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FIRST COWGIRL EXCITED ABOUT WELLNESS ON CAMPUS Ann Hargis has been cheering on wellness initiatives on campus since she became Oklahoma State’s First Cowgirl in 2008. “I always make time to promote wellness,” she says. She enjoys spreading the word that good health goes beyond diet and exercise. Hargis says she didn’t start the health initiatives at OSU. Upon arriving as the First Cowgirl, she saw many health programs already in place. “I naturally stepped into the position to promote what was already happening on our campus.” Thanks to the late Bud Seretean, we’ve had the tools to promote wellness on our campus for many years now. Hargis says her goal is to be the “cheerleader” of wellness on campus, and to promote all areas of health. “We are currently trying our best to appreciate some of the emotional factors in wellbeing, like sleep,” she says. “We have a whole study program on sleep. Also, financial aid... if your finances are in disarray, you’re in disarray. And so we have tools to educate and to support people with all kinds of stress management.” Hargis says these tools spread across a wide array of wellness opportunities, whether it’s finding stress relief at the RE-BOOT center in the Student Union, spending time with one of the therapy dogs on campus or taking financial aid classes. President and Mrs. Hargis are even having their dog, Scruff, trained to become a therapy dog for students. With his spunky, friendly personality, it’s easy to see how spending time with a dog like Scruff can be therapeutic. “Families around Stillwater can have their dog become a therapy dog,” Hargis says. “And when the dogs are on campus, students can spend time with them.” Studies have shown that dogs are relaxing and comforting, causing stress levels to drop, Hargis says. @OSUFirstCowgirl often tweets when Scruff is on campus, to spread the word. offers more information on the different pathways to wellness. Hargis says stories about projects like the therapy dogs and the new walking trail can be found on the website. Suzy Harrington, OSU’s Chief Wellness Officer, says that she believes we aren’t striving to be America’s healthiest campus, but that we already are.

Oklahoma State students e x p e r i e n c e l o w e r s t re s s levels than the average college student, according to a 2013 Healthy Campus 2020 survey, which included campuses across the US. H a rg i s s a y s s h e t h i n k s this is due to the friendly environment at OSU.



Libby is a senior studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at elizabeth.

“I do think there’s an atmosphere of support, of friendship and of nurturing that everybody feels on this campus,” she says. “And I think, and hope, that all students and all employees know where to go to get help if they feel stressed.” Even in regard to only diet and exercise, OSU offers unique wellness programs. “A few years ago, we started allowing faculty and staff to exercise at the Colvin Center free of charge,” Hargis says. Free faculty access to such recreational centers is not commonly found at universities, she says. Her goal is to encourage every student and faculty member to become the best he or she can be. “Anyone who wants to better his or her life in anyway can find access to do that,” she says. “So that we can all be the very best we can be.” The Seretean Wellness Center also offers cooking classes. These classes are given at the center and at dorms. Hargis’s daughter, Kate, is teaching a class at noon tomorrow. Kate owns a health food store and will teach students how to make healthier foods. Hargis says she believes anyone who finds the tools that work for them can be healthier. As OSU students, we have tools for better wellness all around us – from cooking classes to financial aid to stress relief programs. “I just can’t imagine not wanting to feel better than you feel all the time.”

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Scene on campus


Oklahoma State is blessed to soon welcome Alpha Xi Delta back home to our Greek community! With 122 chapters nationwide, Alpha Xi Delta will soon be another Delta Delta Delta thread in the tapestry of our Sophia is a freshman studying exciting culture. However, agricultural education. in order for Alpha Xi Delta Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t to prosper, she needs our help! There’s one easy way to do so: become a FOX. To help make the adjustment to cowboy life, Alpha Xi Delta has set up a program called Friend of Xi, or FOX for short. Shellby Sweeney, the educational leadership consultant on campus for AXiD, said the FOX program is looking for individuals to help in a variety of ways with the chapter’s colonization. “[We need] vital mentors, advocates and cheerleaders for our colonization efforts at Oklahoma State,” Sweeney said. “Our FOX’s will also serve as role models to our new colony members as they join the Greek community.” Sweeney said a FOX can be a current member of the Greek community, faculty, staff or anyone that is interested in supporting Alpha Xi Delta. What does a FOX do? One of the main focuses of being a FOX is to get the name of AXiD out there, and luckily, this program makes it easy by giving you fun swag. By becoming a FOX, you will be given a variety of items with the AXiD name printed on them. This way, people will learn to recognize the name. For all these AXiD goodies, all you have to do is speak positively about the chapter! Part of the program will be “FOXi Thursdays.” Shellby describes this event as a time for FOXes to help promote AXiD. “FOXes would wear t-shirts, buttons, pass out flyers and share information about our colonization efforts with other campus organizations.” She also said that FOX meetings will be held monthly. After the colony is established, FOX members are expected to act as mentors and help the woman of AXiD adjust to Oklahoma State Greek Life. What to know to talk up AXiD No one can express why a chapter is special quite like an alumni. Shelby said AXiD is special because it inspires members to grow. “Alpha Xi Delta is an organization that inspires women to realize their potential by providing opportunities for sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service,” she said. “Our members at Oklahoma State will have the same opportunities as other Greek organizations, from participating in shows to philanthropy events, and so much more!” Shellby said that the women who join AXiD now will have the opportunity to shape their chapter into what they want it to be. “As founding members of our chapter at Oklahoma State University, our colony women will have the opportunity to build their chapter from the ground up,” she said. “They will get to decide what Alpha Xi Delta will be at OSU for many years to come.” A short conversation is all it takes to see the positive impact AXiD has had on Shellby. Know a woman who would make a perfect AXiD? Shellby will live on campus while Alpha Xi Delta forms a colony class, and will be holding several information sessions for potential new members. One of these meetings will be held at 8 p.m. on Monday, March 21 in the Student Union Oklahoma Room (room 450). They will also be participating in Greek Discovery Day! If you know a woman interested in joining, she can contact Shellby Sweeney at You can also contact Shellby if you are interested in becoming a FOX! AXiD will participate in formal recruitment in the fall, so if you know a high school senior eager to help shape a chapter, feel free to inform her about Alpha Xi Delta’s return. AXiD’s return is a big step in the expansion of our Greek system. More chapters not only leads to smaller pledge classes, but also greater diversity in our community, more philanthropy events and stronger bonds. For Greek men and women, it is important that we speak positively about their return and assist them in any efforts to become a greater part of our community. Help make AXiD’s return the best it can be - apply to be a FOX today!




