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GREEK EDITION Whether you realize it or not, what you say affects what you Alpha Gamma Delta think just as much as Editor-in-Chief what you think affects Haley is a senior studying what you say. Studies classical languages. You may have shown that if contact her at you are continually a part of a group that uses racial and sexual slurs, whether you agree with them or not, you will eventually find yourself using them too. This might not seem like a huge problem if you don’t mean it, but scientific studies show that repeated use of slanderous language trains your brain to view the world that way. Thus, if you speak like a racist/sexist/ whateverist, you’re likely to become one. What does this have to do with me, you ask? You treat women with respect, your best friend is of a different race, you love your gay fraternity brother and you once took a religious studies class because you wanted to check out your options. You may think you’re pretty open-minded, but here are some prejudicial terms you’ve probably been unconsciously using that are in desperate need of a makeover. 1. GDI, also known as a Geed, also known as a…well, you know what it means. You may think it’s cute or funny to make fun of people outside of the Greek system, but what it does is create an elitist system where Greek students automatically think they’re better than everyone else because of the letters on their chest. We know the amazing advantages to being a part of a Greek system, but the people outside of the system either don’t know about these advantages or have some other legitimate reason for not being in the Greek system. Instead of making fun of them, target them for recruitment, make friends, and at the very least work to change the stereotypes that the outside world has against us. Instead: Independent or Unafilliated 2. Sorostitute. Don’t ever use this phrase. Ever. It doesn’t matter how baggy her comfort colors t-shirt is or how many times she has worn a shirt with letters that are not her own, she is a woman of class and you should respect her. Instead: Sorority woman/girl 3. Rush. This brings back awful images of the TV show GRΣΣK, with girls being pushed into houses, judged, and outright treated like nobodies. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Despite the 110 degree temperatures, the heels and the minor dramas, our recruitment system isn’t really that bad. You shouldn’t be in a “rush” to pick your chapter, you should take the time to have meaningful conversations with the people who could be your new family. Instead: Recruitment 4. House. I didn’t ever stop to think how prejudicial this phrase was until our house burned down this semester. A house is a physical structure in which you hold chapter meetings, a chapter is a group of people from the same organization. Your brotherhood or sisterhood is not confined by the bricks and mortar that hold your meetings, and you should be respectful of those of us who are successful chapters without houses.


Instead: Chapter 5. Rushie. This term is ridiculous, and reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo’s rant about her “squishy.” Contrary to popular belief, men and women going through recruitment are fully fledged men and women and deserve to be treated as such…without the stupid name. Instead: PNM or Potential New Member 6. Pledge. You know what a pledge is. A pledge is a person from Animal House who takes paddle spankings and has to complete ridiculous challenges in order to get initiated into a brotherhood of cruel, sadistic sods. This is the 21st century, where we recognize that we need to treat our new members with respect in order to gain their friendship, loyalty and trust. Give them the respect they deserve as an intelligent human being. Instead: Call them by their names, call them New Member, Junior, Associate or Provisional Member. I hope this week you’ll seriously think about the implications that your word choices have on your reputation, your chapter ’s reputation and the reputation of the Greek community as a whole. What you choose to say and how you choose to say does matter, and it’s time that we start reevaluating.


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A GREEK SYSTEM THAT STICKS TOGETHER Each chapter that is part of the Greek system at OU shares a strong bond with one another. While each chapter has its own individual bond within members of the chapter, members are quick to help another chapter in need. The Greek system at OU is not your average college Greek system. While each individual chapter wants to be the best in what they do, the Greek chapters on the OU campus support one another and stick together as a whole, making OU one of the best places to spend your four years of college. There are 11 sororities on campus and far too many fraternities to count, but when a tragedy occurs within one of these chapters, everyone in the Greek system is quick to help that chapter. I love the bond I share with my chapter and all of the friends I have made, but I also love the friendships I have with those in other chapters on campus. The friends you have in other chapters might be friends from high school or friends you’ve made through CAC, campus organizations or simply someone you decided to sit next to in class. However, you may know these other members of the Greek system, you know that you will support those friends and they will support you.

Whether you attend that c h a p t e r ’ s p h i l a n t h ro p y events, or show your support to this chapter through the good and the bad, you will always be there for that person as well as the chapter they are in.


Morgan is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at

In a perfect world, nothing bad would happen to any individual or chapter, but difficulties are inevitable and I’ve seen, firsthand, how chapters band together in times of trouble. This is extremely important when it comes to being part of such a large university. The outcome is incredible and make me positive that I made the right choice coming to OU and joining a sorority. If chapters didn’t support one another and stick together during both the good and the bad, our Greek system would not be nearly as strong as it is today. If you have to deal with a tough time in your life, wouldn’t you want a friend to be there for you? I know I would. I am so proud to attend a university that has a Greek system with such a strong bonds between chapters. Those involved in the Greek system at OU choose to put others before themselves and help those in need, making OU the best university out there.

FINDING WHERE YOU FIT While every sorority and fraternity chapter has their merits, no one house fits every person’s personality. With spring Pi Kappa Phi recruitment just out Hunter is a freshman studying political science & public of the way and spring relations. You may contact him at pledgeship underway, I could not think of a more fitting topic. Finding where you fit may be one of the hardest and most important things you ever do in college. One week is not enough time to pick who will be your best friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen and, essentially, new family. Somehow, we make it work.


One of my friends explained it to me that there are three types of recruits: 1) the recruit who just wants to be a part of something and a Greek organization seems like the last frontier; 2) the recruit who wants the stereotypical frat or srat experience; 3) the recruit who does not quite fit “the mold”. You are, basically, born into one of these predisposed groups and there are great Greek organizations on campus that cater to each of these three types. We all remember the nervous excitement we felt as we started in our walking groups. Some of us may have never met so many people in one day. Remembering names becomes a hopeless endeavor after the third house and the humidity begins to make you question wearing your OCBD that day. As your new Sperry’s start to rub the second blister on your foot, you begin to wonder what kind of impression you are making. The girls, I have been told, are stunned by the loud clapping and dancing they encounter at every house. The Greek letters run together in an undiscernable alphabet soup of confusion, while you try to remember the chapters you actually

like. When all the tours are over, you get your first visitation list. You go to the houses and try to find the connection that makes you want to be a part of the organization. For the number twos, they have probably already found the group for them and will spend their entire visitation at that house (or for a girl, spend the rest of the day comparing all of the other chapters to her dream chapter). For the number ones and number threes, however, they visit their twhat they have and search for something that makes them feel like they belong. One conversation may tip the balance in favor of one organization. After much deliberation and a second visit, you have picked a chapter. If the members think you are as good a fit as you do, they will give you a bid. You did it! You’ve started your journey in the Greek system! The journey may be difficult in the beginning, but it will all be worth it in the end. The people you have entered into a society with will become some of your best friends and they will probably be in your wedding. Fraternities and sororities really are lifelong bonds. I only wish that everyone could find a place where they fit and find a family.


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There comes a time when every fraternity must face a challenge so daunting it wil shake a man to his core. Phi Kappa Psi We’ve had our ups and downs these past four years Jeff is a sophomore studying back on campus, but each political science. You may contact him at challenge has made us closer as a brotherhood and we’ve tripled in size. Now, the men of Phi Kappa Psi face their greatest challenge, yet, since reopening in 2010 – the acquisition of their chapter house and property by the University of Oklahoma.


