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2 SpeaK FReeLY Editor's note

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

can’t ban all Greek fliers, but allow Residential Life fliers to be freely distributed.



Libby is a senior studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at elizabeth.

How many times have we all read these words in social studies classes, starting in grade school? Countless. In reality, though, how much do we value, understand and use our free speech rights? Sitting in class a couple weeks ago discussing free speech, multiple members in my class spoke up saying things like, “When I was in high school, they told us we weren’t allowed to wear the color purple, was that OK?” and “At my public high school, my principal told my brother he had to cut his hair... was that constitutional?” In many of the situations, the students’ first amendment rights had been violated. Often times, though, people see fighting for their rights as too much effort, let the situation slide, and wind up allowing an inappropriate or invasive situation to continue. This is because taking the situation to court can be an extremely length process. So, how do we know whether our rights have been violated? Thanks to some brave Americans, including past high school and college students who have fought for what’s right, there are a couple of tests we can use to judge whether our rights have been violated. Let’s put them in laments terms for those of us who aren’t law school bound. The first test is known as the Brandenburg test. It was developed during the eventful decade known as the‘60s. It includes four steps. Step one includes the word “directed,” which basically means that you must have intended for a lawless action to be the result of your speech for it to be outside the bounds of first amendment protection. This covers those situations when an extreme statement is made in anger or tasteless humor, but the words don’t have any motivation for actual harm behind them. It protects a Greek who might yell something unkind about another chapter ’s Varsity Review show, but clearly not mean to incite any illegal or harmful action to arise. Step two involves the word “imminent,” which means it must be time relevant to qualify outside of first amendment protection. The official wording is that it must be “close or proximate.” Basically, someone can’t bring up something you’ve done and tie it to something you said years ago. (Poor Paula Deen). Step three means that the conduct itself must be “lawless action.” The action being promoted by your speech has to result in something illegal for your rights to be infringed upon. This means that some person can’t take you to court just because he or she doesn’t like what you’re saying. Step four is that it must be likely to occur for your FA rights to be waved. If an OU fan is on library lawn yelling about getting a mob together to steal Pistol Pete’s head, and the guy is being booed, it’s highly unlikely that a mob is going to pick up and join him. Basically, everyone thinks he’s crazy and the event is unlikely to happen. What makes all these rights even better is that all four have to be present for your speech to be considered outside the scope of the first amendment. Aren’t you glad you’re an American? The second test pertains to time, place and manner regulations. It also includes four criteria. Step one – The rule must be neutral to content. Basically, the Student Union

Step two – The law cannot constitute a complete ban on any one kind of communication. Basically, if President Hargis is going to say, “You’re not allowed to promote that organization through fliers at the library,” then there must be another means through which to promote it, like online, in a different spot on campus, etc. Step three – There must be a substantial state interest to justify the restraint on speech. Some Chi O can’t say, “The ATO’s are chanting on the lawn when we eat dinner, and it’s irritating.” It isn’t causing any harm to anyone, so it’s OK. The Chi O’s could, however, say, “The ATO’s ring our doorbell and chant at us at 2 a.m. every Thursday,” then it’s infringing on the sleep and wellbeing of the women of the chapter, and it could get somewhere. Step four – The rules must be narrowly tailored. This means that it only restricts the speech that is necessary to further the government’s interest. Ival can’t say, “Hey, no more Odyssey’s distributed. It causes littering,” because that’s so broadly tailored that it prevents us from reaching you Greeks, just to fix a simple litter problem. I encourage you all to know your rights and use them. You can speak out; that’s the beauty of being an American. Appreciate your rights, and don’t take them for granted. Be aware of situations that could infringe upon them, and be ready to stand your ground. Speak wisely, but freely this week!

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Scene on campus

NATIONAL GREEK CONFERENCES PROVIDE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES One of the best ways to grow as a Greek undergraduate is to attend various conferences put on by your national o rg a n i z a t i o n a n d o t h e r organizations that are a part of the fraternal movement. I recently returned from attending my third international Sigma Pi conference.


Ryan is a sophomore studying apparel merchandising. You may contact him at

Mid Year Leadership Conference is designed to help chapter presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, and recruitment chairmen become more familiar and comfortable in their new positions. This was the second year I have attended Mid Year. I have also gone to a conference Sigma Pi puts on every other summer called Sigma Pi University, which mostly focuses on personal and professional development. During the conferences I’ve attended, speakers have included a variety of people, from Dr. Lori Hart, who speaks on risk management, to Vince Fabra from Phired Up, who is an excellent speaker on recruitment strategies and how to be socially excellent, to various alumni of my fraternity who are experts in their fields.


In addition to conferences put on by your organization, the North-American Interfraternity Conference also hosts many different conferences open to fraternity men and sorority women. One of these conferences that is worth looking into is UIFI, The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute. UIFI is a five-day conference open to fraternity men and sorority women, focusing on how to live your Ritual every day. Registration for UIFI opens later this spring and there are 12 sessions this summer between May and July. Another organization that provides leadership conferences for Greeks is the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values. Executive team members of the governing Greek councils recently attended AFLV Central and brought back some great awards showing how outstanding our Greek System is here in Stillwater. Our Interfraternity Council was awarded the Jellison Award, and the Panhellenic Council received the Sutherland Award while in Indianapolis for AFLV Central. “One of the sessions I went to at AFLV Central was about advocating for your IFC and how to make sure we are not falling into the stereotypes associated with Greek life,” IFC President Tim Krinz said. “This workshop gave me a really great perspective on what I should be doing as IFC president and what I should be encouraging our fraternity members to be doing as well.”

