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GREEK OF THE WEEK: KEELY REDHAGE page 5 SPRING BREAK HOT SPOTS page 7 “THE SPECTACULAR NOW” IS A WOW page 12 D’ann giBSon anD Maggie oBerSte, Senior Chi oMegaS, on Spring Break 2013


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EIGHT THINGS NOT TO DO ON SPRING BREAK 1. DON’T Update Social Media ever y time you take a Shot of Something. This is number one for good reason. A. It makes you look like your IQ is lower than it (hopefully) actually is. B. You’ll probably regret posting it the next day. In her “relaxed state of judgement” a friend professed her adoration to a secret crush...don’t let this be you. Finally C. You don’t want to miss out on the moment because you’re caught up in Twitter and Instagram. When it’s all about posting the “cutest insta,” you aren’t actually enjoying the tropical paradise you paid to visit. Forget social media for the week, especially after you’ve had a few shots of something. 2. DON’T Feel You Don’t Measure Up because You Don’t Look Like the Airbrushed People the Media Throws at Us. (For the girls). All you have to do is Google “celeb before and after pictures,” to see that the women on the cover of most magazines don’t actually look like that. It’s fake beauty that they don’t even have. So don’t lose any confidence over your bikini body, ladies! Be the healthy you that God made you to be. Plus, guys like curves (am I right or am I right, fellas?) Don’t waste your vacation stressing about something that isn’t true. This leads to number three. 3. DON’T Miss Out on Yummy Local Food and Drinks because You’re Worried about Number 2. Go for that delicious key lime pie and have three Pina Coladas in the afternoon on the beach. Hasn’t the Colvin been packed for the last month so everyone could enjoy this week? You earned that key lime pie, so get it while the gettin’ is good. 4.

DON’T Miss Out on Shots with Crude Beach-Inspired Names

When else will you feel completely comfortable ordering something called “Sex on the Beach”? Go for the yummy shots while you can! Don’t waste your beach vaca drinking Coors Light. Order some seafood and a Woo Woo, Sex on the Beach or Electric Lemonade. Make the most of your time in Margaritaville! 5.

DON’T Get Back with Your Ex because of Number 4.

The rumor mill works overtime after spring break. Don’t do something you’ll regret, and don’t decide your ex looks good just because “there’s not much time left in college,” or whatever reason seems like a good one after a couple Woo Woo shots. (Woo Woo’s are real, by the way. Get one, you’ll thank me later.) 6.

DON’T Forget to Wear Sunscreen!

Don’t let ignoring number two lead to you leaving your SB tank on and getting a weird tan line. On the other hand, don’t think that not wearing sunscreen will make you tan. Classic mistake. No sunscreen equals burn. Low SPF tanning lotion equals tan. Throw on a cute beach-y hat and some shades with your SPF. Don’t be like that kid who thinks bike helmets aren’t cool. PTL we aren’t in junior high anymore. Wearing SPF and a hat is kewl now. 7. DON’T Miss Out on Chatting it Up With That Bradley Cooper (Guys, insert pretty actress here) Look-a-Like from Texas. Don’t be nervous to get to know that person you meet at the Piano Bar from another school. You talk yourself out of it because you think it’s a waste of time. Fact: one of my friends is now engaged to a guy from another country

she met on spring break. Fact: my brother and his girlfriend started dating over spring break. Don’t miss out on the love in the air next week! 8. DON’T Live by the “What Happens in _____ Stays in _____” Philosophy.



Libby is a senior studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at elizabeth.

This philosophy doesn’t work unless you’re in a place no one knows you! What happens in Destin, and the like, will get in a car and head back to Stillwater with you. Enjoy your vacation and don’t miss out, but don’t forget that everyone heading down Greek Walk at 9:30 a.m. on Monday will be talking about how they heard from the girl who didn’t follow number one about the guy who didn’t follow number five. Have a blast next week, Greeks! Don’t forget to have Bradley Cooper ’s twin help you apply sunscreen after you order your Woo Woo.

