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HATE TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE On the 13th of April, three people were killed in an act of violence this nation is still trying to comprehend. At the Jewish Community Center, Terri LaManno, Reat Underwood and William Lewis Corporon were shot and killed. Shootings like these seem to happen more and more these days, but I never thought it could happen in my hometown.

every part of the community have stepped up to help all the families involved.


Ryan is a senior studying international business. You may contact him at

I have lived in Overland Park, Kansas my entire life, and I would have never guessed that when I checked Twitter that fateful afternoon, news like that would appear. One of the victims went to my high school, and our younger brothers were friends. I have never experienced and will never forget the sadness I felt when I received a text my little brother that explained what happened. I can not even imagine what his friend’s family is feeling right now. For some outsiders, Overland Park and the surrounding areas exist in a bubble. On that dreary Sunday afternoon, some thought it burst. But what outsiders may call a bubble, insiders, having a better perspective, know it for what it is: a community. Unlike bubbles, communities, especially the one in Overland Park, cannot pop. I have ever seen anything close to the unity exhibited by my hometown, and it has become even stronger in the past few days. People from

A lot of the memorial events have been organized by the younger generations. This past Tuesday, they organized a “wear white” day for Reat Underwood that was held at six other area schools. Earlier that morning, I received a picture of our performing arts center packed to the rafters with students and people from the community for a remembrance ceremony. There is also Reat’s Challenge posted on Twitter by one of his good friends. It challenges you to look at things that made you happy or things you are thankful for. A local news channel picked it up, spread its message, and I think it is really helping people appreciate what they have. Closure is often more elusive than appreciation, however. We’re left with a lot of questions as to why this could have happened in such a great place to live. I think it speaks to the humanity of our neighbors that the suspect was not even from the area. He believed his racist actions would leave this city in a state of panic and division. I think we can find strength in the fact that we struck back in the most effective way possible and shattered this belief. Without question, he picked the wrong town. When I return to Overland Parkfor the funerals and remembrance ceremonies, I expect that I’ll have to park far away from the church, and I’ll pass a parade of friends and neighbors walking up the street on their way inside. I’m preparing myself mentally because to see the mass of people that will come out to remember these three great people could likely be overwhelming. Evil will be there too. Notorious hate mongers of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket these funerals, I expect that as they cheer on hate and evil, we’ll repel it again and will drown their message by celebrating the three great people we lost. We will miss them, but we will never forget them.




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DELTA DELTA DELTA FRATERNITY RAISES $15 MILLION FOR ST. JUDE In 1999, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity (Tri Delta) officially adopted St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as its philanthropic partner. In the first year, 15 of 133 chapters participated and raised $44,269.


Alexandra is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism and PR. You may contact her at


patients who recently received bone marrow transplants. In May 2010, just four years later, Tri Delta met the $10 million fundraising goal. In July 2010, Tri Delta announced it would take on a new, more aggressive challenge to raise $15 million in five years to name the Specialty Clinic located in the Patient Care Center at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. No other Greek organization has had this level of commitment to a charitable partner and few are raising a comparable amount of money. This new goal challenges the collegiate chapters of Tri Delta to raise $3 million each year, collectively.

In 2002, Tri Delta took on the challenge of raising $1 million over four years to endow the hospital’s Teen Room. The Teen Room is a haven where patients, aged 13 to 19, get away from parents, nurses and doctors to be with kids their own age. In January 2005, Tri Delta reached its $1 million goal a full year ahead of schedule.

The Specialty Clinic houses a broad range of services for St. Jude patients. At some point during their care at St. Jude, each child will likely be referred to a clinic within the Specialty Clinic. The following services are provided in the Specialty Clinic: cardiology, gynecology, immunology, neurology, pain management, pre-operative surgery care and pulmonary care.

The next year Tri Delta committed to raise $10 million in 10 years to name the Patient Care floor in the Chili’s Care Center. The Patient Care floor provides 18 additional patient rooms, with a parent room attached. This floor houses

As a member of the Delta Iota chapter of Tri Delta, I am beyond thrilled to announce that, nationally, Tri Delta has met their goal of $15 million, not in five years, but in only three and a half years.


Scene greek life

DEATH BY COOLER PAINTING There is a way to identify the girl who’s devoting all of her time, energy, blood, sweat and literal tears to painting a cooler. During formal season, you can find any given girl stuck in her room and covered in paint for endless hours. Girls devote sleepless nights to drinking cups upon cups of coffee for a fraternity boy who gives her a t-shirt in return. Ha, a t-shirt. On average, a sorority girl spends 150 puls hours in their college lifetime painting a cooler. I made this statistic up, but it sounds plausible.

physical pain you put girls through when you ask them to a formal? Obviously, we like getting dressed up, so do not hesitate to ask, but do realize that when you ask we are automatically banished to a week of absolute cooler hell. Do you know what you put these poor girls through? It is awful. Painting a cooler was by far the worst week of my six months of college life. Plus, painting coolers ruins your nails, which is practically a federal offense in my eyes.

