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HOW TO LOSE A DATE IN 10 MINUTES 1. If you go out to dinner, smack as loud as you can. Everyone thoroughly enjoys a good open-mouth chewer. If you want to go the extra mile to really turn off your date, do the classic seafood trick. Ask your date if he or she likes seafood and proceed to show them the chewed up food in your mouth: see-food. You can then continue by trying their food without asking. Hey, further down the road it will be served family style, right? 2. Be late. You decided on 6:30. Guys, get to her house at 7:15. Girls, continue getting ready. Show him 5 different outfits and then put the first one back on. Don’t leave for the 7pm reservations until 7:40. 3. Everyone loves personal movie commentators. If you go to a movie for your first date, comment on everything that is happening. Talk about how much you hate that actor. Be extra loud when you laugh. Turn around to the person behind you and ask if they’ve ever laughed harder. Even better, if you’ve already seen the movie, tell your date everything that is about to happen. 4. Who doesn’t love hearing about how much money somebody has? Oh, you have a private jet and a Range Rover? You don’t have to work, so Mommy and Daddy are technically paying for this date. Wow, I’m super impressed, please, tell me more. 5. Check your phone constantly. Take a selfie and Instagram it with the location of the restaurant. Read a text from your friend and proceed to laugh and not let your date know what is so funny. That’ll make your date feel comfortable. Also, have your friend do the back-up-this-date-is-awful call and let your date hear the whole conversation. 6. Talk about your exes. I love it when my men come with baggage. Tell your date all about your bad exes and

the last time you saw them at the bar. To step it up a notch, tell your date how much you miss the ex’s awesome family. 7. Look at your check for a prolonged amount of time. Make sure every last dollar is correct on the ticket and calculate it on your phone to double check. Even better, ask your date to go halfsies with you.


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8. Show your manners. Throw sixth grade cotillion out the window. Guys, let the door slam on the girl’s face as you walk inside. Wipe your nose with your napkin and let out a burp at the table. Proceed to suggest a burping contest. Ladies, double brownie points if you win! 9. Be extra rude to your server. Take extra time asking about everything in the Nicoise Salad, and then proceed to order something else. Change your order. Once the food is delivered, complain about how bad the food and service is the whole time. End it by leaving a bad tip or none at all. If you really want to do some damage, ask your server out on a date or leave your digits on the receipt. 10. Talk about how much you party. Wear last night’s wristbands to your date. Talk about how trashed you got and how you got sick this morning. Tell them about how you didn’t make it to class and about post-date party plans. Better yet, show up wasted.


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THE REAL GREEK LIFE What is the first thing you think of when the word Greek comes to mind? Sorority? Fraternity? Many would describe the members of these organizations as partiers, egotistical individuals, and rich kids.


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A lot of these people build these images of Greeks from TV shows, movies, reading bad reputations online, and sometimes from having a bad experience in one of the chapters. Yes, there are bad things affiliated with Greek Life. Let me emphasize that word for you: AFFILIATED. The number of times I hear someone bash Greek Life throughout a day is ridiculous. They say that it’s a cliquey society of rich kids who have no concern for the world outside of their extra large t-shirts and insane amount of allowance they receive every month. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t some people who live up to the typical stereotype people seem to think is true for every Greek out there, because there are. But that is the equivalent to saying every Asian on this campus has straight A’s and will be a doctor one day. That’s racist. Now stop being Greekist. Some people have been through the recruitment process and joined a sorority or fraternity and learned that Greek Life is not for them. Some even realized they weren’t meant to be


involved with Greeks during rush. That’s okay. Greek Life is not for everyone, and we understand that. But if you had a bad experience with one particular group, it does not give you the right to speak badly about the other potentially great groups. Belittling the Greek society seems to be a trend nowadays, with some accusing us of being dumb or unassociated with other people. Here’s some knowledge for you. The Greeks are usually the groups on campuses with the highest GPAs. This is because the PanHellenic and Inter-Fraternity councils require a high GPA for the entire Greek community to obtain, which differs from school to school, but usually it is around a 3.1. Along with this, every chapter must meet their own goal that was set by their fraternity or sorority. Now for being involved with our campus and/or community, each fraternity or sorority has one (sometimes more than one) philanthropy in which all the time and money that the chapter fundraises for, goes to the philanthropy of choice. We each host a philanthropy event and raise thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars and keep nothing. We pay separately for our sorority’s needs, which are included in our dues. Don’t mistake dues for the money you accuse us for buying our friends with. Every organization has some kind of monthly fee you have to pay. Dues can cover the money we spend for recruitment, the upkeep of our house, and our philanthropy, but not our friends that we make. We don’t buy our friends. We find them. The real world is all about connections, and most of the friends you make in a Greek organization or a different one help you in finding a job in the long run. The next time you want to judge the Greek community, remember that we are organizations to better our world and lives. You make your own experience, good or bad. So for the love of all that is good and pure, stop generalizing our community and give it a chance.


