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Libby is a senior studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at elizabeth.


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IS THE GRASS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE? “My favorite part about working Camp Cowboy is getting to witness h u n d re d s o f i n c o m i n g freshmen begin their life as cowboys,” he said. Jamie is a 2014 Camp Cowboy Director.

Saddle up and apply to be a Counselor or Wrangler for Camp Cowboy 2014! The applications are out and can be found at 211 Student Union Campus Life front desk. Camp Cowboy is for incoming freshman to meet people who will be joining them as Cowboys in the fall. It is three-day event full of Oklahoma State traditions, a ropes course and preparing incoming freshman to use everything OSU has to offer. Counselors play a huge role in the camp by telling their personal experiences as a student at OSU. Jamie Barnes, a former Counselor and Wrangler, said he loves the opportunity camp brings to the new Cowboys.

MITCHELL eArL Alpha Gamma rho

Mitchell is a senior studying biochemistry and molecular biology. You may contact him at

“Making new friends and learning all about OSU at Camp Cowboy is such a great opportunity for students. I also like getting to hangout with all my Camp Cowboy peeps all weekend.” Counselors and Wranglers can work one or multiple camps during the summer. Every camp is Friday through Sunday. Counselors primarily help their small groups through mentoring their campers. Wranglers perform skits and help keep the camp running in an orderly fashion. All Counselors and Wranglers will be required to attend a one-day training later in the semester. Applications are due at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 14 at 211 Student Union Campus Life front desk.

GLOBAL WARMING? YEAH RIGHT! would go to class, so that’s a plus for the university. Also, it would give us all a chance to break out our Hawaiian shirts a little more often, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Last Sunday Nick and I stepped outside for our weekly power walk down 6th street to the donut shop, and we came to the same conclusion that this global warming thing is a bunch of bogus. I don’t have to be a scientist to realize that it’s not getting any warmer. For instance, last year during finals week in May, it was in the 40’s. But, according to politicians like Al Gore, we need to start driving less and recycling, so that the polar bears don’t starve to death. Oh no, heaven forbid we disrupt the life cycle of the polar bears. Yeah, we’ll see how badly Al Gore wants to save a polar bear when it’s two feet from his face, ready to tear him to pieces. Let’s be honest here, those savage beasts should be locked up in confined, yet comfortable habitats in public zoos. I’d feel safer living with Sharkeisha than having those man-eaters running rampant on the streets. When you look at global warming rationally, it really doesn’t seem that bad. First of all, who wouldn’t want the weather to be a little bit warmer? More people

NICK CHArLtoN & DaVID DuNKeL Sigma Alpha epsilon

David and Nick are sophomores. You may contact them at S e c o n d l y, c o n s e r v i n g energy is stupid. Thomas Edison is rolling in his grave every time some liberal politician mentions a smart car, or how we need to turn off the lights every time we leave a room. Yeah, that’s a great idea, let me just turn off all the lights at my house at night so I can get robbed. Americans shouldn’t conserve energy, we should utilize it. Leave the lights on all day, and celebrate the fact that we have electricity. Let the next generation of people deal with our problems, while we reap the benefits in the mean time. While you energy conserving, tree hugging Al Gore fans are out trying to save the polar bear populations, Nick and I will be driving our Hummer to the Tulsa zoo to throw peanuts at the animals. The point we’re trying to get across is that politicians will come up with the craziest ideas just to scare people into voting for them. Al Gore’s movie “The Inconvenient Truth” is a prime example of this. You want the real inconvenient truth, Gore? George W. Bush won the election and you didn’t. And you’re movie has as much credibility to it as “Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.” Go ahead and run up the heating and electric bills this winter, and save our people from polar bear attacks. Until next time, kisses.

