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As my first semester working for The Odyssey comes to a close, I look back Delta Tau Delta on how much it D a v i d i s a s o p h o m o re has grown and I’m studying communication. pleased with the way You may contact him at it’s heading. We have tripled in writers, been improving topics and gaining a lot more interest on campus. Thank you to everyone who has given us ideas for topics, participated in articles and especially the writers and photographers of the paper, without whom the paper could not exist.


known on our campus. I have noticed Spotify offering free playlists through their new app, if users text the shortened name of the playlist to the Spotify number. Spotify is similar to Pandora, but Spotify offers a variety of options to users, including “Search” for your song or artist of interest, “Browse” through a variety of popular stations, “Discover” what music is popular in your area or at the time, “Radio” to listen to whatever is playing, or “Playlists” to listen to any playlist you may have saved. Offering this variety of options allows users to be much more specific in what they want to listen to. Spotify has also linked into Facebook, so that people on Facebook can see what their friends are listening to.

As we move forward, I hope readers find topics that are more of interest to them. We are moving to more useful articles, like “Class of the Week” or “LA spotlight”, which will allow readers to take advantage of the insight that the writers have. If you have ideas for something you’d like to read about, feel free to reach out to me. Also, if you are interested in writing we could always use more writers.

When browsing, a listener can look through a variety of genres, to find exactly what music they are looking for, whether it may be decade music, party music, kids or holidays music, or just happy music. The app also shows listeners what song are on the “Top Lists”, ranging from viral songs to top songs in certain genres. Spotify has a “New Releases” section, so listeners can hear what is new to the app. When I open the app on my phone, it knows what day and time it is, and shows a display of genres that may fit the mood. For example, when it says I am on a “Sunday Night Weekend Wrap Up”, the app shows genres like coffee table jazz, evening acoustic and dinner music.

In the interest of retaining this type of material, I am going to talk about th App of the Week: Spotify. Recently, Spotify has been trying to make it’s presence more

I think with their continuous advertising and smart presentation of what songs are available, the app has the potential to be very successful.

THE ODYSSEY AT USC CREATIVE TEAM Editor in Chief David Karlsberg Delta Tau Delta Writers Jay Juster, Phi Sigma Kappa Kristen Garrett, Alpha Gamma Delta

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and, due to location services, your city is listed by your name, as well.

In the old age, you

could only text when you had service. You were either getting reception from the



There are two hilarious parts to FireChat. The first is that this national

Phi Sigma Kappa

“everyone” text box isn’t just flooded with random trolls. Either, there is

Jay is a junior studying psychology. You may contact him at

a way to ban people or the app simply hasn’t blown up to the next level,

nearest cell tower, or you were out luck. Even if you did have service, you could only contact people you already knew. Granted, it’s amazing technology that you could text these people no matter how far away they were. But, how much more amazing would it be to text people because they are in your area? Better yet, what if you are at a giant concert and want to have a conversation with all people who are also at that concert, even if reception is horrible. With the help of FireChat, now you can text all the nearby people who’ve downloaded the app. According to Simon Sage, the FireChat app relies on special technology. “Instead of relying on any kind of cellular connectivity, FireChat communicates over a little-known iOS 7 feature called Multipeer Connectivity. Basically, this creates decentralized networks between devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.” In essence, FireChat works especially when your normal reception doesn’t and it will remain functional all the time. The second, and last, feature to mention about FireChat is the ability to open a text conversation with “everyone.” In this setting, you are placed in the middle of a nationwide conversation. You get to choose your name

yet. Second, the conversations are censored. It’s like the good ol’ days of AIM where a group of **** would represent bad words.


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This week’s Greek of the Week is Olivia Cordell of Alpha Gamma Delta. The newest sorority on campus shows their side of the story in Olivia’s Greek of the Week. Name: Olivia Cordell Year: Freshman Major: Theatre

