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SPRING BREAK 2014! Credit Kelly Kuwitzky


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Husker Baseball is in full swing now. A lot of students seem to forget about school spirit after Gamma Phi Beta football and basketball Editor-in-Chief season. Baseball is a Jacy is a sophomore studying great chance to dig up journalism. You may contact her at your Husker tailgating gear and go cheer on some talented students. Enjoy the outdoors and share a bag of popcorn with you sorority or fraternity brothers. The men also sported a camouflage uniform for one of their games which means sporting America gear on top of your Husker pride to all of their games is acceptable. A day at the ballfields is never a day wasted. Also a plus for ladies is of course the men’s baseball pants. Swoon.


This past summer I purchased a hammock and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Owning a hammock might make me a hippie, but I don’t care because they hours of relaxation it brings is me worth it. UNL’s campus is practically set up for hammocks. There are so many trees that can be utilized for the perfect hammock

hanging position. If hammocks are your thing, then a simple blanket on the green can help you unwind. An added perk to both of these options is the ability to still do homework or a little reading while catching some healthy rays of sunshine. Don’t forget the sunscreen though if you have fair skin.

Sunday nights are notorious for line and swing dancing at Pla Mor. It can be easy to forget about this option because weekends fill up quickly leaving homework for Sundays and driving all the way to West O can hurt the gas tank when you haven’t filled up for awhile. This can be one of the most rewarding things to do on a Sunday night though. Line dancing is like a mini workout but it’s fun. I would suggest wearing shorts and a tank top especially if there are a lot of people because you will get sweaty. No cowboy or cowgirl boots are required, take those tennis shoes and dance them off. There is even the possibility of finding a cowboy or cowgirl Casanova to sweep (swing) you off your feet. Time is precious, but time having fun isn’t wasted. Set an amount of time to have fun then after that time is up go back to work. This time of the semester is hectic, but it’s not healthy to stress out over a paper that is only 10% of your grade or getting a B+ instead of an A- on an exam. Don’t sweat the little things and let some distractions keep you occupied and sane.


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Scene on campus


GREEK WEEK STARTS WITH A BANG AND A CHALLENGE This year it wasn’t about how to responsibly consume alcohol or how to treat your brothers and sisters with respect by NOT


Joslyn is a junior studying hospitality, restaurant and tourism management. You may contact her at

Throughout his presentation Sam used recent examples of discrimination from around the country. But he reminded Monday’s audience of Martin Luther King Junior’s impactful words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Greeks at Nebraska don’t want to end up on some other presenter’s slideshow in the future. I think we’d much rather set an impactful example of leadership to the rest of the country.

hazing them. It wasn’t

I really hope everyone present took away even just a small piece of what Sam

about relationships or

was trying to convey to our campus. I am so proud of our Greek community

academics. The topic was diversity. And what a refreshing topic it was. Here

for all the leadership I see day in and day out. I know that we can continue on

are some of the things I took away from Sam’s talk.

that great tradition by upholding the standards of inclusion and acceptance

1. Legacies are important

of all people.

I’m not talking about the sister/brother whose parent or sibling was a member of your organization I’m talking about the legacy left behind when you leave this place. Sam said they were three types of legacies, positive, negative, and forgotten. I think we can all agree on what kind of legacy we want. What are you willing to do to achieve a positive legacy for your chapter? Are you willing to stand up for what’s right even if it means disagreeing with a brother or sister? According to Sam, “You don’t get to pick your legacy, just your actions.” Just a little food for thought there. 2. Flipping coins can be a really fun pastime. 3. “Don’t just not be an idiot.” Just because you never have (or never have been caught) saying or doing something insensitive or derogatory doesn’t mean your totally ok. As Greeks we should strive to make change on campus and set an example of how to live while upholding our values. Not doing stupid stuff is not enough to call your self a leader. Greeks should be proactive in making change across our campus. 4. Teaching others is not as hard as it seems. I think another important thing I’ll take away is how to approach someone when they do say something offensive. Sam showed a video that addressed this topic. The important thing is to not tell the person that they are a racist or a bigot. This will completely derail the argument you are trying to make and just end up making the situation worse. You need to address what they said and why it was wrong so they can better understand why it’s not ok to say things like that. 5. Just because it’s not happening here doesn’t mean you should stay quiet


