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Over winter break it can be easy to lose sight of real life. During the Gamma Phi Beta first half week of break, Editor-in-Chief I became complacent in watching episode Jacy is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact her after episode of Doctor at Who. I forgot what texting meant and that the sun does rise in the morning. I had to snap out of my trance thankfully because my sister was getting married and she needed me.

Even if a huge ski trip doesn’t loom in the future it is easy to find different things to do. As Greek women we all enjoy shopping to some extent. After Christmas sales are a gold mine for the money savvy. Nothing goes better with coffee than shopping. The college students who were fortunate enough to stay were coffee shops are found on every other corner better take advantage of it. In small towns it is commonly found that there are no coffee shops, but maybe a trip to the city satisfied the need for caffeine as well as the need for contact with other humans in college.

My break turned into making sure my sister was happy, sometimes this even meant calling her princess. Instead, of spending my days on the couch I was out and about helping her with anything and everything. This little motivation helped me to actively reach out to my friends from my hometown and I even went to a basketball game at my old high school.

Imagine the energy used to stay up until 2 in the morning to simply finish the last season of Breaking Bad or Lost. Then think of how that can be applied to going on an adventure like a bike ride or exploring a new city. The money used on iTunes to buy Star Trek Into Darkness, if it isn’t pirated, could go toward a cup of Joe with a college friend. If Youtube videos of downhill mountain biking gets the heart pumping then think about what the real experience will do.


It is quite easily to become consumed by Netflix, movies or even social media which results in lounging for days in the same pajama pants or boxers. College students only have four winter breaks, five if they are lucky, therefore this precious time needs to count. Winter break is the colder and shorter equivalent of summer break, but needs to be treated with the same respect.

This article is not meant to bash Netflix or lounging around on winter break. It is a call to arms because life starts when the living want it to start. Recently, Relevant magazine published an article titled, Life Won’t Begin at Your Next Milestone, which was all about empowering the reader to go out and live. If college students applied this to their lives everyday, then they would be unstoppable.

Waiting takes way too long and for the most part it is boring. There is a need to fill in waiting periods with junk that isn’t actually fulfilling. Life won’t start after you graduate college and it won’t stop when summer break arrives. Instead, it has already started and it’s time to catch up and play forward.


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Scene on campus



My break, probably like many freshman, consisted of the neverending series of questions from my relatives about my first semester of college. “How is your dorm?” “Did you make friends?” “Now that you have one semester under your belt, you have right?!”


a sisterhood that inspires me to be more than I think I can. I discovered a place in a campus that seemed so big and intimidating, to call my own. I started to grow up.

Chi Omega

Now that’s a scary thought, growing up. But the best part of freshman year is it’s the start not the end. I don’t need to have my life totally figured out. I don’t have to be ready for the real world. I have three and a half more years to prepare myself, explore, discover and learn everything and anything I can. That’s what college is for.

your life totally figured out

I’ve learned more in a semester about myself, about life and about other people than I have in the last two years. Moving to a new place and being completely on your own forces you to think for yourself.

Danielle is a sophomore studying broadcasting / journalism. You may contact her at

I spent most of the holidays smiling and giving simple answers as to not prolong the conversations any longer. School was the last thing I wanted to think about, but it seemed to follow me everywhere I went. Even catching up with friends from high school, college was the main topic of interest. There was no escaping, so I decided to contemplate what exactly happened over the last four months. It’s weird to think I’m already done with my first semester of college. I survived so many things; rush week, move-in, first week of class and beyond. I made amazing new friends that make me excited for the future and I joined

The lessons I’ve learned are endless, but some of favorite have to be; a meal cooked by mom even if it’s from a box trumps any meal at the dinning hall, staying up till 2 am in a study room “studying” with a group of friends when you have 8am class is dumb but some of the most fun I’ve had, making a mistake and failing something isn’t bad if you learn from it, and everyone has a story worth telling if you take the time to stop and listen. The last semester has been a rollercoaster of many ups and downs, but the rewards outweigh the hardships any day.


