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GET ‘ER DONE Finding a System

the only thing that everyone wakes up with the same amount of. Time is valuable. It may be so cliché to say time is precious, but it’s true. There is only so many hours and minutes in one day. Use it wisely. Create a daily routine. Wake up 5 minutes early just to clear your mind and plan your priorities. FIVE minutes will not kill you and it does not take from your sleep. One of my favorite distraction reducers is setting Kappa Kappa Gamma timers. Allot only the needed time and challenge yourself to get it done within the Editor-in-Chief Malley is a junior studying given time. This does not mean you have 30 minutes before you head to Broadway Advertising. You may contact her at and have a paper to write so you should rush to get it done in that time. However, you could use that 30 minutes of your precious day starting the brainstorming process so that no time is wasted.


Whether you’re studying, writing papers for classes, thinking of Greek life events, or day-to-day tasks, you need to find a system to make things less stressful. I am the biggest “to-do list” maker. Whether it’s a packing list, a daily to do list, a homework list, a cleaning list, gift list, or misc. list, I love lists. My family and friends make fun of me, saying that I make list to make a list and never cross anything off. Sometimes, I can get a little distracted, but lists are my things. I am also a blogger/writer and I keep my ideas in a card file box. This may seem old school, but it is my favorite way to go through my ideas. When I am out and about, and randomly think of a topic, I will make note of it in my phone notes. I then elaborate on this topic and place those thoughts into my card file box. Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Make time. As a list maker, a planner is a must have. My planner is my life. If I lost it, I would go absolutely insane. I don’t typically use my phone calendar for a multitude of reasons. Use this planner to manage your time. You may never wake up with the level of someone else’s happiness, intelligence, money, etc.; so time is

Be a Goal-Digger Our very own Chancellor Hance’s motto is “Dream no little dreams.” If your dreams aren’t great enough for people to say you’re crazy, then you’re not dreaming big enough. Break your goal into steps: what all do you need to do to achieve your goal? Make it a list and check it off once completed. I don’t believe that goals should only be made as a New Years Resolution. I think you need small day-to-day goals, also. Make your “steps” goals. When you meet these goals, reward yourself. If you are trying to lose weight, put a dollar in a jar each day you workout and eat healthy. Once you lose a portion of your weight or at the end of the month, take that money and reward yourself with a new workout top. Have a friend hold you accountable. There will always be times that you feel down about your goal or frustrated, and this is when you lack motivation. Turn to your friend to regain that determination. Lastly, start today. Not tomorrow. Not the following Monday. Today. Right now. Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.


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The difficulties of establishing the first colony of Alpha Sig in Texas may have some benefits for recruitment. The men have an opportunity for a fresh start with a new membership pool. They are “going off of recommendations from other students, and then voting them in as members as a chapter”, said Brock. The Alpha Sig’s handbook bases recruitment tactics on the statement “Because, after all, you can’t recruit who you don’t know.”

There are new men on campus. The Texas Alpha chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi has officially been colonized at Texas Tech.


Daniel is a junior studying Advertising. You may contact her at

For fraternities, this could be both beneficial and harmful. The new Alpha Sig chapter could mean keeping pledge class sizes smaller, ensuring IFC chapters don’t reach capacity similar to Panhellenic’s current situation. On the flipside, Alpha Sig’s entrance could mean more competition for homecoming dates, scheduling conflicts for events, and a new victim for the ever-present “tier wars”. However, this chapter seems here to stay for a while.

As for the elephant in the room, the fraternity will begin building a house in the next two years, hopefully on Greek 3. The fraternity is charging an initiation fee as well as dues. The chapter recently approved also paying summer dues to kick-start the housing campaign. They are hoping to make a positive impression on the newly colonized sorority, whichever one that may be. “We want to improve fraternities’ reputation and be true gentleman”, said Brock. With a strong national alumnae support, this may seem more possible than one might think. Dues and fundraisers have already raised enough funds to make a house feasible. Alpha Sig colonies are quickly being established at other universities in Texas, including UT Austin and UTSA. One thing can be noted, Alpha Sig’s national headquarters are hard at work, expanding the fraternities ideology and values. The fraternity at Tech has five different philanthropies, and has recently partnered with Alpha Delta Pi to work on its mutual service, the Ronald McDonald House. The fraternity also looks to work on one of its other philanthropies, the Humane Society. “They (the men) are going to be beneficial to both the Lubbock community and Texas Tech”, Brock said.

