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of love, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about singular love, rather all around love. Love as an idea is beautiful. It lifts us up when we are feeling down. It connects us to those we care

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In order to receive love and keep love, you have to go out and participate in the world

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of providing love and receiving love in return. Although it gains a

Phi Mu

Danielle is a junior studying English and history. You may contact her at

reputation as being one of the most commercialized holidays of the year, Valentine’s Day wasn’t meant to be interchangeable with “Singles Awareness.” With the unintentional side effects causing mid-life crises for 30 year olds, feelings of inadequacy between couples, and finally single’s depression, it’s no wonder that this holiday has formed a “love-hate” reputation. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “ELE,” then you know that it stands for the saying “Everybody Love Everybody.” Instigating the case for this holiday to attain a redefinition, the focus of this holiday needs to transition the idea of overall love. Valentine’s Day needs to exist as a Day for overall love! The idea of this holiday existing as an exclusive day is inaccurate. Exploring all realms

about most, and above all else love inspires us to become the best forms of ourselves. around you. Love, much like anything, is a skill. It is a necessity skill, which we use to sweep others and ourselves off their feet. Considered by some to be simply a distraction and infatuation, Valentine’s Day is fantastically underrated! If anything, this holiday requires dedication toward the celebration of another person in your life. Rather than existing as the most selfish day of the year, Valentine’s Day should exist as they most selfless. Existing as a deviation from our daily dedication towards self-celebration, Valentine’s Day reminds us of others in what I believe has become an incredibly narcissistic culture. Self-awareness, in addition to spreading universal love, helps not only a significant other, but also us as individuals to better ourselves on a holistic scale. Life is far too short to make sacrifices that aren’t beneficial. Therefore, rather than waste negative energy towards hating the commercial nature of love, redefine the holiday through embracing the idea of love as a whole.



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Greek life traditions

THe TRUTH BeHIND a CaNDLe paSSINg CeReMONY Oh the joys of the highly anticipated, or dreaded, day of February 14. That’s right, boyfriends and girlfriends, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you have reservations made for sushi with your sorority sisters (what my friends and I did last year), or are anxious about what gift your boyfriend is getting you (my worries this year), this day is all about love for not only your significant other, but everyone else valued in your life as well. For those girls in a serious college relationship, one thing is constantly running through their minds: will they have a candle pass before graduation? But what exactly is a “candle pass”? Growing up the youngest cousin on my dad’s side of the family, I always enjoyed getting to know the boyfriends of my older cousins. My oldest cousin, Abby, who is ten years older than me, got engaged during her senior year of college. I vaguely remember my mom talking about the traditions Abby’s sorority at the University of Texas did for her, but when I came to UGA and started hearing about a “candle pass,” I was pretty confused what it was and how it was successfully organized. Before engagement and having a candle pass ceremony, one is typically “lavaliered” or pinned with her boyfriend’s fraternity letters. A lavalier is a set of gold or silver letters typically worn as a necklace. Frat stars give these to their girlfriends to take their relationship to the next level, placing them above their brothers and allowing the girls the privileges of their fraternities.

Maybe this happens at Georgia and I’ve just never seen a girl with her boyfriend’s letters around her neck, but doesn’t this seem a bit over the top and cliché?



So after being lavaliered, Mallory is a sophomore studying the next step is engagement, journalism. You may contact her leading to the candle pass at ceremony. This tradition begins with the president announcing the great news of the ceremony. The girls of the sorority stand in a circle and sing their candle pass song, while passing around a lit candle. Depending on the sorority’s specific traditions, the candle usually goes around the circle four times for an engagement. The girl who has recently been engaged blows out the candle when it reaches her and reveals herself as the lucky, future bride. In May of 2011, my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, had a candle pass for our house mom, Mara Damke. Senior, Skye Estroff, who was a freshman at the time, recalls that they got a surprise email in the middle of the day and it didn’t give a name but told them a time. The email stated, “For those of you that don’t know, this ceremony happens when someone in the sorority has gotten engaged.” Full of anticipation, the SDT girls met in the chapter room at 5:30 the next day with the lights off and sang the ritual song until Mara blew out the candle. Although learning about the candle passing ceremony does give me a little anxiety, it is a very neat tradition that I hope to be a part of one year, although hopefully not my own while I’m still in college. I know other sororities at UGA have gotten to take part in this exciting ritual, and I’m sure it is a very memorable experience.


