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Free Speech: 2013.’ Although Utah’s Dixie State University was fourth on the list, the accusations against it are the most controversial. The problems began almost a year ago when the student group, Phi Beta Pi Society, was denied recognition as a proper Greek sorority rather than a club. University officials stated in response to the Society’s request, “Since the late 80’s and early 90’s Dixie has fought a ‘party school’ image and the institution has made it very clear that they do NOT want to have any tie to events and programs that would promote or encourage such an image.” Their reasoning was succinctly expressed: “Nationwide there is a negative stigma attached to Greek Life.” And, they even added some reassurance at the end: “You can still do whatever you want as a club.” No hard feelings. The ladies of the Phi Beta Pi Society, however, were determined to receive recognition, especially since the administration admitted that they had amended their bylaws “due to this particular charter request.” In terms of this debate, I think there are two main relevant questions to discuss. First, is Dixie State University violating Phi Beta Pi’s First Amendment right to, as Peter Bonilla put it, “identify themselves the way they want to be identified?” Second, are Greek organizations actually valuable to the University despite the stigma?

The Greek Life Debate

From a solely Public Relations perspective, the University is right that Greek life probably does more harm than good for their “image.” I mean, take USC for example. The only time our Greek system gets any attention is when members have exhibitionist sex or people die. Never mind the fact that the Greek community as a whole raises more than any other community of students and consistently out-performs non-Greek students. I could go on, but it’s obvious that Dixie State doesn’t care about any of these possible features and benefits of having a Greek life on campus. They only care about their image. They even concede in another e-mail that they love the philanthropic focus of Greek organizations and their positive impact on the local communities. Let’s be real for a second. Clearly, Dixie State has a very interesting take on their “image.” I mean, why would a rational University in UTAH decide to put DIXIE anywhere in their name? I’m from the South. That’s just ridiculous.

THE ODYSSEY AT USC CREATIVE TEAM Editor in Chief David Karlsberg Delta Tau Delta Writers Jay Juster, Phi Sigma Kappa Kristen Garrett, Alpha Gamma Delta

The First Amendment Debate I seriously doubt that prohibiting an organization from identifying itself as Greek violates the First Amendment. Now, if the University tries to stop the ladies from assembling as a group altogether, then Dixie State is absolutely crossing a line. From my point of view, the University is simply enforcing and perpetuating a policy enacted in the early 90’s. That’s over 20 years of Dixie State’s prohibition of Greek life. Considering that the ladies of Phi Beta Pi say they only want sisterhood out of the Society, I don’t see how they can’t accomplish that as a club. Especially since there are no other Greek organizations on campus to do exchanges with or party with. You are just constantly left hanging.

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THE GIRLS OUT FOR ‘GIRLS’ Tim Molloy, a reporter for The Wrap, asked Lena Dunham, the creator of the HBO show Girls the following at a panel for Alpha Gamma Delta the Television Critics’ Kristen is a freshman studying Association on January theatre. You may contact her at 9th: I don’t get the purpose of all of the nudity on the show, by you particularly, and I feel like I’m walking into a trap where you go, ‘Nobody complains about the nudity on Game of Thrones,’ but I get why they are doing it. They are doing it to be salacious and, you know, titillate people. And your character is often naked just at random times for no reason. This caused considerable backlash, for obvious reasons. If Molloy understands the reasons that women are naked on Game of Thrones, why is it hard to understand why a 20-something character on a show that prides itself on being an accurate representation of life for millennials might be naked a considerable amount? Girls is a show about liberation—liberation from the conventional standards of beauty that actresses are held to, liberation from perfection, and, most importantly, liberation from idealized depictions of life, which includes idealized depictions of nudity. Female nudity isn’t always meant to be sexy. I will rephrase that, because I think many people, including Mr. Molloy, don’t seem to recognize this: when women take



