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USC Freshman Class 2014 Photo credit: Karina Farris

2 Greek Life traditions


At this point in the semester, I’m sure all anyone can think of is “finals (summer) finals (partying) finals”. So, Delta Tau Delta this issue is chalk-full D a v i d i s a s o p h o m o re of places to go to study studying communication. for finals, as well as the You may contact him at highlights of the year. We have pictures from the most memorable events, parties, invites, and several other issues that will change for us next year, including the rise of the new Sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta.


But what about all of the seniors who are leaving us this semester? Did they enjoy their time here? Do they have any words of wisdom for all of us continuing undergraduates? Throughout the semester, I have been asking senior friends what their favorite experience was, and they all seemed to have a similar theme. Some people said their most memorable experiences were being active in clubs or groups on campus, and having an opportunity to meet new people and participate in fun events. Others told me they enjoyed activities where they got the opportunity to get away from campus and see what other schools are like, on outings like “The

Weekender”, where this semester we went to UC Berkeley. Some students told me their favorite memory in all four years was just this past November, when USC beat Stanford and the students rushed the field, in “The Best Football Game in the past four years”. Others said their favorite memories were when they were doing nothing, but just sitting around and hanging out with their friends, whether it has been at brotherhood or sisterhood events, getting lunch or just hanging out. It’s not necessarily about being at certain events or doing certain things, it’s just about finding what you enjoy and who you enjoy spending time with, and spending the most possible time on those things. So what advice do they have for us? Be sure to have fun, keep up with your schoolwork, and do what makes you happy. You have a very limited amount of time at this school and it will go by much faster than you think. And what’s worse, you may have no idea what the world holds for you when you leave here. So work hard, make the most of the experience, and have fun. Appreciate everything you have here, and take part in whatever you like. Go to your invites, parties, classes, and events and have fun with it. Don’t get too stressed out over anything, as nothing lasts too long. Just keep rolling with the punches, if you love something enjoy it and if you hate something remember it will pass. We go to one of the best schools in the nation and have a great network of people looking out for us both while we are here and after we graduate. Take pride in the Trojan family and look out for and help one another. We are one school, one community, and one Greek life. You can be competitive in sports or grades or parties, but remember in the end its all about creating the best possible experience for ourselves and those around us, and if you look out for others they’ll be sure to look out for you. Just ask nicely.

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Ideas debate & discuss

THE NEW MONOGAMY: CYBER SEX “because it was a benign outlet for sexual frustration.”

If there’s anything to take away from this article it’s that the Internet has indeed become an “outlet for sexual frustration.” Before cell phones, e-mails, and the Internet, there were only two possible types of affairs in monogamous relationships: Sexual and Emotional. Whereas sexual infidelity involved physical intimacy with an extramarital partner, emotional infidelity related to, well, emotional intimacy. What constituted infidelity in these situations was often obvious. If your private parts were exposed or touched in any way by an extramarital partner, then you crossed a physical, sexual line. On the other hand, sharing secrets and using pet names were blatant indicators of an emotional violation. Now that there are more people with cell phones than with working toilets, however, the technology revolution has lead to a new, third type of infidelity: techno-cheating. The psychologist Merkle actually anticipated this change in the year 2000 when he concluded that the Internet was creating “a new genre of interpersonal relationships.”

As I stated in the first New Monogamy article of this series, the Internet and cell phones have completely changed the world’s sexual and relational landscape.

ABC News sums up the central question nicely: “when does tweeting amount to cheating?” Obviously, cheating is more likely to happen on website dedicated to affairs, such as, but it can also occur on prominent social media sites like Twitter. Remember the Weinergate scandal?