Nick and Dave


debate & discuss

CAN WoMeN Be CreePy? Valentine’s Day and the days and weeks leading up to it are chocked full of pressure. There’s pressure on guys to find a girl who is willing to allow him to shower her with Phi Delta theta cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts because Christmas wasn’t Kade is a senior studying political even two months ago and let’s science. You may contact him at face it, that’s WAY too long for most females to go without needing to be bombarded with presents. For girls, there’s pressure on them to find the best looking, most successful, least socially awkward schmuck available and swindle them into blowing their monthly allowance on a heart shaped box filled with chocolates, of which only one-fourth will be eaten by the intended party, the rest by her Valentine-less roommate. This makes me think that the heart-shaped, chalk-like, candies with writing on them that taste like Tums were made for guys to eat because the price of flowers gives them a stomach ache. Still, women get excited over this day almost more than any other holiday. Guys should be leery about this. You should always question a grown woman if she gets that excited over chocolate and stuffed animals.


Anyway, Valentine’s Day is tailored for women, but then again so is the entire dating game. The dating game is full of decisions, and as you might be able to tell by my Odyssey profile picture, I don’t always make good ones, but hear me out. It was decided long ago by men to allow women to get away with things that women decided men couldn’t get away with. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Social Networking Creepiness: If a girl is interested in a guy, there are no bounds to how creepy she can get on social networking. With a few minutes, a girl will know your top three Snapchat friends, who favorites your tweets and Instagram pictures and the fact that your high

school girlfriend looks like she must have taken the breakup hard, fell in love with Ben and Jerry, and seems to have put on the senior 70. While I even feel weird if I remember a girl’s birthday, females will openly admit that they creep on a guy’s social networks. They have no shame in tweeting blatant passive-aggressive things about boys with no consequence, but the moment a guy Facebook messages “Heyyyy lady!” to a girl at 3:13 a.m., his Valentine’s Day card turns into a glittered restraining order. Is that a double-standard? I believe it is. Flirting Creepiness: I’ve always said, for guys there’s a fine line between being flirty and creepy, and that line is being good looking. If you’re a good looking guy, you’ll be able to get away with things that average guys can’t without being labeled “creepy.” If an unattractive guy looks at a girl he doesn’t know for longer than two seconds, he’s automatically in the same category as that high school softball coach who put too much emphasis on stretching. A man can’t stare at a woman like a woman can stare at a man. Girls can stare at guys and guys will be like, “I think she’s staring at me. Nah, there’s probably something really cool going on behind me.” Looking at women for a long period of time is like looking at the welding arc during homecoming, you’re not supposed to do it. While good looking guys have some leeway when it comes to being creepy, women have carte blanche in that category. Women can say or do just about anything short of asking for a locket of your chest hair and not be labeled creepy. A girl could come up to me and creepily say, “I’ve been watching you for a long time. I know everything about you, I know that you can’t put your left sock on properly, you wear footie pajamas and you write a blog about your hatred of Juan Pablo and The Bachelor.” And I’d still be like, “Oh wow. That’s cool. What kind of binoculars do you use? Are you doing anything this Saturday? I’m sure you already know that I don’t have plans.” I mean, let’s be real, if a girl is willing stalk a guy, the least you can do is buy her dinner. All in all, if you don’t have a Valentine this week, don’t feel bad. Who needs a holiday filled with awkwardness and failed expectations? If you don’t have a Valentine, remember that your real gift is not having to buy gifts for anyone. And if you still feel bad, just remember, that no one loves you on the other 364 days either.

BoyS WHo CALL tHeMSeLVeS Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the most overrated holidays in the book. I’ve never been a candy and teddy bear kind of girl. However, any girls do like that, but the older I get the more I realize how creepy it is a guy you “like” getting you a teddy bear. Wasn’t that a dad kind of thing about 10 to 15 years ago?

BLaKE BAKer Pi Beta Phi

Blake is a freshman studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at

pursuing Creepiness: When is the last time you heard of a girl saying to a guy, “I’m really going to pursue you.”? Women are lucky to not get called obsessed if they send a text first. As girls, we are trained to be “damsels in distress” and wait for the guy to make a power move, and would be called some bitter names if we didn’t play along. A girl asking a guy on a date? Yeah right. How would a male prove his manhood if, heaven forbid, women had some say so.

