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Scene on campus

THE GREEK CHAMPIONSHIPS In our minds, we all secretly picture formal MEG going perfectly. The RONSPIES night would begin Delta Delta Delta with dinner, continue Meg is a junior studying business administration. with drinking and You may contact her at end up with the perfect date. However, formal usually turns in a different direction. Most formals, I don’t even make it to the dance. Occasionally, there is no dinner involved. Half the time my date is stuck on the “continuing with drinking” part. However, what if formal had a $25,000 budget?

Through my Odyssey writing, I found out about a nation-wide contest called, The Greek Championships. By simply downloading an app and regularly using it, my sorority has the ability to win this formal prize. The formal prize is not all, however. The top Greek organization earns a trip for 25 to Vegas to the EDC, worth $100,000. Second place is the formal and third is a party bus for an entire semester, each Friday and Saturday. Sound interesting? It gets better. There are mini prize packages, as well. These include free shirts for your chapter from The Social Life, one of the largest shirt companies in the country, as well as “food vans,” where you can decide if you want absurd amounts of fro-yo, or a solid meal and other things yet to be determined! Mini challenges come from social media likes, shares and tweets and can also give you points from referring other chapters. If you would like to join and help one of your fellow UNL chapters out, register online at: Registering is simple and downloading the app is even easier! The app the contest uses is called Quad. For my chapter, it actually became beneficial. I hate Group Me. It sends me constant notifications about stupid things people are talking about that I’m not a part of. Quad allows up to 500 members to be in one “group” (entitled whatever you would like), and from there you can divide into different topics. You can then follow which topics sound interesting to you. This way, you are not constantly getting notifications for things unrelated to you! I’ve found it super helpful. Some of the topics my chapter put in place that I follow include Tri Delta Kitchen, Philanthropies and Greek Week. These are easy reminders of what’s for dinner, who has a philanthropy to attend that night, as well as when girls are going, and maintaining updates on Greek Week events. Quad keeps group chatting



Beyond these parts of the contest, you can invite friends and family to support your chapter online or through the app. The more supporters you gain, and possible chatting you do with them, the better chance your chapter has at winning. One of the major plusses is that chapter size does not matter. At first, I was confused how you win with a certain amount of people, when everyone has a different sized chapter. The Greek Champs uses an algorithm to determine who is actually using the app to chat! Currently, Delta Delta Delta at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is in fifth place. Help us out, or enter your own chapter, by downloading Quad and signing up at! The contest runs until May 31.


Lookbook fashion

ETSY: A NEW ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Although this shopping website is one of my favorites, many people don’t know about this amazing place!

Etsy is an online shopping website where anybody can create their own boutique and sell anything and everything they want! There’s everything from hand-painted art HANNAH SCHINKEL to vintage clothing, Gamma Phi Beta baby clothes and Hannah is a junior studying textile furniture. The thing I and apparel design. You may contact her at like most about Etsy is that almost all of it is handmade. It really puts a new perspective on supporting local artists.

their heart and soul into it.

Creating art has a way of bringing people together in the craziest ways. People can find connections in how they interpret it or how it’s created and, instantly, they understand each other’s triumphs and struggles. There are so many artists and creators on Etsy and it’s a fun place to shop as ell as a cool place to get inspiration for your own creations. A lot of times, when I have a blank canvas in front of me and I cannot seem to find any inspiration within my own mind, I turn to Pinterest and Etsy to see what other people are creating. I have this book called, “Steal Like An Artist,” and it’s all about different places you can get inspiration. One of the main sources of inspiration that artists have been utilizing for hundreds of years is the work of other artists. Emulation was the way that many of the most famous artists were trained in their skills.

