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SENIOR MEMBERS OF KAPPA ALPHA THETA Photo provided by:Krissy Gilbert, Greek of the Week


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aRe YOU?

One of the best things about the show Friends is that each character re p re s e n t s a d i ff e re n t Chi Omega personality common Editor-in-Chief in most friend groups. Libby is a senior studying While analyzing each multimedia journalism. You character, it was pretty may contact her at elizabeth. easy to see which one I was, which one my siblings were, and which one each of my friends is. Knowing which character each person in your life is like makes watching re-runs even more fun. All of the different personalities blend together to make a perfect blend of comedy, compassion and connection.


Which character are you? Joey – Would you do anything for any one of your friends? “Sure, I peed on her. And if I had to, I’d pee on any one of you.” Is your heart bigger than your brain? “It’s a moo point. It doesn’t matter. It’s like a cows opinion. It’s moo.” If you’re a Joey, you’re the lovable womanizer of the group. Although your IQ may not be the highest, your charm will get you places in life. Every group needs a Joey to bring a touch of simple kindness, and a lot of honesty. Rachel – Are you slightly shallow sometimes? Did Daddy hand you everything on a silver platter? Do you just want to prove that you can do it on your own? Are you there for everyone, but feel like you’re constantly defending your competence? “Well, it was about half an hour before the wedding, and I was in the room where we were keeping all the presents. And someone had bought us this beautiful Limoges gravy boat. And I realized I was more turned on by this gravy boat than by Barry. And that’s when it hit me how much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head.” Rachel isn’t only vain, though. She’s actually very independent and creative. If you’re a Rachel, you’re a pretty great balance between the Monica’s and the Phoebe’s. Without you in the middle, the Monica’s and Phoebe’s don’t have much common ground. Chandler Are you a little insecure and nervously wondering who you are? Do you feel like no one gives a rat’s tail what you’re doing ? “Alright kids, I gotta get to work. If I don’t put in those numbers... well, it doesn’t make much of a difference.” Are you the awkwardly funny one in the group? “I’m not so good with the advice. Can I interest you with a sarcastic comment?” Chandler is fun and hilarious. Every group needs a Chandler. Even though you may need a little motivation and direction for your future, don’t overlook your positive attributes. Without you, there would be a lot less laughter in the group (and also awkward silences). Monica – Are you anal about cleanliness and rather pessimistic sometimes? Is an exciting evening for you spent organizing your closet and your spice drawer? “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.” If you’re a Monica, don’t be offended by the words anal and pessimistic. Monica’s are often the glue that holds the group together. As the planner of the group, your house is probably the designated hang out location. Ross – Do you think you know it all? Are you a little nerdy and your love life is a bit of a train wreck? “You could not be any more wrong. You could try, but you would not be successful.” “I think my marriage might be over. Cause Carol’s a lesbian and I’m not....and apprently it’s not a mix and match situation” If you’re a Ross, you’re successful and organized. However, don’t be afraid to loosen up and relax. Have you considered that maybe Phoebe enjoys her unorganized schedule? Have you considered that other ’s opinions might be interesting and teach you something? Phoebe –

Are you quirky? Do you fly by the seat of your pants? Do you see things differently than most? (Most Phoebe’s probably aren’t reading this. They are also probably completely unaware that they are the Phoebe.) “He must decide. He must decide. Even though I made him up, he must decide.” If you are a Phoebe reading this, be proud that you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to be fun and easy going. Gunther – Are you bad with names? Do you feel like you’re always on the outside looking in? Do your friends ask you to get them another cup of coffee while they laugh over their private jokes? “I thought you were Chanlder... well, one of you is over there.” Does the group forget you’re standing there, or forget about you altogether, quite often? “What is my last name?” If you answered yes to either of these... you might be Gunther. Maybe it’s time to be more assertive and relaxed about relationships. Instead of standing back, hoping to get accepted, don’t be afraid to make a move. Janice – Are you the loud, dramatic one? “OH...MY...GOD.” Do you feel like no one understands why you’re so wound up about things? Do you get invited around periodically, but then go months without a call? If yes, you might be Janice. Although Janice gets a bad rap, she’s a content, confident person. If you’re Janice, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Still not sure which friend you are? Take this quiz to find out: affinity/quiz/0,,6500,00.html

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Houseboys get to live every guy’s dream: they get to be flies on the walls of sorority houses. They spend most of their time in the kitchen or dining room, where groups of girls come to gossip and recant last weekend’s rompings, so they’re bound hear some good things.

MegaN NOBLE Zeta Tau Alpha

Megan is a sophomore studying english. You may contact her at

This week the houseboys of Zeta Tau Alpha are dishing out their kitchen tales. Now, I may be a little biased, but I think we have a group of fine looking gentlemen for houseboys, and I was very excited to talk with some of them about their experiences. Eli Shepard, fire protection society junior, is in his fourth semester as a houseboy at ZTA. He said that he took over his position from a previous houseboy that he knew, making me think that to be a houseboy, you’ve got to know a houseboy. “The best part is the food,” Shepard said. “It’s not the best food, but I need it. Some of the girls I’ve met are pretty cool and it’s nice to know them.” Shepard said that the worst part of being a houseboy is working formal dinner. I can understand that; I wouldn’t want to act as a waiter to a bunch of hungry sorority girls who are already grumpy about having to look nice for food.

