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SAY THIS, NOT THAT: GREEK EDITION Whether you realize it or not, what you HALEY MOWDY say affects what you Alpha Gamma Delta think just as much as Editor-in-Chief what you think affects what you say. Studies Haley is a senior studying classical languages & English writing. You have shown that if may contact her at hmowdy@ you are continually a part of a group that uses racial and sexual slurs, whether you agree with them or not, you will eventually find yourself using them too. This might not seem like a huge problem if you don’t mean it, but scientific studies show that repeated use of slanderous language trains your brain to view the world that way. Thus, if you speak like a racist/sexist/whateverist, you’re likely to become one. What does this have to do with me, you ask? You treat women with respect, your best friend is of a different race, you love your gay fraternity brother and you once took a religious studies class because you wanted to check out your options. You may think you’re pretty open-minded, but here are some prejudicial terms you’ve probably been unconsciously using that are in desperate need of a makeover. 1. GDI, also known as a Geed, also known as a…well, you know what it means. You may think it’s cute or funny to make fun of people outside of the Greek system, but what it does is create an elitist system where Greek students automatically think they’re better than everyone else because of the letters on their chest. We know the amazing advantages to being a part of a Greek system, but the people outside of the system either don’t know about these advantages or have some other legitimate reason for not being in the Greek system. Instead of making fun of them, target them for recruitment, make friends, and at the very least work to change the stereotypes that the outside world has against us. Instead: Independent or Unafilliated 2. Sorostitute. Don’t ever use this phrase. Ever. It doesn’t matter how baggy her comfort colors t-shirt is or how many times she has worn a shirt with letters that are not her own, she is a woman of class and you should respect her. Instead: Sorority woman/girl 3. Rush. This brings back awful images of the TV show GREEK, with girls being pushed into houses, judged, and outright treated like nobodies. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Despite the 110 degree temperatures, the heels and the minor dramas, our recruitment system isn’t really that bad. You shouldn’t be in a “rush” to pick your chapter, you should take the time to have meaningful conversations with the people who could be your new family. Instead: Recruitment 4. House. I didn’t ever stop to think how prejudicial this phrase was until our house burned down this semester. A house is a physical structure in which you hold chapter meetings, a chapter is a group of people from the same organization. Your brotherhood or sisterhood is not confined by the bricks and mortar that hold your meetings, and you should be respectful of those of us who are successful chapters without houses. Instead: Chapter

5. Rushie. This term is ridiculous, and reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo’s rant about her “squishy.” Contrary to popular belief, men and women going through recruitment are fully fledged men and women and deserve to be treated as such…without the stupid name. Instead: PNM or Potential New Member 6. Pledge. You know what a pledge is. A pledge is a person from Animal House who takes paddle spankings and has to complete ridiculous challenges in order to get initiated into a brotherhood of cruel, sadistic sods. This is the 21st century, where we recognize that we need to treat our new members with respect in order to gain their friendship, loyalty and trust. Give them the respect they deserve as an intelligent human being. Instead: Call them by their names, call them New Member, Junior, Associate or Provisional Member. I hope this week you’ll seriously think about the implications that your word choices have on your reputation, your chapter’s reputation and the reputation of the Greek community as a whole. What you choose to say and how you choose to say does matter, and it’s time that we start reevaluating.


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Scene on campus


When there’s some extra money in my pocket, rare as those times may be, I ANNIE ROACH always seem to spend Chi Omega most of it on food. I truly Annie is a sophomore studying feel Norman is to blame professional writing and international studies. You may contact her at for this, with delicious spots both on campus and off that continue to eat at my bank account. Whether you’re looking to spend a lot or a little, the options and genres are unlimited. The coffee house options alone provide an abundance of study options, with great vibes all around. Campus Corner has two favorites in the sorority world. Café Plaid provides a laid back French-style environment. Second Wind, a non-profit coffee house, has become a fast favorite. All their delicious drinks are donation-only, with their mission being to promote local artists, charities, and community. For those willing to drive a little further into Norman for a good coffeehouse environment, I strongly recommend Gray Owl on Gray St. The atmosphere is perfect, and the prices--as well as baked goods--aim to please. I can get a pot of their tea for $3, which is the best deal I’ve found at a coffee shop yet. If you can’t resist a full-out well-made breakfast, mosey on over to Syrup for an amazing set-up with a true breakfast menu and Southern quirky atmosphere. If you’re looking for fast, filling, and altogether satisfying food, Classic 50’s is the place to go. Want to go somewhere you don’t even have to get out of the car? Classic 50’s is a good choice. Between the imaginative drinks (try the Sprittle or add Sour Punch Straws to your Sprite) and baked potato menu (Party Boat is divine), a good meal brought to you quick is always in store at this drive-in. For those with a sweet tooth, you have three main options that are all equally wonderful in their own sugary way. If you’re looking for some after-dark fixes for those midnight hunger pangs, the classic choice is Donut King. I have often heard its sign compared to a beacon of hope shining in the night, and with their always top-notch donuts accompanied by a bottle of chocolate milk, I can’t disagree. If you want a moist and perfectly iced (cup)cake or the perfect cookie, Cookies and Cards is seriously the best. Between the always sweet owners and the Cake Eater’s Club every Thursday night, this little business has won over many a sugar-deprived college student. When it comes to Campus Corner dining, there’s an overabundance of amazing and reasonably priced food. O’Connell’s is the definition of good pub food and a good time, with bingo and karaoke nights to accompany their amazing sweet potato fries and burger of your choice. Craving some creamy queso and well-made tacos? Fuzzy’s is the best bet. Their white queso is a Campus Corner favorite, and I am addicted to their tempura fish tacos (questionable smell, savory taste and perfect texture). If you want your meal wrapped up in flour, you can either go for typical Chipotle or go Greek with Pita Pit. It’s a tastier pita version of Subway, with your choice of meats and a plethora of healthy and tasty topping options. The newest late


