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BaCK TO (eLeMeNTaRY) SCHOOL Let’s go back to the days when the biggest worries for everyone Gamma Phi Beta was which toys to play Editor-in-Chief with and if applesauce was going to be served Jacy is a sophomore studying journalism. You may contact at lunch. Remember her at when naps were a daily routine and how some kids fought them while others went along for the ride? Most college students have returned to the napping on a daily basis and it should return to everyone’s daily life.


Seriously, naps should be become an important part of the day. I’m not taking the lazy college student stance on this. Instead, science explains why naps are essential to health and productivity. This first example isn’t the best for productivity, but look at cats. These felines have conquered the art of napping and we should all take notes from these furry friends. For all you dog lovers out there, dogs take naps, as well, and they are also happy and loving furry friends. Humans are one of the only species to sleep in one solid time span. According to the article, “Unleash the Power of the Nap,” scientists are now starting to believe that cavemen slept in multiple phases. If our ancestors used to do it, then why can’t we modern day folk partake in daily naps?

so hold off on that 20 page paper to take a 20 minute nap. After that nap the paper will be conquered just like the Romans conquered England. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the United States is becoming one of the most sleep deprived nations in the world. Many great people in American history have valued afternoon naps, such as John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and even George W. Bush. Napping won’t spoil the sweet dreams that come along with a long nightime slumber. Routine naps spanning 20 to 30 minutes are enough to keep you alert, and help with memorization, without becoming groggy. Naps are the cure to everything and when they are combined with other forms of medicine they rock even more. Reach for that extra cup of coffee, but after finishing off that cup lay down in bed. A new fad called a “caffeine nap” could help you through the tough times. Loughborough University has supported researchers who tested different ways to increase alertness, which resulted in the creation of the “caffeine nap.” After the cup of coffee and laying down, relax and take a 15 to 20 minute nap. Even though napping is sleeping, refrain from hitting the snooze button. Those extra five minutes won’t help when it comes to a nap. It could mean the difference between thinking clearly and having a cloud over your head the entire day. Don’t let your roommate rag on you about napping. Invite them for a snooze, turn off the lights and cuddle up with your pillow pet. This minuscule activity will help everyone in the long run.

The Romans used to take naps and they conquered a large part of the ancient world,


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greek life traditions

CHI OMEGA YOURS FOREVER Every January just after winter break, the Kappa Chapter of Chi Omega prepares to welcome their new baby hooties into their nest. Initiation week is an exciting time for both new members as well as actives. It’s a time to reflect on the true meaning of sisterhood and to be reminded of what Chi Omega represents.


Danielle is a freshman studying broadcast/journalism. You may contact her at

This year, I was lucky enough to be initiated into the Chi Omega sisterhood. Four months ago if you had told me that one decision on a hot August day would have altered so much in my life, I would have said you’re crazy. But that’s just it, it has. During my initiation, as I experienced all of the traditions, I thought about the things Chi Omega has already done for me. I have met some of the most amazing people who inspire and believe in me. Every girl in the house is so unique and different, yet we all come together to form one house. As sappy as it sounds, it is a beautiful thing to be apart of and experience daily.

Chi Omega has taught me to expect more, to challenge the status quo and how to put others before myself.

“Going through initiation secured my decision to be a Chi Omega. I feel so lucky to have shared this experience with every woman who has ever been in Chi O. I’m excited to being living my life to make my sisters proud,” freshman Alex Mabry said.

“I love finally being apart of a sisterhood and knowing that I’ll always have girls supporting me,” freshman, Chelsea Chiapuzio said. “I am excited to finally be an active member of Chi O. The friendships that I’ve formed already with so many of the girls make me excited for the next three and a half


years. It’s so special to be apart of something with such a long standing tradition and that makes you think about more than just yourself,” freshman Sydney Novak said. Chi Omega was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas for the purposes of friendship, integrity, service, academics, involvement and development. Chi Omega is one of largest women’s organizations in the nation. Chapters all over the nation strive to inspire women and work to improve the lives of others through services, such as the Make-A-Wish foundation. Chi Omega has taught me to expect more, to challenge the status quo and how to put others before myself. I’m honored to call myself an official Chi Omega sister and to share in the traditions it holds.