H o m e t o w n : Portland, Oregon House: Alpha Gamma Delta Why did you decide to come to USC? I chose USC because a) the academics are great, b) I liked the campus a lot when I visited and, c) because the weather here is wonderful. It was either here or Boston, and Boston was not going to happen because of the snow. And d) because they gave me a sizable scholarship. What’s your favorite thing to do in LA? I really like exploring, and this is going to sound weird, but I actually enjoy taking the metro. People think that’s disgusting, but I like taking the metro to new places and exploring the city and seeing new things. What’s been your favorite experience you’ve had at USC so far? I’ve really enjoyed joining Alpha Gamma Delta, and being an officer. It’s really benefitted my life because I got to jump right in to being a leader, and it’s something new on campus. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve met a lot of great people who have really changed my life for the better. Good transition! So why did you decide to join Alpha Gamma Delta? Um, I just started showing up at a couple events because my roommate

was thinking about it, and she ended up not KRISTEN joining. I just met a lot GARRETT of really great people Alpha Gamma Delta who I wanted to stay Kristen is a freshman studying friends with, and I theatre. You may contact her at was worried I’d lose touch with them if I didn’t join, so I joined. And I love it! And I like the work that I do with it and all the events and everything. How do you feel about the fact that it is a new sorority on campus? I think it’s a great thing that we’re brand new, and nobody really knows what to make of us, and we really get to brand ourselves, and—I don’t know. Being new, it’s kind of fun. What’s been your favorite thing you’ve done with Alpha Gam so far? I think, um, probably the Disney Land trip that we planned with the college members and the alumnae members. So it was like this big Alpha Gam group got to go to Disney Land at discounted prices, because we payed for part of it so it was like, 30 dollars to go to Disney Land for the entire day with a bunch of awesome people. Quickfire round! Favorite TV show? Supernatural Favorite Song? No idea. Anything from a musical. Favorite Book? We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. It’s Russian. It’s great. Favorite Quote: Um… Tom Hiddleston once said, um, like, “Always tell the people you love that you love them, because you never know when it’s going to be too late,” and it’s simultaneously so sad and so happy because I believe in total honesty, and I love that. General Life Advice Don’t let anybody treat you, like, less than the way you treat them. So don’t accept s**t from anyone. Don’t accept any terrible treatment, because there are people out there who will love you for you.

Scene on campus



Scene on campus


Montana Avenue in Santa Monica is one PAULINA of the best streets ASSAF in Los Angeles for Delta Delta Delta Paulina is a freshman that is strolling, shopping undecided. You may contact her at and eating. Filled with cute boutiques, hair and makeup salons, numerous yoga and Pilates studios, and some of the most delicious restaurants in the city, Montana Avenue is a perfect weekend hotspot. I would recommend Blue Plate as one of the best overall breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurants in the city. The eatery is open from 8:00am to 9:00pm everyday, and the best part is that breakfast is served all day! The restaurant does not take reservations but is almost always accommodating to customers with little to no wait time.

For breakfast, Blue Plate offers many different egg dishes such as frittatas, breakfast wraps and quesadillas, and create your own omelets. Additionally, the eatery serves hot oatmeal, granola, and lox platters, as well as delectable pancakes with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and more. My personal favorite dish is the Challah French toast, which is pictured below. On the main menu, unique choices such as mac and cheese pancakes, described as “a delicious combination of two American classics” are offered. Beef hot dogs, meat or fish tacos, and brown rice bowls occupy the following portion of the menu. Next, hearty soups such as matzo ball, chicken and rice, and Blue Plate’s famous turkey chili may catch ones’ eye. Salads range from

chopped to Chinese chicken to salmon, and wraps with tuna, falafel, or turkey are listed. Any sandwich can be made “skinny” with lettuce instead of bread, such as a turkey pastrami or low fat B.L.T. sub. Melts such as grilled cheese and one of my person favorites, a turkey avocado and cheese melt are grilled to perfection. You can order a variety of burgers and quesadillas with different toppings, as well as an easy dish such as PB and J off the kid’s menu. For beverages, the restaurant offers healthy juices and all fruit as well as yogurt- based smoothies, and a selection of beer and wine. Blue Plate’s motto is “healthy comfort food”, and dishes are reasonably priced. The eatery is fairly small and very cute, maintaining a warm and happy vibe. Waiters are friendly and accommodating to menu substitutions and the service is prompt, making Blue Plate a great destination to catch up with friends over a delightful meal. In addition to the Montana Avenue Blue Plate location, the business has also expanded to Blue Plate Oysterette, a seafood and raw bar as well as Blue Plate Taco, a Mexican joint, both located on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Whatever you are feeling, Blue Plate has an option for you! Address 1415 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90402 Phone (310) 260-8877 Website

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SURVIVAL GUIDE TO FESTIVAL SEASON a bottle all day, make sure you k e e p buying w a t e r throughout the day.