Hobby Lobby lives for formal season, I promise you. They stock their shelves hoping that sorority girls with mascara stained cheeks will run in with a panicked look and buy up every bottle of paint. Then we do. We create Pinterest boards full of images we found all over the Internet as inspiration. By cooler law, every cooler has to be red, white and blue and has to say, “Raised Right,” at least once. If you do not, you will have dateless functions for the rest of college. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

Where did this tradition come from? What girl decided, one day, to paint a cooler for her formal date? The act of painting coolers truly confuses me. I have tried researching it, but the origins do not exist. Whoever you are, who created this tradition, I will find you and I will use a lot of mean words. This girl has probably caused more pain and suffering for the female gender than our home girl, Eve, ever did.

Boys. Do you know what kind of mental and near

During formal season, the University should offer counselors on call with tissues for these poor girls.


Megan is a sophomore studying English & journalism. You may contact her at

Counselors should also provide medical excuses for class. This should be a legitimate excuse accepted by all U of A faculty: “Sorry, teach, I can not come to class because the formal is on Saturday and I have to finish the cooler.” I am sure our professors would completely understand. For clarification, there are rare assortments of girls with unbelievable talent who love devoting their weekends to painting every square inch of several coolers. My heart goes out to these girls. I pray for their sanity. Also, a shout out to the art majors who make kick butt masterpiece coolers that make my cooler look like kindergarten level Microsoft Paint.

Scene on campus


REASONS WHY FAYETTEVILLE IS FAYETTE-CHILL The unique culture of Fayetteville is easily overlooked at this time.Students’ minds are focused on the crunch before finals, dreaming of summer and fondly remembering the beaches visited over spring break. We take for granted how much there is to be grateful for right here in Fayetteville.

My boyfriend lives in Rogers; he’s nearly always pointing out the beautiful, little things of Fayetteville. For instance, in most places you risk your life if you mistakenly step out in traffic, but in our cozy little city, every car stops and politely waves you onward. Since the weather’s warming up, you can almost always spot a jogger decked out in sorority or fraternity wear running around campus. Equally you can find free-spirited, dreaded youth walking their dogs to Wilson Park or setting up a hammock in a totally crazy spot you would never think of. Stressed from school? Get some fresh air on the walking/ biking trails. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can find some pretty beautiful messages in the graffiti by the train tracks. You

could get a group of people to play Frisbee with.

If you love eating crepes, but can’t bear to part with your dog, there are tables outside of Arsagas to enjoy. There are a few bars on Dickson that open up outside seating when the weather’s nice. You can grab a beer and relax while feeling the breeze on your face (if you’re of age, obviously). If you ever get tired of the Mullins scene, the Fayetteville Public Library has a beautiful view of the town and tons of reading room. The Fayetteville Public Library mentioned in USA Today as one of 10 libraries to see in the United States. It’s free to join if you’re a Fayetteville resident, and if books aren’t your thing, you can rent recently released movies there without the Blockbuster charge. Plus the public library sells coffee. However, if you and your sorority sisters/ fraternity brothers need a break from the study grind Devil’s Den is a short drive away, or you could have a meaningful conversation on top of Mount Sequoya. It’s important to keep your body in good health if you’re hoping to ace impending exams. Check out


Hannah is a sophomore studying psychology & creative writing.

the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market for some fresh, local grown food. It was voted #1 Nationally for America’s favorite large market in 2012, and you can catch live music on the street corners there. Basically what I’m trying to say is, if you are feeling those post-Spring break blues keep in mind Fayetteville may not be Panama City, but it still has some pretty awesome aspects to help you survive the last few weeks before summer break.


Adventure traveling

WHY I GET CLIFF-FACED As the sun beat down on our backs, I looked up at the cliff-face before me. I looked up to the top, which seemed to disappear in the Pi Kappa Alpha Taylor is a sophomore studying distance as I looked up to journalism & polical science. it. This cliff ’s name was You may contact him at Orange Crush. Orange Crush is the tallest cliff in Horseshoe Canyon and tops out at over 100 ft. This is the cliff you can see from the highway coming up and you would ask yourself, who in their right mind would climb that cliff ? Me.


