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Yo u ’ v e p r o b a b l y seen them at a spring party or two, the hippy revivalists sporting Phi Mu their flower crowns, Editor-in-Chief cut-off shorts, and tieDanielle is a junior studying English dye shirts. You may see and history. You may contact her at one and say, “Wow you look like a total Hippy!” They’ll reply, “I’m totally channeling my inner free spirit.” Of course, they are. However, they’re not real hippies, merely a group of lovely sorority girls scattered around that random day party you decided to attend. What are they trying to accomplish dressed like that? Perhaps it’s just a desperate wish to revert to days of simpler times? Let’s just face it: we exist in a culture obsessed with our freespirited past.


The difference between now and then? Well, first off, of course there’s probably a little less hooch....but more importantly, it is our immense exposure to the world that surrounds us. Inventions beginning with e-mail, instant messaging, and now most recently video chatting have changed the ways by which we interact with our surroundings. With societal pressures teeming from our domestic, academic, social, and employment spheres, the pressure is on, and the expectations for applicants are higher than they have ever been. The stakes are real, and our future depends on our consistent success, with shrinking room for error.

Employers don’t understand mistakes, taking pride as they scrutinize each detail surrounding their candidates, honing in on their particular flaws. In the age of technology, the Beats just wouldn’t have cut it as Millennials. Besides their hate for hierarchy, the necessary institution of college would have been overwhelming to them. Heck, they wouldn’t even make it past the application process. As far as we’re concerned, “concerts and free love” don’t fill up a resume quite like “an internship at JP Morgan.” With pressure to succeed higher than it has ever been, the pressures of a totally connected world yield more competition than you can image. Modern technology increases the strength of corporations, devalues the individual, and networks millions. Although everyone may be obsessed with “hippy” culture, the realistic applications of their values into a successful Millennial are difficult to accomplish. With limited options such as to fall off “the grid” or become a “cog in the economic machine,” genuine hippies are fairly few and exist as homages to past. Although it can sometimes exist as a source of comfort to reminisce and channel our inner hippy for a day, the genuine lifestyle is on the outs. With the way life seems to be headed (in addition to ridiculous expectations to succeed), the increased pressure to overachieve reveals a grim future of corporation rather than liberation.



Take a moment to recall the Merry Pranksters, the original revolutionaries: the Beat generation. Analyzed from the perception of a Millennial, I can’t help but pardon the question….

President Poulomi Purkayastha

Editor-In-Chief Danielle Weiner

Would OUR utilitarian society seriously consider their philosophies and dreams legitimate? Is there a place for the truly “free spirits” within the confides of our modern standards?

Sales Executives Dilreet Kaur

Contributing Editor Giles Wasson

If we’re going to be honest, drugs were rampant, free love was expected, and “carefree” was a life motto – however, whatever happened to responsibilities? Comparatively speaking, if there were a motto of the Beat movement, it would have gone something along the lines of, “Forget society, forget education. We’re all about that liberation.” -- to which a stereotypical Millennial would reply, “…and where does college fit into this?”

Rachel Hamil

Social Media Director Alex Iscaro

Imagine if social media had been rampant during the 60s. Imagine if the plotlines of On the Road, or any Beat Generation novel had been exploited via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Imagine Kerouac at our age in 2014, the victim of intrusive photography and tweets. Imagine each of the Merry Prankster’s adventures captured and exploited online. The public’s reaction -- outrage, of course.

Sigma Sigma Rho

Delta Gamma Delta Gamma

Phi Mu

Alpha Tau Omega

Phi Mu

Photographers Dilreet Kaur Delta Gamma

Dana Heyman

Sigma Delta Tau

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In an era obsessed with public image, it’s no wonder that our greatest fears are fueled by hyper self-consciousness. If anything, over the years the intrusive nature of social media has taught me that privacy is a privilege. Although in the moment, a young Kerouac may feel free, bear in mind pictures are permanent and will always be fixations of the public. After all, you can learn about someone from merely clicking around on their Facebook page.

We want a representative from every house!

Continuing with the trend of 60s era ideologies, the Beats, who haven’t change their ideologies in 2014, suddenly realize they have a sudden desire to move forward. Transitioning towards the next phase of their lives, they wish to grow up, build their resumes, acquire jobs, and care for families. Attempting to escape their pasts as Merry Pranksters, they take down their Facebook profiles, delete their Twitters, all in a pointless attempt to erase any traces on social media.