Karina is a freshman studying public relations. You may contact her at

2. Wear something that you are comfortable in. We all know you want to be looking good in your fashionable festival wear; however, you should definitely take in to consideration how you will feel in your outfit with hundreds of sweaty people around you. In short: wear something that breathes. Also, purchase some quality shoes to minimize your foot pain. 3. Bring a phone charger. Planning on going to a series of music festivals? Here are some tips on how to survive them and have the most fun possible. Everyone’s favorite time of the year has arrived once again – Festival Season! With Coachella wrapping up, we can now look forward to Stagecoach, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and more. While these festivals have been around for a while, they seem to be growing in popularity each coming year (also causing them to grow in expense sadly…). Students around the country, especially here at USC, are dropping large amounts of money on one weekend. In order to make a festival the best few days of your life, we have created a survival guide to any music festival. 1. Water is your best friend. You should invest in a reusable water bottle. Most festivals have stations where you can refill your bottle to hydrate yourself. If you don’t want to lug around

Or buy a phone-charging case. Or put your phone on airplane mode whenever you are not using it. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and more apps really drain your phone’s life. You want to make sure you can take photos and videos all day and all night. Also, if you somehow get separated from your friends and your phone is dead… You have bought yourself a ticket on the struggle bus. 4. Eat a hardy meal before the festival. Usually, most people will not arrive to the festival until the afternoon. Instead of blowing twenty dollars on chicken fingers or a burger, fries, and a drink, go to the supermarket, buy some food, and eat a large lunch wherever you are staying. You’ll be energized and will save a few bucks. 5. Make a meeting place for you and your friends. Always prepare for the worst. Just in case you are separated from your group, you do not want to aimlessly wander around the festival grounds for hours. Instead, you should pick a recognizable place to meet in order to avoid this. 6. Wear sunscreen. Make sure to load up on the sunscreen. The sun beats down on your body for the entire day. While you might want to be cool and not wear sunscreen, it won’t look cool when you are a tomato the next day. 7. Fit in a nap if you can. There is always that one band that plays soothing music that can lull you to sleep. Standing and dancing around all day really takes a toll on your body, so take a seat, relax, and maybe even doze off for a bit. This quick, little power-nap will recharge your system for the rest of the day!


The list

BANDS TO KNOW BETTER There are many bands in the music world that have found enough success to release a well-known single. Of course, many artists have more than one successful single, but this is becoming more and more of a rarity.

and “Manhattan.”


D a v i d i s a s o p h o m o re studying communication. You may contact him at

The trouble with this, however, is that you might love an artist’s entire album, but never know because it isn’t as popular. For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of popular artists whose albums, I believe, are just as valuable – sometimes more so – than their singles. Artist: The Neighbourhood. Single: “Sweater Weather.” Album: I Love You. Sweater Weather resonated with me from the first day I heard it. I love The Neighborood’s darker vibe and the way these emotions come out in each of the songs on the album. Sweater Weather is a bit lighter,, compared to their counterparts, with a faster tempo and chorus, yet all the songs come together to form a cohesive whole. The album is a matured version of the angsty music we were all guilty of loving in our early teens. As a relatively recent band, The Neighbourhood is just getting started. Songs to check out: “Let It Go,” and “Female Robbery.” Artist: Fun. Singles: “We Are Young” and “Some Nights.” Album(s): Aim and Ignite, Some Nights. Both of Fun’s singles took off with incredible force, rapidly making them a household name. The lead singer, Nate Ruess, has an easily recognizable voice which is a key component of each song on both albums. If this is one of your favorite aspects of the singles, then I would highly encourage you to explore the rest of their discography. Both a pro and con, many of the songs are very similar; they all rely heavily on catchy beats and full sound. Because of this, they’re a must-see during concert season. Songs to check out: “Barlights,” and “Out On The Town.” Artist: Kings of Leon. Single(s): “Use Somebody” and “Sex On Fire.” Album(s): Mechanical Bull, Only By The Night. Kings of Leon has more than two albums, however, Mechanical Bull and Only By The Night are the ones I listen to and love the most. It’s all about Caleb Followill’s voice. If the fact that you can’t understand every syllable he sings will bother you, then I can’t recommend, but I urge you to at least give the rest of these albums a listen through. I won’t pretend to be unbiased. The band formed very close to my hometown, which bring nostalgia into my KOL fandom. Beyond that, it’s the only rock style music I listen to. The albums are so incredibly thought out, from the mix of tempos to the way things transition. If there’s a road trip in your future, these albums really make the time pass faster. Songs to check out: “Supersoaker”

Artist: Young the Giant. Single(s): “Cough Syrup” and “My Body.” Album(s): Young The Giant and Mind Over Matter. Young The Giant offers the perfect walking to class music. Most of the songs on both albums are a complete blast to listen to. Beyond a simple sense of enjoyment, however, you have to respect all the different pieces that overlap to make one song. This is true of all the bands on this list, but it’s slightly more obvious with YTG. The music is complex, but easy to listen to, and the vocals are so full of talent. Most importantly, I believe these albums appeal to truly anyone, no matter their favorite genre. Songs to check out: “Apartment,” “Anagram” and “In My Home.”