Lookbook fashion

THE UGGLY TRUTH Millions of women a ro u n d t h e w o r l d ABBEY WALKER and campus gravitate Alpha Omicron Pi towards one brand of shoes during the colder Abbey is a sophomore studying months. I understand fashion communications. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t that warm shoes mean the world when it’s snowing and your next class is across campus but do you really know what you’re wearing on your feet? For the past 10 years I have seen UGG boots grow in popularity and honestly I didn’t know the truth about these boots until this fall. Like most people, I thought that the wool in theses boots were just painlessly sheared from the sheep but actually the outside of the boot is the skin of sheep as well. In Australia, they kill millions of sheep to get the skin with the wool attached to make shoes just so people’s feet can stay comfy and warm. There is so much pain in making just one pair of these UGGs. I don’t know about you but this is wrong for so many reasons. It all seemed to start with Pamela Anderson when she would wear them on the show Baywatch. As the trend grew, Anderson found out about this horrible treatment of sheep to make these shoes that she actually got with PETA and started to reach out to people to make sure people know that they are actually wearing on their feet. There are many brands that make boots that feel and look exactly like UGGs without the harm of any sheep. For example, Neuaura is a brand that is made out of 100% recycled materials and can be a bit pricey but what UGGs are cheap? There are multiple videos and articles on peta.

org as well as across the Internet if you want to look into this issue more and want to get involved to help the sheep. Another issue that I would like to bring to your attention is angora sweaters and products that are sold in many stores. Recently PETA released an undercover video that showed workers in China violently ripping the fur off rabbits over and over again as they scream in pain then kill them after a few times of taking their fur. These rabbits live in the worst of conditions and are stripped of the only fur they have and are sold to mass producers. Since many people have contacted their favorite stores, many have sworn off any product that has angora. These companies are ASOS, Limited, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and many more expect all Gap companies and J. Crew. Gap has continued to keep ordering angora products for their stores, which include Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime. It only takes a tweet or e-mail to Gap to make them see that people are concerned and frustrated with what they are doing. I am not writing this article as a PETA freak that thinks she knows everything about every company but as a fashion student I like to stay informed on what is going on in the fashion industry. I feel very strongly that people need to know what they are wearing and where it comes from. Normally, we trust every clothing company believing that they would never hurt any animals but to make anything cheaper, this industry will go to great lengths to get what they need while making sure not many find out about how they get it. People need to stay informed about what brands use what and what you really are wearing. To learn more about these issues and more, you can simply go to and go from there to learn what you are really putting on your body.

Scene on campus


Red and yellow leaves float down as turkeys are basted and prepped for the family to devour. Set out the sweet potatoes, the pumpkin pie and Theta Xi the bloody scalp of a human being. Wait why would that Reid is a senior studying journalism/ be part of a Thanksgiving broadcast. You may contact him at meal? It’s how it all started and stems into the modern day controversy that lives on? The Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn feast that created the annual holiday we know and celebrate as Thanksgiving. The unfortunate part that many people forget is the horrific events that the North American lands witnessed. The term “redskin” stems from the bloody scalp of a Native American that a hunter would use as a trophy for proof of his kill. The definition also varies with explanations of an American Indian and racial slur for Native Americans (compare with n-word for African Americans). Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple years or don’t follow professional football, the team that represents our nation’s capital and surrounded by drama, is called the Washington Redskins. Controversy surrounds the name in the media and in the courtroom. Several groups have asked the NFL and Redskins team to change the name. One group has filed a lawsuit arguing that the team should lose its federal trademark protection causing team owner, Daniel Snyder, to possibly lose millions of dollars in merchandise and marketing. This would possibly influence a new name for the team. Several U.S. lawmakers and President Barack Obama have thrown their opinions into the mix urging the team to change names. To make things clear, Snyder told USA Today he would NEVER change the name of the Redskins (yes he said they could use caps). The lifelong fan of the Redskins turned owner in 1999 and has been quiet on the subject until this year when support against him built up. I am a Washington fan and am interested in how far opinions range on the subject. I interviewed several people of Native American descent and not one was okay with the term redskin. I talked to