Similar to the conference I attended, sisters of the Nu Chapter of Kappa Delta recently attended a conference called Kappa Delta National Collegiate Training Academy.

Tim also told me more about what goes into applying for the various awards that were won at AFLV Central, and let’s just say we should all thank the Greek council executives for putting in all the extra work to ensure we keep receiving such prestigious awards.

“Attending NCTA was truly such an amazing experience for us,” KD President Amanda Reese said. “We were able to gain important training, knowledge and leadership skills to better improve our chapter, while sharing the same bond and sisterhood of Kappa Delta with thousands of other women.”

No matter how different you might be from someone you meet at a conference, or how much older an alumni is, we are all brought together by our ritual. I hope you have the opportunity to attend one of these conferences before you graduate, and maybe we will even see each other at UIFI this summer.

APPLY FOR HOMECOMING STEERING Calling all last HOCO Steering applicants! To m o r r o w the application is due! Homecoming cannot happen without the behind the scenes work that the Homecoming Steering dedicates.

BLaKe BAKER Pi Beta Phi

Blake is a freshman studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at

“ H o m e c o m i n g Steering is in charge of planning and executing literally every aspect of Homecoming that the OSU Alumni Association presents,” Kara Laster, Homecoming Executive, said. “Steering members are divided into nine different committees to plan things like Walkaround, the Sea of Orange Parade, Harvest Carnival, Spirit Rally and more. Steering members represent the Alumni Association to the OSU campus and Stillwater community.” This is a great opportunity to get involved with something that makes Oklahoma State stand out from other universities. “My favorite part of being on Steering was getting an overall perspective of Homecoming and understanding how many little details go into planning America’s Greatest Homecoming celebration,” Laster said. “There is so much to it that most students and alumni don’t event think about. I also loved getting to be around fellow students who love OSU and Homecoming as much as I do.” There are responsibilities involved. “Steering meets every otherTuesday in the fall,” Laster said. “The time commitment depends on which committee you are on. It does take some dedication, but it is very doable and so much fun.” The applications can be found in the campus life turnstile and online at Apps are due by 4:30 p.m.


Scene on campus

YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE So, about this election?


The election is occurring on March 4 and 5 online at for Delta Delta Delta the positions of president Sophia is a freshman studying agricultural education. and vice president. The Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t candidates run in pairs, much like the national presidential election, and campaign to various groups and on social media to give you a clearer idea of who they are and what they believe in. The two sets of candidates are Matt Chuning with Charlie Gibson and Alison Slagell with Clint Duncan; you can follow them on twitter at @ MattCharlie2014 and @SlagellDuncan, respectively. Why should you vote? If your twitter looks anything like mine, you know Student Government Association (SGA) elections are coming up soon! Your screen is filled with cute couple names like “Marlie” and memorable hashtags like “WillWorkForOSU.” It’s easy to quickly scroll by these campaign promises, paying little mind to who they’re about or what they mean for you. It’s just SGA, right? You’ve got more important things to do, like coming up with a choreographed dance to “Timber,”ain’t nobody got time for SGA. Well, I beg of you to put down the jazz hands and pay attention to this election.

Charlie Gibson, a Chi Omega, sums it up perfectly. “SGA strives to better this campus through programming, policy initiatives and funding, so it’s important that people who are passionate, knowledgeable and diligent are in office. Voting is not only a right, but a responsibility of the students on campus.” Make a difference and vote for the candidate of your choice on March 4 and 5 - the one who will make your orange a little brighter, your wheat waves a little bigger, and the walk to your 9 a.m. class a little easier.

What exactly is SGA anyways? Officially, SGA is here to “provide funding and implement changes to better our campus, community, and most importantly the students’ way of life.” Less officially, much like Beyoncé and her girls, they run the world—or the university, but that’s all that matters anyway. SGA has made big waves this year with their recommendation to ban e-cigarettes. Clint Duncan, a candidate for SGA vice president, states that “SGA should be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to the issues that impact our students.” They have also played a big role in funding for a variety of events. One such event is Big Event, which they increased the funding of by $1,000. If you’re looking to improve the school and your organizations, paying attention to who has power in SGA is vital.

Ideas debate & discuss

HISTORY OF HAZING Recent headlines of fraternity hazing at universities across the country have sparked yet another public outcry against hazing. Hazing isn’t anything new. It was around for our parents and grandparents, but where did it really begin?


By about 1950, the practice of hazing itself became illegal, as opposed to before when someone had to pass away for the act to be prosecutable. The late ‘80s and early ‘90s was the first time hazing really got turned down a notch.

Well about 1850 or so, hazing by class rank began to develop in the Eastern colleges.

You probably can glean from talking with alumni of your house how different things

Record enrollment numbers left students searching for a means to build class unity,

were 20 years ago, but while hazing did get toned down, it didn’t go away. It is alive

and sports teams seemed to require school spirit for psychological motivation. As

and well, but we typically only hear about it when someone takes it too far. When we

a result, hazing became a new

do hear about it, we are often required to sit

American college tradition at the

through some sort of anti-hazing seminar.

Ivy League schools and older East coast universities.