their clothes off, it isn’t always for sexual reasons. Molloy thinks that nudity should be “salacious” and “titillate” people; Dunham is aware that nudity just is. Additionally, the way Molloy phrased his question—saying he was offended by Dunham’s character particularly—further illustrates Molloy’s ingrained misogyny. Dunham isn’t a Hollywood beauty like her two other co-stars, Allison Williams and Jemima Kirke. Kirke and Williams have both been naked on the show a considerable amount, but Molloy doesn’t seem concerned by that, as they were naked in the context of sex and they are both conventionally beautiful. No—Molloy is bothered by an average looking women being naked on television as an attempt to represent the reality of nudity, which is that everyone gets naked every day. Men, women, good-looking, plain—it’s unavoidable. By focusing on Dunham’s nudity, Molloy is essentially saying, “I don’t get why you have to be naked on television since you’re not thin and pretty. I also don’t get why sometimes you’re naked in a non-sexual manner, since women’s naked bodies are inextricably linked to sex in my, and most of my male colleagues, minds. If you’re not hot or having sex, why bother getting naked at all?” It’s this sort of question that makes the importance of shows like “Girls” even clearer: without accurate representation of nudity and female sexuality, and the intersection of those two aspects of life, there will be no advancement in the inherently misogynistic connection between female nudity and male sexual pleasure. So go for it, Lena Dunham. Because your body is your own, and you can represent it any way you want—sexually or otherwise.


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Finals are right around the corner and although you would like to pretend sleeping will be more beneficial to you than studying will be – you Pi Beta Phi probably should study. Karina is a freshman studying At this point in the public relations. You may semester, it will take a lot contact her at of time spent in Leavey to resurrect your grades. We know that withering away in Leavey throughout the week makes studying much more tedious than it has to be, so we sought out five, exciting places that you can study at for finals. Hopefully, these different locations can make studying much easier and more relaxing for you. These include areas in the midst of the McKay Center, the Cinematic Arts School, the Mudd Hall of Philosophy, the Viterbi School of Engineering, and the Roski School of Fine Arts. Outside of the McKay Center and Heritage Hall, you are welcome to enjoy the red, plush couches and chairs to study in comfort amongst the athletes. While most athletes will be inside the actual McKay center, you can still feel special from the outskirts. Around the area, you also can find fire pits surrounded by couches where you can keep warm while studying! Maybe you can even bring some s’mores ingredients for a fun, study snack. In the middle of the Cinematic Arts School, there are various tables and chairs to study at and you can feel as if you are on vacation in a small European town. Go grab a coffee from the Coffee Bean cart and sit with some friends and get down to business. The


trickling of the fountain in the middle of the square creates a nice, tranquil atmosphere that will help you study. Also, ladies, who knows – maybe you will even spot a celebrity guest speaker (AKA . . . James Franco). If you want to avoid Leavey and Doheny, but still study in a library, the top floor of the Mudd Hall of Philosophy is an exceptional alternative. Many regard this library as one of USC’s greatest hidden gems. Upon entering the building, it seems as if you have been transported into Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The library is equipped with thousands of books, plush chairs, and a massive fireplace. In this library there is no way you can procrastinate. The quiet environment promotes productivity. But, beware, this library is closed on Saturdays. In the middle of the Roski School of Fine Arts there are multiple yellow tables with attached stools. Although the chairs are not plush, it is an ideal place to work quickly and efficiently. The minimalistic qualities of the area will motivate you to finish your studies in a timely manner to get back to your warm bed. Another plus about this location is that the Shop Cafe which houses Nekter juice bar is located right across from these tables. So, while you study you can enjoy a refreshing, healthy smoothie or acai bowl! Right behind GFS, the Roski School of Engineering is located. In the midst of all of the buildings, you can find a nice sanctuary to study that includes a plethora of tables and chairs, umbrellas, grassy areas, and a fountain. The grass and trees surrounding the area almost make you forget that you are in downtown LA. You can take in the sunshine of the day while maintaining your focus in the shade. We hope to see you during dead week studying at one of our favorite study spots! Happy studying!