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Scene on campus



Scene on campus

geT Up aND MOVINg As the summer slowly approaches, many students will be hitting up the gym and beginning various diet plans. However, it can be somewhat daunting and overwhelming to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into your daily routine. I reached out to faculty members at the Colvin Center in order to obtain some insight on the subject.

aNNa-RUTH LEWIS Alpha Delta Pi

Anna-Ruth is a sophomore studying psychology. You may contact her at anna-ruth.lewis@

I began by asking Zach Ruedy, fitness specialist at the Department of Wellness, his opinion on the most effective fitness programs offered at the Colvin Center. “The Department of Wellness has so many programs to offer, it would be difficult to say what is the most effective,” Zach said. “I think it would depend on the student’s personality, previous knowledge of fitness and what goals they wish to achieve. A student that is very motivated to exercise and has a previous background in high school athletics might be fine with just using the facility on their own and occasionally participating in one of our events.” Zach said things like the Superhero 5K, Orange Maxx, Strongest Cowboy, or Orange Mudder could be fun for more regular exercisers. Students who have less of an athletic background and more of a general interest in fitness might like to participate in free group fitness classes or sign up for a specialty class like Cowboy Boot Camp, Olympic Lifting, R.O.S.U, or the new VIPR class. “For someone that needs a little help with motivation, accountability and really has no idea where to start, or a student with very specific goals, they would greatly benefit from signing up a personal trainer,” he said. “This would provide more structure and supervision, as well as accountability.” Zach also offered his own advice concerning ways students can incorporate a fitness routine into their daily schedules. “Incorporating fitness into a college student’s schedule can be tough,” Zach said. “I think the biggest thing is finding what works for each individual person and sticking to it. Scheduling time to exercise is probably the biggest key to making your workouts a regular thing. When most people look at their daily schedule, ‘When am I going to exercise?’ isn’t usually the first thing that comes to their mind.” Once you start scheduling a time and making exercise a priority, it is easier to fit into a daily routine. Scheduling time to exercise doesn’t mean also going to the gym, Zach said. “It can be done at home, outside, in a park, really anywhere. One of the best pieces of exercise equipment is your own body; people are very quick to discount exercises like walking, running, squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks but simply spending 10 to 15 minutes a day doing those exercises at home can really help improve fitness. If you are creative and have fun with the way you exercise, you can always have time to get it done.” Another way students can incorporate fitness into their daily schedules is by participating in intramural sports. Jason Linsenmeyer, Intramural Sports Coordinator at the Colvin Center, gave his opinion on the most popular intramural sports offered here at Oklahoma State. “Basketball would be the most popular in terms of the number of teams,” Jason said. “This spring we have 355 basketball teams. Flag Football is not far behind with over 300 teams. These two sports have been the most popular year in and year out.” Jason said a few sports provide opportunities for exercise and a good workout. These include inner tube water polo, 5K Pumpkin Run, soccer, indoor triathlon, weightlifting and wrestling, and traditional sports like basketball. “I would say that nearly 99 percent of the [more than] 50 activities we offer have an element of exercise or wellness associated with it,” Jason said. It is actually easier than one may think to include fitness into a weekly schedule. It is a matter of motivating oneself, and making the time to carry out both fitness and nutrition goals. If used properly, the resources offered by the Department of Wellness and the Colvin Center can have a significant positive impact on the lives of every student.

Scene on campus


gReeK OF THe WeeK: KeeLY ReDHage

if there is a chapter with a sister or brother in need, then the entire Greek community reaches out to help and give support.” Not only has Redhage spent her time well as a Greek, but also as an Oklahoma State Cowboy. Keely is majoring in microbiology with an emphasis in microbial pathogenesis, simply because she loves science. She feels that OSU has played a huge role in where she is today. “I know that without OSU and all of the opportunities it has given me, I would not be where I am today,” Keely said. “I will always be grateful for my Cowboy family.” To further her love for medical science, Keely works at a hospital as a CNA. “It has been one of the most eye opening experiences to healthcare,” Keely said. “It has taught me that patients want a doctor who cares and someone who listens.”

Oklahoma State never fails bringing amazing students to its campus. From archery to medical research, Keely Redhage, senior and member of Phi Mu, loved OSU from the time she stepped foot on campus.


Taylor is a junior studying strategic communications. You may contact her at taylor.

“I visited a friend who went to OSU and I loved the atmosphere,” Redhage said. “Everyone was so nice and it seemed like I wasn’t just another face in the crowd.” Keely is from Poteau, Okla., and wanted to come to college to advance in research and science, and also make memories and friends of her own. Keely is not only involved within her chapter, but has made an effort to be a part of Greek life as a whole. Everyone can find a place they call home and Keely found it being surrounded by her Phi Mu sisters. “I chose Phi Mu because for me, it was home and I can be my nerdy self around my sisters,” Keely said. She said she knows that she can count on her sisters to always be there for her no matter what. During her time as a Phi Mu, Redhage has served as the Junior Panhellenic Delegate. Through that position, she was able to be actively involved within the Greek community itself. Keely had the opportunity to attend Panhellenic meetings every week to continuously be informed with the great things happening in other chapters. “The meetings helped to remind me that we are a community who lifts each other,” Keely said. As a senior, Keely has spent her time well in college and Phi Mu. Through the years, she has come to love the Greek community and sees it as a positive attribute to college as a whole. “The community aspect is my favorite part of Greek life,” Keely said. “Although it can be a competitive community at times,

Redhage has no plans to stop improving herself or improving medical research. Last summer she was given a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the University of Wisconsin. Keely spent nine weeks conducting biofilm research. She will be moving to France after she graduates for a National Science Foundation iREU internship at the Pasteur Institute. Once Keely returns to the U.S. she will be pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Mayo Graduate School. “I am just really excited to continue making a difference in medical research,” Keely said. Keely has spent her time well at Oklahoma State University and is excited to see what her future holds.


