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2 VaLeNTINe’S DaY pRep pep TaLK editor’s note

With Valentine’s Day coming up, the topic on many minds is dates! First off, it’s time for Chi Omega you guys to plan for the Editor-in-Chief holiday that’s in eight Libby is a senior studying days. This way you can multimedia journalism. You avoid that moment when may contact her at elizabeth. one person thinks the date went spectacularly and the other leaves thinking, “Well, that was awkward.” Everyone’s invites and plans will look different. Boys, you must remember that you can’t ask the girl who you’ve gone on one brief date with in the same way that your roommate asks his girlfriend of two years. Longterm relationship So, you’ve been dating for a year or more? You’d better call Nonna’s in Bricktown right now, man. The clock is ticking and she’s expecting you to sweep her off her feet once more. Don’t be that guy who procrastinates and tries less the longer you’ve been together. Downfall: your holiday will be much more expensive than it is for your non-longterm relationship friends. Upside: you don’t have to ask creatively. A simply phone call or in-person invite will suffice. Dating for two or three months So, you’re at that awkward in between stage? You know you’ve got to do something, but you don’t know what it should be. If you do too little, you could scare her off, and if you do too much, you could scare her off. That’s why you have to balance the creativity in the invitation and the plans, so that they even out in the end. Ask at least five or six days before the date, and plan the date around her unique interests. Have a plan, guys. Don’t just show up and say, “What do you want to do?” Anywhere from Hideaway and indoor putt putt to Mexican food and a karaoke bar


to a nice dinner and a movie, plan according to your dates individual personality.

Be confident, be creative, but trust me – a man with a plan is most attractive! Acquaintances Want to ask that girl in your Economics class who you don’t know very well? Waiting for the right time? Well, there’s not a wrong time to ask! There’s always a risk involved in asking, and it’s worth taking. Ask her to do something that’s casual, like get hot chocolate, or be creative and take her bowling or something. Go out on the limb! What if it’s awkward... And as far as fear of things going not so well on the date, I have some encouragement for you guys. After watching Sean and Catherine’s wedding (Duh, from The Bachelor), I have come up with a conclusion. Good, bad or awkward – It’s all in the eye of the beholder, meaning there’s no set formula for what makes a date great or terrible. You just have to know when it’s OK break the rules on planning and behavior for a date, and that’s totally up to your discretion. Sean and Catherine have a million little awkward tendencies that are completely natural and cute between them. To the average viewer, though, there are a lot of, “Huh...” moments when watching the two interact. Each guy and girl has his and her own things that make a date seem amazing or make you think, “Man, I wish I had stayed home and watched 80 episodes of New Girl instead.” To delve further into this topic, I looked to none other than the love doctor himself. “No matter what, no matter when, no matter who... any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.”-Will Smith (a.k.a. Hitch). And finally, don’t be discouraged if it turns out not so well. “We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Robert Fulghum. The not-so-well only means your weirdness wasn’t compatible. The final conclusion – a bad date is when the guy tries to sweep the girl off with the wrong weird broom. Bring the right broom next Friday, guys!

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campus connections

CAMP COWBOY 2014 “My favorite part about working Camp Cowboy is getting to witness hundreds of incoming freshmen begin their life as cowboys,” he said. Jamie is a 2014 Camp Cowboy Director.

Saddle up and apply to be a Counselor or Wrangler for Camp Cowboy 2014! The applications are out and can be found at 211 Student Union Campus Life front desk. Camp Cowboy is for incoming freshman to meet people who will be joining them as Cowboys in the fall. It is three-day event full of Oklahoma State traditions, a ropes course and preparing incoming freshman to use everything OSU has to offer. Counselors play a huge role in the camp by telling their personal experiences as a student at OSU. Jamie Barnes, a former Counselor and Wrangler, said he loves the opportunity camp brings to the new Cowboys.


BLaKe BAKER Pi Beta Phi

Blake is a freshman studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at

“Making new friends and learning all about OSU at Camp Cowboy is such a great opportunity for students. I also like getting to hangout with all my Camp Cowboy peeps all weekend.” Counselors and Wranglers can work one or multiple camps during the summer. Every camp is Friday through Sunday. Counselors primarily help their small groups through mentoring their campers. Wranglers perform skits and help keep the camp running in an orderly fashion. All Counselors and Wranglers will be required to attend a one-day training later in the semester. Applications are due at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 14 at 211 Student Union Campus Life front desk.

ROCK CLIMBING OPPORTUNITIES Jamie Barnes, a former Counselor and Wrangler, said he loves the opportunity camp brings to the new Cowboys.


Kappa Alpha Order Nick is a junior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at

“My favorite part about working Camp Cowboy is getting to witness hundreds of incoming freshmen begin their life as cowboys,” he said. Jamie is a 2014 Camp Cowboy Director.

“Making new friends and learning all about OSU at Camp Cowboy is such a great opportunity for students. I also like getting to hangout with all my Camp Cowboy peeps all weekend.”

Saddle up and apply to be a Counselor or Wrangler for Camp Cowboy 2014! The applications are out and can be found at 211 Student Union Campus Life front desk. Camp Cowboy is for incoming freshman to meet people who will be joining them as Cowboys in the fall. It is three-day event full of Oklahoma State traditions, a ropes course and preparing incoming freshman to use everything OSU has to offer. Counselors play a huge role in the camp by telling their personal experiences as a student at OSU.