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10 Self

COSTUMES AT USC Written By: Christi Cameron

While there are a number of factors that differentiate USC from many other schools similar to it, its party scene is among the top of those factors. The students at what Playboy has named the No. 4 party school in the United States are dedicated to keeping up this reputation and do so in a number of ways. One way that these enthusiastic students show their commitment to playing just as hard as they work is by consistently going all-out when it comes to dressing up to go out. Whether the theme is “high-school stereotypes,” “where I would be without a degree,” “scholars and ballers,” “seven deadly sins,” or just plain “disco fever,” the students at this school are sure to dress to impress. While several other schools are known for their eccentric themed parties, the fact that USC’s students are determined to make their costumes one of the best parts of their night ultimately sets USC apart. When asked, many students are unable to decide what their favorite theme has been thus far in the school year, and say that because there have been such a vast variety of themes, it is hard to decide. However, even when students are posed with a challenge of what outfit is appropriate for their night, they are sure to get their creative juices flowing and make something out of nothing. Upon the announcement of mixer theme or while in anticipation of an upcoming

night, many students have visited Goodwill, conveniently located right between campus and The Row. This “gold mine” as it has been referred to, always has something to offer for stumped students, and allows students to put fun and usually very interesting outfits together. However, it is not uncommon to strike out at Goodwill, and sometimes if you’re too late, it can be very hit or miss. Luckily, freshman Travis Pinkner has created an alternative means of finding costumes for USC’s infamous Thursday nights. Thursday Fix is a company that Pinkner created in order to provide other students at USC with easy access to putting outfits together based on the themes of planned parties and mixers for the upcoming week. As long as students place their orders by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, their costumes will conveniently be available for pick-up on Trousdale anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. the Thursday after. Freshman, Karina Farris is very excited about this innovation and its convenience and says, “I am very relieved that I do not have to go to Goodwill at the last minute anymore and frantically search for a relevant costume.” To find more information about Thursday Fix, or to place an order, visit www. As the website says, “Here at the University of Southern California, we like to party. Not only do we like to party, but we like to dress up in ridiculous costumes while we do it.”

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fraternity. But really, how cool would it be to be able to say that For example, did you know the oldest fraternity is 237 years old? Or you’re bros with Ronald Raegan, John F. Kennedy, or Franklin D. that George W. Bush pledged Delta Kappa Epsilon? While there is Roosevelt? Ronald Raegan was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, John still so much I don’t know, these are just a few of my favorite things F. Kennedy was an alum initiate of Phi Kappa Theta, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was a member of Alpha Delta Phi. On top of that, 85% of I’ve learned about the Greek system. the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity. I would definitely 1. There are 123 fraternities and sororities with 9 million members say that these frat boys have got it goin’ on. total. Nine. Million. Greeks. That’s almost 3% of the United States’ total population. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel 4. The youngest woman to ever be on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaires incredibly small and incredibly inspired at the same time. On the was in a sorority. Speaking for girls everywhere, I send much thanks one hand, I’m just one person in a community of 9 million. But on to Sara Blakely, the wonderful founder of Spanx. Where would the other hand, I’m part of a community 9 million strong with some we be without her? Sara was a Delta Delta Delta at Florida State of the most successful, driven and ambitious people in the country. University, and graduated with a degree in communications. Not only is she gorgeous and motivated, but also she has a passion for 2. The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the oldest Greek letter organization. giving. In 2006, she launched the Sara Blakely Foundation to provide PBK was founded on December 5, 1776 at the College of William educational financial assistance to entrepreneurial training. You go and Mary, making it a whopping 237 years old. Although PBK is girl. an Honor Society and not a fraternity or sorority, they were the first organization to start the tradition of using Greek letters as a name, 5. The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the which is kind of big deal. Their motto was, “Love of learning is the United States. Every year, over 1 million hours are spent volunteering guide of life,” and even had top secret initiation rituals and a special by Greeks throughout the nation. Considering there’s only 8,736 handshake. And if you’re wondering why 1776 sounds so familiar, hours in an entire year, that’s a wholllle community service! No that’s the year America declared its independence. So basically, Phi wonder why more than $4 million dollars are raised by sororities Beta Kappa is as old as the existence of the United States of America. each year for their various philanthropies. Nbd. And while we’re talking about history and old things: Being in the Greek community, I have so much I’m proud of, and 3. Since 1825, all but three U.S. presidents were members of a each day I find another reason why I feel so truly blessed to a part of such a strong, caring, and loyal network.