“That’s just how guys are wired” creepiness: if a guy does anything socially unacceptable or “creepy,” the words “wired differently” are bound to come up. Any time of day, a guy can get away with making passes at women while she is supposed to stand their in all “That’s just how guys are wired” creepiness: if a guy of her virtue and draw the line. If a woman does anything socially unacceptable or “creepy,” the were to say the things that were said to With Valentine’s coming up, talk her by man, the reactions would be quite words “wired differently” are bound to come up. around the sorority house is full of the different because women “just couldn’t be discussions of, “Do I get him something wired to say such a thing.” Women just for Valentine’s Day... we’re not technically aren’t wired to slap a backside that walks dating?” or the “I need to know what my by or, heaven forbid, a girl just wanting to boyfriend is getting me, because I want to get him something to the equal.” So, to say have a random hook up. I mean that just can’t happen, only guys are wired like that… the stress is high about Valentine’s Day is an understatement, but the real issue is that we’re bound to be a floosy if it happens. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that the man is supposed to make the power moves, but In conclusion, forget getting the roses and teddy bear from a frat star with a dad body really that’s not much different than dating. In general, men can get away with a lot more and spend some time with the ladies, where it’s socially acceptable to text them first, invite and not be creepy. them to dinner and pay for your own meal.

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WHAT IS THE pERFECT DATE? missing article

aNNa-RUTH LeWiS Alpha Delta Pi

Anna-Ruth is a sophomore studying psychology. You may contact her at anna-ruth.lewis@



campus connections


THE aLLURE OF CaMP COWBOY people love working camp so much, but that is by no means the only part of camp that people love.

JaMIE BArNeS Sigma Chi

Jamie is a junior studying Landscape Architecture. You may contact him at james.

I know there are several instances when people are asked why they love working Camp Cowboy, and people have struggled to accurately explain the true allure. I have heard people say that when they try to explain how great Camp Cowboy is, they feel like a Star Wars fan explaining the magnificence of the movie to someone who wouldn’t understand. Sometimes it can be hard to fully encompass why people love being at camp so much in one attempt at an explanation. It is almost like there is a sort of magic about Camp Cowboy that makes people fall in love, either with camp itself or with someone else who loves camp as much as they do. While it is not the whole purpose of working camp, you cannot deny that there are social benefits. You simply get to meet so many interesting people and a good number of campus leaders through being involved. Having the ability to meet people throughout the summer is great, and honestly we probably all can think of at least There are times in people’s one couple on campus that can in some way lives when they realize that they tie their relationship back to Camp Cowboy. have stumbled upon something I don’t want anyone to think that Camp Cowboy is Whether it’s the soul mates who flirted for special. Once you realize what a semester, then spent some time at Camp the new “It” scene for finding your future wife or you have found, all you want to Cowboy, where they discovered that they husband, but it could never hurt to meet more people were meant to be together. It could be the do is cherish this special thing. One thing that I have noticed while having fun, thus increasing your respective couple who met outside of the lodge and to be a truly special thing here on formed a friendship that led to a more opportunities to meet someone special. our campus is Camp Cowboy. serious relationship, love finds its way into Some people don’t care too much people’s lives. Some people may go into the for spending their time out at camp summer thinking they will find that summer Redlands, or simply haven’t discovered the magic that happens while at Camp love, or maybe they found love on accident. They could have been overcome with Cowboy, and for them I can only hope they get the chance to discover its allure. attraction after watching someone perform the most impressive rendition of Boys will be Girls, or have seen someone’s capacity for compassion when they helped a shy The people who work Camp Cowboy know how incredible a weekend at camp can be, freshmen make some friends. I personally have witnessed a good number of friends and they keep coming back year after year to be a part of something so great. Beyond start relationships that formed on a foundation of camp. all of the ways that Camp Cowboy benefits the school and its incoming freshmen, it is a great experience for the college students who get the chance to work camp as staff I don’t want anyone to think that Camp Cowboy is the new “It” scene for finding members. So many wonderful people work camp, and you begin to feel the sense your future wife or husband, but it could never hurt to meet more people while of family amongst the Camp Cowboy people. When you work Camp Cowboy, you having fun, thus increasing your respective opportunities to meet someone special. have the opportunity to bolster your school spirit and meet a solid number of cool Whether you are looking to get that Facebook official status with someone, or really people. A majority of the people that I am friends with and have close bonds with just want to have a lot of fun with some really incredible people, Camp Cowboy is no are people I met through Camp Cowboy. Not only do you make some meaningful doubt a great place to spend some of your summer. Lastly, if you didn’t already know, friendships while working camp, you also have a blast. That is definitely one reason applications to work Camp Cowboy are out and are due tomorrow, on Valentines Day.

