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Scene on campus


From Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Cullen Duke came to Oklahoma State University to be a part of the amazing engineering program. Duke is a sophomore and member of Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji). He has spent his time in college, so far, focused and determined to reach his goal of becoming an engineer.


Taylor is a junior studying strategic communications. You may contact her at taylor.

This summer, Duke has received the opportunity to intern for ExxonMobil in Fairfax, Va. (a suburb of Washington, D.C.). He will be working in their Fuels and Lubricants division. This will be an amazing opportunity to meet new people who have the same goal as he. “There are a few people that I know that will be working as full time hires,” Duke said, “but there isn’t anybody that I know working as an intern with me.” Duke went through a process in order to have this opportunity. He met recruiters for the company as he was working on the CEAT Career Fair. Duke was able to get a foot in the door of the recruitment process through that. After that, he went through a series of interviews. Duke will be there the entire summer, starting May 17 and ending August 8, and is looking forward to the challenging summer. “I am looking forward to a new and challenging work environment and the experience that comes from working for such a well-known and respected company,” he said. “The pay is also pretty exciting.” Although it may be a challenging summer for Duke, it will definitely help in the long run with whatever he does after graduation. “I would certainly be interested in working for ExxonMobil in the future, but I would like to keep my options open and explore other uses of my engineering degree.” This is Duke’s first internship and he will be experiencing many new things, from the environment he is in to the people he will be around. “As this is my first internship, I’m slightly nervous about assimilating into this very structured corporate setting and the fact that I will be among the youngest of the interns is a little nerve-wracking.” Duke said. Overall, Duke is excited to have the experience of working on the corporate side of an oil and natural gas company. “It will be a huge benefit to me in whatever career area of this industry my career path takes me,” he said.


Duke has also spent his time getting involved while being at OSU. Next year, he will serve as Fiji’s pledge educator. He also served as the CEAT Career Fair Coordinator, SGA’s Assistant Treasure and is part of CEAT student council. From Edmond to Stillwater and, now, to India... This summer, Brandon Samples, Phi Delta Theta, will be traveling to Bangalore, India for seven weeks. Samples is going to Bangalore for a Cultural Exchange trip. While there, he will have the opportunity to learn about Indian cultures and lifestyles. He will also have the opportunity to teach people about Jesus who have never had an opportunity to hear who he is. Samples got involved with this program after going to a summer program called Kaleo. “There, they taught me about the need for people willing to go to India, so that it would be possible for them to hear and, possibly, accept Jesus as their one and only God,” he said. He won’t be traveling across the big pond by himself. Samples will go with students from Oklahoma State and Tulsa University. “We all are already really close,” Samples said. “so it should be a great experience getting to live in a completely different place with friends that I have known throughout college.” While in Bangalore, the group will be living in a small flat, or apartment, downtown near college campuses and local hangouts. They will spend time building relationships with the college-aged Indians. “I will be learning about Indian culture, making relationships with the Hindu people, there, and telling them how Jesus has changed my life and how he can change theirs.” This will be quite the adventure for Samples. “I never would have imagined that I would have such a great opportunity to see what else is out there in the world before leaving college. I am also excited just to see how different the culture is and the differences between the United States and there.” Samples is a bit nervous about the food. “I am a seriously picky eater and the thought of eating at outdoor food markets with my bare hands makes me feel kind of queasy,” he said. “And, also, just not having the luxuries that I’m used to having here.” Overall, Brandon said he is excited about his summer plans and the opportunity to expand his thinking.


Adventure traveling


Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit Oxford University while traveling in England. Don’t get me wrong, OSU is great, but there is something amazing, almost mystical, about these ancient universities. Walking around Oxford, I felt like I was transported to a completely different era. To put things in perspective, Oxford was founded in 1096, and Cambridge was founded in 1209. America had not yet even been discovered by Columbus. This sets Cambridge as the third oldest university in the world. Fun fact: most of the Harry Potter movies were filmed there! But aside from their beauty and intriguing history, perhaps the most wonderful thing about foreign universities is the staggering number of well-educated, attractive Europeans with equally sexy accents! Cambridge was home to 80 Nobel prize winners, as well as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and countless other famous heads of state, authors and scientists. It sounds like the Cowboys in Cambridge program is an incredible way to spend a summer. Congratulations, ladies!

This s u m m e r, about 20 students from OSU will have the opportunity of a lifetime – to study at world renowned Cambridge University in England.