Counselors and Wranglers can work one or multiple camps during the summer. Every camp is Friday through Sunday. Counselors primarily help their small groups through mentoring their campers. Wranglers perform skits and help keep the camp running in an orderly fashion. All Counselors and Wranglers will be required to attend a one-day training later in the semester. Applications are due at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 14 at 211 Student Union Campus Life front desk.


campus connections

ALPHA XI DELTA SET TO RECOLONIZE The Greek community at Oklahoma State has a very rich history, with roots extending back to the chartering of Lambda Chi in 1917 and Farm House subsequent founding of Casey is a freshman studying construction management Kappa Delta in 1919. Today, technology. You may contact him the Greek community at at OSU encompasses a total of 12 National Panhellenic Conference sororities, 21 North-American Interfraternity Conference fraternities, five National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations and four Multicultural Greek Council organizations.


Faced with dramatic growth in recent years, the Panhellenic Council voted this past summer to recolonize the Oklahoma State chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. Epsilon Omicron, the local chapter of Alpha Xi Delta became inactive at OSU in 1981 after 14 years on campus. Chartered in March of 1967, the chapter even had its own chapter house, which has since been put to use as an annex by the women of ADPi. Alison Limke, a delegate to the Panhellenic Council sees the addition as an opportunity to embrace growth in the Greek system while simultaneously making it possible for the intimacy of sisterhood that can get lost when pledge classes become too large. “The OSU Panhellenic system is growing rapidly and we are having a record number of women

go through recruitment. By adding another chapter to our community it is giving more women the opportunity to join our Panhellenic community and making the new member classes smaller and more intimate.” Alison said. Alpha Xi Delta is one of the largest women’s fraternal organizations in the country with more than 150,000 initiated members and 113 chapters. The national organization holds the ideals of its founders in high esteem, of these are Sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service to community. According to its website, the women of Alpha Xi Delta are“genuine, life-long friends…involved on their campuses and in their communities, and dedicated to inspiring the lives of others.” Much thought went into the decision. “OSU and Panhellenic has a very detailed process for allowing a new chapter to colonize, or in this case re-colonize, before making a final decision. It is truly special, not only to us, but also to Alpha Xi Delta to come back to Oklahoma State,” Alison described. After the successful addition of AOPII to camous, the Panhellenic council is confident the process will go smoothly. The presence of the chapter will become even more real this fall when the first pledge class following the recolonization will go through Rush. The national office of Alpha Xi Delta is currently working out details on housing for the chapter, which will likely be in an oncampus res hall. More information on Alpha Xi Delta can be found on the national organization’s website at .

greek life traditions


His favorite thing about Fiji is the people and the friendships he has made. “I am very thankful to be in the place that I am.”

From OKC to Stillwater, Brooks Walker has been making the most out of his college experience and life in general.

Brooks has not only spent his time investing in Fiji, but has also invested time to the campus. He has even served on the Freshman Follies Steering Committee, and made a different through his position within Student Alumni Board.

Brooks is a sophomore member of Phi Gamma Delta. Through the last year and a half, he has excelled in holding leadership positions within his fraternity. Brooks started out serving at the philanthropy chairman in 2013. “I loved philanthropy chair because I believe it is important to give of yourself to those who cannot repay you,” he said. “It was an amazing experience, not only to see all the opportunities to give back to OSU and around Stillwater, but even more so to share those opportunities with others.”


“Follies Steering was an absolute blast. I love shows at OSU and it’s awesome to watch the new show talent grow in their first experience.” He has also enjoyed serving as the Athletic Alliance Assistant Director, where the main task is to operate Camp Gundy for those who camped out before home football games. “It was great meeting other people who are big fans of OSU sports.”


Taylor is a junior studying strategic communications. You may contact her at taylor.

Brooks was recently elected chapter President of Phi Gam. “In a way, this is sort of the same reason I enjoy being president. I am very confident in the abilities of everyone in the chapter, so my job, along with my fellow officers, is to put everyone in the best position to succeed.” Walker has made the most of his time in Fiji so far, through holding positions and making memories. Fiji won homecoming with Kappa Delta this past year, which Brooks says to be one of his coolest moments in college. Brooks said he has also made funny and weird memories while at OSU. “One of the funniest things was probably when Makenzie Nutt kissed Zach Baden at Fiji Christmas Cup. Some of the weirdest is Conner Rutherford’s artwork…very abstract.”

Brooks has plans for involvement in the future, by taking advantage of a variety of unique opportunities. “I also look forward to getting involved with Global Medical Brigade and Biochemistry Club this semester to satisfy the nerd in me.” Brooks has maximized his time at OSU, enjoying every step of the way, learning and building memories. He is also involved with Sunnybrook Christian Church. “Living for the Lord is very important to me,” he said. Walker’s favorite verse is Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.” Brooks enjoys attending the variety of sporting events at Oklahoma State, he said. “My favorite thing about being a Cowboy is going to football, basketball and wrestling tournaments with other Cowboys.” One lesson Brooks has learned is the importance of time management. “When you’re efficient, it’s amazing how much you enable yourself to do.”

One of the fun perks about being Greek are date parties, and Brooks said he’s had fun with the different themes. “My favorite date party theme was Hondos. I think Dynamic Duos was a fun idea, too.”