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Seriously, now you can have dinner, drinks, and a movie all at the same place. Priorities: food and drink. We are college students, so you know food has to play a role. At Alamo Drafthouse, food is foooooood. Say goodbye to gross snacks at a conventional theater, because this place has delicious snacks, meals, desserts, and drinks. Think chips and queso, burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, pizza, shakes, ice cream, and warm cookies, just to name a few. They even customize menus for special movie showings! And, of course, if it’s going to have “drafthouse” in it’s name you know it will have awesome beer, fine wines, cocktails, and more for those 21 and up. It’s so easy: once you grab your seat, all you do is check off the menu items you want at the table in front of you and your waiter (who’s trained to move like a ninja) will pick it up and have it back as fast as humanly possible. Lubbock is about to get so much cooler, y’all. LESLIE MOSELEY Buckle up, because Chi Omega Alamo Drafthouse Leslie is a sophomore studying Cinema is opening near psychology. You may contact her campus insanely soon— at it’s projected to open late April or early May. At North Slide Road and Loop 289, the convenience to campus can’t be beat for the awesome experience you will have. Trust me. So what’s Alamo Drafthouse, you ask? According to, it’s the “Coolest Movie Theater in the World.” Casual, right? If that doesn’t impress you, Fandango and Entertainment Weekly also dubbed it “One of the Best Theaters in America” and the “#1 Theater in America,” respectively. Needless to say, the fact that Tech students are about to get access to a theater this incredible is a big deal and worth celebrating. Ok, cool. But what makes it “The Best”? This isn’t just another movie theater, guys. It’s a whole different experience that’ll make you ask yourself why you ever went to a “normal” theater. You have to be 18 years or older to get into an Alamo Drafthouse, so it’s perfect for us college students. Get excited—date night just got easier.

Another really cool thing about Alamo Drafthouse is their “No Ad” policy. Yep, you read that correctly—At Alamo, you will never have to sit through a single advertisement before the movie starts. Simply sit back, order-up, and enjoy entertaining clips that actually relate to what you came to watch. Finally. The fact that you won’t be spending more than you would on dinner and movie on any other night is another HUGE bonus. Ticket prices are nearly the same (they give student discounts, too!) and you need to reserve your seats before you get there. You’ll be able to do this on their website (www., at the ticket booth, or from their Alamo Smartphone App. Food and drink prices are also wallet-friendly, which every one of us college student can appreciate more than words do justice. At our Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse there will be enough screens to show all the brand-new movies, as well as some indie films if that’s more your “scene” (pun intended, sorry.) The cinema will even have special nights showing 35mm films (think old-timey bliss!) Do you want to choose what you watch? At our Lubbock Theater, you’ll even be able to rent out a room for a party and call the shots on what you watch. Its even slideshow compatible! Ok, get ready for the best news yet: They’re hiring! Better act fast if you want a job at the coolest, new theater in town, though. Seriously, get all-over this opportunity, because who wouldn’t want to work here? (Here’s a link to the application: Wishing you all the best, friend!! “Like” them on Facebook at Facebook/AlamoLubbock or follow them on Twitter @AlamoLubbock to show them how pumped you are for the opening!

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KKG DAD’S WEEKEND The women of Kappa Kappa Gamma had a successful Dad’s Weekend this March. It’s spring semester and every weekend is now full of sorority and fraternity parties and events, but the last weekend of March was a special one for the girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dad’s Weekend was a huge success and credit for that goes to Allie Carlson, the Events chair. At first, there was a little bit of a let down when we found out that our annual golf tournament, Kappa Klassic, which benefits Children’s Miracle Network, could not happen this spring due to troubles with finding a golf course for the weekend. After deciding to move the tournament to the fall, Allie had a lot of work to do in order to plan what exciting father/daughter happenings we would participate in. Allie nailed it. She said that “Putting together the events for dad’s weekend is so rewarding when I get to see how much fun the girls have with their dads!” On Friday, we had a casino party at the Texas Tech Club, which is located at the top of the football stadium. Overlooking the football field while playing poker and having cocktails with our dads was just perfect. I may be biased about enjoying the blackjack games, since my dad and I won second place. However, I think it was thoroughly

enjoyed by each and every father and daughter who attended. Plus, the first place winners got a signed Kliff Kingsbury football and who wouldn’t want that?



Taylor is a senior studying English.