What makes Zeta houseboys unique is that most of them aren’t in fraternities. “One of the neat things about us is we have several fire protection guys and ROTC guys,” Shepard said. So basically, the Zeta kitchen is a safe place to be with these boys around. Shepard also said he would encourage other guys to be houseboys. “The pay is minimal, but three meals a day is nice,” Shepard said. “And if the girls like you, you’ll get invited to social events, like date parties.” When asked how the Zeta girls really are, Shepard said they are down to earth, but act a little differently in the house than when in public. “They are more crude and humorous, and there’s no more being shy when they’re around their friends in the house,” Shepard said. Shepard said that Zetas are easy to talk with, and that he wouldn’t say they’re stuck up.

“The most annoying thing is probably when girls don’t put their forks in the tub and then try to stack dishes on top of them,” Shepard said. (Oops, sorry boys; I’ve been guilty of that a time or two.)

“They’re polite, and eager for food,” he said. “Always say hi to your houseboys.”

Boys don’t have to be Greek to be houseboys, despite what some may think. Houseboys can come from other organizations or have no affiliations at all.

That’s two of 12 groups of houseboys down. Stay tuned for more next week.

Follow the Houseboys of ZTA on Twitter through the link listed!

CAREER FAIR Mark your calenders for the biggest event for career o p p o r t u n i t i e s a ro u n d ! T h e career fair is an opportunity to meet with many possible employers and get your name out there. It is a time to put on the pointy shoes and suits and dress for success, because the event gives opportunities to countless OSU students looking for jobs and internships.

learned a lot about what opportunities are out there and how I can improve and learn to best seize that opportunity.”

BLaKe BAKER Pi Beta Phi

Blake is a freshman studying multimedia journalism. You may contact her at

Yo u c a n f i n d a list of all the employers that will be attending the event on, along with more details.

“I think the smartest thing to prepare for is researching the companies in general,” Gallagher says. “Its not easy walking up Matt Gallagher is one sophomore who has had success at the to a company’s table having no clue what careers and services career fair. they provide.” “The best thing about the career fair was the opportunity,” The career fair is12:30 pm – 4:30 pm today in the GallagherGallagher says. “Oklahoma State does an incredible job bringing in Iba arena. a wide array of companies that are eager to meet its students. I felt I

4 paNHeLLeNIC MeeTINgS pROMOTe gReeK UNITY campus connections

PLUS, THERE ARE SNACKS recruiting, new friendship and memories are made. Some of my most fond memories are from recruitment. Recruitment breathes life back into our community and I can’t wait to see what all is in store this coming recruitment.”


Delta Delta Delta Sophia is a freshman studying agricultural education. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

Once joining the community she recommends that new members “try out for shows, run for positions, be in different clubs on campus because it only lasts four years. Also, no matter how busy you may be there is always time to get ice cream with a sister.” She said her biggest advice to sorority women who are nervous about attending a Panhellenic meeting would be to “Go to at least one Panhellenic meeting before you graduate. They are very informative and you get to understand how the community works as a whole. It gives you a different outlook on how everything is ran.” If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Alison Limke, Oklahoma State’s Panhellenic President, you know that her wild curls will make you smile at first, but her heart will make that smile stay. This junior, majoring in multimedia journalism, first attended Panhellenic her freshman year, and after that, her heart was sold. “My first Panhellenic meeting was my freshman year and it was the installation of the new executive council,” Limke said. “It was an emotional time for the outgoing officers and you could tell they had fun, made a difference in our Greek community and you could especially tell that as a council they were supportive of one another.” She went on to become a greater part of this organization by becoming Kappa Delta’s Panhellenic delegate her sophomore year, and then Panhellenic president the following year. With a vivacious personality and a get-it-done attitude, Alison has also served as a follies director and is involved in the Arts and Sciences Student Council, along with being a Freshman Forum Coordinators for A&S. Recalling her decision to go Greek, she said she looks back fondly on the memories from her early days in the Greek system. “When I visited OSU people kept telling me ‘I had to go Greek,’ at the time I had heard about philanthropy, date parties and making new friends,” she said. “As a freshman, it was comforting knowing I would have a group of women to help me through the transition of high school to college.” Now, knowing what an impact the Greek community has had on her life, Alison considers recruitment to be her favorite time of the year. “We, as the OSU Panhellenic system, get the opportunity to welcome women from all over the nation into our sisterhoods. It’s the beginning of everything for the incoming freshmen,” Limke said. “They run to their chapter on bid day full of excitement, but not fully knowing the lasting impact it will have on their life. Whether going through recruitment or