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & restaurant administration. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

The Cowboys in Cambridge program is in its 11th year and is sponsored through OSU. Candidates apply months in advance for selection to be part of the group. While in Cambridge, the selected students will learn alongside esteemed faculty, studying with some of the best professors in the world. The program consists of a two-week session, where students are enrolled in a three credit hour course. This year, the course is on the medical history of HIV and its effects on global politics and society. I spoke with Lyndi Thompson and Emmie Humphrey, sophomores and members of Kappa Delta sorority, who were selected for the Cowboys in Cambridge program. “Our typical day is going to consist of about four hours in the classroom,” Thompson said. “Then, after class, we get to spend the rest of the day however we choose. I’ve never been outside the U.S., and I think this will be an amazing way to see a new part of the world.” The program accepts students of all majors, and from any college within OSU, but according to Thompson, the majority of students going on the trip are not members of the Greek community.

Adventure traveling

MEDICAL MISSIONS IN PANAMA There’s a lot of preparation to do before we hop on the plane and head south, both logistically and mentally. Kayla Rinner, Kappa Kappa Gamma, decided to join the brigade this summer. Why?



Jake is a junior studying biological science. You may contact him at

This summer, a group of OSU students has decided to embark on a medical “I decided to go on the Panama trip because of the uniqueness of the missions trip to Panama, the southernmost country in Central America. experience,” she said. “I will get to be with 20 other students who have the With the help of the national organization, Global Medical Brigades (GMB), same passion as I do, serving others by doing what we love and, all the more than 20 students will take part in a trip that promises to change their while, learning so much.” lives, and others, for the better. I asked her what experiences she thinks she’ll have in Panama that will With this week’s theme of summer plans, I thought I’d focus on a group help in the medical field? “I think Panama will teach me how to approach of students’ plans, instead of only my own. Fortunately, I happen to be patients who have a different background than I do, which is something I’ll accompanying this group to Panama and I can’t wait to experience a week encounter often as a future physician. In Panama, I will be triaging patients in a Central American country and see how American students can go about who speak a different language and who who have grown up in much helping people in need. different circumstances than I have.” Our group is heading to Panama in May. The Brigade will meet up with a smaller group of students from Cleveland State University. The purpose of this organization is to colonize chapters across the country on university campuses, with a goal of bringing medical attention and resources to rural areas in underserved countries on a yearly basis. This is the first year that OSU is sending a group, as we colonized our chapter earlier this school year. Collectively, we’ve been meeting once a week to prepare for our trip, which includes raising funds, collecting medications and learning Spanish vocabulary to help us once we get to Panama.

Why does Rinner think this is significant? “I believe it is very important to be able to connect with patients in order to earn their respect and trust, and a big part in that is being able to understand and relate to the patient no matter your differences. This Panama trip will be a learning experience of using not only my knowledge of medicine, but also of understanding people and their backgrounds, in order to help heal their physical ailments.”

She’s got it. Most of the students who signed up have a pre-health major, be it biology, physiology, or even psychology. It’s been interesting discovering how much variety the group of students brings, but it’s reassuring knowing The role of students in these missions is to, more or less, act as nurses: that every member does share something in common: a future in the health taking vital signs, doing our best to interpret the patients’ ailments before care field. they see the doctor and conducting a full-scale triage with the help of a few If you have any interest in taking a trip like this, just ask! The goal of advisors and translators. We’ll be accompanied by one American doctor Global Medical Brigades is to send annual help to these places, so there and we’ll work alongside local medical personnel, in order to maximize our will be another opportunity to sign up for our trip next year. resources while we’re there. We even get to take a day-trip to the Panama Even if you’re not pre-health, everyone should consider something like Canal on our last day, so we’ll have that to look forward to upon completion this. You might learn something about the world and, more importantly, of our last day of triage. about yourself!


Adventure traveling

EDUARDO ARANA AND CHRISTINE ANDERSON MAKE THE MOST OF SUMMER 2014 Can we all just take a minute, sit back and realize that the spring 2014 semester is already coming to an end?


Kappa Alpha Order Nick is a senior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at

I don’t know how all of you feel, but for me, this is one crazy feeling. I can’t believe it’s already almost summer but, as you well know, summer is a much needed, well deserved and well celebrated break from school for which we all can’t wait.