You may contact her at taylor. After the poker party, several daughters took their dads to various places to finish the night up with a little bit of fun. I went to the Recovery Room, also known as Reco Room, for some karaoke with other Kappas and their dads. It might just have been the most fun thing I’ve done since being in college. I think it was a great bonding experience. From “Don’t Stop Believing” to “Juke Box Hero,” everyone was having a blast taking turns singing with their dads.

After having breakfast with my dad, Saturday began with a tailgate for the Texas Tech vs. University of Texas baseball game. Not only was it exciting that the Red Raiders pulled out a win against one of our biggest rivals, it was even better to win 8-4 after a tough loss Friday night. The tailgate was a blast and it would be awesome to have them for the baseball games, more often, especially when the weather is as nice as it was this weekend. My friends and I won’t go another Dad’s Weekend without singing karaoke at Reco Room and I strongly suggest it for everyone else.

5 SIGNS YOU’VE BEEN TO HAWAII Ever had a chocolate covered macadamia nut? During spring break, I was lucky enough to visit the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We stayed in a hotel across the street from Waikiki Beach and saw some pretty amazing things. I was able to go scuba diving and see a sea turtle cleaning station, a shark sleeping under a rock and many underwater organisms only found in Hawaii. I also swam with the sharks in an underwater shark cage and have a 20 minute video to prove it. I had an amazing time in Hawaii and everyone I know, who has been to Hawaii, felt the same. After you get back, you begin to notice a few things that the islanders just do different. Here are a few signs that only those who have been to Hawaii will understand. 1. The all-time number one sign that you have been to Hawaii is that you have been to an ABC store. On the island of Oahu, city of Waikiki, there are at least 10 on the main street, just in front of the beach. Each one is basically a tourist location in itself. They are a glorified, island style CVS selling everything from handmade wallets to chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Which brings me to my next point… 2. Chocolate. Covered. Macadamia. Nuts. Yes, such a thing exists. And you can find these mouth-watering tourist favorites at any ABC store. Really, you can find them anywhere, but ABC has the best selection. This is a local-type food, and I have yet to find this candy in the mainland. I regret not ditching my clothes and filling my suitcase with macadamia nuts. Maybe it’s an island thing, but I can’t explain the goodness.

3. North Shore is the most famous place to go surfing, for the pros. And when I say pros, I mean Pi Beta Phi for the experts and only for the experts. The waves Bailey is a sophomore studying North Shore produces are biology. You may contact her at terrifying. I had never seen waves so huge. They have this huge sign up front that says “Absolutely No Swimmers,” and they mean it. The one brave soul I saw who tried to challenge this was unable to get off the shore. He would swim out and as soon as the swell came, he would be swallowed up and spit back out onto the beach.


They open it up for the major surfing competitions and it’s a popular tourist location. I had the unbelievable experience of swimming with the sharks just three miles off North Shore. It was an amazing experience and I could not believe how smooth and stunning these creatures were. When I got off the boat, I realized how unfortunate it was that the most popular place to surf in Hawaii is also the most popular place to take people who want to brave the shark cage. I was just three miles off the shore! YIKES! 4. In Hawaii, you are asked to enter in your “secret code” after swiping your debit card, rather than entering a PIN number. This caught me off guard the first time and made me giggle. 5. The traffic is ridiculous. That was the one source of frustration for us during our vacation. Oahu consists of the popular cities of Waikiki and Honolulu and they are unbelievable congested. I was told that Oahu has more cars than people on their island, and I believe it. It was worse than being in Houston at 5 p.m., and that’s saying a lot. These five signs are just a small portion of what makes Hawaii so great. I am ever so blessed to have been able to go, and I had an amazing week.



SPRING BREAK THEN AND NOW It never ceases to amaze me how much things and people can change over time, but that has never been more evident than in these past four years of college. Freshman year is all about getting the biggest group to go to the beach and doing all the wild and crazy things you never thought you’d do. But senior year, spring break is about spending it with the ones you love and enjoying a holiday that doesn’t revolve around pounding as many vodka shots in an hour as possible. Being that I was never the wild child in high school, never even given a curfew, my freshman year of college was a huge change of pace for me. I immediately formed a large group of friends and we made it our mission to attend every social event we could. Throughout the rest of the semester and into the next, we didn’t miss a single party. By the time spring break rolled around, we could not have been more excited for a week of doing nothing, but what we did best: partying. In addition to Tech’s spring break, A&M, the University of Georgia and the University of Texas were also on break. Because of that, all freshmen typically congregate in a big mixture of high school and college friends in Gulf Shores, Ala. We spent every waking moment partying, socializing, tanning on the beach and staying up until 5 a.m. It was

one of the craziest times of my life, but when things started winding down and it was time to go home, I was relieved, as I could not have been more exhausted.