Scene on campus


In 1920, Oklahoma State University celebrated the construction of Lewis Field, the school’s first complete football venue.

CaSeY BURSON FarmHouse

Seven years prior to the Casey is a freshman studying stadiums’ construction, construction management the football team played technology. You may contact him at the bare field which at was dedicated in 1913 as “Athletic Field.” The field was later renamed “Lewis Field” after the interim President Laymon Lowery Lewis. The stadium was originally positioned in a typical north-south fashion, however it quickly became evident that an east-west orientation was more suitable to avoid strong winds. To this day, the stadium is one of few that runs east to west. Just four years after the stadium was built, The University added a steel and concrete seating structure on the south side of the stadium. During the 1929 football season, seating was expanded to 13,000 with the addition of 8,000 seats on the north side of the stadium. Subsequent expansions of the stadium during the Lewis Field era were performed in 1947, 1950 and 1971.The all-time attendance record for Lewis Field was 51,458 for the Bedlam Series game in 1979. In the decades leading up to the Boone Pickens renovations, the corroding facilities became colloquially referred to as “Rustoleum Stadium.” The 2003 football season saw the renaming of the stadium to “Boone Pickens Stadium” in honor of the Texas oilman’s $70 million pledge to his proud and immortal alma mater. Pickens would increase his contributions to the university over the following years to over $400 million (of which $265 million was spent on athletics). During the 2003 season, OSU broke ground on a $260 million renovation project of the stadium that consisted of a brick exterior to compliment the Georgian architecture found throughout the campus. The completed stadium was officially rededicated in 2009, when the Cowboys opened the season against Georgia. Last season’s game against Baylor saw the enlarged stadium reach its maximum capacity of 60,218. As Oklahoma State students, we are blessed to have alumni like Boone Pickens, Sherman Smith, Michael and Anne Greenwood, as well as the thousands of other individuals who have contributed to the university. The renovation of the stadium was a monumental beginning to a new era of the university’s history. Having just reached a $1 billion fundraising goal for the “Branding Success” campaign over a year early, it is a great time to be a cowboy. GO POKES!

Greek life traditions



Addi Freiner, freshman Chi Omega, and Alyssa Bigger, junior Chi Omega, came to Oklahoma State to make a difference across the world by starting Orphan Run Stillwater. The two women are directors for Orphan Run Stillwater 2014.


Taylor is a junior studying strategic communications. You may contact her at taylor.

Addi and Alyssa are both involved with a sponsorship program based out of Tulsa, OK called Bless the Children Ministries (BTCM). BTCM is serving in Maabale, Uganda, Africa, providing the physical, mental and spiritual needs of orphans around the Mabaale village. There have been three Orphan Runs in the past: two in Tulsa and one in Mississippi. Previously, these Orphan Runs have raised money in order to build orphan homes. Addi and Alyssa brought Orphan Run to Stillwater in order to raise money, build and furnish a three-block classroom in Uganda, Africa for young students without proper classrooms. Without the proper environment, these children aren’t receiving the greatest education, Addi and Alyssa said. “Without a proper education there are fewer opportunities for the children as they grow up.” Last summer, Addi had the opportunity to go to Uganda, Africa with BTCM. She was in the Mabaale village for two weeks and said she fell in love with the children there. “They were all so joyful and grateful, despite the fact that they barely had anything,” Addi said. “These children were completely dependent on the Lord.” While Addi was in Africa, she said she was shocked by the classrooms. The schools were made out of tree branches, tarps and a dirt floor. This past summer, Alyssa interned with BTCM and lived in the Mabaale village. As an intern, her primary focus was to work and teach in the school. Alyssa taught English lessons and worked with teachers to further develop their teaching strategies. While there, Alyssa began to understand the importance of school in developing children.

“I know how important the classroom environment is,” Alyssa said. “It was difficult for the 50 plus kids per class to focus in such a cramped and inadequate learning environment.” As this is the first Orphan Run Stillwater, the two women have worked hard to spread the word. “The most difficult part about starting Orphan Run Stillwater is the fact that people just don’t know about it.” The directors said. “Any little bit helps, just by telling others and spreading the word!” They have started advertising on campus and want people to know how important Orphan Run is to the children in Uganda. Orphan Run Stillwater has partnered with OSU’s Greek Discovery Day in order to show the incoming freshmen that Greek life is about making a difference in our community as well as the world. The event is sponsored by Chi Omega and other organizations and companies. Orphan Run Stillwater is also paired with the nonprofit “’A Chance for the Children.” Addi and Alyssa have a goal of $33,000 to build and furnish a three-block classroom in Mabaale, Uganda. As of Feb. 23 they had just over $20,000! “We need YOU to come out and run in Orphan Run Stillwater,” the directors said. Orphan Run Stillwater is having a 5k run as well as one mile fun-run at 8 a.m. on March 29, 2014. You do not have to be a runner to participate! Walking or participating in the fun run are great alternatives. There is also an option to be a “virtual runner,” allowing you to get a t-shirt and simply donate to the cause. Sign up for Orphan Run Stillwater today at

6 KAPPA DELTA SHAMROCK 2014 Self business

cookout, raffle and great prizes. After the cookout, the games begin! Emmie Humphry, sophomore Kappa Delta, is the head of Shamrock this year.