She finished with, “Plus, there are snacks.” While the guaranteed lemonade and cookies every week is definitely one of the perks of Panhellenic, attendees are also given the opportunity to know about events ahead of the rest of the Greek community. This year will be a big year for Panhellenic, with the returning of Alpha Xi Delta. “One major change in Panhellenic is the recolonization of Alpha Xi Delta. We are so excited to welcome them back to OSU,” Limke said. “We are also looking forward to building a relationship with the chapter exec teams and members.” With Alpha Xi Delta coming back home, one of our main focuses as a community this year needs to be Greek unity, something Alison is very passionate about. “When one member of our community hurts, we all hurt, and when one member rejoices, we all rejoice. Whenever our community can fully grasp this concept, we will have a stronger Greek community.” One of Alison’s favorite Panhellenic traditions, called braggables, also focuses on this idea of Greek unity. At the end of each Panhellenic meeting, everyone takes a moment to brag on others—ranging from a first time attendee, to a delegate who’s gone above and beyond, and everyone in between—this is a great opportunity to extend appreciation outside of one’s own chapter. “I’m always open for questions or comments,” Limke states. “I’m so excited to serve as president and can’t wait to see what we as a community achieve together.” If you would like to see her friendly face (and many others) you can attend Panhellenic meetings each week. These meetings only take about an hour and range in tone from complete silliness to intense focus, covering just as many topics. The next Panhellenic meeting is 4:30 on Wednesday, February 5, and will be hosted by Gamma Phi Beta.

greek life traditions

GREEK OF THE WEEK: KRISSY GILBERT There is never a dull moment when Krissy Gilbert is around.

Charismatic, amiable, social, and beaming are all words to describe Krissy and her experience at Oklahoma State. She has spent her college career being involved, building relationships, and overall making the best of her college years.


Taylor is a junior studying strategic communications. You may contact her at taylor.


walls could talk, I’m sure the stories would be endless.”

Krissy thinks the best thing about being in her chapter is the support system. “Our pledge classes know no bounds. Our bonds of sisterhood are ever captivating. We have a love for each other, and a love for a lifetime.”

Gilbert has not only given her time to Theta, but has also dedicated her time to OSU. She has been in Camp Cowboy and also loved being a Gamma Chi. “An all-time forever favorite I have been involved in is Camp Cowboy. I have met my best friend in other Greek chapters, got to be silly and hopefully made Krissy is a senior Kappa Alpha the transition into being a cowboy Theta. Krissy was not only a easier for freshmen.” Krissy loved member, but has been highly involved with Theta. She has been social chair and also a director for getting to experience recruitment in a different way while being a Gamma Chi. Follies and Spring Sing.

Gilbert’s favorite saying which describes her college experience perfectly. “If you’re ever wondering whether you should or you shouldn’t… you should.”

“I loved being social chair because I got to plan what I look forward Krissy is a multi-media journalism major. “Fun fact: I’ve never changed to the most, date parties. And I loved Follies and Spring Sing because my major. I aspire to be a talk show host.” it is a great way to meet new people and give back to your chapter.” Time spent while being a student at OSU is something Gilbert has Krissy has also spent much of her time being involved in shows. really made the most of and wants everyone to do the same. “I want Shows have been a big part of her college career, and have brought her everyone to love OSU. There’s no better place in the world.” Krissy many memories and friendships. “The coolest moment so far has been thinks the best part of being a cowboy is the people surrounding her. winning Varsity Revue with Sigma Nu in 2013. Sherlock Holmes has “This campus is so loving and friendly. One thing I have learned at OSU been one of my favorite shows I have ever been in.” Krissy said. “And is to appreciate the people who surround you, everyone here wants to see you succeed.” one time I had to kiss Chad Stephens in VR, that was really weird.”

Gilbert has not limited making memories to shows. She loves sitting Gilbert’s favorite saying which describes her college experience at the Theta lunch table and hearing about everyone else’s day. “It’s perfectly. “If you’re ever wondering whether you should or you hilarious to catch up with your good friends or to get the 411. If those shouldn’t… you should.”


greek life traditions

AN ANNUAL TRADITION, CONVIVIUM Each year for Kappa Alpha Order, there is a special event that comes around. It is celebrated with a formal dinner that includes many alumni appearances and guest speakers. Members also bring dates to the event! It’s been a tradition among the chapter since 1929, and this year it was held on January 25. For those of you who do not know, it’s Convivium!

SYDNeY FLYNN Alpha Delta Pi

Sydney is a sophomore studying human development & family science. You may contact her at

Convivium is the celebration of the founding of KA and the birth of Robert E. Lee, the spiritual founder of the fraternity. Usually, this event is celebrated during the week of January 19, because this is Robert E. Lee’s birthday, although the original founding date of Kappa Alpha was December 19, 1865. I talked to Calvin Mann, KA’s newly elected president, about what Convivium means to him. He mentioned that his favorite part of Convivium is the water toast. This toast honors Lee, as well as Kappa Alpha as a whole. I learned that the water symbolizes the choice to set aside other beverages in order to toast with a beverage that provides life; water. This was interesting to me because when I think of a toast, the first thing that comes to mind regarding what’s in the glass is wine, because that’s what seems to be most traditional. This sets KA apart from other organizations that participate in toasts, whether these organizations are Greek. Since this was Calvin’s first Convivium as president, I wanted to learn what he had most looked forward to when it came to this year’s Convivium celebration.

