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TEDXGREEK I am continually astounded when confronted with the intellectual Alpha Gamma Delta achievements of my Editor-in-Chief fellow Greek students. While sororities and Haley is a senior studying fraternities are labeled classical languages. You may contact her at as social organizations, t h e y a l s o a re f i l l e d with people who excel academically and use their organizations as a platform to help others succeed academically. On Friday, Jan. 24, I spent the day packed in Meacham with a bunch of smart people – a large majority of whom were in Greek organizations – watching the third annual TEDxOU. For those of you who don’t know what TEDxOU is, it is an independently organized outcropping of TED, a non-profit dedicated to holding conferences with speakers discussing “ideas worth sharing.” TEDxOU is OU’s version, planned specifically by OU students in order to discuss pressing issues in our community. One of our IFC brothers, Akash Patel – a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, was brave enough to share his nightmarish past as an illegal immigrant in order to highlight serious problems that immigrants face when seeking citizenship and a higher education. In an incredibly passionate, moving and eloquent speech, Akash used his experiences to communicate a little-known, but vitally important flaw in our immigration system and everyone in the audience was captivated. Patel valiantly represented others like himself who have struggled through the


nation’s inefficient immigration system and loopholes and focused our attention on the problems with this system. He also demonstrated the importance of maintaining diversity, of all types, within our organizations. His opening quip was a joke about how it didn’t make sense to his brothers that he used to be an illegal immigrant because he wasn’t Mexican, which further highlights the need of the Greek community to focus on diversification and eliminating stereotypes. One of Patel’s fraternity brothers, sophomore Taylor Lapham, said, “it was so impressive to me to see any member of the Greek community, much less one of my own brothers, have the intellectual fortitude and courage to tell his story to the world and use it as a platform to not only discuss important ideas, but also to make a real, concrete difference in the community.” Patel has worked with organizations such as the Oklahoma legislature and the American Civil Liberties Union to broaden the programs offered to counsel illegal immigrant students about the resources available for continuing their education. He made it clear to everyone that hard-working, intelligent students should not be punished because of the inefficiency of the U.S. bureaucracy, especially since this population is at-risk of discrimination in the workplace and potential gang-related violence. I was so encouraged to see nearly two dozen of Patel’s fraternity brothers at TEDxOU, there to learn from him and support him. The members of Pi Kappa Phi who attended were determined to open their minds to diversity and open their hearts to the struggles and mission of a fraternity brother. We can all take a great lesson from these guys. Diversity is essential to upholding the values set forth by our founders and. at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than supporting our brothers and sisters when they’re chasing a goal that comes from the heart.


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What started as a typical Wednesday on Jan. 22, quickly turned to mayhem when what sounded like a gunshot went off near Gould Hall minutes after 11:20 a.m. With a Purdue campus shooting occurring the day before and a sound similar to a firearm, those within earshot immediately assumed the worst – a shooter on campus. At the time, I was walking from Gould Hall to my next class, right next door in Gaylord. After stepping outside, a faculty member was wildly waving his folders and ushering students along, encouraging us to run and get inside. I did not take him seriously until two policemen with assault rifles ran past me into the building I had just exited two seconds earlier. A good portion of students and faculty immediately went into the intruder drill mode that we remember and love from our primary school days – doors locked, lights out, stay away from the windows. Others continued to wander South Oval, clueless, not finding the swarm of police cars and big guns alarming or out of place. But I was in Gaylord Hall, the hub of on-campus news reporting and broadcasting. Hordes of communication students saw their chance to start their careers off with a bang. While most students aware of what was happening did their best to find a safe place nearby, Gaylord reporters were eager to be on the scene, reporting live on a possible campus shooting. The third floor of Gaylord provided an aerial view of officers strategically running around with some impressive looking guns (staying


away from the windows was not as well enforced). Soon after, SWAT teams joined the ranks, bringing a whole new level of panic Chi Omega to onlookers. It was social media Annie is a sophomore studying that really took this day to the next level of p ro f e s s i o n a l w r i t i n g a n d hysteria. The noise that international studies. You may had gone off, while eerily contact her at similar to a gunshot, was a construction equipment backfire. That one pop escalated to so much more in the fearful minds of everyone on Twitter and GroupMe. What started as a simple machine malfunction led to rumors of an unknown gunman running rampant, two dead and a hostage in their grasp. Rumors continued to snowball, with fear of a second shooter in Adams. I don’t know about the rest of the GroupMe users or group texters, but between my internship message chain and that of my pledge class, as well as personal friend group texts, I was getting a new story of what was supposedly going on every two seconds. While what turned out to be a construction equipment backfire caused much more panic than expected, everyone seemed to agree that the response time of the authorities was impressive and one of the few comforting things that had happened that day. The other was President David Boren arriving as one of the first responders. One of the rumors even said he rushed to the scene of the crime with an AK47, declaring, “Not on my campus!” Social media definitely keeps it interesting. So that’s what happened, the day OU now commemorates as “the backfire heard around the world.”



“People are dying and we’re cutting out scraps of paper. What is life?” one kid said.

The morning of the school shooting started like any other. I jumped into a loaded elevator in the art building at Kappa Alpha Theta 9:30 a.m., scrambling to make it to my two-dimensional art Emily is a junior studying tutorial. I was in the middle of professional writing. You may cutting out a flamingo when contact her at a boy across from me said something. I couldn’t hear it over the music blaring in my ear. Then everyone in the classroom started babbling. I looked up. People’s mouths were hanging open. Everyone looked shocked. I pulled an ear bud out.


“I’m sorry, what did you say?” I asked. “There was a shooting on campus,” he said. His words were surreal paired with the upbeat folk music in my ear. “These are the days I wish I brought my Taser to class,” a girl across the table said. She wore a taught bun on the top of her head and she remained intently focused on her precision cutting. Art deco Jennifer Aniston stood up and shut the door. “The door only locks from the outside so…” A boy spoke up. “Should we barricade it?” Nobody stopped talking. Rumors started flying. “They say there are two shooters.” “A hostage too.” “Now it’s in Adams.” “Two are dead.” The door flings open. We all jump. It’s a boy returning from a bathroom visit. “Did you guys hear about the shooting?” he asked frantically. We all laughed, nervous and relieved and annoyed. We stayed in lockdown in the art room for two hours. Morbid conversation eventually gave way to humor and small talk. We rearranged our collages over and over again.

Eventually, a tall woman with a Russian accent flung open our door. “All is clear. Stay away from Gould, but you can leave.” I walked out of the art building. I was surprised by the amount of people milling around. Instead of avoiding eye contact with fellow students on the sidewalk, everyone was clumping together like oatmeal. People were clinging to anyone remotely familiar. I was in this flurry when I notice the sound of heavy steps behind me. In the corner of my eye, I saw a trench coat. I tense up a little since trench coats are notoriously linked to streakers, shooters and generally nefarious behavior. I turn around to check my back a little too skittishly. It was just a guy wearing a heavy coat. He chuckled at my frenzied double take. “A little jumpy?” he asked. “Yeah, sorry. I thought you were a felon.” He laughed. “I’m glad I’m not.” “Do you know what’s going on?” “Last I heard, they think the whole thing was a false alarm. Construction equipment backfired and sounded like gun shots.” “Are you serious?” I asked. “I just got set free from lockdown. My whole family is panicked. My mom’s in Baltimore and it’s all over the news, there. If it’s fake, the whole country is going to think we’re idiots.” “Well it’s better that than the alternative.” We reached the end of the sidewalk. “Have a good day and stay safe,” he said. Yeah. You, too.” Trench Coat turned out to be my sagacious guide through the roller coaster of emotions that day. I was so relieved that none of the rumors were true. But I was also embarrassed that our false alarm went national. And then I was happy. The transformation of the OU community before and after the shooting was tangible, campus wide. Before the lockdown, everyone stayed as isolated as possible. The more engaged we were with our phones, the better. Afterwards, everyone pulled together. This is not an unusual phenomenon in the face of adversity, but it was cool to see it unfold, firsthand. Trench Coat was right. I’d rather have 1,000 false alarms rather than the alternative. Even though it caused utter chaos, I’m glad for it. We got the opportunity to band together as a school.


greek life traditions

GREEK INVOLVEMENT AROUND CAMPUS While there are many different sorority and fraternity chapters on campus, if you take a look at all of the different organizations at OU, you’ll see members from these different chapters coming together with other OU students to help all of these organizations grow and stay successful.