Alpha Sig’s chapter at Tech is setting out to “establish a new status quo for fraternities”, said Canyon Brock, the newly elected recruitment As for Brock, he has several different goals for Texas Alpha. He plans chair. The chapter held its elections two weeks ago for the executive on coordinating with IFC to begin formal small Greek rush in Fall 2014. board. With all of over 40 men as pledges, the officers and new members “I plan on having a 20% growth rate mark by May 2015”, Brock said. alike will all be initiated together as founding fathers of Texas Alpha. This seems like a goal that is not an impossible feat.


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to find ways to accomplish their goals. There are many things Kappa Kappa Gamma that make Greek Taylor is a junior studying media students seem strategies. You may contact her at highly qualified and better involved, but this year Student Government Association is a great example of this.“The fact that there were so many Greeks running for higher office is a testament to how many Greeks are leaders outside of the Greek community”—newly elected SGA President, Hayden Hatch, says. Hayden is a Political Science major from Lubbock, Texas and is a member of Phi Delta Theta. While in office, he plans on working hard to coordinate Spring Break better with other universities and has hopes of expanding Raider Bucks to off-campus restaurants. As stated, it has been proven that Greek students here at Tech are extremely involved in the University, which is a remarkable and Hayden is happy to see that there is a strong Greek representation inside SGA.


Internal Vice President, BaLeigh Waldrop is an Accounting major from Hobbs, New Mexico. Although she is not directly part of the Greek community, she mentioned to me that she was very humbled at how Greeks came out in support for her during election time. She has grown Although this happened quite a while back, there was some confusion with getting it published. It is still extremely important to know about the new SGA leaders. Leaders of the Student Government Association are incredibly involved in the Greek community. They also combined with a non-greek student to conclude their team. Although this happened quite a while back, there was some confusion with getting it published. However, it is still extremely important for the Greek community and all of the students of Texas Tech University, so read up!The polls are closed and Student Government elections have officially come to an end. After being in a run-off, Hayden Hatch, BaLeigh Waldrop, and Stetson Whetstone of One Tech will be serving as the new Student Body President, Internal Vice President and External Vice President for Texas Tech. There was a great voter turn out this year, and they plan to keep the students interested in SGA by doing things that they care about. For starters, I think it is great that members of the Greek community can come together, whether they are from different fraternities or not involved in the Greek system,

in admiration for the Greek system over the campaign season and she was able to see first hand how well the system develops leaders. She expressed how excited she is to start the Safe Walk program that she campaigned on, but even more excited for SGA to be a voice of the students. External Vice President, Stetson Whetstone, is a RHIM major from Round Rock, Texas and he is a member of FIJI fraternity. Stetson’s first initiative will be to bring back the old busses. He is looking forward to working with administration and CitiBus to find a bussing system that will better work for everyone. The expansion of the S-Bus is another issue he is looking into. He plans on going to Austin, Texas to lobby for lowering the taxes on textbooks for the students. Stetson states that being apart of a Greek organization and collaborating with other Greeks is very beneficial. Hayden chose to run with Stetson and BaLeigh because he considered them to be the best candidates for their positions and they shared similar goals for SGA. The three of them together cannot wait to begin serving and working to change Texas Tech for the better. Whether you know these students individually or not, congratulate One Tech on their win!

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Self health & fitness


Do you ever get the nervous jitters before a big job interview? Here are a few helpful tips that may help you land your dream job!


Kappa Kappa Gamma Carolin e is a s ophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at

While all of us are heading into the real (scary) world of big people jobs, we are all faced with the terrifying concept of job interviews. While job interviews can seem extremely intimidating, knowing a few tips before heading into the interview can make or break you. Who knows, maybe following one piece of this advice will help you land that dream job! Dress Appropriately This may be the single most important part of an interview. After all, this is your only chance to make a good first impression on the interviewer. That being said, it is important to look clean, polished and poised, especially in the clothing you wear. For guys, this isn’t too difficult of a task. A clean (ironed) suit, crisp white shirt, sensible tie and polished loafers or boots is all it takes. Just don’t be that guy who wears goofy basketball socks with the Nike “swoosh” that can be visibly seen whenever your pant legs ride up. Just stick to simple black socks. Finally, do NOT forget personal hygiene. Interviewers, believe it or not, will be able to tell whether or not you have showered before meeting with them. Just shower. Please. Girls: Dress CONSERVATIVELY. No low cut shirts, short skirts or sleeveless tops. In fact, in most interviews it is probably smart to just skip the skirt all together and stick to wearing pants. This does not mean that everything you have ever learned about fashion must suddenly fly out of the window. It IS possible to dress conservatively and fashionably at the same time. In fact, there are many styles that can look hot in and OUT of the workplace. Just make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Try on your outfit the night before the interview so that you make sure everything is good to go. As for hair, I would highly recommend wearing it in a ponytail or bun. This is a professional, sleek look and will also prevent you from playing with your hair every two minutes (because we all do that). 2.