night favorite is Diamond Dawgs, the hot dog joint that always has a long line on the weekends. Between their giant portions of fries and inventive hot dog menu, they’ve gained some loyal costumers. Wanting some well-made Asian cuisine and a good cup of boba tea? T.E.A. Café is your best choice. Their chicken fried rice and hazelnut black milk tea with boba can make any bad day turn around (and if you watch Mulan after, your day will get better either way). On campus and off, with price ranges to cater to any wallet size, the restaurant scene in Norman is at its prime. The large amount of variety in menus, delivery options, and location has yet to disappoint the always-hungry college student market. The final piece of restaurant advice I’m going to give: you must trust and just order. Pizza Shuttle’s cheesy bread and chicken fettuccini alfredo with broccoli has become my most beloved late night favorite. Give it a shot and thank me later.


1. The Service Station

This historic restaurant was once an old-time service station, but was transformed into a restaurant and bar. Adorned with antiques from the original gas station and other old time mementos, the Service Station preserves the atmosphere of a simpler time and provides a great game day environment with excellent food. This restaurant is located on the backside of Campus Corner across from McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church. 2. Top Dogs Top Dogs is located on Main Street in the strip mall across from Panera Bread and epitomizes the sprit of Norman. Covered in OU memorabilia and filled with classic arcade games, this hot dog joint is the perfect place to grab lunch with friends and

play some pool while eating some fantastic hot dogs. 3. Othello’s


If you are looking for an Phi Kappa Psi intimate setting, outdoors Ryan is a sophomore studying dining, live music or a late advertising. You may contact him at night sports bar, look no farther than Othello’s. This gluten-free, friendly Italian restaurant is hidden on the outskirts of Campus Corner at 434 Buchanan Ave. across from Joe’s Tavern and is a great place to eat and socialize with family, friends or dates. 4. Sooner Dairy Lunch This old school drive-in has been in this town longer than most of your professors and, arguably, has the best steak burger in town. Located on Main Street by Wendy’s and Long John Silver’s, this is a fantastic place to get fresh cooked burgers, amazing milk shakes and their famous fried pies. 5. Tae Kum Koon Tae Kum Koon has the best pad thai in town and it is also one of the closest pad thai restaurants to the OU campus. Located on Lindsey across from McAlister’s, this local legend provides take out and one of the best lunch buffets in town. If you are tired of all of the sketchy Chinese restaurants around town, try Thai Kum Koon’s general chicken, spring rolls or pad thai and remember what real Thai food tastes like. 6. Spice and Rice Spice and Rice is located on Boyd next to Wich Wich and brings a taste of India to Norman’s Campus Corner. This small, family owned restaurant provides authentic Indian cuisine and is a nice way to spice things up when walking around Campus Corner or when looking for a fun spot to take a date. If it is your first time, try their chicken biryani or the tikki masala. 7. Missal of India Bistro Hands down the best Indian food in Norman. Located in front of Barnes and Noble at 580 Ed Noble Pkwy, this restaurant is run by, possibly, the nicest man in Norman and this is reflected in the friendly and competent staff who helps him. The lunch buffet of Missal is second to none in town and the romantic ambiance makes it a great place to take a special someone and enjoy incredible food and great wine. 8. Sergio’s Although this pasta shack might look modest on the outside, it is among the best Italian places in Norman. Located at 104 E. Gray Street, this vegan-friendly restaurant provides a romantic atmosphere, outdoors dining and a friendly wait staff.

Scene on campus

A FEW FUN THINGS TO DO IN NORMAN After living in Norman for over a year, I have come to realize that some of the best places and activities here can stay virtually a secret until you or one of your friends magically stumble upon them one day.


Ellen is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at


seats. Then there’s the Balcony and Oscars Lounge, which is for guests who are 21 and up. This option gives guests the opportunity to relax in the Lounge before and after the show, and to have food and drink service all throughout their movie. Then there are the Director’s Suites, which allow guests 21 and up to watch a movie from the comfort of chairs that are both heated and can recline. The Director’s Suites also have the Director’s Lounge, which gives movie-watchers a place to hang out before the movie starts, and the suites also offer full service throughout the movie. If you want to ever watch a movie while you’re in Norman, the Warren is the place to go.