Scene on campus

ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT limits. Improvements happen a little bit at a time and can only be made

Jane Seu, a 21-year old political science major from Omaha, Nebraska isn’t your average


Her sport requires immense cardio and


Kara is a sophomore studying English and communications. You may contact her at

by working hard every day…even in the times when practices or races are very difficult, there is a tremendous feeling of love and respect for each other for having gone through those tough experiences together.” If anyone is interested in joining Nebraska Crew, they should contact Jane Seu on the team e-mail, They also have a Facebook page “Nebraska Crew” and a Twitter handle, @Nebraska_

mental fitness and

Rowing. Nebraska crew is looking to recruit at least 20 new athletes

needs practiced and perfected every day.

every year to fill out the novice teams. “We want to train and improve

Jane is part of Nebraska Crew, the rowing team at UNL. The club is our teams to be competitive every year at the American Collegiate supported by Campus Recreation, but competes intercollegiate and

Rowing Association Championships every spring. We also want to raise

on a national level. In 1971, the women’s team of Nebraska Crew was

enough money to buy new equipment.” Seu reported the team was able

formed. The Boathouse is located on 16th and X street on city campus

to buy a brand new “four” last winter, the newest boat the team has

and the team meets every day at either the Boathouse on their indoor purchased in over ten years. “Rowing equipment is very specific and rowing machines (called ergometers) or at Branched Oak Lake in

very expensive but we want to keep updating our equipment for the

Malcom, Nebraska.

future and buy more new boats, oars, ergometers, and rebuild our dock

Seu said she joined Nebraska Crew in the fall of 2011. “I was always into at our practice lake. There are a lot of moving parts to keep a rowing sports and wanted to try something different. I had seen and heard of program going and so my goal is and always has been to bolster as

rowing and finally thought I should try it. I was hooked immediately.” many of those moving parts as much as I can…I firmly believe that Seu began on the novice team, as all beginners do, but quickly moved rowing is one of the best things that can happen to a person and I want up into the position of coxing. “In bigger boats, like fours (which seats four rowers) and eight (eight rowers), a coxswain is someone who sits in the boat as the fifth or ninth seat and steers. They give verbal commands and keep the boat safe as the rowers are facing backwards from the direction they are going.” Seu eventually became a leader on the team and was voted president of the team in spring of 2013. She says her favorite parts of being on Nebraska Crew are the cherished small moments. “Rowing is hard work. It’s difficult, sometimes tedious. It’s pushing one’s cardiovascular and muscular

to share that experience with students at UNL.” Seu also has big plans for Nebraska Crew in the upcoming years. “We also have two small

crews going to the Championships in May, but I want that number to increase in the following years. We also want to keep our alumni network involved and active, as they’re a big help to our team. The depth and complexity of our community makes being a leader of this club challenging, but also very rewarding.” Its obvious Seu has immense passion for Nebraska Crew. She adds, “Rowing is about love and respect—for the sport, for one’s teammates, for one’s coach and for oneself.”




The weather ’s nice, summer



around the corner, and studying is the last thing you want to be doing. Here’s 5 ways


Bailey is a freshman studying fashion design with communications. Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t

to stay motivated until the the end of the semester.

2) Make a list of what needs to be done. I find that I am able to accomplish a lot more if I know what is on my plate. If I’m having a really difficult time deciding where to start, I rate the level of importance of each assignment. For example, if something is due the next morning, that will be number one and so on. 3) Set a time to start studying. I guarantee you will get more done if you have a goal in mind. If you still can’t find the motivation to start on your work, ask a friend to study with you so that you’re both held accountable. Just don’t end up talking instead of studying…