The Odyssey is a private entity not associated or governed by UGA or the UGA Greek life office. The views and opinions shared in The Odyssey are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Odyssey and Olympia Media Group.

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Every music fanatic spends their fair share of time traveling in and out of towns to follow their favorite music artists around the world.


Celia is a junior studying advertising and public relations. You may contact her at

I have always enjoyed music, whether it be country, rock and roll, or maybe a little bit of rap. The best part of music is the physical experience of going to the concerts and hearing your favorite song played live over the loudest speakers. In high school, concerts were an occurrence almost every other weekend. Summer concerts were the best, and all my friends always raved about music festivals like Bonaroo and or Hangout. As much as I said before that I love attending concerts, the thought of sleeping in a tent outdoors with no bathing and a lot of sweaty, smelly people was not exactly appealing to me. I had heard stories from friends that the experience is once in a lifetime, and hearing your favorite band on stage in front of millions of people is epic. So I got bribed to go to my first music festival last summer. My attitude was just as bitter about the outdoors as it originally had been, but I sucked it up with the hopes that my experience would be all that my friends had hyped it up to be. I hopped on a plane with some friends to Indio, California to attend the Coachella music festival.

Not only was one of my favorite bands going to be there, but hundreds of my favorite bands all in the same town playing their music twenty-four hours of the day. Phoenix, Modest Mouse, Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, Two Chains, and most importantly Red Hot Chilli Peppers were appearing at Coachella and that was incentive enough to get my butt on a plane. I can not even begin to explain how amazing the experience was. Being in California itself was a blessing, because the weather was supreme and the California lifestyle is so exhilarating. I had no idea what to expect for the three days of the festival, and there is no way I could have even dreamed of what it was like. My legs were numb by the end of the three days, as were my cheeks from smiling. Although people may hold so many stereotypes about the hipsters or “grungy” people that regularly are associated with festivals. And yeah, there is a fair share of the exact type of people you would imagine. But they are so generous and they are there for the same reasons everyone else; to enjoy the show. The bands sounded one hundred times better than they do coming out of the car stereo. I hadn’t even realize that I didn’t shower for three days because there was no time to worry or reason to worry about that. I am usually a hygiene freak, but for this weekend I did not have a car. So to everyone who always thinks twice before they go to show or have ever wanted to and just have not made the moves to do it, it is worth the trip. Coachella in California, Hangout in Gulf Shores, even Bonaroo in Tennessee. Concerts do not even compare to actual music festivals and three days of your favorite bands all in the same arena is not something that comes as an opportunity often. The trip with my friends was such an amazing part of the journey too and the location of California could not have been more perfect. So this summer, music festivals are a must and should definitely be squeezed in.


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Do you film shows with your iPad, have dreads to your knees, or arrive early to concerts to find a prime hooping spot on the lawn? Whether or not you identify with the above, here’s a list of characters you’re bound to find at the vast majority of shows to come.


Anna is a freshman studying business. You may contact her at

4. The Frat PackChacos, chubbies, bandanas, costas, and vintage band tees. These boys stand out from the hippie crowd, but are clearly up for the music and a good time. Enough said. 5. The DruggiesPerhaps the easiest to spot in any crowd, it doesn’t take long to pick out the erratic dancers who are going to be floating somewhere between Earth and the unknown for the duration of the concert. The good thing is that they always seem to love meeting new people. Seriously, they love everyone.