Seriously, half of the stuff you can do for fun here I found out about through Norman has a variety of different activities for a variety of different people. my friends, who found out from their friends, and so on. Here are some of the Whether you want to explore the museums, be outdoorsy, or watch a new movie, Norman has something for you. local favorite activities and places here in Norman: Lake Thunderbird. Lake Thunderbird is a few miles away from campus. It is the perfect place to go if you need to unwind after a long week of studying and tests. Lake Thunderbird State Park offers a variety of activities, from walking and biking trails to horseback riding. You can spend the day going through the trails and then spend your evening watching the beautiful Oklahoma sunset over the lake. Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Fred Jones Jr. Museum is located on the University of Oklahoma campus. The museum has about 16,000 permanent objects in its collection, and also offers different exhibitions throughout the year. The museum currently has 6 exhibitions, ranging from Picasso’s Woman in the Studio to Into the Void, which is on loan from the OU Health Sciences center. The museum is very unique, because it contains art that is not normally offered on a college campus. Fred Jones is a great museum to visit, even if you’re not an art aficionado, and it’s a great place to spend your day. Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. Sam Noble is another museum located on the OU campus. The museum contains eight different galleries and halls, including a Paleozoic Gallery and the Hall of Oklahoma People. Sam Noble is also home to the world’s largest dinosaur. There are currently two special exhibits at Sam Noble: Dancers and Deities and Southwest Visions. The two regular exhibitions are Masterworks of Native American Art and The Art of Sports + Play. Sam Noble has many extensive collections, and the museum conducts ongoing research in order to build collections and make current collections even better. The museum is a great and very interesting place to visit and learn many new things about history. The Warren. The Warren movie theater is one of the nicest movie theaters I have ever been to. I can honestly say it gives you the full movie theater experience. The Warren offers multiple movies, both in 3D and 2D. The theater even offers different viewing experiences. There is the Grand Auditorium, which is just the normal movie theater with a very large screen and very comfortable

6 Self philanthropy


Alexis is a junior studying Public Relations. You may contact her at

community. The opportunity to leave sickness and hospitals behind allows the miracle children to just be kids for the day by interacting with over 2,000 college students. My Soonerthon experience has been enriched by one miracle child in particular named Lucy. Lucy has been battling Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia her entire life, and will continue to fight it for a long time. Lucy is by far the most energetic, intelligent and enthusiastic child I have ever met, and she keeps me going, too!

goals have stronger ties to the cause, making the day of Soonerthon that much more special. During the 12 hours it is so important to get to know the children and their families, and once you form that special friendship you are hooked on the cause for life.

What are your fundraising tips? The easiest way to fundraise is to share your passion with family and friends by using your personal fundraising page. This At the head of this massive undertaking was page is almost a Facebook for fundraising that is set Soonerthon Chair Sarah Campbell. Campbell is a What individuals and organizations raised up by Soonerthon, which allows you to send links to junior Kappa Kappa Gamma, and here’s what she the most money this year? Highest attendance? donate in your name to anyone and everyone. Also, had to say about this life-changing event. This year the highest fundraiser in the Large Group the use of social media is key. Posting your donation What exactly is Soonerthon? Soonerthon is the category were the women of Chi Omega, and the page link to Facebook, Twitter, etc. is another easy official philanthropy of Campus Activities Council, largest attendance was Kappa Kappa Gamma. In way to fundraise for the kids! and is the University of Oklahoma’s affiliate of the small group category the top fundraiser and top What is your advice to next year’s Soonerthon Dance Marathon. Soonerthon raises money for attendance was Alpha Phi Omega (APO). chair? My advice to next year’s Soonerthon chair the Children’s Hospital Foundation, which creates What did you find was most difficult in planning is to give 120% of your effort, but never forget the best pediatric health care possible right here in this huge philanthropy? The most difficult part of to enjoy it. This experience is time consuming, Oklahoma City at the OU Children’s Hospital. planning the philanthropy is inspiring students on exhausting, humbling and life changing. The Do you look to Penn State, founder of Dance our campus to fundraise. Almost all of the money OU students, executive committees, families and Marathon, for guidance/ideas? In actuality, raised by Soonerthon comes from students reaching hospital personnel you come in contact with are Penn State THON is not technically a partner of out to families and friends. We could not have extraordinary, and there is nothing like getting to the Children’s Miracle Network Dance marathons. reached the amazing total of $318,711.14 without share the final total reveal with each of them. A miracle child himself at the University of Indiana over 50% of our 2,100 registrants fundraising Anything you’d like to add? I would like to add originally started the Children’s Miracle Network and raising money “For the Kids.” Thank you to a huge thank you to each organization, participant Dance Marathon. We definitely seek out more everyone who made a difference in the lives of and Soonerthon team member. This year was such established programs to learn how their events hundreds of miracle children with your hard work a success due to the amount of hard work and function and we can better improve ours. We also and dedication! passion that was given by over 2,100 students on our work closely with Oklahoma State Dance Marathon, What can students do to get the most out of campus. Thank you for donating your time, energy, University of Nebraska Dance Marathon and our Soonerthon? The best way to get the most out of and support to creating a better future for each of representatives at the national Children’s Miracle Soonerthon is to invest and also have an open mind. these amazing Miracle Children. The University of Network office in order to improve year to year. Students who are involved throughout the year in Oklahoma should be proud of now hosting the 13th For you, what is the most rewarding part of our various events like the 5K, Golf Tournament largest Dance Marathon in the nation, but also in Soonerthon? Who do you dance for? The most and Miracle Skate Nights are able to get to know the miracles that we are making happen right here rewarding part of Soonerthon is watching the the children and their families long before the day in Oklahoma. children and their families be embraced the OU of. Also, those that meet their personal fundraising This year, Soonerthon raised over $300,000 “For the Kids.”