With summer so close it’s difficult to stay motivated. Here’s 5 ways to 4) Take breaks. Once you’ve started studying, make sure you take short make sure you finish the semester strong. breaks. If you let yourself rest in between segments of intense studying, As we near the end of the semester I am convinced that all motivation

it will be easier for your brain to recharge and tackle that next textbook

has drained from my body. Every day it gets easier to convince myself

chapter. Personally, I try to study for thirty minutes to an hour and

that I have time for a quick nap, or that I’ll have plenty of time to get then allow myself a ten-minute break to reply to text messages, check those assignments done…tomorrow. Now, if you happen to know Twitter, etc… me personally, this is the exact opposite of my personality. I am an overachiever, get things done as soon as possible type of person. With that in mind, I’m assuming I’m not the only one in the, “spring break tasted a lot like summer, and I’d much rather be at the lake than in a

5) Reward yourself. If you have a chunk of reading to get done try putting one piece of your favorite candy (ex: M&M’s) at the end of each paragraph, page, etc. Once you finish that page, eat your M&M.

I know, it sounds cheesy, but it actually works pretty well. Also, at the study room” boat. So, here’s a few ideas to help you power through end of multiple hours of studying, let yourself have a little fun. Make these last few weeks. a trip to get frozen yogurt, watch an episode of your favorite show, 1) Coffee. This is an obvious one. Whether you’ve just woken up and and let yourself relax. need a kick-start to your day, or that afternoon nap is sounding better With just a few weeks left in the semester it’s easy to let yourself start and better, reach for that coffee mug. Don’t worry, if you’re not a coffee

coasting through. Unfortunately your grades may also start to slide fan there are plenty of other options. Personally, if coffee isn’t available, as well. Grab your book-bag, use a few of these tips, and tackle that I go for tea. And maybe tea isn’t your thing either, but there is always to-do list. soda or energy drinks as well.


Lookbook fashion

HAIRSTYLES FOR SPRING 2014 Springtime is the perfect time of the year to renew your closet and style. After Alpha Omicron Pi winter, I always get antsy to change up my look to a Abbey is a sophomore studying more fresh and girly style fashion communications. to go with the lightness and Yo u m a y c o n t a c t h e r a t clean feeling that spring brings. You can change your clothes everyday but if you are looking for a more permanent look to revamp your style and try out a new trend, cut your hair. For most girls, cutting your hair is a life decision but honestly, hair grows so just do it. Last August, I cut 13 inches off my hair and I have never been happier. There are the days which I wish I could just braid my long hair again but cutting your hair to a new style could really give you more confidence even make you happier. 2014 is packed full of new hair trends that you could try out even before cutting your hair but ladies, cutting your hair isn’t the end of the world and you might even be happier and make your hair healthier if you just chop.


1. Windswept Updos- Many of the runway designers chose to go with the disheveled look this year and had a lot of the loose ends coming out of buns and braids to give that effortless and free-spirited feel to each outfit. This do is rather easy to attain when you just need a quick look for class or even a party. Especially with the wind

around campus, you could just put it in a bun and let Mother Nature take your hair to the next step. 2. Old World and Complex Braids- Last season, the simple and clean-cut braid was everywhere but it’s time to step up your game with a different type this year. The curly, romantic braids that look like they just came from ancient Greece or Renaissance and girls are rocking these fun braids everywhere. Pinterest is a good place to start to find out how to do one of these braids and they would be perfect for formal! One of my favorite braids this season is the Frida Kahlo- inspired crown. 3. Accessories- This might be one of my favorite trends this year, accessories in your hair. It may seem like we’ve all been there, done that with headbands and clips but having more fun with them and taking them to a new level is the thing to do everywhere. From spring break to festivals, flower crowns have been the new rage but even the small simple flower headband can be done for class or a party. Finally, the urban head wrap is one to try as well if you are feeling quite daring for a day. Use any printed scarf and simply wrap it around or cross it over in the front to give it a more boho-feeling look. 4. New Cuts- If you are looking for a daring change in your life, go short and cut it all off. Yes, it does change what you can and cannot do but it also opens the door for new hairstyles that you weren’t able to do before with longer hair. The textured long bob has been a style that has been a hit with many celebs. The loose curls with the blunt cut looks chic while giving short hair a more modern feel. But if you really just want to take a new road, try the pixie. It is a hard cut to pull off but when you do, you can rock it all the time. Mixing it up with a cute headband or hat will help on the off days and for formal, the sleek pixie works as an edgy, elegant touch to your outfit.