While Brooks is fighting his addiction to Dr. Pepper, he is also working toward his degree in biochemistry. He is excited for his future after his years in college and is striving to reach his goals.

He says another favorite memory was wearing chemistry lab goggles to a foam party.

“I am excited to have a family, be a doctor, and use my abilities to give to those in need.”

Beyond enjoying college and having fun at social events, Brooks said his goal has been to influence his chapter positively throughout college.

Brooks has a little while before graduation, but is making the most of college now. With his involvement, friendships and love for OSU, there is no doubt he will continue to have a fun and successful college experience.

“One of the biggest changes I’m trying to work on is an attitude change. I feel like I can be excited about anything if it’s for a good reason and I hope that rubs off onto others.”


debate & discuss

SUIT UP! Rep. Markwayne Mullin, representing district two There are moments in Rep. Mullin’s career that make me wonder whether he’s living in the same country as the rest of us, most specifically when he claimed that we had four branches of our government. After, a quick survey with some fifth graders I have concluded that we only have three branches, and therefore Rep. Mullin is clearly from Canada—making Robin Scherbatsky his television personality match. Some of his other antics include continuing to believe that President Barack Obama is from Kenya. While he says many things that leave me wondering, one thing is for sure: he isn’t Barney. “I don’t like putting a suit on,” he said. “I don’t like choking myself with a piece of cloth because it supposedly looks good around your neck.” Rep. Frank Lucas, representing district three January was a busy month for Oklahoma politics. Senator Tom Coburn, who has been serving Oklahoma in the senate since 2005, announced on January 16 that he would be retiring at the end of 2014— two years earlier than expected. With a special election on November 4 to fill the seat, all eyes have turned to the House. While a few other names have been mentioned as possible candidates, such as former Governor Frank Keating, most of the speculation is between Rep. James Lankford and Rep. Jim Bridenstine.


Delta Delta Delta Sophia is a freshman studying agricultural education. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

It’s hard not to see Marshall Eriksen in Rep. Frank Lucas - with their hometown roots and big hearts, these two are incredibly similar. As the chairman of the committee of agriculture, he has a much more rural feel to him than the other representatives, much like Marshall in the cast for How I Met Your Mother. Marshall’s passion for the environment is similar to Lucas’ passion for agriculture. He also serves on the Republican Party Whip Team, which helps keep the party together. Equally, Marshall is the rational glue that keeps the gang together. Rep. Tom Cole, representing district four

There are moments in Rep. Mullin’s career that make me wonder whether he’s living in the same country as the rest of us, most specifically when he claimed that we had

Three out of five representatives are relatively new to the game, making their personalities and political track record a little hard to follow. As a huge How I Met Your Mother fanatic, I turned to the show to make sense of our representatives. While they’re not perfect pairings, a little bit of Ted and the gang can be seen in each representative.

four branches of our government.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, representing district one Joining the gang late in 2013, Rep. Bridenstine’s showboat personality leads me to cast him as Barney Stinson. It should be noted of course, that Bridenstine’s morals are considerably more family centered and conservative than that of Barney’s. He’s married with three children. What truly makes him Barney’s match is his career aspirations. Much like Barney, Bridenstine is pushing for recognition and higher positions, he’s seen as a rising super star for the GOP. Besides, the man loves a good suit. If this young politician keeps it up his career is sure to be legen-wait-for-it-dary.

Serving since 2002, Rep. Tom Cole is the oldest representative of Oklahoma at age 64. Much like Ted with his “Murtaugh List” of activities he’s too old for, Cole is starting to feel a little too old for the republican party which he states is “ a little like a dysfunctional family.” Cole is constantly searching for the elusive “mother,” that is, a government that functions smoothly with its constituents in mind. Rep. James Lankford, representing district five

When you think of Lily Aldrin, what immediately comes to mind? Perhaps her fiery red hair. Likewise, this comes to mind with Rep. Lankford. Although Lily appears to be sweet and innocent, she occasionally reveals her more wild side—Rep. Lankford has also been criticized for leaning a little left, despite his Republican identification. Of course, Lily’s possible career move to bigger and better things in Rome is just like Lankford’s aspirations into the Senate. While the five representatives are unlikely to be seen sitting around a booth drinking beer together at the local bar, it’s clear that they have some similarities to the cast of HIMYM. If they would like to make a nod to the popular TV show, my first recommendation would be hosting an intervention for Speaker of the House John Boehner for his addiction to bronzer.

health & fitness



January through early March on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 8 p.m. The goal of this class is to teach the body how to use all the ways it can move in order to Sigma Nu maximize both your muscles’ Jake is a junior studying stretching potential and your b i o l o g i c a l s c i e n c e . Yo u flexibility. may contact him at “Adding weight (load) to movement gives the body a double benefit - we learn to move better and become stronger at the same time,” according to the online course description. This sounds a bit like a hybrid weightlifting/yoga class to me, which might be just what some people are looking for. Finally, if you’re looking to compete in a half- or full marathon this spring, the Colvin might have a great opportunity for you. The course’s goal is to prepare you for the OKC Memorial Marathon at the end of the semester on April 27. “Whether you are a serious runner looking to set a personal record or you are a beginner that is attempting your first half-or full marathon, this training class is for you,” according to the online course description. Last year there were 32 participants from OSU who finished the race, and they’re looking to increase their numbers for this spring! Hopefully at least one of these ideas grabbed your attention. If I failed to asses your interests, I encourage you hang out outside on one of the nicer days and breathe in some fresh air - it’ll do you good. Until next week, over and out.