special occasions


Monday, Jan. 13 at 12:30 p.m. on the first day of classes, the Nebraska Bookstore on Q Street was slowly filling with an unusual amount of people. I arrived early and was standing close to the beginning of the line, but by 1 p.m. the line was completely wrapped around the store. What were all these people doing in a bookstore in Lincoln while holding onto Batman collectibles, comic books and action figures? We were awaiting the entrance of the iconic actor, Adam West.

currently (and most famously) the voice of Mayor Adam West in Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy. So what was this iconic star doing in Lincoln, Nebraska? Adam West is currently the main spokesperson for Neebo, an online collegiate outfitter company that sells both apparel and textbooks to college students. You have probably seen their ads all over campus, especially at the newspaper stands. As Alpha Delta Pi part of the promotional Alexis is a freshman studying campaign, West signed gender studies, premed.h. You may contact her at autographs at the bookstore from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and then at 5:30 p.m., at the Rococo Theater, he gave a lecture sponsored by Neebo about his career. All of the events were free and designed to promote Neebo’s back-to-school textbook rentals for students.


Here is an interesting fact for our Greek readers: Adam West attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington where he pledged the fraternity Beta Theta Pi (the Gamma Zeta chapter). When I finally got to the front of the line where I could get my autograph from West, we had a brief conversation. “Mr. West,” I asked, “I understand you pledged Beta Theta Pi at Whitman College. Is there any advice you could give to students in fraternities and sororities here at UNL?” Adam West is an American television star who became famous in the 1960s for his portrayal of the dark knight, Bruce Wayne, in the ABC network show Batman. He fought crime with his sidekick, Robin, putting out the bad guys with colorful, superimposed POWs and ZONKs. The show ran from 1966 to 1968 and became Adam West’s legacy. Post Batman, West never landed a lead role that wasn’t heavily typecasted, so he began performing cameos in other television shows, usually portraying himself. Our generation would recognize his most recent voice acting from shows such as Kim Possible, Fairly Odd-Parents and Spongebob Squarepants. He is

“Yes,” he replied. “Behave better than I did.” Wise words, Mr. West. In addition to heeding his advice, make sure to check out West’s advertisements at for all of your rental textbook needs. They also buy back your old textbooks! Finally, this writer would like to thank Mr. West for the personal autograph. My dad is going to love it.

health & fitness




Joslyn is a junior studying hospitality, restaurant and tourism management. You may contact her at

1. Tea with Honey So I’m already a tea fanatic. I love drinking a cup of tea in the morning or before I go to bed. The warmth is what really helps a sick throat feel super great after a long day of hacking. Honey in tea also helps to coat your throat and relieve some of the irritation and scratchiness. Additionally, tea can is actually really good for you and some teas have antioxidants and other attributes. Some teas will have caffeine, which should help you feel more alert and awake in the morning. Other teas help you fall asleep after a long day.

I’m sick. As in Kleenex strewn all over my desk, sick. My nose is stuffed up, my head pounds and my throat feels like it’s about to be set on fire. In short, I am a hot mess. Yet I have to keep pushing on. The semester has only just begun and it’s important to me that I show up to class and not waste precious excused absences. I will not let something like the common cold hold me back. In order to accomplish this successfully I have to look and feel the part. Looking the part of a normal and healthy human is fairly simple. Feeling the part is where the real magic happens.

Home remedies feel like home. It’s almost like your back in your own bed with your pet and your favorite blanket. So if you’re feeling the sniffles coming on, take note.

I personally like to use home remedies as often as I can. Though I do really appreciate the wonders of modern medicine and use over the counter products, I find that natural remedies have their own special way of making me everything a little bit better. Home remedies feel like home. It’s almost like your back in your own bed with your pet and your favorite blanket. So if you’re feeling the sniffles coming on, take note.

of a good thing.