Lincoln Journal Star reporter, Kevin Abourezk, who said, “The refusal to change the name is a slap in the face and an act of neglect by mainstream society.” Some argue that the name represents tradition and honor to the original inhabitants of this country. Rachel White Hawk Strong, Administrative Secretary of the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs, said “It’s as if you have a team called the blackies and it’s obviously based on a racist stereotype.” “Colonialism and the end of the Indian wars all that physic energy needed an outlet and sports became the continuation of these ethnic wars,” said Professor Tom Gannon. A name change isn’t an easy thing to do though. You may be thinking well what about the Chicago Blackhawks, Cleveland Indians, Florida State University, Atlanta Braves and the Kansas City Chiefs. Do these teams need to convert and change? Do they make the drastic change like the University of Stanford did? Am I trying to start a controversy or hype up a heated issue? No, like I said I’m a Washington Redskins fan. You will see me sporting the team’s logo on my sweatshirt when I walk through campus on chilly days. But I’m not married to the name Redskins. Why couldn’t they become the Warriors or something like that? There’s the argument that the majority aren’t offended by the name and there are several states in the U.S. that have Native American origins or connotations. Does that means if teams are changing names then states like Oklahoma need to change? No it’s not nearly the same argument. The word redskin is offensive to some and considered a racial slur too many. If you’re not for changing the name of the team, don’t worry. Snyder won’t be changing his mind anytime soon. That is unless when it’s deciding time for the location of the 2024 Olympics. The hesitation that sits in the air with the 2014 Winter Olympics because of hostile attitudes towards people’s sexual orientation may cause the International Olympic Committee to reconsider hosting events in a venue with the word Redskins plastered around. With all that considered Snyder could get a new stadium built that would host his team’s football games for probably little to no cost to him. Of course a team name change could determine that. Don’t make your decision now, ponder over it and consider all of the factors and your beliefs. When you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal and look around at the family and friends, take a minute to soak it all in. The reason your celebrating this moment and why it started was because groups of people set aside their differences and enjoyed the company of others who weren’t quite the same. Ask yourself, why do we keep linking our ugly parts of history with modern day sports?


Scene on campus


Ever since the 1978 film, Animal House, JOEL hazing has been seen GIROUARD as a typical aspect of Sigma Chi the Greek life tradition. Joel is a senior studying advertising Many houses pride & PR. You may contact him at themselves on how rigorous their pledge program is or how they can come up with new ways to embarrass, harass and “torture” their new pledges.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, hazing is described as, “the practice of playing unpleasant tricks on someone or forcing someone to do unpleasant things.” Every year thousands of college students are initiated into sororities and fraternities and every year houses are kicked off of campus due to hazing. One of the most startling statistics was that since 1970, there have been at least one or more deaths related to hazing among Greek houses, every year. 82 percent of hazing-related deaths are directly linked to alcohol. What makes this fact even more scary is that, in 2012, Lincoln was ranked number two for the highest binge-drinking cities in the U.S. Whether it is from physical abuse or alcohol-related events, the reality is that there is a reoccurring trend when it comes to hazing. For the most part, people want to fit in and being in college is no different. Everyone wants to feel accepted and being a Greek is a perfect example. When I first went to college, I saw fraternities as the beer-guzzling jocks with inflated egos and low sense of morality. However, after going through rush I began to realize that most of those stereotypes were only a small portion of the actual Greek community. In fact, most fraternities and sororities focus on campus involvement, community service and philanthropic activities, as well as other beneficial programs. Yet the one thing I did notice, was that fraternities still employ a large amount of hazing before becoming a member. I had heard from my friends at other colleges about their hazing experiences and I was quite nervous about my own experience at UNL. While my house no longer participates in hazing, I couldn’t help but notice that a majority of the houses continue the tradition despite the risks. In Nebraska, hazing is considered a class II misdemeanor with the possibility

of a fine up to $10,000. Despite the criminal implications, hazing just seems to be one of the norms when it comes fraternity ritual and tradition. While I don’t aim to preach, I do believe that hazing should be eliminated entirely. While it may be a big part of fraternal tradition, it’s our duty as Greeks to create new traditions and pave the way for future generations. It is sad to see that most houses don’t change their culture until they are caught or someone ends up hurt. What makes hazing even worse is that as every class gets initiated, they feel the need to haze the pledge class below them with even more rigor. Until we can convince fraternities and sororities to abandon hazing practices we will continue to see our fellow classmates make immoral decisions or even, possibly, read about them in the obituary section.