Scene on campus


Written by Simone Novorr

I could go on forever about all the different perks of living in Los Angeles. The weather, the beaches, the diversity, the food...the list is endless. Although I realize that a lot of USC’s student body, especially those in the Greek system, hail from Southern California, those of us who don’t still get excited by a few of these things. I am from Dallas, where it is freezing in the winter and hotter than 100 degrees in the summer, and the closest thing we have to an ocean are some man-made lakes. Three years after moving to Los Angeles, I still think living by the beach is so special. Another special thing about Los Angeles is that we live in an area where film, television and music are king. I am not much of a big fan of celebrities, and I would never go chase after one or stand outside their hotel room, but anyone who does not think it’s cool is lying. In Dallas, the extent of my celebrity sightings have been the Jonas Brothers (they are from Texas and were at a mall), Chase Crawford and Tony Romo (at a local bar in Dallas) and one time I walked face-first into Troy Aikman (for those of you under a rock, he’s a retired football player). At first, I figured everyone was staring at me because I just blatantly ran into someone, but then I realized it was because of who he is, which was super embarassing. Also, with the Jonas Brothers I thought someone had been shot because everyone was screaming and running, but it was just their fans. Not that Dallas is not a great city; I mean, they did film Prison Break, GCB (still my claim to fame, as it was filmed on the street I grew up on) and some Barney episodes there (they filmed a window-washing episode at my house once, and needless to say I was pretty popular that week), but it is no Hollywood. I still do get annoyed with people who post a billion pictures of them at the beach or


posing with some celebrity, but I understand it. I once saw Courtney Stodden (that 17-yearold girl who married the like 60-year-old guy from Lost) at the Beverly Center and really wanted a picture, but chickened out. So recently when I checked my Facebook and saw a bunch of pictures of JC Chasez of ‘NSYNC singing at Tri Delta during Monday night dinner I was overwhelmed, but after thinking about it I realized it is not something everyone gets to experience (shout out to DTD for the awesome suprise). This would likely never have happened anywhere outside of Los Angeles or USC. I almost got to the point where I posted something just to show my friends back home, but I resisted. I am a pretty big fan of BuzzFeed, VH1 and Perez Hilton, and to see that my sorority made national news was pretty cool. Also I mean, how many people can say they were in a video that was on CBS and went viral?!!? Catherine Sutcliff, a junior studying international relations, said, “I’d heard that JC was maybe coming to sing to us, but didn’t fully comprehend how big of a deal it was until he started signing.” I think whether you are team ‘NSYNC or Backstreet Boys, it is experiences like these that set our college experience apart from everyone else’s. Our campus is so beautful that shows, movies and even music videos want to film here all of the time. As many know, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just recently filmed their new music video behind the Row, and many students got to be in the video (and most importantly be up close and personal with a camel!). These were pretty cool events for USC, but if I can make one last point it would be pleading with people to stop using so many hashtags, specifically #casual (because we all know you mean the exact opposite of that).


Scene enrepreneur’s tool kit


As an entrepreneur, being in college is a great advantage. Just like people have permission to party without consequences, you have the freedom to start a business venture and chase your dreams without risking homelessness.

2. Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

JAY JUSTER Phi Sigma Kappa

Jay is a junior studying psychology. You may contact him at

In this article, I’m going to share with you a list of resources that you have at your fingertips right now and can start utilizing today. These individual tools, when combined, will provide a huge boost for your journey. 1. Inner Motivation and Passion Entrepreneurs are such a unique breed of humans because their engine runs on what psychologists call Intrinsic Motivation. They enjoy what they do or see their business venture as an opportunity to learn, explore, and actualize their potentials rather than merely a way to obtain an obvious external reward like money. Ultimately, the successful ones find a way to align an inner purpose with their outer venture and make that pursuit a central part of their lives every day. So, determine WHY entrepreneurship appeals to you and set daily goals that satisfy this underlying motivation.