During the first hundred years of the existence of the social

fraternity, hazing was a practice

During the first hundred years of the

existence of the social fraternity, hazing was

opportunity to attend, the speaker, Gentry

a practice virtually unknown.

hazing isn’t something the university

virtually unknown. All hazing that had been done on any measurable scale to this point was done at the student population level, rather than by certain factions of that population. Most early fraternities were founded with a heavy religious influence that placed emphasis on strong morals, making hazing unappealing to many Greek organizations. This isn’t to say that new members didn’t experience pranks and the like, but what was happening in fraternities was happening on an individual basis, rather than on the chapter

In the seminar we all recently had the

CaSeY BURSON Farm House

Casey is a freshman studying construction management technology. You may contact him at

level. It would take until around the 1880s for fraternities to take what they had learned from freshman-sophomore class rivalries and football rallies that concentrated on unity, and apply it to their brotherhood. The 1880s served as a sort of transition period, in the same way, the 1890s should probably be recognized as the “hazing boom.” At this point, nearly every national fraternity recognized its own problems associated with hazing and quickly denounced the practice as contrary to the ideals of brotherhood. Unfortunately, it was already too late; the roots of hazing in men’s fraternal organizations had taken root. It took a couple of decades for fraternities to adopt the hazing policy that we still use today, which is something along the lines of “let’s say as little as possible about our hazing rituals, while we tell outsiders how wrong and demoralizing hazing is and how we won’t stand for it.” The century to follow would become the plague of the history of our organizations, to the outside world at least. Headline after headline, tragedy after tragedy, hazing continued in American college fraternities relentlessly.

Mcreary, made a point worth reiterating: can abolish, it’s something that has to be moderated by us as fraternity members to avoid letting it get out of hand.


Greek life traditions


Susan Occhipinti, junior member of Pi Beta Phi, has spent her college experience serving in her chapter and on campus whole heartedly. Susan said she wanted to get a fresh start out of her comfort zone by coming to Oklahoma State University. “I wanted to seize every opportunity to get out of my comfort zone so I could stop having a comfort zone, and just simply be myself,” Susan said. Her hometown is located in Dunmore, Pa. Susan applied to many different colleges and chose Oklahoma State to be her new home. “I honestly wasn’t considering OSU until my aunt and uncle, who live in Stillwater, suggested it. I got to visit, and I really liked the idea of being far away and a fresh start.” Susan has spent her time well at Oklahoma State. Only a junior, Susan has immersed herself among her peers serving them in many different ways. She has held multiple positions in her chapter, including Administrative Assistant in 2012, Vice President of Membership Development in 2013 and currently serving as the chapter President. “I have loved these positions because I like being there for people,” she said. “I like being able to answer questions and impact the chapter in a direct way. Most of all, I feel like my individual relationships with members are developed and strengthened in ways they might not have been, had I not had the opportunity to lead and serve in these capacities.” While Susan is working in many areas as holding the president position, she is also working on adding a new furry member to the Pi Phi house. “Well, right now, I want to try and get a house dog for Pi Phi, so we’ll see how that goes.” Although Susan works hard in Pi Phi, she has also spent time making memories. “One of funniest memories I can remember would be when were getting the new members to learn more about the core values of Pi Phi,” she said. “Two of my pledge sisters and I put on matching clothes, danced and sang along to “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. It was one of the funniest things I have ever participated in my life.” Susan chose Pi Phi from her very first conversation with them. “I knew I was in love

and that this was where I wanted to be. I think we talked about Harry Potter and The Catcher in the Rye. I felt so comfortable, like I was with friends.”


Taylor is a junior studying strategic communications. You may contact her at taylor.

Susan’s favorite memory while being in Pi Phi is initiation. “I absolutely love everything about initiation. It’s so cool that we have the opportunity to carry on the legacies and traditions that our founders started.”

Susan has not only made the most of her time in Pi Phi, but has made the most of her time as a Cowboy. Susan is a Student Government Association Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, an ambassador for the School of Media & Strategic Communications, a copy editor for The Daily O’Collegian, Vice President of External Communications for Student Voice and a member of Order of Omega. Susan is spending her time wisely - getting involved with her college. She is a Multimedia Journalism and Strategic Communications major. “I chose those majors because I love to write and work with people. I would love to work in a corporate communications at a children’s hospital, though,” she said. Susan said her favorite things about Stillwater are Fuzzy’s and Oklahoma State. The feeling of strong community is her favorite part about being a Cowboy. “Everyone at OSU is so nice and welcoming. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t come here.” Susan also spent last summer studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain with three of her pledge sisters. “It was the most amazing experience of my entire life. I’m obsessed. I met so many new friends and traveled to six citied in Spain as well as Portugal, Morocco, Paris and London. I would encourage everyone I know to study abroad.” Susan is also looking forward to the future and sees herself possibly going over the big pond to India. “I am really looking forward to being able to do mission work in India. I don’t know exactly how or when I will do it, but I know I want to at some point,” she said. Susan has not only made the most of college experience so far, but is looking forward to the future as well.