Self career



Alpha Chi Omega Rachel is a sophomore studying professional writing. You may contact her at

Although it’s still spring, summer’s warm embrace has already begun to take hold of student’s thoughts. Everyone is planning out their Florida trips, tanning schedules and pool time. However, many have realized that they need money to enjoy summer to the fullest, and they’ll have to fit a job somewhere in their plan. Students staying in Norman for summer seem to have the most competition for jobs because of their fellow students, but they also have a huge range of options. Campus Corner is filled with businesses that will be losing their student staff members for the summer, and they’ll be anxious to hire. However, the only jobs available on Campus Corner are either food service or retail. For those seeking a job at OU, has all the answers. They have diverse job listings ranging from flight instructor to receptionist, enabling students to not only have a job, but also to gain experience for their future career. Additionally, OU provides easy access to off-campus jobs through their Job Location program. The JLP reaches out into the community and finds businesses who are looking for part-time students to work for them. As of now, there are 112 available jobs through the JLP. For upperclassmen especially, flipping burgers isn’t the best use of their time for their rapidly approaching career. Luckily, the Norman and Oklahoma City area is rich with career-starting jobs. Sophomore Angela Nguyen was searching for a job last year to bolster her resume and prepare her for her career as a pediatrician. She stumbled upon Integris Bapsist Medical Center in Oklahoma City and was hired. “It gives me experience within my major and with what

I want to do. I recommend that students try to find jobs that will help them with their future because we don’t have much time left before we’re thrown in the real world!” Nguyen said.

the position or not. Vice versa, if you show up in a suit and they’re more casual, you might feel uncomfortable from the beginning of the interview, setting you up to feel awkward from the start.

Working at Integris has allowed Nguyen to work the hectic schedule of a doctor as she works from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. She has also been able to observe doctors and learn skills that she could never get from a classroom setting.

3. Be punctual and respond promptly. Obviously it’s vital to show up to your interview on time, but you should also make sure that, after you’ve submitted your application, you frequently check your missed calls and email. Letting a job offer or interview appointment email sit in your inbox for a week is an indication to the company that you don’t care enough about the job to reply quickly.

Because jobs with set weekly schedules are the most common, students going on vacations can have a difficult time finding an employer to work around their schedule. Sophomore Adri Doyal found the perfect way to work around this by working for the babysitting company, Seeking Sitters. Seeking Sitters provides a way for families to contact babysitters safely and easily. Sitters make an hourly wage and almost always get a tip from the families they babysit for. “It has introduced me to a lot of really great families who care about me , and I am invested in their children’s lives,” Doyal said. Additionally, sitters make their entire schedules, and there is no minimum hourly requirement to work, allowing them to take vacations at their leisure. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the job possibilities and completely forget about the application and interview process. Here are a few tips that will help you stand out to future employers: 1. Clean up your resume. Although you may have done a ton in high school, employers will wonder why your resume is consumed with activities you did over four years ago. Additionally, you should try to limit the content to relevant experience. While you want to show them that you’re responsible and hard-working, you need to cater to the job rather than have them sift through irrelevant information about you. 2. Unless they indicate otherwise, ask whether your interview is business attire or business casual. If you show up in khakis and a nice blouse and your interviewer is in a suit, they might wonder if you’re serious about

4. Do some research. Unfailingly, an interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them after the interview. This is your chance to show off a little of your knowledge about the company without being too obnoxious. Also, if you’re bold enough, ask the interviewer why you wouldn’t get the job. They’ll be impressed by your earnest question, and it also gives you the chance to ease any of their concerns about hiring you. It’ll also make you much more memorable than the other applicants. 5. Be conscious of the stereotype they’re forming about you. Reflexively, human beings begin fitting stereotypes to someone the first time they meet them. While maintaining professionalism, you also want to make sure that your personality shines through in a positive light. While you want to come across as confident, you also don’t want to seem arrogant. You’ll also want to seem humble and hard-working without seeming shy and antisocial. Your interviewer will likely be scrutinizing you personality, deciding whether or not they could see themselves working with you and relying on you to get the job done. 6. Work on your body language. A firm handshake, eye-contact, and a warm smile are the best ways to create a good first impression. You can dress yourself up in a sharp business suit, but without the proper body language, you’ll look like a nervous kid to the interviewer. Sit tall with your shoulders back and don’t fidget or squirm around. You want them to hear what you’re saying, and they’ll be tuning you out if your actions are distracting.


Self health & fitness


Where you are in the gym and what you’re doing there may say about you.Whether a fratstar on the courts or a sorority girl on the treadmill, there’s a place for everyone at the Huff. Each different section of the gym has a specific subset of people who inhabit it. Throughout this article, we’ll take a virtual tour of the Huff for a glance at those who dwell there. I’ll tell you what goes on in each section so you can figure out where you fit into this fitness zone.

