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Scene on campus


Between studying for finals, lining up summer jobs, and just daydreaming about summer days in general, y o u mi g h t be forgetting about the important day of celebration coming up, Mother’s Day.



use her money to buy the gift, that would be cheating. (HINT: MAY 10th is Mother’s Day.)

Dinner and a movie. Being away at college, your mom probably misses your company and would love nothing more than a little mother / Kappa Kappa Gamma son time (your phone, computer and tablet is not welcome.) If you Bridgette is a freshman studying are capable of cooking a meal at home without the fire departments journalism and political science major. You may contact her at assistance, then rightfully do so. However, for some, taking mom out for a nice meal might be safer. Expensive or inexpensive, your mother is your date and you must pay and treat her like royalty. She deserves it no doubt. Finally, finish off the day with her favorite movie and candy of choice. If her favorite movie is a chick-flick, then it will be your favorite It is that one-day out of the year where moms should not have to lift a movie for the night as well. (HINT: MAY 10th is Mother’s Day.) finger. Considering everything they have done and do for you without Let her choose. As Blake Shelton sings, “I like doing what she likes,” complaining (usually), Mother’s Day should never be overlooked. this is your theme, motto, and anthem for the whole day. From the (HINT: MAY 10th is Mother’s Day.) moment your mom wakes up, let her know you are going to take her A Mother’s Day gift does not have to break the bank, but if that is your style, then “you do you.” However, before the frantic thinking begins about what gift to buy or way to spend the day, check out the list of ideas below. (HINT: MAY 10th is Mother’s Day.)

anywhere she wants to go (that is within reason) and do whatever she likes to do. If she wants to go get a mani/pedi, then you hold the door open for her, follow in behind, wait patiently, and pay when she is finished. If she wants to go shoe shopping, you hold the bags, give Flowers and Card. Giving your mom a sweet card, pretty flowers and honest (but not too honest) opinions when she ask, and wait patiently. a big hug will show her you care and are appreciative for all she does. Oh and one more rule, no whining. This is her day and you must respect Remember the famous saying, “It’s the little things in life that mean that. (HINT: MAY 10th is Mother’s Day.) the most.” (HINT: MAY 10th is Mother’s Day.) Believe it or not, the ultimate gift you could give your mom will not Pampering. Most women love nothing more than a littler pampering come in an envelope, wrapped in a box, or cost you a penny. Simply here and there. Considering all the things your mother has done for you and sincerely telling your mom thank you for all she does would send over the past years, giving her a day of pampering would be a perfect her over the moon. The fact that you remembered it was Mother’s Day Mother’s Day gift. It could be a gift certificate to a nail salon, masseuse, would be icing on the cake. And one more thing, MAY 10th is Mother’s or spa, any of these would be acceptable. Oh and one thing, you cannot Day!


Scene greek life

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5 THE RUSH FROM THE DORMS Scene greek life

Apartment living. The life in which you can cook almost anything in a microwave, you’re biggest fear is the never-ending pile of dirty dishes and you’re constantly wishing your apartment would lift the no-pet rule.

to help you fan the smoke out into the hallway.


When the peanut butter jar you thought would last all month runs out while studying for your big test, they’ll be there to lend you that creamy Jiff – the best study buddy out there.

Rachel is a sophomore studying advertising and public relations. You may contact her at

And when you have the bright idea to lure the stray cat inside to be the new house pet, they’ll be there to scare him back outside when he tries to make a scratching post out of your arms.

Pi Beta Phi

But when your roommate decides that it’s not their week to do the dishes, again, you are anything but appreciative.

Everyone is ready to get out of the dorms. Community living was cool for a while, but at the end of the day, we all need a fungus-free shower and non-RA inhibited hallways.

Although the first year of apartment living is filled with weeks of ramen, dish-washing disputes and lack of a pet, you learn a lot.

At the beginning of the semester, you think you’ve chosen the best apartment in town. Any mention of other complexes makes you silently laugh because you know the person living there doesn’t have it as good as you. That is until you run into your first problem. The southern hospitality that the front desk worker always seems to have will disappear before you can say broken shower. It’s okay, though, you can put up with cold showers for a week. Right?

And now you know that before next year you’re going to have to spend some quality time in the kitchen and buy some earplugs to wear for when you put your new skills into action. Because no matter how good you get, that fire alarm will never yield.

Although the workers aren’t the best, you’re roommates are always around to keep your spirits up. When the fire alarm goes off relentlessly, every night, they’ll be there

And buy a fish. You can wait two more years to buy a dog – maybe. The first year of buying your own toilet paper and enforcing your own rules is going to be tough. But we all get through it and become masters at the apartment life. You’ll all be master chefs and the proud owner of a Swiffer in no time.


