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Oh, summer. As great as it is, it’s also a time for small talk. There are family reunions, internships and vacations galore, where you have to endure everything from your redneck third cousin twice removed to the overly enthusiastic tourist who accompanies you on the beach.

If you’re tired of discussing what your major is or the fact that there are tornadoes in Oklahoma, consider discussing some of the political events that have occurred in the last year. 2013 was a busy year and 2014 is turning out to be even more eventful. Perhaps one of the most historical events that has happened during this school year was on June 26 when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as well as California’s Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage. A month later, a man who you certainly won’t be seeing in your text books anytime soon, lost his election for mayor of New York City due to a sexting scandal. Whether Anthony Weiner would have made it into the news without his unfortunate name or not is unknown to me, but on the behalf Delta Delta Delta Sophia is a freshman studying of America, I would like agricultural education. to say thank you. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t


Moving on to September 25, Ted Cruz suddenly became a household name because of his 21 hour filibuster in the Senate, which was an attempt to prevent the funding of the Affordable Care Act. During his speech, he read Green Eggs And Ham to his daughters at home so they could have a bedtime story. If he wasn’t trying to shut down the government, it would almost be sweet. The government was officially shut down on Oct. 1 and it lasted until Oct. 16, making it the second longest government shutdown in history. A compromise was finally reached and, while it passed easily in the senate there were 144 votes against it in the House. It is estimated that $24 billion was taken out of the US economy as a result of this shutdown. Aside from minor scandals, Obamacare delays, international strife and an off-year election, things were relatively quiet during the rest of 2013. So far, 2014 has been pretty focused on the political crisis in Ukraine, occasionally coming up for air to

discuss Syria and the missing Malaysian plane. Ukraine’s crisis actually began in 2013, most notably on December 1, when 300,000 people marched in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Amazingly, there were no protestor deaths until January 22. Much of the crisis is focused around the cultural differences of those who live in Ukraine because many of the people who live west of the Dnieper River relate more closely to Europeans, while those to the east identify with the Russians. As the country decides who to more closely align with, the citizens have been taking to the streets to voice their opinion. On Feb. 18 at least 26 protestors died, which convinced the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, to flee the country on Feb. 22. Meanwhile, the opposition leader and former prime minister was released from prison to serve as the interim president and she issued a warrant for the arrest of Yanukovych, who was later spotted in Russia, which is a country that is heavily allied with Yanukovych. On March 18, Crimea—a part of Ukraine that is 60 percent Russian—signed a treaty that would make it part of Russia. Because of Russia’s alliance with Yanukovych, the G-8 summit became the G-7 as a snub to Putin, who takes his titles very seriously. Ukraine’s political crisis is constantly developing and it’s hard to imagine an end in the near future. So while we have looked at the past, we must continue to read about the developments as we move into the future. This ongoing crisis will give you plenty of small talk. Happy chatting!

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THE YEAR’S GREEK ACHIEVEMENTS In the Greek community at Oklahoma State University, excellence is not only common, but also expected. Each year, the level of creativity, talent and spirit continues to increase. Congratulations to the following award winners! Homecoming Football Frenzy 1st – Alpha Omicron Pi & Sigmi Chi. 2nd – Pi Beta Phi & Sigma Phi Epsilon. Female MVP – Rachel Urban. Male MVP – Blake Umberham. Sign Competition 1st – Kappa Alpha Theta & Phi Delta Theta. 2nd – Kappa Kappa Gamma & FarmHouse. 3rd – Chi Omega & Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Harvest Carnival 1st – Kappa Kappa Gamma & FarmHouse. 2nd – Kappa Alpha Theta & Phi Delta Theta. 3rd – Kappa Delta & Phi Gamma Delta. People’s Choice – Phi Mu & Kappa Alpha Order. Harvest II Philanthropy Award – Alpha Omicron Pi & Sigma Chi. House Decorations Alumni Association Chairman’s Cup – Kappa Delta & Phi Gamma Delta. 2nd – Zeta Tau Alpha & Alpha Gamma Rho. 3rd – Gamma Phi Beta & Sigma Nu. 4th – Alpha Chi Omega & Kappa Sigma. 5th – Kappa Alpha Theta & Phi Delta Theta. Engineering Excellence Award Zeta Tau Alpha & Alpha Gamma Rho. Safety Award Kappa Alpha Theta & Phi Delta Theta. Homecoming King and Queen Marty Jones, Alpha Gamma Rho. Lucy Bates, Chi Omega. Sweepstakes 1st – Kappa Delta & Phi Gamma Delta. 2nd – Zeta Tau Alpha & Alpha Gamma Rho. 3rd – Kappa Kappa Gamma & FarmHouse. Freshman Follies 1st – Chi Omega & Sigma Phi Epsilon. 2nd – Kappa Alpha Theta & Beta Theta Pi. 3rd – Pi Beta Phi & Sigma Nu. Varsity Revue 1st – Chi Omega & Beta Theta Pi. 2nd – Kappa Alpha Theta & FarmHouse. 3rd – Pi Beta Phi & Sigma Phi Epsilon. Spring Sing 1st – Delta Delta Delta & Kappa Sigma 2nd – Kappa Delta & Sigma Phi Epsilon 3rd – Chi Omega & FarmHouse 4th – Kappa Alpha Theta & Sigma Nu 5th – Phi Mu & Phi Gamma Delta