We found ourselves at the base of the cliff after climbing a few warm-up cliffs to prepare our bodies for the challenge that lay before us. This cliff was unlike anything I had attempted before. It sat on the very corner of a large cliff shelf and had 10-ft. juts and large cutaways that forced you to climb with great stretches and pulls. I volunteered to lead the climb, which gave

me the job of setting the rope at the very top so the others could have a ballet. Fortunately, there were set bolts every 10-20ft up, so I wasn’t having to go the whole climb without a rope to the top, but I still had to make it up to each bolt every 10-20ft.

I got my equipment ready, which consisted of enough lanyards to make it up, my harness and my “poop” sac, which carried the chalk. I tied the end of the rope to my harness, making sure my knot was tied correctly. If it slipped loose at any time, I would surely fall. Once I was sure I was ready, I began my ascent. Looking directly up the rock-face, I couldn’t even see the top, as the cliff was not straight up and I was staring at a large jut about 20-ft. from the base of the cliff. I worked my way up being sure that every step was precisely placed and that I had a firm hold before lifting myself up. If you’ve have never rock climbed a real cliff, it’s not like an indoor wall where each climb is a big bright hold pre-set for you. Sometimes the wall is close to flat and the next hold is a cut in the wall just big enough for your fingertips. The only saving grace is the bolts set along the cliff. These allow you to set your rope and gives your ballet a point to catch you if you fall. Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I got up to the bolt before the jut. I started feeling up above me trying to find a hold, so I could swing my body and climb up on top of the jut. I was lucky and found a perfect hold for both hands, and I easily lifted myself onto the jut, and give way to the next stretch before me. I had 60-ft. ahead of me that was a mix between flat rock and little knobs in the wall that allowed me to slowly lift myself up with my arms and set my feet. I made sure not to miss any bolt on the way up to the final large jut, which was just inches below the final bolt anchors. The last bolt before the anchor lay beneath the final jut, about 15 feet below. I made sure my final bolt was set and started my scramble up the final jut. Inch by inch I found my left dangling over the edge of the jut, and I could just start to see the final anchor, which was a large stretch that would require me to use one hand to hold myself and the other to set the first bolt. I found where I could set my feet to attempt the final move, and put the rope in my mouth so I could grab it and set the rope as soon as the lanyard was set. I put all the power I had into my legs and with my left hand stretched out as far as I could, reaching with every inch that I had, extending out over the jut dangling of the cliff 80ft in the air, hoping that my hand would find the hold and... The silence grew to the sound of air rushing. For a brief moment I was suspended in time, dangling by a rope as I looked below, the base of the cliff approaching. Being the lead climber meant that I didn’t have a rope set above me held by the ballet, I had the rope below me that had to fall below in order for it to catch me. The last bolt set 15ft below me quickly past my vision and my body lurched as the rope finally caught itself and I found my body swinging straight into the cliff. As I slammed into the wall, I caught myself on the self and looked below. My ballet was yelling up to me, but I couldn’t make out his words yet. I sat there 70ft in the air, for what felt like an eternity, heart-pounding in my chest and muscles screaming, and something came over me. I looked above me at the final jut, with a new sense of determination and a moral obligation to finish the climb. I quickly made it back to the final jut and primed myself for the final move. This time being sure that I approached the hold with my other arm, as I could most likely pull my feet up that way. Once more I extended out over the jut, using every inch in my body to reach out to the hold, and suddenly I felt my fingers curl around an edge. The edge went in enough for me to grip onto and with all my might, I lifted myself up and quickly set my feet below me. Above my head was the anchor, I carefully stood up and set my rope, and banged on the anchor, and turned around to a view unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. If you ever find yourself feeling like your falling, remember that something, or someone will be there to catch you. Once you fall it’s up to you if you want to keep climbing your way back to the top.

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5 GREAT USES FOR COCONUT OIL As women, we want great skin, the kind that is smooth, soft, acne and oil free. We want skin that allows us to feel comfortable to leave the house with no makeup some days.Well-known beauty brands like Covergirl, Lancome, Clinique, Chanel and Bobbi Brown advertise hydrating crèmes that will produce a “natural-glow” on our skin, leaving us looking effortlessly irresistible, but after using these beauty products time and time again, failing to produce these flawless results, women around the world, including myself, decided to look to the organic side for answers. The shocking result we discovered was that coconut oil is equally as good for your skin and will give the results we’ve all tirelessly been searching for. Coconut oil has already been considered a “super-good-for-you” ingredient in food, more recently, coconut oil started covering women’s beauty and health magazines, being known as the “healthy and cheap go-to” skin product. While beauty brands promote their water base moisturizers for flawless results, the products contain too much water, producing dryer skin than you started out with. Other ingredients in these renowned beauty products contain chemicals that actually suffocate the skin, leaving the natural producing oils and moisturizers, trapped under your skin, resulting in face breaks outs. So when coconut oil surfaced in the beauty world, us women were shouting