“As President, it was my great honor to announce that the Knight Commander of our Order and members of the national administrative office joined us in Stillwater for the first time in our chapter’s history, along with many other alumni who have not stepped foot in Stillwater in a very long time,” he said. Calvin also went over his initial expectations for the event with me. He said that his “expectation for Convivium were the overall excitement that the chapter would experience when meeting the many celebrities of KA, such as the Knight Commander, members of the national office, and alumni who have made a name for themselves in the world.” What a great time with great people that KA was able to celebrate! When closing up my conversation with Calvin, I asked him what his general thoughts about this year’s event were. “This was an experience that many KA men will not have the opportunity to participate in during their lifetime; a time to meet important people who make KA the successful organization that it is today,” he said. Obviously Calvin has a lot of excitement about the event, I’m sure that each of KA’s other members do, too! Being Greek, I feel that sometimes we get lost within our own chapter’s history, and we don’t keep an open mind to that of others’ chapters. Having the chance to sit down with Calvin and discuss something special to him was a great experience that I may not have had the chance to do if I weren’t a writer. Sitting down with Calvin not only made me think about an important part of KA’s history, but it made me curious of other chapter’s special traditions, as well. Kappa Alpha Order provides a great example to our Greek community as to what holding and honoring tradition looks like, and they definitely lead by example. I encourage everyone to take time to learn more about the interesting traditions of other chapters on campus!



Kappa Delta Nina is a sophomore studying hotel & re s t a u r a n t a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

I recently stumbled onto an overwhelming statistic: According to a study conducted by the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors in 2013, the number of college students with psychological issues has grown at a rapid rate. The report gave the statistics that approximately 41.6 percent of American college students suffer from anxiety, and depression comes in second place, at 36.4 percent. After reading these statistics, I realized that many of my peers probably suffer from disorders that I know relatively nothing about. In trying to understand our friends and colleagues better, I think it is important to have a basic knowledge of what it means to live with anxiety or depression.

We’ve all likely suffered from anxiety at some point in our lives, which is only normal – like getting jittery before an important interview, or getting incredibly nervous before a big test. I learned, however, that when a person suffers from anxiety as a mental illness, it is much more serious, and can even be debilitating. I asked a friend (who wished to remain anonymous) what it’s like to live with anxiety. “It’s a constant panic about the small, day-to-day stuff in life. When I have anxiety, all the little things turn into stuff to worry about. Like, when you’re around new people, you have no problem going up to them and striking up a conversation. But when I’m surrounded with new people, I worry about everything: is my hair okay? Do I have lipstick on my teeth? What if I smell bad and don’t realize it? What if I can’t think of anything to talk about? What if they hate me? It goes downhill from there,” she said. Anxiety cases range from moderate to severe. In severe cases of anxiety, the feeling of panic is frequently accompanied with headaches, twitching, or hot flashes. The primary prescription drug for anxiety is Xanax – which is also the most misused prescription drug in the US.

Depression is the most common mental illness worldwide, and it is reported that nearly one in every 10 adults in the US suffer from symptoms of clinical depression. In fact, all I had to do was type “symp…” in my Google search bar, and the no. 1 search suggestion was “symptoms of depression.” The most common symptoms include disinterest in life, a feeling of hopelessness, fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, and loss of interest in favorite activities. The global cost of mental health per year is $2.5 trillion, and it is predicted that this number will only continue to grow. The cost of tuition at public schools has risen in recent years to cover the cost of mental health programs and facilities to accommodate the growing cases of mental health issues. Whether you’re lucky, like me, to live a life free from clinical anxiety or depression, or if it’s a part of life for you, I hope you realize that a mental health issue is certainly nothing to be ashamed of or humiliated by; it is just a part of life to be dealt with and accepted.

LIFE WITHOUT GLUTEN: FEAT. BUGH AND STALLINGS Glad to see that you’re back for round two of the common diseases/ disorders found on college campuses. With this short series, I hope to change our previous perspective to a more informed, nonjudgmental one. Here’s to this week’s topic: Gluten Intolerance.


Jake is a junior studying b i o l o g i c a l s c i e n c e . Yo u may contact him at

Little did I know that gluten sensitivity affects some 18 million people - six percent of the population. This is one of the most common digestive disorders that the human body can be predisposed to (by means of genetic inheritance). While gluten sensitivity usually makes an appearance during childhood, it can sometimes take longer for individuals to realize that they have it. For diagnosis, someone typically does their own research and eventually figures it out, or they’re tested for Celiac Disease and get negative results for it - Celiac Disease is a similar disorder that is one of the forms of gluten intolerance, as is gluten sensitivity. A good way to characterize the aforementioned disorders is the type of response that the body would give to either one. If someone has Celiac Disease, then his or her body will attack the invading gluten agents immunologically (i.e. by making antibodies that fight against the glutenous nutrients). In people with gluten sensitivity, their bodies create a stress response - doing everything possible to rid the digestive tract of the gluten as quickly as it can. There are different ways of coping with these malfunctions, but the best way is to avoid foods containing gluten altogether. Stevie Bugh, a senior Sigma Nu, knows a lot about being gluten-intolerant. Bugh said he’s been aware of his intolerance for quite a few years now. “It was my freshman year in high school, so it was seven years ago,” he said. “I had had