Greek Awards Alumnae Relations – Kappa Delta. Honorable Mention – Alpha Chi Omega. Campus Involvement – Pi Beta Phi. Honorable Mention – Alpha Chi Omega. Community Service – Kappa Delta. Honorable Mention – Alpha Chi Omega. New Member Programming – Kappa Alpha Theta. Honorable Mention – Alpha Chi Omega. Risk Management – Alpha Chi Omega. Honorable Mention – Kappa Alpha Theta. Scholarship – Alpha Chi Omega. Honorable Mention – Delta Delta Delta and Kappa Delta. 2013 Dean Zelma Patchin Outstanding Award Alpha Chi Omega. Marilon Morgan Outstanding Panhellenic Delegate Lindsay Gabler, Delta Delta Delta. Mary Cheryl Mannering Outstanding Greek Sports Woman Kirsten Krull, Kappa Delta. OSU Panhellenic Council Distinguished Spirit Award Gamma Phi Beta. Interfraternity Council Troxel Awards Campus Involvement – FarmHouse. First Runner Up – Phi Gamma Delta. Campus Relations – Sigma Nu. First Runner Up – FarmHouse. Community Service – Tau Kappa Epsilon. First Runner Up – Delta Tau Delta. Intramurals – Beta Theta Pi. First Runner Up – Phi Gamma Delta. Scholarship – Beta Theta Pi. First Runner Up – FarmHouse. Dean Troxel Award FarmHouse. Thomas M. Keys Outstanding Pledge Class Phi Gamma Delta. First Runner Up – Beta Theta Pi. Panhellenic Council Outstanding Members New Member – Hannah Faulkenberry, Kappa Alpha Theta. Sophomore – Lyndsay Parks, Kappa Alpha Theta. Junior – Erin Scanlan, Pi Beta Phi. IFC Outstanding Members New Member – Ridge Howell, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sophomore – James Hutson, Alpha Gamma Rho. Junior – Brandon Hubbard, FarmHouse. 2013 Greek Woman Kaley Uptergrove, Pi Beta Phi. 2013 Greek Man Corbin Mertz, Sigma Nu. Congratulations and best of luck to the Greek community next year!



Scene on campus


Happy Thursday, everyone! If you can recall, a couple of weeks ago, on Mom’s Day, Old Navy held their first annual Mom’s Day Greek competition.


Kappa Alpha Order Nick is a senior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at

Well, I’m proud to announce that the winning chapter, that had the most members come into the store that day, is Chi Omega. Congratulations, ladies! “There were so many Chi Os in the store,” store manager Michelle Magistri said. “There were girls everywhere.” Old Navy was extremely excited to hold this event for the first time. It was a successful and the managers were excited and very appreciative of the Greek community getting involved. There were 110 Greek members who participated in the competition. Because the women of Chi Omega won the entire event, the Old Navy managers will be volunteering their time to Chi O’s philanthropy. The Chi O philanthropy is Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. The foundation believes that a wish experience can be a game-changer. The Old Navy crew is super excited to be able to help grant wishes that change the lives of the kids throughout the United States. Granting a wish sounds simple, but wishes are only made possible through the hard work of many dedicated staff, volunteers, donors and other supporters. To donate, volunteer your time or just to learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, visit their website at As another reward to the Chi Omegas, their house mother won a $50 Old Navy gift card. Not only did she win a gift card, but also a fit session with one of Old

Navy’s fit experts to enhance her spring wardrobe.The chapter will also be able to come in after store hours one night and have their shopping time without any other customers. Businesses like Crazy Cakes, Chipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Orange Leaf, Blue Spruce and El Vaquero all participated in this event. The entire Chi O chapter will receive coupons from these businesses. Old Navy would like to thank everyone who participated in the event, including their Greek members who work at Old Navy and helped make the event successful. They would also like to thank the local businesses for donating some of their coupons to the store. Lastly, Old Navy would like to send out a special thank you to the women of Chi Omega for going all out and having the most participation that day. Old Navy is excited to host the competition event next year and hopes to continue the competition for years to come. As usual, make sure to follow The Odyssey Twitter page at @Odyssey_OKState. Have a great summer everyone and Happy Thursday!

