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agReeMeNT X: THe FUTURe OF RUSH In a move that is questionable, the National Panhellenic Conference has banned female participation or promotion of a certain fraternity, especially during rush. The 26 member organizations that make up the NPC passed Unanimous Agreement X recently, which added these three rules to the list of other unanimous agreements: 1. The women’s fraternities of the National Panhellenic Conference have the right to confine their membership to women and shall defend their right to exist as single-sex organizations. 2. Auxiliaries. Each College Panhellenic shall denounce the participation of undergraduate Panhellenic women in auxiliary groups to men’s fraternities. 3. Men’s Recruitment. Each College Panhellenic shall denounce the participation of undergraduate Panhellenic women in men’s formal recruitment.The first rule of the Agreement X makes sense because “Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, that social fraternities are exempt from the prohibition against discrimination on the basis of gender in participation in educational programs or related activities.” They are just establishing their right to stay a single sex organization.

Credit: Images The second rule is a little less straightforward; with theESPN Panhellenic organization stating that being an auxiliary includes “language such as little sister or daughter of, an education program, recruitment process, meetings, dues and outward recognition. The gray area here comes into play when the fraternity sweetheart is discussed. Now they are not outright banning the process they say to avoid competing with any other person for the title because “The activities may seem like the person is working to become a member.” In my experience there are always a few girlfriends vying for sweetheart, not always competing with each other but in helping the fraternity become a better organization. This will be very interesting to see how the member organizations try to enforce this. Saving the most confusing rule for last, with not the outright banning of participating or promoting a fraternity during rush but the denouncing of it. The main things to avoid are “one particular member group with T-shirts, banners, etc., during the men’s formal recruitment process.” With this they are not only banning specific rush shirts but also all fraternity shirts that have only one group on it. The official stance on what is acceptable to wear is “a homecoming shirt, Greek Week shirt, dance party shirt, etc., that may contain one or more fraternity name/letters during the recruitment week, but they should not wear “big letter” shirts with one fraternity’s Greek letter emblazoned on their chests or shirts that promote membership in one specific fraternity.” It bans date, function and formal shirts that we know everyone has. The main thing that bothers me about this stance is that at Arkansas, our recruitment takes place after everyone has been on campus a few weeks and in the spring they are here a full semester. Are the women supposed to not wear any fraternity shirts during this time as well or will there be a certain start and end date when they are acceptable? Honestly what is going to change when a freshman sees women wear fraternity shirts during the first few weeks of class but then during recruitment week he does not? As a naïve freshman I wouldn’t have even noticed the change. Lastly how are you going to regulate this? Will there going to be a new position of “T-shirt Enforcer” on exec boards next year? I actually hope so because that sounds like an amazing title. Additionally how are people supposed to differentiate between Greeks and non-Greeks on campus? I agree with most of this third rule just do not believe that what people can wear should be regulated because where do it stop after that.

The official explanation behind these rules is: “NPC Pi Kappa Alpha and our member Editor-in-Chief groups have an Ryan is a senior studying ongoing responsibility international business. to publically You may contact him at demonstrate that our recruitment, education and initiation of our members into our organizations is without need or dependence on others — especially those of the opposite sex. The presence, involvement and activity of sorority members at men’s fraternity recruitment events and in men’s auxiliary groups greatly weakens our position and gives support to the argument that fraternal organizations do not need to remain single-sex groups.”


I know and agree that there is a great argument behind that rush should be a completely uninfluenced decision. It makes the decision much more important and better for people in the long run. In my opinion this just is not the way to go about it and create a divide between the Greek community by controlling the interactions between the sororities and fraternities.


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in a flood of tears and emotions. I learned that after an accidental overdose, Danny was in a coma. Someone who Delta Delta Delta should have been a care giver and medical Ashley is a sophomore studying p ro v i d e r f o r D a n n y English. You may contact her at had irresponsibly given him the tools to relapse. For over a week, family and friends gathered in the waiting room and filled the Rankin home with dinners, pies, cards and flowers. I remember sitting in a circle, crying, sharing stories, watching a family trying to survive this unfathomable tragedy. On September 29, 2012 at 1:35 A.M., after many prayers and tears, Daniel Paul Rankin VI passed away.


