different housing prototypes.

residential community, the mosque is highly

Platinum certification.

visible. Envisioned as a monolithic core

◄ community plaza

The plan organizes the site around a linear,

perforated with a pattern of glowing windows

KAPSARC’s 592,000-square-foot solar

central green space. The massing of the

and surrounded by glass, the experience of

energy field, also designed by HOK, will

central community buildings reinforces the

the mosque changes from day to night. During

generate about 5,800 megawatt hours of

strength of the site concept. Two main

the day, the play of shadows from the complex

electrical energy annually. It is the largest

buildings in the center of the green space

mullion patterns travels over the inner stone

photovoltaic array in Saudi Arabia.

have sculptural roofs, continuing the feeling

facade, creating a dynamic experience. At

2014 design annual

2.05 million sq. ft. / 190,200 sq. m.


2014 HOK Design Annual  

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellen...

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