Adventure Spring Break

What Spring Break Destination is Best?

to experience the scenery. This year I again plan to head north again and spend my week in Colorado! Whether you prefer the beach or hitting the slopes, there are many different places that you can get the most out of your spring break. If you haven’t made plans yet, you can always throw together a quick road trip with some friends. If you are going to be in Aspen, Colo., this year for spring break, look for me on the ski lift!

The hallowed weeklong break that we get every year, the one filled with some of our best stories and most memorable times with friends. Spring break is the pinnacle of college experiences, and there are endless destinations from which to choose. Some of the most common hotspots to travel to during spring break are down to the beach or up to the mountains. Some people have their own preferences as to where they prefer to spend their vacations. Whether you like to bathe in the sun on the beach or breathe the thin air of the mountains, you are bound to have a blast! Some popular beach destinations include going to classy Panama City Beach and rubbing elbows with like-minded college students from all over the country. Another popular destination is the wonderful city of Destin, Fl., where you can go experience the beach, stay in beachfront condos and frolick around the beach with your homies. Cassady Grewell, a junior Delta Delta Delta, said her favorite part about being at the beach was that her and friends had no schedule and the could make whatever fun they wanted. On the other hand, you may be inclined to visit somewhere with a higher altitude and more winter precipitation. Honestly, what is more classic than hanging out at a ski resort having a couple warm drinks? Even if you are not comfortable with X-Game type sports, there are always plenty of people hanging out at the base of the mountain or throughout the quaint ski towns. Some popular spots for cold weather destinations include basically anywhere in Colorado, Jackson Hole, or even further west in the Rocky Mountains. Personally, I am far more inclined to make the trek to a colder place where I could potentially do some skiing. I went on a road trip last spring break to Utah and back through Colorado, where we stopped in several places

Scene on campus

SPRING BREAK HOT SPOTS Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and drink the wild air! Spring break has finally arrived, and I can attest for everyone when I say, we are all super pumped to have a week off of classes. It’s going to be a nice break.


Kappa Alpha Order Nick is a junior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at

Every year during spring break, everyone gets together with friends and spends a whole week enjoying time with each other and enjoying their time off from having to go to class every day. Most people spend their time on a beach in Florida, but there are many vacation hot spots. You can choose anywhere from beaches to mountains, just depending on what your preference is. Skiing is definitely a great time, but considering how cold it’s been lately here, I think we could all use some beach time for spring break. “I’m going to Panama City Beach,” sophomore Kappa Alpha Darion Huntley said. “I’m pumped to spend some time on the beach with some of my brothers this year.”


“I’m going to Vegas this year for spring break,” senior Kappa Kappa Gamma Hope Headrick said. “I’m going with some friends and it’s going to be a fun time.” Headrick went on to share that Vegas is not your normal spot to vacation during spring break, but why be normal? “We will be during some fun bachelorette activities as well,” Headrick said. “Two of the girls are engaged, so it’s only natural to have some bachelorette fun.” Headrick has never been to Vegas before, so she’s really excited to finally go. “I will be going to Panama City Beach,” senior Sigma Tau Gamma Landon Huckins said. “I’m along for the ride.” Huckins will be going with some of his fraternity brothers. I think Panama City Beach is definitely the hot spot of the spring break experience for most of us college students. If it’s not PCB, it is definitely Destin. For those of you who don’t have the chance to vacation somewhere during spring break, definitely try to take the chance next year. Spring break vacations are super fun, because you get to spend time with your friends while enjoying some sun time and let’s be real, we all like a good tan every now and then.

While talking to Darion, he shared that his friends will be driving to PCB and will be staying at Boardwalk Beach Resort.

I will be vacationing in Stillwater, Okla. this year for spring break. If you are staying in Stillwater this year, we can have our own little fun here. We may not have beach time, but we can definitely have some friend and sun time.