As savvy, smart, and skilled as you are, including other entrepreneurs in your venture is guaranteed to increase your effectiveness.To find these individuals, start or join an entrepreneurship club on campus. Once you find the professors and other successful entrepreneurs willing to speak at your club meetings, post flyers around campus advertising the event and enjoy the continually expanding membership. 3. Teachers and Professors Take advantage of your university’s faculty and staff. Find teachers and professors who share your area of interest and schedule a time to talk to them. Most universities maintain an online directory of their professor’s contact information and a synopsis of their interests and/or published materials. Utilize this resource. Send an e-mail to professors indicating interest in their exact field of study (“I saw on your profile that you do research in smart phone applications.”) and ask whether you can talk during their next available office hours. Professors absolutely love to receive this kind of attention, especially if they are in the business school or an entrepreneurship program. 4. Identify A Need Most entrepreneurs aren’t great salespeople because they focus on the idea rather than the potential customers. When talking to a prospect, they might list off the features and benefits of their product or just persistently try to get the prospect to say yes. Instead, as a general rule of selling, you will find far greater success by identifying a prospect’s need and explaining how the product can satisfy that need. If you can’t figure out why a customer would need your product, then you have little chance of finding an ideal market, an ideal customer, or getting that ideal customer to buy even if they are sitting right in front of you. 5. The Internet Now that you’ve determined the precise need that your product aims to satisfy, start sharing the idea through social media. Create a Facebook page. Link that page to a Twitter account and post on both frequently. Focus on creating engaging content that reminds the reader of their unfulfilled needs, and how your product solves those problems. Create a website through WordPress and start blogging. Post videos to YouTube and share them through all of these new online accounts. Most importantly, establish a dedicated e-mail address for the company. The address can be as simple as an @gmail account, or you can opt to use the domain name of your new website. 6. Your College As a student, you have an access to your campus that would turn older entrepreneurs green with envy. First of all, take advantage of the unlimited access to your school’s libraries. Start reading books about entrepreneurship and biographies of successful entrepreneurs. Find all the information you can about your field of interest, selling, and negotiation. Remember to utilize professors. Think about auditing classes that support your passions. Some colleges even have elective classes for directed research. You can take this class to do scientific studies on your product and the extent to which it is effective at satisfying your customers’ needs. Last, you are surrounded by thousands of potential customers! Go out there and sell! 7. Multiple Streams of Income The easiest way to earn money on campus is through scholarships. If you can use your daily goals to create some outstanding early successes, then you will have some unique, interesting content for your applications. Apply to all of them. Even if the scholarship is worth $100 and it takes you a full 10 hours to complete the application. Then you are getting paid $10 per hour if you win. Another way to make money is to do short fundraisers. When you schedule a truly great speaker for the entrepreneur club, find a great venue and charge a cover fee. Start selling your product online and in person. Last, read Robert Allen’s book “Multiple Streams of Income.” I want to really stress how much your years in college can help with your entrepreneurial quest for success. You have to learn most lessons in business the hard way. Waiting until those mistakes can bankrupt you is ridiculous. Also, think about how much more meaningful your successes will be if they happen when you’re still in school. Making a million dollars is always great, but how about doing it before 25? People will respond to your enthusiasm and ambition, and if you can establish credibility, then I guarantee you will make more sales because of your status as a student. At the end of the day, just remember the wise words of Catherine Cook: “To any entrepreneur: If you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.”

Scene on campus


NECK NOMINATIONS, WHAT ARE THEY? We’ve all heard of the Neck Nominations that are all over the internet, but what are they really about? What is it that makes these Neck Nominations go viral?