6. The Genuine HippiesYes, they’re adults, but they don’t seem like they have a place in the “grown up” sector of America. These folks most likely spent a few You may see dancing, laughing, hooping, smoking, singing, drinking, or filming, years following around Led Zeppelin. Maybe they’re bona fide Dead Heads. but the big picture will reveal a people united by the common thread of love for music You know the type. The real hippies. The ones who set the stage for generation -- and any way you slice it, that’s a beautiful thing. Y. They haven’t a care in the world because, well, why should they? They made You’ve bought your ticket, parked your car, and you’re headed towards the it through the 70s, 80s, and 90s. One look and you know they’ve got stories admission gate for a weekend (or even just one night) full of music. If you’ve about life experiences that you envy: the times you weren’t even a part of but taken a second to look around, it’s pretty obvious who is headed in the same still feel nostalgic for. direction that you are. Though a diverse group of people constitutes the indie 7. The DrunksLofty beer prices don’t turn them away from the concession festival-going crowd, there are a few stereotypes you are guaranteed to find at stand. These folks are often seen with a PBR or frozen concoction in hand. Oh, 90% of the venues you attend. Lana lookalikes and tutu-wearing ravers aside, and they probably snuck in a floppy flask. Or two. Generally speaking, this is here’s a mental checklist to consider at your next show: the cause of crowd surfing gone wrong. Plop. 1. The Dreads GuyThere will always, without a doubt, be one guy in the crowd 8. The Hoopers and The Poi SpinnersThis crowd never ceases to amaze me. with a head full of righteous dreads. He’s been working on his hair for years. They show up early enough to stake out a spot on the lawn, lose the shoes, start If it doesn’t already, it’s getting close to falling below his waist at this point. to spin, and just. Don’t. Stop. It seems a next to impossible feat to spin a hula He’s just as dedicated to his locks as he is to his music. He’s wearing a worn hoop for an entire concert, but I’ve seen it accomplished more often than not. t-shirt from the show you’ve always dreamt of attending and a pair of pants It’s positively mesmerizing. The second the sun drops below the horizon, the you aren’t daring enough to don yourself. Whether it’s the hair or inherent hoopers and the poi spinners light up the night. Literally. musical knowledge, Dreads Guy gives off some form of mysterious vibe that 9. The DedicatedThey know every word, guitar riff, and drum beat of each is slightly awe-inspiring. song… probably because they have a copy of every single recording ever made: 2. The iPad CinematographerThere’s always going to be that guy, and he’s studio, acoustic, ep, live at any venue the artist has ever played, etc. They’ve seen probably stood in your line of vision on at least one occasion. For the welfare _______ 17 times already in various places across America, and have a setlist of music lovers who want to see the stage instead of a screen, one can only hope that they made each time to commemorate the event. Too much enthusiasm? this technological trend won’t last. Never. The passionate music lover stops for nothing. 3. The High SchoolersYeah, in high school it was cool when your mom would Perhaps you found yourself listed above. If not, it’s more than likely that drop you off at a show that your other friends’ moms wouldn’t let them attend. you’ve encountered at least a few of these stereotypes in your concert-going Crowds are dangerous or something like that. These kids come in packs, and experiences. Either way, as you look around the crowd at your next musical they’re usually all dressed alike because they put a lot of effort into looking excursion, allow everyone’s differences to fall away for just a moment. older than they are (apparently matching outfits add a few years). They don’t Whether you see dancing, laughing, hooping, smoking, singing, drinking, pay much attention to the show. They’re really only in attendance for the way or filming, the big picture will reveal a people united by the common thread it’ll look on their Instagram later that night. #picstitch #concert #so #much of love for music -- and any way you slice it, that’s a beautiful thing. #funnnnnn #mybff #trippy #(insertlyricfromartist’smostpopularsong)

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the rockets and bombs. According to the New York Post, “It was the most electrifying moment of Woodstock, and probably the single greatest moment of the sixties.”

On August 15, 1969, thousands of rock n’ roll enthusiasts gathered at a 600-acre farm in Bethel, New York to celebrate 3 days of peace and music. This event, known as Woodstock, became a pivotal moment in pop culture history. It has inspired many preceding rock festivals and continues to influence the direction of the world’s music industry.

With Hendrix and Santana at Woodstock was another famous group, The Who. However, unlike the legendary performances of Hendrix and Santana, The Who played terribly. During the British band’s performance, Yippie leader Abbie Hoffman interrupted the band to give a political speech about the recent arrest of John Sinclair. Pete Townshend, a guitarist and songwriter for The Who, famously told Hoffman, “F*** off my f***ing stage!” After the show, The Who was very critical of their performance. Roger Daltrey said that was “the worst gig we ever played.” 30 years later, Woodstock ’99 attempted to emulate the original Woodstock with over 200,000 people in attendance. Artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, and Willie Nelson traveled from all over the country to recreate music’s most spiritual experience.

Here is an overview of concert and of some of the amazing acts performed at the show: Richie Havens was the first artist to perform at the Woodstock festival. He held the crowd in the palm of his hand for nearly three hours. After the crowd called on him to perform several encores, the producers told Havens to continue playing because of a delay in the arrival of artists. Having run out Sigma Chi of songs to play, Havens Tate is a sophomore studying finance improvised a song based & psychology. You may contact him at on the old spiritual Motherless Child that became Freedom. Havens’ performance at Woodstock was a major turning point in his career.