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THE 5 TYPES OF PEOPLE YOU PLAY IN INTRAMURALS Written By Odyssey Writer Sarah Murphy


outlet for it. Doesn’t matter what sport, what season, or how unequal

Everyone can play, anyone can play, and trust me -- all sorts of the skill level of the teams are: this chick means war. She’s going them DO play. No matter what the sport or what the season, a few to kick and push and pull your hair all the way to the top without key players always seem to make it out to the field. 1. The High School Hero This is the gal that was on varsity in high school, freshman through senior year, and everyone knows it. She was the captain and is used to being the absolute best and most important person on the team. She’s the one yelling cheers that no one else knows and taking every

any remorse or sportsmanship. She’s not in this for the friends, the

memories, or the burned calories. She’s in it for the raw thrill that comes from any sort of victory, even if it is one intramural tennis match. 4. The “I’m Just Here For An Intramural Point” These are the girls that have a formal to go to, and haphazardly

opportunity to slip in a story about how she won state three out of

signed up for the most random sport offered. She’s on the sidelines

the glory, but mostly for reliving her glory days.

of stands there. She’s not about to hustle or try and god forbid she

her four years -- and you can sense there is a lot of resentment built lost in her phone, or maybe even cramming for her test tomorrow. up about losing her senior year. She signed up for intramurals for She plays a total of five minutes per game, and even then just kind 2. The Silly Sorority Squatter This is the gal that is out to have a good time, but mostly a good laugh. She signed up for this game to disguise a workout by giggling

sweats; she’ll have you know, she did NOT sign up for this. 5. The Team That Actually Practices Look out for these teams. They’re the perfect combination of

about her lack of coordination with her sisters. She’s probably never competitiveness and coordination, with a degree of motivation and played the sport, or stopped playing when she was about 13. She’s determination that rivals most D-1 athletes. They’re the group that

the type that’s doubled over laughing in the middle of the field after meets in the Rec every Wednesday at 5 p.m. to watch tapes from missing the ball for the fifth time this quarter. She means well, and their last game, take pointers from their coach, and then run a couple hey, she’s in it for the laughs. 3. The Competition Hungry These girls are in this to win this. They’ve got some serious pent up aggression, and intramural sports just happens to be the only

plays. They’re in shape, they’re good, and they’re out for blood. My

advice to anyone unlucky enough to be shoved on a court or field with them: cut your losses and accept your inevitable defeat by at least a 20 point deficit. It’s a good story, and they provide the perfect enemy to blame.


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@totalfratmove: Telling the owner, “We’ll my award? take good care of her,” when renting something @totalsratmove: Being “unable to even” on you know will get destroyed. #TFM. a regular basis. #TSM. @CoachHughFreeze: Anything worthwhile @JimmyTatro: I blame techno music for 100 takes time to build. If we have immediate percent of my speeding tickets. success, we wouldn’t develop the character @CollegeTownLife: F is for friends who needed 2 sustain true success 4life. share Netflix passwords. @WesVengeance7: Why do sorority girls @itsWillyFerrell: I don’t understand why hang out in odd numbers? Because they can’t drunk me always seems to have more money even. than sober me. @totalfratmove: Having an irregular @totalsratmove: “Let It Go” being the only heartbeat since returning from spring break. song you are capable of singing when you’re #TFM. belligerently drunk. #TSM. @CollegeTownLife: I worked out three days in a row without tweeting about it where’s

@itsWillyFerrell: Monday: No. Tuesday: Ugh. Wednesday: Why. Thursday: Omg. Friday: Finally. Saturday: Yes! Sunday: Crying. @Drunkgraduate: I plan on reliving 6th grade at the Nelly concert, but I’ll replace the awkward dancing with large amounts of alcohol. @tbhplzdont: mean girls came out on april 30th 2004. April 30th is a wednesday this year and if the whole world does not wear pink i’m moving to Saturn. @totalfratmove: Impressing her mother while simultaneously infuriating her father. #TFM.


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