Scene on campus

THE MORE YOU KNOW: LOCAL PHILANTHROPIES too (Valentine’s Date to the animal shelter, eh?). There is a major shortage of mentors for the Athens Mentor Program, which is holding a training session February 18 for new mentors.

GRACIE pReSTON Kappa Delta

Gracie is a senior studying prebusiness. You may contact her at

Extra Special People always welcomes new volunteers as do the surrounding soup kitchens. One Athens group I didn’t know existed was Pals of Athens. It’s a group of people that help women earn GEDs and teach life skills, raising money by selling pillows the women sew with the faces of musicians -- how appropriate for the indie rock scence of Athens, and how cool of a program to get involved in, which I myself plan on doing. Seriously, broaden your horizons when it comes to giving back to the community. It sounds cliché, but the internal rewards you receive from helping people who genuinely need it and appreciate it is more fulfilling than stalking your ex on Facebook (seriously, let it go). Just keep an eye out for banners outside of houses, and go from there. How much do you actually know about other sorority and fraternity philanthropies? If you’re anything like me, not much more than you know about a class you’ve never taken. Shame on us. Not that our own causes we support aren’t important, but that we tend to get so wrapped up in our own chapters that we forget we belong to Greek Life as a whole. Panhellenic wide support is what attracts other chapters to our own chapter’s events. For example, I can run 3.1 miles on my own if I really want to (not that I do), but the fact that AOPi holds Run for the Roses each year, I’ll do my best to support their cause and their run -- not only because I want to prove involvement with other sororities, but it’s for a good reason, running for Juvenile Arthritis. Running along with a group of people there for the same reasons of raising money and awareness is much more fulfilling than running on a treadmill. There are even easier ways to support our local Greek chapters -- eating. Yeah, most chapters here at UGA host a Meal on the Lawn or dinner in support of their philanthropies. Just last week Phi Mu and ATO teamed up to hold their Mardi Gras themed meal on the lawn in support of UGA Miracle, and I’m 100 percent sure your chapter has people involved in this campus wide organization. So showing support of these guys means you’re supporting your friends far and wide at UGA. Greek Life involvement not enough? I know for a fact that Athens is home to numerous opportunities to get involved with the community. Creating a bubble of the same daily routines and limiting yourself to constraints of a self-involved person is inhibiting and, quite frankly, sad. Saying you volunteer for your chapter’s organization because you’re forced to be there is not volunteering, and we all know this. Helping people is in our nature -- and if people aren’t your thing, helping animals is cool

Ideas debate & discuss

THe COST OF DRUNK DRIVINg In the early morning hours of Sunday, February 9, four of my fraternity brothers in Tampa passed away abruptly. They were hit by an SUV speeding on the wrong side of the highway. The driver was drunk, and my brothers were sober. I knew all four of the men, but I was especially close to one of them.

ZAIN aBIDI Sigma Beta Rho

Zain is a junior studying international affairs. You may contact him at


Turkey, and China are stricter than the United states when it comes to drunk driving. While there are millions of people who drive drunk and harm no one, we must remember that it takes only one time to affect not only the driver’s life but the victim and the victim’s loved ones as well. The average drunk driver has driven 80 times before his or her first arrest. The fact that one can get away with that is shocking to say the least. By lowering the benchmark, which raises the standard to which we hold ourselves, we can catch drunk drivers before they have the chance to harm themselves or others. A vehicle being operated by a drunk driver is a weapon, and it not only endangers the driver’s life but the lives of countless others on the road.

The pain and sadness I have felt and that the families feel should never be felt by anyone. Brothers and loved ones from around the nation have been mourning the loss of these four young men, and about $75,000 were raised in 48 hours to help pay for the costs of the funerals. The fact is that no matter how much we grieve, we cannot bring them back. But I wish to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

Additionally, by making punishment stricter, we can prevent future accidents. A third of people convicted for charges related to drunk driving are repeat offenders. By increasing punishment we can give drunk drivers a reason to fear getting arrested. Additionally, by increasing funding to education programs we can show the negative effects of driving drunk.