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & re s t a u r a n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

“One of my favorite parts about Shamrock is seeing the way our Greek community comes together for our efforts,” she said. “Whether it’s a game at 8 a.m. or 10 p.m., everyone comes with a great attitude.” Whether you’re an athlete or simply a fan, get your game-face on because it’s time to play ball! Kappa Delta is hosting their annual philanthropy event, the Shamrock Softball Tournament, on March 7 through 9. Every year, Kappa Delta’s across America hold “Shamrock Events” in order to raise funds for local and national child abuse prevention efforts. OSU’s Kappa Delta Nu chapter hosts an annual softball tournament benefitting Stillwater’s Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services along with their national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse America. This weekend-long tournament has fraternities and teams from the community compete for the title of champion, as well a sweet $500 prize. Last year, Kappa Delta Nu chapter raised $50,100 through their efforts. This year they’re aiming higher! The event kicks off on March 7th in full-force, complete with an opening ceremony,

Wondering why the softball tournament is called “Shamrock”? “It started probably around thirty years ago,” Humphrey said. “The event used to take place on Saint Patrick’s Day, hence ‘Shamrock,’ and the name stuck! We’ve hosted the softball tournament at OSU for many years now, and it continues to grow in popularity and success every year.” As a member of Kappa Delta myself, I’m really looking forward to the event. Last year’s tournament was so incredibly cold, I can remember sitting outside in something like 19 degrees! All of us were bundled up in coats and blankets, sipping hot chocolate, while some of the players were sweating and wearing short sleeve shirts. My fingers are crossed for warmer weather this year, but regardless of the temperature the tourney will still be a blast. Head on out to Stillwater’s Sanborn Softball Fields for a fun-filled weekend of softball, while also supporting a great cause!

Feature story


Oklahoma Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon recently stepped down from his position, announcing his senate candidacy in the special election to replace retiring U.S. Senator Tom Coburn. Shannon said he plans to hold true to Oklahoma’s conservative values, and also engage young voters. He spoke to the College Republicans last week.


our spending under control. And we have got to grow our economy.”

MITCHeLL EARL Alpha Gamma Rho

Mitchell is a senior studying biochemistry and molecular biology. You may contact him at

“Every major movement in this country has had something in common,” Shannon said. “And that one thing is young people have been on the front line.” He said young people are often told to “wait their turn”. “It’s not your turn yet, just wait, now is not your turn,” he said. “I am telling you, don’t ever listen to anybody tell you that. Now is your time. Now is your moment. Don’t let anybody tell you to wait your turn.” In the “freest country in the land,” waiting one’s turn is not an issue, he said. “If we are going to change things in the conservative movement happening right now, it is going to require young people at the front of it,” Shannon said. Shannon said his vision, if elected, hinges on restoring fiscal order to the U.S. government. “Number one, we need to stop our borrowing, “ he said. “We are going to have to get

Reducing taxes and allowing people to keep more of what they make is the best way to accomplish that, Shannon said. He also stressed the importance of energy independence as a fiscal issue. Before taking questions, he encouraged students to challenge their views about American politics through a story from his personal life. “Two years ago for Christmas, my daughter asked for a Barbie Dream House,” he said. “That Christmas Eve, I was trying to put together that dream house, and couldn’t make heads or tails of the directions.” At about 4 a.m., Shannon said he knew he only had a few hours to get the house together for his daughter. “I knew I had to do something quickly, so I went back to the garbage can and I found the box I threw away,” he said. “It had the most important piece: the picture on the box.” “I am absolutely convinced what our state and our country is hungry for, is that picture on the box. What is it supposed to look like?” Shannon said America has been the picture on the box for the rest of the world since our founding, until recently, with the y-generation. “Now, people are looking for other pictures on the box,” Shannon said. “I am convinced America must remain that picture, and in order to do that, we have to get our fiscal house in order and we have to have a strong military.” Shannon will head off against fellow conservative candidates, U.S. Representative James Lankford and Jason Weger, in the June 24 primary. The general election is November 4. For more information about Shannon or to find out how to get involved, log on to www.


for ensuring employee security.

a teaching philosophy that is slightly

Later, Payne went on to work

different from other departments. It has

as a consultant for different

an emphasis on not only improving

people in multiple sectors

students, but also encouraging them

of the industry. Now, she

to work outside of “the box.”

finds herself working here

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my classes through the entrepreneurship program. This semester, one of the

at OSU in the Riata School of

JaMIe BARNES Sigma Chi

Jamie is a junior studying Landscape Architecture. You may contact him at james.