2. Vitamin C Drink up that orange juice. Vitamin C has the possibility of helping shorten a cold. If you’re not a fan of fresh squeezed orange deliciousness you can try other types of juices. Just look on the label and make sure there you are getting your daily percentage of Vitamin C and other nutrients. However, be sure not to overdo it because there is such a thing as too much

3. Chicken Noodle Soup A hot bowl of Chicken noodle soup, enough said. There’s nothing quite like it. 4. Nasal Irrigation As gross as it sounds, nasal irrigation such as the neti-pot are used by many people to help treat cold symptoms. My mother swears by this. Make sure to read the instructions on the side of the box or watch a tutorial before trying for yourself!


fashion trends


Ever have problems figuring out what to wear to a night out on the town, but don’t have that much Alpha Omicron Pi time after class to change? It’s hard when you have Abbey is a sophomore studying fashion communications. late Thursday or Friday You may contact her at classes that end around the time you would start getting ready with your friends. Before I go out, I basically rip apart my closet searching for the perfect look and trying on at least half of it. Fear no more. If you only take about five more minutes in the morning to plan ahead, you’ll be ready for the next 24 hours. All you have to remember is that every outfit you wear to class, except sweatpants, can easily be turned into a perfect going-out outfit with just a few changes.


The first outfit that would be easy to wear to class is a cute, flowy black tank top that matches with everything. You can pair that will any color of jeans or leggings and add a heavy sweater with a fun print or even just a plain grey or black one. Combat boots or riding boots will finish this comfy causal look that will last you all day. Once you get back from class, and need to quick change for the party, slip into a printed, tight skirt that matches the black tank. You can keep the combat boots to add edge to this look, and to finish it off, add a statement necklace, like a heavy gold chain one. The next look is a more relaxed, sporty look by day and saucy, sophisticated outfit by night. For the day, wear a comfortable chambray, black or leather jeans and white converse to help balance the casualness in this look. To keep the athletic feel to this outfit, add your favorite ski cap or beanie on top, but even just a scarf would add enough for day classes. For your night look, keep the chambray shirt and black or leather jeans. Unbutton the chambray, add a neutral colored crop top – like white – and add a large edgy necklace or a floral one. Finally, throw on some brown or mint wedges to spice it up and you’re ready to go out! Transforming your day to night look is quite easy if you just remember that all you have to do is some addition and subtraction.

special occasions


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COLD I enjoy the cold weather just so we Midwesterners can laugh at others when a forty degree day gets treated like a trek through the Patagonia Mountains. It’s a petty reason but satisfying, nonetheless.

THIeN CHAU Sigma Chi

T h i e n i s a s o p h o m o re studying political science. You may contact him at

This short list does not do justice to the variety of opportunities cold weather provides. Summer, spring and fall may have their positives, but there are certain snow and winter activities you can’t do any other time of the year. From skiing and ice fishing to sledding and building a snowman, the cold challenges us to take it head on and discover new ways to enjoy the weather. So the next time you prepare yourself to step out the door and into the cold, think about all the fun and relaxing aspects of winter.

Show me someone who enjoyed the last few days of “Sharknado” caliber winds and sub-freezing temperatures and I’ll show you a masochist or a Minnesotan. As if waking up for an 8:30 a.m. class wasn’t bad enough, we were greeted by nature with an open hand slap of dirt and leaves. This kind of treatment almost makes us forget about all the enjoyable activities that come with cold weather. To try and lift up the spirits being whittled away by Jack Frost’s dirty morning breath, here is a short list of how this weather could be seen in a positive light. Junior architecture major, Alex Moore, likes the cold weather because it increases the chances of classes being cancelled. Maybe the architecture department should just design tunnels for us to get to class in comfort. Odyssey contributor and New York native, Joel Girouard, enjoys the cold because it allows him to ski. Joel has skied at Whiteface, Bristol and Hunt Hollow in New York. Though Nebraska is terribly deprived of ski spots, winter break provides the opportunity for students to take ski trips to nearby Colorado. Maybe the next time there’s a decent break, a trip to Breckinridge or Vale might be in order. Vice President of Sustain UNL, Kristy Cullan, looks at cold weather as an indication to light up the fireplace and enjoy some warm beverages. This sounds like the scene for a Michael Bublé Christmas music video. Adamma Izu, New Student Enrollment leader for 2014, finds a blanket of snow peaceful and relaxing. Even with the chance of slipping and falling on ice, snow getting in your shoes and hypochondriatic fears of frostbite, a blanket of snow can add to the campus’ aesthetic appeal.


debate & discuss

TSM SPLITS FROM TFM One of the highlights of my fall semester was seeing my picture on the TFM homepage. I’m not Delta Delta Delta talking some crazy, passed Meg is a junior studying out, embarrassing photo. business administration. My sorority sisters and I You may contact her at were dressed up as flags for Halloween and made it into the photo contest. I felt on top of the world for approximately two hours. I’m one of the sorority girls who really enjoys the TFM website. Sure, it can be degrading and harsh, but I enjoy laughing at the tweets, columns and contest pictures.