Boardwalk Beach Resort has plenty to offer people. From the condos, hotels, parasailing, Jet Ski rentals and many more activities, Boardwalk Beach Resort has it all. The resort also has the best view on the area’s largest private beach. It’s perfect to grab your chair and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

Hopefully everyone has a great spring break this year. Have fun and be careful everyone. Let us know your fun spring break plans on Twitter: @Odyssey_OKState @nickvela. Happy spring break, everyone!

ROAD TRIPPIN’ ATTRACTIONS Your bags are packed, the car is loaded, and for the next week, Stillwater is going to be a temporary ghost town, because it is SPRING BREAK!

BReaNNa FULLER Alpha Delta Pi

Breanna is a senior studying animal science. You may c o n t a c t h e r a t b re a n n a .

Every road trip needs snacks for the road, but those can be bought with a meal plan from 20 Something. For the rest of the trip, things are not so easily planned. Since the drive to Panama City Beach / Destin / Gulf Shores can be rather boring, you must stop at all the random places along the way. Most of the places in the south involve good old fashion barbecue, racing fast cars and tributes to Elvis. If your route involves going through Memphis, Tenn., then I suggest stopping by Elvis Presley’s old homestead: Graceland. Graceland looks just as it did when Elvis left the building. From the shag carpet to

the infamous Jungle Room, Graceland honors the king of rock ‘n’ roll as it should. The majority of Elvis’ cars including his beautiful Pink Cadillac and private Jet are named after his daughter, Lisa Marie. Another tribute to a southern great is the graveside to Hank Williams. Hank would love for you to play some classic southern tunes and honor the legend.

There are some not so famous attractions along the way to the beaches, such as the largest peach in the U.S. and no, it’s not even in Georgia. This peach is made by the local farmers of Canton, Ala., and is photo worthy for every man named James. (Get it, James and the Giant Peach; well that’s what the website says, at least). If you need some more suggestions for weird attractions, where to eat, or what to do when you’re bored; download the app Roadtrippers. It’s kind of like Google Maps, except it adds places to the route. This will solve all of the problems of what to do when getting to spring break. Stay classy Cowboys, because spring break officially starts in less than 36 hours. This will be the week to remember (or not) and have a the time of our lives. Until next week, Oklahoma. Peace out.


Self health & fitness

Spring Break: hot, heaLthY anD happY Spring break 2014 is finally on the horizon; you’ve spent months planning, hitting the gym, and if you’re a girl, you’ve probably been packing and repacking your suitcase for weeks. Here are my tips for the most successful spring break experience.


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & re s t a u r a n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

1. Drink plenty of water. Spending long hours in the sun can be exhausting, especially if you’re dehydrated. If you’re going to the beach, you should always have a water bottle with you. 2. Follow your mom’s advice: actually wear sunscreen Even if you’re convinced that you’re a bronze goddess from your month-long tanning membership, it’s easy to get sunburned on your first day out. Nothing spoils a beach vacation faster than looking like a lobster and feeling like your skin is on fire. However, if you do end up getting a sunburn, aloe works wonders for cooling your skin down. 3. Avoid binge eating after late nights out

When on vacation, it’s easy to over-consume. Up to a point, it’s kind of unavoidable, but don’t destroy your months of hard work in one week (I’m talking to all of you FourthMealers). If you’ve got the late-night munchies, your best bet is probably just to go to sleep or eat celery. But who wants to eat celery on vacation? 4. Don’t make yourself an easy target for thieves

With thousands of inebriated college kids running around, it’s inevitable that stuff will get broken and things will go missing: the key is to be smart. When going out, bring items of little value with you, or invest in a fanny pack – word on the street is that they’re totally back in style. Switch out your Ray Bans for a $5 pair of shades from Walmart, or don’t complain when they get broken or stolen. 5. Drink smart Have fun, take part and be social, but keep in mind that you don’t always have to be the life of the party. Enjoy yourself, but practice moderation. 6. Expect the unexpected No vacation is complete without something going wrong, right? Whether it’s a rainy day, a case of food poisoning, travel delays or a trip to the ER, something unplanned is bound to happen. Allow room in your travel plans for delays, and always pack a rain jacket and umbrella. Keep these tips in mind for your vacation to maximize the fun and stay safe.

the QUeSt For the Spring Break BoD We try to impress our fellow college students with our spring break bods every year, and some usually try harder than others.


Jake is a junior studying It’s important to realize b i o l o g i c a l s c i e n c e . Yo u that we might be setting may contact him at ourselves up for a short term high or long term low situation. There are a few things that we tend to get ourselves into come Spring Break that might not be so beneficial.