It’s time for some news about what’s going on around campus - and from my side, you’ll get the scoop about how some new programs that are being implemented can benefit us students. Among some new things that the Colvin Center agenda is offering are the Olympic Lifting Small Group, the ViPR course, and the R.O.S.U. running training series. If you need some extra motivation or are feeling a little inspirational, look into one of these programs and try something new. The Olympic Lifting Small Group is what it sounds like - a small mix of students and faculty that meet twice a week to enhance their weightlifting skills. This group engages from late January until early March on Mondays and Thursdays from 7 to 8 p.m. in the instructional weight room. “In this course you will learn the proper techniques of and get stronger and more efficient in the Clean, Jerk, and Snatch. Along with barbell movements, participants will go through metabolic conditioning and mobility movements,” according to the online course description. If you know what those weightlifting techniques are, maybe you’d be interested in perfecting your technique. If you have no idea what those mean, it might be interesting for you to check out. Another event the Colvin is offering is the ViPR training course. This course also runs from late

WHAT’S UP AT THE WELLNESS CENTER staff, and students, as part of the mission of being America’s HEALTHIEST Campus. And we would like to recognize those departments that are joining us in this quest.” If you’ve ever set foot in the Colvin, you’ve probably heard of OSU’s initiative to become “America’s Healthiest Campus,” right? The late “Bud” Seretean, who graduated from OSU in 1949, first fostered the idea. Seretean found great success financially, but he also believed that a person could only be truly successful if he or she had good health as well. Through Bud’s generous donations, the Seretean Wellness Center officially opened at OSU in 1991. Since then, the center has strived to engage students in activities that promote good nutrition, fitness, and an overall happy lifestyle. The program has taken great strides with the leadership of our very own First Lady, Ann Hargis. She has made it a personal mission to contribute to OSU’s efforts in becoming America’s Healthiest Campus, by taking a more holistic look at our campus’s overall health and wellness. Under the direction of President Hargis and Ann, OSU has become a tobacco-free campus, and has recently hired a Chief of Wellness officer. Ann Hargis stated, “As First Cowgirl at OSU, my main objective has been to help create a healthier campus culture. I believe healthy employees are more productive and fulfilled. We are working hard to create a variety of wellness opportunities for faculty,


Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & re s t a u r a n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

I was interested to see what types of programs are currently offered at the Seretean Wellness Center. So, with the help of my best friend Google, I found a list of upcoming events. Usually about twice a month, the Wellness Center offers nutrition classes, which are available to all students and faculty. In fact, tomorrow, on February 7, Kyle Hennessey (head chef of the Rancher’s Club) is holding a cooking class. “Pasta: Beyond the Red Sauce” delves into the creative world of pasta, while taking a healthy approach. Sounds delicious, if you ask me. The cost is $20. To register, call 405-744-WELL (9355) or email Are you interested in running a 5k, but don’t quite know how to get started? If so, fear not. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, from February 18 to April 19, the Wellness Center offers 5k training classes. The training leads up to the Remember the Ten run which takes place on April 19. With the newfound knowledge that so many great programs are available just a few blocks away, it’s hard not to want to get involved. Be sure to check back for weekly updates about upcoming events in your health and fitness world.

8 sports talk

YOU DO YOU, RICHARD SHERMAN How does a football player become well known? Obviously, you have to play well on the field to get recognition. Unless, of course, you are Tony Romo or Tim Tebow and you just do so poorly all the time everyone enjoys a good joke at your expense. Another way to get recognized would be your postgame interview. At Oklahoma State, we are accustomed to dramatic interaction with the media (Thanks Coach Gundy, we know you are 40). However, not much can compete with Richard Sherman after winning the NFC championship. A spectacular play on the ball caused a game winning interception that sent his Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl. Sherman has proved to be one of the top players at his position, but did that warrant such a grand freak out? The Seattle Cornerback screamed into the camera, saying he was the best corner in the league and how dare they put a sorry receiver like Michael Crabtree up against him. Well, Mr. Sherman, you play defense and you are the one covering him. I do not think Michael Crabtree had much choice in the matter. Beside the fact Erin Andrews thought she was in danger of being attacked, Richard Sherman caused an explosion on social media. Tweets and Facebook statuses started trending his name, and if you missed the interview, you probably went straight to the Internet to find it. Sherman began to be

ragged on about being a thug, a terrible sport, or an extremely cocky player. News teams had a field day, with ESPN and Farm House NFL Network analyzing every Thomas is a freshman detail. His background began studying sports media. to be dug into, looking at his You may contact him at time at Stanford University. The thug comment was put to rest when his 3.9 GPA was revealed. I am not a professional athlete, but I would assume it’s hard to coast through college, let alone Stanford, and come out with a 3.9. This guy obviously worked his tail off to be where he is and now that he has his chance to be in the spotlight, he took full advantage.