some digestive issues, and my mom had been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity about five years before that, so that was one of the first things they checked for.” Not all people have the same sensitivity levels, though; some are more sensitive than others. Bugh said that his body only triggers an immune response when he consumes significant amounts of gluten, although he knows people who have a much more sensitive system than he does. I asked Bugh about the difference between being allergic to something versus being sensitive to something. “The two differ because gluten is also found in rye and barley, whereas with a wheat allergy, it’s just specific to wheat,” he said. “Also, some processed foods have gluten in them, but not wheat.” Another correspondent is Thorne Stallings, a junior member of Sigma Nu. He has a somewhat similar sensitivity. “I technically don’t have a gluten intolerance, per say,” Stallings said. “I actually have a GI condition that I was diagnosed with in ninth grade. I’ve found that eating certain types of food - especially gluten and dairy - tend to inflame my condition.” Stallings said there are different ways to treat his form of gluten and dairy sensitivity. “Most doctors only prescribed medications,” he said. “These only worked to an extent - some came with side effects and over time would become less effective. I had a lot of help from my parents in thinking outside the box and reading up on different dietary plans, and over time I’ve found the right balance of medicine and diet to stay relatively healthy.” With gluten sensitivity becoming more prevalent every year in the U.S., it’s important to be able to relate to someone who might have it. If you’ve been having digestive issues, you might try avoiding glutenous foods for a week and see what happens. If not, ask someone what it’s like to be gluten-intolerant - I’m sure they’ll appreciate your interest, and you might learn something new!

8 sports talk


The Oklahoma City Thunder have been flirting with a championship title for years. As Thunder fans, we love seeing our team be successful, consistently being a top seed in the Western Conference and going deep into the playoffs. Now, it is a painful experience to watch them get so close, then see a championship season slip away. Since 2008 when the Thunder arrived, the people of Oklahoma have been loyal fans. Could this be the year the Thunder deliver a championship title?


Thomas is a freshman studying sports media. You may contact him at

With all these great teams, the Thunder will have their hands full in the playoffs. If Oklahoma City wins the Western Conference Finals, though, who can challenge them in the East? Obviously, you immediately think of that hated team down in south Florida. The Heat and the Pacers are two lineups know one wants to play in the eastern conference but they have struggled against western teams. The Heat may still be a top NBA team, but with such remarkable teams in the west, this could be the year Miami falls. If the Thunder can win a stacked conference, they could be set to dethrone Miami and finally grab that championship. In order to do that, OKC has to stay consistent. Right now, this team is stepping up. We all love Serge Ibaka and his crushing block but he has coupled that will a great offensive game this year. Thabo has continued to be our best defender and Reggie Jackson has filled in nicely for injured Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is an explosive player and few can match his speed and aggressiveness. With Reggie Jackson playing solid ball, I cannot wait till Russell gets back and allows Jackson to come off the bench. This year our bench has been one of the best in the league. Young guns like Perry Jones III and Jeremy Lamb paired with veterans like Derek Fisher and, everyone’s favorite, Nick Collison have provided the Thunder with the best bench play since Fear The Beard was popular. And then there is Durant. Is anyone else disappointed if he does not score 30 points in a game? He is just spectacular, and is making a strong case for MVP. The only concern for Oklahoma City is an aging Perkins down low. He has not been able to provide enough toughness and that seems to be the weak point in the Thunder’s armor. Guys like Steven Adams and Hasheem Thabeet will have to step up to make this championship run a reality.

As the Thunder attempt to win it all, Kevin Durant is running away with the MVP. Not only is the Thunder set to dethrone the Heat, but Durant is also trying to dethrone Lebron James as the Most Valuable Player.

This season, Oklahoma City has proven, once again, it is a top team in the NBA. They surpassed 30 wins in 40 games holding on to a high seed in the conference. Unfortunately for Oklahoma City, and Thunder fans, the western conference is loaded with great teams. As expected, San Antonio is still a contender. As long as Tim Duncan and Bob Popovich are still around, the Spurs will always be a top tier team. The Clippers are a force right now with Blake Griffin lighting up Lob City and Chris Paul set to return from injury soon. The Rockets, much to everyone in Oklahoma’s discomfort, are playing well behind James Harden (traitor) and new center Dwight Howard. However, the surprise teams in the west are Portland and Golden State. We all knew about Stephen Curry, but did we know he could lead the scoring juggernaut that is the Warriors? With Andre Igaudala being a great support and clutch player, Golden state could make a nice run in the playoffs. Portland has consistently held a top seed in the conference through out the season. A reborn LaMarcus Aldridge and an up-and-coming Damian Lilard has caused this team to storm through this season in convincing fashion.