Summer is a time that we can all take road trips, spend some time tanning at the pool, visit family, work, take vacations and so much more. For most of us, summer is the time to make new experiences, new friends and have the time of our lives. “Well, this summer is going to be great,” Kappa Sigma Eduardo Arana said. “I’m going to have the opportunity of a lifetime.” Arano interviewed with three architecture firms and received three offers to be an architecture intern. He accepted with SHW Group in Plano, Texas. “I’m very excited to work for them.” They work in the education field of architecture, building and designing schools in the Dallas area as well as other facilities. Arano also plans to be in New York City for a week for his Urban USA class. He is taking this class to accelerate his schedule and graduate a semester early. He said he’s excited because this program focuses on experiencing, documenting and analyzing the urban experiments through sketching and journaling. “I’m looking forward to going to top golf and the gun range, as well, this summer.” Since he has not been to Guatemala for a little over six years, Arano hopes to have time for a mini vacation there. Good luck and congratulation, Eddi! “I’m very excited for this summer,” Tri Delta Christine Anderson said. In June, Christine will be going to Sweden. This will be Christine’s third time to visit Sweden. She says she will be traveling to Sweden to visit some family. “The Swedes are a good time,” she said. “Even my 70-year-old Swedish

great-aunt is a great time.” Anderson will also be taking some summer courses here in Stillwater. She hopes to have an internship in Houston, as well. She’s applied for it already, but is still waiting for an offer. Good luck, Christine! Every summer has a story, but if you do it right this year, your summer will be a novel. Summer is supposed to be the time of your life, as it should be. We are rewarded with three months off from school, so it’s only fair that we make summer 2014 one for the books. “Summer: hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer and life gets better.” Anonymous. Summer is also a time to make new friends. Every new friend I have made in the summer has been a major part of my life; summer friends are the best. So, whatever drink is near you, grab it and let’s toast. Here’s to summer 2014 and the late nights that write the story of every friendship.

500 words on summer


SUMMER BUCKET LIST With only three weeks of class left, summer HANNAH plans have already NEMECEK been made. Maybe you Chi Omega are fortunate enough Hannah is a junior studying agricultural to be interning, campcommunications. You may contact her at counseling or traveling. Congratulations! This article is not for you (feel free to continue reading, however). This is for those spending summer break at home. Home can be a magical wonderland of home-cooked meals, family vacations and rekindled high school friendships. Home can also be a prison of summer jobs, awkward hometown encounters and a countdown to your Stillwater return. It can be hard to spend nearly three months in the place you couldn’t wait to leave in high school. Here’s a list to keep you busy (and sane) while living under the same roof as your parents. 1. Set some goals. Because you no longer have a schedule full of class, chapter, date parties, work, campus activities or others, you have time to accomplish less important things. You have nearly three months of free time – use it wisely. As soon as you get home (or even before), make a list of goals and do your best to accomplish them. 2. Read a book. Summer is the perfect time to grab your library card and pick up books you have always wanted to read. With a busy college lifestyle, it is nearly impossible to carve out time for reading. But without any other responsibilities, it can be nice to sit back, relax and read a book. 3. Tour a museum. Fill your summer with a little education by checking out Oklahoma’s unique museums: Jenks Aquarium, Oklahoma Science Museum, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum or the Philbrook Museum of Art. 4. Take a class. No, not the kind of class you’re thinking. Take a class that will teach you a new skill. Learn how to decorate a cake, give CPR, arrange floral pieces or teach a fitness class. 5. Make a craft. Maybe this doesn’t apply to the males out there. But, crafting is an absolute necessity when you have nothing to do. Refurbish an old piece of furniture or paint a picture. I’m sure your Pinterest board is just waiting for you to choose something to craft. 6. Explore your hometown. Even though you have probably spent your entire life in this town, you’ve probably skipped over some really cool places (unless you come from a really small town). Pick a day to go exploring. Find a cool coffee shop, an old bookstore or a quaint café. 7. Pitch a tent. Set up a tent and spend an evening eating hotdogs, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the stars. Bring a few friends or family for some

quality bonding time. 8. Visit a drive-in. Summer is always the best time to see movies, but they are even better when you can watch them underneath the stars. Drive-ins are definitely hidden gems. Most offer a double feature for around $6. Unlike an indoor theater, the concession stand offers cheap food. If you’ve never been to a drive-in, make sure to visit one! 9. Lend a helping hand. No matter where you go, there will always be people in need. Spend some time helping them out. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, humane society or YMCA. Or just visit a nursing home to put a smile on some elderly people’s faces. 10. Remember it all. Use your free time to create a memory box or scrapbook. Memories are constantly being made in college, so find a way to remember them all. Years from now, you will have something to show your kids.