Self health & fitness

STRESS IN REAL LIFE We have finals KAYLA coming up, jobs to EIFFERT apply for, summer Kappa Delta classes to take Kayla is a sophomore studying advertising and and sometimes it PR. You may contact her at seems like we’re barely keeping it together. With all of this craziness comes stress.

I know that some of you probably think that you’ve heard about the importance of managing stress a million times, but it is important to recognize and manage the effects of the stress that goes along with the end of a semester. You get stressed out, but everyone does, right? Stress can sometimes be a positive influence and force us to finally stop procrastinating about that book report we’ve been putting off all semester, but it can also turn out to be a ticking time bomb. According to WebMD, stress can actually cause physical symptoms in your body if not dealt with properly. Stress can cause headaches, elevated blood pressure and trouble sleeping. If that doesn’t describe my typical physical state for the entire duration of finals week, I don’t know what does. A lot of college students turn to alcohol or tobacco to reduce stress but, unfortunately, these substances actually keep your body in its stressed out state and only cause more problems. Ongoing stress can lead to anxiety, heart problems or even depression. If that’s not a reason to deal with your stress properly, I don’t know what is. When you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, it is important to address those feelings. Many times, just simply taking a study break to go for a walk or run, or talking out what you are stressed about, can offer some perspective on your situation. Being reminded that your economics exam will not make or break your entire future can take a big weight off of your shoulders. Also,

by maintaining a sleep schedule and healthy eating habits, your body will be able to function at its best and will be less likely to succumb to the effects of your stress. I know the last thing you are thinking about during finals week is going for a walk and eating a salad, but your body and mind will thank you for it. In the grand scheme of things, that is what matters most.

Adventure traveling

SUMMER FESTIVALS Summer is right around the HANNAH corner and a lot of ZAFUTA people have music Kappa Delta festivals in mind. Hannah is a sophomore studying psychology & creative writing. Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Warped Tour, Hangout and Tomorrowworld are among the ever expanding list.


with bands you would have otherwise never been familiar with. I am also looking forward to exploring the city of Milwaukee at my Summerfest experience. Luckily, one of my best friends resides there and will be able to show me around. It would be a great idea to road trip to your festival destination and take advantage of the sights along the way. It’s a big world out there and you never know what you can find.

If the ticket prices of some of these festivals scare you away, remember that most offer volunteer and job opportunities. Do a little digging around on the internet. I have friends who have passed out flyers for 10 minutes and then seen a free show. It’s a perfect way to have the These festivals are great opportunities to travel, discover places, hear experience of a lifetime without spending all your hard earned cash. new music, make a few friends along the way and experiment with I can’t say I’ve attended many music fests, but I do have advice for the gourmet food trucks. first timers. Stay hydrated! You might be out in the sun for a long time I’m beyond excited to be attended the first half of Summerfest in and the water is probably overpriced at these events, so come prepared. Milwaukee. Headliners like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Outkast, Usher, There will also be vendors selling unique products such as artwork, Paramore and Brad Paisley require their own purchase of tickets, but clothing or jewelry. Bring a little spare cash if this might interest you. weekday general admission is only $9. Be warned: the food will probably cost a lot, but at the time, you won’t Among the many ground stages Phantogram, The Fray, The Airborne care. Fanny packs may have died out in the 90s, but they live on at music Toxic Event, Ludacris, The Neighborhood, Fitz and the Tantrums, Ziggy festivals and come in quite handy. Most importantly, go with someone Marley, Switchfoot, Bad Suns, The Pretty Reckless, The Orwells and you know and trust and try to stick with them. It’s easy to get lost in others will be performing. the mass of people. And lastly, if you’re attending any event for days If you’re an avid music listener, I recommend festivals to get the most on end with hundreds of people and no showers, God bless. bang for your buck. In many cases, you can discover and fall in love

Ideas debate & discuss

7 APPS EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT NEEDS NOW Everest. Sometimes, life has a funny way of ALEXANDRA getting in the way of SERRANO our goals. Good thing Kappa Delta Alexandra is a sophomore Everest helps you keep studying communication. You may contact her at track of them and keeps you on the right path. The concept is pretty cool. The app allows you to capture and focus on all of your dreams and goals, with emphasis on one main goal – your Everest. It helps you to easily track your progress, gives you suggestions to keep going when times are difficult and gives you a community of people to talk to who share the same ideals and values as you. Free. Todo. If you are a list maker, this app is for you. With finals around the corner, Todo allows you to create multiple to-do lists in one spot, then syncs your lists with your calendar. You can also categorize your lists to make organization even easier! Free. 7 Minute Workout. This app is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a seven minute workout in your pocket. When studying hits you hard and you find yourself having less and less time to work out, the workout can still help you keep off the freshman 15. The app comes with motion video and you can even change the intensity of the workout with the swipe of a thumb! $1.99. DuoLingo. For all of you struggling in your language classes, preparing to study abroad or people who just want to brush up on another foreign language for fun, this app is for you. DuoLingo is dedicated to teaching you all sorts of languages, from French to Portuguese and everything in between. In fact, this app was voted Apple’s 2013 App Of The Year! Free. SleepCycle. Okay, so let’s face it. You won’t be getting much sleep these next four years – that’s why you need SleepCycle. This five star app analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase and also measures your sleep quality and heart rate. Not convinced? This app was featured on CNN and and BBC as well as in the Wall Street Journal. $0.99. WaterIn. So water might not be the only thing we’re drinking in college, but it’s pretty obvious that a hydrated body is a healthy body. WaterIn helps you keep track of your water intake throughout the day, and reminds you to drink