Christi is a freshman studying broadcast journalism. You may contact him at

A craze known as “Neck Nominations,” or “Neknominations,” has been sweeping through colleges across the country and has most recently hit the University of Southern California. Neck Nominations are considered an online drinking game and have taken the technology of the twenty-first century to another level This phenomena originated just a few months ago and has already spread across the world, as it originated in Australia. The concept consists of an individual either being recorded or recording themselves consuming alcohol in a creative manner, along with that same person either preceding or following up their drinking with some sort of interesting action. At the end of their feat, the individual nominates any given number of people to then perform their own drinking showcase and continue to pass it on at the end of their own video. In most cases, these videos are posted to Facebook so that the original person is able to post it and also tag the nominees. A video that was recently created by a student at the University of Southern California took place in the Finger Fountain, the infamous fountain located near Jefferson said to be

inappropriately gesturing to UCLA. After chugging a beer through a beer bong, the student nominated a few of her acquaintances who in fact attend the University of California at Los Angeles. However, these drinking games have been describes as “deadly” and “lethal.” Approximately five deaths have been reportedly linked to participating in these dares and challenges. According to BBC, after jumping into the River Barrow, 19-year-old Irish Jonny Byrne became one of these victims. “Jonny Byrne entered the River Barrow on Saturday night and after hours of searching, his body was recovered shortly after 11:00 GMT on Sunday,” BBC reported. These online challenges are not only being accepted by teenagers and college students. According to The Guardian, one of these victims is 29-year-old Stephen Brookes. The Guardian reported that it is believed that Brookes attempted to consume a pint of vodka and was later found to have died in his sleep. The video that had been posted of him performing this task was taken down soon after his death. Developments in technology have paved the way for people across the world to easily communicate with each other. Neck Nominations are simply another way in which people have become able to influence each other regardless of the distance that may exist between them. Despite the satisfaction that may come from completing the challenge, it is important that those who choose to participate in this fad are aware of the potential dangers and the deaths that have occurred. The Odyssey team encourages those who choose to participate in Neck Nominations to be cautious in their actions and, as always, to drink responsibly!


Scene on campus

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? A lively, and rather frequent, discussion I had with my friend recently got me thinking. At 21 years old, am I in any position to be figuring Delta Delta Delta out what I want to do for the rest of my life? How Simone is a sophomore studying do I know if there is not political science and economics. something out there that You may contact her at novorr@ I would love that I don’t even know about? Is there a city I have never been to that would be the perfect fit for me? Or do I suffer from the-grass-is-always-greener disease? My best friend here was born and raised in Southern California, only having to drive about an hour to get home from USC. Her parents used to make her come home every other weekend to spend time with them. She has always told me that she never wants to leave Southen California and wants to raise her family here and everything. I always ask her why she did not go somewhere different for college to experience something new, and she says that she loves it here and has no reason to leave. My rebuttal is always “How do you know that there is not somewhere else you would love even more?” I mean I get it, her family is here, the weather is beautiful, but what about the rest of the world? I grew up in a family with a totally different mindset. The thought


of going to school in Texas, much less an hour away from home, was insane. My parents always wanted me to experience different places. I always felt the need to try something different and see what was out there. I never wanted to live in California, which is exactly why I chose to come here; it is a once in a lifetime experience to get to do something you never will again. So back to the discussion with my friend, we were talking about how crazy it is that what we are planning (grad school/law school) is setting us up for what we are going to do for the rest of our lives. Putting it that way adds a lot of pressure. I mean what if I wake up in three months and want to be a doctor? It’s too late for that. I never realized how young 22 was until I started creeping toward it. I firmly believe college should be a six-year process to figure out the rest of your life. I mean, I think I could I could be 20 before I figure that out. I feel like we will never again be so carefree and have nothing holding us back. I feel like I have to seize this time to travel and experience as much as possible. It is my duty to make bad decisions and change my path, so how is that going to happen if you do not make any crazy decisions? Is that going to happen if you never live more than an hour away from home, never experiencing any culture shock or the feeling of being out of your element? You will never know unless you try. That has always been my motto. I guess some people are content with their lives, but I think i will always be looking for that greener grass, and I think that’s OK. I am also figuring out that it’s OK to not have a set path, to let the world take you where it wants you to go. It might be scarier, but it might end up better than any well-thought-out plan could have. So go explore, live in a hut, freeze your butt off and eat fried worms. You never know what you will love.