Adventure traveling



Studying abroad is something that I’ve always dreamed about, but now that it’s finally here, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Sometimes I have grand ideas, but the minutia involved in executing these ideas tends to get in the way.

all year.


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & restaurant administration. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been finalizing the details of my upcoming semester, and I’ve been doing almost everything completely backwards. So, here’s my advice on how to, and how not to, prepare for a semester abroad. 1. DO tell people far in advance! I officially decided, mid-February, to study abroad in the upcoming semester. Unfortunately, this puts me in an awkward stage of life: about one-third of my friends know that I’ll be gone for the fall semester, one-third knew and forgot and the other third probably have no idea. Since I don’t really know which friends are in which category, I’m in conversation limbo half of the time. How do you casually say, “By the way, when school is out, I won’t be seeing you for six months?” You might want to make a Facebook post about it so everyone knows. 2. DON’T wait until the last minute to get your official documents. Last week, I realized that my passport had been expired for six months. The day I chose to reapply, just so happened to be April 15 – tax day – one of the busiest days the post office has

Almost every foreign institute requires your passport and/or visa number on the application, so make sure your documents are up-to-date far in advance. I learned the hard way that an expedited passport costs about twice as much as a normal one. 3. DON’T be afraid to ask dumb questions. The people working in the Study Abroad Office are there for one purpose: to make things easier on you. Regardless of your question, don’t be afraid to ask it. Plus, I have probably already asked all the dumb ones. 4. DO become bffs with Google. Google the heck out of the place you’ll be staying. Google your school, Google your apartment complex, Google your professors and no shame in Googling your classmates if that information has been released. It is seriously so exciting. 5. DON’T get discouraged. Applications, deadlines, letters of recommendation and all of the preparations are certainly less than enjoyable. Don’t get discouraged – it’s all part of the process. Each step gets you a little bit closer to the final destination! 6. DO attempt to get familiar with the customs and traditions of the country you’ll be going to. This is super important. Spending months in a new country is going to be hard enough, so do your homework before you go and research the place! 7. DO follow your heart. If there’s a place you’ve always wanted to go, go there. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, do it. I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve always dreamed of living in Italy and, now, I’m doing it. Granted, I haven’t left yet but, for me, the hardest part about studying abroad is the decisionmaking process. Decide you want to do it and decide sooner rather than later.


Stillwater, Okla., where Garth got his start, where JAMIE the Cowboys like to play BARNES and where we all go to Sigma Pi school. Stillwater offers Jamie is a junior studying Landscape Architecture. You may some exciting things for contact him at james.barnes@ us to do, but the Stillwater scene undergoes a dramatic transformation around the beginning of May. When all of the college students leave town after finals, the town of Stillwater changes from a college town to a different kind of small Oklahoma town.

There are usually a handful of people who stick around during the summer. That number, though, tends to go up the older we get. When you stay in Stillwater over the summer, you get to see the real character of this curious little city. You get to experience the town and all the townies. The traffic is tremendously better during the summer, because 25,000 people are not trying to traverse around town. It is truly incredible when you can go from one side of town to the other in a few short minutes, without having to interact with nearly as many other cars. Going

to the strip takes on a new meaning – you don’t have to wear your cute outfits. It is completely acceptable to wear basketball shorts and a tank. And there are not going to be very many people competing with you for best dressed. A lot of people get to experience little bits of summer in Stillwater when they come into town for recruitment events, bid day or Camp Cowboy. Besides those occasional visitors, though, the people who stay in town will get to know each other much better. Of the handful of people, any one person may know each of those other people, who will know at least a couple other people. And so, your inner circle of summer buddies will eventually grow, and you will have the opportunity to meet or get real chummy with most of the college students staying in Stillwater over the summer. My favorite part of summers in Stillwater is that there is almost always something to do. Because there are so few people around, when one of them is trying to hang out, everyone will get a call. There are some great stories that will come from the good times had during the summer; there are just enough people to have fun and plenty of free time without classes. So there are some extremely fun memories from summers in Stillwater, and I can’t wait for one last summer here, hanging out with my peeps.