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Lookbook fashion

FOR A BETTER “TOM”ORROW Even though shoes seem like the simplest ABBEY WALKER part of an outfit, they Alpha Omicron Pi can actually make Abbey is a sophomore studying the biggest impact fashion communications. on society. If you Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t took the time to read my article last week, “The UGGLY Truth”, you now know that the brand of shoe is actually everything. The company UGG, and many others, use the ugly side of business and misuse whatever materials they can to make more money, which is atrocious but smart when you only have the business part in mind. But not all shoe business only think about the money. TOMS, for example, uses their business to better others lives and make sure that they are not just making a profit but making sure that other communities are also profiting from them. Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, has won numerous awards because of his unique way of business. If you do not know, TOMS is a shoe company that when a customer buys a pair of shoes, the company will then use that money to provide a child in need a pair of shoes. Mycoskie thought of this ingenious idea when he was working with poor families that could not afford shoes in Argentina in 2006. Since then, TOMS has

provided children 10 million pairs of shoes and everyday that number grows. By providing those shoes children can go to school, play safely and protect them against infections and diseases. Each year, new styles of TOMS are released and they just keep getting better and better. Many people, girls and guys alike, sport this style around campus because of the style and the sense of helping others is always a good reason to buy more shoes. Elise Van Hove, an Alpha Omicron Pi, adores her TOMS, “I first bought them because I always love being able to help those in need but the comfort, style and quality of the shoe is something you should never pass up.” TOMS prices start around $48 for the classic style yet many other styles are available like wedges, sandals, boots and many more.

Since Mycoskie was so successful with the shoes, TOMS also created eyewear in which the same process happens. If you buy a pair of TOMS eyewear then they will restore sight to someone that cannot afford it by giving surgeries, treatment or glasses. By giving sight back to individuals they can go back to work and help their families to become more stable. They are giving shoes to more than 60 different countries around the world and restore sight in 13. If you think shoes are just another item to put on in t he mornings, think again and maybe you could change someone’s life.

Lookbook fashion



Sports local

HUSKER BASKETBALL GROWING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES If you are still feeling aprehensive about jumping on the Husker men’s basketball bandwagon, hopefully Monday night changed your mind.

It makes it easier to be loud and crazy when we are winning.”


Phi Kappa Theta

The 9-8 Huskers upset the Kyle is a sophomore studying 17th ranked Ohio State finance. You may contact him at Buckeyes 68-62 at the Pinnacle Bank Arena to record their first win in Big Ten play. The student section stormed the court after the game that was close throughout, with the Huskers in firm control for the entire game. “The Arena was going crazy when we went on our first big run in the first half. Shavon Shields and Deverell Biggs were driving relentlessly to the basket, breaking down Ohio State’s defense and bulldozing their way to the rim,” said freshman Phi Kap Houston Arens. “The student section definitely played their part, creating a raucous atmosphere.

And winning at the Pinnacle Bank Arena is exactly what the Huskers are doing this year. They are now 8-1 at home, with their only loss a 71-70 heartbreaker to Michigan. This team is superb at defending homecourt, which is extremely important in the building process of a strong basketball program. And we have made the investment in developing a strong team. “The arena has never failed to entertain. The food is fantastic. I got the french fries and they were some of the best french fries I have ever had. They also have $2 hot dogs, which are very nice for a poor college student. Also the halftime entertainment with the gymnastics act was thrilling. The student section is big, which helps a lot with the atmosphere. But the game is what puts people in the seats, and the best way to get people in the seats is winning. Nothing is more fun than storming the court after a huge win.” said Arens. “I think everything is going in the right direction, if we keep winning at home, the recruits will notice and more will want to play here than ever before.” What is great about being a student during this monumental year in Husker basketball, is we are creating the tradition with Tim Miles leading us and an athletic department determined to put us on the map. We are only a few big men away from being a real force on the basketball court. Once our team starts making it to the tournament on a regular basis, we all know our fans will show up just like they do for football and volleyball.