special occasions: Valentine’s Day


Ok, so tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the one perfect thing about it is... I’m single. Wait, what? #SingleForLife, so if you’re single, I’m going to share a few things that you can do tomorrow while other people are being lovey dovey.


Kappa Alpha order Nick is a junior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at

First and foremost, if you want people to think you’re in a relationship, order yourself flowers. It only take a few minutes and let’s face it, you could probably use some good décor in your home. On the card, you can even write yourself a little note about how much you love yourself. Now, most people don’t think that’s a thing, but in fact, if you go to http://www.statisticbrain. com/valentines-day-statistics/, then you will see that 14 percent of women buy themselves flowers on Valentine’s day. As long as you don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, flowers for yourself are perfectly fine. Another thing that you can do for Valentine’s Day since you’re single is hang out with your other single friends. More than likely, your single friends won’t have anything to do and will want to hang out. You can go to dinner and just have friendship time. Keep in mind that going to dinner on Valentine’s Day may look a little odd, and may seem like you are dating this person. Make sure you invite a group of people to go with you, so it looks a little normal “Valentine’s Day is noting out of the ordinary,” senior Elise Cabori said. “All you have


V is for the Value that this day has, A is for the Appetites who count Russell Stover’s as a meal. L is for the Losers who have no significant other,


Jake is a junior studying b i o l o g i c a l s c i e n c e . Yo u may contact him at

E is for Everyone whose Valentine is their mother. N is for the Nurturers who look forward to this day, T is for the Teddy bears who sit and rot away. I is for the Imbeciles who try way too hard, N is for the Naturalists who can settle for a card. E is for the Energy that permeates the setting, S if for the Sweets we eat and find ourselves regretting. D is for the Dad who feels sorry for his Daughter, And tries to make her happy with All the crap that he has bought her. Y is for another Year that you lovers have to wait, but for all you hopeless romantics, 365 days away sounds great.


to do is pretend like it’s a normal day.” While talking to Elise, she shared that spending time with your friends tomorrow is probably the best way to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re single. Another thing you can do if you’re single and wanting to have a great day tomorrow is go to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I am not a big fan of chocolate and feel sick to my stomach every time I see someone eating chocolate, but the factory is, in fact, one of my favorite places. The chocolate covered strawberries are a win and you can’t go wrong with those on Valentine’s Day 2014. Another favorite item I get that is good is the Cheesecake Carmel Apple. They cut the apple into slices for you, and it’s a sure winner to have a great Valentine’s Day. If flowers sent to you, dinner or chocolate factory is not something that you want to do, you could also order in and watch a movie. You can never go wrong when you pick up the phone, order a pepperoni pizza and stick in a great movie. One of my favorite movies that I could watch over and over again and not have any problem doing it is Mean Girls. You can definitely watch Mean Girls tomorrow and have no shame. Trust me, if you give me call or a text, I will be there to watch it with you in second. Mean Girls on Valentine’s Day is the pinnacle of tomorrow, just saying. If you aren’t up for any of those things, find some friends and ask them for ideas. Valentine’s Day is definitely not a day to mope around; it’s a day for love and cherishing moments with special loved ones. Pick up the phone and call your siblings and tell them you love them. Facebook or Twitter your friends and tell them thanks for being your friend. Valentine’s Day is a fun day and I enjoy it every year. Shout out to all the special loved ones who are spending the day together. Congrats!


health & fitness

TIPS FOR A HEALTHY HEART Fear not, friends. This week I’m not telling you to take fish oil pills, guaranteeing a lower cholesterol level and a healthy heart (although that might not be such a bad idea). In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are my tips for a healthy heart, and surviving the ups and downs of college romances.