Back to the point. If you need a creative, unique gift for a birthday or The way it works is that you find whatever you are shopping for. Let’s just an everyday, “I’m thinking about you gift,” check out! take a personalized bracelet, for example. You put it in your shopping You’ll always find something one-of-a-kind and personal! cart and you can actually message the owner of the boutique (usually the creator) and personalize the item exactly how you want it! They ship it directly to you for a very reasonable price. My experiences with Etsy have always been good and I’ve been very satisfied with every purchase I’ve made with them. Most of the time, if you are placing a big order, the owner can give you a discount! Being an artist, I love being able to directly talk to the people creating the jewelry or clothing. Seeing their passion for what they are creating makes the price of the item seem irrelevant because someone has put






Lookbook fashion



weekends middle


of April,


Another pair to point out are

short in is


fashion capital of the world. Every celebrity, fashion

ABBEY WALKER Alpha Omicron Pi

Abbey is a sophomore studying fashion communications. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

two lovely ladies from across the pond. Jackie Swerz and Poppy Delevingne, sister of the infamous Cara Delevingne, looked on trend every day that they partied and relaxed listening to the festival. While

icon and music lover

showing off their toned bodies at a

gathers to listen to the hippest bands around the world, but there is so much

pool party, Poppy flaunted a simple,

more then just the music scene. Coachella is widely known for the crazy

black athletic swimsuit with a chic,

fashion that is strutted around the festival and everyone is watching closely

leather jacket and a simple floral

to see what new trends to wear this summer. The most important fashion rule

headband. Jackie looked elegant

of Coachella is to remember that everything and anything goes!

and mod with a white romper and

The most watched teen style icons, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are, of course, at the top of my list to analyze. They have taken the boho theme to a whole different level. Kendall took to the dark side with a long, black lace overcoat with a black crop top and shorts. Kylie followed with a black romper, combat

combat boots. They hit all the right style notes by keeping it simple and not trying too much with the hippie feel.

boots and full black feather headband. Most girls go for the spring pastels,

While reminding many festival

but I actually enjoyed seeing a more edgy look in the crowds of pink floral

friends, “selfing is a disease,” Katy

headbands. One of the days they were accompanied by Selena Gomez, who

Perry was another celeb that came out in the California sun and enjoyed the

did a full-length, see-through white lace dress with the perfect brown floppy

company of her pals, instead of a man, like years past. While going to Lorde

hat and oversized sunglasses. This trio set every blog and social media on fire

and many other concerts during the festival, Perry was spotted with new green

with their trendy outfits and new friendship.

hair that tied in perfectly with the “anything goes” spirit of Coachella fashion.

500 words on



own is worth the investment! It will last you all four years of college, and you can leave people like me to enjoy our precious sleep. A safe way to get out of your lofted bed in the morning. It’s an awkward moment when you don’t know if you should struggle to climb down the side of the bed, or to jump even though it hurts your feet and you’re not sure what you may be landing on. My bed is not lofted, but I can imagine one must have a safe routine down by fall break if they want to make it to class on time. Snapchat. Gotta love getting those ugly pictures of your friends making faces you didn’t even know were humanly possible.

10 more pairs of leggings. If my dorm was on fire and I could only save what I could carry, every pair of Lululemon leggings would be thrown over my shoulder along with my other valuables. A life with leggings is no life at all.


Ta y l o r i s a f r e s h m a n studying advertising & PR. You may contact her at

A justifiable reason to be wearing anything other then leggings and a baggy shirt. Socially acceptable reasons to be wearing real clothes are Monday night dinners with your chapter, a job interview, a class presentation or sorority recruitment event. Netflix account. You will never sit down to watch a TV show at its scheduled time, ever again. Accept the fact that you will have to wait until that season is available on Netflix to watch it. My own printer. Countless times, this year, my friends who live in my dorm asked to come print something late at night or early in the morning when I’m trying to drag my ass out of bed for my 9:30 a.m. class. A printer of your

Tinder account. All dressed up with no place to go? Maybe it’s time to finally respond to the creepy guy on Tinder to see if he knows of any parties, tonight. Desperate times call for desperate measures… but you should probably bring a purse big enough to hold your mace. Five pound tub of Nutella. Does this one even need an explanation? Vitamin C. I had never been one to take daily vitamins, but I would be lost without my daily 1,000 mg dose of vitamin C. The dorms are breeding ground for the common cold, flu and random infections. Vitamin C supports your immune system and lowers your chances of picking something up. A gator. I don’t care if I look like I’m about to rob a bank, at least I’m a hell of a lot warmer than the girl next to me with one of those stupid headbands on that doesn’t even keep your warm. Plus, no one will be able to tell if you did your makeup as your face will be all wrapped up! One pound of rhinestones from Hobby Lobby. When you’re in a sorority, crafting is a way of life. If crafting is a way of life you need rhinestones. If rhinestones are needed for crafting, you need a lot of them because you will craft for anyone and everyone. Your big, your little, your twin, your house mom, your president, etc. Season football tickets. GO BIG RED! A Keurig. The C store closes at 1 a.m. and you will need coffee after 1 a.m.