Leah is a senior studying public C o m e s e n i o r y e a r, relations. You may contact her at leah. however, my life has drastically changed from when I was 18 years old. Almost four years later, I am now of the legal drinking age and finishing my last semester of college. The different experiences over the years have taught me life lessons and maturity, leading me to a somewhat scary, new chapter in life.

I am becoming an adult. This year, I spent the first half my spring break relaxing by the lake at my ranch and the second half, living it up in my hometown of Austin with high school friends. Being that UT’s break was the week before, I didn’t have to worry about anyone being out of town because they all had class. Needless to say, I spent my week with the ones I love and, while I had a wild night or two, it wasn’t what determined my entire week. With that said, I would not take back one thing from my freshman year spring break in Gulf Shores. I look back and value the memories and experiences I had because it was the right year to do so. However, as you get older, things change and people grow up. Stringing yourself out on a beach in an alcoholic haze for a week just isn’t as appealing.


All around Texas Tech, the Greek community is KORTNI raving about Experience Life church ROBINSON Delta Delta Delta Finding the right church to attend can be a struggle. Kortni is a sophomore studying Journalism. You may contact her eLife is the place to be. at The transition into college can be a very exhausting process. Finding new friends and getting used to a new home is not easy! Finding your church home can be just as difficult. I think every college student who is interested in attending church goes through a system of visiting different ones on Sunday, working to find which one they really feel like “home” in. Visiting different churches can be exciting, but finding the one you like best is such a great feeling. Recently I visited Experience Life and I had this feeling. Experience Life, or eLife, is located at 103 and Upland. eLife started in 2007 with only 330 people in attendance and, since then, they have attracted up to 3,500 attendees. One of the main things I noticed while I was there was the number of Greeks in the crowd with me. Not that it was a surprise. I know many Greeks go to church on a regular basis, but I had never seen so many at once. It made my heart happy seeing such a large number of people I knew worshiping God, together. Tuesday nights, from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., eLife hosts a college gathering. This was the night I decided to attend. At the moment, they are doing a Bad Dating series and the message is exactly what college students need to hear. I believe this Tuesday night gathering is what attracts so many young men and women. The time and day is perfect for college students with busy schedules. The messages they choose to cover are also very engaging.

The lead pastor, Chris Galanos, has a contagious energy about him. His passion for what he does truly stands out and makes a difference in his sermons. At some of the churches I have tried in Lubbock, I found myself becoming bored with the service. This is almost impossible at eLife. Everyone has so much energy and is so passionate about what they’re doing. ELife is the place to be. I surveyed a few different girls I ran into at eLife about why they chose this church and what they love about it. Madi Goodwin of Delta Delta Delta said, “I have been going to Experience Life for a while, now, and I really love it. My favorite part is the worship because the band and the vocalists do an awesome job and they put everything they have into it. I have also been going to the college service on Tuesday nights and have really gotten a lot out of it. The messages relate to each person differently and affect their lives in a unique way!” Krysta Lacy of Zeta Tau Alpha said, “Going to eLife is my favorite part about Sundays and especially Tuesdays. Even if I’ve had a bad day I know eLife can turn it completely around. I love how real they are with us. How they share their passion for Jesus is so amazing. The college service has taught me so much that I can use in everyday life. I cannot wait to for more Tuesday nights!” Amelia Milton of Kappa Alpha Theta said, “What I love about Experience Life Church is how upbeat and energetic the atmosphere is. The entire staff is on fire for the Lord and they do an amazing job relating to a college-aged student. Every time I’m there I learn something new and grow in my relationship to Christ. ELife has truly made my college experience better than I could have ever imagined.” It is so exciting to finally have found a church where I can have fun and feel at home. Along with other Greeks, eLife is the place for me and I encourage anyone and everyone to go! They recently moved the college gathering to the City Bank Auditorium to be closer to campus and to house a larger audience. See you there on Tuesday at 9 p.m.!

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Must haves for the spring season Fashion for this spring season is going to be bright and colorful.


Sarah is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at

As the flowers are beginning to bloom and trees are gaining leaves and color again, its time to break out spring clothes and colors. As fashion seems to always be changing, is what was hot last spring still going to be in this spring? The one thing that will always be popular in the spring is bright, pretty colors. Springtime is all about bright and pastel colors. What are some “must have” springtime clothing and accessories that are good for college girls? 1. Kendra Scott Earrings are always the answer when you need to add a splash of color to an outfit. These earrings come in many colors and there are beautiful spring colors that could tie your whole outfit together. 2. Colored jeans/shorts look very good with a cute top for springtime. Especially with that weather that is not hot but not exactly cold either. You could even roll them at the bottom and wear a cute sandal or even some cute converse. 3. Speaking of sandals, we can’t forget about Chacos. Chacos are an all purpose shoe. They are good to have for outdoor activities like walking and hiking. Chacos have many different patterns that you can choose from and some even being cute spring colors.