The United States had 10,322 deaths due to drunk drivers in 2012. That is one death every 51 minutes, and these account for a third of the deaths that happen on the road. Additionally, drunk drivers cost the U.S. $132 billion a year. Yet the United States is one of the most lenient countries in the world when it comes to drunk driving, with a threshold of .08 percent Blood Alcohol Content.

I hope one day America wakes up and tackles the problem of drunk driving the way it should -- by lowering the threshold for the Blood Alcohol Content to something that is more similar to other developing nations, by increasing punishment for drunk drivers, and by increasing education programs to propagate the negative effects of drunk driving. These measures may one day prevent the premature deaths of young men such as Dammie Yesudhas, Imtiyaz Ilias, Jobin Kuriakose, and Ankeet Patel.

Most developed nations have a threshold of .05 percent BAC, and nations like Russia,


500 words on valentines

THe peRFeCT VaLeNTINeS DaY DaTe What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day date? An expensive dinner prefaced by chocolates and flowers? A Sigma Pi barrage of presents? Maybe Chris is a junior studying even something as simple MIS. You may contact him at as a home cooked meal and watching a movie on your couch? All of these date ideas sound great…if you have someone to share them with. As for me, and hopefully a lot of other people who don’t have a significant other, these dates would just be a waste of money and would remind you why you should’ve just stayed in bed.


So now I have to revise my original question to this: What’s the single man’s perfect Valentine’s Day date? Obviously it has to satisfy three people: me, myself, and I. The day should start off fairly normal -- I’ll wake up around noon and then just lay in bed for a bit not wanting to leave its warm embrace. Half an hour later I’ll force myself into the bathroom where I stand in the shower for another half hour as I ask myself important questions like, “What’s there to eat in the apartment?” and “Is there anything good on TV?”

When I emerge from the steam of the shower, I run to my phone and see that my mom has called three times. Upon calling her back she asks if I have any plans for Valentine’s Day or if I’m seeing anyone. Of course the truthful answer is no, but I lie and tell her that I’m taking someone out to dinner later. I then return back to my bed and watch Netflix for the next couple of hours. Around 6 p.m. I’ve decided that I have to eat something, so I pry myself from my bedroom and make my way to the kitchen. Now comes the important question: what do I want to eat? I decide to make a fancy meal for myself because I deserve it after such a long, hard day. I preheat the oven to 400, pop in a Tombstone pizza, then pop a Stoffers Mac ‘n Cheese in the microwave -- time to spoil myself. Fourteen to 16 minutes later my feast is ready. This hardy meal is accompanied with an entire bottle of wine and is eaten in the comfort of my bed. After I gorge myself, I decide to treat myself with a little ice cream. Ten minutes and a gallon of Rocky Road later, I’m fat, happy, and slightly drunk. I lie in bed for the next couple of hours continuing to snack and sip wine all cuddled up with my date, Netflix. As I start season five of Mad Men, I decide that it’s time to call it a night and close my laptop. I then lie in the dark and cry myself to sleep. Needless to say, that is what a perfect Valentine’s Day is for someone who is single like me.

500 words on valentines

I lOVe me tHe mOst your spotlight, you get to spend every day working on branching out and learning new things about yourself.

I’m a pretty cool person, or at least, I’ve always thought so. Sure, I get one day a year -- my birthday -- to focus on myself and why I’m simply the best, but one day out of three hundred and sixty five days just isn’t enough. Valentine’s Day is all about appreciating that special someone in your life, but, as a proud independent woman, I have no one to appreciate. So this Valentine’s Day, instead of focusing on a (let’s face it, less interesting) significant other, I’m going to make Valentine’s Day all about myself, and you should too! (Yourself, that is.) Being the main focus in your life has many benefits. With no one threatening to steal