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & re s t a u r a n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

Maybe you’re in a lasting relationship, maybe you’re recently single, or maybe you’re a serial-dater. Whatever the case, it’s no doubt that while in college, we forge dozens of relationships - some of which will last our whole lives. Love is probably the most universally confusing thing in the world. We’re conditioned, from a young age, to expect love to be just like Disney movies: birds singing, flowers blooming, and constant handholding. We venture into the treacherous territory of our adolescent years, and it’s only natural for us to expect a knight in shining armor or a fearless princess to pull up a seat next to us in our 9am trig class, right? As we grow up, we’re slapped in the face with a harsh reality: Disney movies are fiction. So what are we supposed to do next? Dates…hookups…dance floor make-outs…these are somewhat commonplace during the weekends in life of a college student. But what happens when things start to get serious? How do you survive a broken heart? How do you keep a relationship going?

Don’t get me wrong; I am certainly no love guru. However, I do live in a house of about 100 collegiate women, and trust me, I’ve heard just about every story you can imagine. Whether it’s from a late night dishing of the details, or an around-the-table venting session, a sorority girl knows just about every type of romantic scenario that can develop on a college campus, and how to (or how not to) deal with it. What I have learned, so far, is this: Love is universal. Be it platonic, unrequited, or the “wow this might be real ‘love’ love,” everyone seems to be searching for it. One thing is certain, though. To have a healthy, happy relationship with another person, you must love yourself first. Loving yourself comes with practice, and an acceptance that you’re never going to be perfect. It’s an understanding that you’ll never be able to please everyone. You might be the prettiest peach on the tree, but some people just really hate peaches, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Loving yourself is looking in the mirror and seeing your crooked tooth, and instead of trying to adjust your smile to cover it, embracing it. We’re taught by the media to believe that we have to be some sort of perfect, cookie-cutter creature, with all of our ducks in a row. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate dressing up and I try to look my best when I go out, but you know what? Nobody is like that all the time. People fall in love with people for their uniqueness and quirks. Your best friend loves you for all your weirdness – your goofy laugh and your inability to tell a story without getting completely sidetracked halfway through. People love people for their raw, imperfect emotions, which is why I’ve realized that we generally fall for people when we least expect it. Maybe loving is the highest form of emotion, and that’s why people who are in love are so incredibly passionate. It’s the instant connection over a shared interest, a mutual infatuation with something, an unquenchable desire to make the other person happy. All love is valid, all love is real, and all love is beautiful.

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Thomas is a freshman studying sports media. You may contact him at

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VALENTINES DAY EDITION: GIFT GUIDE Tomorrow is the day. Hopefully by now

a special date, more so than a regular “date

you have something planned for your

night.” Go to a nicer restaurant than you

significant other, so feel free to use this as

normally would. Flowers and chocolates

a checklist to see if your gift falls into the

are a given, but the list doesn’t end there.

correct category. These are just guidelines,

A nice pair of Kendra Scott earrings, or a

so if what you are doing for the big day is

something similar would be great.

a little different than what’s suggested, no

Single- Don’t be sad about being single

worries! But this will give you a chance to

on this day, or any day for that matter.

see if what you are giving is on the right

Being single does not mean being lonely. It


means focusing your time on other things

A couple of dates- So you guys have

and getting to know yourself. There are

been on a couple dates, you talk often, but

so many great things about living the solo

you have not DTR-ed? This can be a hard

life! Do not feel the need to defend the fact

position to be in. You don’t want to over-

that you are single to anyone. Although

do it because that could send clingy vibes.

society may tell you differently, being single

Flowers are acceptable, but maybe not a

is really a fabulous thing. Focus on all the

dozen roses. Daisies say “I like you,” but

positive things about your single life… here

roses say “I love you.” Be careful there.

are a few in case you may have forgotten:

Chocolates are a safe bet, as is a nice dinner.