Business philanthropy



Founded in 1888, Delta Delta Delta is a leader among social Greek organizations through its passion for progress and visionary thinking. Through partnerships with nationally recognized organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, award-winning publications like The Trident, and innovative collegiate and alumnae initiatives, Tri Delta is committed to leveraging its timeless values to revitalize the sorority experience. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is known as one of the leading cancer treatment centers for children, with the worlds’ highest survival rates for even the most aggressive childhood cancers. As of Saturday, Feb. 1, Tri Delta sorority announced at the annual Tri Delta St. Jude Leadership Weekend in Memphis, Tenn., that its fundraising goal of $15 million for St. Jude had been accomplished. With hard work, dedications and compassion, the women completed the goal a year and half ahead of schedule. This year, more than 350 Tri Delta members gathered together to learn about the hospital’s operations. This weekend, the women also attended educational sessions on fundraising best practices and celebrated the Fraternity’s partnership with St. Jude. Since officially naming St. Jude its philanthropic partner in 1999, Tri Delta has raised more than $27 million for the hospital. Over the past 15 years, the partnership between Tri Delta and St. Jude has seen extreme growth. Tri Delta’s first $1 million endowment in 2002 provided a teen room for patients between the ages of 13 and 19. Exciting enough, the women announced its campaign to raise $10 million in 10 years, in 2006, to name to the Tri Delta Patient Care Floor in Chili’s Care Center. The women outshone then and completed the goal in four years. The $15 million campaign, completed in November 2013, was dedicated to naming the Specialty Clinic at the hospital. Richard Shadyac Jr., CEO of ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, spoke highly of Tri Delta and their fundraising efforts. “Tri Delta is an amazing partner that consistently outperforms its own ambitious fundraising goals to support the children and families of St. Jude,” he said. “The results are a reflection of how passionately and genuinely their members have embraced our lifesaving mission. We are fortunate to have Tri Delta as our partner and join them in

celebrating their $15 million contribution to help St. Jude find cures and save children.” Looking forward, Tri Delta and St. Jude leadership will begin discussing future naming opportunities. Tri Delta will also announce its next fundraising venture this July.


Kappa Alpha Order Nick is a junior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at


The Phi Upsilon Chapter of Delta Delta Delta at Oklahoma State University Alpha Delta Pi raised $36, 957 in the past Anna-Ruth is a sophomore year to support St. Jude. studying psychology. You may The women of Tri Delta contact her at anna-ruth.lewis@ are so passionate about this cause. Ashley Jackson, philanthropy chairwoman, and Emily Borgstrom, vice president of membership, said they were honored to attend the event as they represented the Oklahoma State chapter. Emily Borgstrom was the philanthropy chairwoman last year and went to St. Jude to represent the Oklahoma State chapter. Interesting enough, Emily organized a visit for the women as well. This is Emily’s third time to attend the event. Congratulations to the women of Tri Delta for working hard to raise money for St. Jude, and for reaching their goal!


Self health & fitness

REDEFINING BEAUTIFUL So you’re at a party, and three girls ask you to take their picture. After you take four pictures, each with varied poses and different lighting, the girls all sigh and say, “Ugh, it’s okay, I’ll just put a filter on it and maybe then it’ll look better.”


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & re s t a u r a n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

We’ve all seen the “before-and-after Photoshop” images of celebrities on the Internet – so it’s no secret that Kim Kardashian’s thighs are actually cellulite-laden, and Madonna has wrinkly skin - but nearly every single photo that we come across has been retouched. The problem with this, however, is that is has altered our sense of what “natural beauty” should be. We come across these esthetically pleasing, altered images so frequently that it becomes only normal for us young women to start wishing that our skin glowed like Jennifer Lawrence’s, or that our eyes were as big as Emma Stone’s. The reality is that it’s actually impossible to look that way naturally. Partially due to the influence of the media, almost every woman is displeased with her body in some way. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), most eating disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia) start between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one. NEDA conducted a study

in 2010 about eating disorders on college campuses, and the statistics are overwhelming and sad. In 1980, only four percent of college students were reported to have eating disorders, but in 2010, the study showed that the number had skyrocketed to nearly twenty percent of college students. On February 25, the Seretean Wellness Center is taking a stand against fat talk and body shaming. Bring a friend and join experts for a free, hour-long workshop about body image, eating disorders and self-esteem. “The Time is Now…Redefine Beautiful” will take place from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Seretean Wellness Center Lecture Hall.

FIVE MACHINES TO RECONSIDER For all you hardcore Colvin-ators out there, I decided to delve into some of the exercise machines that we encounter at the gym - some of which you might ought to consider spending less time using. From a study conducted by CNN, there are five common machines that might actually be more harmful to your body in the long term. Sure, you’ll feel empowered after spending thirty nonstop minutes on a “mountain-treader” or whatever, but your muscles may not appreciate the wear and tear that you’re forcing upon them that, at the moment, might just seem like soreness. The first machine on the list is the elliptical - this machine is quite popular and is a fun ride. The fallacy here is that you’ll benefit from a few different exercises at once while riding this one. Yet, the elliptical won’t necessarily “train your body in multiple points of motion and won’t make your body more athletic.” Furthermore, it calls for constant hyperextension of the knee (if ever so small). A good alternative exercise you might consider is the skater jump, which involves jumping from side-to-side from one foot to the other, while throwing your arms behind you. Number two brings us to the crunch machine. If you’re needing to do some abs, you might think about how kind your spine has been to you your entire life, and that you probably shouldn’t force any harm upon it. While on the crunch machine, you’re actually forcing yourself into spinal flexion. “This motion is what causes issues with the lower back and the disks located there,” according to recent studies. An alternative to this is lying on the ground and lifting your legs high in the air and pointing your toes, while extending your arms out to reach them and going back down, and repeating.