Do your research

Research the company AND the interviewer beforehand. Stalk the interviewer on LinkedIn, Facebook, whatever. If you can get to know any information about the company/interviewer beforehand, DO IT. Also, follow the company of twitter before the interview.


Prepare the night before

The night before your interview, print out (multiple) copies of your resume. Make sure your nails are painted (girls) and lay out/iron your interview outfit. The next morning, give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview (but if it’s in an office building, don’t show up like 30 minutes early cause that’s super awkward and desperate). Take a few deep breaths before entering the office building. Although it may feel like you are Katniss Everdeen and you are about to volunteer as tribute to face your actual death, it’s JUST an interview. Breathe. 4.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is an incredible thing. Making eye contact with the interviewer will immediately show that you are confident and engaged with what they are saying to you. I know sometimes making eye contact with people for too long can become uncomfortable, but holding someone’s gaze shows a great deal of assurance and poise on your end. Just don’t forget to blink every once in a while. That’s important. 5.

Don’t Bulls***

The interviewer KNOWS when you are giving a completely bulls*** answer. You’re not fooling anyone, and it does not make you sound sweet or smart or perfect to reply to a question of ‘what you do in your spare time’ with saying that you enjoy reading and feeding starving children and writing poetry. Just honestly admit that you love watching Scandal in your pajamas in your bed with leftover Chipotle OKAY?! Just be yourself. Who knows, whatever your true and honest answer may be, it could help you make some unexpected connections with your interviewer. 6. For the love of ALL things: do NOT have your phone out during an interview. No calling, texting, tweeting, instagramming, face-timing, snap-chatting, NOTHING. (If you do happen to send a snap-chat while mid-interview,then I applaud you for your complete futility) 7.


This makes you look so interested and SMART! Try to steer away from the obvious “So what do you like best about working here?” questions and try something more along the lines of “Where do you see this company headed in the next few years? How do you see this job position playing a part in that?” Ask questions that you truly WANT the answers to. 8.

Send follow-up thank you emails to everyone you meet with.

Try to keep some of these tips in mind before your next interview. Just remember that even if you don’t score the job, each and every interview can be used as a learning opportunity!

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HOW TO FIND A HUSBAND IN FOUR YEARS We all know why girls go to college. To find a husband. It’s simple, really. Just follow a few guidelines and you’re Prince Charming will be putting on the shoe that fits. 1.

Look Pretty


Kappa Kappa Gamma Kayla is a freshman studying Journalism. You may contact her at



Talk About Yourself

He loves to hear all about what you did that day and how you messed up your toe nail polish. Guys are listeners, you know. When you feel pretty, flaunt it. Don’t just fish for compliments, reel in a ring. 6.

Talk About Marriage

Discussing the future with your hubby is something he’ll cherish. You should even make him a scrapbook of what your future kiddos will look like. Start picking out the tile you want in the kitchen and the paint you want for the master bedroom.