You are not tied down

Avoid giving actual gifts, such as jewelry or

You can accomplish other goals

stuffed animals. Basically, acknowledge the

New crushes: you can’t look forward to a first kiss if you are already in a relationship, right?

day, but don’t go above and beyond because, depending on the girl, that might not work in your favor. Newly dating- You are past the stage of “talking” and you all have recently made it official. You’re in luck! This

aNNa-MaRIE AHrBerG Pi Beta Phi

Anna-Marie is a sophomore studying sports media. You may contact her at anna-marie.

is the easiest category to fall under for this particular holiday. You don’t have to worry about small “moves” freaking her out, but you also don’t have the pressure of getting her an extravagant gift. Flowers, a nice dinner, and a small gift ranging anywhere from a teddy bear or tickets to a sporting event or concert that you two could enjoy together are the perfect way to go. Seriously dating- So, you have been dating for what seems like an eternity? Boys, you better be ready to step it up a notch. Maybe try venturing out of Payne County for this one. This is

You are saving a lot of money You can be selfish You can talk to whoever you want, when you want to You are able to fully enjoy your time you have with friends You can flirt guilt free You can do what YOU and only YOU want to do You don’t have to please anyone else but yourself …The list is endless really!

“Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means that you’re pretty sexy and you are taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with. ” – Sex and the City

entertainment news



Are you spending your valentine’s day alone? Don’t worry, America is always there for you. What some of our dear politicians might lack in foreign policy and bipartisan efforts, they’re more than willing to make up for in looks. Rep. Adam Kinzinger I’m a sucker for blue eyes with dark hair, so Rep. Adam Kinzinger is an obvious first choice. Representing Illinois, Kinzinger is only 35—making him one of the youngest representatives in the House. Did I mention that he was in the Air Force? Swoon. Rep. Aaron Schock Snaps to Illinois, they sure know how to pick a congressman—and they like them young. Schock is only 32 and currently serves on the Ways and Means Committee. When he’s not busy assisting his constituents, he appears to just go around shirtless. Not that I’m complaining. Rep. Joe Kennedy III The Kennedy name exudes class, charm, and good looks, and Rep. Joe Kennedy is no exception. This smoking hot ginger represents the fourth district of Massachusetts. He can be seen here with his now-wife and an adorable pup. Rep. Sean Duffy I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure exactly what being a “professional lumberjack athlete” entails, but I’m on board. When he isn’t

being a competitive tree climber (seriously, that’s a thing—look it up), he’s taking care of his six children as well as the 7th district of Wisconsin. Rep. Michael Grimm Grimm makes the list purely because he looks like a Baldwin brother; it’s just something in those steely blue eyes. Before representing the 11th district of New York, Grimm served as a United States Marine and an FBI special agent. He currently serves on the House Financial Services Committee. While beauty may fade and hairlines will recede, what truly ties these men together is their commitment to bettering the country through service. So next time you’re feeling lonely, grab a box of chocolate and snuggle up to some C-SPAN—maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of these cuties.


Delta Delta Delta Sophia is a freshman studying agricultural education. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t


entertainment news

‘LiKe CrAZy’ For you, VALeNtiNe I know I wrote about Valentines Day movies last week,

After my first viewing of the

my bad, so here is another film in particular that you

film, I did not really walk away

should watch this Hallmark holiday. ‘Like Crazy’ is an

loving it, but after giving it

artful romantic drama that some may even call an indie

another chance I saw the true

film, which is my favorite genre. I would have to say that

art that it was all along.

my favorite aspect of the film was the heartbreakingly

My favorite film of all time

realistic plot that was acted out brilliantly by leads Anton

is ‘(500) Days of Summer’, so I

Yelchin and Felicity Jones.