But was Richard Sherman wrong in his reaction? He released a statement later that week, explaining he is a passionate football player and that was his passion coming out on the field. He went on saying that this is only a small part of who he is, and if you want to judge him, he can handle it. Good or bad, it really does not matter. We watch sports for the entertainment and the conversations it causes; we just love the social aspect, the connections to others. This postgame interview sure provided that for football fans. That old saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity” really holds some truth in this situation. Regardless of whether you hate Sherman or think he is the greatest player of all time, you know his name. People will tune in to see how he performs during the Super Bowl, and if you want to judge him, that is fine. He can handle it.

sports talk


PROBLEMS WITH THE NFL PRO BOWL The pro bowl for football has become a joke. I mean, who thought it was smart for the NFL Pro Bowl to Pi Kappa Alpha be on at the same time as M a s o n i s a s o p h o m o re the Grammys? You can studying sports media. either watch a bunch of You may contact him at top talent players running around playing touch or watch Beyonce do her thing opening up the Grammys. The NFL needs to alter the way its all-star game is run.


I think playing the game in Hawaii has run its course. The players, I’m sure, enjoy going there, but at the same time, a lot of players drop out anyway when they are elected to the pro bowl. I think they need to go back to the plan they tried out earlier - by having the game played at the same location as the Super Bowl. Why not kick off the week of the Super Bowl by having the All-Star players play at the stadium that’s hosting the big game? I bet fans at that location wouldn’t mind attending the pro bowl since the place will already be buzzing for what’s ahead. What makes all the other All-Star games in the other three major sports so much fun to watch? It’s the small events that lead up to the game, such as the Home Run Derby, the slam dunk contest and the NHL breakaway skills competition. The NFL got rid of its competition

games in 2009, which I still have no idea why. The bench press competition was a highlight of the events and so was the fastest man competition. The fun needs to be brought back into the pro bowl. Perhaps an obstacle course that consist of all the fundamentals of football would be a good addition. It could include players going through tires and trying to catcn footballs coming out of the gun machine, while trying to make a certain time. The NFL needs to get creative again if there’s a chance for the pro bowl to be successful. The NFL did try something new - having a draft picked by Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders. I like the idea, because the NHL does the same thing for its All-Star game and it’s been successful. The main thing that doesn’t work for the pro bowl is the gameplay. The players are running half speed and don’t want to risk getting hurt, which is understandable. If they are worried about getting hurt, why not put flags on them and do a seven on seven tournament? It’s pretty much like that now, with the physical play taken out of the equation. Have these players get in teams of seven and play a tournament that lasts throughout the day. Imagine what some of these athletes can do in space, and not have to worry about getting hit? I think it would be funny seeing some of these linemen go out for passes. The players can have fun with it, which in return makes it fun for the viewer to watch. A guy like DeSean Jackson would be unstoppable in a seven on seven game with his elite speed and his ability to run around the defense. It would be a showcase for these athletes, as it would be like playing in the backyard. I think the NFL should embrace the fact that it’s a pick up game and make it into one.


WHAT SPORTS DOES OSU NEED? Sports have become a very significant aspect of modern day society. They offer an opportunity for friends and Alpha Delta Pi family to come together and Anna-Ruth is a sophomore cheer on their favorite teams studying psychology. You may and players. Two sports that contact her at anna-ruth.lewis@ have gained a tremendous following throughout the nation are undoubtedly football and basketball. However, I hoped to obtain further insight on the most popular sports here at Oklahoma State. In order to do so, I asked a few students the following question: what is your favorite sport here at OSU? Are there any sports not offered here that you would like to see?

watch!” - Elise Francel, member of Zeta Tau Alpha. She also had a unique take on a sport she’d like to see at OSU. “I’m not a diver personally, but I do lifeguard at the Colvin and notice that we have several talented divers here. We have the boards and bleachers. Why not bring the sport?”

“My favorite is football by far, but I would really like to see men’s soccer here at OSU. I think that’s the one major sport that’s not offered at OSU.” - Chiko Chingaya, member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

With all the different sports offered at OSU, there is definitely something for everyone to either watch or participate in. However, there are many others that could quite possibly formulate into highly acclaimed sports at this university. As OSU continues to expand, I believe many more possibilities could soon become realities.


“My favorite sport at OSU would have to be football. You just can’t beat the student section of Boone Pickens Stadium. And of course it helps that we have a great team to

“My favorite is football because of the program’s strength and unity it brings to the school, students and alumni. Football and basketball are definitely the bread and butter, but OSU golf and cross country are also nationally recognized as being top programs. It’s hard to pick a sport OSU really and truly needs because OSU is such a large school with diverse offerings. I feel like OSU has a pretty strong offering of sport programs but men’s volleyball is for sure missing.” - Nicholas Cunningham, member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. “Definitely my favorite sport here would be football, because of all the people and hyped atmosphere. I would really like if we had a gymnastics team here, the routines are always entertaining.” - Kyla Blackshare, member of Alpha Delta Pi.


fashion trends


We all know the “no wearing white after labor day” rule. But this season, we can throw that rule out the window. From coats and purses to sweaters, winter white is everywhere. But when wearing winter white, fabric is key. In order for it to work, you have to remember that the fabric is just as important as the color. aNNa-MaRIe Avoid summer-like AHRBERG Pi Beta Phi fabrics, such as cotton Anna-Marie is a sophomore and linen. For winter, studying sports media. You stick to fabrics like wool, may contact her at anna-marie. satin and silk. White can be chic year around. So go ahead, break out those white clothes that you put away until spring. Use cold weather accessories to “winter up” your white outfit. Add a scarf, gloves, a hat or some boots. Adding color to your white ensemble is a great way to avoid the “monotone” look. Sometimes just a splash of color is needed! Gray is a great color to add with white. This gives off an “icy” look, which is perfect for winter.