Phi Psi has had a long and rich history for 94 years at OU. In 1919, the men of the local Kappa Psi organization petitioned for a charter to Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. That next year, in 1920, a charter was granted and the men in Norman became the 69th chapter and earned the title of Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. There have been several prominent graduates from the University of Oklahoma who were members of Phi Psi, including Rob Standridge, who currently serves as our Oklahoma Senator for District 15. One of our most historic alumni is Stanley B. Catlett, for whom the OU Catlett Music Center is named. He and his brother, Eugene, were founding fathers of Phi Psi in 1920. These influential and generous men were badge number two and three, respectively, and set the foundation for Phi Psi’s grand history here at OU. The wood paneled formal study room at the fraternity house is also named after the Catletts and it does, indeed, smell of rich mahogany. NASA astronaut, Dr. Owen Kay Garriott, was initiated into Phi Psi in 1949. Garriott’s first spaceflight was the Skylab 3 mission in 1973. That flight set a world record of 60 days in space, doubling the previous record. His endeavors in the field of engineering show the brothers, today, that even men from Oklahoma can reach the stars. Paul Gadd was initiated in 1986 and, upon graduation, took his talents to Hollywood. He got his first big break as an associate producer on the show 24. Currently, he is the executive producer on AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is watched ritualistically after chapter each Sunday. Brother Gadd has come a long way from shooting Phi Psi’s recruitment videos back in the 80s. Currently, Phi Psi has 32 active brothers and a member GPA of 3.12, with a 13-man spring pledge class. Phi Psi has two National Merit Scholars, two President’s Community Scholars, two President’s Leadership Class Members, a Conoco-Phillips Scholarship award winner, CAC and UPB members and a national officer in its ranks. The fraternity is very active with the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma City and enjoys teaming up with the sororities on campus to help the kids of OKC.

Now, Phi Psi faces a challenge that they have little control over. Since 1964, the University of Oklahoma has owned the property the chapter house is built on and the fraternity has had a lease agreement with the University. As any great college grows, it requires more land to build academic buildings or residence housing. Next door to the north, Zarrow Hall was recently built and, across the street, major renovation is underway on other university buildings. It appears that 720 Elm is next on OU’s radar. After residing on this property since the 1960s, our time here is coming to a close. The university has recently decided not to renew the lease, nor will they provide an opportunity for any future negotiations, giving the fraternity a mere five months to find new accommodations for 32 brothers and a place to continue chapter operations. This is sad and an additional stress for the brotherhood on top of the typical pressures of college life. Being forced out of the chapter house has no effect on the charter, nationally or locally, for and is not due to any volition of campus policy or regulations. The fraternity will continue operations and keep growing, as it has in recent years. The National Executive Director of Phi Kappa Psi, Shawn Collinsworth, made a supportive statement affirming that, “Phi Kappa Psi has a very proud history and tradition at the University of Oklahoma. Nearly 1,400 members have been initiated into the chapter. Over the past several years, the local alumni and undergraduate membership have enjoyed immense improvements in the chapter. Furthermore, the chapter continues to be good partners with campus administration, following all campus policies.” There is something funny about a rivalry that makes us strive harder to be the best men and women that we can possibly be. However, every once in a while we can put aside our problems with one another for the benefit of the Greek community as a whole. Phi Psi president Kevin Copeland has reached out to the presidents of all the other IFC and Panhellenic chapter presidents. He states, “In the near century that Phi Kappa Psi has been at OU, we have played a pivotal part in the OU community. The connections and partnerships that we have made with the other Greek organizations on campus have made the community stronger. The recent decision by the university not to renew our lease is no doubt one that we, along with many other IFC chapters, see as unfit and inconsiderate. It’s very comforting to see the Greek community rally behind us when we need it most. United we stand as Greeks, regardless of the letters we wear. We are proud to be Phi Psis and will always be Sooners, regardless of the decision made by the university.” The chapter’s capital campaign has raised money from the donations of alumni for a new facility to build a new chapter house by 2020. In the meantime, Phi Psi wishes to remain at 720 Elm with a long term lease commitment to allow the fraternity to continue normal chapter operations and make progress here at OU. Phi Kappa Psi will remain at the University of Oklahoma for years to come, as it has since 1920, whether or not it resides at 720 Elm. Phi Psi simply asks the Greek community to speak out, as you see fit, in support of their efforts to have a fighting chance to grow as a fraternity of gentlemen.

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STUDY SPACE The semester is in full swing, which means we actually have to start paying attention in class, taking notes and using our time wisely. This is not syllabus week anymore, folks. This is go time. It’s hard enough trying to ease back into school, let alone starting to study again. I find that the best way to dust off the cobwebs and get my study on is to get away from the places where I do unproductive things. Take my bed, for example. Freshman year I thought I could study in my bed all day and get all my work done with no problem. Now, I can’t even get into bed without wanting to fall asleep, so that place is a no-go for studying. Get away from your bed, your couch and even your friends, if you know you can’t stay focused. Get out and take advantage of the several places on campus to study. I promise you’ll finish your to-do list faster. There are several different places to study on campus, all of which can accommodate even the most unmotivated of students. Studying can vary from taking


notes to reading and writing papers. If you’re like me and you like to get away from the world to study (because you have the attention span Chi Omega Ellen is a sophomore of a squirrel) I recommend studying journalism. studying on the balcony in Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t the Professional Writing Alcove in Gaylord. It is usually occupied by professional writing majors, most of whom keep to themselves, writing stories on their laptops. If the weather is nice, the view and the silence are enough to inspire you to finish your assignment or paper.


If you like a lot of activity around you when you study, the Union is always lively. The high booths in the Sooner Schooner room are perfect, especially for working on group projects. Also, the Beaird Lounge in the Union is equipped with cozy couches and armchairs for those who like to pull all-nighters and nap between classes. One of the most popular places to study on campus is, of course, the Bizzell Library. This building is usually packed around midterms and finals weeks, but I find that on an odd day in the week, at the right time, you can find the Great Reading Room or the Bookmark empty for just you and your books. The best thing about the library is that you can go there by yourself or with a study group and still manage to finish most of the things on your to-do list because the library’s atmosphere seems to fuel everyone’s concentration. This campus is much larger than you might imagine and, with a bit of searching and determination, you can find your own secret study spot. So, get out there and find it before somebody else does.


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DATING HABITS THAT NEED TO COME BACK Dating habits have totally changed in the past few years. What happened to calling, not using your phone while on a date, actually having a plan for the date and committing instead of defining the relationship as “talking”?


Delta Delta Delta Hunter is a freshman studying nursing. You may contact her at

Calling and hanging out. Why don’t people call each other? Texting throughout the day gets old, especially when you see each other at night. Calling once a day, maybe even once every two days is sufficient to catch up and see how everything is going. Same goes for hanging out. Hanging out every couple of days is a good idea to help avoid the texts along the lines of, “So, what are you doing now?” and replies like, “Oh that sounds fun.” Skyping is also a good alternative to texting or calling. You can see each other’s faces and hang out without constantly being around each other. This is also a good idea for people with really busy schedules. Stop the ““talking” madness. What is “talking”? What defines when two people are “talking”? How many of you have ever described your relationship to somebody else as, “I don’t really know what we are... We are kind of talking and we text all the time, but I don’t know how to describe us?” STOP. Define your relationship in a different

way or ask your significant other where he or she thinks the relationship is. If you like how your relationship is going and you want to keep it that way or if you want to be official, then go for it! Don’t just settle with defining it as “talking.” Stop with the uncertainty. Just be friends or date. I am not saying to rush into all of your future relationships and be that annoying couple on Facebook and Instagram who constantly post a million pictures together. But don’t be the couple that takes forever to make any type of commitment and is just “talking” for what feels like years. No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while together. Nothing is more annoying than when you are trying to talk to someone at the dinner table and they are on their phone. During a date, especially on a first date, if you are on your phone the whole time, you might as well forget getting a second date. Even if you’re on your 100th date, put the phone away. Surely you can ignore your group messages and social media outlets for a few hours. Have something planned. When you go on your date, actually have something planned. Avoid the opener of “So, what do you want to do?” and the reply of, “I don’t care, you pick.” Whether it is a dinner reservation, a movie you’ve picked out or a date to HeyDay, have something planned. When you are on your next date, think about these rules: No getting on your phone during the date, have something planned, call instead of texting after the date and, finally, stop defining the relationship as “talking.”