“hallelujah.” The best part about coconut oil is that it’s a cheap fix for a range of issues. 1. Fix damaged and dry hair. If you’ve been using straightening and curling tools, it is likely your hair has been damaged and is crying out for help. Simply place a nickel sized amount onto your fingers and rub into the ends of your hair. If you are in a hurry, leave the oil in for 20 minutes, and then rinse out with water or shampoo, otherwise, let it set over night and rinse out in the morning. Coconut oil also encourages hair growth. Don’t expect your hair to be three inches longer in a week, but after 12 weeks results should be evident. 2. Moisturize smarter. After using the coconut oil for your face, proceed to rubbing it on your lips, hands, arms, legs, heels, anywhere that needs moisturizing. If your nails need strengthening, apply the oil to your cuticle beds two to three times a day. Overall, the natural oils will leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. 3. Replace your butter. Paula Dean would not approve, but try replacing butter with coconut oil in recipes. By replacing butter with coconut oil, you are taking out nasty sugars and extra calories. Coconut oil surprisingly doesn’t taste like coconut, which makes it a perfect substitute for butter, vegetable shortening and other unhealthy solid fats. 4. Better your body. Studies have shown coconut oil can help fight off viruses and bacteria causing illnesses, help


Kappa Kappa Gamma Bridgette is a freshman studying journalism and political science major. You may contact her at improve our metabolisms and digestion tracts, lower stress levels and contribute to weight and abdominal fat loss while lowering cholesterol. 5. Whiten your teeth. Before you leave the house, take a spoonful of coconut oil to swish around in your mouth for 20 seconds. Studies have shown that coconut oil is more effective than the pro-whitening mouthwashes sold in stores. Who knew a product as simple as coconut oil contributes to an array of beneficial purposes. Don’t feel obligated to buy the $30-50 jars, because more than likely, you’ll just be paying for the name. The $7 jar of Spectrum Naturals: Organic Coconut Oil will do just the trick. We’d love to hear you thoughts and experiences with coconut oil. Are there other beneficial uses for coconut oil? Let us know!


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There’s more to being a bartender or waiter than pouring a shot or dropping off drinks in front of a customer. It takes savvy and charisma, along with knowledge of drinks, to be a successful bartender. Bartending is one of those jobs where your success depends on your personality more than anything. Anyone can go to school to become a bartender. Knowing what’s “top shelf” isn’t enough; becoming a successful bartender takes time. Here are some confessions from a local Fayetteville bartender.


Annie is a junior studying social work. You may contact her at

Name: Kylie Bell. Where do you work? Grub’s Bar and Grille – Downtown. How long have you worked there? Since June of 2012. When do you usually work? The schedule varies every week, but I usually work Tuesdays and Thursdays, one of the weekend nights and then, maybe, a Sunday or Monday dinner shift. Craziest thing to happen while bartending? The craziest thing to happen at work was an incident I had with a customer. It was a decently busy night and this guy came in with a couple buddies. He automatically started trying to get a hook up on drinks. I had never seen him before, so when he told me he usually gets deals from a couple of my coworkers, I knew he was full of it. The entire night, he was very high maintenance, telling me to make it stout and acting like a VIP, as if I owed him something. When he tabbed out, his tab was something ridiculous, like over $90. When the customer is a guy like him, and the tab is that high, us bartenders want to make sure we get a decent tip. He goes to the bathroom, and I go pick up his receipt and he had tipped something like $2 to $3. At this point, I wanted to call him out, so I made sure to let his friend know I was annoyed that he expected exemplary service and didn’t even tip five percent. He comes back from the bathroom, probably feeling dumb I was making his tackiness public. He mouths some more things at me, sarcastically apologizing, orders five more drinks and tells me to run the card. Reluctantly, I did and went to the other side of the bar. He writes, “zero,” in the tip line and underlined it. He had a coworker hand-deliver it to me just to be a jerk. Later that night, he passed me exiting another bar on Dickson, says, “Look who it is! Dumbass!” and backhands my upper arm. Looking back, I wish I had told the bouncer so I could have gotten him in trouble, but in the moment, I just walked away like he didn’t even exist. The thought still burns me up to this day. Creepiest thing to happen while bartending? The creepiest thing to happen at work is when men, who are much older than me, hit on me. As a worker, you have to kind of fake laugh it off to not make your customer unhappy. But it gets old. One comment that is sincere or joking is one thing, but when it is persistent and the customer is being very inappropriate, it is extremely uncomfortable. Just the other night, a few middle aged

men were drinking and one of them kept telling me how sexy I was and that he was old enough to be my dad. Okay, sir, don’t you get the hint I am not interested? It is gross! And it really gets annoying. No, I do not want to go out with you sometime, no to all of it. What’s your busiest night? The busiest nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday is our moneymaker because our drink specials are so competitive. We stay busy all night, compared to Thursdays when the crowd clears out around midnight. What do you like about bartending? Meeting new people, building relationships with regular customers and the closeness of the staff. We are like a family and there are friendships outside of the work environment. Also in the sense that a lot of mocking and teasing goes on. And, unfortunately, I am usually the target!