4. Springtime shorts can be difficult to find but there are so many different options you can go with. If you want to dress it up you could do lace ruffle shorts or if you want to be more casual you could do a boyfriend jean or even high-waisted shorts. All three of these are good to have for spring and summer. 5. Sunglasses are a must! With the sun shinning, you can never go wrong with a pair of ray-bans. Ray-bans are an accessory that will always be in style and any of the different styles would look good in the springtime. 6. Athletic wear is a necessity in the spring and in the summer. Nike shorts pretty much make up my wardrobe but it’s always smart to spice it up a little bit. Try different brands and see what works best for you. 7. Finish every outfit with a bright lip. Adding a bright lip color can just add so much to the outfit even though it seems like such a small difference. I know for myself that I have one lip color that I always have with me and I got it at Wal-Mart. Find a lip color that works for you and try different ones as the seasons change. 8. Maxi dresses and sundresses are always easy to just throw on during the spring and summer seasons. One thing about wearing a dress it that you can either dress it up or be casual. These seven items will help you along your way to having a fashionable spring and summer time. You can never go wrong with any of these eight. Although these are just a few cute things you can add to your spring wardrobe, it’s always important to add your personal style and fashion to whatever outfit you are wearing. Just because something isn’t a name brand doesn’t mean it is any less fashionable.


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Well ladies, it’s that time of year again: bikini season. For some reason the song “she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” always seems to pop up in my head when I start to ponder swim suits. I am not going to rant about how to diet properly and exercise to get that bikini bod you are wanting, although that would be beneficial to know.


Kristen is a freshman studying accounting. You may contact her at

Anyways, as girls, we all want to look hot and sexy in our bathing suits. So I am here to guide you into purchasing some of the latest suits that will have any guy at your beck and call--well, maybe. How does one pick a bathing suit and know it is the right one, when there are millions to choose from? Well, there are a few key factors that you should consider while shopping for your summer bathing suit attire, such as: 1.) price 2.) is it right for your body 3.) do you feel confident in it and 4.) quality. Price is a major factor in choosing your swimsuit. In college, many students are on a budget and

can’t afford to just spend $200 on a swimsuit, and that is perfectly okay. Target is always a good goto store for swimsuits. I have found that the earlier in the year you go to Target for swimsuits, the better luck you’ll have there. The swim suits at Target generally run anywhere from $12 to $18 per top and bottom. Although these swimsuits are super cheap and some of them do tend to fade easily over time, I always think that Target swimsuits are perfect for lake swimsuits. Some swimsuits that are a little bit on the pricier side include Vitamin A swimwear, which I am utterly obsessed with, and Triangl swimwear. So far I have only found those two brands online. Southbeachswimsuits. com has a huge selection of swimwear. And there is always the typical notorious Victoria’s Secret that has just about any type and color you could want. Dillards and Everything but Water are also good stores to explore the world of bikinis. When picking out your bathing suit, make sure that it is flattering on you. For example, if you are blessed in the chest area, get a top that fits and upholds your chest. Don’t get a skimpy bralette type of top that will make your chest look saggy. You want to embrace your body when choosing the right fit. Don’t squeeze and try to make your body alter to the swimsuit. The swimsuit should accentuate your body and make you feel confident. If you hate the way your body looks in the swimsuit, you are never going to wear it or want to be seen in it, so it would be a complete waste of your money. Another thing to consider are tan lines. I tan super easily, so I’m destined to get many different tan lines that make other swimsuits look awkward. I normally don’t really let this affect my preference of swimsuits, but it is something to consider for some. Just as having a little black dress is a necessity in every female’s wardrobe, I believe that it is also a necessity to have a little black bikini in your wardrobe. A black bikini looks sultry, sexy, and slimming…who wouldn’t want that?! If you want to appear to be tan, neon colors always help with that. Whether you want sporty or sexy, there is always something for either spectrum.

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FORMAL FRILLS When attending a formal party with your other gorgeous sisters, the pressure of achieving the right look can be nerve racking. Don’t let the jitters set in, quite yet. I’m here to help guide you to the ideal formal look.

add the finishing touches.