HOW TO SURVIVE EARLY ONSET QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS I’ve noticed, among my peers, that we don’t handle growing older very well. I’ve heard the term “quarter-life crisis” so many times in the past semester, mostly from those who


Alpha Chi Omega Jessica is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at

aren’t even close to turning 25. While being in your twenties definitely doesn’t make you over the hill, some of our generation are having a hard time grasping the fact getting older is a reality. Here are some tips on how to survive your early onset quarter-life crisis.

about a crazy change that could drastically alter your life, but if you don’t like how things are going, fix them. Change the people you surround yourself with and it may give you a completely new outlook on life. If you really don’t like your major and can’t see yourself actually working in that field, change it. Don’t keep yourself where you don’t want to be. I think this all goes back to being flexible. You don’t have to stick exactly to your five-year plan if it means you’ll be unhappy every year after that. Don’t try to grow up too fast. One of the main reasons people our age have such a hard time growing up is that during our college years we get perpetually stuck between being an adult and still being a kid. People expect us to have it all together, all the time, when we know it’s pretty much impossible. We freak out about getting older because we are trying to mature way too fast. Don’t be afraid to act your age. You

Don’t force life plans. One of the scariest things about getting older can come when

should definitely have a professional side for internship interviews, for example, but

you realize your life isn’t how you expected it to be. You may have planned a certain

remember to be silly and enjoy your life. We don’t have to have it together all the time.

career path or had a five-year plan that just didn’t work out. We can’t plan our lives down to the minute and expect it to work out all the time. Things aren’t going to go your way and it will be completely fine, I promise. This is the time in life when you learn to be flexible and go with the flow. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get that dream internship, or you’re on the career path that you’ve dreamed of since you were little. Don’t worry. Everything will work out in the end. Make a change. Is it really a life crisis if you don’t make a change? I’m not talking

Relax, and enjoy life. Our twenties and our college years are supposed to be some of the best years of our lives, and I think that we should love every minute of it. Getting older is scary, because it brings so many responsibilities and expectations. However, it also brings new experiences and achievements. Embrace it. Experience new things and places. Forget about being an adult all the time. Don’t miss out on life. Don’t let your not-really-quarter-life-crisis get the best of you.

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Another claim PolitiFact checked into is the president’s statement that “for the first time in over a decade, business leaders Alpha Omicron Pi around the world have Kelsey is a junior studying public declared that China is no relations. You may contact her at longer the world’s number one place to invest; America is.” This statement is based on the conclusions of the A.T. Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index, which surveys corporate executives from 302 companies in 28 countries. In fact, the United States was listed on this survey as number one for the first time since 2001. This statement was rated mostly true because there are other studies that still do not cite the U.S. as number one place to invest.

“The biggest lie of the year” last year, according to, was President Obama’s promise regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act when he said, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”


PolitiFact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times to help people find the truth in American politics. Reporters and editors from the paper fact-check statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups and rate them on a scale of true to false on their truth-o-meter. After the State of the Union Address, a lot of people were left to wonder if the President’s statements were true. However, according to the Washington Post, a State of the Union address is often difficult to fact-check. In an article by Glenn Kessler on washingtonpost. com he writes, “The speech is a product of many hands and is carefully vetted, so major errors of fact are relatively rare.”

Next, PolitiFact explored the validity of a statement the president made about the oil industry. He said, “There is more oil produced at home than we buy from the rest of the world – the first time that’s happened in nearly 20 years.” PolitiFact rates this statement as true. To check this statement, PolitiFact checkers matched the statement against the U.S. Energy Information Administration. According to the November 2013 report by the Energy Information Administration, the United States produced an average of 7.8 million barrels of oil per day in October and imported 7.5 million barrels.

PolitiFact cites several facts from the State of the Union address. The first has to do with the gender wage gap. President Obama said, “Women make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.” On the truth-o-meter, this statement came in as mostly true and says that this is a fact that President Obama and other White House officials have cited frequently. Obama uses this statistic to imply that twomen make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns for the same work or in the same job, which is not true. The more accurate version is that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, period. PolitiFact concludes, “ultimately, Obama’s statement that women deserve equal pay for equal work was aspirational rather than a part of his statistical claim.”

Overall, the facts presented by the president were mostly true. However, in order to remain an informed citizen when voting and forming political opinions, there are many tools at your disposal. Along with PolitiFact, there is also a website called ProjectVoteSmart. com that is dedicated to providing unbiased information on political issues, political candidates and more. These resources are super helpful, especially when you want to impress that super cute girl or boy in your political science class… or, you know, vote.

POLITICAL SCANDALS Politics aren’t much fun and unless something super exciting happens, most people don’t pay attention. If there’s one thing that draws attention to politics, it’s scandal, and not just the TV show. So, I’ve decided to compile the best of the best political scandals of 2013. It was a pretty great year for scandal. The National Security Agency. 2013 was the year we all figured out what everyone suspected for years. The government knows everything and sees everything. The Man is constantly watching. Millions of Americans were outraged that an agency of the government would invade their privacy. The government is steadily collecting data and the network they use to determine who to track could target anyone (yes, even you). Anthony Weiner ran for mayor of New York. We all remember Anthony Weiner for his infamous tweets and even more infamous pictures. The former representative promised he had reformed since his political fallout and sex scandal. His second chance, however, was short-lived. During the race it was revealed that he hadn’t put a stop to his addiction, as he had testified. Instead, it continued long after his resignation. Everyone loves a sex scandal, but this was definitely double the scandal. It never stopped, so keep an eye out for Weiner in the future. Representative Radel bought cocaine. The Republican Floridian adhered to the stereotype by participating in America’s second favorite type of scandal – drugs. He purchased 3.5 grams of cocaine. The best part was that he bought it from an undercover cop. There is no way for this politician to do what politicians do best and blame someone else. He was caught red-handed and has been suffering a year of repercussions. The IRS targeted conservative groups. This is pretty self-explanatory. The IRS seemed to specifically target groups connected with the Tea Party. With a Democratic executive branch, there were accusations everywhere. The main person involved in the scandal, Lois Lerner, resigned from the IRS and pleaded the Fifth Amendment in all hearings.

So, who knows if we’ll ever know exactly what went on?


Alpha Gamma Delta The mayor of Toronto went crazy. Okay, so it’s not Katherine is a sophomore studying in the U.S. but this is still international studies. You may contact her at an awesome scandal. The Canadian mayor, Rob Ford, was caught smoking crack in a video. Not only was he in possession and undeniably using, anyone can access the video. He has been caught drunk, in public, numerous times. Basically, he is falling apart around himself. Healthcare. This was just one failure after another. Not only did the website crash over and over, but it wasn’t nearly as popular as people figured it would be. They had to push back the sign up date because the website was having so many difficulties. Then came the next scandal, even bigger than the previous one. The President said out numerous times that if “you like your plan, you can keep it.” This proved false, as thousands of people lost their insurance and continue to lose their insurance. Finally, just weeks ago an independant Congressional budget organization found that over the next 6 years the economy will lose the equivalent of over 2.2 million jobs to people taking work cuts to lower their healthcare costs and receive government benefits. Healthcare seems to be a never-ending scandal. Government shutdown. For 16 days the government was just gone – partially, anyways. So what led to the decrease in traffic in D.C.? Basically, no one could agree on anything. Republicans wanted one thing, Democrats another and compromise was nowhere to be had. The biggest scandal of the year wasn’t sex or drugs, it was an inability to cooperate with a rival.