What do you dislike about bartending? Closing duties is not a fun time. But it is a bar, what else can I expect? Here are some pet peeves that make me want to rip my hair out: 1) When it’s busy and there are 50 people lined up at the bar trying to order, I take multiple people’s orders at one time. When I point to you, do not hit me with 15 of the most obnoxious complicated drinks that take extra time. Because, out of my annoyance that you can’t see we are clearly slammed and nobody wants to wait longer because you want 12 lemon drop shots, I’ll most likely point to the next person beside you who just wants a Bud Light and deal with you later. 2) Once again, if we are slammed and I point at you, don’t very slowly drag out what you want, saying, “ummm, let me get aaaaa miller lite, wait, noooo, umm…..” because I’ll move on to the next guy. And don’t whisper your order. Girls, I understand and will kindly ask them to repeat what they said. But guys, if you quietly mouth your drink order, I’ll scream back to you to speak up and yell it at me. Obviously, I can’t hear you or understand your lips. Soft speaking from guys is the equivalent of them having a limp handshake. Big turn off. Just FYI – guys, be aggressive! Gosh, there’s so many more, but I’ll just stop there. Favorite drink to make? Long Island, because it looks like it requires a lot of skill with four liquors, but it’s super quick and easy to make. Besides, any time you hold two bottles at once, put them down, pick up another two really fast – you kind of feel like a badass. Haha! Least favorite drink to make? Lemon drop or tequila shots. Just because individually salting and garnishing each shot on a busy night gets annoying. Most popular drink? Whiskey coke.

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Self greek essay

WHY I FINALLY RUSHED If you’ve read any of my articles before you know that I am usually not the one to write anything sweet and touching. No, Delta Delta Delta usually I’m in the pages Laura is a sophomore studying of this paper going off on marketing. You may contact her at a rant about something I find annoying or just plain dumb. But today I’m going throw you a curveball and get a little personal because this is my article, and I do what I want!


Entering freshmen year of college was a weird time for me. I came up here knowing about 10 people in total, one of which was my best friend since 6th grade. I was trying a long distance relationship with my high school boyfriend of four years (AWFUL IDEA

NEVER EVER EVER BYE) and trying to figure out why I had chosen to come to a place where only eight people out of my graduating class had come. Besides my best friend, all of my other girl friends were going through recruitment. For most of these girls, they had been thinking about recruitment since they were in the womb. Because of that, the latter part of my senior year had been filled with nothing but talk about sororities…. This is when I decided that I didn’t want to rush. Nope. I had had it with talks of photo collages, outfit planning and legacies. I decided right then and there that anything srat related was the devil, and I would not be apart of it. Girls would look at me as if I was growing another head out the side of my neck when I said I didn’t wanna go through rush.

“Is it a money thing?” “Did you apply late?” “Are you scared you wont get the house you wanted?” This is the type of general bull that I had to deal with for about four months of my life, and it was not only exhausting but annoying too. So there I was, on my own at the University of Arkansas without letters and proud to be unaffiliated. Now I don’t want you to think that I tried to burn down any sorority houses or anything ridiculous like that. I lived with two girls (one Pi Phi and one Tri Delt) that both went Greek, and I loved both of them! They helped me through all the emotional breakdowns that come along with being a freshmen as well as all my breakup drama (see I told you its an awful idea). I got involved with all their events that supported them and their philanthropies. I grew very close to these girls as well as their friends inside of Greek life and then realized something.. I actually wanted to rush… So sophomore year rolls around. I know that its gonna be stressful, hard and filled with glimpses of adulthood. Best Friend and I were living together again, and she laughed and made fun as I woke up at 5 a.m. every day to get ready for recruitment. Let me also say how hard it is to go through the process as a sophomore. I was one of maybe 10 sophomores that were going through so finding these girls among the hundreds of freshmen was like finding water in the middle of the desert. While they did exist, I was still exiled in the fact that these girls were usually transfers, and I was just a little rebel. Ill give you a glimpse of how rough this week was. I was dropped from five houses after day one. Yeah, that one didn’t feel too good. But I had a glimpse of hope! I had told myself going in that I wouldn’t just join one I wasn’t in love with. And I did in fact find one. It was a long weeks journey full of tears, exhaustion and forced conversations to the beautiful steps of Delta Delta Delta, but it was worth it. Now while I am the anti sorority girl I can say 100 percent that I am in love with my Greek organization. Also I don’t know how I would have made it through this year without them. My best friend decided to transfer home, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lost without her (shut-up it’s totally not embarrassing). While I tried to stay strong on the outside I was crumbling on the inside. My sisters helped me through that time and I am eternally grateful because without them I have no idea what I would have done. I used to stereotype all of them as the peppy, Lilly Pullitzer clad, MRS degree wielding girls, but now I know how wrong I was. Every single one of those amazing women brings something different to the table, and that’s why this whole Greek thing works! I have had some of the best times with these women and I have gotten the chance to do so much (like writing for this awesome paper!). I am so thankful for my Tri Delta family and I can only hope that I bring them even a glimmer of happiness that they bring to me on a daily basis. *Dries tears and resumes being a bad***