A third machine that might be harmful is the legextension machine, which we use to work our quads. With Sigma Nu this exercise, the weight is Jake is a junior studying b i o l o g i c a l s c i e n c e . Yo u concentrated on our ankles, may contact him at and a lot of torque is thus forced down upon our knees - even though the point here is to work the quads. This will only prove to be a burden to the cartilage reserves in our knees. The alternative here is the “Step-up” exercise, which is about as simple as it sounds - stepping up onto a rise or ledge and taking five seconds to lower yourself back to ground level.


Coming in at number four in the countdown is the hip adduction machine, where we sit and force our knees outward and work out our hips. A good way to work the thigh instead is the single leg box squat - which you’ll need to look up on your own because that one’s a bit tricky to explain on paper. Topping out at number five is the free weight leg press machine, which is just asking you to blow out your back if you put too much weight on it. Try instead the dumbbell squat, which involves holding a dumbbell at your chin with your elbows tucked in and slowly squatting down and returning to standing up. That concludes the countdown of the five machines that you might consider spending less time using. Explore other alternative workout routines so as to minimize the stress on your body while at the same time getting as much out of your workout as you can!

Sports local


In College Football, programs are built on Signing Day. This year, Oklahoma State signed 27 recruits to the program, including 14 defensive players, nine offensive players and four athletes. There are three players who stand out as difference makers this year.


Thomas is a freshman studying sports media. You may contact him at

1. QB, Mason Rudolph Rudolph committed to Oklahoma State last June before he had played his senior year. Luckily for Cowboy fans, he dominated his last year in high school. Sixty-four touchdowns and 4,377 yards later, Mason Rudolph proved that he was the real deal. Coming all the way from South Carolina, Rudolph is already enrolled this semester at OSU. Being able to practice with the team this spring will help him, and OSU football, tremendously. Usually when you watch high school quarterbacks film, you are looking for a strong arm and athletic ability that can be developed. This young quarterback has an extremely talented arm and is very athletic (543 yards rushing, 16 touchdowns), but his greatest attributes are his feel in the pocket and his touch throwing the ball. Watching his film, you can see he has great pocket presence and knows when to step up and when to run. Usually, if you take away a high school QB’s first read, they tuck the ball and run. Not Rudolph. He goes through his progressions and finds the receivers down field. And when he finds his receivers, he puts the ball exactly where it needs to be. A lot of quarterbacks have strong


arms to zip the ball to their target, and while Mason has that ability, he can still throttle it back and loft it exactly where it needs to be. Watching this guy’s film has me excited, for the future but also as a possible starting quarterback this year. 2. ATH, Tyreek Hill Tyreek Hill is fast. Like blindingly, insanely fast. Hill is a junior college transfer from Garden City Community College and has already enrolled for this semester. I see this guy making an immediate impact for Oklahoma State. Right now, Tyreek is listed as an athlete but he played wide receiver and running back in junior college. With Justin Gilbert graduating, we will need new stud returner. Tyreek Hill can be that guy. I was simply amazed by his speed on film. I encourage all of you to look up Tyreek Hill film on YouTube. What you will see is someone who can outrun every single player on the football field by ten yards, easily. With a 4.3 40 yard dash, it is very impressive. Having been in college football a year (granted, it is community college) he could add experience make an instant impact on the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team. 3. LB, Devante Averette Another junior college transfer, Devante Averette knows how to hit. If you want to be noticed by a Divison 1 program at Ellsworth Community College, you have be the most dominant player on the field. Averette showcased his skills as an aggressive, attacking linebacker who can also cover in the slot, proving his worth to Oklahoma State. Who does that remind you of? Shaun Lewis. Averette has amazing closing speed and is always around the ball. If he gets a hand on you, there is no getting away from the 230 lb linebacker. Another guy with experience, I could see him being an outside linebacker to help fill the void Shaun Lewis left.


Sports local

STILLWATER BASEBALL The popping sound of baseballs landing in mitts means baseball season is on the horizon for Stillwater.


“Almost every single one of them said they would like to see us grow closer as a team,” Harris said. He wants to keep the mood light sometimes, as he has planned a spring break trip for the team.

M a s o n i s a s o p h o m o re studying sports media. You may contact him at

Harris has high expectations, such as winning a state title, which hasn’t been done since 1957 for Stillwater. The main focus, though, is getting better and improving instead of only focusing on the wins and losses.

Pi Kappa Alpha

The sound echoed in the Pioneers indoor complex as it was too cold for practice to be held at the ballpark. The team practiced for more than two hours working on fundamentals and conditioning. Outfielder Jon Littell, who signed with Oklahoma State University, said he is eager for the season to start on Feb. 17. “We have been working hard right here,” Littell said. “We have been scrimmaging each other right now, but now we can beat up on some other teams instead of beating up on ourselves.” The Pioneers will have 17 seniors, including Littell, and their goal is to come together for one final run at a state championship. “Having that team chemistry, getting those young guys involved in everything we do and having those guys look up to us will be very big,” Littell said. It’s an advantage for the Pioneers to have that amount of leadership compared to last year’s senior count of six. The Pioneers had a solid regular season last year as they went 16-12 overall and 7-2 in league play. They look to improve though on what was a disappointing end. The Pioneers lost in a regional they not only hosted, but were also the first seed. A new head coach might be what the Pioneers need to get over the hump, as Jimmy Harris was hired in July. He comes with an impressive track record. He won three straight state championships for Shiloh Christian High School in Springdale, Ark. Harris also comes with an aggressive style of play. “We are going to be aggressive on both sides of the ball,” Harris said. “We are going to hustle.” Harris yelled throughout practice that he wants effort from his players. Harris knows the players will buy into his system, but their success rate will depend on when they will, he said. The players are starting to understand the concepts, and that will lead to early success, which will span throughout the season. Harris asked his senior crew what they wanted to see different this year.