Entrepreneurship! Payne is involved in strategic

classes I’m enrolled in is Native

engagement, women’s entrepreneurship, NativeAmerican entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial

American Entrepreneurship with

outreach. She has done a great deal of work with the Native American Tribes in Oklahoma (her

Professor Elizabeth Payne. Professor

husband is a member of one such tribe), and they have worked to survey multiple tribes on their

Payne has basically seen it all. She has

economic strides throughout the past 30 years. Payne is extremely passionate about furthering

a great deal of insight into the world

the entrepreneurial spirit as well as fostering efforts of different minority groups.

of entrepreneurship, as well as how it affects different groups within the United States. She is a licensed attorney and worked for several years as a lawyer. After she spent some time working in law, she took a career leap that was a definitely a risk. Payne took a job with Ed Gaylord working as counsel, and later as Vice President of Human Resources. She was one of the first female execs in a multi-billion dollar private company. Payne then went on to join a new startup company specializing in technology, called Advanced Financial Solutions. She served as their Vice President of Human Resources when Principal Financial Group awarded her company the recognition as one of the 10 best U.S. Companies

I thoroughly enjoy Payne as a professor and continuously look forward to her classes. Her enthusiasm is contagious along with her evident passion for her subjects. She isn’t one to put emphasis on excessive amounts of homework. Instead our class focuses on having a firm understanding of our topic. We leave class having learned more about what we discussed. I definitely recommend everyone take a class with Elizabeth Payne! She knows each of her students by first name and genuinely wants all of us to succeed.


Self health & fitness

TRIALS OF NEW PILL TO REPLACE INJECTED MEDICATIONS While the science of medicine is always progressing, another ingenious technology is about to hit the streets of America.


Jake is a junior studying b i o l o g i c a l s c i e n c e . Yo u may contact him at

Many of today’s advancements in medicine seemed impossible years ago. However we continue to be blown away by the time and effort put into research that defines our standards of healthcare. Suppose that diabetics (and other patients suffering from a host of chronic illnesses) might never have to give themselves a shot again in a couple years’ time. In fact, due to the efforts of and experiments undertaken by Dr. Mir Imran, the times of daily injections look like they are drawing to a close. This researcher from India has both designed and conducted multiple trials of encapsulated medicine over the past few years. What I gathered from the Wall Street Journal article is that this special type of pill is able to travel all the way from your mouth to your intestine without being affected. In most cases with ingested medicine, the pill is designed to start dissolving as soon as it hits your tongue. In this way, the pill will be completely dissolved and entering your bloodstream by the time it enters into your stomach. This is exactly what Dr. Imran did NOT want to happen with his

GET UP AND MOVING As the summer slowly approaches, many students will be hitting up the gym and beginning various diet plans. However, it can be a somewhat daunting and overwhelming to incorporate fitness as well as healthy eating into your daily routine. I reached out to faculty members at the Colvin Center in order to obtain some insight on the subject.

aNNa-RUTH LEWIS Alpha Delta Pi

Anna-Ruth is a sophomore studying psychology. You may contact her at anna-ruth.lewis@

I began by asking Zach Ruedy, fitness specialist at the Department of Wellness, his opinion on the most effective fitness programs offered at the Colvin Center. “The Department of Wellness has so many programs to offer, it would be difficult to say what is the most effective,” Zach said. “I think it would depend on the student’s personality, previous knowledge of fitness and what goals they wish to achieve. A student that is very motivated to exercise and has a previous background in high school athletics might be fine with just using the facility on their own and occasionally participating in one of our events.” Zach said things like the Superhero 5K, Orange Maxx, Strongest Cowboy, or Orange Mudder could be fun for more regular exercisers. Students who have less of an athletic background and more of a general interest in fitness might like to participate in free group fitness classes or sign up for a specialty class like Cowboy Boot Camp, Olympic Lifting, R.O.S.U, or the new VIPR class. “For someone that needs a little help with motivation, accountability and really has no idea where to start, or a student with very specific goals, they would greatly benefit from signing up a personal trainer,” he said. “This would provide more structure and supervision, as well as accountability.” Zach also offered his own advice concerning ways students can incorporate a fitness routine

latest technology. His goal was to invent something that wouldn’t be dissolved and attacked by the acidity of our stomachs. Such prescriptions that require injection include those for Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis; this is to allow the medication inside the pills to disperse without having to compete in the acidic conditions of the stomach. The mechanism of how the pills works involves a few steps. Once the desired pH of the pill’s environment is reached, the outer layer of the pill dissolves. This in turn sets off a small valve inside the pill, releasing citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. These two chemicals, when mixed, will combine to make carbon dioxide. This gas is used as an energy source to inflate a small balloon-like gadget that contains “sugar needles” and the desired drugs. Once these needles are forced into contact with the small intestine wall, they burst. We’ll feel no pain because no pain receptors are found in the small intestine. The needles will break and dissolve, releasing the medication contained inside of them. Dr. Imran’s latest masterpiece has been conducted in animal trials, but has yet to be tested in humans. With this, it will take another year at least to obtain the necessary results that allow it to gain approval as a legal drug to be administered. We can only assume that it will have as much success in humans as it did in animals, but I think that getting our hopes up for something like this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have to believe in our ideas and our efforts to ever achieve anything in the first place.