Basketball courts. The most frequently used area of the gym is the basketball courts. This is the fratstar’s home niche. Go there, and you will see a ridiculous amount of fratagonia, comfort colors and, of course, New Balance shoes. This is where your average fraternity member, who isn’t super concerned with getting big, goes to get some exercise. Don’t be surprised to see a million guys with letters on their chest, playing tip 10 around the courts. Badminton and ping-pong courts. This area generally perplexes me as I’m not exactly sure what spot it fills. I mean, do you really think that you’re gaining any kind of physical advantage from playing a game that can be done sitting down – in the case of ping pong. While badminton is slightly better, why don’t we leave lawn games outside? I mean, you don’t see me playing bocce ball in the cardio room. This is like an extremely less intense version of tennis. If your sport has a ball that is designed to move slowly,

then it’s not a sport.

Cardio room. This is the land of the sorority girl. Why run around the track when you can just run in place and watch Parks and Rec instead? You will see many of the sororities represented on the treadmills. A few of the braver ones will venture over to the mat and attempt to do abs. On a day when there are very few people in the gym, you may even see these girls go into the weight room. Make sure to take a note of this, or tweet it, because this is as rare as seeing a guy in a muscle shirt who lifts legs. Quick note, please do not be one of the guys who, the minute a girl walks into the room, can no longer concentrate or get a set in without looking around to see if she’s checking you out. She isn’t. Unlike you, she probably came here to actually work out and isn’t concerned with how badly you shake putting up 95 pounds. Track and racquetball courts. I have to respect these two for one reason. They’re hard. As mentioned in an early article of mine, running absolutely sucks. If you’re a hardcore marathon runner, I salute you. I’m also curious if you’re kind of stupid, but I respect it nonetheless. Racquetball falls into the same category, as that is not an easy sport to play. I am, however, very fond of the rule that if you hit someone you get points. I guarantee that was started by a fraternity man while playing against the pledges during hell week.


M a t t h e w i s a s o p h o m o re studying marketing. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h i m a t

The secret benefits to lifting that most girls don’t knowHow lifting can help you achieve the slim body you wantWith spring break a speed bump to getting that summer body, everyone is looking to get on the fast track to get back in shape. Traditionally, what you see is the weight room filled with guys looking to build muscle, while ladies are doing some form of cardio in order to get toned. Most girls are under the impression that lifting weights will make them big, but what most women don’t know is that they are cheating themselves. Lifting is a very effective fitness tool that can put them on the fast track to achieving the body that they want.

If you think about it, there are men who have an extremely difficult time building muscle, and men put on muscle significantly easier than women. This is because men naturally produce testosterone, which is a key element in building muscle. Just to bust that myth right away, ladies you will not get overly muscular just from lifting weights a few times per week. On the contrary, there are several benefits to lifting weights that will contribute not only to your fitness goals, but your overall quality of life as well.

Lifting weights correctly has been proven to increase the density of your bones, which leads to less of a chance of injury. In addition, it also helps correct and strengthen your posture, making it easier to do simple things like walk to class or make one trip from your car when carrying groceries instead of two. It also lowers the risk of acquiring nagging injuries such as tennis elbow, lower back pains and other small injuries. Another benefit that women will find extremely appealing is the increased calorie burn that you get from lifting weights. Whenever you run on a cardio

ERIC PARSONS Lambda Chi Alpha

Eric is a junior studying chemical biosciences. You may contact him at

Weight room. There is hardly a more diverse place on campus than the weight room. You’ve got the roided out muscle jockeys who have a hard time bending their elbows past the 45. You have the miniscule honors kids, who are working their butts off curling those 15 pounds. You’ve got those guys who sit in the middle trying to build up and the guys who decided last week they were getting buff for spring break. You can find all types here, which is part of the charm. Whichever area you fall into, don’t let habit restrict you from mixing it up a little bit. Try racquetball or lifting weights, badminton if there’s time or (god forbid) jogging a little bit. You may enjoy yourself and meet some cool people along the way, and that’s a good enough reason to step outside your comfort zone.

machine, more often than not, you will see a display of how many calories that you burn and a lot of people take that number into consideration when counting their calories. Not only is that number often false, but you burn the majority of your calories outside of the gym just living. Most people do not know that the body constantly burns calories. When you lift weights, it causes an after burn effect. This increases the rate at which your body burns calories by a wide margin, more so than traditional cardio workouts do. This means that if you lift weights, you burn calories while you lift and, after the workout, your body is burning calories at a faster rate. On the other hand, doing cardio burns a lot of calories during the time that you are doing it, but that slows down once stop doing cardio. What I would suggest girls do is experiment with lifting weights three to five times per week, whether it’s on machines or with free weights. It will enhance your overall physique and get you closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Self health & fitness


EATING RIGHT: MORE THAN JUST FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Most people reading this article will have already taken a health course in high school, a nutrition Pi Kappa Phi class in college, or at least Taylor is a sophomore studying have that one friend who health and exercise science. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h i m a t is a neurotically healthy eater. I won’t lie, eating a healthy balanced diet isn’t easy at first—it took me a year to arrange a healthy diet that worked for me. However, once you’ve experienced the overall wellbeing that comes with eating right, I’m confident you’ll remain dedicated to eating healthy foods.