One of the best ways to wear winter white is to texturize your outfit. Combine silk with fur or sequins for a fabulous look.

feature story


MORE EVIDENCE OF MARTIANS THAN EVER BEFORE Space programs from around the world have come together in a combined effort for exploring Mars. Eight different Mars projects have landed on the faraway planet in the last 43 years looking for any sort of sign that life may be possible. Finally, two different rovers have found some conclusive evidence: Opportunity and Curiosity. The rovers found some water on Mars. But finding water isn’t the only thing they have done, samples were taken and it was decided that the water was even capable of supporting microbial life.

Looking forward - the thought of people actually being able to live on Mars is a prevalent thought, especially Delta Tau Delta as the world is continuing to To d d i s a s o p h o m o r e cycle through this outrageous studying physics & math. weather cycle. There is even a You may contact him at group trying to gather money to develop the first colony on mars by 2018. As crazy as this sounds, it may not be too much longer before we have an Interplanetary Congress.

Perhaps an even more amazing feat is the fact that Opportunity is still operating after 10 years of traveling the harsh Martian conditions. “I can’t believe this vehicle is still going, but it’s a good American-made vehicle — it’s like a ‘48 Chevy,” Geologist Raymond Arvidson says.

With over 200,000 applicants, Mars One is making a strong case for settling in our lifetimes a serious possibility.


The discovery of water that could support life has relit the candle of Martian life after the rover Curiosity had concluded that methane, a strong hopeful for microbes, has been ruled out of the possibilities in the Martian air. Even though discovering life may not happen, the continued search has made Mars a very good possibility of being the next frontier for mankind.

“The next several selection phases in 2014 and 2015 will include rigorous simulations, many in team settings, with focus on testing the physical and emotional capabilities of our remaining candidates,” Norbert Kraft, Mars One’s chief medical officer, says. So, the next time you are looking through a telescope at our closest neighboring planet, there just might be a little Martian looking right back at you.

Arvidson directed the rover to the oddly shaped rock that contained the prized water.

RUN PEE: BECAUSE MOVIE THEATERS DON’T HAVE PAUSE BUTTONS Over Christmas break my best friend Kelly, an Alpha Delta Pi at UNT, and I went to the movies Alpha Delta Pi too many times to count. Breanna is a senior studying She had just turned 21, animal science. You may c o n t a c t h e r a t b re a n n a . so naturally we had to go to the theater where we could order a few margs and sing along to the entirety of Frozen. Because we were the only ones in the theater, our waiter was being painfully slow. And so Kelly busted out quite possibly the greatest app ever, Run Pee. There is nothing worse than missing out on the best part of a movie while you’re in the bathroom. This app makes sure you’re always going to get your money’s worth.


Run Pee is only 99 cents in the Apple app store and is quite possibly a life saver. No worries Android and Windows users, it’s available for you as well. In the Run Pee app, the movies are arranged by release date and go as far back as about a year to guarantee the movies on the dollar screens to be there. How the app works: you select the movie you are seeing and it gives you the best times to run to the bathroom or refill your drink at the concession stand. The app contains a timer to sync with the movie so it can alert you when it is best to dart away. If you choose not to use the

timer, the app tells you exactly after which line the “pee time” begins. Not only does the app tell you when to use the bathroom, the app also tells you how long the break is, and a brief synoposis of what you missed so you don’t have to bug your friend. If you got caught in traffic getting to the movie theater, then the app will give you a quick overview of what happened during the first few minutes to bring you up to speed. Once the film is over, the app also lets you know if there is an extra scene after the credits. I somehow manage to stay for all of the credits in movies that don’t contain an extra scene and always miss the ones that do. Now you will never have to be frustrated with that ever again. If the movie was just one of your absolute favorites and you can’t wait to get on DVD, BlueRay, or Digital Copy, then the app can alert you for the release date of that as well. I never really realized how beneficial this app was until I got it. The only thing I wish the app had was a link to movie times for theaters nearby, but for 99 cents, you can’t get everything. If you’re not completely sold yet on buying the app, then you can test it out at for your mobile device. However, the website doesn’t do the app much justice and you’re better off spending 99 cents instead.


entertainment news


When it comes to an upcoming exam, different people handle the stress involved in different ways. Here are a few ideas from Alpha Delta Pi students that might work for Sydney is a sophomore studying you when it comes to relieving human development & family or eliminating any pre-exam science. You may contact her at stress that you may experience. 1) Breathe! -Megan LeBlanc 2) Listen to some music and relax with friends. -Chiko Chingaya 3) Play with animals at the Humane Society to take a break from studying. -Alexandra Prater 4) Make sure you’re in an environment that will allow you to be the most productive with your time while studying. -Tayler Myers 5) Going out for a night of dancing always helps me eliminate any kind of stress. -Brian England 6) Review your notes a few times a week after you originally take them. You’ll feel more comfortable with your material. -Teresa Groff 7) I always like to make sure that I ask questions about things that I’m unsure of, and I always pay special attention to things that teaches seem to emphasize. -Lee Jordan 8) Shooting hoops is one of the best ways to get rid of test anxiety--for me anyways. -Mike Gebremeskel 9) I always try to go to sleep a little earlier than usual the night before an exam. I think it decreases my desire for a nap the next day. -Chelsie Downie 10) I like to sleep. -Ryan Tomlinson


SORORITY SUE’S WEEKLY SCOOP Hottie of the Week: David Alexander Dunkel SAE Member Sophomore Single · ·

Even his words are attractive #Odysseywriter

Just one Dunkel isn’t enough. PTL for his brother, Daren.