JAY JUSTER Phi Sigma Kappa

Jay is a junior studying psychology. You may contact him at

Everyone now carries around with them the technology that can put them into instant contact with potential lovers. ‘Smart’ cell phones contain a slew of applications and websites dedicated to helping people go from strangers to bangers. From unknowns to touching hipbones. From anonymous to monogamous. Besides the common ‘dating’ apps mentioned in previous articles, there are also ‘dating’ websites such as eHarmony and, which now have 15.5 and 21.5 million members, respectively. Furthermore, although the rates of people accessing the Internet have skyrocketed, many studies have still concluded that more than 50% of all online communication is related to sex. According to these same studies, online relationships and cyber sex might play a vital role in how both men and women break away from traditional gender roles and relationships. For example, a study performed by researchers Cooper and Sportolari found that men are attracted to online relationships due to their “organic” nature, “with sexuality emerging from an emotional rather than sexual connection.” The men in the study self-reported feeling dissatisfied with the traditional role of the man “making all the moves in romantic relationships.” Through more intensive study, Cooper also found that both men and women, constrained by the traditional notions of monogamous relationships, sought out digital relationships in order to “express their sexual selves or obtain sexual gratification easily and anonymously, and possibly compulsively.” The results of an InterCommerce Corporation survey validated Cooper’s theory, with a majority of respondents, both men and women, self-reporting that they engaged in digital sexual relationships

According to Laurie Puhn JD, this digital cheating represents both a huge problem for couples and an urgent call to action for our millennial generation. Puhn suggests that although E-cheating boundaries may seem blurry in general, individual couples can, and should, set clear limits regarding internet activity. Since there are “different answers for everyone,” Puhn explains, “you need to talk and figure it out yourself.” I couldn’t agree with Puhn more. As I stated in the previous New Monogamy article, the millennial revolution has discounted the long-standing ideologies of religion, government, and society. Without these traditional guiding principles, millennials are forced to fill the moral void themselves. Since the millennial trend is to reject ‘tradition for the sake of tradition,’ they must individually determine what constitutes infidelity, personal fulfillment, sexual fulfillment, and overall well-being for themselves and their relationships. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach anymore. Without defined personal guidelines, couples will have no objective moral principles to point to, and the whole ‘you should’ve known better’ defense will go out the window. What one partner considers completely normal and fine could be a heinous act of infidelity and immorality to the next, and vice versa. The truth is you just don’t know until you actually have a conversation with your partner. On the one hand, this situation represents a challenge because it requires honest communication about your boundaries with every person you decide to get intimate with. You can no longer assume that your partner shares the same views simply because you live in the same country or grew up in the same neighborhood. On the other, the lack of external control liberates every individual to truly make their own decisions and judgements about how they want their intimate relationships to function. In other words, it’s not about how the relationship should function, it’s about how you want and expect the relationship to function. It’s time for individuals to take personal responsibility for their lives, relationships, and happiness. The power and choice, dear reader, is yours.

Through his rough exterior, ‘Smitty’ (as some call him) admits to being a “sensitive guy” and “wish(ing) that more people knew the real (him)”. So without further ado, here’s a glimpse into the mind of Alex Smith.

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If you had to be stuck in an elevator with 3 people who would they be? “First of all, I would have to pick the Grace Dickerson and Alyssa Poteet for being the beautiful, funny, and kind friends they are to me. I would also have to pick Shrek. I’ve had a bit of a man crush if you will on him for a long time, and to be in his presence would be such an honor.” What are your favorite foods? “My favorites would have to be milk, warm butter after sitting in your pocket all day, and anything at tro gro after 3 am”

Year: Freshman Major: Computer Science Games Hometown: Pasadena, CA Fraternity: Phi Delta Theta Who inspires you? “I’ve looked up to Mike Myers since I was a young boy. He’s been an essential role in so many great films; I aspire to be as successful as him one day.”



Alyssa is a freshman studying Industrial and systems engineering. You may contact him at

What are your favorite musical artists? “I actually exclusively listen to Lana Del Ray and Smash Mouth, so I suppose they must be my favorites.” What is your favorite thing about being in Phi Delt? “I guess it’s nice to have a good support system. Whenever I have a personal problem the guys in the house are always there with their genuine concern and support.” What are your interests and hobbies? “In my spare time I really enjoy watching anime, wearing Hawaiian shirts, looking at/playing with cute little animals, and taking long naps. I also LOVE sending gifts/deliveries to my friends in sororities in New North where I live; it warms my heart every time.


Scene on campus


While most athletes will be inside the actual McKay center, you can still feel special from the outskirts. Around the area, you also can find fire pits surrounded by couches where you can keep warm while studying! Maybe you can even bring some s’mores ingredients for a fun, study snack.