The key to anything in life is moderation, in the case of eating right, taking gradual steps is necessary for success. I’m not asking anyone to throw away everything in their fridge and start over. I’m not even asking for half of that. As you continue to read about how to eat right in each of the food categories, keep in mind that I am outlining the perfect diet, which not even I follow 100% of the time. I expect that you’ll ease into eating right, and that the physical and mental benefits that you encounter will encourage you to continue examining your diet. Eating right is a very general phrase and consists of many smaller components. The most important of these components are called macronutrients. The 3 macronutrients that we consume on a daily basis are proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids (more commonly known as fats). The amount of any of these macronutrients that should be consumed on a daily basis is determined by your level of physical activity. People who do more need more, and the same goes for the reverse. Protein: Protein is the building blocks that allow for the growth and maintenance of many structural parts of our bodies, including muscles and organs. Someone who is mostly sedentary should consume slightly more protein than the other macronutrients. Someone who exercises, especially strength training, should consume significantly more protein than other calorie sources. The best sources of protein are lean meats. Grilled or baked meats are the healthiest options as they lack the extra fat and carbohydrates of a fried coating. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates (carbs) are the primary energy source of the body. They are broken down into sugars which our body burns for fuel to run our muscles and minds. Someone who is sedentary should consume a moderate amount of carbs, but should be careful not to over-consume as carbs are the easiest macronutrient to store as fat in the body. Someone who participates in exercise, especially cardiovascular exercises such as biking or running on a regular basis, should consume a larger amount of carbs. The healthiest sources of carbs are whole grains, as they contain more nutrients than processed carbs, and break down more slowly in the body, preventing insulin spikes. Lipids (Fats): All fats tend to be vilified as bad things in our bodies. There are many different types of fats that each serve a different purpose, and each should be kept in balance. Trans fats should be avoided at all costs, fully saturated fat should be consumed sparingly as it can contribute to a high level of unhealthy cholesterol. Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats are usually found in high concentrations in plant and fish oils, and these fats should be consumed in larger

(but moderate) quantities to help repair brain damage caused from daily stress, sleep deprivation and thinking, make new skin and hair cells, and regulate blood sugar levels. As I mentioned earlier, my diet isn’t perfect. I’ll still have a piece of pie once a week as a “cheat meal” or an indulgence for eating right the rest of the week. Eating right a majority of the time has made a huge impact on everything in my life from how I sleep to how easy it is for me to pay attention in class. It even helps me keep my intensity during a game of basketball with friends. Keeping a consistent exercise schedule is equally important, and Eric Parsons’ article below about starting a new workout routine has some great tips in that area. If you’ll take some of the tips I’ve given towards eating right and incorporate them into your daily life, I guarantee you’ll feel better than you did before. Change one unhealthy eating habit a week, or even every few weeks, whatever the right pace is for you! Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about getting started on a healthier lifestyle.


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Oklahoma City’s development working hand in hand with the popular basketball team. Downtown has flourished through the years to become a major hub of the south Over Lambda Chi Alpha the past decade, Oklahoma City Andrew is a freshman studying has undergone many significant advertising. You may contact him changes. The Capitol city is at vastly different than it was throughout much of my early childhood in the 90s and early 2000s. A significant number of small businesses have opened up downtown and flourished. Sleek and modern town homes have sprung up alongside I-235, and a towering 844 foot tall skyscraper was recently erected, changing the dynamic of the entire OKC skyline. All of this has been coupled with a new sense of excitement and energy in the city.


It seems as though Oklahoma City is entering a new phase and there is a certain basketball team that arrived six years ago that has played a major role in shaping this change. When the Thunder arrived in 2008, basketball fans here in OKC briefly experienced the change in culture that an NBA franchise brings to a city when the Hornets were relocated here for a year, but hadn’t had a team of their own, yet. When the Thunder arrived there was an immediate and significant change in the city. Even that first season, when the team was off to a horrible start, the Ford Center enjoyed sellout crowds and high sales of merchandise due to the rising star, Kevin Durant. At that time, the national media and other celebrity-type figures still joked about OKC and knocked it for being such

a small market. As much as they jested, the Thunder’s franchise value has increased by 12 percent and the percentage of available tickets sold jumped from 78 percent to 100 percent, so it was clear that the market here in OKC was extremely capable of supporting a professional sports franchise. In the 2009 season, the Thunder showed tremendous improvement, riding the growing leadership of Kevin Durant into the playoffs with a 50-32 record. This playoff berth in only their second season, established the Thunder and Oklahoma City as contenders with the big-market cities and their franchises. In the all the years that the minor league Redhawks and Blazers franchises were here, they enjoyed relatively good success, at least in terms of lasting value, but neither of those came anywhere close to the levels of success reached by the city’s first professional team. In this state that is so polarized by the bitter sports rivalry shared by OU and OSU, we saw statewide support of the same team, reaching even beyond state lines and extending all across the country as the fan base for the up-and-coming team grew alongside the rapidly growing success of the NBA’s scoring champion, Kevin Durant. With OKC in the national spotlight more often, and downtown featuring widespread renovations completed over the course of the 2000’s, the entire dynamic of the city has changed. Bricktown has a new sense of nightlife, with a plethora of things to do for entertainment and dining, and the Thunder were right there in the middle of that action. Downtown, on game nights, always has that exciting element in the air, with a sense of pride for the team, matched with the unique community-feel shared by Oklahomans, and this is one of the things that is so special about what the team brought to our city. OKC has changed a lot in the short six years that the Thunder has been here. With their continued success, and a generation of fans growing up watching this team, the future is bright for both our city and our team.