Sports local


If you’re looking for some fun things to do this summer, going to a sporting event is one of the best ways to spend a day.


Alexis a sophomore majoring in finance and accounting. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h i m a t

The Oklahoma City Thunder have the number two seed in the Western Conference all but locked up, and they will look to finally get over the hump and win a title. The best part about attending a game at Chesapeake Arena is the atmosphere the fans bring to every game. I highly recommend getting to one of their playoff games because it truly is amazing to see Kevin Durant in action. If they want to win the NBA Championship, they will have to get past conference rivals, Coach Popovich and the Spurs, which is no easy task. It’s very likely that the Heat will end up winning the Eastern Conference. So, if the Thunder do win the West, it will probably take defeating LeBron James – currently the best player in the world until proven otherwise – and the Heat to win the title. We can’t forget about Oklahoma State Cowboy baseball, either. Cowboy baseball games are great to attend, even when the Cowboys aren’t great. But, as I have written before, the Pokes have a pretty decent shot of getting to the College World Series if they can put it all together. Led by junior, Zach Fish, there’s a lot of talent on this team and they believe that they can get to Omaha. It will take some help from the freshmen, too, but it is definitely possible. For those of us who live near North Texas, attending Texas Ranger games is absolutely a great time. The outlook for the Rangers looks pretty promisin,g as well. The big transaction for the Rangers this offseason was trading away Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder, who it is hoped will put some needed pop into the lineup. The deal also opened the door for Jurickson Profar (in 2012 he was ranked the top prospect in baseball) to get in the starting lineup. Ideally, Profar and Elvis Andrus will be the middle infield for the Rangers for years to come. As for their rotation, Yu Darvish will be the ace of the staff, and look to take the Cy Young award from Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer. The big question mark for the Rangers is the rest of the pitching rotation and, if they can get consistent quality starts from them, they could win the AL West and potentially advance relatively far in the playoffs.

Lastly, the FIFA World Cup is this summer and though it is unlikely that many of us can actually go to a game, rooting for America from our homes is almost as good. The United States has work cut out for them, as they have been placed in this year’s Group of Death. Only two teams will get out of a group consisting of international powerhouse Germany, arguably the best player in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo, and Portugal, USA and Ghana. Las Vegas has us at 10 -1 odds of getting out of the first round, but that adds to the fun of it. Rooting for the underdog is what America is all about and if we can somehow miraculously get out of this group, it would be up there with the Miracle on Ice in regards to top American sports moments. Overall, this summer is full of great sporting events and they will, hopefully, distract us enough to get us to football season.

Sports local


SPORTS TALK CAN GET YOU THROUGH THE SUMMER SPORTS LULL Summer is great for many reasons. No school, going home to be with your family, no school, warm weather and, most importantly, FarmHouse no school. But what that Thomas is a freshman studying suffers during the summer sports media. You may contact is the sports fan. During the him at summer, there are pretty much no college sports and the only professional league still in season is baseball. Golf makes its appearance every couple weeks with a major tournament, but the summer is the low point of the sports year.


Fall provides playoff baseball, both college and pro football, college and pro basketball, hockey, college wrestling – do I need to go on? These all extend through the winter and spring rolls around with playoff basketball, March Madness and beginning of college and major league baseball. But why, during our favorite time of year, do we have to experience the least amount of sports? It becomes rather sad when SportsCenter is reporting live from an NFL training

camp, talking about a non-padded practice (well, I actually love that, but that’s because I have an unhealthy obsession with NFL, but you get the point). When Top 10 plays of the day are all baseball, every day for two months, you start to crave the upcoming season. Double plays and home runs are impressive and I sure cannot do anything like that, but sometimes you just want to see someone get decked in the backfield or see a player be dominated by a monstrous dunk. When all four major sports—football, basketball, baseball and hockey—are in action, that’s when sports are at their peak. So what do we do until then? Usually, this is where we all become ESPN analysts and start speculating wildly about our favorite team’s chance and how we know OSU can contend for a Big 12 title (which we will, because we are going to be better than any analyst ever gives us credit for). Summer is approaching and everyone will be busy with vacations, summer jobs or laying around and doing nothing. No matter how busy someone becomes, talking sports is something everyone enjoys. People connect over sports and it can fill any conversation. So, as you go through summer trying to watch as much baseball as you can but still wanting more, I encourage everyone to make conversation and talk about your predictions. Bring out the ESPN analyst inside of you and start arguing with other fans. It keeps me sane during the summer, trying to survive on only baseball. So argue, predict and support your team this summer, as we all try to get through the lull in sports.