He’ll turn your world upside down, but he will drop you if he’s two-stepping. Weekly Scoop:


Awkard VR hookups/breakups? The show must go on. ·


I feel sorry for the boys who aren’t initiated yet. #suckstosuck It’s Formal season, ladies. Hope you can paint.


Readers, I know that none of you will ever LaNe become the fantastic music aficionado that I am. If you HUGHES have read my previous Sigma Chi articles, (I’m looking at Lane is a junior studying animal you, mom!), you will science. You may contact him at know that I am incredibly sensitive. I oft write poetry and have even been known to cry in the shower most evenings. For those moments when I just have to let it all out and cry and my dad isn’t there to lightly kiss me on the lips, music always comforts me. Whether or not I’m being serious here is left to the imagination. Nonetheless, here are several classics sensitive jams for your listening pleasure. It is okay to cry, I’ll cry with you. Perfect - Simple

Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor

My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

Everybody Hurts - R.E.M

Nobody Knows it but Me - Babyface Stay Together for the Kids - Blink-182 Someone like You - Adele

I’m so Lonely I could Cry - Hank Williams

9 Crimes - Damien Rice

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

entertainment news


consisting of Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law. The film introduces each character separately and then unfolds their journeys as Kappa Alpha Theta they all cross paths and finds true love. Following the lives Anna is a sophomore studying of these four characters and english. You may contact her at watching how they intertwine leaves you wishing real life was orchestrated that well. A charming movie that, if you’re like me, is one you will return to over and over again.

With Valentines Day swiftly approaching, I decided to compile a list of movies to rent and watch with your sweetheart – or alone, no shame – on everyone’s favorite holiday (Don’t worry, we all know that is a joke). 1.


Say Anything (1989)

This classic will have you holding a boom box over your head outside of your crush’s house in no time. A romantic comedy about two unlikely lovers – an underachiever and the school valedictorian – Say Anything is one of my all time favorites, and an essential in any movie lover’s library. Their love story takes place during the summer before heading off to college, which is the typical-but-somehowalways-works plot in the majority of love stories. John Cusack playing the lead role also sets this movie at the top of the charts because let’s face it, he’s wonderful. You simply cannot go wrong with this one, so if you don’t have any other plans this Valentines Day, take a seat and fall in love with Cusack just like I did. 2.



The Notebook (2004)

Need I say more? 4.

A Walk To Remember (2002)

If you feel comfortable crying in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend then feel free to watch this movie. Following the life of Landon Carter, played Shane West, after a terrible prank gone wrong, we see him reshape his life for the better after finding love with the reverend’s daughter Jamie Sullivan, played by the beautiful Mandy Moore. Coincidentally another Nicholas Sparks novel, this love story is by far one of the sweetest and most touching. Not to mention, if you don’t feel like watching a movie and would rather read a book, this one still applies – as does The Notebook of course.

The Holiday (2006)

I am pretty sure I have watched this movie about ten or more times in my life. It’s just that great. Yes, it is an extremely basic ‘chick flick’, but it is also wonderfully entertaining and has a great cast

No matter what you choose to do this Valentines Day, remember that staying in and watching a great movie is always a good (and affordable) plan.

ASK.FM /ODYSSEYADVICE Dear Abby, I know a super cute Beta who is an engineering major. I want to hang out with him, but he’s always busy working on homework. And when he’s not doing homework, he’s talking about science equations. How do I get him to put down the formula sheets and pick up a conversation with me?

Dear Abby, This semester, I have a lot of free time. I am taking a lighter load of classes than usual. Without homecoming and the craziness of fall semester, I do not have much to do. I hate going back to my fraternity house and sitting around. What can I do to productively fill my free time?



Engineering Enthusiast


Dear Enthusiast,

Dear Bored,

If he is an engineering major, he is probably a very dedicated and committed person, not to mention intelligent. Because his coursework consumes so much of his time, it will be a challenge to drag him away from it. His classes are demanding, meaning he will not have as much free time as the average college student. But don’t lose heart. Do you have a class with him? Ask him to help you on your homework. You will most likely get a good grade on your homework while simultaneously getting to know him better. But what if you don’t have class with him? Try to figure out what he does for fun (besides science). I never suggest changing who you are for a guy, but there is nothing wrong with trying something new. If you can get him out of his element and away from homework, you might be able to get to know him better. Are you both frequent Aspen visitors? Pull up a chair and chat. If he will not stop talking about science, you could always read up on it yourself. He might just be impressed if you can talk the science talk. And do not forget to have patience. He may always be busy with homework now, but it will pay off in the future.