“We want to focus on becoming a better baseball player and learning how to play the game the right way, and we believe if you do that, the wins will come,” Harris said. Pitching coach Kyle Johnson sees positive changes in the new style, such as pick offs and more base running, which they did numerous reps of to start practice. Johnson is looking forward to his pitching crew that includes five players with scholarships. Johnson also said he would like to see an improvement in defense. With nine to 10 pitchers, including two closers, Harris would like to spread the pitch count in games, but if someone has the hot hand on the mound, he isn’t afraid to let that pitcher pitch all seven innings. Tradition is strong for the Stillwater baseball team, as players such as Matt Holliday, Josh Fields, Brett Anderson and Josh Holliday have came through the system. It’s the brand that interested Harris in coming to Stillwater. “Every baseball player grows up and wants to be a big leaguer, but we are one of the rare places that they live in our town,” Harris said. “They come from our town. We see the dream lived out right in front of us.” Stillwater baseball is also a friendly environment, which has brought back alumnus Zach Joliff, who is an assistant JV coach. “It’s a family type atmosphere,” Joliff said. “I graduated in ‘08 and I could not stay away. You see all these kids that come back over Christmas break that come to work out that played here in Stillwater.” Harris is looking forward to the schedule that features two top teams in Broken Arrow and Owasso who are the defending champions that went 39-0 and fourth in the country. Harris knows what it’s like to be at the top and is excited to be the underdog when facing those teams. “I know what it’s like to be on that side where they’re at and now I know what it feels like when everyone came to play me.”


Lookbook fashion



Is the price reasonable? Paying a little extra for something that you will wear often is one thing, but feeling like the price is totally unreasonable is another. We need to be sure to use our money wisely. Balance this question with some other questions on this list to make your final decision about purchasing the item. How often will I wear this? The answer to this question can help determine the answer to question number one. If you think you will wear it often, splurging on the price won’t be as big of a deal. If it is something that you may wear once or twice… it probably isn’t worth it. Save your money for something you will get more use out of. Do you have something similar? This is something of which we need to be very careful. A lot of times, our taste is so exact that we tend to buy things with little variation over and over again. Asking ourselves this question this keeps us from having five black tops and four white lace skirts in our closets. Will this be out of style soon? We have to be wary of purchasing “trendy” items. Buying them to some extent is fine, but if it is a trend that seems like it will be short-lived, maybe pass. Buying things that are more likely to be in style for longer periods of time is a smarter way to go. Try to stick with “classic” outfits with a few “trendy” touches. Does this flatter me? Sometimes this is a hard one to do because we want to wear things that we

“like,” rather than what flatters us. There needs to be a happy medium. If we strictly wear one color because it is our favorite color, we could be cheating Pi Beta Phi ourselves out of looking our best. When buying something, Anna-Marie is a sophomore consider how it will look against studying sports media. You your body type, hair, skin tone, may contact her at anna-marie. and eyes. This is something that takes time to learn. If you are unsure what looks good one you, try taking a fashion savvy friend with you next time. Is it versatile? By choosing items that are versatile, we can extend our wardrobe. Buying solids is a good idea for multiple reasons. They are definitely versatile, and they also tend to contribute a breeze of elegance to any outfit. Simplistic looks focus on your personal beauty, rather than distracting from it. Do I love it? Out of all of these questions, this is probably the most important one. If you don’t absolutely LOVE the item, don’t buy it. This question applies even if the item is on sale or if someone else thinks it would be perfect for you. Don’t let anyone talk you into buying something. If you love it and feel confident in it, that is what is most important. Check out these photos. Both girls are wearing stylish leather jackets. Which one would be the smarter buy? If you already have a basic black leather jacket… opt for the fun red one! But if you are looking to buy a leather jacket as a staple in your wardrobe… go for the black. This is an example of where you can splurge a little on the price, because it is versatile and something you can wear often.



500 words on pop culture


No, this article isn’t about a Mel Gibson movie in which he reads women’s minds. Sometimes, like Mel Gibson in this movie, I can read women’s Phi Delta Theta thoughts, but I don’t think I invoke the same thoughts Kade is a senior studying political that Mel did. Instead of the science. You may contact him at complimentary thoughts that Mel read, whenever I read a woman’s thoughts, it’s mostly stuff like, “Why does he keep talking about how good he is at Scrabble?” or “Wow, somebody went a little heavy on the Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce tonight.”

girls like more than Marlboro Man, especially the ones with emphysema and smoker’s mouth. If you do choose to go with the cowboy look, you can’t be too convincing of a cowboy. You can’t look like you’ve just spent the day doing actual cowboy work. Wranglers, boots and a Patagonia vest typically work better than chaps and spurs when it comes to meeting girls on a Friday night.

But I digress. I wrote this article to benefit you. Yes, you, the guy who didn’t have a Valentine this year and hasn’t since the mandatory Valentine’s pairings in third grade. It’s okay. I too have felt rejection before, dating back to the fifth grade when Sandy Perkis didn’t choose me as her Valentine because she didn’t like the Almond Joy I gave her. Apparently her palate was more partial to Skittles at that time in her life.