Lookbook fashion

HOT IN STILLWATER Because last weeks article for the boys was such a hit, we bring you another one! Although some of this information may sound similar to last week’s tips, that just means that it is HIGHLY important! So boys, read and follow.


Anna-Marie is a sophomore studying sports media. You may contact her at anna-marie.

Guys, have you asked yourself recently, “Why should I care what I look like?” Well, here are a few reasons that might make you stop and think: a good-looking guy in a stylish outfit can make more money, elevate his career and influence others. And, of course, it can’t hurt too much in the romance department.

Shorts Do: Wear shorts that are a fun color. While basic colors like khakis and navy are smart to have, it is okay to go for fun colors, too. Red, blue or colors that are great if you pair them with the right thing. If you are going to wear a statement pair of shorts, then wear a basic, plain shirt. Don’t: Wear shorts that are too short. Length is so important. If your shorts are too short, too tight or too small in any way, girls instantly put you in the “dweeb” category. In order to avoid this label, make sure those shorts are the correct length! Follow this same rule when wearing a swimsuit, too.

Shoes Do: Wear athletic shoes, Jack Purcell’s and Sperry’s. The key to pulling these shoes off is to make sure your outfit matches. If you wear athletic shoes, then wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt with it. If you wear Jack Purcell’s, pick out your outfit accordingly.


Don’t: Wear flip-flops unless you are going directly to the pool. I know they are tempting because they are so easy to slip on, but unless you are going straight to the pool, opt for something other than the flip-flop. If you have to wear them, be sure your toes are presentable. Also, if your feet are tan, that will work in your favor and you can wear flip-flops more freely.

Swimwear Do: Wear a swimsuit that fits well and is long enough. Wearing a swimsuit that is too short will put you in the same “dweeb” category talked about above! If you are

not sure what exactly to look for when purchasing a swimsuit, going with a basic suit is a good idea. When in doubt, go with plain. Keeping it simple is always a good idea. Don’t do anything too rambunctious.

Don’t: Have a farmers tan. I know sometimes they are hard to avoid, but do your best. They show girls how pale you normally are and they look awkward. This rule also applies to your white feet. I realize that we are telling you to rarely wear flipflops, so you are probably thinking “how do I avoid having white feet if I am not allowed to wear flip-flops?” Well, there isn’t really a solution to this! Just make sure that when you do go to the pool, your feet get some sun.

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The scent of sunscreen fills the air, a symphony of people slapping mosquitos away surrounds you, through your sunglasses you can see 100 children running around like chickens with their heads cut off, you take a sip of your cold pop (something the kids can’t have) and watch. You’re a camp counselor.


22. Know some name games. Whether you hate them or love them, you’re going to need them. 23. Love your campers with all your heart—they might not get as much love as they deserve at home.

Delta Delta Delta

24. Make your campers drink water every time they are near water.

Sophia is a freshman studying agricultural education. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

25. Pack extra socks.

Like many Greeks, I spend most of my summers at camp. My love affair with camp counseling started in the seventh grade, when I was given a herd of six year-olds to look after for the week. They ran on the walls. Literally. As much as I loved my kiddos, counseling is hard, hard work and I could have used a few tips to help me manage my bunch of rugrats. Whether you’re a seasoned counselor or this summer will be your first time, it’s important to keep a few things in mind: 1. “Go in with the right mind set. The goal is to make students feel welcomed and to have a great time!” Whitney Wilkinson, Tri Delta 2. Bring hand sanitizer. 3. Always know at least three games that can be played at any time without any supplies; it will save you at some point during a session. 4. Never sacrifice progress for process. If a student takes the opportunity to open up, let them. You can catch up on the rest of your lesson later. 5. Take a buddy. 6. If you bring expensive sunglasses, you will lose them. Bring a couple cheapies from Walmart. 7. Turn negatives into positives: instead of saying “don’t run” or “stop talking” say “please, walk” and “listen, while I’m speaking.” 8. Break through moments happen when you least expect it. Don’t get discouraged. 9. The goofier the game, the better it is to watch. 10. If you wear every friendship bracelet you’re given, you’re going to have a weird tan line. Do it anyways. 11. When you’re given the opportunity to sleep, sleep. 12. On that note, sometimes you can sacrifice a shower to get 10 more minutes of sleep. Hey, it’s camp. 13. If you hear campers bullying, even if they’re not your own, intervene. 14. No makeup equals no problems. 15. Bring sandals to wear in the showers. 16. If you’re not cheesing during camp songs, you’re not doing it right. 17. “Don’t be surprised if the kids change your life more than you change theirs.” Kristal Williams, Chi-O. 18. Never be alone with a camper. Even if nothing bad happens, it makes you vulnerable to a lot of risks. 19. Chacos tan line? You mean, badge of honor. 20. Learn the other counselors’ real names. You can’t find them on Facebook using their camp names. 21. You’re going to have to be the hero who kills spiders, scorpions and other creepy crawlies. Just accept this fact, now.