more when it seems you are lacking. Free. Mint Personal Finance. College has this magic way of making us all broke. With Mint, you can try to stop that problem by tracking, managing and budgeting your money all in one place. You can also categorize your accounts, using categories like checking, saving, credit cards and even retirement! This app was also in Apple’s 2013 Hall of Fame and CNET’s Best App for iPhone 2013. What are you waiting for? Save away! Free.

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Ideas debate & discuss


Humor lol


People always say how amazing college is and how it is the best time of your life. Man, are they right. Here is just a small list of things that you do in college that will probably never happen again once you graduate:


most nights. Enjoy the energy that comes with youth.


Leigha is a freshman studying journalism, advertising & PR. You may contact her at

Daily naps: Best part of the week is the post-Chicken Finger Friday naps. You have two hours to kill? Why not take a nap? Only in college will you find those couple hours of free time so take advantage of them with the much beloved sleep. Using Quizlet to achieve your goals: All you want to do this semester is to pass that dumb science class that you have to take but you do not understand anything about astronomy. Lucky for you 30 other people before you made a Quizlet for the exact homework questions you have to finish in the next 20 minutes. Only in college will the answers be right in front of you. Going out on any weekday: T-shirt Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday are just part of the week. Sleep is optional as well as class and there is always something to do any night of the week. Wearing the same pair of leggings everyday: Laundry is just a pain and wearing pants that are elastic and form to your legs is much more comfortable than jeans. Plus you can go straight from class to the gym without having to bring something to change into. Wearing a Greek shirt anywhere and everywhere: You have accumulated many shirts from your own Greek affiliation as well your friends and random hookups. They are comfy, big, colorful, and they have a handy pocket in the front. You have enough to last you a month without doing laundry so it becomes your only source of clothing. Passing out on the nearest couch: Usually when you go out, you’re with your friends and you know a lot of the people there. So you had a little too much to drink and you see a comfy couch nearby. Only in college can you pass out on the couch and not be judged because you’re just a college student and we’ve all been there. Eating Ramen noodles for every meal: It’s cheap and it is the only thing you know how to make. Stay up all night and sleep all day: There just seems to be so much more happening at night. When you’re older you actually have to show up to work unlike classes. If you involved in a successful career, you will probably be too tired to even go out

“Will there be food?”: Have this be the one question that determines whether you will make an appearance to an event. Finding free food is probably on your resume because it makes up a third of your diet. Hooking up with someone and never seeing them again: In college you can hook up with a guy at a frat house and probably not see him again. Once you’re out of college, you meet people who you work with or through friends. This means that you will probably have to interact with them for longer than one night.


Humor lol

@totalfratmove: Telling the owner, “We’ll take in a row without tweeting about it where’s good care of her,” when renting something my award? you know will get destroyed. #TFM. @totalsratmove: Being “unable to even” on a @CoachHughFreeze: Anything worthwhile regular basis. #TSM. takes time to build. If we have immediate success, we wouldn’t develop the character @JimmyTatro: I blame techno music for 100 needed 2 sustain true success 4life. percent of my speeding tickets.

@totalsratmove: “Let It Go” being the only song you are capable of singing when you’re belligerently drunk. #TSM. @itsWillyFerrell: Monday: No. Tuesday: Ugh. Wednesday: Why. Thursday: Omg. Friday: Finally. Saturday: Yes! Sunday: Crying.

@tbhplzdont: mean girls came out on april @WesVengeance7: Why do sorority girls hang @CollegeTownLife: F is for friends who share 30th 2004. April 30th is a wednesdaythis year out in odd numbers? Because they can’t even. Netflix passwords. and if the whole world does not wear pink i’m moving to Saturn. @totalfratmove: Having an irregular heartbeat @itsWillyFerrell: I don’t understand why since returning from spring break. #TFM. drunk me always seems to have more money @totalfratmove: Impressing her mother while simultaneously infuriating her father. #TFM. than sober me. @CollegeTownLife: I worked out three days

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