Self health & fitness


GETTING CARRIE UNDERWOOD’S LEGS After the holidays and my remaining SHANNON days at home, I told JONES my mom that I was Zeta Tau Alpha going to start twoShannon is a junior studying apparel studies. You may contact her at a-days when I got back to school. She kind of chuckled but proceeded to tell me that this was a good idea. O.K. mom, I get it. I’m not in the best shape like I was last year, or even in high school. But I told her I was determined to get that “high school body” back. So, I started doing some research and found some exercises that the famous Carrie Underwood does on a regular basis. Who doesn’t envy those legs? Guys love to look at them, and girls will always remain jealous of those things. Have you ever seen a more perfectly sculpted pair of legs? Definitely not. Carrie has the sort of definition and tone that most women only dream about. And she’s clearly worked hard to get them – so we can hardly blame her for showing them off, can we? Don’t imagine for a second that owning a pair of hot legs like this is out of your reach. Google will tell you that Carrie was two sizes heavier than her weight now when competing in American Idol and has only recently developed this beautifully toned body. Want to start laying the steps for your own incredibly defined legs? Here’s how it’s done: 1. Choose compound exercises that work all your major leg muscles in one hit. From my research I learned that weight machines are for people who want to build poorly balanced, chunky muscles -- so not what women are after! Exercises like squats, lunges, side-ways lunges, dead-lifts, 1-leg deadlifts or squats and stability ball work like lying leg curls are the best ways to define your legs. To achieve the bonus effect of some powerful fat burning while working with weights, perform four or five types of these exercises back to back, for about eight to12 reps each with no rest between exercises. Rest for 30 seconds after completing the circuit. Repeat this between three and four times. Aim for at least two sessions like this each week while working on core and upper body the rest of the week. 2. Sprint, baby, sprint! Toning comes from sprinting. Long runs are good for burning calories, but sprinting on the treadmill works wonders on your bottom half. To blast off body fat, come up with a sprint and interval cardio work out, and you’re good to go. I’d recommend two to three sessions of 15-20 minute sprint work each week, either on its own or right after a leg session. Be at your freshest by doing your sprints after an upper/core dominant session

rather than after a big leg workout. 3. Drain out any excess fluid that may be puffing you up. It’s said that a good percentage of your despised “fat” is actually excess fluid and water retention that you are carrying due to a combination of too much caffeine, too much sugar, too many grain-based foods and a hormonal imbalance brought on by all this bad food with daily stress. Talk about a recipe for bloating and disaster! I’ve come to a conclusion that bloating might possibly be the worst thing ever. I recommend sitting in the sauna or steam room. Not only is it relaxing, but it gets rid of all that extra water weight. It’s also easy to trim your body of excess fluid by making a few simple changes to the way you eat. Try cutting any form of table salt, sugar, caffeine, and starch. Don’t think all that is worth the effort? Well that’s your call. Fight for that spring break bod early so you aren’t worrying about it during midterms and two weeks before you’re half naked in a bikini.


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THE MIDDLEAGED INVASION My roommate and I were complaining KATIE the other night KORTEBEIN Pi Beta Phi about how annoying Katie is a junior studying creative it is when our moms writing. You may contact her at like literally every post involving us on Facebook. They’ll comment on pictures of us that were posted by our friends or like the fact that we’re “going” to an event.

grandparents are using Facebook as the latest version of snail mail. Luckily, once this group started taking over Facebook, we were able to turn to Instagram and Twitter. I don’t really tweet, but I use Instagram as an outlet for my more alcohol-inspired photos. My mom recently told me she had gotten an Instagram account and I just looked at her and said, “You can’t follow me.” She’s under the impression that I share all my photos to Facebook anyway so, at this point, I’m safe.