The Halfway Hipster: Most women want a man who is sensitive, cares about the environment and social issues, and listens to the same music that they listen to. Above all, women want someone who looks like they bathe. That’s why a guy can’t go full on hipster and hope to attract any non-granola crunching hipster chicks. If you want to attract a regular girl, you can probably get away with rolling up your pants, wearing non-prescription glasses and throwing on a lady scarf. In fact, women will probably think that you’re super smart because of your glasses and super stylish because of your lady scarf. However, if you stop showering regularly, wear sandals with pants, and start rambling about government conspiracy theories, then you will lose the regular girl demographic. If you’re going to go the hipster route, my advice would be to not go full-on hipster and simply be the kinda-sorta hipster.


So here we are, about to learn what women want. I hope you can keep up, it’s a steep learning curve, and my thoughts are deep. Let’s take a look. The Kinda-Sorta Cowboy: Say you’re from Dallas, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Edmond, or any other city in a mostly rural state and you’ve always dreamed of being a cowboy. You’ve always dreamed of having SWAG (that’s Southwestern Ag), but since you grew up in the suburbs, it’s tough to find a place to tie up your imaginary horse. Well, if you are one of these people, then you are only a pair of white washed Wranglers and pair of cowboy boots away from making the statement “My family owns a ranch” believable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen a cow before in your life. As long as you have Wranglers, boots, and a can of Copenhagen in your back pocket, you might as well be the Marlboro Man. And there is nothing

The Faux Bad Boy: Women don’t want a real bad boy, unless they have serious father issues. If they wanted a real bad boy, Cops would have a larger female audience than The Bachelor. (If only we could somehow get Juan Pablo on Cops…) Instead of being a real bad boy and breaking the law and whatnot, just act like you don’t care. Got a bad grade on a test? It will buff out. Got a ticket? Don’t pay it. Spending Tuesday night on the strip? Sounds like a plan. Believe me, I’ve seen this work. What looks to be an indifference to social norms is just apathy, and that’s something women can’t resist. You also might want to look at tattoos, too. The days of actually having to be a tough guy to get a tattoo are over. You used to have to be a Naval officer or a biker to get a tat, but nowadays any nancy can go into a tattoo parlor and get a couple nautical stars or their favorite Lorde lyric tattooed to their arm. And all of a sudden, they appear to be the toughest guy in whatever room they walk in to, which is always a plus.

And so, what have we learned that women want? I guess you could say that women don’t know what they want, so I’ll leave you with an ancient Tibetan proverb, “Women are bananas, but bananas aren’t women.”



On February 9, 1964 a band often referred to as the greatest of all-time made their television debut with an iconic performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. With Sigma Chi their long hair and new style of music, nearly 75 percent of the Lane is a junior studying animal country tuned in and became science. You may contact him at instantly drawn to the “fab four.” Though only together for four years following the performance on Sullivan, the Beatles achieved widespread success and practically guided the world through several genres of music; from beautifully written ballads such as “Hey Jude,” to fun, poppy songs like “Yellow Submarine,” and into pure rock and roll like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” The Beatles managed to seemingly put out No. 1 albums without effort. It is difficult to believe that any musician, solo or band, will ever surpass the Beatles’ incredible legacy. Though there are numerous Beatles songs, as well as albums that work better in the form of a story (Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour) I have attempted to make a Beatles playlist. I know that it is impossible to include EVERY deserving song… but I tried. John, Paul, George and Ringo will forever hold the title as the most influential and beloved musicians of all time while the Beatles were still united.


A Hard Day’s Night Hey Jude While My Guitar Gently Weeps I Want to Hold Your Hand Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Here Comes the Sun Love Me Do Yesterday I Saw Her Standing There Strawberry Fields Forever Get Back

Hottie of the Week: Cody Faulkenberry Alpha Tau Omega Member Junior #Taken ·

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ATO President, aka Stillwater’s Ronald Regan His Twitter game is fierce, but his body is fiercer. (@CashFlowCody)

Don’t let his blonde hair and blue eyes fool you, ladies. He’s a heartbreaker.

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Your wallets can rest now, boys. Valentine’s day is over. You’re safe (and cheap) until Christmas. · · ·

Only a few weeks until Spring Break. I’ll see you at the Colvin. S/O to all the spring pledges out there. Have fun cleaning the house with your six pledge brothers.

#StopSelfies2014 Seriously. Stop it. You know who you are, shameless women.

500 words on pop culture


Dear Abby, I’m a Beta studying engineering. I am working hard to get a degree and a great job to provide for a future family. However, some people do not seem to understand that school comes before social life. How do I politely tell a girl that she seems nice, but I’m at school for school?

Dear Abby, I need some help. In high school, selfies on Instagram were somewhat acceptable – mainly on Sunday. But now that I’m in college, I’m not sure if it is socially acceptable. I really enjoy posting them, but my friends always tease me. What do you think? Sincerely,


Selfies on Sunday

Serious About Studying

Dear Selfies,

Dear Serious, Well, I definitely do not disagree with you. In fact, I give you props for realizing that college is about getting a degree, not having a social life. However, a large part of college is about making new friends and sharing memories with them. While your coursework is important, it’s also essential to have a little fun. Does that mean you skip class, stay up late every night and don’t study for exams? No, of course not. It is all about finding the balance. When it comes to the girl, I would advise at least getting to know her. After all, if you do not acknowledge girls, it will be pretty difficult to have a family for whom you can provide. I understand wanting to place school first on the priority list. I also understand the amount of work your major requires. Yet, you do not want to be the guy who had a 4.0 grade point average, but had no fun in college.