Sports local


very different teams in the National Basketball Association. Fans of any

As I am writing, the Brooklyn Nets — a team that before January, was a woeful 10-21 — have just outlasted the Miami


Brett is a sophomore studying journalism / English. You may contact him at

story trope will find satisfaction: from raw youths trumping veterans to experience triumphing over youth, historic rivalries and breakneck competition, redemption, innovative coaches producing success out of meager talent. The NBA is basically like a microcosm of every interesting thing ever

Heat by a point to

and it’s so fun to follow these stories that I’d rather obsess over them

sweep the season series between the teams. The one-point victory was

than most of my college workload.

sealed by the last-second block of a dunk attempt from the best player in the world, LeBron James, by Mason Plumlee, a white center with all the grace of Bambi.

It would be disingenuous of me if I did not admit that I can see where the non-believers are coming from. Hell, for a decade I spent more time hashing out Mikan drills after 10 p.m with my father and pushing my

The gravity of this having happened will probably escape most of you.

far too-lengthy limbs over and around fluorescent cones than I care to It’s like halting a full-speed train with a paper blockade. The Nets are admit. It was all for the sake of a sixth-man spot on a 3rd place team, and now 43-34 and will crack the top five for playoff seeding mere months for all that time as a glorified benchwarmer and basketball enthusiast from the brink of collapse. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s the little things like this that make me feel bad for the people

I didn’t once follow the NBA closely. Shame, shame. Appreciating the game in a serious manner is like finally understanding

who don’t follow the NBA. It’s not a bitter thing. I’m not some pissy Shakespeare, or calculus, or biochemistry. There’s a lot of beauty in the megafan, sour over lost Nielsen ratings. I feel sad for the people who nuance, though it looks awful and complicated and seems to be far too don’t get to participate in appreciating what is clearly the second most much work for the uninitiated. This eventual understanding of the beautiful sport in the world behind Federer v. Nadal tennis. The speed game and, by extension, awareness of its finest inner workings vastly of the game and athletic prowess of these professional hoopsters is improves enjoyment, even confirms our existence, which sort of goes simply unexplainable — even the awkward seven footers, like Plumlee. without saying, but since it’s the point of this column I feel the need If you ever want clarification, Google a possession of offense from the lowly Atlanta Hawks. Their team chemistry puts the idea of Kobe Bryant-esque hero-ball to absolute shame, and they may not even make the playoffs in a historically bad Eastern Conference. Try that irony on for size.

to reiterate it. Let me try to be more blunt. LeBron James. Kevin Durant. Chris Paul. Anthony Unibrow-Davis. A new commissioner bent on giving players flexibility and fans their own due. The revolution/resurgence of smallball and the three-point shot. You people have no excuse to not watch

That such story lines exist is a byproduct of the fact that there are 30 the greatest sport, played by the best athletes in the world.

Self study tips



500 words on


Colbert has expressed his excitement in the only way he knows, held

After the surprising, but understandable

announcement of David Letterman’s retirement from late night television, the


together by pure humor. “I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me.