When I scrolled down my Twitter newsfeed earlier last week, I saw a shocking column with a title about a TFM/TSM breakup. Total Sorority Move was through putting up with Total Frat Move. Contradicting information on each page and “too many vodka sodas” led to a late night decision to “break up.” This instantly upset me. I enjoyed making TFM a little classier with stories highlighting philanthropies, things to do your senior year and

the ever popular, “why I am a diverse sorority girl” columns. I liked being able to go from the photo contest I was in to a story with appropriate costumes. There was never a separation, until now. Now, there is a, free from fraternity columnists. They made some obvious changes, more pink, but I genuinely think the columns are the same, if not a little more raunchy. They now have to keep up with girls like me who enjoyed the combination of stories. How will they do it? Will I find myself on a TSM Halloween photo contest? No, why would I want that? Girls enjoy boys. Boys enjoy girls. I think the break up harms TSM more than TFM. I’m not planning to have daily visits to the website. TSM’s tweets barely entice me. I enjoy gut-wrenching, only-happen-once stories linked to the TFM’s tweets that spark a need to read something heartfelt. I much less likely to visit this new site, now. It’s harsh admitting I will use the cliché phrase “TSM” more than the newsworthy sorority stories. This breakup seems spur-of-the-moment. TSM literally compares the site breakup to a college relationship, saying it went on for too long. I say, “false,” to both of those statements. You build from relationships. You make connections. This is a connection TSM might not be able to fall back on anymore. This was not a “total sorority move.”

debate & discuss

DANGERS OF HAZING as the beer-guzzling jocks with inflated egos and low sense of morality. However, after going through rush I began to realize that most of those stereotypes were only a small portion of the actual Greek community. In fact, most fraternities and sororities focus on campus involvement, community service and philanthropic



Joel is a senior studying advertising & PR. You may contact him at

Ever since the 1978 film, Animal House, hazing has been seen as a typical aspect of the Greek life tradition. Many houses pride themselves on how rigorous their pledge program is or how they can come up with new ways to embarrass, harass and “torture” their new pledges. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, hazing is described as, “the practice of playing unpleasant tricks on someone or forcing someone to do unpleasant things.” Every year thousands of college students are initiated into sororities and fraternities and every year houses are kicked off of campus due to hazing. One of the most startling statistics was that since 1970, there have been at least one or more deaths related to hazing among Greek houses, every year. 82 percent of hazing-related deaths are directly linked to alcohol. What makes this fact even more scary is that, in 2012, Lincoln was ranked number two for the highest

activities, as well as other beneficial programs. Yet the one thing I did notice, was that fraternities still employ a large amount of hazing before becoming a member. I had heard from my friends at other colleges about their hazing experiences and I was quite nervous about my own experience at UNL. While my house no longer participates in hazing, I couldn’t help but notice that a majority of the houses continue the tradition despite the risks. In Nebraska, hazing is considered a class II misdemeanor with the possibility of a fine up to $10,000. Despite the criminal implications, hazing just seems to be one of the norms when it comes fraternity ritual and tradition. While I don’t aim to preach, I do believe that hazing should be eliminated entirely. While it may be a big part of fraternal tradition, it’s our duty as Greeks to create new traditions and pave the way for future generations.

binge-drinking cities in the U.S. Whether it is from physical abuse or alcohol-related events, the reality is that there is a reoccurring trend when it comes to hazing. For the most part, people want to fit in and being in college is no different. Everyone wants to feel accepted and being a Greek is a perfect example. When I first went to college, I saw fraternities

It is sad to see that most houses don’t change their culture until they are caught or someone ends up hurt. What makes hazing even worse is that as every class gets initiated, they feel the need to haze the pledge class below them with even more rigor. Until we can convince fraternities and sororities to abandon hazing practices we will continue to see our fellow classmates make immoral decisions or even, possibly, read about them in the obituary section.