For example, we’ve got the spray-tanners - the last-minute, desperation-shot go-getters who try to hide what’s inside before they get burnt to a crisp. Juxtaposing them are the fake-bakers, spending money on artificial tanning and high-fiving Eddie Sutton as they leave The Riviera after having invested another 12 minutes of their day in some fake sunshine. We’ve also got the Colvinators, who wait until the last week to shred some fat - the guys building up their sixpacks and the girls toning up their thighs. And lastly, we have the real “Doomsday Preppers,” who might try to build up their BAC tolerance, in order not to make a fool of themselves once they arrive at their respective beach destinations. Let’s shed some light on the spray-tanners. Known as the “airbrush” tan to the non-traditionals, there’s no risk of UV radiation to harm your skin going this route. A few side effects here involve taking the risk that your lightercolored areas will come out looking dark brown compared to the rest of our body. On the other hand, you could walk out looking like you’re wearing an orange jumpsuit - ORANGE POWER, right? Maybe you can stand in the front row of the basketball games with the other dressed up hooligans and cheer on our cowboys in your new outfit. For the slightly more reserved, there come the fake-bakers who use the tanning beds. There’s already significant evidence connecting this practice to different forms of skin cancer. But why do the people not see the signs? For the short term satisfaction, that’s why. Kaia Kennedy and Grace Waresback, sophomore Kappa Deltas, have both already invested

in memberships this semester at the Touch of Bronze tanning center in town. Membership expenses can add up over time. I asked Kaia how much she has invested. “I’ve spent about $50 for two months so far this semester,” Kaia said. “They had a discounted rate for a second month if you purchase a first full month, so I saved a little money that way.” For Grace Waresback, this is her first season of tanning. “I typically go in for ten minute sessions a couple times a week, and I’ve already been burned,” Waresback said. To me, I don’t think I’d want to invest in this risky business. Instead, save your money and bring along a couple extra items in your beach bag! It’s up to you guys, though. Thirdly, we have the Colvinators. These guys and gals think they can whip their bodies into shape the week or two before spring break, but this usually isn’t enough time to get the job done. Kaia Kennedy also says that the treadmill-incline is a girl’s best friend for the last-minute workouts. Konner King, sophomore Sigma Nu, shared his routine. “I run four to eight miles a day and do 50 push-ups and crunches every morning when I wake up and before I go to bed,” King said. “For my arm days, I do curls for the girls. I also watch an eight-minute ab workout on youtube.” He didn’t mention if he actually works out to the video, so maybe he only watches it to get pumped up or something. Whatever works, man! And lastly, we’ve got the Doomsday Preppers, who may or may not exist. In theory, these people would use the excuse to drink a little more than usual the week or two before spring break in order to build up their tolerance. Not quite sure if this reason is just, but I’m sure you know a few people who abide by this philosophy. Whichever category you fall under - or if you create your own - I wish you a happy spring break preparation! May the odds be ever in your favor of finding that special someone on the beach because of your efforts and resources put forth leading up to the fun-filled week.

500 words on

CroWD pLeaSerS

What we are talking about this week is student attendance and whether or not it

OSU basketball is back folks! After our nail biting victory over the number five team in the nation, not to mention cockiest sportsmen in the midwest, Dave and I started thinking. Was there a



affects the pace of the game, and most of all, the players. The importance is that students went to GIA and supported our team. This is what

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

we need people! Yes, I agree that storming the court was overdoing it a bit, but honestly, who

David and Nick are sophomores. You may contact them at

cares. People calling us “classless” for storming the court after upsetting the number five team in the nation, with arguably one of the best players in the country, is pure insanity. We are sorry that down in Norman, y’all don’t even have enough fans to fill up half

factor this time that actually

the arena, much less storm the court if you ever beat anyone ranked in the top five. But this is

propelled the team to curb stomp the mighty Jayhawks into the floor and leave them crying all the way back to Lawrence?

beside the point. We will let the Norman Trailer Park Society say what they want. The bottom line is that our team plays a lot better if we as students come to as many

Yes, there was. Unless you were living under a rock or just don’t have a social life, you were watching the game Saturday at eight o’clock central time. Maybe you were staying warm at home watching the game with friends. But if you had the opportunity to go to the game, then you

games as we can. Yes, alumni and older fans coming to the games is great as well, but lets be honest, we are the one who bring the rowdy. I don’t care what it takes, slam a 12 pack and wobble your way into Gallagher- Iba and make some noise for our team.

know it was jammed from wall to wall.

WHaT TO WaTCH FOR IN OSU aTHLeTICS Spring break is a week off from school for most of the student body. It is time for vacation and focusing on anything but FarmHouse Thomas is a freshman studies. As Oklahoma studying sports media. State University students You may contact him at take off to enjoy their break, our athletes are still competing. As the loyal and true fans I know we all are, everyone should be supporting their OSU athletics while having a blast on spring break. Here are three big time sporting events everyone should tune in and cheer for.