Danielle is a sophomore studying broadcasting / journalism. You may contact her at

All jokes aside, Colbert understands how big of an opportunity this

Chi Omega

question that left

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got go grind a gap in my front teeth.”

is. He has said that his favorite part of his career was being a guest on Letterman’s show. He is a frequent viewer because Letterman was the guy to follow on late night and the one to learn from, as any host knew.

people scratching their heads was who was going to fill the big shoes Colbert never imagined he would actually be following in his footsteps. being left behind. There are doubts, however. There is no denying Colbert’s talent. For the Finally, after weeks of guessing and wondering, on Thursday April 10, last ten years, he has been producing content for a show that required CBS released an official statement announcing that Steven Colbert of a character. This character was one he played both on and off screen. The Colbert Report, will take over Late Night in 2015. With this new platform, Colbert must find his spot in the late night Colbert is more than qualified with the huge success of his own late

network ranks.

night show, The Colbert Report, for the past 10 years. It was a talk show With the recent success of Fallon’s cross to the Tonight Show, Colbert that combined satire with live improv. Colbert has a distinct type of may come across a viewership loss if he’s unable to deliver what humor based on a sharp wit and opinionated view that may not appeal

audiences are used to with Letterman or change it all to keep them

to everyone.


Letterman didn’t show any worries leaving the show to Colbert. He Whatever Colbert decides is bound to be interesting. After all, he still released his own statement saying, “Stephen has always been a real has a whole year to prepare. One thing is for sure. Come 2015, a new friend to me. I’m very excited for him and I’m flattered that CBS chose era of late night television will emerge and I, for one, can’t wait. him. I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses.”

Sports local


TIM MILES: BEST THING FOR HUSKER FOOTBALL? Flashback to last school year; Husker CHRISTIAN basketball posted a FOLSOM dismal 15-18 record Delta Tau Delta Christian is a sophomore with a mere five wins studying broadcasting. in the Big Ten going You may contact him at 5-13. It was a year of “lasts,” so to speak. The last year Coach Doc Sadler would be the head coach, the last year the Huskers would play basketball in the Devaney, and unknown to Husker fans at the time, the last year we posted a losing record. All of this newfound success in the basketball program has been due, in part, to the building of Pinnacle Bank Arena as well as the hire of now current head coach, Tim Miles, who has done something that has not been done since 1998—lead the Huskers to the NCAA tournament and actually play a few games in March. With the national spotlight on the Huskers and their Cinderella season, Nebraska has definitely become more of a basketball state than ever before. People flock to Miles’ side asking for an autograph or a selfie the second they see him. Coach Miles is like the neighborhood Dad everybody wishes was their Dad. From his contagious full faced smile, to his cool collected Midwest charm, Miles has got it figured out. He always makes time to stop and talk to fans and makes it a point to put a good product on the court every game. When Miles goes to the scoring table after a game, he does not ask how many turnovers there are, he inquires as to how many Husker faithful were in attendance. With the national spotlight on the Huskers and their Cinderella season, Nebraska has definitely become more of a basketball state than ever before. People flock to Miles’ side asking for an autograph or a selfie the second they see him. Coach Miles is like the neighborhood Dad everybody wishes was their Dad. From his contagious full faced smile, to his cool collected Midwest charm, Miles has got it figured out. He always makes time to stop and talk to fans and makes it a point to put a good product on the court every game. When Miles goes to the scoring table after a game, he does not ask how

many turnovers there are, he inquires as to how many Husker faithful were in attendance. See, Miles knows how important a home court advantage can be in basketball, especially in the Big Ten. Miles cares just as much about the way his players play, as he does about his home court—and for good reason. This season, the Huskers posted an amazing 16-1 record at home and, oddly enough, sold out every one of those games, filling all 15,000 seats each time. Their lone loss came against Michigan, who was a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament and only beat the Huskers by one point because Nebraska failed to make a layup in the final seconds. So how has Miles become not only the best thing for basketball, but football as well? His attitude. Sir Tom Stoppard once said, “A healthy attitude is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.” Tim Miles has entirely embodied this saying. Bo Pelini, on the other hand, has been notorious for his hatred for the media as well as his heated attitude. As we all saw in the spring game, even Scrooge Pelini has a soft spot for some good natured fun. Pelini entered Memorial stadium carrying a cat and as he stopped before the end of the tunnel walk, he hoisted the cat up mimicking the Lion King introduction. Something like that is an example of what “old Bo” would never do. Now that Miles is here, he has set precedence for how the Husker fans would like a coach to act. He has put a lot of pressure on Bo and the football program to match the success of the basketball team. The pressure is working as Bo opened spring practice to the media for the first time in six years. Will we have a more happy-go-lucky Bo in the future? Hard to say, but with stunts like the cat, as well as an improved attitude towards the media, Bo is setting himself up to recruit a lot better players, which is something Nebraska has struggled with since Bo was hired in 2008. Miles may be on top of the world, right now, but Husker nation will have high hopes for the team in the fall. Hopefully, his unique coaching persona can set the Huskers up for many successful seasons to come. Either way, it is a great time to be a Husker as both the basketball team and the football team are in the national spotlight.