Want to know who the best corner in the NFL is? Well then just ask Richard Sherman. Sherman exploded after the NFC Delta Tau Delta championship game in a Christian is a sophomore studying broadcasting. post-game interview with You may contact him at Erin Andrews, “Well, I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like [Michael] Crabtree,” Sherman continued, “that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me.” Erin Andrews calmly responded, “who was talking about you?” To which Sherman replied “Crabtree, don’t you talk about the best, or I’m going to shut it for you real quick.”


Have no doubt, Sherman and the Seahawks have not heard the end of this ridiculous rant and it probably could not have come at a worse time. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, stress is already at an all-time high for the Seahawks. They have a

limited amount of time to prepare for the biggest game of their lives, and they’re going to have to deal with media pressure concerning Sherman’s bone-headed “interview”. To quote one of the best commentators of all time: “that’s a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see how it works out for them.” Their opponents for the big dance, the Denver Broncos, have a much easier media week in store for them. With arguably the greatest regular season quarterback ever at the helm, the Broncos are poised to win their third championship in franchise history. Not only has Peyton Manning set almost every single season scoring record, but the Broncos are the statistical best offense ever. EVER. The NFL has been around since the early 1920’s and Manning, along with his all-star cast of receivers has set all of the NFL records for scoring, beating Brady and the 2007 Patriots. The Broncos are going to be favored by a field goal in the Super bowl and they have every right to be. They’ve not only set many offensive records, but in their 3 losses they only lost by an average of 5.3 points. Ever hear the phrase defense wins championships? Try this one: Number never lie. Everyone knows Peyton and the Broncos are going to score, that’s not even in question. It’s whether or not the Seahawks can keep it even close. No matter what, this is bound to be one of the most exciting Super bowls of all time.

sports talk



And winning at the Pinnacle Bank Arena KYLe is exactly what the WARDAY Huskers are doing this Phi Kappa Theta year. They are now 8-1 Kyle is a sophomore studying finance. You may contact him at at home, with their only loss a 71-70 heartbreaker to Michigan. This team is superb at defending homecourt, which is extremely important in the building process of a strong basketball program. And we have made the investment in developing a strong team.

If you are still feeling aprehensive about jumping on the Husker men’s basketball bandwagon, hopefully Monday night changed your mind.

The 9-8 Huskers upset the 17th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes 68-62 at the Pinnacle Bank Arena to record their first win in Big Ten play. The student section stormed the court after the game that was close throughout, with the Huskers in firm control for the entire game.

“The arena has never failed to entertain. The food is fantastic. I got the french fries and they were some of the best french fries I have ever had. They also have $2 hot dogs, which are very nice for a poor college student. Also the halftime entertainment with the gymnastics act was thrilling. The student section is big, which helps a lot with the atmosphere. But the game is what puts people in the seats, and the best way to get people in the seats is winning. Nothing is more fun than storming the court after a huge win.” said Arens. “I think everything is going in the right direction, if we keep winning at home, the recruits will notice and more will want to play here than ever before.”

What is great about being a student during this monumental year in Husker basketball, is we are creating the tradition with Tim Miles leading us and an athletic department determined to put us on the map.

“The Arena was going crazy when we went on our first big run in the first half. Shavon Shields and Deverell Biggs were driving relentlessly to the basket, breaking down Ohio State’s defense and bulldozing their way to the rim,” said freshman Phi Kap Houston Arens. “The student section definitely played their part, creating a raucous atmosphere. It makes it easier to be loud and crazy when we are winning.”

What is great about being a student during this monumental year in Husker basketball, is we are creating the tradition with Tim Miles leading us and an athletic department determined to put us on the map. We are only a few big men away from being a real force on the basketball court. Once our team starts making it to the tournament on a regular basis, we all know our fans will show up just like they do for football and volleyball.


entertainment news

ONE YEAR LATER: A$AP ROCKY’S DEBUT ALBUM and direction. In contrast, I find the album to be an exercise in doing this genre – and, indeed, a debut – exceedingly well.