Before the band Santana played their gig at Woodstock, they were barely known outside of San Francisco. When they took the stage with instruments in hand and psychedelics in their system the crowd didn’t know what was going to come out of the speakers. After a couple songs, Santana and the crowd fell in love. Their music contained a beautiful blend of Latin rhythms, west coast soul, and Carlos Santana’s spellbinding guitar work. After they got off the stage, the world knew Santana was the real deal. Jimi Hendrix is regarded as one of the greatest guitarists in rock n’ roll history. He headlined the Woodstock Music and Art Fair along with his Band of Gypsys. Hendrix’s performance featured a rendition of the national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.” He added his own flair to the song, with copious amounts of amplifier feedback, distortion, and sustain in order to replicate the sounds made by


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We’ve all thought “should’ve recycled that...oh well” as we throw away a can into a trash can when a recycling can literally 3 feet away.


Madeline is a sophomore studying public relations. You may reach her at

A s i n d e p e n d e nt college students, there are many things we have control over: our relationships, our eating habits, and our grades (minus the classes where the teacher is evil and has it out for you). Being more eco-friendly is just one more on the evergrowing list of things that we can add in order to make our lives even better for ourselves and those around us. We don’t have to start wearing hemp or cut out electricity completely, but we can make simple changes to make everyday life just a little greener. Think of all the times you blow dry your hair, or straighten or curl it unnecessarily. I’m the first one to admit sometimes I’ll curl my hair if I’m bored, but I’ve never stopped and thought about how much electricity I waste by styling my hair when I don’t need to. Ladies (and guys with long locks), we need to start taking those Pinterest boards to heart and use some of those airdry styles we’ve all seen. Even cutting out blow-drying your hair a few times a week will save an enormous amount of electricity. We’re college students: basically, when we’re not studying, we’re eating or drinking. All of that eating and drinking leads to many grocery trips, and that means scores of those flimsy plastic bags. Not only are those bags super annoying, they’re absolutely horrible for our environment (do a Google search on plastic bags and marine life). Buy some reusable bags and store them in your car. They do the same job as the plastic ones, but you can use them however many times as you please (and they’re washable). Over the snow-pocalypse, I overreacted like everyone else, ran to Target, and bought a 24 pack of water bottles. Two months later, I cannot believe how much plastic I wasted drinking from all those bottles. Buying a decent water bottle might set you back in your bank account (the ones with filters are a life savor), but even this simple act will drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Another easy way to making campus a little greener: unplugging and turning

off ! If you’re not using something, just unplug it from the wall. Even when an appliance is turned off, it can still drain power. Turning off the lights before you leave a room, unplugging your iPhone charger before you go to class, and not having your laptop constantly charging are some of the many ways to use less power around school. Being green doesn’t mean changing your lifestyle. Simple adjustments in your everyday life can go so far. Do it for yourself, do it for the earth. The earth will thank you!

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Why is it that the term “hippy” THOMAS always seems to WASSON carry a negative Alpha Tau Omega connotation? I guess Thomas is a senior studying it depends upon accounting. You may contact him at the circles you run with and whether or not you support this alternative lifestyle, but being a hippy is so much more than smoking weed, shopping at co-ops, wearing a drug rug, and listening to experimental music.

complainers,” but this is a gross oversimplification and an insult to the lofty ideals they stand for. The hippies were the activists and occupiers of their day, and they were instrumental in changing our country for the better. Without them, music, politics, civil rights, art, fashion and generally all of popular culture would have evolved from the 1950s “heartland of America” ideals, so basically everyone would still be kind of like the Cleavers (racism and bigotry would be ok still!). Women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights, and general human rights would not be where they are today if not for the hippies.