Delta Delta Delta

Elizabeth is a freshman studying For example, yesterday business. You may contact her at I branched out and tried a new flavor of coffee only to discover that cinnamon flavored coffee is simply dreadful. This self-focusing phenomenon explains why your ex is suddenly so much more interesting post breakup. Scientifically speaking, we are attracted to people with full personalities who have taken the time to get to know themselves, so you are just ahead of the game! Isn’t that what college is for -- learning about yourself and figuring out who you want to be? So do it. Make February 14 from here on out a self-appreciation day. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Go to dinner with friends. Watch old SNL clips. Give a pledge a spray tan. Grow a mustache. Buy a hedgehog. I don’t know how you roll, but most importantly, DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY! Remember, this day is all about YOU.

Campus Culture

10 YOU WILL SURVIVe (VaLeNTINe’S DaY)! 500 words on valentines

50% off all candy? Must be my lucky day. Well, it’s actually not lucky, I’m just without a significant other and have enough time on my

MADELINE WeeKMaN Gamma Phi Beta

Madeline is a sophomore studying public relations. You may reach her at madelinew315@

hands this February 14th to scope out the discount candy at my local CVS. But you know what, it’s actually okay with me. I don’t have to have the pressure of living up to someone else’s expectations or spending absurd amounts of time and energy finding that *perfect* Valentine’s Day outfit. Instead, I can go to the movies with my friends, eat disgusting amounts of food, and then top off my evening indulging in some…sparkling cider. Plus, I get to avoid all these awkward moments every single person on the planet has gone through the second week of February. But hey, let’s embrace it, own our singleness and bond over all those moments that’s happened to all of us. Drunk In Love playing over and over again while drafting an article about the single life. Okay, actually, this is just currently happening to me and I can’t help but include it in this article because, after all, haven’t we all been forced to listen to some sappy love song (or power ballad about Beyoncé’s undying love for Jay) at a time when we’re feeling well…alone? While it is rather unfortunate, we are young adults of the 21st century and have the capabilities to change the radio/IPod/Pandora to something a little more appropriate. Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson, anyone? How about that couple that you’re best friends with? 95% of the year, thirdwheeling isn’t an issue. But them, being the nice people that they are, decide to take invite you on the Valentines Day plans. And you, being the naïve person that you are, decide to tag along. That Valentines Day special (split in half of course, only paying for one tonight!) is too sweet to give up. The first 15 minutes of the evening are running smoothly, but then things take a turn for the awkward. They start reminiscing about their first “I love you’s”, you’re looking around desperately for a way out, and meanwhile they start making out across the table. Check, please? Maybe you’re technically single, but you’ve entered into that wonderful and amazing grey area of “talking” to someone. You spend a lot of time with each other, are pretty much always texting. You’re in each other’s top Snapchat

friends for heaven’s sake. But… you haven’t exactly defined the relationship. So what do you do? Bring up this potentially deal-breaking topic? Ignore it and pretend it’s just another day? Just don’t. Nothing’s more awkward then attempting to have a relationship talk with someone you may or may not want to get serious with on Valentine’s Day. Try February 15 to have this discussion… Or not. It’s only one day out of the entire year. YOU WILL SURVIVE. Just avoid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…actually all forms of social media. And if you must get on one of those sites, shake things up and post a picture of you and your dog. Because really, whose relationship is really going to last through next February 14…your best friend and her boyfriend of 8 days? Or you and your lab of 4 wonderful years? Exactly. Happy Hearts Day to all.

500 words on valentines

THE LEGEND OF ST. VALENTINE On February 14th, the luckiest couples in Athens get everything they want from their partner on Valentine’s Day. Boyfriends will shower their loved ones with expensive gifts and dinners purely for recognition as the best boyfriend and to appease their significant other.


Tate is a sophomore studying f i n a n c e & p s y c h o l o g y. You may contact him at

Although these presents are quite satisfying, I believe this materialistic attitude emerged out of confusion about the roots of Valentine’s Day. I do not think most people are aware the modern celebration of Valentine’s Day tarnishes a noble man’s reputation. It is my job to repair the damage that has been done to this godly man. Before I go any further I must warn you -- the stories I am about to tell are mere legends. I do not claim them to be facts, and I urge the reader not to either. It is also important to note stories like this, or shall I say myths, are the basis for most religious holidays. For instance, Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday are celebrated for the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. However, the story of Jesus and its specific dates cannot be historically proven as fact. The same is true of the tales of St. Valentine. Belief is up to the reader.