Why are you posting the selfie? Your answer to this question should also give you some insight on whether or not selfies are acceptable. If you are posting a picture of yourself, it is probably because you want people to look at you. I do not mean to offend, but no one really wants to see a self-portrait of you in your car. No one cares to see a picture of your new haircut. And no one is motivated by your inspirational quote you put along with the photo. Posting pictures of yourself is just not very helpful to your reputation. You do not want to be seen as the girl who likes people to look at her. To be frank, it’s not the best idea. If you have been a frequent selfie poster in the past, have no fear! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all offer the opportunity to delete posts. Is it necessary? Maybe not. I would encourage you, though, to stay away from the selfies. The next time you are tempted to take a selfie and post it on any social media, just say no. Your followers will thank you.

I am assuming you are on the other side of the question from last week. If that’s the case, I suggest having a little chat with said girl. Find out what you want and decide what you are both going to do.


do a fantastic job of it. The cinematography is probably the most beautiful work I have ever seen utilized in a TV series. As Kappa Alpha Theta Holmes uses deduction Anna is a sophomore studying to decipher the most english. You may contact her at ridiculously hidden clues, his thoughts are always uniquely represented on the screen either in text or a series of other clever techniques. This sets the show apart merely based on the uniqueness of its filming. The show tends to directly nod to the most recent film adaptations of Sherlock Holmes as well, which I personally enjoy because I loved Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Holmes. Some of these include the musical score, which is a direct mimic of the music from the films. In one of the episodes from the second season the slow-action shots that are coined typically in the fight scenes from the films are utilized in one particular scene alone. I won’t tell you which one it is though because I want to see if you notice it yourself.


It takes a really unique and entertaining show to keep me hooked for more than a couple episodes. Especially with school and social preoccupations, I don’t always have time to relax in bed and watch Netflix like I would love to. Although, there is one show that lately has kept me coming back for more. The British contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, Sherlock is one of the best TV series I have started. Although the episodes are an hour and a half long, there are only three in a season, so it is not horribly difficult to spend time watching it. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make a charming pair as Holmes and Watson and have a dynamic together that works effortlessly in the respective roles they play. If you have a Pinterest account I can almost guarantee that you have seen Cumberbatch starring in your feed and Freeman is well known for his role in The Hobbit as Bilbo Baggins. With each episode being about the length of a feature film, it makes sense that the director and cinematographer would treat the episodes as such, and they

If you love Doctor Who – which I am not a huge fan of coincidentally – chances are you will be head over heels in love with Sherlock. Not only are they both British TV shows, but they are also written in part by the same screenwriter, Steven Moffat. The personality of the over compulsive and socially rude Sherlock has never been better captured than it has when Cumberbatch plays him. Although I adore Jude Law playing Watson in the film adaptations (who doesn’t adore Jude Law?) I think that Freeman is extremely likable and easily charming in the role as well. Next time that you have an hour and a half to kill, watch the first episode and get hooked on solving crimes and using deduction with this international hit.


laugh out loud

@_charliegibson: “I thought he was reaching across to hug me but he was reaching across to put my seatbelt on me” @Maddie_huffines #safetyfirst @M_Dougie81 @WShep: I’m assuming everyone bashing on Marcus Smart were model citizens at 19-years-old. @ctcaraway: I just heard the word bedlam describing something other than Bedlam for the first time ever. #notbedlam #sochi @ambergoerke: “We need to hang out soon!!” –girls that probably aren’t going to hang out soon @HannahKleckner: I’m actually going to see how many things I can do before studying for this test. Tweet. Write a paper. Run a marathon. Go to the moon. @ShelbsKD: My weather app says ‘feels like -6’ but I read ‘feels like netflix.’ Close enough right?

@FreemanOSU: I hate when people retweet that Pistols Firing douche @MattMO2Go: Ron SmArtest. @SuttonSimon11: 100% chance that old man called Marcus Smart the n word. @BlayneHorn: Yelling at female athletes from other countries to fall so America can medal. Chivalry is not dead. @TySchoenhals @CadeBroadbent #USA

@Rachelschooley: just overheard someone say “if I got paid for how much I work out, it would basically be a full time job.” @ReavisHammond8: Lady at the Colvin is killing my vibe by telling me I have to use clamps on the bench you don’t know my life homegirl @libbynicholas: “I recently saw Blue Man Group in Chicago while on LSD” – boy in my class as his ice breaker this morning…

@JTQ84: I just felt an earthquake at the library, that or it’s Pancake Palooza and I didn’t notice any flyers.

@kerrstt: I could be taking a dump on Jupiter and someone would still walk in and sit in the stall next to me

@PeterPledgeship: My flappy bird high score is better than the @Broncos offense so I think I’m going to bed on a positive note.

@Zakypoof: Just overheard some girl in fuzzys ask if the Olympics was ‘Disney on Ice’

@CadeBroadbent: “The only thing I learned about 13 Going On 30 is that I want to be a 6 Chick.” - @ BlayneHorn

@RyanAshley17: “My math teacher is a total sloot” –my 11 year old brother

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