Self health & fitness

THE BODY: OUR PYRAMID The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter! We’ve been through a lot together and we’re near the end. After a year of researching articles and finding out information about our bodies and what we expose them to, it’s time to sum up our findings and have one final recap on everything we’ve seen so far in 2014.


Jake is a junior studying biological science. You may contact him at

Every day I wake up and go about my usual routine before I head to class, not even pausing to think about the fact that my body slept through the night, fully functioning and woke up more energized than when I left it. Aren’t they great? Our brains and our bodies work hand-in-hand most of the time, but our bodies are really autonomous, when you think about it. It’s time that we reflect on why we should treat our bodies like pyramids. A few topics I covered earlier in the semester were studying, stretching, flu shots, tattoos, gluttony and genetic engineering. I’m hopeful that one more visit to each of these will shine a little more light on each area and help inform your own opinions of each. Why study efficiently? The foundation of good studying is to be efficient and consistent. Limiting distractions, taking small, more frequent breaks instead of a few longer breaks, getting enough sleep, not pulling all-nighters – these are all ways in which research has shown that the human body can better retain information during the course of our studies. Try ‘em out! After all, finals week is right around the corner.


Stretching allows our bodies to be exposed to extreme conditions before we work it out. If we cause our proteins to unfold a little longer than they’re used to, it might save us from tearing a muscle of hyperextending a joint. “It hurts so good!” If you’re still skeptical about flu shots – well, there’s a reason that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) takes it seriously and provides as much vaccination access to people as they can. The flu changes every year and our bodies are capable of developing resistance to it through exposure to a dead form of the virus. I think this mechanism of our body is truly incredible and one of we should take advantage of. The gist of my tattoo article was that the ink penetrates multiple layers of our skin in order to stay there for so long. Different people have different effects from the tattoo ink, while some people are perfectly fine with the exposure. I’d suggest making sure you don’t have any allergies to the dyes that are present in the ink before you make a trip to the parlor. Gluttony, the Thanksgiving issue, was a fun one. We’re living out the American dream when we stuff ourselves with turkey, but our stomachs and intestines aren’t very happy with us when we consume so much food. The best cure is a long nap to give our bodies enough time for digestion before we get active later in the day. And finally, genetic engineering. We are all a product of our differences. Even though we have the same blood as our siblings (and initially began with the same DNA), it’s important to realize that without the natural birth cycle, we would be changing fate. There are cases for why genetic engineering should be considered, but others could make a case for why it’s ethically unacceptable. It’s in our future, so decide how you feel about it before we get there! It’s been a fun year and I wish you all a great summer. Whether you have a productive or a relaxed one, make sure that you treat your bodies right. They are your pyramids!

Sports local

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS: YEAR IN REVIEW The school year flew by. It was full exciting moments, up and downs and many memories. The same can be said for professional sports over the last nine months. As you look back on your year, here is a review of the happenings and top moments of the busiest time in sports.


Thomas is a freshman studying sports media. You may contact him at

Major League Baseball. Last fall, baseball had a thrilling playoffs series, watching Boston make an unlikely run to a title. In the World Series, the Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in six games with David Ortiz claiming the MVP. For the individual awards from the season, Miguel Cabrera won in the American League and Andrew McCutchen in the National League. The Cy Young award was claimed by Clayton Kershaw and Mark Scherzer in their respective leagues. National Football League. This season in the NFL featured exciting playoffs but, ultimately,both top seeds advanced to the Superbowl. The Denver Broncos, led by league MVP Peyton Manning, lost to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks’ dominant defense delivered a 43-8 win and their first Super Bowl victory. Other awards include linebacker


Luke Kuechley being named the defensive player of the year and Peyton Manning taking the offensive player of the year. The Olympics. The 2014 winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia. As a nation, the United State of America claimed 28 medals, with nine of those being gold. We were the most successful in free style skiing, where we won three gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze medals. Russia edged the USA by five medals to have the highest medal count. The National Hockey League. The NHL season is now into the playoffs. Through the regular season, Boston and Anaheim had the best records in the league. The post season has already included multiple thrillers, including the St. Louis Blues taking two overtime victories against the Chicago Blackhawks. These series are high tempo and exciting to watch so as the playoffs continue this is definitely something to keep up with as we end the school year. The National Basketball Association. The NBA playoffs are also in full swing and the lone professional team here in Oklahoma holds the second seed in the western conference. The west is by far the stronger conference, but as we know from experience, you can never count the Heat out, no matter how weak their competition. When looking for a break from finals, I encourage you to check out these western match ups because there is no front-runner. We are in store for an exciting playoff season that, hopefully, results in an Oklahoma City championship and an MVP for our favorite – number 35. As school ends, so do the majority of sports. It has been an exciting year of upsets and dominant performances. Enjoy your summer and we will see you next year!