Morgan is a sophomore studying public relations. You may contact her at

Just look at Campus Activities Council, better known as CAC. If you’re not familiar with CAC, it’s the programming branch of OU’s Student Government Association that presents campus-wide events and traditions for all students. Whether it’s Howdy Week, Homecoming, University Sing, Soonerthon, Speakers Bureau or Mom’s Day, the Greek involvement on all executive committees for each of the CAC events seems to be at an all time high. CAC’s Winter Welcome Week was recently a huge success and was made possible only because the exec team worked so hard to plan everything. Did I mention that there was even an ice rink on campus to end the week? Many members of this year’s Winter Welcome Week exec team came from various Greek chapters. Without the extraordinary amount of time and help each member of the exec team put into planning, Winter Welcome Week would not have been nearly as successful as it was.

The OU campus has many other activities to choose when you’re exploring what to get involved with. Something of a tradition within the Greek community is the large number of Camp Crimson Small Group leaders (also known as SGL’s) who are selected to take part in making the first OU experience of incoming freshmen the best it can possibly be. Most incoming freshman choose to attend one of the sessions of Camp Crimson the summer before their freshman year. If you attended Camp Crimson, you know that this is a great time to make lasting friendships with the many people you meet, including your SGLs. Holding the position of an SGL is not only about being responsible for campers throughout the week of Camp Crimson, SGLs also mentor campers throughout their time at OU. Your SGL is there to help you, whatever the circumstance, and that is very comforting when beginning a new chapter in life. Although Greek affiliations are kept private during Camp Crimson, it’s another great time for those involved in Greek life to make friends outside of their chapter. You can also find members of Greek chapters at OU working at various locations on campus. You might might find them working anywhere from Gaylord College, the library or the bookstore to your favorite boutique or restaurant on Campus Corner. Greek involvement on campus is overflowing. It’s great to know that Greek involvement around campus is so high and continues to grow. We all love being a part of our individual chapters, but it’s always fun to experience something new outside of your sorority or fraternity while making new friends, Greek or not, and coming together to make OU the best university out there.

ALUMNI INTERACTION Your undergrad years only last four, five, six or maybe seven years (if you’re Van Wilder). When you finally get to walk across the stage and are handed your diploma, you will become an alumni of not just the University of Oklahoma, but of your Greek organization, as well. The alumni of our fraternities are some of the most important resources that we have the opportunity to utilize. They have the time, connections, sometimes the money and the drive to help us become as successful as they are. As undergrads, we have lots of time and energy to help our chapters, but little money. Recently graduated alumni still have lots of energy to help, but not a lot of time and they still don’t have a lot of money to throw the chapter’s way. Their love for the chapter doesn’t die after they become alumni, but it will take a back seat for a few years. Other things become priorities in their lives. They’ve got an adult job, they’ve probably moved away from Norman, or gotten married and popped out a few kids already. They won’t think about the chapter every day like we still do. With that in mind, be patient with these guys. Don’t hit them up for money. Instead, ask for advice and see if they can spare a weekend to help out with recruitment. Eventually, these young bucks will become old, uh, seasoned alumni. Their lives will have calmed down and they will have more time to invest back into the chapter. Their kids will be about college age and you’ll give them a bid. Gotta love that legacy status thing, right? Having their kid in the chapter will help pull their attention back. Hopefully, they’ll have lots of

money, now, but this is not an invitation to ask for a blank check. Ask them to sponsor projects or events, instead of Phi Kappa Psi coming off as just wanting Jeff is a sophomore studying to pad the chapter ’s bank political science. You may contact account. Alumni would him at rather know what they are investing in and see it benefit the chapter, so come up with a business proposal. You don’t want to burn any bridges with your alumni by conning them out of cash, because you’ll want them to continue donating in the future.


The silver-haired alumni probably have more free time, especially if they are retired. They are probably the leaders of your Alumni Association, Housing Corporation or even the chapter advisor. Their collective wisdom will help guide your chapter and keep the actives from making the same mistakes that they did back in the day. Seriously though, listen to these guys because they are a great resource. They haven’t made it to the golden years without learning a thing or two. Your alumni are not evil, minus a handful of regretful initiations. Treat them with respect, but still try and get to know them because they are your brothers. They are kind of like that cool uncle who gives you stuff, if your uncle could donate thousands of dollars and get you internships. At times, they may seem like hard asses, telling you to follow the rules and yelling at you when you get in trouble, but they remember when they were undergrads. Some would argue that it was a better time, when the drinking age was eighteen and gas was a dollar. Stay in touch with your alumni and let them know what the chapter is up to each month. Send out a newsletter to your alumni to keep them informed and involved throughout the semester. You’ll be alumni sooner than you think, so treat your alumni with respect because they are the key to making a good chapter great.

greek life traditions


SIX REASONS HOUSE MOMS ARE THE GREATEST 1. Like family. If you’re like me, leaving your mom at home when you went off to college was no easy task. But that’s why having a mom away from home can serve as the biggest blessing. Moms are the greatest and the only thing better than having one is having two!


I thought I was doomed, but all of the sudden my House Mom showed up to save the day. After already trying a million different anti-nausea medicines, I didn’t think anything would do the trick. But then she convinced me to drink aloe vera juice and, what do you know, I became a functional human again. I mean come on, who has even heard of aloe vera juice, let alone has a secret stash of it? House Moms do, that’s who. 4. Queen of responsibility. It has always amazed me that House Moms are able to manage a

Hannah is a junior studying house full of over 70 women so flawlessly. They are responsible for our wellbeing, as well as english. You may contact her at keeping up with the massive houses we live in. From finances to maintenance, these women

2. Constant support. If you’ve had the opportunity to live in your sorority house, you know how comforting it is to live with someone you can always go to for words of wisdom. Although we always have our sisters, it’s so supportive to get advice from someone who has already experienced most of the stuff you are going through. House Moms seem to have an answer for every problem imaginable. 3. Live in nurse. I can’t even count how many times I got sick while living in. Constantly being around so many people and sharing the same bathrooms and rooms, germs are sure to spread quickly. And I don’t think anyone misses their mom more than when they are sick. This is when House Moms serve as a great fill-in. They usually have a cabinet stocked with every kind of medicine available or know a home remedy for everything from a stomach ache to a mysterious rash. Finals week my sophomore year, I got the flu the day of my final. An hour before my test, I was still hugging the toilet while simultaneously having panic attacks about missing my exam.

are able to keep everything in tip-top shape without even breaking a sweat. I can’t imagine a more stressful job, yet they seem to do it with such ease.

5. Driver. She drives you to class when it’s raining. Nothing’s worse than trekking to class in a torrential downpour. If you have the motivation to do that, then I’m pretty sure you can accomplish just about anything. But if you’re like me, rain is always the best excuse for a sick day. My House Mom would simply not allow this. Instead, she spent her entire day driving girls back and forth to class to ensure that they went, and stayed dry. If that’s not saintly, then I don’t know what is. 6. Baked goods. House Moms are the best bakers around. It’s like they were put on this planet to make delicious treats for starving college students. When you’re having a rough day or your mind has turned into complete mush from studying, nothing is better than your House Mom’s freshly baked cookies. Greek life would not be the same without these wonderful women. Their support and constant care serves as the glue that bonds our organizations together. So go hug your House Mom because she really is the greatest!

PROS AND CONS OF LIVING IN Move-in day. After a year of living in the decrepit dorms where the Alpha Omicron Pi elevators never worked, Kate is a sophomore studying you’ve made it to the big marketing. You may contact leagues, a year of living her at Kate.E.Jenkins-1@ with 60 or more girls in the sorority house and you are so ready. While some of your sisters in your pledge class had reasons for not living in, you’ve decided that not cooking or cleaning for yourself is probably the best way to go. There’s nothing like a good transition period that will help you with your transcendence into a mature adult.