Adventure traveling


Spring break is part of almost everyone’s college experience. It can be a lot of fun, but also a total disaster depending on how you play it. So, here are a few things to do to ensure that your break is everything that all the trashy teen movies have made it out to be.

DON’T crash diet. Yes, of course we all want to look good on the beach, but it really shouldn’t be something you stress over. Don’t freak out the week before spring break and avoid eating anything besides water and celery. No one’s going to the notice the five pounds you lost starving yourself on some master cleanse, but the misery you endured attempting it will be with you forever. Besides, everyone’s too busy beer bonging and making a fool of themselves to be that concerned about your bikini bod. DO stay away from social media. Don’t live-Tweet your entire spring break experience. First of all, that’s just annoying but, also, social media and alcohol don’t mix. You’ll most likely end up posting something you’ll regret later. So, wait til you get home to post all the cute pics of you and your friends frolicking on the beach. That way you can be a reliable judge of what is and isn’t appropriate for the cyber world’s viewing because, once it’s online, it’s there forever. What happens on spring break doesn’t always stay on spring break.

DO secure your plans: The most annoying person is the one who decides that they’re not willing to spend the extra cash on a place to stay and thinks Gamma Phi Beta they’re going to “just wing it” Hannah is a junior studying when it comes to spring break. english. You may contact her at They end up mooching off of other people the whole trip and that’s not fair to those who actually contributed to renting the house. More often than not, your YOLO attitude won’t get you very far and you’ll end up stranded with no place to stay. Or even worse, you’ll be the girl doing the walk of shame every morning after shacking at some random frat dude’s place. So secure your plans and your lodging before the binge drinking commences.


DON’T get arrested: We all know that cops are everywhere on spring break, so avoiding them is not a possibility. But they are there for your safety and I’ve found that they are mostly pretty lenient, unless you’re acting like a complete buffoon. They’re there to make sure you get through your vacation in once piece, so appreciate that and don’t tick them off. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend their break in a jail cell or the rest of the year paying off tickets. Spring break is usually the most fun you’ll ever have because you’re only this young and stupid during your college years. But keep in mind that it can get dangerous very quickly when all responsibility is thrown out the window. Don’t forget to use common sense and you’ll be sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.


Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting OU student and Tri Delta sorority member, Nguyen Le, in Arezzo, Italy! This is what she had to say about her new home and the OU in Arezzo (OUA) program. Why did you decide to study abroad? Why Arezzo?

I decided to study abroad because I believe this experience will enrich me and help me learn not only about myself, but also give me a new perspective on other cultures. It’s an opportunity to travel and experience another culture firsthand. I chose Arezzo because it’s a relatively small town in Italy and Italy is an artistic and cultural attraction. What is the most enjoyable aspect of Arezzo? My favorite part of living here is the small town feel. Arezzo has a population of around 100,000 in Italy’s region of Tuscany. I feel very safe here, as most of the locals are familiar with Norman, Okla. Since 2009 we have been sister cities with Arezzo. What is something you wish someone had told you prior to studying abroad? There is so much paperwork for the study abroad application, in general, but once you are accepted into the program there is an absolute overload. You also need to plan an efficient budget sheet, including an estimate of how much you’re going to spend each month. What aspect of study abroad was most unexpected? My biggest struggle has been adjusting to my new environment and my new norm. However, I didn’t experience a huge culture shock like I was expecting. What programs and courses are offered? You are required to take 12 hours on site. For the spring semester, they offer Renaissance Art in Italy, Italy and World War II, America and World War II and any course on the Italian language. However if you want to opt out of three credit hours, there are a variety of internships you can apply for.

How difficult is the language barrier? Although I took three semesters of Italian, I took a year off before my semester abroad. It’s sometimes difficult and frustrating when I’m not able to understand my surroundings, but the locals are more than willing to try their best to assist me.

ALEXIS HAMES Kappa Kappa Gamma

Alexis is a junior studying Public Relations. You may contact her at

What is your favorite Italian dish? Other than gelato and any other form of dessert, my favorite Italian dish thus far is called Pici con burra e sage, which is translated as thick noodles with a butter and sage sauce. What is the coolest thing you’ve done or seen so far? Every Sunday at noon, Pope Francis delivers a prayer to the people of Rome in Vatican City. My roommates and I traveled to Rome our second weekend in Europe and we were lucky enough to see and listen to Pope Francis’ speech in person! What do you miss most about America? Free water and refills! Water is sometimes less, if not equivalent to a can of soda in Italy. Most of the restaurants you go to don’t give free refills on any sort of drink, unlike restaurants in America. Would you recommend Arezzo to a friend? Absolutely! I believe college is the only time we can fully immerse in other cultures and, through OUA, there are advisors to assist you every step of the way. Fill in the sentence: Study abroad in Arezzo if… ... you want to not only appreciate your own culture, but gain a new perspective on another culture as well. Is there anything you want to add? If you have the chance to study for a semester, or even the summer, definitely do so! It’s a chance to discover new strengths and abilities, and help you develop skills that a classroom setting will never be able to provide for you.

Self business

DRESS FOR SUCCESS AND GET NOTICED Anyone who owns a power outfit knows that wearing the right clothes can be a serious confidence booster. However, Alpha Phi a good number of today’s Christina is a sophomore studying advertising. CEOs show up to work in Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t a hoodie, jeans and tennis shoes, so it’s hard to know how to really dress for work. With nearly 1.8 million college students graduating this May, knowing how to appropriately dress for a job could make the difference between snagging the job and watching it slip through your fingers. Here are a few tips to help you make professional wardrobe decisions.


For a job interview, dress comfortably and even a little more formal than the rest of the office. You are trying to show your interviewer that you would fit in with the company. If you dress too casually, you run the risk of appearing lazy instead of contributing to the company’s image. However, this is the difficult part because the opposite could happen as well. If you show up in a three-piece suit and everyone else in the office is in jeans, you won’t fit in, either. Call ahead and ask your interviewer the company’s dress code so you can plan accordingly. Decide what dressing for success means to you. Then find industries and organizations that adhere to your level of wardrobe comfort. If you aren’t comfortable in what you wear, then you won’t perform at your best or be as successful. You can be comfortable and successful while


fitting into the organization’s culture. Want to work in a business suit? Find organizations where that’s the dress code and interview there. For the ladies, just remember to avoid showing cleavage, wearing midriff tops, informal clothing like t-shirts and sandals and don’t accessorize with loud jewelry. Find clothing colors that flatter your hair and skin tones so you will stand out in the office. After all, what woman doesn’t like getting noticed? Congratulations! You got the job! For the first day on the job you want to show your boss and coworkers you are polished, professional and take your new position seriously. Do as you did with the interview and take time to prepare your professional appearance. Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed. After all, who wants to show up the first day with wrinkly clothes? Despite how simple it sounds, how you dress really does contribute to how you are perceived at work and can make a big difference when a potential employer is considering which applicant to hire. Use common sense as well as the tips above. Dress for success!