1. Big 12 Basketball Tournament – This tournament is huge for Oklahoma State. The basketball team has rediscovered their chemistry and have began to surge through the Big 12, snapping that seven game losing streak. The chances of making the NCAA tournament have definitely increased thanks to a three game winning streak and huge win over Kansas. Now heading into the Big 12 tournament, it’s time for another statement. Nothing is handed to Oklahoma State, so in order to prove we belong in March Madness, a strong showing in the Big 12 tourney will help our case. The Big 12 can be argued as one of the toughest conferences in the nation, making these matchups extremely important for who is invited to the tournament and also the seeding. The tournament will be ending right

as spring break begins, March 12 through 15, so spend your first couple days of freedom watching our conference duke it out for bids to NCAA March Madness. 2. NCAA Tournament Wrestling- OSU wrestling has been solid all season long, and now they are looking to add another championship to the historic legacy that is Oklahoma State Wrestling. With seven wrestlers ranked in the top 10 of their weight class, Cowboy wrestling could have individual championships along with their goal of a team championship. Coming off his own title last year, Chris Perry is looking to repeat as champion along with fellow senior Jonathan Morrison, who has been ranked in the top three all year. Currently ranked at number six, our wrestlers are vying for the highest seed possible entering the tournament. With only five losses on the season, their chances are increasing to have a favorable matchup and make a run to another title. On March 20 to 22, sit down and watch our OSU wrestlers compete for a NCAA national championship. 3. Oklahoma State Baseball- After a long home stretch, the baseball team will be hitting three away games in a row. The OSU baseball team has come on strong to begin the season. As they play through non-conference games getting ready for Big 12 matchups, it is good to see what kind of shape the team is in currently. So far, baseball is looking to have a very promising season. The last time OSU made the College World Series was 1999, and the last conference championship was 2004. Coach Josh Holliday is entering his third season and looks to recover the winning tradition of OSU baseball. On March 14, 15 and 18, your Cowboy baseball will be teeing off so be sure to tune in and support.


Sports local


Loyal and true.


defining words that resonate loudly throughout every Oklahoma State University fan. They are words we sing proudly after a big win. But after a tough loss, they are


Hannah is a junior studying agricultural communications. You may contact her at

words we repeat over and over again to remind ourselves. It’s not easy to be an OSU fan. Whether eight years old or 80 years old, if you have cheered for the Cowboys, you have faced a fair share of heartache. If an OSU fan lacks one thing, it is definitely not character. “Being an OSU fan is one of the hardest things to do,” said Matt Fletcher, OSU University Concierge. He is the guy behind the MidFirst mic at football and basketball games. He is also the main person behind the push to “bring the rowdy back.” As we all know, the OSU men’s basketball team started out the season surrounded by hype. Ranked eighth in the country, Marcus Smart was supposed to lead OSU to the Final Four for the first time since 2004. Yet, this championship-destined team faced difficult obstacles. Michael Cobbins injured his Achilles, Stevie Clark was dismissed and Smart was suspended for three games resulting in the longest losing streak since the 1972-1973 season. Honestly, it was hard to remain loyal and true. Even the most loyal of fans probably questioned their beloved team. But that is what makes OSU so great. In the face of adversity, we rise. Against all odds, we have hope. And even if our team does not reach success, we will always love our Cowboys. So what does it look like to be loyal and true? For some, it might just be words in an alma mater. Others may see it as wearing orange – even after a loss. But for most, it means supporting the team, no matter the situation. Fletcher said it is like a relationship. It is unconditional love. “Win or lose, we stick together,” Fletcher said. How does one support the team? By showing up. This past season, Gallagher-Iba Arena hosted one of the most talented sets of athletes in OSU’s history. Yet, it still struggled to fill. Basketball is not the only sport seeing its attendance decline. Fletcher said even football struggles to fill the stadium seats. The lack of attendance is due to a variety of issues, Fletcher said. In today’s culture, athletic events are now competing with concerts, movies and more. “Students think there’s better things to do,” Fletcher said. They are also battling advanced technology that makes it easier to stay home, he said.

“Replays are replays,” Fletcher said. “You can watch a game over and over again.

But nothing beats being in the moment.” While fans come for entertainment, they are also vital to the team’s success. “If you come, we win,” Cobbins said. “[The team] knows how loud it can get. For us, it’s great.” Cobbins said fan attendance makes all the difference. With over 13,000 screaming fans, other teams can easily be distracted, he said. The fans and atmosphere are two reasons he chose to play for OSU, Cobbins said. Even after his injury, he said fans continued to support him. “Fans truly care about me,” Cobbins said. “It’s motivation to get myself back where I need to be.” As students, we have a responsibility to our teams. Whether basketball, football, soccer or baseball – we owe it to our them to show up. Because we love our university. Because we are loyal and true. Because we are Cowboys.