In the middle of the Cinematic Arts School, there are various tables and chairs to study at and you can feel as if you are on vacation in a small European town. Go grab a coffee from the Coffee Bean cart and sit with some friends and get down to business. The trickling of the fountain in the middle of the square creates a nice, tranquil atmosphere that will help you study. Also, ladies, who knows – maybe you will even spot a celebrity guest speaker (AKA . . . James Franco).

Finals are right around the corner and although you would like to pretend sleeping will be more beneficial to you than studying will be – you probably should study.


Karina is a freshman studying public relations. You may contact her at

At this point in the semester, it will take a lot of time spent in Leavey to resurrect your grades. We know that withering away in Leavey throughout the week makes studying much more tedious than it has to be, so we sought out five, exciting places that you can study at for finals. Hopefully, these different locations can make studying much easier and more relaxing for you. These include areas in the midst of the McKay Center, the Cinematic Arts School, the Mudd Hall of Philosophy, the Viterbi School of Engineering, and the Roski School of Fine Arts. Outside of the McKay Center and Heritage Hall, you are welcome to enjoy the red, plush couches and chairs to study in comfort amongst the athletes.

If you want to avoid Leavey and Doheny, but still study in a library, the top floor of the Mudd Hall of Philosophy is an exceptional alternative. Many regard this library as one of USC’s greatest hidden gems. Upon entering the building, it seems as if you have been transported into Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The library is equipped with thousands of books, plush chairs, and a massive fireplace. In this library there is no way you can procrastinate. The quiet environment promotes productivity. But, beware, this library is closed on Saturdays. In the middle of the Roski School of Fine Arts there are multiple yellow tables with attached stools. Although the chairs are not plush, it is an ideal place to work quickly and efficiently. The minimalistic qualities of the area will motivate you to finish your studies in a timely manner to get back to your warm bed. Another plus about this location is that the Shop Cafe which houses Nekter juice bar is located right across from these tables. So, while you study you can enjoy a refreshing, healthy smoothie or acai bowl! Right behind GFS, the Roski School of Engineering is located. In the midst of all of the buildings, you can find a nice sanctuary to study that includes a plethora of tables and chairs, umbrellas, grassy areas, and a fountain. The grass and trees surrounding the area almost make you forget that you are in downtown LA. You can take in the sunshine of the day while maintaining your focus in the shade. We hope to see you during dead week studying at one of our favorite study spots! Happy studying!

Scene on campus



Scene on campus

ALPHA GAMMA DELTA: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK I set up a time to get coffee with someone in Alpha Gamma Delta, and since then, I was Alpha Gamma Delta hooked. I never really Kristen is a freshman studying saw myself as joining theatre. You may contact her at a sorority—I viewed myself as having too many little idiosyncrasies to really fit in with a house. So I was pleasantly surprised when, on bid day, I found myself really clicking with my sorority sisters. I also loved how exciting everything was: we were the new house on the block, and it was refreshing to tell people I was in Alpha Gamma Delta and not have them pre-associate me with any stereotypes, because there weren’t any. People didn’t (and maybe still don’t) know what to make of us.


Last semester we primarily focused on re-establishing our chapter and initiation, which was no small feat, but this semester we really started coming into our own (and into our house, which is a huge plus). Though the house isn’t officially done yet, we’re able to use it for most of our sorority events, including Monday Night Dinners and Chapter Meetings. Sisters are moving in next semester, so the house will be open full time starting in the fall. We had a round of Spring Recruitment, and we’re initiating a group of new members soon (which is really exciting for me as a Big Sis to one of our new members), and we’re participating in Formal Recruitment in the fall. So those are the logistics, the facts. But that’s not really the important part of Alpha Gam to me. Our motto is “live with purpose,” and that’s what I think we do. My sorority sisters are some of the most accomplished and passionate women I have ever met, and they’re heavily involved in other organizations outside of AGD, from USG to dance troupes. Not to mention that almost every sister in the house has some sort of leadership role in Alpha Gam: I’m a freshman, and I’m on the Philanthropy committee and I’m a Junior Panhellenic Delegate—and I’m not even living in the house next year, so that’s excluding any potential executive positions I could have if I chose to live in (I’m looking at you Junior year). Alpha Gam heavily encourages leadership, involvement, and accountability—I’m still working on that last one, but I like to think I’m getting more accountable because of being in Alpha Gamma Delta. And then there are my sisters. My beautiful, intelligent, warm, crazy, lovely sisters. Never before have I felt so much support from such a diverse and strong group of ladies in my entire life. Not only do they put up with my crazy (and as my friends will tell you, there’s a lot of crazy to put up with), but they embrace it. Every time I go in our house, I know I’m going to be greeted with a hug and someone sincerely asking about my day, which is invaluable for someone who’s actual family is thousands of miles away. I didn’t think I