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Sometimes mornings just aren’t going to go as planned. No matter how old you are, over-sleeping happens. And, it sucks. Nothing puts you in a panic like being late for a class with an unforgiving professor. Since no girl wants to go to class looking like it’s the ACT, here are a few key tools to keep on hand for when you’re running behind: 1. Concealer Concealer is the magic wand of the makeup world. If you don’t already have some, find good concealer! A good go-to is the Maybelline Cover Stick. It’s $4 at drugstores and has awesome coverage. Say “good bye” to those dark circles. If

you’re fighting break outs, Neutrogena SkinClearing is an awesome concealer for fighting and hiding blemishes. 2. Blush Nothing says zombie like a pale face. When you’re in a hurry, skip the bronzer and grab the blush. Blush adds color and life to your face. A cream blush has more pigment and tends to last longer. My favorite is Maybelline, Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin. I’m all about the peach tones when I’m going for a natural look. Hot pink, red, orange, or brown aren’t natural hues for cheeks. Peach is. 3. Mascara Wake up your eyes! Mascara brightens and opens your eyes. This makes you appear less sleepy and more alert. Even if you’re not. I really like Clump Crusher by Cover Girl. It does what it says and doesn’t clump. Swipe on a few coats, use an eyelash curler, and you’re ready to go! 4. Eyelash Curler

Which leads me to my favorite tool, the eyelash curler. Don’t be afraid, embrace it! These do wonderful things to your peepers. Whether they’re short or long, thick or thin, your eyelashes need to be curled. It elevates your mascara to

bombshell status.

5. Redness Remover Eye Drops This is a miracle tool that is often overlooked. One drop per eye removes all redness and instantly transforms groggy eyes into bright and beautiful. You can also put a few drops on a Q-Tip and dab it on any red spots or break outs to tone down any redness. You can get these drops for cheap at any drugstore. Most gas stations have them! These five tools are a huge help to any girl who is running late. You can add some eyeliner or highlighter to dress it up if you have a few extra minutes. I’m lost without eyeliner, so I make time to put some on. I don’t have the privilege to pull my hair up in a ponytail, but a high pony tail or low messy bun is a good way to look semi-polished. Letting ratty hair hang in your face is the wrong way to look semi-polished. Run a brush through that mane! The best solution to being awake and ready for class is to wake up early. But, sometimes, you just don’t have time. Sleep is a priority for the majority of college students. Beauty sleep is a necessity to get over drinking too much, stressing too much and sleeping in your makeup too much.


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WHAT EVERYONE THINKS WHEN YOU TELL THEM YOUR MAJOR The misconceptions people have about majors that are far from the truthWhen the ignorance of others towards your major starts to wear on you.


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Obnoxious stereotypes have marred many college major reputations. Every time I tell someone that I’m a professional writing major, I cringe internally. Out loud, they may say, “Wow, that sounds so cool, I could never do something like that!” However, I know they are most likely thinking, “Poor girl, she’s basically majoring in being a starving artist.”

Because of my major, I empathize with people whose majors are wrongfully stereotyped. A majority of the time, none of these stereotypes are even close to the truth, but they still manage to stick around and sting when they’re directed at you. So, here’s a list of majors that people are probably judging you for, along with rebuttals for the people who make these judgments. Education (especially if you’re a woman). “She’s got it easy. Her coursework consists of learning how to be a mom.” WRONG. This major prepares them to take care of your brats and make sure they get college degrees while you neglect your children to climb your career ladder. Visual communications. “They had to pick that major because they’re too bad at school to do anything else.” WRONG. You think it’s hard to do your homework? Think about having to do piles of homework and make it look like a unique work of art. Engineering. “I wonder if they’ve ever had something resembling a social life.” WRONG. Engineers don’t fit the nerdy stereotype that you stick them with. Plus, they’ll probably be making double your salary, so the lack of time for a social life eventually pays off. Journalism. “They’re hopping onto a sinking ship that will leave them writing celebrity gossip for the rest of their lives.” WRONG. They’re probably the only ones informed enough about the news to make rational voting choices. Plus, their writing can reach thousands, if not millions, of people. Can you say the same? Psychology. “Hah, good luck getting a job that doesn’t involve getting stuck as a school therapist with the education majors.” WRONG. Psychology majors have been tasked with the difficult goal of holding your mental well-being together when you’re crumbling under the pressure of your 9 to 5 job. If they’re not around, who else will pick up the pieces of your soul after you’re emotionally destroyed by corporate monotony? Meteorology. “Great, another person wasting their life to forecast the weather incorrectly. We could use some more of those.” WRONG. Oklahoma is home to the best and brightest meteorologists who are surprisingly accurate considering they’re trying to make sense of something that’s as bi-polar as Miley Cyrus. Business (especially if you’re a woman). “She’s majoring in that so she’ll be surrounded by frat stars who will have stable jobs. She’s just getting her MRS degree.” WRONG. Business majors have some of the most challenging coursework on campus and those women who “just want their MRS degree” will be your bosses one day.

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One of the oldest and most accurate clichés: college kids are broke.