Living in really is a great thing. You get to know the girls in your pledge class and you don’t have to worry about all the hidden overages that renting a place of your own brings. As a sophomore in college, having to deal with things like that really puts a damper on the college experience. You also have the ability to walk right down the hall into the study room in the house and you have access to computers, printing, textbooks and test files right at your finger tips. There is also the added plus that you get to know everyone’s business and all the house happenings. There aren’t many secrets in a house with so many women. While making memories living in-house is all a part of the classic sorority experience, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a place to myself where I don’t have to share a room, bathroom and privacy with 60 other girls. Living out of house definitely has it perks. You can constantly hang out at the house, which is the hub of your sorority’s existence on campus, and after you have maxed out you can go home to your own apartment and relax. Having fewer girls living in one space might turn out to be a better situation,

especially if you’re the type of person who prefers a quieter environment. Instead of 59 other roommates, you only have one or two. Also, not living in gives you the ability to live with those great friends who are in different sororities or who aren’t in one. I became extremely close with several girls who lived in my hall in the dorms and we seriously considered all living together. However, a chance to live in-house was too good to pass up, especially since we all wanted to get involved in our chapters. Most girls, however, just live their required year in the house and then leave to go on to more adult things, like living in a house or renting an apartment on their own. But what about those women who have to live in even after their required stay? Presidents, vice-presidents, house managers and new member educators usually have to live in until the completion of their term. That’s a big commitment. It’s another year of not being able to cook for yourself, have a glass of wine (if 21) during a movie night with your friends and another year without privacy you get when living alone. However, they do it because they believe in the betterment of a chapter and want to get to know everyone in the chapter. So kudos to you, girls. You’re one in a million, or more like four in 300. Even though having your own place has its perks, I encourage you to give living in some thought. You really do become closer to your pledge class and it is a great transition time from the dorms to renting your own place. My experience living in has been amazing. I have gotten to know so many more girls because of it. And with recruitment being at the beginning of fall semester, it really is more convenient to just live in the house. If you’re worried about the number of girls living in at once, don’t be. You all will have different schedules, so the only time you will be with all of them is during chapter and that’s only once a week. Whether you live in or not, just being able to have a place to call home is an amazing and unique experience that not everyone gets. So, enjoy it while you can!


debate & discuss

DRUG BUST OR DRUG BOOST? As an economics major, my classes often discuss the current economic issues, like public policies, Alpha Omicron Pi supply and demand, or more recently the economic Nicole is a junior studying effects of legalizing economics & religious studies. recreational marijuana in You may contact her at Colorado. This debate has been going on for many years and while federal law still prohibits the medicinal use of this drug, over twenty states have authorized their doctors to prescribe medical cannabis. Just like any other medical prescription, there is a limit on the amount one can purchase in a certain length of time. But unlike other drugs, the FDA does not approve cannabis so patients will have to pay out of pocket to fill their prescription.

less tax dollars funding prisons.

While most states are only authorizing medicinal use of the drug, in January of this year Colorado became the first state to open recreational dispensaries for those over the age of 21. Like any other commodity, the sell of marijuana is taxed; but unlike other commodities, it has a tax of 25% plus the usual state tax of 2.9%. With the amount of marijuana a state resident can buy costing around $250, the taxes the state are receiving will boost the economy. The state expects nearly $67 million in marijuana revenue to be distributed among the state budget in the upcoming year, with almost a third of it going to public schools.

Alcohol providers are also concerned that the sale of weed will decrease their sale of alcoholic beverages as some studies have determined the two to be substitutes for each other. The state of Colorado also worries that the black market for the drug will see an increase as consumers attempt to cut costs by avoiding the 25% state tax. The state only authorizes dispensaries with a license to sell marijuana and worries that the black market will provide to minors.


There is also a tax cut for current residents who do not partake in the drug. Pot has been decriminalized for those between 18 and 21. Colorado will charge monetary fines to those smoking underage, but it will cut out the jail time, which means fewer people in jail and

Entrepreneurship has also seen a boom in Colorado as dispensaries are opening up to meet the high demand for marijuana. Many of the recreational dispensaries nearly doubled their prices for an ounce (the largest quantity a state resident can purchase) on January 1 because the demand for the product on its first day of legalization allowed such a sale to be made. There is also a prediction that Colorado tourism will see a boost in the upcoming year as many from other states flock to this region. The revenue from these tourists will also help the state economy. While the numbers don’t lie that the legalization of this drug will provide a large sum of money to the state economy, there are also many problems that can be found with legalization. As with other drugs like alcohol, driving under the influence is a danger to the individual and other drivers on the road. There is also the potential of selling to minors and those from other states. Many from Kansas have worried that the influx of those traveling through will be carrying pot through their state (which has not legalized the medical use of the drug).

There are many concerns with this experiment of the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, but the evidence that their economy will see a boost in the upcoming year cannot be denied. The question remains: do the benefits of legalization outweigh the potential harm?

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS YOU SHOULD KEEP Just checking in. How many of you have stuck with the resolutions you made in January? As a college students, Alpha Chi Omega the beginning of spring Mary is a junior studying English semester usually finds as literature. You may contact her at at a crossroads. Dreaded emails about required reading come pouring in, the word “syllabus” becomes a staple in everyday conversation and there is an obligatory logging out of the Netflix account in exchange for a logging into D2L. All members of the OU campus, students and professors alike, let out a collective sigh and put their noses back to the grindstone. And here’s the crossroads: you can either abandon the resolutions you enthusiastically made on New Year’s, eve surrounded by your best friends, or you can be a trooper and stick them out.


I’m here to tell you which resolutions you should actually keep or, perhaps, the resolutions you hadn’t thought about making at all. Just because it’s February doesn’t mean you can’t start making (or keeping) resolutions now. It’s never too late to make yourself a better person! Get fit. I rolled my eyes when I typed those two words, but I must, begrudgingly, advocate fitness. Coming from the girl whose exercise mostly consists of walking to and from class at a semi-brisk pace, it’s important to exercise regularly. Don’t interpret this as “lose 50 pounds and look like Adriana Lima” because guess what? That’s impossible. I’m saying you need a friend to hold you accountable for going to the Huff or even taking a walk. Get someone who loves you enough to actually drag you out of bed, if necessary (definitely necessary for me). Read more. Sorry if my English major is showing, but I can’t tell you how important it is to read something other than your chemistry book. Not only does reading create a certain escape from school stress that won’t have you simply drooling at your computer screen whilst following the lives of teenagers on Friday Night Lights, but the effects of reading are fantastic. The more you read, the better you write and the better the vocabulary you accrue.

See what I did there? I use the word “transcendent” on a regular basis, now. Thanks, books!! Call your family often. I can promise you that not calling your beloved gramps or crazy aunt will be one thing you’ll regret later in life. Even though you’ve heard it a million times, they were your age once, too. They’re actually like, smart and stuff. The advice and general camaraderie you receive from friends is great, but take some time out of your week to call the people who know you best. Indulge yourself. This one might seem a little counterproductive, but life is full of contradictions, so just go with it. Allow yourself some rewards. I’m quite fond of the phrase, “work hard, play hard.” If you have a particularly stressful week or you do well on a killer exam, go to BJ’s and eat a pizookie. Go sing karaoke with your friends, buy some shoes or just sleep for 12 solid hours. You’ll feel refreshed the next day and you’ve earned it! Don’t forget to treat yourself correctly. Volunteer. Find a particular organization you’re passionate about – maybe they help abandoned animals, tutor little kids or assist the elderly. Become a part of something bigger than yourself because that’s when things are really put into perspective. There’s a certain kind of self-fulfillment that only comes from helping others. Say ‘yes’ more. Stop making excuses for why you can’t do something. If you box yourself in, you’ll fall into the awful pattern of existing rather than actually living. Sorry to sound like a hippie, but life is so much better when you play an active role in your own experiences. Get into the habit of asking, “Why not?” instead of, “Why should I?” Go to a party, apply for an internship or study abroad even if it means you’ll have some ominous student loan debt. As we all learned from A Cinderella Story, you should never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. You’re only young for a little while. I advocate the mentality that the New Year works as a get-out-of-jail-free card. Get into that indulgent mindset that the new four digit number at the top of your papers translates into a clean slate and use my handy resolutions as a guide to a tremendously remarkable year. The 2013 you was fantastic, I’m sure, but you’ve gotta believe that the 2014 you is going to be even better.


INTERVIEW TIPS 1. Dress the part. I once showed up to an interview for a school club in Chacos, t-shirt and shorts. I figured Delta Gamma there was no way they Aimee is a freshman studying would care! Wrong. No broadcasting & electronic matter what you interview media. You may contact her at for, dress appropriately. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed! It shows that you are organized and handle yourself well.