Don’t go to class looking like you just rolled out of bed. You want to GUESS AGAIN LADIES. impress your future spouse. You gotta make him fall in love at first First of all, you will definitely not be dressing up every day for your sight and there’s no way that is going to happen when you look like a 8 am. Don’t waste that expensive make up, save it for bar night. hobo. So take off those chacos & put on your best mascara. Secondly, most of you are probably too scared to talk to the guy you like, or you’re just waiting for him to say something. 2. Introduce Yourself Don’t be shy, make the first move! Guys like a girl with some initiative. DO NOT EVER BE CLINGY. That’s just creepy. Picture that weirdo Go up and ask that hottie in your Chem lab to the drive-in movie this at Conference following you around and begging to dance with you. Just don’t do it. Saturday. What do you have to lose? For the love of whatever you believe in, don’t invite yourself to No man wants a girl who doesn’t pay attention to him or wonder everything he does. You’re not Siamese twins and you don’t have to what he’s doing all the time. Show some love and blow that phone be attached at the hip. Have some time to yourself, you’ll probably up. Just make sure you have the unlimited call/text plan with your need it anyways. Nobody wants to be reminded of how fabulous you look that day. phone company… Especially him. He knows you’re gorgeous already, he wasn’t blind 4. Invite Yourself Over when he met you. You want his friends to be your friends. Boys night, sh’moys night. Order all his (your) friends some pizza and turn on some football. Lastly, if you want to see a guy beat the world record of a 400 meter They’ll love you. Tell them all to come back over to his house next sprint, talk about marriage. Maybe it’s okay if you’ve been together for five years, but remember that these boys (not men) are in college and week for poker! most of them are just “trying to have fun.” 3.

Be Clingy

Just remember, love is a battlefield and guys are the enemies.



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MANAGING A BUSY SCHEDULE As I made my way through grade school I practiced different ways to manage my time. However when I got to college that all changed Chi Omega because my personal Sarah is a sophomore studying schedule was not near journalism. You may contact her as repetitive as it was in at my high school years. Unlike high school, I have different classes everyday and a different work schedule every week. This makes it a challenge at the beginning of each semester because finding time to be with my friends and sisters can be difficult especially since my schedule is constantly changing. Another problem that seems to keep me unorganized when it comes to planning my schedule, is my involvement on campus. So here is the question: How does someone stay organized and on top of things with a schedule that is always changing?


I have to take it one week at a time when it comes to my work schedule. Sometimes I will have off the whole week and just work the weekends or I will have the weekends off and just work during the week. Other times I will have a work schedule where I am scheduled

throughout the week. There is no way to predict when I will be working considering the schedule for my work only comes out the Sunday before the next week. This is a problem that many people deal with and the best way to resolve this issue is to look at your schedule in short terms. On top of work I then have to worry about schoolwork and Chi Omega events. Like most college students we are all involved in something extracurricular which adds on to the challenge of managing a busy schedule. At the beginning of the semester, I really am thankful for the syllabus my professors provide for me. Once I look over when all my tests and projects are scheduled, I put all of them in my planner before I start getting unorganized. This way I know exactly when all my tests are. This tactic is good to use because it will never allow a test or assignment to sneak up on you. Not only is it difficult to balance school and work but making time for you is very important also. Having time blocked off for your friends, family and just for yourself will help when it comes time to get work and class out of the way. On Sunday, before each week I look at my class work and my work schedule. Based off of that I make time where I can study, do homework and plan to have some fun in between. Finding a schedule that works every week is nearly impossible. Depending on your schedule it can be difficult to plan ahead or to know exact times when things will be happening. If you have spare time early in the week, don’t put off assignments. Just get them over with so you don’t have to find time right before they are due. This will help with a more organized and manageable schedule.

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1. Producers originally decided that Amanda Seyfried would be cast as Cady with Lindsay Lohan as Regina. Lohan was worried about the public associating her image with the “mean girl” character in real life. Rachel McAdams was later cast in the role as Regina and Lacey Chabert always had the role of Gretchen Wieners.

KATE WEBB Alpha Delta Pi

Kate is a sophomore studying apparel design and manufacturing. You may contact her at


7. Tim Meadows (Mr. Duvall) had broken his hand before the movie began shooting so his carpal tunnel was written into the script because Meadows needed to wear a cast. 8. The legendary character of Glen Cocco is based off of a good friend of Tina Fey. Will the real Glenn Cocco please stand up? 9. The real Janis Ian, a singer and songwriter, is a lesbian. 10. Ashley Tisdale originally auditioned for the role of Karen Smith. 11. Ana Gasteyer (Mrs. Heron) actually attended Northwestern, the university at which her character is tenured. 12. Tina Fey’s character Mrs. Norbury was named after one of her high school German teachers.

2. Rachel McAdams (Regina George) wears a blonde wig in the film, most likely made out of her mom’s chest hair.

13. Jonathon Bennett was cast as Aaron Samuels because he resembled Tina Fey’s close friend Jimmy Fallon.

3. Mean Girls was even referenced by the White House once in a tweet that said, “Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen.”