The first story I would like to share is about a third century Roman Catholic priest named Valentine. During his priesthood, Emperor Claudius II declared marriage for young men against the law because single men made better soldiers. St. Valentine continued the practice of young marriage in secret until Claudius II found him out and put him to death. Although Valentine’s Day is not considered a religious holiday, our next legend suggests the opposite. In this story, St. Valentine was a noble man whose good deeds may have very well killed him. In the third century Romans beat and tortured Christians in prison camps. It is said that St. Valentine assisted Christians in escaping the harsh Roman prisons. Once word spread about his actions, he was killed. Another claims St. Valentine actually sent love letters to the jailor’s daughter while imprisoned. Before his death it is said that he wrote a letter signed, “From Your Valentine.” This is where the expression is believed to have come from. The legends that surround Valentine’s Day remain a romantic mystery. They cannot be proven or disproven by history, nor do they encourage materialism. However, I will argue that these stories had at least some influence on the creation of Valentine’s Day. I think it is foolish to believe it only celebrates the day on which birds paired off to mate. I don’t know a single bird that was a saint or named Valentine. Do you? If you do, I would sure like to meet him, but I should assume not. Anyways, enough with my rambling -- you and I can believe these stories and honor them as true myths, without turning the celebration into a lustful holiday.

12 CeLeBRaTINg SINgLeS aWaReNeSS DaY 500 words on valentines

Once every 365 days, the spirit of romance overpowers every street


too fast. As we parted ways, he thanked me for taking the time to talk with him. I thought that it was strange, him thanking me. But then I realized he was thanking me for showing concern for him and sympathizing with his situation. It is seemingly

corner, every overpriced

Gamma Phi Beta

minute acts such as these that can transform someone’s entire day for the better. That

italian restaurant, and

Mackenzie is a freshmanstudying f i n a n c e & p s y c h o l o g y. You may contact her at

is why volunteering anywhere and showing love for your fellow man is the ultimate

every grocery store with their red and pink balloons and heart-shaped caramel

chocolates. Hallmark stocks half their shelves with cards of monumental professions of love wrapped in lacy pink envelops, while roses are handed out like they are flyers at Tate. Not to mention, PDA is actually witnessed with delight during these grand 24 hours. However, for those of us who are lacking in the boyfriend/girlfriend department, Valentines Day is a day to be weary of. It is a day that may even cause you to envy the couple crossing the street holding hands, gazing at each other like they are Romeo and Juliet - their love the key to unlocking all happiness. However noble the grandeur of love might be, it doesn’t change the harsh realization that you are one hundred and ten percent single. Although at the moment you may not have a “special someone” to share this day of incessant romance with, it doesn’t have to become a day of sulking around the house and watching The Notebook for the twenty-second time in a row. Valentines Day is meant to be a celebration of love, and love comes in many unique forms. Love for your family, your friends, and even your pets will hopefully always be a constant in your life. Focus your attention on them this Valentines Day instead of wallowing in self pity over your nonexistent significant other. Write a family member a thoughtful note reemphasizing how much you love them, or buy your best friend a slice of freshlybaked pizza from Mellow Mushroom. If you know your way around a kitchen at all, you could even bake a heart-shaped cake or make chocolate-chip valentines cookies to share with those you love. Another fulfilling endeavor you could take part in involves the act of sharing your love with complete strangers. Volunteer your time and show compassion towards the men and women at a soup kitchen or go visit children in the hospital. These people are probably more desperate for love than you are, and when you make the effort to help them you will feel the gratifying sense of enrichment that is the side-effect of helping others. I once volunteered at a soup kitchen in downtown Atlanta and spent most of the morning talking to a man dressed in tattered jeans a couple sizes too small and multicolored shirts hastily layered for warmth. His face was bright red from the cold, but he came into the chaotic soup kitchen with a smile on his lips. We made polite small talk at first, but then he went on to talk about his two kids in Chicago that he desperately wished he could visit more because they were growing up way

way to spend part of your Valentines Day. Once you are finished making the community a more enjoyable place and baking cookies, find some of your single friends and go make the night one you will tell on repeat to all those unfortunate enough to be spending their time dating. After all, as an independent woman/man, you have the ability to do whatever it is you want without the threat of a significant other holding you back.