500 words on


Why Dan+Shay’s album needs to be your next download.

Dan + Shay’s first album is already taking over the country music charts. Dan + Shay… have you heard of them? If you haven’t, stop reading this article right now and go look them up. Yes, I’m being serious. I give you full permission to not finish reading my article as long as you go take a listen. Why am I so excited about whoever or whatever this Dan + Shay thing is?Because their first official album dropped recently and it is perfect, absolute gold. Okay, so you’re probably thinking I’m just temporarily blinded by their good looks and perfectly smooth country voices. While that may be partially true, I’d say that their first ever album, already being in the top 10 on the country album charts, speaks for itself. It’s actually number three. So, while “Show You Off,” and the fact that these two can simultaneously rock the country music scene “Parking Break” will BAILEY and a beanie is definitely a selling point, the music they’re producing WILLIAMS be the background also meets every expectation. Chi Omega music for countless Bailey is a freshman studying This is a country album so, sorry, there are gravel road, cut-off jean, pick- summer romances. If fashion design with communications. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t up truck references, but Dan + Shay throw a few surprise ingredients that summer romance into this country album recipe. For instance, in “Nothin’ Like You,” the goes wrong, they’ve very first verse references coffee. Yes. Coffee. In a country album! The got you covered with exact line is, “Sippin coffee in a corner booth…” Someone has finally “I Heard Goodbye,” their break-up ballad. No matter what situation figured it out, girls! The way to our hearts – and our playlists – is to you’re going through at the moment, their laid back, chill vibe is bound croon in that great country voice about java. Round of applause for to have you dreaming of summer. Dan + Shay, they win. Whether you’re a country fan or not, Dan + Shay’s Where It All Began Not only did they strike gold with that coffee shop line, their vocals album is sure to become a staple on everyone’s summer playlist. and harmonies are enough to make any girl swoon. “19 You + Me,”

500 words on popculture



Humor tweets

@JWitt23321: Confession: I just told the guy on the

@gessiasaguilar: The bags under my eyes are


phone from Office Depot that I loved him.


@ChristnHipster: ‘good will hunting’ is my

@grantjeffres: #BESTDAYEVER is always followed

George RR Martin @_GRRM_ : You’re welcome.

favorite movie that’s also a way to buy vintage


@hschink: I got a sunburn yesterday and now it’s


@jolenedreier: This rain is the better than any

snowing. What the heck, Nebraska--figure it out.

background music I could have chosen for this

@cassiekernick11: Being productive all weekend

wife - so awkward!!!!

would be unbearable but alas it’s time for Game

@whineyging: So I finish Arrested Development.....

@DiGiornoPizza: Hey @BuzzFeed, quiz

of Thrones and all is right in the universe!

again. For the fifth or so time. #problems


@TARAblygood: In a store meeting my manager


said we were getting snacks in the back & said

@HuskerSquirrels: It’s snowing #HarveyCloseUNL.

@DiGiornoPizza: channing tatum is like if pizza

it was because I complained about no snacks.

was a dude with sick dance moves.

Anyone surprised?

@lenadunham: Just heard my dog crying over his

Sunday afternoon. Which Celebrity Photobomb are you


@AFRO_THUNDER80: I’m really gonna miss Joffrey. Says no one ever...

@GefilteFisher: Just ran in to my Ex-Facebook

bowl. Went over to investigate and it was empty

@rarekeith: Thinking about changing my twitter

except for a single packing peanut.

name to Those Emotional Boys. Tweet about

@alli_mcneil: why people watch/play golf i will

Chipotle and other feelings. Buy a few thousand

never understand.

Humor lol



Nebraska 4 24 14 proof1  
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