Gabrielle is a junior studying public relations. You may contact her at

When beginning your quest to the perfect formal ensemble, you must start with the dress and go from there. I suggest a fit and flare frock that will define your waist while allowing you to be comfortable. Formal is a long evening and you won’t regret reaching for the pretty, yet comfy, dress over the skintight garment. This Topshop dress works great for our purpose and creates a nice amount of oomph with that flouncy skirt. In addition to its adorable shape, the color allows us to go crazy with hues as accents, such as jewelry and makeup. Choosing black may seem safe, but the subtle pattern and sheen gives it a special touch. I don’t know about you, but I have severe difficulty gallivanting around in stilettos all night long, or ever, for that matter. I normally like to go for a strappy shoe that secures and keeps my feet in place. I must admit, they may be straying a bit on the skyscraper side, but with all the strap security, you should still be able to strut like a pro. Reach for a metallic clutch, like this to-die-for DVF one, and you’ll be ready to

Your accessories are what should really shine while attending formal. Any girl can acquire a pretty dress, but you will achieve much more than that. You will accessorize your frock with personal style and flare. First, you must add some color to your ensemble. What better way to do so than the new Kendra Scott Harlow Necklace in teal? Not only will the necklace spring your look into this hot season, but your “sawrawrity” sisters will be green with envy because you already got your hands on this brand-new bauble. Too much jewelry can look busy, so simply add a large cuff and a dainty pair of matching studs to accompany your statement piece. Now, the time has come for the finishing touches. With a primarily black and gold palette, have a little fun with your lip color. If you are anything like me, you accumulate lots of lip glosses at the bottom of your bag. Reach for a bright red or vibrant pink gloss to seal the look. Since it’s gloss, the color will be lively, yet sheer. This means your kisser won’t be too overbearing, but just a sweet accent to your overall vibe. Throw a travel-sized hairspray into your clutch for hair touchups throughout the evening. I’ll be the first to say, no one likes fallen curls. You, now, have acquired the tips you need to attain that flawless formal attire look. This is the time to grab your girls and hit the streets of Lubbock to find the knockout pieces perfect for you. All that’s left to do is find yourself a hot date and I can’t help you with that. May the force be with you, my friend.


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THE 7 TYPES OF PEOPLE YOU SEE AT THE REC The gym is like church. Many attend, few understand.

silence like the rest of us.

KATE WEBB Alpha Delta Pi

I don’t need to go to Kate is a sophomore studying apparel design and manufacturing. the gym so much as You may contact her at hire someone to slap unhealthy foods out of my hand, but since that sounds expensive, I just drag my butt to the gym like everyone else. Here is a description of some of the reccurring characters I have encountered. The person who is not wearing workout clothes. Workout clothes are a pretty broad classification, but it definitely does not apply to the bikinis, Chacos, and morph suits in which I have seen people exercise. These people are either extremely clueless or attention whores. There is absolutely no reason they should be even be allowed into the Rec, because they are there to end up on TFM, not get fit. The person who you simply cannot think of an explanation for what they are doing. I say this in the nicest, most humane way possible: some people are just weirdos. Every now and then you run into someone at the gym who looks like they belong in the circus. The treadmill is the prime location for these kinds of people. That machine has seen the likes of a guy wearing a Bane mask, another guy knitting a scarf, and a girl singing--not reading--her textbook aloud while walking. The best aspect of running into these people is being able to go home and feel better about yourself and life choices. The person who cannot work out without telling everyone about it. This person is the one who always posts selfless or Snapchats them with eye rollworthy frequency. The biggest problem I have with workout selfies is that I am never under the impression that the person put much effort into exercise. The majority of the time, the person does not exhibit the embarrassing sweat stains and beaten down look of someone who truly just worked off alcohol they drank back in high school. Unless you knocked yourself out on the Stairmaster and woke up to find you were married to Channing Tatum, I do not want to hear about your workout. Just do your push-ups and cry in

The girl with obvious daddy issues. This is the girl who wears nothing but a sports bra and short shorts in sizes that are equivalent to XS Baby Gap and goes into the predominately male populated weight room to work out. She actually has a nice body and is exercising, but more importantly, she is flaunting her failed relationship with her father to everyone. Her dedication to fitness would be admirable if the smell of desperation was not so overwhelming. Every time I see one of these girls at the gym, I just want to give them a hug and suggest they wear one of their many shacker shirts to the Rec next time instead of their traditional two strips of fabric. The person who believes in instant rewards. I can relate to this person a little. Usually when I am working out, I am thinking about all the awesome things I can reward myself with afterwards. Somehow, though, I manage to show a little self-restraint, unlike this type of person you see at the gym who decides that instant gratification is the way to go. I kid you not, I have seen a girl on a stationary bike eating an ice cream cone. Maybe she was shaming herself into working off every single calorie she ate, or maybe she just found the ice cream cone. The world may never know. The person who refuses to ask for help. In my experience this person is either a freshman or an older person using the Rec facilities. They usually ignore any direction the machine offers on how to use it properly and manage to do the most absurd, dangerous things because they won’t ask someone for help. I can’t help but watch in horrified fascination as I am poised to dial 911 to bring an ambulance. The moral of the story is that these people need to ask for clarification or just go home. The grunter that sounds like a Wookie. This type of person is always THAT GUY. You know, the one that goes to the Rec solely so he can prove to everyone that how much he can lift is triple his IQ. It is disturbing to just be minding your own business, cursing your thighs on the Stairmaster, when all of a sudden you hear the call of the wild coming from the weight room. This guy usually has a whole group of Wookies with him that makes me question the maturity level of the college male species.