Opportunities to fill your time on a college campus are endless. Are you in need of extra money? Check on campus or around Stillwater to find a part-time job. You could save money for a Spring Break trip! If your schedule fits, try to find an internship or something to give you experience in your perspective career field. Employers will appreciate an applicant who not only has the grades and campus involvement, but experience to go along with it. If you are not quite ready to be committed to an internship or a job, try volunteering somewhere. Join a club or campus activity such as Dance Marathon or Stillwater Big Event. You can dedicate your time to planning an event to give back to the community. You can also try coaching a sports team at YMCA, teaching Sunday school at your local church, or volunteering at a non-profit such as Stillwater Life Services, Coffee House or The Vine. While it may seem difficult to get involved, finding a way to fill your time is simple. Check out all of your opportunities and soon your schedule will be full. Have a problem you just can’t figure out? Ask any question at and find your answer in The Odyssey!


laugh out loud

@GrantHeck: I just downloaded the Dexter theme song for my alarm clock without thinking about how messed up that really is. @Blanejustdied: So I’m sitting in a camo snuggie with my hair in a ponytail. I’d say I’m pretty comfortable with myself. #manly #wearsnuggies @J_Baumgarder: Lorde’s dance moves are about as awkward as mine. @JennyJohnsonHi5: Fun Fact: This Taylor Swift song is about a ham sandwich she had in 2009 that gave her heart burn. #Grammys @HannahBingBing: “Chickasha school board member arrested on peeping tom allegations”… PSA: Not my pawpaw.

@jor_rollins: A tree just fell in my backyard, so excuse me while I blast timber by Kesha ironically

Prison ‘breakout’: Explaining Justin #Bieber’s acne in his mugshot…

@TVsAndyDaly: I’ll bet Elton John’s hair and Paul McCartney’s hair are best friends.

@amyrlewis: It’s ok Bieber. Olivia Pope will fix this.

@HilaryShmilary: Praying 4 the OSU Greek community 2nite as Fiji, SigEp, all of Aspen Heights, and many other houses will likely not survive this windstorm. @SheeeRatchet: 2 Your child is 2.





“ .

@robfee: They should have put a Daft Punk helmet on Stevie Wonder just to see if he would notice. I’m so sorry. @Carpe_Michael: Why is this news? RT @FoxNews:

@AGRFood: Hell if I know I’m an alum RT @Heath_ Curry: @AGRFood what’s for dinner @JacksonTidwell: S/O to the toddler who asked his breastfeeding mother if she thought I’d like some milk. Single handily the awkwardest moment of my life @kellenjking: Me and the two cars in front of me have been best friends for the past hour and half now. I think I’m in one of their weddings now, not sure @Lyman_Lenker: I hope the Norman Police Department Hummer was the first on scene. After ravaging the town, not using a single paved street.

CRASHING A DATE PARTY Date parties are a premium commodity. Only a certain amount of people get to go, and the people who don’t get invited are the losers of the Phi Delta Theta weekend. Sorority date parties Kade is a senior studying political are far more valuable than science. You may contact him at fraternity date parties. Pretty much any girl can go to a fraternity’s date party. If you’re a girl, all you have to do is show up to the bus and someone will make room for you, and while the football team will occasionally invite themselves, the girls outnumber the guys in most cases. Sorority date parties are different. Girls will invite other girls to their date party, or they’ll just have their sister’s boyfriend set you up with one of his friends. This means that like two out of three girls aren’t looking for dates to date parties, and that significantly decreases your chances of getting invited. So, what do you do? Well, you could just go ahead and try and go uninvited, something that Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn would call “crashing.” Here’s some advice if you decide to go that route.


Know the theme – This is rule number one because of the vitality of the rule. If you try and crash a country club themed party dressed up in a sombrero and poncho like you’re going to a fiesta, the chances of you getting hit with a tennis racket go up exponentially. Also, don’t go overboard with the theme. Stand out by blending in. I cannot stress this enough. Have a believable alias – This is also very important. The best alias is that you’re someone’s date from another school, but it has to be believable. Saying you’re Kenny Jackson, a Lambda Lambda Lambda from Langston University, might raise a few eyebrows or even worse raise your chances

of getting caught. Instead, choose a school within four hours of where you go to school and pick a chapter at random. If someone happens to recognize you, say you’re a distant cousin and avoid them for the rest of the night. Always out a fellow crasher – If you see someone that is obviously not supposed to be there, be sure to call him out. Not only does it prevent him from blowing your cover, but it makes you look even more legitimate. Your date’s name is Sarah, Jessica or Emily – From the years 1991-1994, Sarah, Jessica and Emily were all in the top five for female baby names. This means it’s a pretty safe bet to say that your fictitious date could potentially be named that. If pressed into telling who you came to the date party with, use one of these names, but after that, you have to be extremely careful. If someone from Sorority A asks you who your date is, you say you’re here with Sarah, Jessica or Emily from Sorority B and vice versa. If they continue to ask questions, give a short description, “Oh you know Sarah, brown or blonde hair, blue or brown eyes. She’s like 5’2 or 5’10, you know her!” Hopefully it doesn’t come to this point, but if it does, and you’re asked to provide a last name, go with one of the three last name colors, Greene, Brown or White. This is risky because there might really be an Emily Greene at the party, and then you have a lot of explaining to do. Your date is in the bathroom – Because you obviously don’t have a date, you’re going to have to account for where she would be if you had one. Saying she’s in the bathroom is the perfect cover. If anyone asks you where she is, say something along these lines, “I think she’s in the restroom. She pre-gamed pretty hard on green apple Burnett’s. I think Jessica and Sarah are helping her though.” Always remember that there is risk involved in crashing date parties, and while it might seem cool to try and crash one, you’d be even cooler if you actually got invited.

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