26. Oh, you lost your voice from cheering during field days? Congrats, your campers love you. 27. Keep the lint from your laundry to use to start a fire, it helps speed up the process. 28. Don’t be afraid to be goofy! In fact, the goofier you are, the more your campers love you. 29. Know when to take things seriously. The ropes course is not the time to fool around. 30. Camp is for the campers—don’t ever make it about you. 31. Always, always have a bottle of water on you. If you don’t need it, then one of your campers certainly will. 32. Camp friendships are so special—deep, yet fleeting. Cherish them. 33. Always follow through on what you say you’ll do. Your campers will lose trust in you if you keep making promises you can’t keep. 34. Teach your campers cheers early, when field day comes around you’ll be thankful that you did. 35. You’re making about a dollar an hour. So what? You’re getting paid in memories and experiences. Don’t ever forget that. 36. Ninety percent of injuries can be taken care of with an ice pack, a band aid and some water. 37. During that other 10 percent, the nurse just became your new best friend. 38. Come up with some fun new versions of “Boom Chicka Boom.” I guarantee you’ll sing it. 39. “Soak up every moment with a camper because you never know the impact that they will have on you and vice versa.” Annie Jo Gilbert, Phi Mu 40. On that note, try to spend your counselor breaks playing with the campers. They notice which counselors choose to be their friend. 41. First rule: don’t die. 42. Give your camp’s address to friends and family, you’ll be craving contact from the real world. 43. Make your campers wear sunscreen—the spray kind is easiest for quick application. 44. Wear sunscreen, too. 45. If you don’t own something that’s tie dyed, can you even call yourself a real camp counselor? 46. Sometimes, you’re going to try to convince yourself that swimming in the river counts as a shower. It doesn’t. 47. You’re going to miss camp once you get back home, but don’t worry, it’ll be there for you next summer. 48. Catch up on the news when you get home. You probably missed something important in the last couple of months (weeks, days). 49. “Be real with your students, take the time to learn their story and invest in them. You will be surprised how incredible your students are when you get to know their story! Most importantly, have fun! While being a camp counselor you receive the chance to empower someone to change the world. Seize the moment,” Chance Imhoff, SAE 50. Wake up every morning and be thankful. You have the best job in the world.


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Dear Abby,

Dear Looking for Guidance,

First of all, studying abroad is an amazing opportunity and you should be very proud of yourself! I know it may seem bittersweet because you will be steady relationship for the last two years, but we haven’t ever really away from your significant other for the entire summer, but you must take full been apart from each other for too long. I know that we won’t be able advantage of this opportunity and enjoy it while it lasts. In my opinion, if a relationship between two people is truly strong, the number of miles between to communicate as much as we usually do, and I doubt that we will them will not significantly affect them. You two will have to work together in be able to see each other at all this summer. I am concerned that the order to maintain the relationship while you are in Spain. Even though you may not be able to talk everyday, just know that if your significant other time and distance away from each other could significantly affect our genuinely cares about you, he or she will put in the same amount of effort relationship and I wanted to ask your advice as to what you would as you do. Yes, it will be difficult at times and you may feel disheartened. But keep in mind how much the relationship means to you, and it will motivate do if you were in my position? you to stay positive and committed.