Self health & fitness

WORKING OUT IS PART OF THE AMERICAN DREAM When you work out I doubt the first thing you think about is America, but stop for a minute and think about Lambda Chi Alpha it. America is the greatest Eric is a junior studying nation in the world. It is chemical biosciences. You may due, at least, to the amazing contact him at attitude of Manifest Destiny that this nation has. It’s the get-up-and-go that inspires this nation and motivates us to strive for something more. Every bodybuilder shares this attitude. If America was a person, it would be the most pumped-up buff person alive. It’s in honor of that indomitable spirit that I think going to the gym might be one of the most patriotic acts someone can commit.


Working out is about as American as it gets. The American dream is all about starting from nothing and working to better yourself and improve your situation. When you think about it, it’s something you do every time you step foot in a weight room. From beginners to professional body builders, everyone who works out began for a reason and that’s what makes this such an incredible concept. It doesn’t matter where you start, everyone can strive for improvement and everyone can aspire to great heights.


As second semester begins, it can be difficult to adjust to your new schedule and to get into the swing of things. Don’t let your stress or busy Kappa Kappa Gamma class hours keep you from Matty is a sophomore skipping meals. Eating studying journalism. healthy meals throughout Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t the day will help you not only stay fuller, but also provide you with more energy and less stress. Here are three quick, easy and affordable snacks to munch on throughout the day.


1. Trail mix. This is the perfect snack for when you start feeling hungry. Mixed nuts are a great way to satisfy your hunger while gaining healthy proteins and fats. If you crave something sweet, try adding dried fruit or dark chocolate chips to your snack. Dried fruit contains vitamins and sugars that are needed for your daily calorie intake. Dark chocolate not only satisfies your sweet tooth, but has also been proven to increase blood flow, which is good for your heart and blood pressure. 2. Celery and peanut butter. Most of you probably remember this famous snack from your early childhood years. When you ate this as a child, you probably didn’t realize the health benefits of this light and tasteful snack. Celery is known as one of the world’s healthiest vegetables! It’s extremely low calorie and helps protect against inflammation in the digestive tract. Since celery does not have much of a taste, adding a spoon full of peanut butter not only makes it more enjoyable to eat, but also provides your body with healthy proteins and fats. This quick and easy combination is a nutritional snack for all ages! 3. Popcorn. Popcorn is a quick and satisfying snack if you are on the go! Before the week begins, buy a box of popcorn to store in your room for when you need a pick me up snack. Lightly buttered popcorn is also a very low calorie snack. It’s a whole grain food that provides the energy and carbohydrates you need for your daily calorie intake. One serving of popcorn is enough to keep you full, but will not spoil your appetite for the next meal.

Your starting point is irrelevant. What matters is that you are in the gym doing something about it. Some guys are too small and want to build an impressive muscular physique. Some girls want to fit into a smaller dress size. This is like the American dream of starting from the bottom and moving up, just like Drake told us. It’s this drive that is so incredible. The motivation to develop something amazing through intense effort is the same motivation that George Washington felt when he was crossing the Delaware or that Thomas Edison felt when he created light and changed the world, or Henry Ford when he gave people mobility for the first time. Ha. The spirit of perseverance through adversity in pursuit of something great is a trait in short supply today. That spirit has the ability to do anything from molding an empire of red, white and blue to just shaving a few inches off of your waistline. The idea of improvement through hard work, whether it was Ben Franklin trying to build the greatest nation on earth or Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to get arms so big that he can’t touch his shoulders, is an absolutely American phenomenon and an incredible one. The struggle and difficulties that come with developing a physique just serve to make the eventual rewards even more fulfilling. Maybe I’m being overly patriotic and drawing connections where there are none or maybe going to lift is one of the most patriotic things you can do. Whatever. The next time you go lift and are feeling fatigued, try a little harder and get that next rep up for America!

Self health & fitness

MULTIVITAMIN MAYHEM If you’ve fallen victim to the winter time woes of catching the cold or flu this season, you’ve probably walked down the medicine aisle at Pi Kappa Phi the store and noticed the Ta y l o r i s a s o p h o m o r e buy one, get one free deals studying health and exercise on multivitamins. They’re science. You may contact him at relatively inexpensive compared to most other supplements and may even display a flashy rainbow gradient symbolizing the wide range of micronutrients that they contain. Three studies published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” this month, however, would suggest that you leave them on the shelf.


The first study, which involved almost 500,000 people, suggested that multivitamins provide no significant benefit for preventing cardiovascular disease or cancer. The second study, which involved 1,700 people, suggested that multivitamins provided no significant benefit for preventing a second heart attack. The third study which involved 6000 men over the age of 65, suggested that multivitamins provided no significant benefit to cognitive ability. In the second study, people were asked to take three multivitamins per day. Those of you have taken them before know this is an excessive dose, as most on the market require only one pill per day. This likely contributed to the fact that over 50 percent of the participants stopped taking the multivitamins before the study was over, reducing the accuracy of the results. In the third study, the men involved were physicians who were already in good health, so it was unlikely that the study results would show any sizable benefit even if they actually provided one. An important aspect of picking a multivitamin is looking at the label to determine the amount of


each nutrient it contains and how that relates to your recommended daily value. If the amounts of certain nutrients are significantly more than 100 percent of your daily value, that multivitamin is probably a waste of money. Certain nutrients are safe in excess, but others can be harmful. The point of taking a multivitamin is to supplement possible deficiencies in micronutrients in your diet. You can determine which micronutrients you might need by recording everything you eat for a week and adding up what amount of each nutrient you get in a single day. To make things a little easier, focus on some of these nutrients that are commonly deficient in the American diet. Vitamin D is needed to regulate blood calcium levels and maintain bone health. Folic acid assists in both the building of DNA, and the breakdown of amino acids to be used by the body. Iron supports immune function and is a key part of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to tissues throughout the body. Although we tend to focus on deficiencies, issues can arise when some of these common nutrients are consumed in excess. Niacin (B3), which assists in carbohydrate and fat digestion in proper amounts, can lower good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol amounts in excess. Vitamin A, which is needed for color vision and bone health, can cause significant birth defects as well as a condition that yellows the skin in excess. There are many different types of multivitamins for your gender, age, level of physical activity, and a number of other possible factors that could influence the micronutrient profile that is best for you. You can visit and browse some of their articles on multivitamins to get an idea of which would benefit you most or talk to your doctor the next time you are in for a check-up. Multivitamins are meant to fill in the gaps in an already healthy diet with necessary micronutrients that may be hard to attain in proper amounts through diet alone. They are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle which includes a well-balanced diet, regular exercise routine, modest use of alcohol and no use of tobacco products. If you were to keep a detailed food journal of everything that you ate for a week, what would it look like? Unless you are confident that you are getting a sufficient amount of the vitamins listed above, I would suggest taking a multivitamin to aid in overall good health.

INCREASE YOUR STRENGTH, INCREASE YOUR GPA Lifting weights has many benefits. For example, you will get leaner, stronger and will just look good. One Pi Kappa Phi Matthew is a sophomore enormous benefit of weight studying marketing. You may contact him at training most people are not aware of is the effect it has on your mental health. As college students, we deal with so many different forms stress, like that test you haven’t studied for or trying to impress that cutie who sits next to you in class.


