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Four Seasons Nanjing 103

Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Completion: 2017

The 300-key Four Seasons Nanjing is on

Reflecting the sophistication of the Four

a prominent site in the heart of what was

Seasons brand and its guests, the 300-room

once Nanjing’s national government district.

hotel has an elegant, contextual feel. Dark

Located near the former presidential palace

brickwork and punched openings integrate

and government center, the new hotel tower

the spirit of traditional Mingguo design

sits adjacent to a series of smaller residential

in a modern way. Juxtaposing the sleek,

buildings reflecting China’s early-20th-century

refined curtain wall of the tower with the

Mingguo architectural style.

historic structures reinforces the theme of a contemporary building in an historic context.

West of the site, Nanjing’s newest museum faces the primary lobby. A primary boulevard

By incorporating the residential scale of the

with mature trees borders the south side.

masonry structures on the arrival side and transitioning to a sleek glazed skin along the

The plan creates clear edges for the irregular

avenues, the design creates an appropriate

site, with a private, residential-scale arrival

urban-scale response to the surroundings.

court. A separate residential tower sits on the boulevard to the south in an area zoned for taller structures. The Mingguo structures will be retained and redeveloped as a boutique retail and dining destinations.

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2014 design annual

759,000 sq. ft. / 70,500 sq. m.

2014 HOK Design Annual  

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