Scene on campus

THE DOWNSIDES OF ALCOHOL AT TROJAN GROUNDS As you may or may not know, Starbucks around the nation will soon start serving alcohol. Will Trojan Grounds join this trend? Should Trojan Grounds sell alcohol? Paulina talks about the cons, in response to the “pros” written by Christi.


Delta Delta Delta

Paulina is a freshman that is undecided. You may contact her at

With the number of hospitals transports coming from in and around the USC campus, the last thing the student body needs is another easily accessible place to purchase alcohol. The drinking rate at USC is already unsafe, and selling alcoholic beverages at Trojan Grounds would only increase the danger of alcohol overdose and poisoning. Due to its location, the majority of TroGro’s customers are residents of New/North and Birnkrant, as well as of the other the freshmen dorms on campus. None of these freshmen are of legal age to buy alcohol, though many own fake IDs to work around this problem. According to the 2012 USC National College Health Assessment Report, the binge rate (five or more drinks in a short period of time) was reported at 23 percent for undergraduate students and 15.6 percent for graduate students. This significantly


higher rate shows that underage students are seeking out opportunities to drink excessive amounts of alcohol more often than students of legal age. If TroGro was to sell alcohol, I predict that the rate of drinking behind closed doors in the dorms as well as at fraternity, apartment, and other parties would surely increase. In the month of September alone, a total of 21 hospital transports from the USC campus and the Row were reported, due to alcohol intake. Transitioning into college is a very exciting time and freshmen are often anxious to experiment with alcohol, as college is the first time that complete freedom from parents and other supervisors is actualized. Yet, at only 18 years old, many students are not aware of the huge detrimental effects of alcohol and do not know their body’s limits. Trying something foreign and new can, of course, be fun and appealing to many, but can also be very dangerous. Whether or not an underage student obtains a fake ID, having such a local source of alcohol would facilitate the purchase of these beverages by those 21 and over buying drinks for their younger friends. A drop up or pick up location would be easy to set, as the student and the source of alcohol are on the same campus. Alcohol is already oversupplied at many parties, allowing naïve freshmen to drink too much, too fast, which can cause terrible sickness. I believe the sale of alcoholic beverages at Starbucks on campus is an ill-fated, thoughtless idea and an addition that should not be implemented on our campus.


As most baristas would admit, once you work in a coffee shop for long enough, you start to make connections. I’m not talking networking, I mean the connection of what a person orders and how that directly reflects their personality. I’m definitely no expert, but after a couple of years dealing with caffeine-deprived soccer moms, middle school cheerleaders who just broke up with their boyfriend and that one vegan-allergic-to-soy-so-I’m-better-than-you mega hipster, I think it’s time I shared this double shot-sized sip of knowledge.

1. Black Coffee – In my experience, there are two types of people that order black coffee: the first is the “old school.” He isn’t trying to impress anyone; he’s most likely just trying to get through the workday and get the job done. He’s typically a creature of habit and will most likely buy Sunday’s newspaper along with his cup of joe. The other type of person that orders their coffee black is basically the equivalent of that girl in your lab who went vegetarian for a whole month before spring break – just like she needed everyone to know about her new self-proclaimed healthy lifestyle, the second kind of black coffee drinker wants

everyone within a three mile radius to know that they don’t drink their coffee with ANY cream or sugar. They’re usually the pretentious type who’s (pretending to) read something by Hemingway that you’ve “probably never heard of.” 2. Americano – For when the black coffee just isn’t strong enough. These folks either enjoy the jitters you get from drinking too much caffeine or have three kids all under the age of eight. 3. Espresso – You’re simple, practical and to the point; you’re probably the type of person who actually sticks to their New Years resolutions (not that I’m jealous). You want the effects of a good cup of coffee in about one-fifth of the time. You obviously enjoy the little things in life and probably have a super rad job like marketing manager for a sports team or drummer for a band that I’ve also “probably never heard of.” 4.