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THE COLD CURE I’m sick. As in Kleenex strewn all over my JOSLYN MAENNER desk, sick. My nose is Gamma Phi Beta stuffed up, my head Joslyn is a junior studying pounds and my throat hospitality, restaurant and tourism management. You may contact her at feels like it’s about to be set on fire. In short, I am a hot mess. Yet I have to keep pushing on. The semester has only just begun and it’s important to me that I show up to class and not waste precious excused absences. I will not let something like the common cold hold me back. In order to accomplish this successfully I have to look and feel the part. Looking the part of a normal and healthy human is fairly simple. Feeling the part is where the real magic happens. I personally like to use home remedies as often as I can. Though I do really appreciate the wonders of modern medicine and use over the counter products, I find that natural remedies have their own special way of making me everything a little bit better. Home remedies feel like home. It’s almost like your back in your own bed with your pet and your favorite blanket. So if you’re feeling the sniffles coming on, take note. 1. Tea with Honey So I’m already a tea fanatic. I love drinking a cup of tea in the morning or before I go to bed. The warmth is what really helps a sick throat feel super great after a long day of hacking. Honey in tea also helps to coat your throat and relieve some of the irritation and scratchiness. Additionally, tea can is actually really good for you and some teas have antioxidants and other attributes. Some teas will have caffeine, which should help you feel more alert and awake in the morning. Other teas help you fall asleep after a long day. 2. Vitamin C Drink up that orange juice. Vitamin C has the possibility of helping shorten a cold. If you’re not a fan of fresh squeezed orange deliciousness you can try other types of juices. Just look on the label and make sure there you are getting your daily percentage of Vitamin C and other nutrients. However, be sure not to overdo it because there


is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup A hot bowl of Chicken noodle soup, enough said. There’s nothing quite like it. 4. Nasal Irrigation As gross as it sounds, nasal irrigation such as the neti-pot are used by many people to help treat cold symptoms. My mother swears by this. Make sure to read the instructions on the side of the box or watch a tutorial before trying for yourself!


Scene on campus


She was too scared to tell her parents, and they never found out until it was too late. Her parents weren’t able to recognize signs of Kristin’s growing depression until she had taken her life.

The Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta ALEXIS sororities teamed up LOWE last week to share one Alpha Delta Pi Alexis is a freshman studying mother’s story. Andrea gender studies, premed.h. Cooper, who is a Delta You may contact her at Delta Delta alumna, travels to universities across the country to share with young men and women the story of her daughter Kristin, a 20-year-old Alpha Chi Omega who committed suicide on New Year’s Eve in 1995.

The main purpose for telling Kristin’s story is to spread awareness before it’s too late for someone else struggling with depression to get help. We are better able to get our friends the help and care they need before they hurt themselves if we can recognize the warning signs of depression or suicidal behavior in others. Andrea herself professes that she was unfamiliar with the basic warning signs, and when she suspected her daughter of being depressed, Kristin came home that winter break in 1995 seeming just as happy and bubbly as her old self. “Do you know why Kristin seemed so happy and relieved? It was because she had a plan,” Andrea said. According to the American College Health Association, the suicide rate among young adults has tripled since the 1950’s with young men ages 20-24 being doubly at risk than their female counterparts. This is why we, as college students, need to learn from stories like Kristin’s. Even if we don’t feel at risk, some of our closest friends could be suffering without us paying attention to the warning signs that exist. Some of these signs include sudden academic problems, mood swings, withdrawal, feelings of hopelessness, disregard for personal appearance, increased risk-taking and/or an obsession with death.

Andrea shared from the platform that “Parents often worry about losing their children, but we usually worry about losing them to an accident. We never dream of losing a child to suicide.” After losing their daughter, the Coopers found out by reading Kristin’s journal that she had been You could be the resource that keeps someone you love that is struggling raped by her close friend prior to the onset of her severe depression. with depression from choosing suicide as a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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THE HEADACHE IN A HELMET Just when the world thought nothing more irritating could exist than a smart car parked in a non-compact spot, bikes rose from under the pile of junk in the garage and came riding out with vengeance.


bikers? I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with your aloofness.


It is about time we commoners realize that the sidewalk was generated for the Armstrong hopefuls. So when you are on the road next, keep an eye out for the menace on two wheels.

Alexis is a sophomore studying newsbroadcasting/photojournalism. You may contact her at

The great cyclist turned avid drug user Lance Armstrong once said, “If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.” If I were a biker, I would worry about falling--or rather getting pushed--off your bike.