Most people don’t realize that weight training has been scientifically proven to increase the size of your muscles and several randomized controlled studies have also proven it increases memory. In addition, weight training improves self-esteem and confidence, which helps everyone accomplish their goals. Improving memory and confidence are two benefits of lifting that are common knowledge. If you asked a typical gym rat why he trains, he will list reasons such as increased strength, cardio, speed or overall health. What most people don’t realize is that all of the physical gains you acquire from training can also contribute to your schoolwork. People who weight train correctly get progressively stronger or faster and this contributes to increased energy levels throughout the day. If you have more energy during the day, it

will be easier to make it through the grueling hours of lectures. You will be alert and aware for a longer period of time, absorb more information and take more from your classes. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man health, wealthy and wise,” said Benjamin Franklin. Well, this just proves that Mr. Franklin did not attend OU. One thing we can all agree on is that it isn’t necessarily how long you sleep, but the quality of sleep. Research has also shown that physically active people display healthier sleep patterns and have an improved quality of sleep. I speak from experience when I say that the best sleep that I get is on days when I get in a good workout. Granted, exercise is somewhat dependent on sleep, but you get more out of one when you do the other. Whether you know it or not, we make investments every day. Money is a renewable form of currency, but our time is not. We have a limited amount of time in the day that we have to spend on things like class, studying, eating and sleeping. If you invest time in weight training, you are investing in your health and the ability to get more out of your time. Weight training contributes to numerous layers of strength, which is far beyond the realm of your physical muscles. Instead of spending an hour watching Netflix every day, spend one hour lifting at the Huff and tell me how you feel. I guarantee you, at the end of the day you will be a stronger and healthier version of yourself, which will not only increase your GPA, but will also increase the overall quality of your life.


Self philanthropy


The fashion industry has a reputation for being artificial and cold-hearted. There are heartless editorKappa Kappa Gamma in-chiefs, skin and bone Kathryn is a freshman models and an emphasis studying public relations. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t on the outer person. The fashion world appears to be materialistic. However, there is a sunshine in all of these clouds. Recently there has been a huge movement in the industry towards charitable giving. I think this effort is absolutely brilliant. The fashion industry is huge. It affects our everyday lives through magazines, advertisements and even the clothes we wear, and most of the time we don’t even realize it. Fashion is a living and breathing art. So, why not use this all-powerful presence to do a little good for people who need it?


The first brand giving back through charity that most of us heard of was Tom’s shoes. These funky shaped shoes, with their “one for one” cause, were a huge hit a few years back and continue to be so. Tom’s says, “We’re in business to change lives.” What a wonderful business to be in. For every pair bought, one pair is donated to a person in need in one of the 60 countries Tom’s provides to. They have donated at least 10 million shoes over the past seven years. In our lifetime, I think Tom’s is the forerunner in the charitable sector of the fashion world.

These glass-beaded bracelets are of the Lily and Laura brand. The colorful bracelets are sold at boutiques and retail stores. Each bracelet is handmade and designed by Laura and women in Nepal. The business focuses on paying more than fair trade wages to these women to improve the quality of their lives. Each bracelet is completely unique and different. They come in many different colors and go with just about any outfit. Not only are these bracelets trendy, they help create a livelihood for women in Nepal. This is the type of fashion we need more of. Young adults love these bracelets, as they should. How about Lauren Bush’s FEED products? In 2006, the FEED brand took off as Bush designed a bag for the United Nations School feeding program. Beginning as a burlap cotton bag, the brand now includes bags, t-shirts and accessories. The bags are sold at high-end retail stores as well as a lower end brand for the Target stores. Each bag sold feeds one child for a year. Since the company has started, FEED has provided for 60 million school meals to children around the world. FEED believes “everyone has the right to human necessities.” The FEED line is always very fashion forward and celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon sport them all the time. FEED is just another of many fashion lines with a wonderful cause. There are so many more fashion brands than the ones mentioned above. Fashion will always be primarily about the outside. That’s just a basic fact. But before we are quick to associate shallowness with the fashion industry, we must look to these companies who are putting their power to a great cause. The trend for fashion lines to have charitable foundations is rapidly growing, so I think it’s best that we applaud and support the lines that are doing so. The devil doesn’t always wear Prada.

Recently, stacked beaded bracelets have been dominating girls’ wrists across the nation.


Bananas, coffee, sugar, tea and cotton. What do these seemingly random things have in common? They are all items that the non-profit organization, Fair Trade USA, has attempted to make available without the exploitation of workers.

The spread of awareness in the U.S. of economic issues in third-world countries has stimulated the rise of Fair Trade products. Although the label Fair Trade, no doubt, sounds familiar, for those who don’t know what it is, a Fair Trade product is a product made by people from developing countries (usually) who received fair wages and worked in a safe environment. The impact of Fair Trade products has helped decrease sweatshops, human trafficking and overall misery in the work environment for poor and working class people in developing nations. Most importantly, Fair Trade is not simply a charity. They put into practice the old phrase, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Fair Trade teaches struggling workers skills and gives them a way to use their skills to feed and shelter their families. All of this Fair Trade stuff sounds great, but it seems like such a huge global issue – one that college students couldn’t impact much. However, college students are often the most equipped to exert a major influence in the world of Fair Trade. OU student, Kayli Bollinger, realized the power students could have on economic affairs and created Sooners For Fair Trade, a club dedicated to making OU a Fair Trade certified university. Fair Trade’s ability to thrive is dependent on whether or not businesses are willing to sell their merchandise. In the past, this has caused a bit of a road block because of the slight cost increase for Fair Trade items, due to the nature of the products. The fate of a

business rests in the hands of the consumer, and a business will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Some of the most valued customers are college-aged young adults because they are on the verge of learning who they are and which products they want to be loyal to.


Alpha Chi Omega Rachel is a sophomore studying professional writing. You may contact her at

As a result of the demand, Fair Trade has swelled with success because of vocal customers who make it clear that they want to buy products with the people who made them in mind. Stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods caught on early to this movement and stocked their shelves with Fair Trade items. Wal-Mart and Target have hopped onto the trend recently, allowing Fair Trade to have a chance to compete with brands that are the result of slave labor, personal injury and unjust wages. Fair Trade may still sound like a movement that is the exclusive burden of non-profits and do-gooders, but Norman has an advantage that a majority of American towns do not. In 2010, Norman was the 17th town to officially be declared a Fair Trade town. This opened the gates for Fair Trade products and businesses to find homes in Norman. The fact that Norman is a Fair Trade town has made it very possible and simple for OU to adopt more Fair Trade products. You can even make a difference by filling out comment cards and talking to Housing/Food staff at OU. We are their consumers and we can make a difference by letting them know what ethical standards we want them to hold their products to.

Lookbook fashion

DESIGNER IN THE SPOTLIGHT: TORY BURCH Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve at least heard of Tory Burch. Style. com stated, “The speed and scale of Tory Burch’s success suggest that she has hotwired her business into the hopes and dreams of millions of women.” This American brand is famous for its classic flats, adorable handbags and the use of bright colors, patterns and eclectic details.


S o p h i e i s a s o p h o m o re studying English. You may contact her at sophie.orlich@

Born on June 17, 1966, Burch was raised in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in a farmhouse with her three brothers. Her father was a wealthy investor who is now deceased. He was fourteen years older than Burch’s mother and dated Grace Kelly and Joan Bennett before settling down. Burch attended the Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, PA, where she rode horses and was captain of the tennis team. She attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and graduated in 1988 with a degree in art history. After graduation she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. Her first job was for Zorar, a Yugoslavian designer, and then she moved to Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Over the next few years, she worked in the marketing and public relations departments for some of the most influential American designers such as Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and Narciso Rodriguez while he was at Loewe. In 2004, Burch launched TBR by Tory Burch, later known as Tory Burch, by opening a small boutique in Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood. Since then, the brand has exploded in popularity and become a global business with more than 100 freestanding stores, and a presence in over a thousand department and specialty stores across the globe. Burch currently serves as the CEO and head designer of her company.