2. Hygiene. Ladies and, especially, gents – for heaven’s sake, shower! You will not stand a chance if you stumble into an interview with makeup from yesterday and your hair out of sorts. And don’t forget to brush. Nothing is more distracting then talking to someone who has a piece lettuce stuck in their teeth. Your potential employer will be too busy trying to identify the little green thing stuck between your incisors to listen to you talk about your qualifications.


4. Make sure you know What you are interviewing for. You would be surprised by the number of people who apply for anything and everything. Some people even get the companies and positions mixed up. 5. Body language. Smile! Be polite and try not to let your nervousness show. Be sure to shake hands at the beginning and end of an interview. It is the polite greeting in the business world. Try not to cross your arms. Crossing your arms can signal that you are self-conscious and uncomfortable. To appear confident, keep your body language open, smile, make eye contact and keep your attention focused on your interviewer. 6. Research the position you are applying for as well as the company. That way you can highlight qualities you have that they may be looking for. Be prepared to answer questions such as, “Why do you want to be part of our company?” and “What are you looking to accomplish while working for us?” 7. Stay positive. Nobody likes a pessimist. Show your potential employer that you have a good attitude. Even if you do not get the job, remain positive and apply for another. Sometimes, it is not meant to be. Do not let it get to you!

3. Ask questions! Asking questions shows that you are actively listening and interested in the position you are applying for!

MANAGING MULTIPLE INTERNSHIPS They say time management is important in college. However, when you have become successful at managing your time in both college classes and Greek life, it’s time to take the next step. In today’s job market, it is important to stand out to employers. What better way than listing multiple internships? It’s possible, and actually pretty easy, to have multiple internships at the same time if you obey the following tips. Do not schedule your classes every day Try to time your classes only a couple days a week. For me, the 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. class schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays has worked the best. We went to school all day in high school, so why not continue that trend in college? After all, we are going to have to go back to these hours after we graduate. Although it interferes with nap time, use the rest of your week to intern. Be present When you are being pulled several different ways, it is easy to become overwhelmed by your workload. Instead of stressing about the next thing on your to-do list, make sure you do the work you are supposed to be doing at the time you need to do it. For example, train yourself to only think about classwork when you are at home and only check your internship email while at your internship. Utilize your iCalendar For all those who use Apple products (which is most of us), iCalendar is a lifesaver. Use

iCloud to put your schedule on all your devices. In my experience, you may not always have your agenda with you, but it is pretty much Pi Beta Phi guaranteed you will have your phone. Schedule everything, Dea is a junior studying public even your social life, to ensure relations. You may contact her at you will not forget something important. I like to set up alerts two hours before each of my events in case I need to complete a forgotten task at the last minute.


Get some sleep Many college students ignore the importance of sleep. Running on less sleep makes you less productive, more susceptible to oversleeping, more likely to develop unhealthy caffeine habits and, the worst, accidentally sleeping in class or at work. Going to bed at 8 p.m. may seem pretty lame at the time, but your body will thank you when you are awake and alert early in the morning. Give everyone a heads up Make sure to be upfront with your friends, employers and professors about how much you have on your plate. Not only will they be impressed by your motivation and drive, but they will understand, and even help you out, if you get overwhelmed. Your weekends are yours After a long week of being pulled so many ways, doing nothing but relaxing on the weekends is okay. Don’t even think about how long your next week is going to be or check your email because, honestly, it can wait. If you do this, you will be refreshed and rejuvenated for the week ahead. Everyone needs a little break! Having several internships at one time really isn’t hard if you manage your time. Good luck!


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I’M FINE. HOW ARE YOU? We say it when we see someone we know, even if it’s just in passing. We say it to people we don’t know. We say it so casually, it has simply become an extended “hello” and no one expects the truth. “How are you?” Well, we are all just fine. We’re good. We’re doing well. Aren’t we? A couple years ago, I spent some time in different places around Denmark. I was expecting a huge language barrier, but almost everyone is fluent in English. I had no problem walking around downtown Århus with my other American friend to shop, eat and explore. We came across this tiny shop off of one of the main streets and decided to check it out. It was a small store full of little trinkets that were from different places around the world. It was a little gem to tourists, I’m sure. There was only one employee behind the counter, and we weren’t greeted when we walked it. We browsed and when we found what we wanted, we, of course, headed over to the register to pay.

“Hi, how are you?” I said. He smiled at me. Maybe even gave a light chuckle.


“When Americans ask that, do they really want to know the answer?” he said.

Sarah is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her at

Gamma Phi Beta

I was like a deer in headlights. I honestly had never given a second thought to asking people how they are doing. Whether it was because I didn’t care or because I never honestly answered the question myself, I didn’t know. I can’t even remembered how I answered him, but I assure you it was embarrassing, and I tried to laugh it off when he told me that he wasn’t great because he had to be working. Why do we say it so casually, like it’s a greeting? To most people, it seems like we are lying and being superficial. Of course, we ask people when we do care and are genuinely interested, but do you really mean it when you are in line at Target and finally reach the cashier? We all try to be positive and so we always tell people we are fine, good or even great. It’s okay to be optimistic, but it’s okay to be honest too. More importantly, instead of mindlessly asking people how they are, we should really listen.

fashion trends


This casual look can easily be carried into spring. To transition your boots into spring, invest in a tan or neutral colored pair of ankle boots so they can compliment spring colors. You can wear them with pastels or bright spring clothing. Colored pants or colored skirts would do nicely.

Boots are a staple for every woman’s wardrobe. They can dress up or bring edginess to any outfit. Over the years, boots have evolved, tremendously. From tan suede slouchy boots to riding boots, and even to over the knee boots, I thought I had seen it all. But, I was wrong. Ankle boots, affectionately called “booties,” have been around for a while, but have only become trendy in the past year. I didn’t know how to feel about ankle boots. They can disrupt the flow of an outfit and make the leg appear short and choppy. However, recent ankle boot styles have been much more flattering and easier to pull off. Boots are typically a fall or winter wardrobe staple. The wonderful thing about ankle boots is their versatility. Not only are these boots great for fall and winter, they can be transitioned into spring as well. The ankle boot trend I love most is the high-heeled ankle boot. Typically, the heels are very short, only 2 ½ inches or less. I love this about ankle boots because they are not impossible to walk in and they’re comfortable. They can be dressed up or down, as well. To dress up a high-heeled bootie, look for a black suede or dark neutral color boot. Pair these with leggings and a skirt or dress and you have yourself a spunky, yet chic, fancier outfit. Some booties do come with a higher heel and these shoes look fabulous with a dress and a winter coat. For a more casual look, I recommend pairing ankle boots with cigarette style jeans or slim fitting skinny pants.



Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kathryn is a freshman studying public relations. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

The next style trend of ankle boots is the combat boot. I have yet to invest in a pair myself, but I have seen so many people pull them off that I just might have to! At first, I was hesitant about combat boots. All I could see were chunky leather bricks that were supposed to be fashionable. I saw them as punky and goth. I’ve learned that the secret to rocking combat boots is all in the complimenting outfit. You do not have to wear all black or channel a goth vibe to pull these off. Wear them with jeans and a feminine or unique top and you are already so ‘rocker chic’. If you dare, nothing goes better with combat boots than leather pants. Don’t let the tough girl bootie scare you off because it can be extremely fashion forward if executed the right way even by the every day girl. Every year, I am disappointed to say goodbye to boots as the seasons change. Thankfully, ankle boots have come into the world to save us from that very separation. They are a lot easier to pull of than you might think. Just wear them with some of the recommended outfits, plus a little confidence, and you are sure not to get any boos about your booties.

STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY IN COLLEGE During the first semester of college, the “freshman 15” can become a harsh reality for students who are struggling to maintain a healthy diet. Chi Omega Molly is a freshman As second semester begins studying pre-nursing. and spring break approaches, Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t it’s time to face the reality that college can make you unhealthy if you don’t eat well and exercise. Recovering from a semester full of junk food can be fun and easy if you develop the right eating habits and establish a regular exercise routine. The sooner the better!