This summer I will be studying abroad in Spain. I have been in a



Looking for Guidance



Instead of the weekly review of a current film, I decided to take a week break and talk about a genre of film. Due to the fact I have not been able to reach my nearest Redbox, I have decided to write about a cinema genre I have been learning about in my international film class.

is that the entire eight hours is basically like ANNA a view from a security camera, not moving and MCDOUGAL Kappa Alpha Theta not changing. I can’t ever say that I will watch that Anna is a sophomore studying english. You may contact her at – in fact I know I won’t – but the point of these extreme films is to allow the viewer to let their eyes wander and concentrate on what they are thinking while watching the scene before them. Due to the fact that the shot does not move within a three second period, like contemporary films, the viewer is able to notice more about the background and make deeper reflections about the action unfolding before them.

Slow Cinema, originating from European Art Cinema, is a sort of rejection of Hollywood’s fast paced blockbusters and an enhancement of long takes and a concentration on non-event action. ‘Slow’ films contain little dialogue and more character ambiguity, leaving most of the plot and motivation up to the discretion of the viewer. Shots in these Other than the driftwood scene, I have only seen one Slow Cinema film that films last significantly longer than contemporary films and focus on every day I enjoyed more than I expected to. In The City Of Sylvia is a non-extremist action instead of real plot building events. version of this genre about a man searching the city for a woman he met six For instance, one of these films may have a whole eight minute scene of a piece years previous. of driftwood being manipulated by the ocean tide. Yes, that is an actual scene Although there was not a whole lot of action in every scene, being able to I have watched. Although this may seem ridiculous and some critics find this genre to be unoriginal and non-progressive, some of the less radical versions critically analyze the filming techniques and small details placed into each shot of this genre can be quite entertaining, if the viewer is trained to watch them. was more entertaining to me than some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. If you find this intriguing even in the slightest, I recommend taking a look into One extreme example of this is Andy Warhol’s Empire. This is an eight hour In The City Of Sylvia to gain some exposure to an unpopular genre that will film of the Empire State Building shot from a static camera. What this means train you to watch films in a whole new way.

Humor lol



Let’s face it, college is pretty much the best opportunity of your life to find a significant other.

KADE GOODWIN Phi Delta Theta

Never again in your Kade is a senior studying political life will there be 20,000 science. You may contact him at people who are all close to your age and confined to a five mile radius. But you can’t just sit back and wait for someone to fall in your lap. You have to be proactive. You can’t watch from the sidelines while some twinkle-toed doofus steals your spotlight. If you can’t find a significant other in college then, guys, you should start investing in a Hair Club for Men Membership and an eHarmony account. Ladies, if you can’t find the right guy in college, you should probably learn how to play bridge and start thinking of cat names because you’re not going to find your own Ryan Gosling at the bottom of that Ben and Jerry’s carton. I’ve gotten various pieces of advice, over the years, on matters of dating, so if you’d like to avoid dying poor and lonely, read on.

“Even Michael Jordan has gotten shots blocked.” Guys, getting rejected isn’t fun. When a girl you like shuts you down for a date, she’s essentially saying, “I’m actually not planning on eating on that day. If I do decide to eat, I’d prefer if I paid for it and I was as far away from you as possible, just in case the restaurant that I’m at doesn’t have a trash can close enough to throw up in, because that’s what the sight of you makes me want to do. In fact, if you could leave the country for a while and not come back until you’re a completely different person that would be great. Now, please excuse me, I have to go make fun of you with the rest of my friends. Thanks for the offer, though!” Other times, when you get shut down, it’s just a simple matter of timing, chemistry and/or luck, so don’t let it get you down. A “no” might simply mean, “Not now.” When you get turned down, you can mope about it and give up or you can do what Michael Jordan did and keep taking shots and go after other girls. However, if this happens a lot, you might want to take her advice, move to another country and not come back until you’re a completely different person.

“Date like Tig… I mean… Phil Mickelson.” Much like golf, in the dating game, we all deserve a mulligan. Have you ever seen a good looking dude walking down the street, holding hands with a girl who obviously isn’t in his league? And you’re thinking, “Dang, how did that happen?” and he’s thinking, “Yeah, how did this happen?” Or, you see a beautiful, smart, vivacious girl who is dating a guy who in 10 years will still be a Wednesday night regular at Outlaws. Some people will not date someone based on who they have dated in their past. We all make mistakes. Everyone has had that one person that you tell yourself, “I

probably shouldn’t be with them, right now. I really shouldn’t. I gotta get out of this.” But then you think, “Hey, might as well, right?” However, if you bogey enough, you’ll run out of mulligans and people will start to notice that you might look like a good golfer, but you’re actually pretty terrible. Same goes in the dating game. Birds of a feather flock together, so if you’re dating losers, you might be one, too.