aNNa MCDouGAL Kappa Alpha theta

Anna is a sophomore studying english. You may contact her at

suppose I just really appreciate

Not to place too many spoiler alerts in this brief review,

films with realistic endings and

but if you are looking for a feel good movie, don’t turn

plotlines. Although I will argue that ‘(500) Days of Summer’ ended happily and will make the

to this one. The ending is not necessarily

same argument for ‘Like Crazy.’ While it did not end with a sunset or upbeat music, that does

a sad one, but rather an extremely true

not mean that it cannot be considered a happy ending. That is a judgment I will let you make

portrayal of how falling in love for the

– if you choose to watch it, of course!

first time feels and often ends. Yelchin

Another plus is that ‘Like Crazy’ is streaming on Netflix, so all you have to spend on it is

and Jones convey all of the whirlwind

time. Again, if you and your significant other want a cuddly love story to watch this Valentines

emotions and struggles that come along

Day, stay away from this one. But if you are looking for a great film with a heartbreakingly

with such a deep and difficult love,

good story, ‘Like Crazy’ is the one for you.

making the film hard to watch at times because it is honestly a bit of a downer.

VALeNtiNe’S DAy iN StiLLWAter Welcome to Stillwater, America, where your options to dine out on Valentine’s Day are just about as slim as Pistol Pete’s waistline. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and in two days the candy aisle at Wal-

BREaNNa FuLLer Alpha Delta Pi

Breanna is a senior studying animal science. You may c o n t a c t h e r a t b re a n n a .

Mart will be marked down to 50 percent off. Seriously, who doesn’t love heart shaped chocolates? I am sure there are a few gentlemen out there who probably forgot to make a reservation, and don’t worry because I have done a little research around town to help you out! (Trevor, this does not apply to you). This year Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Friday, so restaurants will be busier than most years. I personally do not think Valentine’s Day should be about the gifts, but about the love you share with your significant other, family and friends. When it comes to dining out, make sure it is a place that is special to the both of you. Chick-Fil-a I might be the only one obsessed with Chick-Fil-A, however, they are not missing out on this wonderful evening of love either. Reservations are available for 5:30 and 6:30 and the cost is $25 per couple. The dinner includes entrees, side items, drinks, desserts, and a photo of the two of you. Hideway

Serving their annual heart-shaped pizzas. The pizza is approximately the size of their small, which is perfect for two lovers to enjoy a pizza of their own variety. Brooklyn’s I spoke with the manager and Brooklyn’s is serving a special dinner for two, but details could not be released at this time. However, if it is anything like last year, I am still savoring that juicy steak that was served. Dining In This year Trevor and I chose to pass up the fancy restaurant and are having a candlelit dinner with our friends instead. Everyone in our group of friends happens to be in a relationship and we wanted to spend time together, so the gentlemen are fixing the ladies a nice meal. We are still dressing up, but to me this is more cozy and romantic. I am not entirely sure what we are having for dinner, but I know it will be cooked with love. I am most excited about this dinner because I know it will be something to remember forever. A few other suggestions to take your love out on the town would be Da Vinci’s, Sushi House, or Kyoto. Make sure to call ahead to make a reservation and to check on any specials before you find yourselves waiting an hour for a table by the bathroom. Wherever you and your love decide to dine, remember this is a night to rekindle the love that the two of you share. Ten years down the road you probably won’t remember where you ate or even what you had, what matters most is remembering the love you share for one another. I wish everyone out there a night of love and happiness!

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Dear Abby,


Dear Abby,

I’ve been in a relationship for seven months. My boyfriend and I talked about Valentine’s Day, but he does not really think it is a big deal. He says it is “just another day.” How do I let him know that Valentine’s Day is important to me? Sincerely,

Recently, I have been “talking” to a girl I met just a few months ago. I have taken her on a few dates and really enjoyed her company. We have not exactly had the “DTR” talk, but I have reason to believe a relationship is in our future. However, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I honestly have no idea how to handle it. Do I send her flowers? Buy her chocolate? Take her out to dinner? How much is too much? Help! Sincerely,