As the Thunder attempt to win it all, Kevin Durant is running away with the MVP. Not only is the Thunder set to dethrone the Heat, but Durant is also trying to dethrone Lebron James as the Most Valuable Player. Kevin Durant and the Thunder have a huge task in front of them, but they are equipped better than ever to finally give Oklahoma a Championship.

fashion trends



So, finally you have scored an interview for that position, internship or job for which you applied. Pi Beta Phi Congrats! The next step… Anna-Marie is a sophomore What do you wear to the studying sports media. You may contact her at anna-marie. interview?How you are dressed for an interview speaks volumes on how you will manage your job or position. Looking the part is just as important as what you say in the interview. Dressing for the interview can sometimes make it or break it. This is a time where a neutral color palette and an overall simple look is key. After all, YOU want to shine and be the center of attention in your interview… not your outfit. Here are some helpful tips on how to dress to impress and have success!


Opt for a skirt that is knee length or just above the knee. A classical pencil shape in a neutral color is the best way to go. Black is the easiest and can be worn with anything. And while it is important to have a neutral color palette, adding one colorful piece such as an accessory is totally fine.

Another stylish staple piece is a tailored blazer. The great thing about investing in a good blazer is the fact that it is versatile. Pair it with a pencil skirt for a professional interview, or throw it on with some black skinnys and a sparkly top underneath for a night out on the weekend. A cute blazer is a great investment.

It is probably best to skip the sparkly stilleto. Classic, conservative pumps are the way to go. When it comes to shoes, opt for a pair that are not too tall. This is a classy look that will always impress.

Keep jewelry to a minimum and remember that less is more. A diamond stud adds a shimmery touch without being over the top. Also, be sure to have your nails a color that isn’t distracting.


debate & discuss

HOME “I enjoy going home, but I never really feel home sick,” senior Elise Cabori said.


Kappa Alpha Order Nick is a junior studying international business and pre-law. You may contact him at

I think it’s safe to say that most people have found a home here at Oklahoma State University.

I am so thankful for the people I have met over the last four years here at OSU and in Stillwater. I’m not sure I would have made it here without any of my brothers or best friends. I can honestly say that if I attended another university and lived in another town, I would not find the home feeling that I have here. So, I think it’s important to remember, whether you are in your home town or in Stillwater, Okla., the feeling of home will always be with you. For most people, when they think of home, they think of the place where they grew up for most of their life, or just the town or city they lived in before coming to Stillwater, Okla. However, if you really think about it, home is a place of warmth, love, safeness and comfort. With that said, logically, Oklahoma State should be considered home for most, if not all, of us. I’ve talked to many people about this, and we all agree that Oklahoma State is one of the places that everyone treats each other as family; regardless of whether they know each other. This is definitely one of the things I love about my school. If you know me at all, you know that family is one of the most important things to me. My family means more to me than anything. Again, if you know me at all, you also know that I don’t really get the opportunity to visit my family often like most people. With that said, I look to my fraternity brothers, best friends, and even acquaintances that I’ve met at my time here at Oklahoma State, for that family feeling.


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Spotted: baby hootie and baby beta seen swapping spit.

Approximately two weeks until the Colvin is empty again. #NewYearsReslolutions

The boys are finally getting initiated. See ya next year, pledge suits.

My Fraternity brothers have been there for me since day one, and regardless of some of our differences, we all know that we’ll be there for each other at the end of the day, no matter what. When I feel a little home sick, my fraternity brothers are the first I go to. I’ve yet to meet someone who does not look to their fraternity brothers or sorority sisters when they feel homesick.

Hottie of the Week:

Although Stillwater is a small town, it by no means is a boring town. Because everyone is family toward one other, Stillwater makes for a great college town. This is my fourth year here in Stillwater and I have yet to find a boring moment or lacked friends to hang out with.


“I was sick of home,” sophomore KA Taylor Schooling said. “I enjoyed being here at OSU!”

Grant Newton FIJI Pledge Freshman


He hosted the Scott Carter benefit concert. Nothing is hotter than a man in charge. ·


This PC prez is the king of Kingfisher.

Who won Nuji? I don’t remember, I was only looking at him. ·

Grant Newton is yummier than any Fig Newton.

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I think there are several benefits to having a pet, specifically a dog. Having a dog can give you the reassurance that you can be a functioning independent adult, because JaMIe you can take care of your BARNES dog. If you raise your dog Sigma Chi from a puppy, you can train Jamie is a junior studying them to be the sweetest little Landscape Architecture. You buddies around but also the may contact him at james. fiercest little guard dogs. I believe that having a dog also gives you an element of responsibility. You can’t just go off and do whatever on the flip of a switch when you have a dog at home waiting for your return. But with some proper planning, having a dog doesn’t have to mean that you are no longer able to do exciting things. You’ve just got to be responsible and make sure your pets are taken care of while you’re away.

Our time in college is basically our first major stepping stone towards being full-fledged independent people. And after we move out of the house, we get that much closer. We get to share a house or apartment with a couple friends, we have bills to manage, a house to maintain, sometimes a yard to watch over, and we keep ourselves fed. We slowly transition to that big step of being an adult and graduating from school and getting big kid jobs. My favorite part of living off campus was being able to have a pet. Some people are dog lovers and some prefer those cats. Whichever you fancy, it is

pretty exciting when we are able to get our own pet and be responsible for the welfare of another living thing. Personally, I’m a dog person, so when I got the chance I adopted an adorable little puppy and he was the center of my universe. I loved taking my little puppy everywhere with me, and there is no doubt that puppies are total chick magnets. My puppy grew up and now my dog is full grown and he is my constant companion, I know that when I come home from work or class he will be ready to play or give me some affection. And I know that when it’s just me at home, he will keep me safe and let me know when to get sketched out.