Kappa Delta

Every day, students apprehensively amble down the sidewalk, dreading their next encounter with the ostensible Tour de France biker. The wannabe Lance Armstrongs (though at this point I don’t see how people would want to emulate him) need to choose—walk to class or move over. Bicycles are vehicles and should operate like cars. That means stopping at stop signs and stoplights and yielding to pedestrians. Cyclists don’t have the freedom to pick and choose when to operate like cars and when to operate like pedestrians. It is comparable to the mythical character Ariel thinking she should have legs all of a sudden. No, Ariel. Get back in the water—you’re a mermaid. I always question if bikers think they are knitting a Santa Monica Boulevard sized scarf. And for those of you who don’t know what Santa Monica Boulevard is, it’s a darn big street. Just in case bikers think they might be, let us remind them that they are not. Therefore, bikers should stop continuing to weave in and out of students when they please, as there is no yarn attached to the back of their deceptively infuriating bike. This is the moment when bikers transform from your average car into a pedestrian. Yet they are still on a bike. What is it with the constant need to be first? They are on a bike in the middle of a crowd, how fast do they think they’re going to get somewhere? I have to give it to you riders though, I can see how pedaling obnoxiously fast through the narrow path that us students have created definitely acquires some sort of skill. However, it is still annoying, so just stop doing it. Considering that we have come to the conclusion that bicyclists need to cycle on the same road where motor vehicles operate, it still baffles me why riders have no consideration for their surroundings. Frankly, sticking out a hand and giving people no choice but to halt isn’t good enough. We would not want them to waste their precious time twirling their head ten degrees to ensure that there is no oncoming traffic, perhaps saving their life. I have heard from countless people that they’ve been marked by the egoists who assume that the path was generated specifically for them. Kappa Delta junior Elyse Jordan talked about an encounter: “I had a bruise from here to here,” she said, pointing from the top of her thigh to her knee. “They tore my leggings - I was irate!” Her jaw still drops in shock over this deplorable event that happened to her last semester. See,

Spare the world and don’t hop on in the morning. Discard your immodest pride, strap on your running shoes, and get up a little earlier. Or, if you unfortunately continue to ride your bike, remember that you once walked the streets us plebeians still do. For those of you motorists contemplating the poor switch from parking pass to bike lock, good luck with the transition from hunter to the hunted.


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A$AP Rocky’s ascent to riches and fame is best likened to his vocal delivery: quick, decisive and unexpected.

that “Long.Live.A$AP” is a different sort of beast, tapered to the continual transformation the rap genre has experienced BRETT as of late. The beats are wholly dark and experimental, fusing BERGSTROM Beta Theta Pi Southern chop-and-screw sounds with those of popular guest Brett is a sophomore studying journalism / English. producers, like Skrillex and Hit-Boy. Strings of guest appearances You may contact him at are peppered throughout, wide audience appeal maximized. Meanwhile, fashion, glitz and drugs find themselves pimped for So much so, in fact,that I hardly gave him more than a second’s thought when I the pleasure of the audience’s own vicarious pleasures. It’s an first heard his virgin hit, “Peso.” All the buzz in the world wouldn’t addicting formula, and it works no matter which listen you find win me over regarding another up-and-comer with a large hype yourself on. train and not much else. I’d argue the single most important aspect of A$AP Rocky’s I certainly never expected the 25 year old with the french braids debut is its ability to still entertain and wow me, even a year later. to craft as addicting a package as “Long.Live.A$AP,” his debut I spend the majority of my days listening to one sort of music album from last January -- but ruminating on the music of last or another, and it’s a testament to the craft of the album and the year has led me to the unexpected conclusion that it might outrank accessibility of the songs that I haven’t wearied myself of it yet. “Yeezus” and “Nothing Was The Same” as my most enjoyed album There’s something about his delivery: he flows well no matter the of 2013. song or sound he’s going for and it’s apparent he had a hell of a While critics lauded Rocky for his delivery, his finesse and the lot of fun making the record, an enthusiasm that always manifests standout texture and aesthetic of the LP, they were also quick to itself in my own mood. point out flaws in his lyrical abilities and direction. In contrast, I More than any other of album of 2013, I know I can turn to find the album to be an exercise in doing this genre – and, indeed, “Long.Live.A$AP” whenever I want to listen to music I’m certain a debut – exceedingly well. to enjoy. It’s a chameleon of a record, always blending itself to From the moment the deeply-warped synths kick off opener whatever vibe I desire or mood I’m feeling. If you haven’t figured “Long Live A$AP” and until Florence Welch sings her last it out yet, let me spell it plainly: it’s one of the best albums of last melancholy-flavored bridge in “I Come Apart,” it is apparent year.

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