would find people who would mesh with my offbeat and occasionally dark sense of humor, but I’ve managed to find a whole house full of them, and for that, I’m so incredibly lucky. So that’s it. A brief, rambling, incomplete overview of Alpha Gamma Delta from one girl’s point of view. I can’t wait for Formal Recruitment, and to meet potential new members who could become a part of this wonderful family of mine. Alpha Gam has truly become one of the best, if not the best, experience I’ve had so far at USC, so it’s exciting to see the sorority growing and coming into its own. So look out for us, USC, because we’ve got big things coming.

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12 500 words on movies


Written By Odyssey Writer Danielle Wilkerson

the screen and how it always left me I don’t understand why there are so many inconsistencies between a little empty and wanting more, but I never felt that when my nose the book and movie version. I understand that it’s incredibly hard was snuck in the binding of a book. Why is it so hard for Hollywood to fit a 400-page book into a 120 minute feature film, but when the to come through on such a simple task? After all, the half the work characters are morphed into shells of their original personalities, is already done for them. All they need to do is bring it to life. something is seriously wrong. Name any famous book-film franchise, Hunger Games, Harry I was reminded of this issue, last week, when my friends convinced Potter, Twilight, to name a few, and no matter how amazing the me to go see Divergent with them as a late night study break. I hadn’t movies are, they ever amount to the book. Granted, Twilight should read the book, but I gave in. I was mesmerized by the film and feel in never be dubbed as amazing, but you get the point. No matter what, love with the action and the storyline until I started asking questions. the movie never delivers if you have read the book before hand. There were a few details that weren’t fully explained that left me Harry Potter is the only series that I can still stand to watch but, wanting more information, so I turned to my friend who had read other than that, it’s down right painful. the books and she simply replied with, “Well, have you read the book? If not, then you won’t understand.”

The movie and literary industries are so closely connected, there’s no reason the screenplays shouldn’t match up. I understand there is Why won’t I understand? Isn’t it the job of the director and a certain drama that needs to be added to a film, but when it comes screenwriter to make me understand? This is a movie that is to a best-selling book, I don’t think any drama needs to be added. supposed to be portraying a book, why aren’t they the same? This My solution to avoid disappointment, from now on, is to read the made me think of every book that I loved that was transformed onto book and enter the theater with no expectations. If none are set, there

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if you have two, try scratching them with different hands at the same time for maximum irritation. 3. See how close you can hold out your finger to the person in front of you without actually touching them. It’s incredibly simple. Just stick out your finger (index preferred, pinky for the weird kids, middle finger for advanced players) and slowly move it towards the person in front of you until your finger is so close to their back that a piece of paper would feel fat trying to fit in between the gap. Then keep it there. If the person notices, don’t worry, just say, “I’m not touching you” because it’ll be true.

Written By Odyssey Writer Ryan Eason Do you see idyllic sunny skies, bleach-blonde mopheads dodging skin cancer only by the will of sheer luck, teenagers longboarding down a suburban street lined with palm trees, beautiful women in bikinis covering only enough skin to coordinate with state law, and a smelly guy behind a wooden kiosk putting french fries into a burrito with no one questioning his sanity?If so, my friend, you are an impractical idealist, because Southern California is only 10% what you just pictured, and 90% just waiting in line for crap. If you haven’t noticed, Southern California has more people in its relatively small habitable area than a stay-at-home single blind man has burnt bagels in his kitchen and inside-out t-shirts in his closet. So, essentially, if there is anything worth experiencing or purchasing below San Luis Obispo, you probably have to sit or stand for an hour and a half for it.So you might as well enjoy that sizable chunk of time while you are stuck waiting instead of succumbing to Tinder, Flappy Bird, and then Tinder again. Here are some fun and easy things to do while you wait for your taco or Space Mountain. 1. Think about all the people who have hurt you over the past year. Close your eyes. Think about that girl who said she didn’t want to go to formal with you because your persistent sniffing of her hair in Poli Sci creeped her out. Think about the guy you held the door open for who didn’t say thank you. Think about your professor who said that your thesis was too wordy. Challenge yourself to produce tears. 2. Scratch that mosquito bite. It’s been bugging you for a while, and you’re just standing there, so just go for it. Try going at it from different angles, or with different fingers. Make a criss-cross motion with your fingernails. Be creative. And