“Girls don’t go nuts over boys with big butts.” I learned this when I was 11, weighed 141 pounds, got beat up every day and didn’t have a girlfriend. Now, I’m not as fat, only get beat up every time I go to the Copper Penny and don’t have a girlfriend, but I still think the saying holds true. Women are just as shallow as men. The only evidence I have of this is the fact that Juan Pablo starred on a TV show that has the largest women’s demographic in history. Case closed. So there you have it, 22 years worth of dating wisdom wrapped up into one article. But, I do have one question. When I was 15, my father told me that girls are like the stock market – you have to strike while the iron’s hot. I have no idea what that means, so if anyone can clarify, that would be great.

SORORITY SUE’S WEEKLY SCOOP Hottie of the week: Mitchell “Gibby” Gibbons. Beta Theta Pi. SINGLE and ready to MiNgLe. You might have seen him at Wing Ching Ching, Kiss N Tell, or lurking around Pi Beta Phi. Mechanical Engineer aka BIG wedding ring. He’s on the official Oklahoma State Fishing Team. And what a catch he is…LOL If he’s living on Tulsa Time, I’m buyin’ me a watch. Weekly Scoop As the school year comes to a close, let’s take a moment of silence for my pathetic excuse for a GPA and liver. I can’t wait to see all the freshman couples try to stay together over summer break. Nothing says romance like a five hour drive. To everyone with an internship: the real world sucks and you are, willingly, getting a head start. How am I supposed to make it all summer without my sisters/ brothers/lack of a curfew?


Humor tweets

@slvicent: So the guy who shot his neighbor while trying to kill a squirrel was cited in ’99 for “removing evidence of sex from deer.” That’s a thing? @kadegoodwinning: I hate fun and I don’t smile. –two of my professors this semester. @trevso_electric: “In Cold Burritos” by Truman Chipotle. @DavidRoads: I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom. – George Patton @NMe3zyy: This school year I have successfully been a showgirl, a lion, a zombie Barbie, a squirrel, & a Theta-kin! #schizophrenia.

@Like_A_Bloss: Seniorities: Being more excited about playing slow-pitch softball than anything else@jacob_slef: Graduating college would be a lot easier if AR points were offered like they were in grade school. @CaileighGlenn: There’s a bird outside my window that sounds like it’s saying “Mitsubishi” over and over really fast. “Cheap” advertising. @Alexandra7Grace: S/O to Dr. Masters for making me take off my hat in an exam to showcase my lack of makeup & hygiene. Statistically speaking, it wasn’t cute. @jessika_curry: The 6th graders hate on my haircut and they think I’m pregnant. A girl can only take so much in one day!

@Zack_Tomlinson: Looking at twitter in a very different light after being exposed to Yik Yak #wooah. @Carley_Ellis: Lane just paid $5 to play Rockstar by nickelback 6 times in a row. We are about to get kicked out/beat up @seanhansenn: When I walk into my 10:30 Friday morning I’m always expecting a standing ovation and Aloe Blacc’s the man to start playing @DakotaSemrad: Yankees finally get their first win of the year against the powerhouse. Astros@KeetPotato: open letter to god: please speed up world peace that seems to be taking a while also what is kanye west


Although the weather in this part of the country might not always show it, we are just on the heals of summer.

be huge this summer and songs that are just plain made for summer days.


“Come Alive” (feat. Toro y Moi) by Chromeo

Lane is a junior studying animal science. You may contact him at

“Pompeii” by Bastille

Sigma Chi

The school year has flown by, once again, and it’s almost time to enjoy a three month break. One of the best things about summer is all the tunes that are released just prior and rediscovering some oldies, but goodies. These songs will frequent parties, adventures on the lake and even sunny day cruises with the windows down. I had to have help with some of the chart-toppers, as I’m somewhat of a hipster when it comes to music. So spare me if you are also not the biggest fan of the song “#SELFIE” either. That said, here are some songs that are set to

“Come Get it Bae” by Pharrell Williams “Give it 2 U” by Robin Thicke, Kendrick Lamar “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers “Hip Pop” by Lunice “Draft Day” by Drake “Man of the Year” by Schoolboy Q “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé, Jay-Z “La La La” by Naughty Boy, Sam Smith “Empire” by Shakira

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