14. For the Christmas talent show, the tacky plastic skirts worn by the quartet are meant to represent the Plastics.

4. Regina’s name is symbolic. It means “queen” in Latin, French, and Italian, which is why the name was given to the Queen Bee.

15. During the North Shore school dance, “Built This Way” is played, and upon hearing it, Cady exclaims “I know this song!” Samantha Ronson co-wrote and performed the song and was later confirmed to be dating Lohan.

5. Rachel McAdams (Regina) is only seven years younger than Amy Poehler who plays her mother. McAdams is also eight years older than Lindsay Lohan (Cady) even though they play high schoolers of the same age. 6. Singer Mariah Carey is a huge fan of the movie and directly quotes Mean Girls in the intro to her song “Obsessed”.

16. Cady is named after Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a 19th-century woman’s rights activist, and it is meant to tie into the female empowerment theme of the movie. 17. Damian is named after one of Tina Fey’s friends whom she met as a teenager at a summer theater workshop. The moral of the story is if you know Tina Fey you will probably end up having a character named after you. That is so fetch!


Lookbook fashion


You heard right, spring has indeed sprung! GABRIELLE Since the blossoms GARCIA have bloomed, I’ve been thrilled to dig into the Alpha Chi Omega most prominent beauty Gabrielle is a junior studying public trends. At the Spring relations. You may contact her at 2014 shows, cobalt eyes and coral lips made a splash at every glance. Designers like Marc Jacobs featured denim liner, while Dolce & Gabbana showed off bright orange lips. It may come off effortless for models to don these trends, but it can be tricky for Greek goddesses like Molly. Molly normally sticks to beautifully-shaded eyes with the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and nude lips, but for spring she is ready for something new. This spring’s trends are all about color and that’s just what Molly ordered! Orange You Glad- Personally, I like to don coral lips left and right! Though, I understand the trend can be a little daunting to rock for you typically sheer-lipped women. Don’t go biting your nails just yet; I will show you just how to wear this hue. First, do your makeup in a barely-there fashion. Go light on the foundation and

blush. Even make sure to keep your eye makeup on the lighter side! Remember, we are trying to showcase the lips. If every feature is done up in full-force, nothing will stand out. Once you have painted your face, you can now complete your last step: coral lips. If you are bright-lip newcomer, I recommend Mac Vegas Volt. The shade has just enough pigment, without making you feel like a clown. To ensure smooth, beautiful lips, exfoliate with sugar and a toothbrush. Trust me, it really works! Then slick Vegas Volt onto your kisser. To make sure your lipstick will stay put all night, brush on translucent powder to lips and apply another layer of lips. Orange you glad you tried this new trend? Got the Blues- Blue lids can be tough to attain, but I urge you to dive into this trend! When implementing cobalt liner into your look, you will want to keep everything else simple. Start with a great BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Then, buff a matte bronzer and Nars Blush in Orgasm onto cheekbones. With such a statement on the eye, sunkissed skin is the way to go. To achieve the blue eye trend, swipe on the Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Binge. Trace along your lash line with the eyeliner and thicken your line the further you go. Make sure to shape your line to resemble the cat-eye silhouette. To avoid overdoing your eye makeup, simply blend a matte sand-hued shadow into your crease and highlighter on your brow bone. For this trend, Molly can incorporate her signature lip with her favorite MAC lipstick in Snob. Bright lips would be too overbearing, but a nude lip is the perfect complement to a vibrant eye. You now know the chronological steps that achieve this bold, yet pretty look. Voila! You got the blues.

Self health & fitness



Countless times I’ve heard this come out the mouths of young women. Typically this expression will come up in conversation after a frustrating event happens or is discussed between friends. The only logical response is that you “can’t even” right? Wrong. Delaney’s boyfriend is being rude to her and she “can’t even”, Jaclyn has so much to study that she “can’t even”, Jordan roommates wont take the trash out so of course she “can’t even”. This unintelligent phrase has got to stop, I can’t even tell you how much I hate it. “Literally dying.” What ever happened to laughing? Do we need to call 911? I promise no one who uses these words has died yet. Also, adding the word “literally” into this phrase does not make you sound more intelligent. So why do we say we are “dying” when something is funny? Shouldn’t something funny make us laugh and be filled with more life? This one will never be understood…

Sorority girls are smart, so why do we not talk like it?