into their daily schedules. “Incorporating fitness into a college student’s schedule can be tough,” Zach said. “I think the biggest thing is finding what works for each individual person and sticking to it. Scheduling time to exercise is probably the biggest key to making your workouts a regular thing. When most people look at their daily schedule, ‘When am I going to exercise?’ isn’t usually the first thing that comes to their mind.” Once you starts scheduling a time and putting exercise as a priority, it is easier to fit into a daily routine. Scheduling time to exercise doesn’t mean also going to the gym, Zach said. “It can be done at home, outside, in a park, really anywhere. One of the best pieces of exercise equipment is your own body; people are very quick to discount exercises like walking, running, squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks but simply spending 10 to 15 minutes a day doing those exercises at home can really help improve fitness. If you are creative and have fun with the way you exercise, you can always have time to get it done.” Another way students can incorporate fitness into their daily schedules is by participating in intramural sports. Jason Linsenmeyer, Intramural Sports Coordinator at the Colvin Center, gave his opinion on the most popular intramural sports offered here at Oklahoma State. “Basketball would be the most popular in terms of the number of teams,” Jason said. “This spring we have 355 basketball teams. Flag Football is not far behind with over 300 teams. These two sports have been the most popular year in and year out.” Jason said a few sports provide opportunities for exercise and a good workout. These include inner tube water polo, 5K Pumpkin Run, soccer, indoor triathlon, weightlifting and wrestling, and traditional sports like basketball. “I would say that nearly 99% of the 50+ activities we offer have an element of exercise or wellness associated with it,” Jason said. It is actually easier than one may think to include fitness into a weekly schedule. It is a matter of motivating oneself, and making the time to carry out both fitness and nutrition goals. If used properly, the resources offered by the Department of Wellness and the Colvin Center can have a significant positive impact on the lives of every student.

Sports local


MICHAEL SAM CAUSES NFL SPLASH Missouri defensive end Michael Sam recently spoke out on his homosexuality, making him the first openly homosexual player in the NFL. Sam has dominated the news, not only through


Thomas is a freshman studying sports media. You may contact him at

The NFL combine is designed for college players to showcase skills and convince teams why they deserve to be selected...unless you’re Kony Ealy. As he took the podium during his media interview, half the reporters left in anticipation of the other defensive end from Missouri. With the remaining reporters, Ealy’s first five questions pertained to multiple scouts tweeting about their disgust at the media’s disrespect. Michael Sam’s situation is a huge story that deserves attention and analysis, but the combine is about football. Kony Ealy is an excellent player who has potential to be a solid addition to any

sports outlets, but also most

NFL franchise, but with the focus on his thoughts of his homosexual teammate, his draft

national stations. Though this topic is important in the course of the NFL and our nation,

stock and experience lessens.

its popularity and national coverage pushes another Missouri defensive end out of the spotlight. Michael Sam is a good player, he earned SEC defensive player of the year awards and will probably be drafted into the NFL in the middle rounds. However Kony Ealy is a better football player.

Although he should not have to endure speaking about Sam instead of himself, Ealy’s attitude has been tremendous. He has been nothing but supportive for his fellow defensive end in interviews and never tried to turn focus on himself. As football fans, we only see the media’s interpretation of what teams are thinking. NFL squads need to take this loyalty

Kony Ealy, no. 47 for the Missouri Tigers, is entering the draft as a junior and is predicted to go in the first round. As Oklahoma State fans, I know we are not too fond of the Missouri football program right now, but it is hard not to feel bad for this guy. Ealy is a big, physical prospect with high-level pass rush ability. His 6’5” frame and ability to disrupt the passer would grab scouts attention any other year, except for the year that

into consideration as they look to draft Kony Ealy. The focus on both of these players should be solely on their athletic ability. Neither Kony Ealy or Michael Sam should have to go through this much scrutiny, but their maturity has been impressive and should be taken into account as they are drafted.

Michael Sam made history.


Senior leadership is the backbone for Stillwater High School baseball this season. This talented senior class of 17 is ready to make its last run at winning state. Coach Jimmy Pi Kappa Alpha Harris is eager to see what this M a s o n i s a s o p h o m o re group can do on the field. studying sports media. “They are talented,” Harris You may contact him at said. “They have been playing together for a long time, and have been very successful for a long time.” Seventeen seniors is an unusual number for a high school baseball team as most teams consist of about nine. Last season, the Pioneers had six seniors. Before the season begins, Harris wants his seniors to become leaders and help the younger players. Harris has his seniors participate in the big brother, little brother program. It involves a senior being assigned a sophomore to watch over and take care of throughout the season. Seniors take them out to dinner once a week, while also texting them every day to keep them up to date with instructions from Harris. “We are learning some accountability with that,” Harris said. “If the little brother shows up with the wrong gear or the wrong time, then both of them are held accountable - not just the one that is late.” Harris said it’s a great way for the players to get to know each other. The seniors also spend one day a week hitting balls after practice with their little brother. A fun side to the program? They have to come up with a unique handshake. Harris is impressed in how his players have handled the program. “It’s been a neat thing to see these guys manage themselves in front of their little brother,” Harris said. “The big brothers have done an awesome job. I’m very pleased with them.” Harrison Cornforth, shortstop senior, said it’s a good way to build chemistry. “When I was a sophomore, I would definitely look up to seniors,” Cornforth said. “I would do whatever they would do. It’s a big responsibility. You have to lead them.” Sam Kraybill, starting pitcher and senior, said it’s an honor to be a leader for the younger guys. Harris gives his seniors a mission statement that includes looking up words such as leadership, excellence and responsibility. They then must find examples of it to present to the team. Players have shown videos and powerpoints about the topics. Harris said it’s getting his seniors to lead by example. When Harris arrived as coach of the Pioneers this past summer, he had lunch with the seniors. Harris discussed how he wanted his seniors to look further than just the wins and losses for this season. “At the end of the day, it matters how we treat one another,” Harris said. “It matters how