Burch’s style has been described as preppy-bohemian luxe and her t-logo medallion has become iconic around the globe. Her pieces are known for being versitile and easily added to anyone’s wardrobe. In 2007, there were waitlists to buy her fashions, which paid homage to the styles of the 1950s and 1960s. She named a line of ballerina flats Reva, after her mother. Her spring 2014 collection features floral prints, pastel green, light silver and peach with lots and lots of white. Peter Pan collars and shift dresses were also dominant. Burch cited Romy Schneider in the 1969 French movie La Piscine as an influence on her collection. Romy rivals Audrey Hepburn in the fashion-icon stakes, but she always had a chillier, more melancholic proposition. In the film, Romy’s character played tortuous mind games with a man who’d been her lover a few years earlier. These subliminal sexual sparks inspired the cuts and fabrics of the collection, as the wearer could imagine herself in the supermarket, but suddenly with the power of suggestion under her crisply tailored top, whisked away to a rendezvous in the sin-filled Riviera. Tory Burch has been recognized with numerous awards, including Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List, the CDFA for Accessory Designer of the Year, Glamour’s Women of the Year, and Forbes’s Most Powerful Women in the World. In 2009, Burch launched the Tory Burch Foundation to support the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the U.S. Through loans, mentorship and entrepreneurial education, the foundation invests in the success and sustainability of small businesses owned by women. Additionally, Burch serves on the boards of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the Startup America Partnership, the Barnes Foundation and the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where she chaired the 2006 spring gala for the American Ballet Theater. In 2008, she was honored at a Colleague Helpers in Philanthropic Services luncheon that benefited the Children’s Institued, Inc. Tory Burch currently lives in New York City with her three sons. According to Forbes, as of January 2013 she has a net worth of $1 billion. Fun fact: In 2009, Burch appeared as herself in season three, episode four of Gossip Girl.

HOW TO GET A TACKY 80S PROM DRESS HALF OFF ITS ALREADY RIDICULOUSLY DISCOUNTED PRICE The first step to getting the perfect 80s prom dress is to start the hunt when you don’t need it. The thrift store and Kappa Alpha Theta Salvation Army gods are not merciful enough to align the Emily is a junior studying stars with your party apparel professional writing. You may needs. It’s best to stockpile contact her at items as you see them. So, the perfect time to stumble upon that one-of-a-kind sequined atrocity is when you need anything but a girl’s former dream dress. Instead, you should be shopping for jorts, giant flannels or a t-shirt from someone’s family reunion 26 years ago. Step two, wear baggy clothes that erase all traces of your femininity and what exists of your self confidence. Bind your hair in a messy bun that teeters off the side of your head and forget about makeup. This way, compared to your frumpy state, anything on the rack is more likely to improve your depraved appearance. Step three, pick up friends who will encourage strange behavior. On the way to the thrift store, do something peculiar as a way to mentally prepare yourself for whatever you may encounter at the Salvation Army. When you come across those outrageous poofy sleeves and rainbow fish bling, you’ll be more apt to fight for the dress that you don’t need, but cannot live without. As my friends and I careened through suburbia, I slammed on the brakes in the middle of the climax of “Come On Eileen” when I saw a treasure sitting in an alley. “Guys, look at that door.” It was perfectly rustic and looked like the double doors my sister and I had once sold in an unsupervised garage sale out of our carport in Arizona. A conniving soccer mom had taken advantage of our youthful ignorance to the cost of decorative doors and their versatility in interior design, and bought them at half their worth. But here I was, older and more knowledgeable about the value of a good freestanding door. And there it was, sitting peacefully by the trash in an alley – my long sought after redemption. “I need that door.” “Let’s go ask for it.”


“Is that creepy?” “It would be if we were creepers.” Feeling confident that we weren’t creepers, we parked down the street and approached the front of the house. “Can we have that door sitting in your alley?” The soccer mom who answered the door was nervous. There were more of us then there were of her, unless you counted the bundle of toddlers running amuck inside her home. Weighing the options in her head, she saw that resistance was futile. She knew her kind had betrayed me before and she would not escape judgment. “Yeah, you can take it.” “Thank you for your cooperation.” We ran victoriously to our spoil. We got on both sides to carry it into our vessel. Picking it up, we realized it was a giant, heavy door. “It’s too heavy. I don’t want it.” We left it in the alley. Step four, when you arrive at the thrift store, channel the impracticality and spontaneity you tapped into from whatever peculiar activity you decided to do as part of step three. Before the door in the alley, I was looking for something Mardi Gras themed for a Mardi Gras date party. After the door, I was looking for anything fabulous for a Mardi Gras themed date party. With my horizons broadened and my imagination stretched, I found it – royal blue and covered with plastic sequins that became diamonds on the dance floor, tight fitted with giant lofty shoulders. This dress was a girl from the 80s prom paradise. Three decades later it would be my Mardi Gras dream dress. Step five, go to the dressing room. Put on the dress. Release your hair from the messy nest atop your head. Look in the mirror and feel fabulous and feminine in comparison to the frumpy sweats that had previously swaddled your body. Step six, as you stand in line to purchase the dress, make sure the elderly woman behind the counter overhears you rave about the dress. You need to channel the frumpy girl with the side bun, walk with a slouch that suggests low self esteem and keep your eyes locked on the dress in your hand with a gentle smile. When you get close enough say, “I’ve never felt beautiful before today… in this dress.” The woman behind the counter will overhear your tragic story, see your homely appearance, and give you the dress for half off. Step seven, don your out-of-place outfit for any date party, flaunt your cheep swag and shrill, This Is My Song, when they play Thrift Shop by Macklemore.

14 Sports local

BOWL SO HARD the kinks in our lines. With more games, players tend to get hurt more often. OU started out the season losing some extremely important players to injuries. A repeat of that during the playoffs would probably be devastating.

There is only one requirement when attending the University of Oklahoma – be a football fan. OU students are still on a sugar high after we beat Bama 45-31 in New Orleans. That massive win has totally reenergized students and fans, alike, for college football this coming fall semester. That one bowl game victory secures you bragging rights for the rest of the year and, in OU’s case, forever. Nobody, but us, has won all of them (Boomer Sooner). While bowl games are great, the NCAA is switching to a playoff system so I’m going to analyze the plusses to the switch. More games equals more wins, and more wins for the Big 12, and makes the SEC shut up. Besides, winning the national championship is all people really want. The playoff system will probably help our football players who are going on to the NFL have a better transition from college football to the big leagues. Along with the good, however, always comes the bad. If we play more games that means less time to prepare for each one. Preparation was a big part of why we beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. We were mentally and physically prepared to hit them with everything we had. When we switch to a playoff system, we have to play more games in a shorter period of time, leaving us with barely any time to work out

KATE JENKINS Alpha Omicron Pi

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Socially, I think a playoff system is the way to go. Who doesn’t love a good tailgate or getting together with friends to watch the game? Every Saturday morning, as soon as you get up you can feel the excitement and energy. Everyone’s ready for a win. People are in good spirits and ready to socialize. Game days are bonding experiences. The guy sitting in front of you could become your best friend for the game because of the excitement in the air. While a bowl game does bring people together – we all feel a little closer after that NOLA win – playing more games will be an even better bonding experience. More students will be able to get tickets to more games and see our Sooners take down whatever team stands in their way, and that sounds pretty good to me. Who knows what we’re going to gain by switching systems? Will it help eliminate bias? Probably. Will it give our players less time to prepare for games? Probably, but I can’t decide what would be the better course of action. Luckily, that’s all in the future and they hire professionals to make that decision instead of sophomore college students. As for right now, I’m still on cloud nine from that Sugar Bowl win.