“Let’s go get froyo!”


Are you bored? Have nothing to do much watch Netflix? Of course the most logical thing to do when you have nothing else is make a When many people froyo round. Public service announcement to srat girls, FROYO ISN’T Delta Delta Delta think of a typical srat THAT HEALTHY! Sorry to burst so many bubbles, but I believe there Kortni is a sophomore studying gal they may think of are so many sorority ladies out there who truly believe getting frozen Journalism. You may contact her at someone who loves to yogurt is an act of kindness to our bodies and a way to eat chocolate wear Lilly Pulitzer and that is as close to 0 calories as possible. Newsflash, its not, especially paint coolers for boys. with the scoops and scoops of m&m’s we tend to add to the top of our little pink bowls. Next time you’re bored, skip texting all your gals and Sorority girls are so much more than this. We raise money for charities, build lifelong relationships, hold each other accountable during just grab some broccoli from the fridge. our college careers, and SO much more. So why do so many of us “STOP.” converse like we are idiots? Some of the phrases constantly coming “Jake broke up with Lauren”…. “STOP” out of soristitues’ mouths are beyond moronic. Nationally, 71% of all fraternity and sorority members graduate, compared to only 50% of Stop what? Honestly there is no getting past this one. non-members graduating. The All fraternity and sorority GPA is higher Stop - to put an end, stop, halt to, finish, terminate, discontinue… and than the overall collegiate GPA. Both women appointed to the U.S. so on. Supreme Court were sorority members and all but two presidents since So what are we going to put an end to? Sorostitues commonly misuse 1825 have been fraternity members. WE ARE SMART PEOPLE! Here this word on the daily. There really is no excuse to how simpleminded are a few phrases we have got to ban from our lingo. it sounds to have “stop” as your only vocal reaction to someone. “I can’t even.”

Sorority women are smart. Some of the lingo… not so much. We must You cant even what? What can you not do? Can you not breathe? Can put a stop to all of the stupidity. you not handle something? This phrase may be my all time favorite.


Humor lol

@rachclegg: “maybe i’m just bad at being a girl but i thought that make up was supposed to blend in, not make you visible from 30 yards away...” @kort_ripp: “No matter how late or early I go to sleep I still hate my alarm clock” @CloydRivers: “It’s damn near impossible to have a bad day when you wake up in the land of bacon, biscuits, and Back to Back World War Champs. Merica.” @Nickasaurusrexy: “The best job ever? Sleeping Beauty at Disney World. You just lay down all day. If anyone bothers you, it’s like excuse me, I’m working here.”

@wRED: “Taco Tuesdays... El Chapala lives on.”

devices during any period of the flight”EXCUSE ME STOP MESSING WITH MY CHILDHOOD”

@maggiemctwerkin: “Got suckered into the route 44 at sonic because it’s happy hour all day. I hate myself..”

@hikarson: “The only thing I do in my government class is online shop so technically I’m helping the gov because I pay taxes right??? ¯\_()_/¯”

@QueenDwyer: “I was eating but I wasn’t able to eat most of my food because I dropped it on my shirt” - a short story written by me” @AshleyBaes1231: “Watching the notebook for the 2nd time this week, no shame.”

@got_lade: “My motivation to go to physics disappeared with my clicker.” @Tori_Myers5: “These next two weeks are going to be hell” @CampCrimson: “Current Camper Count: 1234!”

@morganEc95: “Someone send pizza to 1229E ASAP thx”

@Bella_Palma: “That TERRIFYING moment when you feel something crawling in your shoe and you take it off to find a SPIDER in it. Ya”

@Muellernp: “Trying to sleep but too much on my mind so I’ll watch Netflix”

@Jnoizemaker: “Praying it doesn’t rain as I walk across campus. With no umbrella. #help”

@ReTaY: “My parents have never asked to see my grades. And that is going to come in handy for this semester. #fml”


@Jnoizemaker: “My kids in class making their money: “I’m making a credit card. Well no debit is probably safer. And a Sam’s club card!” #Teachinemright”

@Hen21Jenna: “Rain = free car wash”

@itsErickPayne: “You no longer have to turn off electronic

@BijanHosseini: “2 weeks till finals! Just enough time to get all those D’s up to C’s! You can do it! #GlassHalfFull”

@KlideBell: “wait, the show “deadliest catch” ISN’T about herpes?”

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