I have a lot of friends with pets and a lot of friends with dogs, and they all love their companions. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without my dog, and I’m glad that I have him. I suggest to anyone that can afford to adopt a dog to do so, and embrace the joy that a dog can bring to your existence. I also am always supporting the local animal shelter, so no matter which pet genre you prefer, make sure to look at the homeless animals and help them out. And if you are not able to get a pet quite yet, go hang out with the animals at the shelter or talk a friend into adopting a new little buddy. There is nothing better than the unconditional love that a dog will give you.


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In celebration of the Oscar nominees for best motion picture of 2014 being released, I decided to review one of the nominees from last year’s list of distinguished films. David O. Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook” is one extremely stressful, yet charming film that conveys awareness of many mental health disorders. Lead female Jennifer Lawrence, winner of Best Leading Actress the 2013 Oscars, and Bradley Cooper, nominee for best actor, work wonderfully together in Silver Linings Playbook to create the most tense and uncomfortable scenes you may ever experience.

ex-wife, who he is convinced still loves him. His repetitive statements of loyalty and love for her create a genuine uncomfortable atmosphere Kappa Alpha Theta due to his complete oblivion to what she really feels. You Anna is a sophomore studying really cannot help but pity english. You may contact her at his character throughout the majority of the film, despite your awareness of his condition, because he tries so hard to modify himself in order to gain back his wife’s trust – all the while not knowing on some level that their relationship is irreparable after his explosive outburst when he walked in on her and a colleague committing adultery. After meeting Jennifer Lawrence’s character Tiffany at the world’s most uncomfortable dinner party, the two form an unlikely alliance after Tiffany promises to messenger letters to his ex-wife in return for his partnership in a dance competition. Their bizarre friendship continues the wonderfully directed “state of mind” that the film creates, in order to give a further understanding of how people with mental disorders function and experience life.


What is so great about the atmosphere of these scenes, and essentially the entire film, is that director David O. Russell convincingly establishes a state of mind that the viewer is seeing the film through. Every character represents a particular mental health disorder, whether it is Pat ‘s (Bradley Cooper) bi-polar mood swings or Pat Sr.’s (Robert De Niro) OCD and overwhelming superstition. The audience experiences the film as though they were experiencing the world that someone with bi-polar disorder or something of the like would view the world around them. The edgy and obsessive Pat focuses all of his energy on winning back his

Due to the overall stressful tone of the film, it is not guaranteed enjoyment for everyone. In order to truly love Silver Linings Playbook, you have to view it for what it is trying to convey, rather than just tense scenes between great actors. Lawrence and Cooper stun with their performances, as always and are worth watching, in one of the best films of 2013.

ASK.FM /ODYSSEYADVICE go with a group of friends to a date party. Your date probably did not have a specific girl in mind, so he asked his friend to set him up. Does that mean he is interested in you? Maybe or maybe not. If you enjoyed the evening, there is a good chance he did, too. But if I were you, I would stick it out and let him do the work. Honestly, guys are simple. If he is interested in you, he will eventually let you know. Until then, do not analyze his every move. Just sit back and wait. And if he doesn’t seem interested in you, move on.

Dear Abby, I am a senior and I have been dating my girlfriend for three years. After I graduate in May, I plan to attend graduate school. At this point, I cannot really afford to support a wife. Yet, her friends continuously ask when I am going to propose. Before I propose, I want to ensure I am financially stable. I know I want to marry my girlfriend, but right now is not the time. How do I handle her nagging friends? Sincerely, Annoyed Boyfriend Dear Abby, Recently, one of my pledge sisters set me up with her boyfriend’s friend. He asked me to a date party. The week or so prior to the party, he would text me quite a bit. He was a wonderful date and I had a lot of fun. It’s been a few days, and we have not really spoken. I have developed a little crush on him. Do you think there is a potential relationship? Or was I just another date to a party? Sincerely, Desperate Date Dear Desperate, As annoying as it may seem, this happens quite frequently. Most girls and guys want to

Dear Annoyed, First and foremost, kudos to you for waiting until you can afford marriage. While it may not be the most popular thing, it is definitely the most logical. Now, have you discussed the situation with your girlfriend? By starting with her, you can avoid most of the drama. If she understands and is fine with your situation, then she can help her friends come to terms with it as well. Because you live in Oklahoma, most people expect an engagement as soon as possible. Her friends most likely mean no harm, but are simply curious. If they continue to ask, respond with an answer as simple as, “It’s between me and her.” Keep it short and to the point.