We owe those early radicals more than we know, and I for one will always be grateful to the hippies for what they’ve done, and continue When the flower power movement started in the sixties, it was all about to do for this country. civil rights, equality, anti-establishment, anti-war, free love, psychedelic drugs, and music festivals. The suits and old money interests in America saw these hippies as troublemakers, shaking the foundations of long running policies in place to ensure continued consolidation of power for a select few elite Americans, but class warfare is something our country still struggles with today. The themes of the hippy movement are as important now as ever. Income inequality somehow continues to grow in America, and many leftists feel that this is indicative of the failure of a system of pure capitalism. The hippies started with the beatnik movement in the legendary Greenwich Village in New York, and hippy actually comes from “hipster.” Hippies have had an immeasurable impact on American culture through film, music, TV, literature, fashion, and politics. The hippies espouse beautiful notions of equality, diversity, and peace and popularized such contemporary movements like health food, green energy, war protests, the cyberspace revolution, and modern sexual ideals. Derogatorily, Democratic party members are often called hippies by the GOP, and it is not entirely unwarranted as they champion many of the hippie ideals. Recent state legislation regarding marijuana legalization and same sex marriage can be viewed as an echo of the hippies, who still exist today in homage to their forefathers. So, why is it that hippies get hated on so much? It sounds like they have a lot of fun in addition to generally loving their fellow man. Well, really it comes down to propaganda spread by the “establishment,” the establishment being a vague term referring to any consolidation of power in our institutions. When I say propaganda, I mean more the general way hippies are depicted in news and popular media. They are “smelly, lazy, and


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It was around 9:00, a random Thursday night,

and my friend and I are hanging out in the parking lot of Terminal West (a recently opened concert venue in Atlanta), passing


Mackenzie is a freshman studying finance & psychology. You may contact her at

the time until they opened the doors. Because I was carrying on my tradition of randomly selecting unheard of bands and then attending their concerts, I had no idea what my night was going to turn into. Well, we unfortunately never even saw the doors of Terminal West. As we were sitting there in that parking lot, literally every single person that passed by us was in an obvious relationship. We sat there and watched in shock all the couples that came pouring into venue. It was like Valentines Day was happening without the calendars’ permission, so we slowly came to the conclusion that this concert wasn’t exactly our scene. This concert, like most concerts, had a unique group of people that all fit a general mold. Country concerts are crowded with cowboy boots, beer, and southerns. Rock concerts are populated with hardcore fans that enjoy mosh pits. Indie concerts reek of weed and are filled with those who might have liked life better in the sixties. Pop concerts are attended by twelve year olds and a potpourri of people looking to see a show rather than listen to live music. After you get past the stereotype of the people you expect to attend a concert of certain genre, you’ll observe that every single band attracts an even narrower group of individuals that is completely unique to them. Just as a person’s music taste and the bands they love can provide insight to who they are, the type of people who show up at a concert reveals a lot about a band. Music festivals are an exception. Since so many genres and bands are represented at these festivals, they contain a vast variety of unique, diverse people with an obvious commonality - their passion for live music. Music festivals, rooted in sixties, and historically full of psychedelic drugs, sex, long hair, rock and roll, and free spirited individuals who revolved their carefree lives around peace and love. This revolutionary way of life still lingers in every corner of festivals such as Bonnaroo, Coachella, Electric Forest, The Hangout, and Governors Ball, and is exactly what makes them so incredible. A love for the eccentric and laid-back tone these festivals carry binds everyone together and serves and the second most obvious commonality between those that attend any festival. Although broad commonalities exist between the people at music festivals, the differences between those same people allow for some exceptional people watching. First, you have that guy tripping on psychedelics, who is definitely seeing the world a lot more abstractly than you are.

Then you have your average stoners who you can find at any concession stand - that

is, until the music starts. As soon as the band takes the stage, all their attention focuses entirely on the stage lights that shine in sync with the baseline - the one that is so forceful you can literally feel it beating inside of you. There are also the retired hippies searching for a bit of nostalgia in modern music festivals. With their long grey hair that they refuse to chop off (even after it has turned grey) and their beat-up Volkswagen vans sporting technicolored paint jobs, they represent how the past has blended into the present. The people and the music of each festival combine to give it the unique atmosphere that it fosters and the timeless vibe that it has managed to keep alive.

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You pick up your phone, and you mindlessly check every app of social media you find amusing. Among those, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the first. More recently, Snapchat and Vine are contenders for your attention.


Gracie is a senior studying prebusiness. You may contact her at

2. Have so much fun you don’t even think about posting a tweet, status, snapchat, etc. 3. Pictures never do an outing justice anyways. Especially when it comes to being outside. Nature doesn’t photograph as well as it appears in person. Almost like a reminder to put that phone down. 4. As common as it is, it is incredibly rude to be on your phone in the presence of any person. Just because you’re comfortable with your surroundings or company doesn’t make it any more polite to have a phone to your face.