T-shirts and nikes and norts, oh my! Let’s be honest, the best emails to get are the emails that your sorority’s t-shirt shipment has arrived. What is going to happen when the shipments stop coming? When you are forced to wear big-girl clothes?


Kappa Kappa Gamma

Carolin e is a s ophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at

This article is relevant to everyone and anyone who lives for big t-shirts and leggings or norts. Nikes and norts and XL t-shirts are absolutely necessary on a day to day basis. Am I right or am I right? It’s completely stereotypical for a sorority girl to sport this look all day long, and it doesn’t matter the location or time. Some of my best bar nights have been spent in leggings and a big ‘ole comfy t-shirt. This look is also perfect for the classroom, because it is super casual without looking sloppy. Here’s the best news: T-shirts and norts (Nike shorts) or leggings can also be paired perfectly with a hat, because we all know some days hats are completely essential due to lack of showering (just admit it). Yes, college is the perfect time and place to rock this look every day. It’s easy, breezy, AND you get to wear your letters, which is an added plus. The only problem with wearing your letters to class is the 98% chance that you’ll be make-up less and greasy-haired, so just keep that in mind before giving your sorority a bad rep (just being honest with ya). However, today as I was walking out the door to get lunch with my grandmother, she commented on my big t-shirt/leggings outfit, saying, “Are you really going to wear that? You look like you just rolled out of bed.” Now, my grandmother is very fashionable and always put together, so I didn’t let this comment bother me too much. However, it made me think of something completely terrible, horrifying and unthinkable: What the h** am I going to do when it is no longer socially acceptable to wear t-shirts, shorts and Nikes every day of my life? This concept is truly terrifying. The idea of having to wake up every morning and put on jeans, skirts, or God forbid, a pantsuit, makes me cringe. In the real world, wearing t-shirts all day long just looks sloppy and unprofessional. I dread the day when I am no longer young enough to pull off my sorority t-shirts/leggings ensemble. Also, let’s be honest, when we are all married with children it will be SO embarrassing to be spotted at the grocery store in our old sorority PR shirts. No one wants to be caught trying way too hard to relive their college years. My mom has still has one of her sorority t-shirts from her college days, and I wouldn’t be caught dead with her in public if she still thought it was cool to wear it. It’s not. It’s not cool. So don’t do it unless you hate yourself. The reality is, as we all grow up, our wardrobe needs to grow up too. It will no longer be socially acceptable to wear the clothes we wear now on a day to day basis around

campus in the real world. It is a sad truth that we will need to embrace. When it comes time to say goodbye to our beloved sorority t-shirts from philanthropy events, mom’s weekend and formals past, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of them forever. Many seniors either sell their old t-shirts to eager freshman and sophomores at garage sales (profitable) or cut up their t-shirts and connect the pieces to make a t-shirt quilt (sentimental). Of course, if you want to keep that one special sorority t-shirt that you simply live without, it would probably make an excellent sleep shirt. Keep in mind that just because the t-shirts are gone, the memories will always remain. The good news is that even though our style and clothes will need to change, we will always have wine. Wine will never go out of style. That’s better than any sorority t-shirt I own.


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of stories where Maggie puts people in their place). One of the best moments of my time with Maggie was at our cousin’s wedding. We all Alpha Delta Pi had a great time, nobody left MaryBeth is a freshman studying anyone at the altar, everyone Natural Resources Management. was sober, and they served You may contact her at MaryBeth. Babe’s chicken, which made the night even more magical (Oh and the bride and groom were Red Raiders. The bride was even a Theta.) I think the best part of the night was when everyone started dancing. Let’s just say Maggie made twerking cool before Miley did. Of course my Baptist relatives were scarred for life, but my mom, dad, and I found this highly amusing.