we talk to one another. It matters what kind of teammate we are. I want these 17 guys to take pride in being good teammates and I want them to leave a legacy that they worked hard, played hard and whatever happens happens.” The seniors responded to Harris’ goal with their own of wanting to build unity within the group. Harris said that when he needs to tell a message to the team, he can rely on team captain Jon Littell to carry that message out. The senior outfielder said it’s humbling to receive the captain honor from Harris. “I try to be coach Harris’ right hand man at every thing,” Littell said. “I feel like I can talk to him. I feel like I have a good relationship with him. I just rely messages from coach Harris to the guys without him getting on to us.” Littell said his job as captain is easy because all the seniors are capable of being a captain. Littell said their team unity is strong as they spend a lot of time together off the field, unlike some teams where they do their own thing once practice is over. Harris said the seniors will hang out in the locker room after practice for hours. “They all go to the basketball games and they dress up together,” Harris said. “A lot of that is led by the senior class” Meanwhile, a small goal the seniors want to accomplish is host a regional for the third straight year. Littell said they like to win a regional for the fans, the school and to allow the seniors go out the right way. Experience is an advantage for this squad. Cornforth said they have been playing baseball together since fourth grade on either the Stampedes or Colts travel teams for Stillwater. Colton Bunney, starting pitcher and senior, said with all that time spend together on the field, there is less coaching of instructions since everyone knows what they are doing. “We have a lot more trust on this team,” Bunney said. “We have bonded really well over the years.” Kraybill added that everyone is on the same page when it comes to what the seniors want for one another. “We are all in it together,” Kraybil said. “We all have the same goal. We all play for the team and no one is really selfish. We are just trying to out there and win.” The talent is there, such as Littell, who has signed his intent to play for Oklahoma State University. Michael Higgins, catcher and senior, said he likes the talent level from the senior class. “I think every senior is going to tribute to this team in a positive way,” Higgins said. “I think this is the best senior class we’ve had in a long time.” With this being the last season to play together, Cornforth said it’s extremely important to him to finish strong because of all the relationships he has made from playing numerous years with this group. Littell said he wants to enjoy his last year and let everything take care of itself, leading to a successful year. “We just want to make it count and give it our all,” Littell said. We don’t want any regrets looking back at it.”


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SPRING 2014 FASHIONS Iridescence- Iridescent accents and accessories are emerging as one of springs biggest (and shiniest) fashions for the season. Other shiny effects such as metallic or crystal

Pastels- Show off your

aNNa-MaRIe AHRBERG Pi Beta Phi

Anna-Marie is a sophomore studying sports media. You may contact her at anna-marie.

sweet side with a pretty pastel. These soft colors will be sure to give you a girly look. Go for mint green, lavender, and blush pink. Black and White- No

embellishments are big too.

shades of gray here. Go

Flashiness is in!

for a crisp look with these

Mesh- Winter is finally over, and nice weather awaits us! Wear a black (or a daring neon hue) camisole under your mesh top for a trendy (and breezy) look! White blouse- The classic white button-down will be seen this spring as well. Look for embellishments and asymmetric cuts for a new spin.

contrasting colors!

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ASK.FM ODYSSEYADVICE Dear Abby, I’m a bit frustrated. I asked you for help about a Beta engineer… Let’s call him JJ. He’s smart and figured it out, but will not talk to me face-to-face. Should I confront him or can you give him some “encouragement” to move things along? At this rate, college will be over before he makes a move! Sincerely, Beta Lover Dear Lover, If he does not want to talk to you, then I say move on. Don’t sit around and wait for him! If you have any knowledge of your self-worth, then let him know you are not going to wait around until he figures everything out. Move on with your life and find someone else. Who knows? Later in life, things may work out with JJ. But if not? It just was not meant to be. Dear Abby, Throughout my two years in college, I have developed a bad habit of not getting enough sleep. Because my schedule is so busy, I usually stay up too late and get up too early. I am constantly tired and I believe it is starting to affect my daily life. I have tried to use a sleep schedule, but as a college student, it’s just too difficult. What is your advice? Sincerely, Sleepless in Stillwater


Dear Sleepless, It is no surprise that you struggle to get sleep, many college students face the same issue! Lack of sleep can often result in long-term health problems. Most people will try to confront the issue by drinking caffeine or energy drinks. While those are temporary solutions, I suggest finding a healthier way to combat the problem. Below, you will find a short list of remedies to aid in your search for more sleep: 1. Drink more water. According to Health magazine, drinking large amounts of water will keep you running back and forth to the bathroom. While it may seem annoying, it will allow your body to remain active and keep you alert. 2. Simplify your schedule. Open up more free time in your schedule by eliminating some responsibilities. Sometimes, it can be hard to say no. However, if at all possible, allow some room in your schedule to get some extra sleep hours. After all, you will be more productive when you have had more sleep. 3. Take naps. If you absolutely cannot go to bed early or sleep in late, then carve out time in the afternoon to take a short siesta. However, make sure it is not longer than 15 to 20 minutes; a 30-minute or longer nap can cause your body to enter in deep sleep and result in feeling tired and groggy. 4. Learn about sleep. Sound weird? OSU actually offers a class called, “A Practical Introduction to Relaxation.” The class, put on by the university’s Student Counseling Center, is free-of-charge for students. On Monday, March 10, the workshop will focus on, “getting the most out of your sleep.” For more info, check out 5. Visit the Reboot Center. Located in the Student Union, the Reboot Center features some of the latest technologies – including games and three-dimensional programs – to allow students to relax and unwind. Students do not have to make an appointment and everything is free-of-charge.