5. Don’t be that guy/girl that is in a crowd with their head down looking at The amount of time we spend on just our phones alone is an average of 2+ their phone. No one likes to be the one who has to say, “What was that? I missed hours -- and that’s not including the time spent browsing the web or reading it.” because you were tweeting. digital print, which is a total averaged 5+ hours. More time is spent on a digital Social media is not the evil of all evils. Being able to connect in such a way device than watching TV. that our generation can is incredibly useful, progressive, and has potential to The year 2013 is the first time ever Americans have surpassed TV time for change the way the world connects on all fronts through means of globalization. digital outlet focus, according to If you take those 2 hours on your phone, which is the lower end of the mean, and add them all together, that’s 730 hours spent A YEAR with your face glued to an approximately 2x4 inch glass screen. Holy cow. That’s an entire month of your life divided out into days (30.41667 to be exact). The suggested amount of volunteer hours that should be dedicated per year to feel more fulfilled as an individual is only 100 hours, less than a seventh of digital time. Granted, these hours may very well be shared simultaneously with other activities such as class, dinner, driving, or even while you’re hanging out with your friends. The latter is where hyper-connectivity really inhibits our abilities to form meaningful connections. The phrase “less is more” could not be better defined by our usage of social media. Increased presence on these outlets is oftentimes used in such frequency that the focus is not in the moment, but on documenting it simultaneously. Not only does the appreciation for the moment get lost in postings, but the FOMO effect takes full force. This fear of missing out hits hard when you’re not tagged in a post about a Spring Party or a last minute dinner among friends, or when you’re hardcore stalking your ex. The documentation that takes place of all events in your life leaves little room for privacy, personal space, and enjoyment of your surroundings. To prevent any abuse of social media, take these five suggestions into consideration: 1. Let someone else document it. Who cares how many likes you could get off of that picture that in reality looks the same as the last post you made. If you find personal fulfillment from an Instagram post, you need to reevaluate.

12 MYERS: LIFE ON THE QUAD 500 words on music

I am like the bird. I am high, soaring ALFRED above all others. MILLS Pi Kappa Alpha From here I am free Alfred is a junior studying from all problems, communication studies. You may tensions, or worries. contact him at Released from the bondage of earth, I reflect and contemplate from the safety of my nest. But, let us descend from mind and journey back to body.

wealth. The power of currency will seep into his mind and permeate his soul. I will leave him to his public.

I lay back in my hammock. The people I have witnessed today weigh upon my mind. Thoughts of their impact on my surroundings sadden me. I try to imagine them away, but their echo resounds in my head. As I squirm in disgust a simple, small noise nips at my eardrums. It is a song, not one that could touch human lips, but a poem birthed from nature. It reverberates from the chest of a cardinal: a tune passed down from ancestors. Landing at my feet, the bird stares, as if to invite me to join him. My mind once again is at rest. I accept the invitation and find This temple that houses my mind also lies within a nest as I aimlessly myself drifting back into the clouds, following the bright red feathers swing, suspended between trees in my ENO (Eagle Nest Outfitters) higher and higher. I am back in my resting place. hammock. My eyes survey my surroundings. This field is bordered by brick constructions, homes to young souls seeking to have grey matter filled with teaching. A white disc floats above me. Careening left, it collides with my tree, disturbing my peace. I take note of the contest before me. These studious patrons of my field scamper up and down, throwing and catching the disc. A disagreement arises and a heated debate culminates. Such trivial disputes drive them. From my left strolls a couple. Khaki shorts, t-shirt, loafers, and sunglasses – these only accent the letters that are so loudly pronounced from their front pocket. I know this type of person. I see past the mirage of clothes and cringe at the reality that defines them. They are a walking collection of aluminum cans, a striding representation of daddy’s money, and a strutting display of generations of Southern mentality. They are the young who will grow into tycoons of business and destroy this earth. Campus teems with this breed. I hear an engine putter and whine, a high note pierces the air and I quickly turn to investigate. A scooter whizzes past, and I capture a glimpse of its rider. A tall, large man awkwardly positioned upon his moped. He is garbed in red and black from shirt to shoes. Another participant in friendly combat, he is a god among thousands. Weekly he marches onto the field in the name of those garbed in the holy red and black. But he will move on. He will become consumed in greed and

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ARE YOU A MODERN DAY HIPPIE? Written By Odyssey Writer Alex Everhart Back in the 70s, hippies were defined as bell-bottom jean wearing, tree loving, and flower children. Today, not much has changed. Instead of bell-bottom jeans, Chacos have become essential. Instead of frolicking through fields of flowers, hippies go to Pinterest and assort flowers into a trendy headband. Hippies are fun, eco-friendly personalities with a laid-back attitude.

points)I love all creatures of the Earth. (3 points) Tally up your score! 1-10 points: You hate the outdoors, and you probably are a business major. You are far from a hippie. 11-20 points: You generally care about the environment. You have conformed to wear Chacos and are pretty easy to get along with. I wouldn’t call you hippie though.