It makes me wonder where social media is headed though. I mean, poor Mark Zuckerberg. He created the biggest social media site of our generation and began all of this. He had all the right ages addicted, college In college, there can be a lot of things we would prefer our parents not to and high school. But now, his site is becoming overrun with those 40 see. In my case, this would be basically every night I go out. Not because and up. Pretty much all our age group uses Facebook for now is to share my pictures are terrible, but because college now, compared to my parents’ various buzzfeed articles. time, is just generally crazier when it comes to the amount we go out. I looked up some statistics and, as of December 2013, this is the Now that I have “accepted” my mom on Facebook, she has the ability percentage of each age group on social networking sites: 18 to 29 year to see every picture I’ve ever posted. So if I posted pictures from every olds, 90 percent; 30 to 49, 78 percent; 50 to 64, 65 percent; 65 and up, 46 weekend, and, God forbid, the occasional Tuesday and Thursday, I would percent. So, that’s right, people, about three-fourths of our parents are be getting a call from her asking what I’m doing with my life. Thank God, now able to stalk our last eight or so years through Facebook. I’ve deleted pictures from high school, otherwise I would probably be I love my mom and love that I can now tag her in pictures or see old getting into trouble for parties I’d gone to six years ago… pictures of my brother and I, but sometimes the number of notifications My point is that we now have to censor ourselves on social media, I get from her alone can simply be too much. I have unfriended people specifically Facebook, to live up to the standard our parents hold us to. or taken them off my news feed for less. Facebook started in college and worked its way down to high school. My dad, on the other hand, never has and never will have any kind Remember how annoyed we were when all the middle schoolers started of social media. He sees it all as pointless so my brother and I tag my bombarding us with friend requests? Well, now it’s the invasion of the mom in all birthday and Father’s Day posts. I feel these are the two types middle-aged. of people in this age group. One has totally and completely embraced The generation gap is pretty obvious on Facebook. Where my friends social media and will continue to blow up our news feeds, the other still and I are teasing each other on pictures, telling each other how “hawt” we cherishes the years when the only kind of contact they had was face to look in one picture or another (again, let me be clear, we do not use that face or through letters. word seriously, no one should), our mothers and their friends are posting Personally, I miss the times of handwritten letters too. It was so exciting paragraphs on each other’s photos catching up on the last five years. to get a letter in the mail addressed specifically to you. But I think social Our generation does not take much of what we post on social media media has overall been a positive advancement in our society. seriously. Basically it’s a way for us to try and show everyone how However, I am dreading the moment our parents take on Snapchat… supposedly awesome and fun our lives are. In contrast, our parents and maybe that will die before they ever download it? Fingers crossed.

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THINGS YOU CAN ONLY GET AWAY WITH IN COLLEGE People always say how amazing college is and how it is the best time of your life. Man, are they right. Here is just a small list of things that you do in college that will probably never happen again once you graduate.


Leigha is a freshman studying journalism, advertising & PR. You may contact her at

Daily naps. Best part of the week is the post-Chicken Finger Friday naps. You have two hours to kill? Why not take a nap? Only in college will you find those couple hours of free time so take advantage of them with the much beloved sleep. Using Quizlet to achieve your goals. All you want to do this semester is to pass that dumb science class that you have to take, but you do not understand anything about astronomy. Lucky for you, 30 other people before you made a Quizlet for the exact homework questions you have to finish in the next 20 minutes. Only in college will the answers be right in front of you. Going out on any weekday. T-shirt Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday are just part of the week. Sleep is optional as well as class and there is always something to do any night of the week. Wearing the same pair of leggings every day. Laundry is just a pain and wearing pants that are elastic and formfitting is much more comfortable than jeans. Plus, you can go straight from class to the gym without having to bring a change of clothes.


Wearing a Greek shirt anywhere and everywhere. You have accumulated many shirts from your own Greek affiliation as well your friends and random hookups. They are comfy, big, colorful and they have a handy pocket in the front. You have enough to last you a month without doing laundry so it becomes your only source of clothing. Passing out on the nearest couch. Usually, when you go out you’re with your friends and you know a lot of the people. You had a little too much to drink and you see a comfy couch, nearby. Only in college can you pass out on the couch and not be judged because you’re just a college student. We’ve all been there. Eating Ramen noodles for every meal. It’s cheap and it is the only thing you know how to make. Stay up all night and sleep all day. There just seems to be so much more happening at night. When you’re older, you actually have to show up to work, unlike classes. If you’re involved in a successful career, you will probably be too tired to even go out most nights. Enjoy the energy that comes with youth. “Will there be food?” Have this be the one question that determines whether you will make an appearance to an event. Finding free food is probably on your resume because it makes up a third of your diet. Hooking up with someone and never seeing them again. In college, you can hook up with a guy at a frat house and probably not see him again. Once you’re out of college, you meet people who you work with or through friends. This means that you will probably have to interact with them for longer than one night.