LEGO TO THE MOVIES wouldn’t have expected Morgan Freeman to be anything more than an awesome voice, but his role as Vitruvius was extremely funny (possibly even funnier than the great Will

aNNa MCDOUGAL Kappa Alpha Theta

Anna is a sophomore studying english. You may contact her at

Ferrell). You’ll just have to go see it for yourself and Not just another kid’s flick, The Lego Movie is extremely entertaining for all ages. Its seemingly Claymation like animation was like nothing I had ever seen before and really enhanced the LEGO-like feel of the graphics. Just the animation quality alone kept me entertained throughout the 100 minute run time of this wonderfully funny film. However, it was the star studded cast really made the characters come to life. Big time names like Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Jonah Hill and Will Arnett made their individual appearances, as voices in the film.

make that distinction! Being foremost a kid’s movie, the “moral lesson” of the film was sort of smacking you in the face the entire time. Due to its overwhelming obviousness, I can’t help but feel that the directors meant it satirically. What is that lesson you ask? Pretty much the entire film boiled down to the two most overused themes in any kid movie: 1. Believe in yourself 2. You are special. Not to say that those statements are false, but the originality in the overall theme was lacking. I’m not saying I hated that cheesy

Although my favorite without a doubt was Will Ferrell’s role in the film as the

feel-good aspect of it, I just have heard that same message delivered in almost every

menacing Lord/President Business/The Man Upstairs. For some reason just about

kid movie ever made. However, it was expertly mixed in with the humorous parts

anything Ferrell does, I find hilarious. So for instance in the film, Lord Business collects

of the unique LEGO world.

“artifacts” such as nail polish, an Exact-O knife, Band Aids, and so on. Every time he talks about them, he pronounces them wrong, like “Exact Zero knife.” That doesn’t sound like it would be very funny, but Will Ferrell makes everything he does hilarious, so he provided many laughs for even ridiculous things like pronunciation. I also

Despite my last paragraph, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Even if you hate animated movies, you will love this one because there really is nothing like it!


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She had the best of both worlds. However with her provocative music videos for her single hits, “We Kappa Alpha Order Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Nick is a junior studying international Ball,” she is now associated business and pre-law. You may with a controversial public contact him at image. Miley Cyrus is most known as an actress on the Disney Channel hit TV show Hannah Montana. Cyrus released many debut singles throughout the seasons, but when the show was canceled, Miley Cyrus still was very passionate about her music. After releasing her single “Can’t Be Tamed,” the public was outraged by her music video and how she was not portraying Hannah Montana anymore. “Can’t Be Tamed” was the lowest selling record of her career. The transition of Hannah to Miley was not exactly successful. However once she took a break from music to focus more on her acting career, she landed star roles in hit films like The Last Song. Miley came back in 2013 with a shocking image that was no longer Hannah Montana. What started out as singing covers of other artist and becoming a YouTube star, Justin Bieber is now singing his own songs and has grown to be one of the biggest Pop stars in our country. Although he began as a young kid singing innocent songs like “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl,” Justin Bieber quickly transitioned to risque albums with rappers. Bieber has been featured in songs with Sean Kingston, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Chance the Rapper, Chris Brown and many more artists. Not only was Justin Bieber nominated for many awards at the Grammy’s, VMA’s and AMA’s, but he actually won and was named


Artist of the Year at both the 2010 and 2012 AMAs. Controversially, Justin Bieber has had many run-ins with the law. Bieber is said to be a bad role model for kids as he has been charged with vandalism, DUI, possession of marijuana and other narcotics. So readers, here’s your chance to share your opinion with the Greek Life. What artist do you think is the most controversial? “Justin Bieber is definitely the most controversial,” sophomore Kappa Alpha Taylor Schooling said. “Compared to Miley Cyrus, Justin has done more bad things to make him one of the worst people to look up to.” While talking with Taylor, he shared that Miley Cyrus has yet to be in trouble with the law and is not a great influence to his fans. Schooling is a fan of both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, but he believes that being a ‘belieber’ will give kids the wrong impression on how to act. “I definitely think Justin Bieber is the most controversial,” senior Elise Cabori said. “His idea of a fun time is just reckless.” Talking with Elise, she shared that when you think of Miley Cyrus and her wrong doings, you have to realize that her wrong doings aren’t hurting anyone. Her idea of a fun time is not reckless. “I’m only a fan of Miley” Cabori said. “I hate Justin Bieber as a person!” Elise went on to share that she doesn’t care to listen to Bieber’s music because she thinks he’s a bad role model for fans. Well, there you have it readers. It looks like Justin Bieber is the most controversial and Miley Cyrus is thought of to be a fun but provocative person. Don’t forget to let me know who you think is the most controversial artist: Cyrus or Bieber. @NickVela @ Odyssey_OKState

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GILMOURPINK FLOYD GUITARIST If you have even glanced at one of my articles, you know that I am quite partial to the “golden age” of rock music (i.e. 60’s and 70’s.) There were so many new branches of this great genre that formed during this time and everything was just so new and exciting. On this day 68 years ago, legendary guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd was born. With thought inspiring lyrics and deep melodic instrumentals, the Floyd burst into the music world over seas and started creating a stir in London’s underground scene. Though the band has not been able to stay Sigma Chi together due to creative Lane is a junior studying animal differences stemming from Roger Water ’s science. You may contact him at songwriting abilities against David Gilmour’s musical inclination. The two are geniuses in their own rights and cannot get along because both believe they are what makes Pink Floyd so great. However what truly makes the band great is their uncanny ability to make listeners reflect. David Gilmour is my personal favorite guitarist and his style is unmatched in any current bands. Whether it is the two epic solos in “Comfortably Numb” or the beautiful acoustic riffs in “Wish You Were Here,” Gilmour’s playing is so smooth that it makes even the most dark songs sound beautiful and almost numbing. Here is a playlist made of all Pink Floyd songs and one David Gilmour original to honor the great David Gilmour.