OSU SPORTS: YEAR IN REVIEW This year in athletics was a rough one for many of the Oklahoma State sports programs.


The football team had Phi Kappa Tau high expectations to begin Alexis a sophomore majoring the year, with plenty in finance and accounting. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h i m a t of returning starters. Many experts picked the Cowboys to win the Big 12 and to contend for the National Championship but, as we know, that did not happen. After an early season loss to West Virginia, our Pokes went on a run, winning seven straight conference games that culminated in a huge win against the highly-ranked Baylor, by a score of 49-17. Then, Bedlam happened and OU came into Stillwater and got themselves a victory with an asterisk (I don’t care what anyone says, Justin Gilbert caught that football). The Cowboys had a chance to redeem themselves in the Cotton Bowl against Missouri, but were unable to do so and lost 41-31. Overall, a 10-2 regular season record is actually pretty solid and the Pokes will look to improve on that for next season. The basketball team didn’t fare any better than the football team. Things were looking pretty good for the Cowboys early on in the season, as they started 15-1 in their first 16 games, but the team suffered a seven game in-conference losing streak, which included Marcus Smart getting suspended three games for shoving a Texas Tech fan in the closing seconds of the game.

The team got fans’ hopes up after finishing the season 5-2, with both losses coming in overtime against quality teams (Iowa State and Kansas). They came into the NCAA tournament with some momentum, and were placed as a nine seed in a relatively weak division, playing Gonzaga in the first round. For the second season in a row, Coach Travis Ford led a team with superior talent into the tournament and was unable to get out of the first round. We know all about the talent we have leaving, we just have to hope that Coach Ford can continue to recruit well and improve his in-game coaching. It wasn’t all negative for Oklahoma State sports this year. The wrestling team did extremely well in the NCAA championships. Overall, the team placed third, but two of our wrestlers won their individual weight classes: Alex Dieringer won the 157 pound weight and Chris Perry won the 174 pound weight. Tyler Caldwell and Joshua Kindig also were runners-up in their respective weight classes (165 and 149). OSU has proven again and again that they are one of the elite wrestling programs in the country. The cross country team also performed extremely well this season. The Cowboys won the Big 12 8K Championship and the Cowgirls got third in the 6K Championship. The men’s team also placed third in the men’s 10K team race, as only Colorado and Northern Arizona did better. Overall, this year did not go as well as hoped. Although the baseball team still has a chance to do some real damage this year. As of April 20, they were in first place in the Big 12. We must remember the great thing about sports: there’s always next year.


Lookbook fashion

HOT IN STILLWATER Best Style Lessons from Kate Middelton:

When it comes to style icons, Kate Middleton is definitely one of the top. It’s no secret that she has a unique and timeless fashion sense. It is one that never fails to be exquisite and classy. Check out these lessons we can learn (and borrow) from Kate!


Anna-Marie is a sophomore studying sports media. You may contact her at anna-marie.