Expresso – We can’t be friends.

5. Latte – You were probably really cool at one point in your life. In fact, I’m pretty sure I once saw pictures of you on Facebook from Spring Break ’03 that involved some beads and a can of Natty Light, but it’s a little hazy now- like most of your weekends from way back when. However, you’ve come a long way since those days. According to you, you really have your life together now- you drive a Prius and scored a steady (yet semi-boring) job despite those unfortunate FB photos. I hope my life is can be as stable as yours someday. You go Glen Coco. 6. Nonfat Cappucino – A more grown-up version of the Latte. You also like spending five dollars on a cup of caffeinated air. P.s. I love your new Pradas. 7. Mocha or White Mocha – You either don’t enjoy the taste of coffee but like the effects of caffeine or you’re the kind of person that likes to treat yourself (on a daily basis) “just because.” Either way, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you’re drinking a glorified cup of hot chocolate. 8. Frappe/Frappuccino – Whether you’re a middle-aged woman or a middle school girl, you often find yourself wondering why they even ask if you want whipped cream anymore. Honestly, props to you for not caring about calories, fat, sugar or really anything else. You’re definitely a dessert-before-dinner kind of person and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 9. Pumpkin Spice – You occasionally enjoy a fall-themed drink to get you in the mood for autumn festivities. 10. Pumpkin Spice in seasons other than fall – Chances are, you refer to your drink as a “PSL” and unless you’re at Starbucks, the person behind the counter will either laugh at you or not have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about. You most likely wear Uggs with your VS yoga pants and there is also a good chance that your Instagram account consists solely of selfies and/or what you ate for lunch that day with the hashtags “#yolo #fun #happy #blonde #sparkles #pink #girly #fun&flirty” 11. Decaf – Who are you?


Scene on campus


When I received my first email from Alpha Gamma Delta, I honestly had no clue what was going on

I skimmed over the key phrases such as “new Panhellenic sorority,” and “live with purpose,” and though I was confused, I was interested.


Alpha Gamma Delta Kristen is a freshman studying theatre. You may contact her at

I set up a time to get coffee with someone in Alpha Gamma Delta, and since then, I was hooked. I never really saw myself as joining a sorority—I viewed myself as having too many little idiosyncrasies to really fit in with a house. So I was pleasantly surprised when, on bid day, I found myself really clicking with my sorority sisters. I also loved how exciting everything was: we were the new house on the block, and it was refreshing to tell people I was in Alpha Gamma Delta and not have them pre-associate me with any stereotypes, because there weren’t any. People didn’t (and maybe still don’t) know what to make of us. Last semester we primarily focused on re-establishing our chapter and initiation, which was no small feat, but this semester we really started coming into our own (and into our house, which is a huge plus). Though the house isn’t officially done yet, we’re able to use it for most of our sorority events, including Monday Night Dinners and Chapter Meetings. Sisters are moving in next semester, so the house will be open full time starting in the fall. We had a round of Spring Recruitment, and we’re initiating a group of new members soon (which is really exciting for me as a Big Sis to one of our new members), and we’re participating in Formal Recruitment in the fall. So those are the logistics, the facts. But that’s not really the important part of Alpha Gam to me. Our motto is “live with purpose,” and that’s what I think we do. My sorority sisters are some of the most accomplished and passionate women I have ever met, and they’re heavily involved in other organizations outside of AGD, from USG to dance troupes. Not to mention that almost every sister in the house has some sort of leadership role in Alpha Gam: I’m a freshman, and I’m on the Philanthropy committee and I’m a Junior Panhellenic Delegate—and I’m not even living in the house next year, so that’s excluding any potential executive positions I could have if I chose to live in (I’m looking at you Junior year). Alpha Gam heavily encourages leadership, involvement, and accountability—I’m still working on that last one, but I like to think I’m getting more accountable because of being in Alpha Gamma Delta. And then there are my sisters. My beautiful, intelligent, warm, crazy, lovely sisters. Never before have I felt so much support from such a diverse and strong