CURE FOR FOOTBALL WITHDRAWAL There are 28 Saturdays until we’re all back in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in the blistering Alpha Phi heat, cheering on the Jennifer is a freshman Sooners against Louisiana studying journalism. You may contact her at Tech, which sadly means one thing – there are still 28 Saturdays until football returns. Wondering what to do with all of your spare time, besides stalk all of the pre-season coverage of every college and NFL team? Well, there is something else that can make the time pass faster.


Thankfully, at OU, we have an abundance of athletic programs that regularly excel in the rankings. For example, men’s and women’s gymnastics are both ranked number one in the nation. For the past three years, men’s gymnastics has been the runner-up in the NCAA finals. This year, the Sooners have been performing phenomenally and will be out for blood during the competitions. Both teams are expecting to compete in the NCAA finals, so we may be watching future national champions or even future Olympians. If one of your favorite parts about our football team is the championships, then look no further then our softball and baseball teams. While the baseball team landed a Big 12 championship, the softball team, led by Keilani Ricketts, is the reigning national champ. Softball will kick-off their season on March 1 against Nebraska. Baseball has already begun their season. The next game is against Abilene Christian on March 4. Both of our OU basketball teams are on the rise, this year, and both pulled off some awesome Bedlam victories at home this season! I’m sure the Pokes are extra sore since a common remark after their upsetting Bedlam football loss was “just wait until

basketball season.” Well, we did and look what happened, OSU. There is a double header this weekend with both teams facing conference teams. Men’s basketball will be first on Saturday against Kansas State at 3 p.m., while the women’s team plays Kansas at 7 p.m. March is approaching fast and so is the NCAA tournament madness, so these next games will be very important! And there is nothing worse than a fair weather fan who only watches their team in the tournament. If you don’t get a chance to watch OU basketball very often, Ryan Spangler is a player to watch for the men’s team. He was a redshirt freshman at Gonzaga and then transferred here after growing up in Oklahoma as a Sooner fan. Spangler has been our best defensive player this season and scored 15 points with 17 rebounds in the Bedlam game. OU’s tennis teams have also been pretty dominant the last couple of years. Oklahoma men’s tennis won regular season and tournament titles in 2012 and 2013. Now they’re back for more and you can catch them in action, this Friday at 5 p.m., versus Kentucky. Women’s tennis jumped six spots after defeating Alabama, so what sport are we not ranked in? Going to these sporting events will make you even more excited to see the Sooner football debut in the fall. Make the most of your student ID and attend all the games you can! Gymnastics, basketball, tennis, baseball and softball aren’t over yet. Don’t miss your chance!

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@morganpecc. I really need to invest in an ice scraper... #texasprobs.

@GrantPrecella. I’m not a fan of Sundays. No one sincerely likes the selfies you all post.

@hikarson. Bob Saget is such a king.

@torilynncrain. Just tried to open my dorm with my credit card and got frustrated when it said “denied”... Oops”

@Kris_Palilla. Best thing about being stuck in Texas: I’m getting good Mexican food.


@blakebrown1993. Still can’t get over a rebuilding year that we beat Bama. The next couple years could be extremely scary especially with the recruits we got.

@TheBrettChase. I hate how slow Norman traffic lights are.

@P_Raleigh. I hate myself but I love myself for the amount of heavenly food I just ate.

@rachelkafer. Some days you’ll get ice cream, and some days you won’t.

@keelyyallen. All I want is my bath tub and my mommy to take care of my sick self right now.

@blake_appling12. Living in the dorms, you really learn to appreciate the showers you get to take at home.

@sydneeprunty10. So mom, whatcha getting me for valentines day?

@MattyMills7. Coping with the fact that I won’t be able to attend the Luke Bryan concert #playitagain.

@totalsratmove. Having a dibs system worked out with your friends before you go out. #TSM.

@hcrabtree2. I can’t stop listening to Beyoncé... I feel so sassy.

@d_havala25. Don’t get me wrong tho frozen is my ish.

@itsErickPayne. *say something or I’m giving up on you.* me as I attempt to write 700 more words for this essay due today.

@drew_garner35. If old school isn’t open at 7 idk what’s wrong with this world. I just want a bagel bright and early.

@CollegeStudent. Let’s play a game called how long can I put off my assignment until I start stressing out.

@Betsydutcher. “Ok so valentines day im going to see endless love and eat popcorn and sneak in chikin.

@Caroline_Pajda. To have or to not have another piece of cheeeeeeeesy bread...

@rachclegg. if you don’t rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, i don’t like you.

@SheilaHoban. Pour some donut king on me.

@scotty_wilson. Flappy bird is a way of life. @bobbyboooo. Budweiser commercials never disappoint. @Tog17. my friends just ordered papa johns and at the end they go... and 25 sides of ranch bye.

@tbhjuststop. just realized in 6 years it’s going to be the 20s again so i propose we bring back swing music and jazz attire

@sarah_reaves. I need chips and salsa. I can’t wait a week and half to be home and eat as much as I want. @jamiechristian. January 30, 2014: I got to pet a police dog today. One of those super majestic German shepherds. His name was Caesar.


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HOW TO TELL IF A SHOW IS WORTH WATCHING Netflix and HBO might be the best-worst PETER SHADID thing that has happened Sigma Alpha Epsilon to society since the Peter is a junior studying letters. You Internet. Okay, it’s may contact him at petershadid@ probably not as big as the Internet, but these companies did start a whole new generation of entertainment: on-demand, online streaming of TV shows and movies. This is the best-worst thing that happened to society because it has caught us all, at least once, in it’s trap of binge watching a TV series. There are three kinds of TV series watchers: The dedicated, the guy who skip the season two because Joe told him it sucked and the one who watches an occasional episode when are watching. For better or worse, I’m the first type – dedicated (I have a social life). Because of this sad fact, I have learned how to tell if a show will, for lack of a better word, suck. I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste all of my precious time on a pointless TV series. Am I right? For starters, there are the shows you have heard about, but never had enough enthusiasm to start. Most of your friends who have watched these will always say, “it starts pretty slow, but eventually gets really good – just watch it.” The Sopranos and Breaking Bad fit this perfectly and, for the most part, your friends are right. Both are dramas, through and through, with deep characters and plots that slowly unravel. Granted, Breaking Bad has more action at times, but there is a reason many have proclaimed The Sopranos one of the

best shows of the past decade. Next we have the easy-going shows that don’t instigate much thinking, while bringing pure bliss. For girls, it is definitely . Over the years, my mother and sister have continuously watched and re-watched episodes on E or Lifetime. All the while, I’m thinking to myself, how can they do that? Then, it dawned on me. It’s every girl’s fantasy. Living as independent women who make their own way in New York – who could resist? Shows that you can live through vicariously are some of the most addictive. The male equivalent to Sex in the City has often been said to be Entourage. Hard to argue when the concept is practically the same, just altered to fit the opposite gender. Just about everyone, mostly guys, who has watched Entourage always enjoys it. Yeah, we all wish we could live in LA with our famous actor best friend. But, hey, watching episode after episode on HBO Go is the next best thing! Lastly, we have trap shows. These are the shows that, initially, catch your attention because they’re different. Before long, however, they spiral out of control because they become too different. Lost is a prime example. All of the Lost die-hards would probably beg to differ, but also admit that it’s at least partly true. Lost has so much symbolism, it makes F. Scott Fitzgerald look modest. Such in-your-face craziness brings Lost down. The concept started out fresh, but before long you get sick of being left confused about polar bears and smoke monsters. Some will argue differently, but you cannot deny the fact that the show did get a bit silly. When I saw smoke monsters, I checked out. Then again, I do watch True Blood, and that show is completely offkilter, so go figure.

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