Giftless Girlfriend

Lost in Love

Dear Giftless, Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor When you talked about Valentine’s Day, did you tell him it was important to you? If not, you Everybody R.E.M need to do so. Guys are very literal. If you say, “It’s Hurts fine,” -he will assume you mean everything is okay. Basically, you need to straight up tell him it is important to you. For you, Valentine’s Day is Stay Together for the Kids - Blink-182 probably a time to celebrate your relationship with him. However, he most likely sees it as a day in I’m so Lonely I could Cry - Hank Williams which boyfriends, fiancés and husbands are pressured into buying roses, balloons and chocolate. Tearsalso in Heaven Erichim Clapton When you tell him the day is important, you need to-let know why it is special. And try your best to not put too much pressure on him. Do not get upset when your roommates, best friends and pledge sisters are all going on extravagant dates and receiving elaborate gifts. Focus on your guy and why he is so special to you – not on the gifts you do or do not receive.

Sorority Sue’s Weekly Scoop Hottie COUPLE of the Week: Alison Limke and Connor Davis Kappa Delta junior and Sigma Chi sophomore Going steady. ·

Everyone loves a cougar, especially Connor.


Panhellenic Prez and Sigma Chi VP. #powercouple ·


The only thing missing from this romance is a sense of humor. lol

She didn’t find Bobby Fisher, but she found a VR director. Weekly Scoop:

· New shipment of Kendra Scott at Peck’s Lodge, boys. We all know you forgot to buy your girlfriend, mom, or that special friend a gift. · In case you forgot you’re single, Beta Love Rave and Rock of Love are both coming up. Just a casual reminder that you’re lonely. ·

Taking your date to Brooklyn’s for Valentine’s Day? How original.


House of Cards starts up again tomorrow night, so your evening won’t be a complete waste.

Dear Lost, Valentine’s Day has a way of stressing most people out. Whether or not you have a significant other, you will probably find yourself worrying about the day one way or another. Because you are not exactly sure where your relationship stands, it can be hard to determine how to handle the holiday. I suggest you figure out how you really feel about this girl. Is she the girl of your dreams? Can you see yourself with her for a long time? Or is she just another fling? I think your gift should reflect how you feel. Do not worry about scaring her away or doing too much. While you should not go overboard or be creepy, do something thoughtful for her. Most guys today are content playing games. But if you are really interested in the girl? Go out on a limb, be a man and let her know how you feel! Girls would much rather feel appreciated and loved than receive a human-sized teddy bear or an enormous bouquet of roses. Keep it simple and keep it sweet.


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@HuffPostMedia: It’s always the ones you invest with political power and then throw completely under the bus and humiliate on national TV #christielessons @hipstermermaid: I’m sorry I can’t stay out late tonight, I have to go home and look at my phone. @JakeBlasdel: Some random girl direct quote: “omg big I love you I’m getting wasted tomorrow” @BlairHanebaum: Me: “If you stranded on a deserted Island, what would you take?” ….Will: “Probably a game boy and Natalie Portman” @Kyle_Lippert: Kevin Hart is in pretty much everything now. He has gone from being a

comedian to being the high fructose corn syrup of actors. @timonalimb: My mom called me and told me to delete my tweet. @sammyrhodes: Men are like waffles: they can’t talk about their feelings. @ABC: Deport Justin Bieber petition passes 100,000 signatures, White House obligated to respond. @espn: Kevin Durant just made a serious statement: The MVP award is mine to lose. @Josh_lippoldt: I miss 224 S. Washington.

@J_MILL93: “LITTLE will you still love me if I eat 3 bowls of pasta tonight??” “BIG OMG you are soooo skinny!” “Little I love youu!” Life of a houseboy @kadegoodwinning: Is 43 Facebook pokes enough to let her know I’m interested? @GastonHart: Yes, every professor at OSU, my name is like the guy from Beauty and the Beast @samkoontzSMK: you mean I have to eat desert by myself like I’m fing steven glandsberg? @B_Poi: All I wanted was a bagel. Got in a car accident. No bagel.

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