The list listicles

BURNING FOR YOU: MY 10 BEST LOVE SONGS Milk’s eccentric front man at his best, with a song that is as tragic as it is magnificent. Love should be treasured as it is a fleeting thing, but


GILES WaSSON Alpha Tau Omega

Giles is a senior studying accounting. You may contact him at

often enough you are unable to appreciate it until it is lost. Don’t take for granted time spent with the ones you love. It is the most valuable thing of all. When a loved one is taken, you “can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all.”

So, Valentine’s Day is this week, and to be honest I could not care less about a holiday that equates love to gift cost (hypocritically, I am still really into Christmas). Forget the chocolates, diamonds, and flowers and give your special someone a gift that is intimate and conveys how you truly feel. I’m talking about a mixtape here, people. They are thoughtful, personalized, and a better expression of your emotions than that terrible poem you were going to write. I know that mixtapes were always my favorite gift a girl could give me (well, maybe second). So here’s a rough list of my favorite love songs, enjoy. 10. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Neutral Milk Hotel. 1998. I’ve always seen Jeff Mangum as kind of a successor to Bob Dylan with his mind blowing lyrics and crooning, unrestrained howl. This song shows Neutral


The list listicles

9. Lay Lady Lay. Bob Dylan. 1969.

3. Let’s Stay Together. Al Green. 1971.

This is folk hero Bob Dylan’s desperate plea to a woman to stay the night

This soulful mood setter just oozes with giggity. It is one of the sexiest love

with him. However, it becomes clear it is not simply sex he’s after. He needs

songs ever made, and I can only ponder how many babies it is responsible for.

to know she’s there next to him in the darkness of the night, and needs her to be there in the morning in the light. Sharing a bed is so much more than a physical act. One of life’s greatest pleasures is simply cuddling the one you love. 8. Baby I Love You Way. Peter Frampton. 1975.

2. In My Life. The Beatles. 1965. Simple yet iconic guitar and some Bach flavor, coupled with poignant lyrics, make this nostalgic melody one of the Beatles’ best. It makes you reflect on the impermanence of yourself and everything you love. Who do you love the most in your life?

Wailing guitar and lots of light/dark symbolism by Frampton, this song is a sincere confession of love. Merely the idea of loving someone’s “way” leads me to muse on what relationships are really all about. 7. I Will Always Love You. Whitney Houston. 1992.

1. God Only Knows. The Beach Boys. 1966. It is Paul McCartney’s favorite song of all time. That should be a hint. The sound is simply gorgeous, and the lyrics are sublime. All the joys and pains of love are contained within genius Brian Wilson’s angelic vocals. This one

Soaring and triumphant, this seismic proclamation of love is the grandest of romantic gestures. It absolutely dumps all over the Dolly Parton original. 6. So Far Away. Carole King. 1971. With James Taylor featuring on the acoustic guitar, this one is a heart melter. One of the best songs from King’s best album, Tapestry (4 Grammy wins including AOTY), this ballad perfectly captures the sorrows of being separated from those we love. 5. Something. The Beatles. 1969. When you are truly in love with someone, it is not possible to pick just one characteristic about them that is responsible for your infatuation. It’s a vague, almost ethereal quality, but you know it is real and you know you are really into it. You have no certainty of what the future will bring, but you are down for the ride. Love is a mysterious and wonderful thing, and the Beatles are always good at capturing that. 4. Wonderful Tonight. Eric Clapton. 1977. To be truly content is to be in love, and Eric Clapton knows how good it feels to go out with the woman you love and show her off. It’s the idea of having this loving and devoted woman and being truly appreciative of how lucky you are to have her. Overall, it is just an incredibly heartfelt song.

is a masterpiece.

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