Lookbook fashion


Spring Break is finally here! That means it is time to pack up and head to your tropical destination. Check out this packing checklist for some essential items that you won’t want to forget! ·

Cover Up


Beach Bag

· Conditioner (You don’t want your hair to feel like straw by the time you get home! · Aloe After Sun Lotion (to ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible!) ·



Clothes to shop in


Clothes to go out and about in


Comfortable clothes to chill in












Flip Flops




Ihome Dock


Water bottle



No matter where you are headed, here are some good tips to follow! 1. Your favorite jeans. Whether you are heading to the beach or a big city, you can wear these anywhere, and you can wear them more than once! 2. A light sweater. It is a good idea to be prepared just in case the weather is slightly cooler than expected. 3. At least one dressy outfit. You never know what you will feel like doing once you arrive to your destination! It is a good idea to have a dressier outfit just in case. 4. Leave room in your suitcase. You are going to need room in case you go shopping! 5. Pack clothes that you love to wear. Going on a trip isn’t really the best time to try out a new style, or wear something that has been hanging in your closet for months. Chances are, if you didn’t want to wear it at home, you won’t want to wear it on your trip either.

aNNa-MaRIe AHRBERG Pi Beta Phi

Anna-Marie is a sophomore studying sports media. You may contact her at anna-marie.



From the writers of 500 Days of Summer, the aNNa newly released film The Spectacular Now will MCDOUGAL blow you away. This is Kappa Alpha Theta a film adaptation of the Anna is a sophomore studying novel by Tim Tharp, and english. You may contact her at although I am always a huge advocate for reading the book before seeing the movie, I can say that this film stands on its own as wonderful. Not your typical coming-of-age story, the film follows the life of Sutter Keely, a boy who lives wholly and unchangeable in the now. Sutter does not worry about much else than being the charming high school senior without a single plan for the future, and in fact, he does not even worry about that. An alcoholic in training, he does not meet the beautiful and caring Aimee Finicky until after his girlfriend dumps him in the opening scenes of the film. He winds up drunk in a yard along Aimee’s paper route. Although Aimee dreams of a better future and Sutter has created an extraordinarily skewed obsession with the “now” that he does not plan to leave, the two find that something in each other for which everyone strives.

Maybe the extreme offset of their personalities draws them together, but no matter what the case may, be they fit beautifully together. Actors Miles Teller (Sutter) and Shailene Woodley (Aimee) have an undeniable chemistry that allows the characters to shine through and really come to life. The two are so in their element that their performances have such a natural and real quality to them – as real as it gets. Like I mentioned before, this is no typical coming-of-age narrative, although it definitely revolves around that theme. This refreshing take on high school romance and the like is unlike many of the films involving these thematic elements. The Spectacular Now takes you where you were not expecting it to go, a plot aspect of the film that I absolutely love. In my review on Like Crazy, I went on about how I really respect those realistic “indie” films that end on an unresolved note. The Spectacular Now adopts this form of romantic realism and leaves you unsatisfied, craving more of the story. I like to think of these endings as unscripted, because they really have no definite end, they continue on, but only in your imagination. This stylistic format may be frustrating to some viewers, but I think it adds to the beauty of the story being told, allowing you to personally construct your own “ending.” This tale of love and growing up is unlike many of the films in the same genre and is well worth your time.

Adventure traveling


GETTING WHERE YOU’RE GOING Spring break is the godsend that pushes students through the ailments of spring fever and gets them through the rest of the year. The weeklong Phi Delta Theta break that comes at just when it seems like you Kade is a senior studying political can’t bring yourself to go to science. You may contact him at another 10:30 a.m. lecture and listen to your ancient professor drone on about God-knows-what, is easily one of the most anticipated events of the year for most college students. Whatever beach you’re going to, whether it is in Florida, Mexico or the Bahamas, before you can let off all of your spring steam, you have to get there first. It’s always a dilemma -- to fly or drive down to your spring break destinations. Each one has its pros and cons.

investment ever, according to him.

With flying, you get there in a quarter of the time, but are kind of handicapped when it comes to getting around when you get to your destination. With driving, it takes much longer to get there. There is just something about the spring break road trip, however, that is an essential college experience. The drive down to your destination is always better than the drive back, too.