1. Black doesn’t mean boring. There have been multiple instances where Kate has proved that all black means stunning and classy. Black is very slimming and looks good on everyone. In the wise words of Coco Chanel, “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” 2. Having a signature color is fun. When reflecting on Kate’s past looks, it is obvious that her favorite has been blue, blue, and more blue. If you have a color you love wearing, embrace it! Find different ways to rock the color, from coats to dresses to jewelry. There is no limit! 3. Eyebrows make a big difference. One of Kate’s most defining features would be her brows. Notice that they are thick and full and frame her face very well. So when putting on your make up- don’t forget to pay attention to the brows! Fill them in and darken them a little to make them “pop”! Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Clothing 1. Is the price reasonable? Paying a little extra for something that you will wear often is one thing, but feeling like the price is totally unreasonable is another. We need to be sure to use our money wisely. Balance this question with some other questions on this list to make your final decision about purchasing the item or not. 2. How often will I wear this? The answer to this question can help determine the answer to question number one. If you think you will wear it often, splurging on the price won’t be as big of a deal. If it is something that you may wear once or twice… it probably isn’t worth it. Save your money for something you will get more use out of. 3. Do you have something similar? This is something we need to be very careful of. A lot of time our taste is so exact that we tend to buy things with little variation over and over again. By asking ourselves this question this keeps us from having 5 black tops and 4 white lace skirts in our closets. By asking ourselves this question, we can really spice up our closets. 4. Will this be out of style soon? We have to be wary of purchasing “trendy” items. Buying them to some extent is fine, but if it is a trend that seems like it will be short-lived, maybe pass. Buying things that are more likely to be in style for longer periods of time is a smarter way to go. Try to stick with “classic” outfits with a few “trendy” touches. Girls Tell All: Tips for Guys · Always always have clean, short fingernails and toenails- nothing is more disgusting than nails that are dirty or too long. · Fresh breath is vital- if you are trying to score a kiss, you better be sure to have minty breath. If you have bad breath, all bets are off! · Be careful with flip-flops. They can freak girls out if not worn correctly. Unless you are at the beach, save those puppies for another day.

· Make sure your shorts are long enough. They should fall right above the knee, anything shorter than that is not a good idea. · As far as eyebrows, keep them clean. Bushy eyebrows aren’t too cute. It really is ok to pluck those stray hairs you may have so you can avoid having a unibrow. · Facial hair… it can make it or break it. Scruff is sexy but too much can be gross. If you do have facial hair just be sure to keep it groomed and neat. Also, never have just a mustache. That basically never works. This “gift guide” was originally used for Valentines Day, but can be used when getting your girl a birthday gift too! A couple dates- So you guys have been on a couple dates, you talk often, but you have not DTR-ed. This can be a hard position to be in. You don’t want to over-do it because that could send clingy vibes. Flowers are acceptable, but maybe not a dozen roses. Daisies say “I like you”, but roses say “I love you”. So be careful there. A nice dinner is a safe bet. Avoid giving actual gifts such as jewelry or anything similar. Acknowledge the day, but don’t go above and beyond because depending on the girl that might not work in your favor. Newly dating- You are past the stage of “talking” and you all have recently made it official. You’re in luck! This is the easiest category to fall under for this particular holiday. You don’t have to worry about small “moves” freaking her out, but you also don’t have the pressure of getting her an extravagant gift. Flowers, a nice dinner, and a small gift such as tickets to a sporting event or concert that you two could enjoy together are the perfect way to go. Seriously dating- So you have been dating for what seems like an eternity. Boys, you better be ready to step it up a notch. Maybe try venturing out of Payne County for this one. This is a special date, more so than a regular “date night”. Go to a nicer restaurant than you normally would. Flower are a given, but the list doesn’t end there. A nice pair of Kendra Scott earrings, or a something similar would be great

Humor lol


Dear Relationship Crisis,

My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for almost two years, now. When we first started dating, I was very honest with him about my last relationship because I was cheated on and I did not want to go through that again. He reassured me that he would never do that to me and that he was sincere about his feelings for me. We haven’t talked about that subject since, but recently I have been noticing a change in him. He is usually very affectionate whenever we’re together, but now it’s almost like he doesn’t even want to be around me. He has also been texting more than usual in front of me, but he never tells me who is texting. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but things just don’t feel the same between us. I’m wondering if I should confront him about it, or just let it slide. I don’t want to make a bigger deal of it than it is, but I do have my concerns. What would you do in this situation? Sincerely, Relationship Crisis


Nonetheless, we all know and love his fantastic rhyme scheme, “She got a big booty, so I call her big booty.” And who could forget his classic positive anthems such as “Crack” and “I Luv Dem Strippers.” Just plain genius is one way to describe him. He has that confidence about him. His voice is just the right octave to rage to. Mostly, he has fantastic producers. Without them, he would probably be the worst rapper alive. Thank God for LANE computers, right? With that, here is my heartfelt tribute to HUGHES Mr. Chainz himself. Thank Sigma Chi you for all you do. “****in’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz. “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz. “No Lie” by 2 Chainz, Drake. “R.I.P.” byYoung Jeezy, 2 Chainz. “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz, Kanye West. “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo, 2 Chainz. “Feds Watching” by 2 Chainz, Pharrell Williams. “I Luv Dem Strippers” by 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj. “Crack” by 2 Chainz. “Trampoline” by Tinie Tempah, 2 Chainz. “Do My Dance” by Tyga, 2 Chainz.