Sure, it makes perfect sense from the outside looking in, Chi Omega but you don’t fully realize Holly is a freshman studying the extent of being that broke journalism. You may contact her at college student until you’re destroying your bedroom in search of loose change for the dollar menu. You’ve got to spend money to make money, isn’t that what they always say? Well, I’ve never had a mortgage or financed a car, but I struggle to envision a time that’s as expensive as these four years we’re living in. As if the university isn’t already demanding your first-born child for tuition, they jack up the prices on everything from textbooks to parking spaces. You really start to believe that college is a business when you can’t even do your laundry for free. I mean, I’m trying to order t-shirts in four different colors here, people. I can’t afford to fork over even more money just to use the printer. Now I’m beginning to understand why old people are always so impressed with college students participating in philanthropy work: we’re charity cases ourselves. Who knew learning could be so expensive? 1. Free food is the most exciting part of any day It’s like flies drawn to honey, literally. We swarm. It doesn’t matter when, where, or how, as long as it’s free and we can scarf it down like the animals we are. 2. Kid meals are your lifesaver “Only five dollars? Has this part of the menu always been here?!” “But this all I get?” 3. You log onto your bank’s phone app as much as Twitter and Facebook As depressing as it usually is, this is a frequent daily occurrence for many of us. The worst is those texts they send you when your balance dips below a certain point. Like yes, I am fully aware that I have less than $50 in my account, thanks for reminding me. 4. Coins are not just useless change anymore Quarters are a hot commodity. Vending machines, parking meters and Laundromats are all very near and dear to the broke college student’s heart. And don’t you forget those dimes and nickels, either. No shame in giving exact change. (Save the cash!) 5. Gift cards are like gold If you are a freshman, you definitely get this concept: anything that isn’t your cash or credit card is like Monopoly money. Meal points fly out the window because, at the moment, it basically seems like this magic little card is getting you this food for free. The same goes for gift cards, it’s like that meal at Chipotle didn’t even count! Who feels poorer now? 6. Zeroes are no stranger to your bank balance Similar to #3, the broke college student is an all-out war with that heart-breaking little number (it seriously usually is little). It’s always a come-to-Jesus moment when you log on and see BALANCE: $00.00. 7. You actually find yourself comparing prices at the grocery store You used to get so annoyed when your mom did this. Like, hurry it up mom and just pick one. But now, the $1.29 difference between this cereal and that cereal actually

makes a difference to you. Wow, we’re growing up so fast.

8. You’ll sell anything and everything if it means extra money From clothes to tutoring services, kids are always looking to barter their stuff/skills in exchange for cash. The newest one today is selling your own plasma. I don’t really think it gets much more desperate than that. 9. Going home is like hitting the jackpot Home-cooked meals (for free) and usually a trip to Wal-Mart (all expenses paid) leave you feeling pretty rich. 10. Splitting everything is always a good idea From appetizers to gas, splitting costs with your friends is suddenly the best idea you’ve ever had. Hey, sharing is caring, right? And being a broke college kid is always a little bit less of a struggle when you’re surrounded by people who are just as poor and utterly optimistic as you are.


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10 MOST ANNOYING TYPES OF PEOPLE IN CLASS up to the teacher without realizing that it won’t boost his GPA.


Trevor is a sophomore studying English lit/Spanish. You may contact him at trevorgrose93@ Those people in the classroom that get on everybody’s nervesIdentifies both annoying teachers and studentsI was brainstorming with some of my friends and we came up with a pretty good list of those people in the classroom who get on everybody’s nerves. This list is mostly students, but we realized that some of the most annoying people were teachers, so we threw them in there, too. 10. Kid who eats in class. The kid who always brings in a huge bag of chips when you’re always super hungry and eats the whole thing in front of you and doesn’t share. 9. Teacher’s pet. It’s almost painful to watch this kid try to suck

8. Professor who answers his/her own questions. Every question asked by this teacher is rhetorical. They don’t expect you to answer. They just talk the entire class time and make it seem like it’s dragging on forever. 7. Kid who sleeps in class. None of us get enough sleep. We’re in college. What makes this person think it’s alright to make the classroom their new bedroom. They took nap time out of the curriculum after fourth grade. Get over it. 6. Student who complains about how hard a class is, but has the best grades. Student: Dude, I hate going to this class. It’s so hard. Me: Yeah, dude, I know what you mean. I’m barely passing. Student: Oh, I’ve got 100. This is my hardest class. Me: Don’t talk to me. 5. Student who answers every question. There’s a participation grade that I’m failing because one kid knows the answer to every question and the teacher always picks him. 4. Kid who answers every question wrong. This is the exact

same situation as above. The only difference is that this one is always picked, and they have never gotten a single answer right. Every time they open their mouth, I get a little dumber. 3. Guy who shows up to class drunk. Just imagine how annoying drunk people are and then put them in a classroom. The party ended hours ago for everyone else, but it didn’t end for this bro until he realized he had to go to class. Hopefully, he’ll keep his head down as he stumbles to his desk.

2. Student who never quite left high school. They always want me to know what sport they played in high school despite not playing any sports, now. They have no cool college stories so they think that their high school stories interest us. “Back when I played varsity football…” Shut up. I’m watching real football. 1. Teacher’s pet whom the teacher dislikes. This is the student who tries to answer every question to become the teacher’s favorite. They don’t understand that the teacher is deliberately looking for another student to answer their question. I would answer their question, it’s just that I never seem to know the answer. Hopefully, someone else can before I lose my mind.

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