Remaining healthy and avoiding weight gain is much easier if you have people to help keep you accountable, so find a group of friends with the same health goals and start the semester off on a good foot. Go grocery shopping together with a list of healthy snacks to fuel you through every hectic college day. Norman has great organic food store options, such as Target, Sprouts, and The Earth’s grocery store. Be sure to fill your list with super foods that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to help you study well. Avoid processed snack foods like potato chips and candy bars. Consider investing in a NutriBullet smoothie maker, which is perfect for a dorm and can be used to make great meal replacement smoothies you can take to class. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle wherever you go. Staying hydrated is just as important as eating well. Terrific healthy snack foods include turkey, blueberries, raspberries, oranges, Laughing Cow cheese, almond butter, apples and Chobani Greek yogurt. The list of healthy snacks is endless; just be sure to try all different kinds of snacks to find your favorites. Use these healthy snacks to replace the bad ones and you’re well on your way to becoming a much healthier and happier college student. It’s also important to take advantage of the “fitter food” options here at OU. Some of the best places on campus are The Laughing Tomato, Roscoe’s and Xcetera. The Laughing Tomato has a selection of fruit every day and provides great lunch and dinner options for in-between classes that

won’t have you regretting what you ate afterwards. Roscoe’s is the best for breakfast. The oatmeal, a banana and peanut butter and orange juice will keep you wide awake during your first class. They also have a great selection of bagels if you want to grab breakfast on the go. Xcetera is by far the best option for healthy eating on campus. You’ll have to use points, but it’s definitely worth it to try some of their pasta salad. Xcetera also carries Amy’s meals, which are organic and taste incredible. You can even indulge in Starbuck’s! Ask for your drink to be “skinny”, meaning that it will contain sugar free syrup, nonfat milk and no whip. If you feel like getting off campus for food, Chuy’s, The Earth, and Zoe’s Kitchen are some of the best options with the most variety. The Earth is in campus corner, and it’s great to walk there after class or a workout to grab a smoothie and relax. Be sure to eat your largest meal at breakfast, a medium sized meal at lunch and the smallest meal at dinner. Your body will not be able to burn as much fat while you sleep, so be certain to avoid those late night pizzas. Now that you’ve started eating healthy, start a regular exercise routine, if you don’t already have one. You don’t have to suffer hours in the gym in quest of the perfect body. If you are eating clean and healthy foods, maintaining your shape and staying healthy should not be difficultl. Working out relieves a lot of stress and releases positive endorphins that you can’t get anywhere else than from a great workout. Run around campus once a day or visit the Huff. Your options are endless. For a low price, you can even join the Health Club in Norman, about ten minutes from campus, and go to their Zumba classes or enjoy their Jacuzzi spa after a hard workout. By eating healthy foods and exercising in moderation, college students can more easily manage the work load of school and develop more endurance for physical and emotional strain. Put down the donuts and cheesy bread and pick up a healthier option. You won’t regret it in the long run! You’ll be less likely to get sick and you’ll be able to power through the harder days because you take care of your body. Pick up your Camelback, put on your Nikes, and begin a the new semester as a healthy and happy college student.


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In the gym world, there are exercises that everyone loves to do. Who doesn’t love working their biceps or really getting Lambda Chi Alpha into a good chest workout? But Eric is a junior studying there are also the exercises that chemical biosciences. You may contact him at everyone hates. The boring, tiring, painful, monotonous excuse for fitness called cardio. Cardio can take many forms and they are all, generally, boring and painful. However, I’ll focus on running for this.


There are a few things you can do to make this waste of time more bearable. Cardio is different from other exercises in some important ways. When you’re at the bench, you have a concrete goal. You’ve got the weight, you’ve got a number of repetitions you’re trying to reach and you can strive for it. When you run it’s basically just “Do this strenuous activity until it hurts and then…keep going!” Oh, you have a cramp? Dang, try running some more! Finally, ran two miles? Great, now run back. In all the other fitness activities, if something is actually hurting that’s the time to stop. When running, however, just suck it up! Notice, I’m not talking about pain, like a cramp in your side or your shoulders killing you on the incline. I just mean being sore.

Another general problem with running is that it is also, quite possibly, the most boring activity on the face of the planet. It’s just completing the same repetitive motion over and over again for a length of time. The best thing you can do to make this more bearable is to bring an iPhone (because who has an iPod anymore?) and play some music. If you’re a guy, whatever you do, please do not wear those tiny little running shorts. This is not the 1980s and you are not a girl. Also, I’ve heard that some runners shave their legs to reduce friction? Except for those who are running for OU or at the Olympics, it really just sounds more like your looking for an excuse to shave your legs. Another, quick tip for the guys beginning a jogging routine: if you are not yet in shape and are running outside, please don’t take off your shirt. It’s not a pretty picture. The reasons we still have to do it are vast, yet barely enough to motivate one to ever run. Yes, running is a great way to condition and burn off fat. Yes, it’s a pretty efficient way to get abs and it tones up your legs better than any other workout. These reasons, alone, are enough to hit the jogging track. Also, I’d wager that running around sorority circle is probably an incentive to the more desperate joggers out there. In summation, running is something you have to do if you want a well-rounded workout and body. While it may be the most miserable part of anyone’s day, it is still a necessity if you are trying to get fit. So go out there and get to running. Don’t creep anyone out with unnecessarily short shorts and do your best to get into that spring break shape that is so annoyingly hard to achieve.

ENERGY DRINKS AND CAFFEINE There is a distinct difference between sports drinks and energy drinks. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade, Pi Kappa Phi provide the carbohydrates Ta y l o r i s a s o p h o m o r e our bodies need to break studying health and exercise down into glucose and use as science. You may contact him at energy for everything from daily activities to an intense workout. They also provide minerals and electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium which help initiate muscle contraction and other physical processes.


Energy drinks tend to use high amounts of stimulants, such as caffeine, to drive your brain into overdrive. The irony is that, physiologically, energy drinks don’t provide energy at all. Your body creates the energy you use, to move and think, from glucose. Without any real nutrients present to give you glucose, all energy drinks do is put further stress on your brain and body to perform past the point that it reasonably should. Both styles of drinks are generally unregulated by the FDA. This means that these manufacturers can put anything they want in these drinks. What’s even worse, they can include ingredients that are the worst for you in what they call their proprietary blend – a secret formula of sorts. In this way, they can hide some of the ingredients and their amounts. One of the numbers I see hidden, most frequently, is the amount of caffeine in an energy drink. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that works by binding to receptors in the brain that would normally accept adenosine, but not activating them. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter produced by the body that suppresses neural activity when it properly binds, working as part of our sleep cycle. Because caffeine binds to these sites that adenosine would normally bind, it is a competitive inhibitor and blocks adenosine from making us sleepy. Although caffeine has been found to improve memory in small amounts, and has other health benefits related to its

antioxidant content, it is a powerful drug that should be respected and taken in moderation. Despite the fact that many energy drink companies hide the amount of caffeine in their drinks, many of them have reasonable amounts. A 16 oz. (grande) cup of Pike’s Place roast coffee from Starbuck’s contains 330mg of caffeine, while a 16 oz. can of regular Red Bull or NOS contains only 160 mg. Many other drinks from these companies contain higher amounts, such as NOS Loaded Cherry and Charged Citrus – each at 260 mg of caffeiine. The caffeine, however, isn’t the primary issue with energy drinks. Despite these numbers, I would still recommend taking the coffee over the energy drink. One of the biggest concerns with energy drinks is sugar content. While the 16 oz. (grande) Starbuck’s drink has no sugar, the same sized bottle of NOS contains 54 grams of sugar. The simple sugars in energy drinks will give you a buzz for about an hour, followed by a mental and physical crash in which you would likely experience fatigue and a headache. This is more properly known as reactive hypoglycemia in which there is a sizable spike in blood glucose which causes increased insulin secretion and, in turn, rapid intake of glucose by the tissues in the body. While these may not be as severe for college aged people with a quick metabolism, consuming high amounts of sugar over time can lead to a number of health concerns, including weight gain and insulin resistance. When drinking either coffee or energy drinks, drink in moderation. In high amounts, both caffeine and sugar can cause health complications. The recommended daily caffeine limit is 400 mg, and as you can see by the numbers listed above, it is very easy to reach this number in a day. When you buy either coffee or an energy drink, get the small size and, if possible, portion it throughout the day. When you buy an energy drink, try to by the zero or diet version with lower amounts of sugar. It is fine to use these drinks in moderation to jump-start your brain in the morning, but if your body is telling you that it’s tired and ready to sleep, take the advice. While caffeine tricks the brain into staying awake longer, sleep is what really allows your body to repair mental and physical damage.