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KEEPIN AUSTIN WEIRD What do you get when you take Nick and Dave and throw them into probably what is the most liberal city in the South? Endless nights of imported firearms and the occasional wild animal, but that only happened once. Over this past weekend, we were delighted to have the opportunity to go speak at the Moonshiners of America Convention in Austin, TX. If you believe that, then you have some serious issues. Now, we aren’t going to get into the dirty details, but let’s just say we aren’t welcome in any city bordering, or in the country of, Mexico. I guess that’s what happens when you let Dave “catch up” with his 47-year-old second cousin, twice removed. Let’s not dwell on that too much, though. To be honest, whenever you go to Austin, you go there for one thing, and it’s sixth street. Being newcomers to this little devil of a city, we decided that we wanted to get a taste of everything Austin had to offer. Walking down sixth street on a Friday night is like walking down the strip -- only it is about 20 times longer, and there is no car traffic because the roads are blocked off.


Throw in Sawyer “Alpha Male” Morford and you’ve got the recipe for a great night. It’s pretty hard to say no to that sweet baby face. I thought I was going to break my wrist when he body surfed into the crowd. That’s enough about Sawyer, though, because we have enough stories about him to write out every article for the rest of the year. When the morning rolled along, we had one thing to keep us in good spirits. No, it wasn’t any breakfast cocktail from “Old Schools,” or one of the specials at the hotel bar. It was the elegant sounds of “Careless Whisper” by George Michael that we had going on repeat for the duration of our journey. The sounds of Nick’s sweet alto solo had security knocking on our door every morning. Scene 2: The Bus Ride Back. Just when we thought we were headed back to the humble town of Stillwater, John, the bus driver, heads East for Bourbon Street. To keep it short, it was the best of times… It was the worst of times. In the end, though, we made it back with only a couple tattoos. Keep it kosher, Stilly. Kisses, Nick and Dave

HEADBANGER’S HEAVEN At the core of Greek Life at Oklahoma State are cherished and beloved values embodied by the members of each individual house. Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath are also quite fond of these values.

LaNe HUGHES Sigma Chi

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Today, we are going to take a look into the heart of the purest of pure rock n’ roll patrons. Just as every rose has its thorn, music is equipped with the sharpest spear known as metal. Now, I am not talking about some 135-lb punk screaming about his parents’ divorce in skinny capris and vans. I am talking about the actual rockers who blazed the path for the many diverse aspects of music that can be heard in a wide array of acts today. As recent as the early 2000’s, Rage Against the Machine is probably the most original act in this playlist. Merging together two seemingly opposite genres at the time (rock and rap), they certainly still deserve a spot among the greats.

Whether it be a pump-up song before the big game, inspiration to keep studying, or the background music for five bros crushing cans on their foreheads, metal has been a staple and also a foundation of music for the better part of 40 years. With that, let’s rock, let’s rock, let’s rock today.

Wherever I May Roam – Metallica

Breaking the Law – Judas Priest

Iron Man – Black Sabbath

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

Rainbow in the Dark – Dio

Testify – Rage Against the Machine

Still of the Night – Whitesnake

Hanger 18 – Megadeth

Mother – Danzig

Walk – Pantera

Before I Forget – Slipknot


laugh out loud

@amyrlewis: Guys it’s @Brooke_Bogert 22nd bday. Wish her the best day and take a moment of silence because she’s the reason for Fuzzys in Stillwater. @AndrewGilmanOK: … his flag football game at Okla. State. RT @Jpdabrams: Need a point of reference. KD’s performance tonight was the best since…?

@WayDollar: Finally enrolled but missed my first class of the year. 2014 is kicking my ass.

@aybayschike: Martin had a dream, Martin had a dream… Kendrick had a dream

@Zakypoof: Now 0 for 1 going to the right building

@J_messick: 60 in a 35 and the cop just gives a stiff power point

@Austin_Wegener: Dad said he’d take me to Vegas if I made a 4.0. Honestly don’t know if that would help or hurt his impression of me #wildside

@PhilForte13: Win or lose I would go to battle with this team any day

@Hjavelly: “UberFacts: Ants nod to one another as they pass each other.” No they don’t. How would you even know anyways you liar

@morgshannon: When you dip me after the song I expect you to be able to hold me up. Don’t drop/fall on me #laughingstock

@Korikenn: “I think I took period medicine for my headache..” @JDArmstrongIII

@camsikes: There’s gonna be a hazing seminar for a dance floor tonight haha or something

@ShelbsKD: S/O to having 6 try-hards in my Psych class. I’ve heard them talk more than my professor.

@d_poll: I just found a copy of “50 Shades of Grey” while looking at bibles at Barnes & Noble…

@Dunkel10: Part of the fun of formal is waiting until an hour before we leave to get my liquor, dry cleaning, take a shower, pack and eat.

@MakenzieNutt: stayed at aspen for a good amount of time today so does this mean I need to invest in a hammock or a record player?

@Nick_Staples: Docta docta give me the news, I got a bad case of getting huge #colvin

@HonestToddler: Don’t go into a store called Sephore it’s a trick. I bit the top off one of their colored pencils and now they want $40 before I can leave

@HalfnHalfZach: On MLK day we ball, yet you closed the Colvin… You know black people can’t ball in the cold. MLK didn’t fight for this

@bridgetannehark: I’m scared because I’m OK with Dexter’s lifestyle. What’s wrong with me. Help.

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