Sure, you might save a little on gas driving down a small car, but I’ll take whatever loss I have to take on gas if that doesn’t mean I’m going to have be snuggled up like sardines in a Prius for 15 hours. Plus, showing up to spring break with four other dudes in a Prius might give off the wrong impression. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


On the drive down, you’re excited and anxious about the week ahead. The drive back is much different, when you can hardly sit back because of your sunburn and the mysterious rash that appeared on day three. One of my pledge brothers got the best of both worlds on last year’s spring break. After riding 17 hours from Stillwater to Ft. Lauderdale, and then sailing to the Bahamas, he decided that once the week was over, it was well worth the price of a plane ticket to not have to drive through the backwoods of Louisiana and Arkansas again. Best $400

SORORITY SUE’S WEEKLY SCOOP Hottie of the Week Garrett Hizer Lambda Chi Alpha Freshman Single - He almost makes red hair look cute - He’s single handedly trying to bring Animal House back. There just isn’t enough punch in Stillwater anymore. - This Spring Director makes hearts sing - He’s more fun than Watermelon Bust Weekly Scoop: - S/O to Grant Newton for making that half-court shot, and also for slam-dunking hearts. - Why are spring break and test week so close together? My body can’t run on that little sleep. - Fraternity PR shirts are coming out. I may not know a single member, but their letters look good on me. - I can’t wait for all the high schoolers to experience OSU on Greek Discovery Day. The lawn parties are so realistic

But, let’s say you’re going to take a fairly long road trip for this year’s spring break, and let me give you a few pieces of advice. Choose your car mates wisely. We all have that one friend who’s kind of like McDonald’s. It’s pretty good in small doses, but if you get too much of it, you’re probably going to be sick. Now, imagine for hours at a time just constantly eating McNuggets. It would get old pretty fast and you’d quickly tire of the nuggets. Apply this same principle to choosing the people you’re riding with. If you have a friend who constantly tells the same story about that one time in high school or a friend that has a sing-off with Taylor Swift every time she comes on the radio, you might be better off leaving them behind and taking your friend who has narcolepsy. Take the right car. This is always an argument between friends. Who is going to be the one who bites the bullet and drives their car down to spring break? Is it going to be your granola crunching hipster pledge brother with his Prius or your pledge brother that has a gas guzzling Yukon XL? My advice is to go with the bigger car.

All in all, the road trips down to spring break are really something that you’re going to remember forever. I know I’ll never forget nearly getting carjacked after getting lost and ending up on the wrong side of New Orleans my sophomore spring break, but that’s a story for another day. My advice is to start out with a road trip, but if you decide you hate it, there are always flights home.


Humor lol

@T_Whitehead84: I don’t know how, but by the looks of my hand, I think I was in serious knife fight last night. @IKeepItReal: I think Capri sun should make 2 liters. Those little juice pouches just don’t cut it anymore. @austinpendley3: No one cares you’re a gay pro athlete @HannahBingBing: Pretty cool how the weekend makes you disregard any responsibilities you have @JamieMeanmug: Today I got a haircut from a mouth breather. @jessika_curry: “I apologize for wearing this Under Armor headband with this cute top. I thought it was P.E. day.” -4thgrader @TrentCleary: There’s something about buying Girl Scout cookies on the street that makes me feel dangerous.

Like it’s a drug deal or something. @GrantHeck: Sent my dad a selfie in VR makeup and he told me to start paying my own tuition lol he’s such a jokester please answer my calls dad @LeighaPierce: I left it all on stage tonight. EVEN MY SKIRT @TheShemShady: SPRING BREAK WORKOUT TIP: Make sugar cookies, mixing with both arms for even muscle growth. Eat whole batch to reward yourself. @Adam_Roll: If you hear loud clanks on the TV machine its because I’m SLAMMING weights 50 yards from where the Oscars are happening. #tough #bro @JakeAkinStrips: Scorin’ more points than the team that isn’t a Land Grant Institution feels cool. Go friggin Pokes. Morrill Act forever. #LYLAMA

@Emilyanne93: woke up late, it’s raining, and my bank account has $0….KEEP IT COMING SATAN @jessymurph: Oh my gosh I love VR (Aaron Koskey) so much. It’s (he’s) the best thing to ever happen. @V_Sorrentino: I’ve been saying it for years; Aspen’s next t-shirt design should be “Has your Aspen to get coffee lately?” It will make millions @SterRS: This sorostitute is telling my professor that she’s pre engaged. She knows her boyfriend is going to propose this semester. Pre engaged LOL @Julia_Smola: how starving do you think my neopets are right now I haven’t fed them since ‘04 @zachervin_1: If you’re a pro kite flyer in Chickasha you’re probably super hype today.

Humor tweets


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