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BE A GOLD MEDAL FAN It’s about to be that exciting time when Americans have a global release of our competitive nature, extreme patriotism flirts with racism, and you actually have an excuse to watch TV at all times of the day. The 2014 Winter Olympics kick off this Friday evening with the lighting of the torch in Sochi, Russia.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nick is a junior studying journalism. You may contact him at

The Olympics are a timeless tradition, dating back as far as 875 B.C., as a time of athletic competition to please the Greek gods. In the present day, the Olympics are hosted every two years by a different country, and rotate between summer and winter games. This year’s games will feature the world’s greatest athletes from 90 nations competing in nearly 100 different events. The US will have around 200 competitors in Sochi, including standouts Shaun White, Bode Miller, JR Celski and the hands down winner of the 2014 Team USA Smoke-Show Contest, Gracie Gold. I’m not kidding, this girl is really hot and she just might match her last name with some new hardware from her figure-skating debut. If you’re not interested in sports, competition, or ice skaters, you may be asking, “Nick, why would I want to tune into the Olympics?” Well friend, there are several reasons. For starters, this is America. Our country is entering into the largest worldwide competition with nearly every other country on the planet, which makes this much bigger than athletics. It’s a representation


of America’s people, our hard work ethic and our strong will to annihilate every competitor we face. If you can’t get behind Team USA, you should probably question your citizenship in this country. So you throw on your red, white, and blue and dive into the Olympic games and it isn’t long before you get to an event like curling that makes you question your involvement as a fan. Enter alcohol. Yes, the Olympics set viewers up for drinking games that rival the likes of our Oklahoma tornado season. My personal favorite is starting with a bang during the opening ceremonies. Drink every time a new country is introduced and take a shot if you can trace your ancestry back to it. By the time they get to the end of the alphabet, you’ll be feeling good enough to blare some Lee Greenwood and yell, “Freedom!”. There are multiple games for almost all of the events, so be sure to check them out online. By now, I’m guessing your question has evolved from “Why watch?” to “How can I get more?” There are a multitude of things Americans can do during the two weeks of the winter games to get in the spirit. I like to incorporate at least two of the three colors of Old Glory into my wardrobe each day of the games. If you don’t already, you should fly your American flag everyday. There are several great Olympic-themed films to check out including Miracle, Downhill Racer, and my personal favorite, Cool Runnings. I would also add Rocky IV to that list, if you’re trying to see how Americans perform when deep in the heart of Mother Russia. Get excited about these next few weeks. The Olympics have united the nations of the world for over 2000 years and engaging in them as a spectator can bring much joy and entertainment. Show some love for the young men and women representing America and get behind Team USA.


Having any withdrawals from the 2012 Olympic games? I am. The absolutely amazing London Olympic games were the highlight of the summer in 2012. Now that it’s 2014 and the Winter Olympic games start today, it brings back the nostalgia of the USA’s 104 medals.

Some of the most memorable moments in the past Olympics did not occur with Sooners. No one will forget the exceptional final performance of Michael Phelps or Serena William’s almost perfect tennis match.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very excited to see how our athletes will do in Sochi, but the London Olympics set pretty high standards to match. Although other countries dominate most of the Winter Olympics, Olympians like Shaun White will definitely make us proud to be Americans.

The silver lining about this time of year is that, as OU students, we can enjoy both summer and winter olympic sports, right now. Summer olympic sports such as tennis, wrestling and gymnastics will be going on this weekend at OU. Men’s gymnastics will have a meet with Stanford at McCasland Fieldhouse this Saturday at 5 p.m. Check out the team where both Dalton and Horton started their awesome collegiate careers.

More importantly, athletes here make us proud to be Sooners every day. Thirteen athletes from the University of Oklahoma went with Team USA to the London Olympics. That’s a pretty good number since only 10,500 Olympians were selected from the entire world. Two stars on the men’s gymnastics team for Team USA were Sooners, Jake Dalton and Jonathan Horton. Both have won their fair share of awards and medals, NCAA titles and All-American honors. Dalton is not finished as he plans to join the Olympic team again in Rio. The gymnastics team, here, should be making these two alums proud since both men’s and women’s gymnastics have peaked at number one in the NCAA rankings. Oklahoma wrestlers were also represented in London, in what could have been the final year for wrestling as an Olympic sport. Thankfully, it will continue to be part of the Olympics in years to come. Jared Frayer and Sam Hazewinkel both competed in the wrestling freestyle competition. Frayer serves as an assistant wrestling coach at OU and made his Olympic debut at the age of thirty-three! Maybe current OU wrestlers, like national champions Kendric Maple and Andrew Howe, can carry on this tradition of excellence.


Jennifer is a freshman studying journalism. You may contact her at

The men’s tennis team competes the next day at their facility. I don’t know a whole lot about their players, but a Roger Federer-esque competitor might be amongst them. Be sure and head down there at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday to see for yourself. And if you want to see OU wrestling’s last match before the Big 12 championship, there will be an epic rematch in Stillwater, Okla. OSU came down to Norman earlier this season and the Cowboys left without their number four ranking. The intense competition was won by the Sooners in the last match, finalizing a 16-15 victory. The OSU Cowboys will be out for blood against us in this rematch, but they also were in the Bedlam game this last season and look what happened there. Be sure and check out the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics tonight in Sochi, Russia to see if it will be anything like the 2008 opening from Beijing, China. The Winter Olympics run from now until February 23, so enjoy it while you can.


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THREE ANNOYING TRUTHS ABOUT BARS You’ve finally made it to the age of 21. All you have wanted to do since coming to college is go to the bars and now it’s finally within reach. Before you put on your best clothes and fill your bathroom with hairspray, let me hit you with some knowledge. Here are the three annoying truths about bars.


Maxwell is a junior studying broadcast & electronic media. You may contact him at

Bars are not the same as clubs. As you walk into a bar, you won’t see crazy lights and lasers. You will not see bartenders resembling models with ponytails, juggling bottles like a clown at the circus, or scores of men and women grinding on each other to the beat of your favorite house mix. Instead, what you will see are men and women standing around, talking, laughing and, possibly, awkwardly making out in front of others. Yes this is all fun and I love going to the bars. However, some will expect to rock out like Van Halen and dance the night away. Bathrooms. Sorry Travolta, the only fever you’ll be getting this Saturday night will be from our next topic, the bathrooms. Imagine the bathroom from the first Saw

movie. Rusty walls, wet floor and two guys chained up with blood all over them. Subtract the two guys and the creepy puppet, Jigsaw, on a tricycle and you’ve got a typical bar bathroom. In addition to the poor quality of the bathroom, it doesn’t help that the bar could be so overcrowded that walking out of the bathroom door is like exiting the limousine at the Golden Globes. Ryan Seacrest has a microphone in your face asking who you’re wearing as well as how relaxing your pee was. Unbelievably long lines. Remember how I mentioned earlier how everyone is standing around? Yeah well more than half of those people are simply standing in line to buy drinks. It’s like going to the grocery store at the first of the month, except these people are buying hard liquor with their food stamps. After you’re done with your first drink, you’ll be sober by the time you get the next, which in turn makes you have to buy more drinks, thus spending more money. It’s a complicated economic system we’ve got here, folks, and unless you plan on being a part of it, I would suggest showing up to the bar earlier or holding a good old pregame at your residence. Speaking of economics and money, how about those drink prices? These are the three annoying truths about the bars. The idea is not to sway you from joining your posse on Thursday night, but to simply make you aware. When going to the bars, please remember the unwritten fourth annoying truth: don’t have too much fun at the bars and end up behind bars.