Lane is a junior studying animal science. You may contact him at

You definitely have the right to be concerned. Considering what you went through in your previous relationship, I totally understand why you are feeling skeptical. However, it may not be a cheating situation. There may be something that he is upset about, but would rather keep quiet about. That is how most guys are nowadays – they avoid conflict at all costs. There also may be something going on in his family life that is causing him to act distant toward you. I know it won’t be easy to do, but find an opportunity to bring up your concern. You two have been in a relationship for two years, so he should be willing to sit down and talk about whatever your thoughts may be. Try your best to be honest with him, because you don’t want to regret holding back something that you really should have said. You must keep in mind, however, to be willing to listen to what he has to say during the conversation. I believe communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship and if you both can take the time to express how you feel, you may be able to gain some common ground.


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THINGS WE’LL ALL MISS ABOUT STILLWATER... KIND OF. Stillwater. The sound of that word is sure to produce quite the variety of emotions in people at any given time of year. These emotions are the strongest, Alpha Chi Omega however, at the end of the Hope is a sophomore studying year. Sure, the likelihood business / pre-law. You may of you missing absolutely contact her hope.frisbie@ everything about this place over the summer is slim to none. I’m sure I speak for just about everyone when I say that I am tired and ready for a break from school. While I’m ready to get out of here, there are some things I will definitely miss about this place.


For starters, I will miss all of my friends living right down the hall from me. That is, arguably, the best thing about living in house. The relationships you form over the smallest things can turn into some of the best friendships you have. You’re never alone, but it never seems to be a problem because that’s just it – you’re really never alone. There’s always someone to do activities with (and by activities, I mean midnight McGriddle runs, am I right?) In the same way, there’s always someone there to listen and help you when you’ve had a hard day. The opportunity to live with this many people who are united for a common cause is such a valuable experience. None of us should ever take it for granted. Another thing we’ll all miss about Stillwater is Aspen Coffee. That place seems to be the cure for just about anything. Failed a test? Go grab an americano and bask in your sadness, realizing that you actually paid to fail that sucker. Having a terrible day? Get a

SORORITY SUE’S WEEKLY SCOOP Hottie of the Week THROWBACK THURSDAY EDITION Ival Gregory Delta Tau Delta Alum · ·

He is the king of Greek life. Bow down, peasants. He loves fraternity life more than a freshman girl during formal season. ·

He hates hazing, and we love him. ·

This silver fox is the original TFM.


Remember when Sig Ep killed a tiger? #safari ·

Chi-O used to haze. Lol

· Basically every fraternity has been kicked off campus at some point. Except Sigma Nu. They are too busy playing volleyball. ·

Phi delt was too hot to handle. At least their house was. #fire

chainana. Even the name sounds happy; you just can’t get something like that and have a bad day. Having an awesome day? Get yourself a granita with caramel and now accept the fact that nothing else can possibly make your day get any better. I swear everything that comes out of that place is perfect. And it sure beats the heck out of Starbucks. I don’t know what it is about this place, but everyone here is so friendly, all the time. You can be walking to class and it won’t be uncommon for a stranger to smile or say hi to you on your way. The people are genuinely nice and that’s something I’m definitely going to miss over the summer. To take the edge off of these things we’re leaving, let’s highlight some things we maybe won’t miss quite so much – like, the terrible Wi-Fi. So. Annoying. Do you think they realize we pay for that to work? Maybe it’ll be better next year. We can only hope. Or how ‘bout the people in the library who don’t take the words “Quiet area” seriously? If you’re that person, I probably hate you. So does everyone else in that area. You’re not the only person there. Be considerate. I’m going to go out on a limb here – I’m pretty confident no one will miss the people who hand out flyers by Chi O Clock. Perhaps I should specify. I actually appreciate the people who hand out flyers about their organizations. I think that everyone should be involved in something and be proud enough to reach out to others about their cause. I think it’s great that they are. That’s the thing, though. I appreciate the people who hand out their flyers, not the people who shout at the top of their lungs and force you to take one of their papers. People are so much more likely to throw them away if you’re yelling. Stop yelling and be nice. Maybe then we’ll look at what you’re promoting. Well, readers, no matter what you’re going to be doing, I hope you are ready for a great summer and I hope that the transition to not letter-checking people’s cars as they drive by is good to you.