THE FIVE WORST PEOPLE IN YOUR CLASS Many of us have a difficult time paying attention in class. There is always some distraction that seems like Alpha Delta Pi paradise compared to the Lauren is a freshman studying fifty minute to hour hell English / journalism. You may contact her at we waste away in. Our Instagram is refreshed every five minutes, a window is calling our name and the kid behind us is eating Cheez-Its like he was raised by wolves. Going to class is hard enough as it is, but certain people make it ten times worse. They range from snackers to the know it alls and by the end of class, you’ve sketched “help” into the desk and have your advisor on speed dial.


Here are the five worst students to be in class with. The Snacker. The snacker is my least favorite student of all time. Everyone misses a meal once in a while and sometimes we have to regain our strength with a treat from the vending machine. These students,, on the other hand, chew and smack like a disposal. Careful – don’t get too close or your hand will be shredded. They have no sense of others. The louder they chew, the more I want to scream, not to mention the crinkle, crinkle of that potato chip bag. Honestly, can you not eat a granola bar like the rest of us? The only way to save yourself from a snacker is to give them a good long stare. The know-it-all who knows nothing. Some classes are difficult and we don’t feel embarrassed asking questions because we know everyone is in the same boat. Yet, there are some people

who just know everything. I mean, they know what your professor had for breakfast and how fast the grass grows. Here’s the catch, they actually don’t know or understand anything. It’s good to have confidence, but overconfidence is killer. Go ahead and sit in the back of the class with your head down because you will be overpowered by scoffs and “right” answers. The only advice I can offer is don’t, by any means, argue with the know-it-all. There is a silent victory in getting back a grade with decent marks compared to the know-it-all with a fail. The suck-up. This person is so deep in their role that they actually believe they are the teacher. They love to be the teachers boo; nothing will stop them, not even the eye rolls of their peers. You can spot one by their very particular call, “shhh,” usually heard around the time the teacher is talking. This student is a rare breed because of their ultimate goal to become the teacher’s friend. They like to share “inside” jokes and personal anecdotes while the rest of us bang our head on the table until it’s all over. A suck-up can be handled with positive reinforcement and is usually a good partner for group work. The sleeper. Why does this person even come to class? We have all had those days where we doze off; I use to fall asleep in the front row of art lecture every class, but at least I had the intention of learning. You can’t absorb information while taking a little siesta. This person is really the life of the classroom. The sleeper is always the one who gets called on, which means a pick me up for the rest of us. The sleeper isn’t really all that terrible, just a bad influence. It’s like when you see someone yawn you automatically yawn and the next thing you know everyone is asleep. The only way to deal with a sleeper is to go ahead and join them. Everyone has their quirks and perks, especially in the classroom. All I’m saying is check yourself before you wreck yourself.


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WHAT SORORITY SHOULD I HAVE BEEN?- A BUZZFEED-ESQUE SURVEY Anyone who loves internet procrastination as much as we do hopefully has made it over to the time vacuum know as Buzzfeed.

Alex Serrano - Actual: Kappa Delta / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha

One thing Buzzfeed is known for is its quizzes, and when we saw one about which sorority the girls should have pledged, we just had to take it. Also, as one of the writers found out, you could actually get “GDI.” Here are the results:

Abby Walstad - Actual: Pi Beta Phi / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha

Rachel Rawlings - Actual: Pi Beta Phi / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha Katie Kortebein - Actual: Pi Beta Phi / Quiz Answer: GDI Katie Hicks - Actual: Pi Beta Phi / Quiz Answer: Delta Gamma Avery Zooglman - Actual: Kappa Delta / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha Chelsea Mercer - Actual: Delta Delta Delta / Quiz Answer: Alpha Omicron Pi Ashleigh Giovannini - Actual: Delta Delta Delta / Quiz Answer: Alpha Omicron Pi Megan Pearson Hargus - Actual: Kappa Delta / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha

Lauren Randall - Actual: Alpha Delta Pi / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha Sydney Cason - Actual: Zeta Tau Alpha / Quiz Answer: Kappa Kappa Gamma Hannah Henderson - Actual: Delta Delta Delta / Quiz Answer: Kappa Kappa Gamma Kayla Eiffert - Actual: Kappa Delta / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha Haley Ethridge - Actual: Alpha Omicron Pi / Quiz Answer: Delta Zeta Alex Perez - Actual: Alpha Omicron Pi / Quiz Answer: Alpha Omicron Pi Morgan Johnson - Actual: Pi Beta Phi / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha Ashley Swindell - Actual: Delta Delta Delta / Quiz Answer: Zeta Tau Alpha Laura Selak - Actual: Delta Delta Delta / Quiz Answer: Kappa Kappa Gamma

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