Do you consider yourself a hippie? Circle the answers below that best

21-28 points: You love animals and probably own a dog and a fish. fit you. Add up your points and check out the bottom to see if you are You are pretty chill too. a modern-day hippie. 29-35 points: FULL BLOWN MODERN-DAY HIPPIE. You should 1. Do you spend most of your time indoors or outdoors?Indoors (1 point) have been around in the 1970s. You love the outdoors, anything Outdoors. I want to live in a treehouse one day. (2 points)

environmentally friendly, and your persona is so relaxed your friends

2. When was the last time you went exploring?Never (0 points)Last start to worry sometimes. month, I climbed a tree (1 point)Every week (2 points) 3. Describe your personality.Uptight (0 points)Bubbly (1 point) Personable (2 points)Sooo chill (3 points) 4. What car do you drive?Acura (1 point)Forerunner (2 points)Jeep (3 points)Electric Car (4 points)I don’t own a car. I ride a bike. (5 points) 5. When was the last time you went on a hike?Never. I hate the trees. (0 points)I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens. (1 point)About once a month (2 points)I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. (5 points) 6. What are your favorite shoes?Boots (1 point)Sandals (2 points) Chacos. All day every day. (3 points) 7. Do you care about the environment?Uh, yea I like flowers. (1 point) Yes, I think it is so important. (2 points)I live in a cave, so yes. (3 points) 8. What is your major?Accounting (0 points)Journalism (1 point) Environmental Science (2 points) 9. What is your favorite music?Taylor Swift (-1 point)Dave Matthews (2 points)Total Dead Head (3 points) 10. What is your take on flower headbands?No, they are ugly. (0 points)I would wear one to a themed party. (1 point)Wait, I love them!! (2 points) 11. What is your involvement with PETA?I love him. He is so hot. (0 points)Don’t they hate fur? (1 point)Active member (2 points) 12. Do you like animals?I like cat.s (1 point)I like cats and dogs. (2


Humor lol

@sydneygreen95: Making up for low grades with high calories @Earlxsweat: I GREW UP UGLY YOU DON’T KNOW MY STRUGGLE

@kwaxonkwax: Trying to decide if I should put my ability to type with only my left hand under “skills” or “hobbies” on my resume. #productivity @postgradproblems: For Lent, I’m giving up. Like in general, just giving up.

@Lizdiamond: You can’t spell thug without hug @Maddiesmith615: Hey what is that one movie where Michael Cera plays an awkward teenager? @Amandabynes: If you look good words can’t hurt you

@tdvaz: Every time I hear that nasty word “exercise”, I have to wash my mouth out with chocolate…. @KatherineRead: If you’re about to put song lyrics on twitter, ask yourself: is it worth it? Let me work it. I put my thang down flip it & reverse it

@tinatbh: Thug life? Drop the t son. Bring it here @ProBirdRights: Um science??? You have not yet discovered how to fit more cake inside of me. #learntopriorities

@Future1stLady1: Blue solo cups remind me of liberals. I don’t like liberals.

@ScottyDaNaughty: . @robinthicke drug me? Mug me? Seriously, WHAT RHYMES WITH HUG ME? @SterRS: I just said eight turds instead of eight thirds in front of the whole freaking class. @rellyOnSMASH: them unread test messages aint gon come and cuddle wit you at night @justinbieber: Blessed each morning. Going to be a great day @_Wade92: They’re playing Bust a Move in McDonalds right now. Employees here are down to get down. #turndownforhwat @Hannie37: Eating a BLT while driving is difficult.

@Zakypoof: Sometimes you have to step outside yourself and realize you’re playing clash of clans in the middle of a gas station

@merrylouder: Parents turned the wifi off on my phone. Things have gone from bad, to worse, to poverty.


Uga 4 10 14 proof1  
Uga 4 10 14 proof1