500 words on life


Well, here we are, the final article of my Odyssey career. I was planning on going out on top like Michael Jordan. I planned on writing a meaningful article that changed at least one person’s perspective on life, and then I thought better of it.



average score on the test is 65 percent. It also doesn’t help matters that your professor has caught you sleeping in class. If you don’t pass this class, you’ll probably end up selling t-shirts out of your car in the desert somewhere. No pressure, though.

Kade is a senior studying political science. You may contact him at

All in all, finals week is not a laughing matter. I’m going to quote some of the simplest, yet best advice I have gotten this semester by fellow Phi Delt and Top 40 Senior at OSU, Zechariah Wright.

Phi Delta Theta

My Odyssey career isn’t comparable to Mike’s. Instead, it’s more like Dennis Rodman’s – only I don’t plan on becoming ambassador to North Korea. So here it goes, my swan song, my final article. Most of you have not yet officially survived the semester and what lays ahead are the dreaded finals. So, I suggest you drop the paper and start studying or you’ll probably fail your test and die poor and lonely. This is the most exciting time of year, not only for the professor who is out to ruin your life, but also the locals who are ready for the city to turn into a ghost town. I think we can all agree that finals week has its highs and lows. Between the lack of sleep, the obscene amounts of caffeine consumed and your diet of Wendy’s french fries, I’d say finals week takes off at least a week of your life. The level of severity of finals week depends on what kind of finals you take. I like to put them into three categories. Take home final. This is the Holy Grail of finals. Every person goes to the first day of class hoping that the final will be a take home. The class is usually taught by a teacher’s assistant who lets you out 15 minutes early. Between dealing with their own classes and trying to ignore the one person in the class who is constantly asking questions, the teacher’s assistant has better things to do than make your final awful and is most likely to give you the take home final. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these as a final, you probably only have to give it the old college try. Just write something down and hope for the best. Essay final. One of my favorite finals was for a history class. In this class, the final was to write an in-class essay about what we had learned in the class. This was a broad enough topic that I had no idea what to write. Did he want specific example of things he taught? Or was he looking for something more philosophical? I ended up combining the two ideas and writing about how Dolley Madison saved a few portraits from being destroyed when the British burned the White House, and how I hoped my future wife was like Dolley Madison. I’m not saying this is a foolproof method, but it did get me a B. Final that will ruin your life. This is the Darth Vader of finals. Pretty much, your entire life revolves around making a good grade on this final. It doesn’t help matters that you’ve missed a few classes during the semester and it doesn’t help matters that the test is worth 70 percent of your grade, and the

“If you go to class every day, do all your homework and study for every test, no matter what, you’ll be somewhat successful,” he said. After writing this article, I realize that I have one more semester here at OSU and that maybe this isn’t the end. Perhaps I’m more like Brett Favre and maybe my retirement won’t last long.


Humor tweets

@traciajanae: Just asked somebody a question at the book store. He didn’t say a word but it looked like he was trying. I’m assuming he’s an engineer. @KJSikes: Stripper Steve only exists after a certain number of drinks. He was wearing a jersey last night & I’m pretty sure nobody else could see him. @LassidyCadd: Just saw a girl with cheetah print tattooed on her shoulder. She’s going to regret that in 20 years or maybe next month. @kadegoodwinning: GTA V is kind of like Florida. Except one you can shoot people without consequence and the other is a video game. #justice4Trayvon. @BJavellas: Go to FIJI they say. Meet boys they say. *currently pomping alone*

@JimmyTatro: “It’s weird cuz like I’m really not like the sorority girl type at all” –All sorority girls @JacksonTidwell: S/O to mom Cathy for always sending me uplifting texts like, “You should get a personal trainer.” @thesameblaine: Hey, girl taking the pic of your dog using the bathroom.. Don’t instagram that. @TheJustinDuncan: I don’t know maybe don’t lick everything. RT @MileyCyrus: This cough thooooooo @meganamram: I’m super lax about grammar, I’m a real Grammar Jew @sstromb: After discovering a small little pattern… If you haven’t been to jail before chances are we’re

not that good of friends @jessika_curry: Yeah Sterling! “@kfor: Teen with autism wowed crowd at recent talent show” @AlexClineCash: In class, a girl’s reason for being a good people person was due to the fact, “she’s been around people all of her life”. K. @kellenjking: The First Kid is my favorite children’s move about internet predators. @rainnwilson: I believe it is every American’s right to own & carry a T-shirt cannon. @HilaryShmilary: Some girl outside the Union yelled “SO TRUE” when the bells played the Alma Mater earlier but don’t worry I punched her.


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