Scene on campus



only is she gorgeous and motivated, but also she has a passion for

For example, did you know the oldest fraternity is 237 years old? Or

giving. In 2006, she launched the Sara Blakely Foundation to provide

that George W. Bush pledged Delta Kappa Epsilon? While there is educational financial assistance to entrepreneurial training. You go still so much I don’t know, these are just a few of my favorite things girl. I’ve learned about the Greek system.

5. The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the United

1. There are 123 fraternities and sororities with 9 million members States. Every year, over 1 million hours are spent volunteering by total. Nine. Million. Greeks. That’s almost 3% of the United States’ Greeks throughout the nation. Considering there’s only 8,736 hours total population. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel in an entire year, that’s a wholllle community service! No wonder incredibly small and incredibly inspired at the same time. On the why more than $4 million dollars are raised by sororities each year one hand, I’m just one person in a community of 9 million. But on for their various philanthropies. the other hand, I’m part of a community 9 million strong with some

Being in the Greek community, I have so much I’m proud of, and

of the most successful, driven and ambitious people in the country.

each day I find another reason why I feel so truly blessed to a part

2. The Phi Beta Kappa Society is the oldest Greek letter organization. of such a strong, caring, and loyal network. PBK was founded on December 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary, making it a whopping 237 years old. Although PBK is an Honor Society and not a fraternity or sorority, they were the first organization to start the tradition of using Greek letters as a name, which is kind of big deal. Their motto was, “Love of learning is the guide of life,” and even had top secret initiation rituals and a special handshake. And if you’re wondering why 1776 sounds so familiar, that’s the year America declared its independence. So basically, Phi Beta Kappa is as old as the existence of the United States of America. Nbd. And while we’re talking about history and old things: 3. Since 1825, all but three U.S. presidents were members of a fraternity. But really, how cool would it be to be able to say that you’re bros with Ronald Raegan, John F. Kennedy, or Franklin D. Roosevelt? Ronald Raegan was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, John F. Kennedy was an alum initiate of Phi Kappa Theta, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was a member of Alpha Delta Phi. On top of that, 85% of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity. I would definitely say that these frat boys have got it goin’ on. 4. The youngest woman to ever be on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaires was in a sorority. Speaking for girls everywhere, I send much thanks to Sara Blakely, the wonderful founder of Spanx. Where would we be without her? Sara was a Delta Delta Delta at Florida State University, and graduated with a degree in communications. Not


Sports local


though (#1 doubles team) Brandon and Ford lost. We just need

On a wonderful cool and sunny morning, Husker



tennis team took on the men of Indiana,


Christian is a sophomore studying broadcasting. You may contact him at


to do what we do best, play some tennis.” In his fourth year as a Husker tennis player, Tom Blackwell, Ponte Vedra, FL, has really improved over the years, he once never even saw playing time, and now he is always in the starting lineup at #3 doubles and #3 singles. “I think I have just been here for so long, that by now, I should not have any excuse as to why I should not only play, but

Hoosiers. The Hoosiers came in with a 12-13 overall record hoping win. Half the kids I am playing are 2, sometimes even three years to upset the 10-9 Huskers who are ranked 66th in the nation. The Hoosiers may have had plans for a win, but the Huskers, in

younger than me. I need to win—now.” Unfortunately for Tom, he was the only Husker to lose a singles

the end, sent the Hoosiers packing their bags en route to Indiana. match on Saturday, as the Huskers defeated the Hoosiers with The doubles matches were all decided with extremely close scores ease. as number one doubles lost 8-7 (9-7 in tiebreak), number two “I obviously could have played better, but we won so what does doubles won 8-6 and number three won 8-7 (7-3 in tiebreak). With it matter?” said Blackwell of the Huskers and their dominating such close matches, the Huskers knew they needed to play well performance. in singles if they were going to pull it off. Senior Tom Blackwell

The Huskers continue their season in the hopes of picking up

was concerned yet calm about the challenge ahead: “I think we more Big Ten wins, as the race for the Big Ten tournament and can get these guys. We honestly outplayed them in doubles even the national tournament builds.