I come from an average American family: a mother, a father, and two daughters. Each member of my family has made an impact on me in some way or another (Especially my food allergies. Thanks, Dad), but my little sister Maggie has made the biggest impact on my short life. Everyone talks about how they go out and do things with their little sister because it’s “sister bonding time” or something like that. With Maggie it’s a little different. We are two totally different people, in both our looks and personalities. If you put Maggie and I side-by-side, you could kind of tell we’re sisters but Maggie takes after my Grandma’s Italian ancestors: slim body, straight-nose, and fiery red-hair to match her fiery personality. I take after Mom and Grandpa Holm’s Nordic, Anglo-Saxon ancestors: curvy, button-nose, and sunny blonde hair (If I could insert the hair-flippy emoticon, I would). Personality wise, we’re even more different. I’m super bubbly and kind-hearted, whereas Maggie is shyer and...well, stubborn. But out of all of our differences, the biggest one has to be that Maggie has autism and I’m normal (in a sense, but nonetheless normal.). Maggie was diagnosed with autism when she was about eighteen-months old. The doctors were convinced that she would never talk, walk on her on, or even use the toilet. There wasn’t a lot of support networks for parents with autistic children, since autism was such a new diagnosis in the nineties. From what my mom has told me, it was really hard on everyone in our family, my mom, my dad, even my second cousins were sad for us. I was three, about to turn four, at the time of Maggie’s diagnosis, so I had no idea what was going on at the time, just that Maggie would run away from us at Toys-R-Us and undress in public. All I knew was that if I asked God nicely, then He would maybe make Maggie normal one day. As the years went by, Maggie proved many people wrong. By the time she was six, she was in kindergarten and was able to speak in full sentences (She could even use the bathroom on her own and STILL remember to wash her hands). Maggie was definitely more vocal, I tell you what. She was, and still is, one of the bossiest people I’ve ever met. If she wanted chocolate, you better give that child some chocolate. If you didn’t obey her commands, bad things would come (I still have a scar from where she bit me when we were kids.). As my mom used to say, “If some creep kidnapped her, he’d leave her at the nearest Walmart”. Growing up with Maggie wasn’t a walk in the park, dear readers. Like any older sibling, I would have to let her tag along whenever my friends and I would hang out. She wasn’t the easiest person to hang out with, but as time when on she learned how to behave around others and knew when she needed her alone time. Maggie has taught me great patience and that people are different, so respect their differences or so help me you might end up with a black eye (I have a treasure trove



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Focus: Tax Season and packing away clothes

I need help. I have never done my taxes before and now they’re due on the 15th and I am completely lost! What do I do?! I don’t want to get in trouble with the government for not submitting anything, but I don’t even know where to start. I just started my first job, apart from babysitting devil children, and my parents are zero help. So, HELP! If that’s you, there are three basic options you can choose. 1. Ask your parent(s) or guardian(s). They have been doing taxes every year of their career and, at one point, they were in the same position as you are now. Very few people know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to tax season, but the important part that even the government acknowledges is that you tried. If you do not do some paperwork correctly the government will let you know and give you a chance to fix it so, honestly, there is no pressure. 2. Do your taxes yourself. There are many online websites willing to help you for a small fee. Most of us are first time taxpayers, so there are offers for free basic assistance which is what most of us need. Basic assistance usually covers your W-2, which is what you get from your employer recording what your earned over the past year. The more property you own, the more paperwork you will have during tax season. If you own a foreign investment, recently sold your old house, moved (permanently), bought bonds, or are self-employed, you will have a great deal of paperwork to report to the government. If your job and school are the only two major financial commitments you have, then you’ll probably end up sending in about three IRS forms. 3. Pay someone to do your taxes. This option we advise against because as stated before, you won’t have too much paperwork and it’s important to understand at least the basics of tax-

returns. But, if you feel you simply cannot do your taxes then there is no shame is asking someone to do them for you. Especially if you are paying them! On another note, equally as important, you may be wondering if it is acceptable to wear fleece in April. Yes, it is always acceptable to wear your fleece. Honestly, anything with your letters is acceptable at any time. With this in mind, remember that the weather in West Texas is bipolar. Some mornings you will wake up to the sun shining in your eyes, but when you check your phone’s weather app, you see that it’s 34 degrees with a wind chill of minus five degrees. These are called Netflix days, unless you are committed to your course work and must drag yourself out of bed and trek to school. Otherwise, there is no need to unravel yourself from your sheets. If you live on campus, then wardrobe choices may be easier in the morning, since you can always go back to your dorm to strip down or bundle up. And because you are a fortunate freshman, you can wear whatever you want with no foreseeable consequences. If you live off-campus, the best way to prepare is to layer your clothes or download a weather app and freeze all morning until the sun comes out. If you drive or carpool to school, then it would be a good idea to keep a change of clothes in the car so, if and when you feel like it, you can adapt your outfit to the current weather situation. But pack lightly because your car is still a car, not a portable closet. If you take the bus the change of clothes in the car is not an option, but you can keep a pair of shorts in your bag, if you notice a spike in the temperature later in the day. If nothing else, the baggy T and Norts is always acceptable.

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