PUB GOLF I’m gonna need to see your I.D., because this article is for those of you who are bar bound. My twenty-second birthday is today (cue Taylor Swift), so if you see me at the Delta Delta Delta bars on the weekend, feel free Alexandra is a senior to buy me a shot! studying professional writing. Last summer I went to You may contact her at Bricktown to play pub golf for a friend’s 21st birthday. In case you’ve never heard of pub golf, let me explain. · The object of pub golf is to end the game with the fewest points possible, like in real golf. · Each player has a score sheet. · Every game has a set number of rounds that will be played. · Every round is a different bar. · At each bar you have four possible score outcomes: bogey (4 points), par (3 points), birdie (2 points) or an eagle (1 point). · At every bar you complete each “hole” the best you can, even if it’s just a bogey. · Keep track of your score and at the end of the night tally them up to see who won. · Hazards: o +1 stroke – If you spill a drink o +2 strokes – If you go to the bathroom before the third round o +5 strokes – Cheating o +5 strokes – Throwing up o +7 strokes – Being denied a drink o +7 strokes – Falling asleep o +10 strokes – Being kicked out of a bar Now that you know the rules of the game, it’s time to set up the Campus Corner pub golf course. Remember to have Safe Ride vouchers or a designated driver ready for the end of the night. If you’re sober by the end of a game, you did something wrong. Pub golf is a lot of fun, especially for a 21st birthday. Just remember to know your limits. And if you’re making your own score sheet, be sure to include glasses of water on the score sheet. Since Campus Corner is so small and everything is close together, it’s the perfect place for


pub golf. And there’s food close by in case someone on your team is a drunk eater, or someone starts getting too drunk too fast. There’s always that one friend… As you can see, there is a lot of drinking involved in pub golf. While it can be fun, it’s also important to be safe. When I played I couldn’t even play past the fourth round. If you notice someone in your group is having a hard time, suggest they drink water or sodas the rest of the time. It’s supposed to be fun, not send anyone to the hospital.

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THE MUST WATCH INTERNATIONAL HIT SHOW Downton Abbey is a British period drama on PBS depicting the lives and dramas of the wealthy and noble Crawley family and their servants. The Alpha Chi Omega fictional television series also touches on events in the early Savannah is a junior studying professional writing. 20th century and how they You may contact her at affected the British aristocracy and its hierarchy. T h e C r a w l e y s re s i d e in Downton Abbey, their enormous and beautiful Yorkshire country house, where the lives of the servants downstairs are as complex and dramatic as the Crawleys’ lives. Highclere Castle was used, in film production, as Downton Abbey and it beautifully portrays the enormity of the fictional estate. The series focuses on both the powerful family and the servants in equal measure. Conditions downstairs can be treacherous. It is a dog eat dog world for servants where hierarchy is everything. Betrayal, romance, alliances and drama abound downstairs, in the secrecy and discreteness of the servant role. The plot lines of the servants’ lives are every bit as intriguing as those of the aristocratic family they serve. Robert Crawley is the Earl of Grantham (Lord Grantham) and the head of the Crawley family. He is married to Cora Crawley (Lady Grantham), an American heiress. Together, they have three daughters: Lady Mary Crawley, Lady Edith Crawley and Lady Sybil Crawley. The three girls are very different from and each has a complicated romantic life that transforms throughout the seasons. The family has a number of other members and close relations, including Violet


Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham and Lord Grantham’s mother. The wonderful Maggie Smith brings this character to life with sharp wit and tongue and provides comedic relief. The family and its reputation endures through scandal, tragedy and the trials of the times, but not without scars. Downton Abbey is currently in its fourth season and a fifth season is confirmed for 2015. It was originally aired in the United Kingdom and Ireland on ITV in September 2010 and later aired in January 2011 in the United States on PBS as part of the Masterpiece Classic anthology. It is widely popular and has received critical acclaim. The show has also scored numerous major awards and nominations, including a Golden Globe for Best Miniseries or Television Film, a primetime Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie and the most nominations in the history of the primetime Emmy awards of any international television series (twenty-seven nominations in total). Downton Abbey is also the most watched television series on both ITV and PBS, and thus became the most successful British costume drama series since 1981. By its third season, Downton Abbey was one of the most widely watched television drama shows in the world. I love Downton Abbey and recommend it to anyone. Three generations are represented in depth, making it relatable for all ages. This show is the perfect candidate for a surprisingly addictive series for college students. I am not necessarily the biggest fan of British dramas, but I am absolutely hooked on this show. There is drama, intrigue, suspense, romance, violence and everything else a gripping drama requires. The characters are rich and the story is intriguing and involved. Each episode (except premieres and finales) is an hour long with no commercials The plot lines are entertaining and provide a view of very different, yet intertwined, lifestyles. Even if you do not typically watch this type of show, I encourage you to give it a try (preferably from the beginning). Tune in Sundays at 8 p.m. central time to find out for yourself what all of the buzz is about!

EMPTY POCKETS DON’T MEAN EMPTY FUN A wise person once said money cannot buy you happiness, but it sure is more comfortable crying in a BMW than on a bicycle. Alpha Gamma Delta Despite how much I enjoy the Courtney is a senior studying public relations. fresh air, I can see why this You may contact her at statement has some truth. With fall graduations a thing of the past, and Christmas and the winter holidays well behind us, my bank account is definitely not feeling any love. Anyone else sympathize?


For a holiday with such humble roots celebrating the birth of Christ, it is a wonder how so much of that holiday has been greatly commercialized. I definitely celebrate and honor Jesus’ birth on Dec. 25 however I, too, am guilty of falling into the commercial flow and buying gifts. It is amazing how convincing advertising can be (my roommate is beaming right now #admajor). My main concern every semester is maintaining a budgeting system that allows me the funds to take care of what is absolutely necessary, like food, tuition and books, as well as money for play. But after fall graduation celebrations are over, and Christmas break well behind us, how can I start this new semester off and make the most on a low budget? Simple, it is called sacrifice. No, no, Courtney. I cannot sacrifice this semester! I have my social life with friends, that new cute sorority tee, not to mention those new, cute arrivals at BLUSH! And do not forget Starbuck’s. Think I would give those up? I know, I know. All of these seem crucial, but when your budget is looking a little sad, or having a melt-down, it is definitely time to re-evaluate what you really need to make your semester run smoothly. No, I am not condemning you to the most boring semester ever. I am, however, suggesting that you make the most of your semester by getting down to the skin and bones of what is really important to you! The best way I do this is by making a list. Call me old-fashioned, but grab a pen and paper and list everything you can anticipate: mandatory

sorority t-shirt purchases, books, tuition, sorority fees, money for date nights, etc. When you are aware of your expenses and have them laid out in concrete form, it is easier to check off and decide how much should be allocated to each category. After this, you can see how much you can reasonably allow per week. And here is where the sacrifice comes in. If I am invited to two different events one week, and I know I will likely spend more than my allotted amount, I chose which of the two events to go to. If your friends do not understand when you say you are budgeting or watching your funds, then you might want to re-evaluate the people you spend time with. Seriously think about where your money, needlessl,y goes. Just because your friends make Sonic runs often does not mean you always have to get something! Half the fun is just riding along! Save a couple bucks by saying no to a drink and tots. No one is going to judge you. Instead of paying for an $11 movie ticket at the Warren, consider adopting your home theater as the new location for movie night! Your own popcorn and drinks are a lot less expensive than going to the theater. Whether you are getting together with friends or going on dates, it is not necessarily what you do, or where you go, as much as it is about who you are with. Brainstorm fun things to do with friends that do not necessarily involve money, or that can be split. If you are really craving pizza, get your group to pitch in equally for a pizza movie night at home, or go to events on campus (there is always something happening). If your friends are going shopping and you want to join, go! There is no harm in going. You can make your appearance and stay for the ride, but it does not mean you have to buy the town. Focus your time on what is really valuable – friendships and relationships. Fun does not have to be money-based. Just because your pockets are empty does not mean your fun supply is empty, too! Check the UPB site for list of events around campus at Check the CAC site for list of events around campus at Check the Norman Welcome Center’s list of activities in Norman at


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Fuzzy’s queso, Chipotle’s guacamole and Bison Witches’ spinach and artichoke dip are some of my favorites that can be found around Norman. Chips and dip is one of the tastiest ways to start a meal, which has led me to share some easy recipes to make these dips at home. Chorizo mushroom queso dip This dip takes about 15 minutes total to prepare and serves four to six people (or you for a week). INGREDIENTS ½ tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil ½ pound Spanish or Mexican chorizo ½ pound mushroom caps (quartered)

1 cup diced cheese (your favorite kind) 2 scallions (thinly sliced) 1 bag of corn tortilla chips

PREPARATION Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Heat the oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat. Dice the chorizo and add it to the pan to render the fat. If using fresh Mexican chorizo, remove the casing and crumble while it’s browning. Add the mushrooms to the skillet and cook with the sausage until just tender, six to seven minutes. Transfer the sausage mixture to a small casserole or baking dish and top with the cheese. Bake until it’s nice and bubbly. Remove from the oven and top with the scallions. Serve with the chips for dipping and indulge! Guacamole Guacamole is my second favorite dip (after queso, of course). This recipe takes about 20 minutes and yields one batch of dip. INGREDIENTS 3 avocadoes (the ones with the stickers that say they’re from Mexico are my favorite), halved, seeded and peeled. If you don’t know how to open an avocado, there are plenty of videos on YouTube. 1 lime (juiced) ½ teaspoon kosher salt ½ teaspoon ground cumin ½ teaspoon cayenne

½ jalapeno pepper (seeded and minced) 2 Roma tomatoes (seeded and diced) 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro 1 clove garlic (minced).