Self study tips



500 words on

BLOGGING CRAZE After deciding to go it highlights a variety of individuals through pictures of recent events. through recruitment It’s also regularly updated. MEG three years ago, I Kappa Alpha Theta: RONSPIES wanted to know what Delta Delta Delta Theta’s blog is different because it’s funny! The posts are easy to read to expect that August. Meg is a junior studying and showcase silly things sisters have done or said. It captures your Since I was from a business administration. attention right away. You may contact her at smaller town and Alpha Omicron Pi: unfamiliar with much of the Greek system, Alpha Omicron Pi’s blog is full of pictures in their posts. They showcase I relied on websites. My first impression of each sorority chapter was different girls’ travels really well. from their online pictures, information and letters from each president. Chi Omega: Since then, social media has only spiraled upward. Websites have turned into Instagram accounts, Twitter handles and the newest form Chi O’s blog features posts on individual sisters and their travels, achievements or recent happenings! of Greek social media – blogs. Since then, social media has only spiraled upward. Websites have Kappa Kappa Gamma: turned into Instagram accounts, Twitter handles, and the newest form Kappa’s site is really easy to navigate. Their latest post, about spring of Greek social media – blogs. break, has a map of the U.S. showing where sisters went! Blogs are a form of social media that can provide less information Alpha Xi Delta: than a website, but more than a simple picture or status. A blog can Their blog is very similar to a website. Any information about A Xi D also include more recent information than a website. Blogs are easy to can be found on one of their seven tabs! update, maintain and most allow you to view analytics rather than just favorites or likes. Recently, I have done a lot of blogging and researched I was only able to find blogs from six out of the 15 chapters here at UNL. a lot of Greek blogs. Many of our own chapters at UNL have them. Here I may have missed a few, but I’m sure you can search! Even though I are a few of the blogs I found from different UNL sororities, and a few have already initiated into a chapter and recruitment is the last thing on my mind, I still enjoy reading about what other chapters are doing. things that set each apart. Blogs are an easy way to keep up with the UNL Greek community and Tri Delta: I encourage you to check out each of these sites! Here’s a short plug to check out my chapter’s blog. It’s different because

500 words on



500 words on


I’m not entirely sure whose idea this movie was, but you lot are not going to be thrilled.

this movie.


And those ideas, if the movie is taken solely at face-value, are obvious. Better, they still parallel some of the message of the original, if that’s any Beta Theta Pi consolation to ye staunch followers and lovers of Jesus. In the movie: Brett is a sophomore studying journalism / English. And by “you lot,” I humans are bad. Evil. Immoral. The environment is clearly hurt by You may contact him at mean those lovely, them, by their presence, by their human tendencies. And the Noah of pious, movie-going the film, faced with these realities, acquiesces to the idea that everyone Christians of our “one Nation, under God.” You know, those normal will be wiped out, being the ultra-environmentalist and pragmatist Americans that enjoy Sunday service in the sunshine and eat hot dogs that he is. He wants it to happen. He hopes humans go the way of the with ketchup and mustard at MLB games? I don’t know what you all dinosaur because, you know, Mother Nature deserves better. expected of famed atheist Darren Aronofsky’s new movie, “Noah,” the Now, the movie itself isn’t awful. Just look at one of its trailers: critics one that takes your beloved Bible story and mashes it all to Hell - but love it, apparently. It’s got great acting and great actors. Russell Crowe it probably wasn’t this. as a deranged Noah crusading for the well-being of our Gaia. Emma Seriously. If you are, in any way, expecting some sort of rehashing or 2014 visual-effects orgy-version of the story of Noah as it sits in Genesis, run fast as Daniel from the theater. This one’s not for you, folks. Many a mother has told me they immensely disliked this new “Noah,” and I don’t blame them. They expected a half-grand spectacle, half-reaffirmation of their faith. The film basically spits on that idea. Intentionally? Perhaps. Aronofsky is a sly dog, after all. But really, he simply had other issues than religion on his mind when he created