4. Sing the Beatles’ greatest hits, replacing the subject of each song with “noodle”. After placing the paper bag over your head, sing at the top of your lungs your favorite Beatles’ songs, and twist the lyrics to make them about noodles. Popular examples include, “The Noodle of John and Yoko”, “I Feel Noodle”, “In My Noodle”, “I Want to Hold Your Noodle”, “All You Need is Noodle”, and “The Long and Winding Noodle.” If done sufficiently, everyone in line will have left in an annoyed huff by the time you are done. 5. Repeat the word “Korea” so many times that you will never again be able to tell the difference between that and “career”. Find an inanimate object to stare at, and for a good hour, maybe two, say nothing except for “Korea” repeatedly. By the end, your brain will be so disfigured that news of nuclear weapons in North Career will confuse and sadden you. 6. Try to convince yourself that toys in real life are alive like the toys in Toy Story. Use existential arguments. Try different perspectives. Doubt everything that you have ever known or ever considered to be “real” and completely discard your conception of what is “alive” until you have thoroughly convinced yourself that you should have treated your GI Joe better as a kid. 7. Lick your elbow. You don’t just try, you do it. Ignore the disgusted stares of everyone around you and the multiple polite requests from authorities for you to stop making people uncomfortable and bend your arm back and lick that elbow. If that means you have to start writhing on the ground like a rabid toddler who broke into an M&M factory, then so be it. 8. Try this trick. Count the number of all the people in line with brown hair. Then subtract that number by the number of people wearing t-shirts of bands who played at Coachella. Then multiply that number by the number of the month you were born in (January=1, February=2, etc.). Then clap until the person two people ahead of you turns around, and add how many claps it took for them to notice. You then add the number of dogs you want to own before your future wife goes through menopause. You multiply this all by zero and you get zero, but hey you killed some time. 9. Strike up an amiable and nice conversation with the people around you. I thought it would be funny to finish with a joke.


Humor lol

@relatablequotes I regret nearly everything I did between the ages of brith and however old I was yesterday.

@totalsratmove: Speaking at a fraternity chapter meeting and trying not to think about how many of them you’ve made out with. #TSM

@weismanjake My girlfriend told me she’s a Scorpio, which is a huge problem for me, because I’m not compatible with idiots who believe in astrology.

@CollegeTownLife: Oh, you’re starting a juice cleanse? That’s cool. I just drink a lot of wine.

@totalfratmove: Taking a swig of your drink when you can’t remember the lyrics to a song. #TFM @tbhplzdont: CHUCK BASS VOTED BLAIR FOR PROM QUEEN 150 TIMES & YOU CANT TEXT ME BACK

@itsWillyFerrell: If Apple were to ever make a car... would it have Windows? @FauxHughFreeze: They still play “Harlem Shake” at State. @itsWillyFerrell: Sometimes, I use big words I don’t always fully understand in an effort to make myself sound more photosynthesis. @totalsratmove: Sisterhood of the traveling ID. #TSM

@tbhplzdont: Only your best friend understands that when you say “I saw my boyfriend today” you are referring to the hot guy that has no clue you exist. @Camillionaireee: I don’t care what anyone says every time I eat ramen it’s all of the things I hoped and dreamed it would be @totalfratmove: Immediately calling a tornado party as soon as a tornado watch is issued for an adjacent county. #TFM @CollegeTownLife: Being drunk brings back my 5 year old taste buds. All I want is Easy Mac, Grilled Cheese, or Chicken Tenders.


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