½ medium onion (diced) PREPARATION I prefer to add garlic salt to replace the garlic clove, which also might be easier than mincing. I also leave the dicing and mincing to my dad, but you can buy precut pico de gallo at the grocery store and toss it in. It won’t be as fresh tasting, but might be helpful until you get your knife skills down. Place the scooped avocado pulp in a large bowl. Toss and coat with the lime juice. Drain it and reserve the left over lime juice after all the avocados have been coated. Using a potato masher or large fork, add the salt, cumin, cayenne and mash. Then, fold in the onions, jalapeno, tomatoes, cilantro and garlic. Add one tablespoon of the reserved lime juice and let it sit at room temperature before serving or chill in the refrigerator, if you prefer it cool. Classic spinach artichoke dip This recipe takes about 25 minutes and serves four to six people. INGREDIENTS Kosher salt

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 2 10 oz. bags spinach (stems removed) 1 ¼ cups grated parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon unsalted butter ¼ cup sour cream (plus more for serving) ½ cup shredded white sharp cheddar cheese 2 tablespoons minced onion ½ cup frozen artichoke hearts (thawed, 1 clove garlic (minced) squeezed dry and roughly chopped) 2 teaspoons all-purpose flour Tortilla chips and salsa for serving 1 ¼ cups whole milk ½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice

PREPARATION Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Stir in the spinach and cook until bright green, about 30 seconds. Drain and rinse under cold water; squeeze out the excess moisture, then finely chop. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion, garlic and ½ teaspoon salt and cook until the onion is soft, about two minutes. Next, add the flour and cook, stirring until lightly toasted, which will take about one minute. Whisk in the milk and cook, whisking constantly until it thickens (about one minute). Remove from the heat. Stir in the lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, parmesan and sour cream. Return the pot to medium heat. Then add the spinach, cheddar and artichokes until the cheese melts and the dip is heated through. Serve warm with tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream.

HOW TO BECOME A STARBUCK’S GOLD CARD MEMBER Let’s face it; we all love our Starbuck’s coffee. Even those who opt for Redbull during finals week over dark roast love their white chocolate mochas. Delta Delta Delta Starbuck’s, our favorite Breanna is a sophomore little green mermaid (if studying public relations. that’s what that woman You may contact her at even is), we love to love you. Well, coffee and noncoffee lovers, your favorite addiction just got better. Say hello to the Starbuck’s Gold Card membership. What is that? You thought you were already elite, with your little white cup, clothed in its cozy little cardboard sleeve? Think again. I see that look on your face. You’re panicking. How could there be such a status that your Starbuck’s knowledge did not reach? Don’t worry, I am here to help. Together, we can finally acquire the highest level of esteem. Here’s how to become a Starbuck’s gold card member. 1. Download the Starbuck’s app. I’m not a tech guru, but I am 99.9 percent sure you can get this app for Apple and Android products, so no fretting. The application is called “Starbuck’s.” You’re welcome. 2. Load up your card. You were waiting for the catch, here it is. You need to put money on your app card. One reason this kinda stinks is because now you are more aware of the amount of money you spend on coffee so, depending on who you are, I guess this could be a good or a bad thing. Second reason this kinda stinks is because, if you are like me, you are broke. Don’t worry, there is hope for us. The Starbuck’s gift card that Santa left in your stocking can be loaded on to the app, so you can use that. You load money by clicking the “reload” button under the “My Cards” tab. 3. Spend money. Like any membership, you need to spend money. On your app under the “My Cards” tab is where your moola is. Click to pay and scan that barcode at the cash register. Voilà! 4. Obtain your green level status. There are two levels with the Starbuck’s membership card: green and gold. The green level is obtained when you reach five stars within a year. The gold level (gold card member) is reached when you have 30 stars within a year. 5. The trick. No need to thank me now, but you really should thank me (maybe with some coffee) because this is solid advice. So listen up. You get a star every time you make a purchase at Starbuck’s. When I first started using the app I assumed the more money I spent, the more stars I would receive. Wrong. My first purchase of a cookie (two-ish dollars) and my second purchase of two coffees and two cookies for my friend – which was about $10 – were both only one star each. So my advice is that next time you take someone to coffee, make the purchases separately to boost your star count. That is it. It is as simple and easy as that. Once you reach 30 stars, you receive an abundance of rewards and a super cool gold card with your name on it. Examples of some of the gold member rewards are free treats on your birthday, free refills anytime (great for studying!) and frequent free food and drink rewards. How exciting! I am ecstatic that you are ecstatic, my friend. Now go out there and get yourself a yummy cup of Joe.


entertainment news

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was a dollar store.

Selena Gomez’s “Like A Champion” to actually get me to push through my day... What has my

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Zumba will enhance that by about 10. @BijanHosseini. So instead of meeting every Monday and Wed for history of journalism, the professor thought best to just meet 4 times this

my love life or my bank account. @MarleeGuthrie. Life is good when someone @totalsratmove. Treat every week like it’s syllabus


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hands you a free red bull. @Bella_Palma. “When in doubt, bubble bath it out.

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socks is harder than I thought.

in intramurals that the goal is disallowed. #TFM. @AliciaMcintyre2. If you still have writing on your @itsErickPayne. So I guess “Rachel Ray” is in my

car from rush, please wash your car.

history class so if I sit next to her maybe I’ll learn how to cook.. I’m sorry if you see this Rachel.


Aimee is a freshman studying broadcasting & electronic media. You may contact her at

@P_Raleigh. I promise if you’re awkward already,

THE SOCIAL MEDIA DIARIES Everyone uses it. People can’t go a day, or even an hour, without it. They are the networks that connect millions of people across the globe. Yes, I am talking about social media sites. Social media has changed how we interact with the world. Whether it is for communication, self-promotion or marketing, we use it religiously. Human beings are creatures of habit who love to express their opinions and make their voices heard, which makes social media sites a thriving industry impacting our day-to-day lives. People want to hear the news, fast, and right at their fingertips. With the ever-increasing technological advancements, it has become easier for people to express themselves through social media platforms. Even though social media is such a significant aspect of today’s society, people tend to focus on the negative aspects and forget about the good. The influence of social media transforms our society for the better. I’s a forum of support, comfort and encouragement during a time of crisis. There have been numerous disasters in which social media provided an outlet for people to spread the word about relief efforts, volunteer work and information about where to go to submit donations to help disaster victims. In some cases, social media provided the only viable venue for communication. For example, during superstorm Sandy, a majority of people lost power, but some cell networks and WiFi towers remained operational. Many people used Facebook to give details of the destruction and to reassure family and friends they were safe. Twitter even donates a promoted hashtag to lend support to victims. Social media is also one of the best ways to communicate across vast distances. Many of us are now able to connect with friends and family, far and wide, without having to pay for long-distance phone charges. After studying abroad, students can keep in touch with

people they met in different countries simply by logging into one of their social media accounts. The great Alpha Phi thing about social media Christina is a sophomore is that they can even share studying advertising. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t pictures or look at their new friend’s profile page to get a glimpse of what is going on in their lives instead of just hearing about it. Yes, social media can get a little creepy, at times, but when used correctly and for the right purposes it is an amazing and efficient way to keep in touch with people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Social media has become so popular, that the number of parents and grandparents with a Facebook account is probably at a record high.


Social media is also a form of political influence. It has given a voice to the people. A popular example would be the movement for marriage equality that spread across Facebook platforms everywhere as the Supreme Court heard cases regarding same-sex marriage. Brands even adopted the trend by creating red equality symbols. Social media sites blew up about it as people all across the nation began changing their profile pictures to their political belief on the matter. Social media is a powerful force for change and has the strong ability to influence the outcomes in many political decisions. Social media has become a significant part of our modern civilization. It is a defining trait of how integrated our social interactions have become. Many of us can barely remember a time before we had social media and, now, we can’t even imagine living in a world without it.

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