Watson as the moral rock of the film - as well as the female escaping calamity with wounds that embitter and strengthen her forever. Very relatable and powerful stuff! “Pagan,” actually, if the brilliant Creationist Dr. Ken Ham is to be trusted (see: his review of “Noah”). So I reiterate: it’s not the Christian movie you’re looking for. But it is still a pretty damn good one, apparently, if your movie experience can be dictated by other forces than religion. Whether this stuff matters or not, I suppose, will be up to you.

500 words on popculture



2. Million Dollar Arm.

Out May 16th, this film is John Hamm’s ticket to big movie star status. His acting is seamless in the hit show “Mad Men,” so you can expect nothing less from this movie as well. Hamm plays a sports agent who travels to India in hopes of finding the next best baseball star. This one definitely falls into the ‘feel-good’


Danielle is a sophomore studying broadcasting / journalism. You may contact her at

category, and touches on aspects that everyone can relate to, which is a large feat for a film. 3. The Fault in Our Stars. Probably one of the most anticipated movies of the season, this film out As the weather starts warming up and the weeks of school start dwindling

June 6t,h is based on the best-selling book by John Green. Shailene Woodley

there’s really only one thing on most people’s minds, summer.

delivers yet again after her recent performance in “Divergent.” She plays a

With summer comes road trips, pool days, baseball, and of course some of the

teenage girl with cancer who encounters a boy who makes her actually want

best movies of the year. There’s no doubt moviemakers wait to release until

to start living. This young love affair will lift your spirits, break your heart,

summer to increase their sales and to build the anticipation. This summer is no

and have you reaching for the tissues like any love story should. If you don’t

exception. Here are the top 4 I believe should be on everyone’s must see list.

see any other movie this summer see this one.

1. Neighbors.

4. Deliver Us from Evil.

If starting out the summer with a good comedy wasn’t reason enough, this

Looking to mix things up, this horror films released July 2nd hopes to be the

movie released May 9th, features Zac Efron, Seth Rogan, Rose Bryne, and

only thing on audiences mind before they go to sleep. Supposedly based on

even the younger Franco brother Dave Franco. The story follows new parents

true events, New York cop, played by Eric Bana, investigates a murder and

(Rogan and Byrne) as they battle against their new rambunctious neighbors, a

believes something supernatural is playing a part. This film is a nice way to

house full of frat boys. The fraternity, lead by Efron, refuses to let the couple

variety into the summer and of course to leave you paralyzed in your seats

win and starts a full on war. This comedy will have you falling out of your

with fear. It’s summer who needs sleep anyways?!

seats with tears in your eyes. Not mention the serious eye candy it offers.


Humor tweets

@SnapChatProbbz- Sometimes I think I might

@totalfratmove- Using the “skirt” philosophy biting #noshame #confessionsofafratguy

lose friends due to the faces I make in my snap for writing papers: long enough to cover @ReaganBergen- I remember when getting chats…

everything, but short enough to keep things messed up meant eating a bunch of candy on

@maiziedazie- So close to Lincoln I could cry.

interesting. #TFM

Halloween #timeschanging


@TheWhaleFacts- Whales can’t take selfies

@M_Wendyl- To the girls listening to the

@Freckell- i can hardly contain my excitement @Carson_Leiting- *insert cliche tweet about Taylor Swift goat version and on the verge of to be reunited with all my Pi Phi’s at the

freedom, no school, etc. here* #SB2K14

tears… you are a semester behind the rest of


@thomasgg- I think I’m going to apply to be a

the world…

@totalsratmove- The hair flip girl is my spirit meter maid so I can be one of the most hated @DesireeOfLight- Planning my classes for emoji. #TSM

people on earth.

the fall over spring break is the most stressful

@JimmyRecard13- I get on tinder and like

thing ever... WHY SCHOOL? WHY?

everybody just to see what kind of fish are

Humor lol



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