group of ladies in my entire life. Not only do they put up with my crazy (and as my friends will tell you, there’s a lot of crazy to put up with), but they embrace it. Every time I go in our house, I know I’m going to be greeted with a hug and someone sincerely asking about my day, which is invaluable for someone who’s actual family is thousands of miles away. I didn’t think I would find people who would mesh with my offbeat and occasionally dark sense of humor, but I’ve managed to find a whole house full of them, and for that, I’m so incredibly lucky. So that’s it. A brief, rambling, incomplete overview of Alpha Gamma Delta from one girl’s point of view. I can’t wait for Formal Recruitment, and to meet potential new members who could become a part of this wonderful family of mine. Alpha Gam has truly become one of the best, if not the best, experience I’ve had so far at USC, so it’s exciting to see the sorority growing and coming into its own. So look out for us, USC, because we’ve got big things coming.

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Alyssa writes about what great opportunities are available to students over the summer. For those who don’t want to go home, there’s plenty to do right here on campus over the summer.


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Summer is just around the corner, and although everyone’s excited to be done with exams, a lot of students aren’t excited to leave SC. Thankfully, there are many ways for people to stay connected to the Trojan Family during this summer season! If you can’t picture departing from USC’s beautiful campus, perfect weather and stellar academics for three whole months, there are many options for living nearby in LA to take a summer class. Registration for summer courses at SC occurs at the end of the semester and if one didn’t want to take a class at USC, there are many nearby community colleges. Most fraternities on the row rent out rooms during the summer for students to live in and are typically reasonably priced. There are also many apartments near campus, such as West 27th, the Lorenzo, Gateway, etc., where students sublease rooms when they take a summer abroad or go home.

If these options don’t seem appealing, students received information about living in student housing over the summer and can apply to live on campus on the USC housing website. Students who attend other colleges sometimes live around SC during the summer, so it’s a good opportunity to meet other students from surrounding areas. If you want to stay connected to SC over the summer, but not take a class, there are many job opportunities the university and LA have to offer. The USC career center has walk-in appointments available to help students improve their resume, find local jobs and internships in the area, and discover jobs and internships that have locations near student’s hometowns as well as Los Angeles. On campus jobs are also a possibility for those who stay in the area since the Lyon center, Campus center and other buildings are open for operation. In addition to work and school, there are many other exciting things to take advantage of in LA. There are Facebook groups for SC summer events and parties for help finding cheap, fun things to do. Fraternities host weekly events, The Grove has free music events, Exposition Park has free movie screenings, beaches have bonfires, and many other places in the LA are having fun things to do. allows people to get free concert tickets, screening tickets, etc. in the LA area. With a little bit of research and preparation, there are endless places and activities to explore around USC in the summer time. All in all, if you haven’t gotten enough of the Trojan Family during the school year, you might want to consider staying at school to take a class, get a job, or just have a fun summer experience.





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JAY JUSTER Phi Sigma Kappa

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set up a profile on Blendr 3. Change the ringtone to moaning noises. 4. Change the background. To something...inappropriate. 5. Put all of his applications in various, randomly named folders.

Extra points if they don’t know how to fix the brightness and try to turn off and on their phone because they think it’s off. 7. Change the names of important contacts. Or send them sexy/hilarious messages. I like the hit on someone’s father idea. 8. Change the time zone settings. 9. Remember those classic stickers that look like broken glass? Buy something like that and stick it to their front screen. 10. Add several keyboards. They will have to scroll through 20 options each time they want to switch between emoji and English, and vice versa.




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