Brett is a sophomore studying journalism / english. You may contact him at

From the moment the deeply-warped synths kick off opener “Long Live A$AP” and until Florence Welch sings her last melancholy-flavored bridge in “I Come Apart,” it is apparent that “Long.Live.A$AP” is a different sort of beast, tapered to the continual transformation the rap genre has experienced as of late. The beats are wholly dark and experimental, fusing Southern chop-and-screw sounds with those of popular guest producers, like Skrillex and Hit-Boy. Strings of guest appearances are peppered throughout, wide audience appeal maximized. Meanwhile, fashion, glitz and drugs find themselves pimped for the pleasure of the audience’s own vicarious pleasures. It’s an addicting formula, and it works no matter which listen you find yourself on.

A$AP Rocky’s ascent to riches and fame is best likened to his vocal delivery: quick, decisive and unexpected. So much so, in fact,that I hardly gave him more than a second’s thought when I first heard his virgin hit, “Peso.” All the buzz in the world wouldn’t win me over regarding another up-and-comer with a large hype train and not much else.

I’d argue the single most important aspect of A$AP Rocky’s debut is its ability to still entertain and wow me, even a year later. I spend the majority of my days listening to one sort of music or another, and it’s a testament to the craft of the album and the accessibility of the songs that I haven’t wearied myself of it yet.

There’s something about his delivery: he flows well no matter the song or sound he’s going for and it’s apparent he had a hell of a lot of fun making the record, an enthusiasm that always manifests itself in my own mood.

I certainly never expected the 25 year old with the french braids to craft as addicting a package as “Long.Live. A$AP,” his debut album from last January -- but ruminating on the music of last year has led me to the unexpected conclusion that it might outrank “Yeezus” and “Nothing Was The Same” as my most enjoyed album of 2013.

While critics lauded Rocky for his delivery, his finesse and the standout texture and aesthetic of the LP, they were also quick to point out flaws in his lyrical abilities

There’s something about his delivery: he flows well no matter the song or sound he’s going for and it’s apparent he had a hell of a lot of fun making the record, an enthusiasm that always manifests itself in my own mood.

More than any other of album of 2013, I know I can turn to “Long.Live.A$AP” whenever I want to listen to music I’m certain to enjoy. It’s a chameleon of a record, always blending itself to whatever vibe I desire or mood I’m feeling. If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me spell it plainly: it’s one of the best albums of last year.


laugh out loud

@GoogleFacts . Traditionally, men walk with a woman on his left arm so that his sword arm would be free in case of a duel.


is in shambles more than Sunday night. It’s Monday? I think I’ve proven my point.

@rahjeslodges . The giant Runza cutout is pretty sweet.

@whineyging. Yeah, I pretty much never sit by a pool anymore -Marco Polo

@_BallPointJEN . Getting a water with fast food... To ya know be healthy.

@felicimaa. On the phone with my momma and she’s yelling at my little brother to stop taking snap chats of her and sending them to all his friends, lolz

@BREN_inRome. Never met a turkey sandwich I didn’t like.

@thirsty_tvrdy. Everyone’s complaining about the wind but it can’t reach you if you stay in bed til 2... Idiots... @cornfedBOSSman. You know it’s going to be a good weekend when UNL Announce sends out tips for dealing w/ diarrhea on Friday at 5 pm... @ UNLproblems.

@abbbbracadabra. Stranded in North Dakota. At the Dakota Magic Casino. It’s magical.

@shaken_BAKEwell. People biking in this wind are either getting the tail wind from God or are being physically destroyed.

@KatLeeHolmes. Accidentally just sent out an email to my entire class. Please hold while I die of embarrassment

@mander0ni. * has anatomy test Wednesday* *sleeps to avoid studying*

@jordandaisies. idk I feel like I look like a fashionable Oompa Loompa tonight

@a_mctygue. I just think this whole Sig Nu thing is so unfair because they had the prettiest Christmas lights.

@LilOrphanAnni3. Today I walked by a car and heard them lock their doors and yes, my feelings are hurt.

@sternum_dip . Is it ok that I just trimmed my toenails in the shower at 3am?

@ShelbyRohlff12. If I had a dollar for every time I said “Alright I need to actually be productive,” then I could afford to be unproductive.

@lol_lauren. My favorite thing lately, “Look at kindergarten Jena on the back of my phone.” @_

@Wade_in_America. Nothing makes me feel like my life

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