SORORITY SUE’S WEEKLY SCOOP Murphy Hammond Fiji Frathound


Comfortably Numb Wish You Were Here Echoes Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Breathe Learning to Fly Money Us and Them Goodbye Blue Sky

Another Brick in the Wall

Have a Cigar


There’s No Way out of Here


Phi Delt puppies were fun, but Murphy is here to stay. · ·


His biggest fan is @MakenzieNutt

S/O to his shameless owner who got a puppy to get girls. #thirsty Btw, Murphy is the cutest Fiji on campus. Sorry, Cullen Duke, you’ve been replaced. Weekly Scoop: ·

So excited for the Homecoming pairings to be announced. It’s going to be such a surprise!


The Colvin is full and the tanning beds are fuller. If you can’t tone it, tan it. #SB2014


S/O to the couple seen making out at Theta Pond. You gave the ducks a show. · Lots of test this week, you know what that means: a tough week and a rough weekend #workhardplayhard

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the Texas Cattlemen’s Association. Now instead of using her powers for evil, like

I am not a fan of Oprah.

I think that Oprah is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with America. She’s a talentless hack who stole her show format from


KaDe GOODWIN Phi Delta Theta

Kade is a senior studying political science. You may contact him at

making Dr. Phil famous and ruining cattle stock, she should use her power for good. She should talk about her disapproval of people who Instagram pictures of their food, The Bachelor and Kristen Stewart. And then maybe we wouldn’t hear about them anymore. I’ll admit, I’ve been to see Oprah’s show live. It happened to be the show right after

Maury Povich, introduced

she gave a car to everyone in the audience. I was pretty excited because I thought she’d

the world to Dr. Phil, and is now one of the richest women in the world because

be giving away houses at this show. Turned out I just got an autographed copy of her

people buy into the garbage that she’s selling. Can anyone tell me what separates

book, which I’m now using as a doorstop. Perhaps that’s the genesis of my disdain

Oprah from Ricki Lake beside the mindless followers of Oprah?

for Oprah or it could be that I want a cult of followers just like she has.

However not everyone shares my viewpoint when it comes to her. Oprah has followers, “The Cult of Oprah,” to be more specific. So why do I hate Oprah? There are many reasons, but here are a few. The Media Bias: Most of the time Oprah is fat. When Oprah is fat, she is applauded for being fat. The media is like, “You go Oprah! You don’t have to get skinny for anyone! Big is beautiful! Don’t let society tell you how to look, you’re beautiful just the way you are!” However, when Oprah uses some of her billion dollars to buy a few salads and a gym membership, those same people say, “Yeah! You go Oprah! You look so good now that you’re skinny! You’re so awesome for losing weight, everyone should do that!” Does everyone see the hypocrisy there? When Jonah Hill was fat, no one told him he was big and beautiful and I don’t think anyone ever accused Zach Galifianakis of being gorgeous. I mean yeah, sometimes she looks nice when she’s wearing a $70,000 dress. However the media love doesn’t end there; Oprah played a drunken version of herself in The Butler to critical acclaim and even garnered several awards. Meanwhile, I play a drunken version of myself in public and I get arrested The Oprah Power: Oprah can either make or break a person’s career based on if she likes what you have to let’s hope she never sees this article. If Oprah likes your book, movie, play, magazine article or you as a person, you’ll end up being rich and famous because of her exposure. Let’s see, a person who really doesn’t have any talent making other people who may or may not have talent famous? Something seems amiss there. Oprah also has enough power to hurt industries and help politicians. When Oprah learned about mad cow disease in the 1990s, she claimed she would never eat another cheeseburger (yeah right, Oprah - and I’m Deion Sanders). After the fact, she said that cattle prices plummeted and she was subsequently sued by


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@smart_MS3: @pistolsguy I’m tired of seeing your negativity towards the team and the coaches @Ybatoba: Ouch, tough loss. Maybe I’ll feel better if I tweet something bad about the players or coaches…. Nah. @mostcallmebird: I put a chicken coop together today and said cuss words I didn’t know I knew.

A: So good looking that I intimidate them B: Hideously ugly No Middle ground. @HardenBeard: I love destroying the Lakers on live TV. You could say I got a Harden for it. @OSUfreak82: It’s Thursday, but you would think it’s Windsday.

@TheThomason: Hope I’m not jinxing this, but someone left a phone book by my door a few months ago and so far nobody’s come to claim it!!! @zakypoof: I don’t know how to act now that National FFA week is over L @camsikes: Somewhere between I’m sober and I’m lifted. Somewhere between murphys and the cricket

@KristinReneeW: Accidentally printed off 20 copies instead of 2. Everyone stared at me as I threw away the huge stack of papers.

@RhettZelnicek: Tweets of the Week, also known as: “please tell me I’m funny.”

@KatherineRead: In honor of president’s day, I’m going to make promises that I have absolutely no intentions of keeping!

@Matt_Morrow55: “@SeaWorld: Everything we do in the care of whales is centered on the mother-calf bond.” Blackfish says different…just sayin..

@annie_ealex: walked by sand v-ball pit @ stout n a solid gust of wind came through resulting in sand piercing skin n hair all in my face #cantseedah8erz

@KatieMayyyyyy: Unless it’s a year marking, I don’t care how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds you’ve been dating… #STOP

@kadegoodwinning: I’ve concluded that girls don’t talk to me because I’m either:

@longwall26: Child-safety tip: If you tape a plastic spoon to your baby, no one will steal it.

@JESSALYNPM: If Pi Phi’s accounts are accurate, the wind is “like literally insane.” The wind has escaped a mental institution and is terrorizing campus.

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