Danny was the brother of my best friend, Emily Rankin. I had met Emily during my sophomore year of high school and towards the end of that year, I was introduced to Danny. At that point in time, none of us knew the life-changing events that were ahead, and I never expected Danny to play such an incredible role in my life and in the lives of people he would never even meet. Sharing his story is incredibly important to me. The first thing to know about Danny is that his looks alone could leave any girl swooning. Once a football player, he was a huge guy with an athletic build. His towering stature paired with wonderful genes from a beautiful family meant that he could turn any girl’s head. Despite the fact he was nearly eight years my senior, I found that he could even make my heart speed up a little bit. Danny was also incredibly intelligent. As a member of Mensa, Danny didn’t have a need to advertise his intelligence. Instead, it revealed itself in daily conversations. He was also hilarious, as if the guy wasn’t already “the total package.” After graduating from UNLV in 2008, he worked with autistic children and also his graduate education. It was around this time that I first met Danny. The first time I saw him and Emily together, I was mesmerized by how close and almost identical the two were. He seemed to possess the same glowing and unique personality that Emily had -- a personality that I absolutely loved. It was like watching one person. They were just like a reflection of each other. He loved her as much as you could possibly love someone, something that was clear in just watching them together. I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with Danny and learn more about him. Danny had an incredible capacity to care for other people. Sadly, I began to learn that sometimes he needed to focus on himself instead. He had struggled with addiction and after hard work and a lot of love from family and friends, he had found a life of recovery, immersing himself in his Christian faith and time with loved ones. I was learning his history during an interesting time in my life. I was entering treatment for an eating disorder while I was getting to know him. Once he told me about his past, I told him about my present. He offered me advice, love and prayers. I learned that Danny had such an incredible capacity to show love to everyone. From children to fellow friends, Danny seemed to always show love by helping other people fight their battles, despite the fact he had his own to fight. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who could match Danny’s incredible capacity to show love. After a few years, I went to college. Danny and I spoke from time to time either through Facebook or on the phone. He would check on me and be there if I just needed someone to talk to. I was not an old buddy or a best friend. He was not expected or required to show me any kind of consideration. I was his sister ’s friend. Yet he always managed to keep me in his thoughts and prayers. Emily and I remained best friends despite the fact we were in different cities. While I no longer got to see her and Danny very often, we managed to remain in touch despite the distance. In September of 2012, everything changed. I was leaving class one afternoon when I received a phone call from Emily. Between sobs, the only words I could make out were, “something happened.” She told me she was on her way home to Little Rock and wasn’t sure what was going on but that she knew something happened with Danny. I was in Little Rock by the next morning. In the ICU, the magnitude of the situation really came to light. Emily greeted me, red and watery-eyed, and we immediately fell into an embrace that resulted

His death was followed by even more sorrow and tears. Following his passing, the news was shared with Danny’s friends and family that for a moment seemed to relieve a small amount of the pain. Danny, who was an organ donor, had saved and changed over 50 lives. While this wonderful realization could never provide full understanding or relief for those who loved Danny, it did give them something incredibly precious to think about. Danny, one of the most loving and selfless people to touch lives, seemed to use his decision to be an organ donor as a final act of love and selflessness. As the one-year anniversary of Danny’s death approached, the Rankins were contacted by the recipient of his heart. The Rankins learned about his life and family. The decision was made for the two families to meet. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a part of the experience. At the end of the summer months, I sat at a kitchen table next to Emily and the man with the heart that had previously shown so many people so much love. Dan’s loving nature and everything he stood for was represented in his gift of life. So, with the house was full of friends and relatives of Danny, we exchanged stories and reconstructed the life of the man who had touched so many lives. When I learned that National Donor Day was on Valentine’s Day, I immediately felt my eyes fill with tears. Danny was a flirt and a ladies man, making Valentine’s Day a very appropriate day to remember him. More importantly, he had shown so much love to people during his life through reaching out to them and even his decision to be an organ donor. When I learned that it was also Donor Day, I knew that it was time for Danny’s story to be written. It seemed like today encapsulated everything Danny stood for. While there is not anything could compensate for the loss of Danny, knowing his best attribute, showing love to anyone he came into contact with, is living on certainly provides a little bit of comfort. I have seen a family broken by loss, find strength from each other and regain a little bit of joy from seeing how Danny’s legacy and love will live on. Losing a loved one is never easy. I have watched how loss can tear apart all feelings of security and hope. What I can testify to is that Danny’s decision to be an organ donor not only saved the life of a father and wonderful man, but also gave a small glimmer of joy back to his own family. That final act of love and charity didn’t just touch the life of the man it saved, it gave the rest of us that were left behind something to hang on to and a daily reminder of his love. Danny reached out to other people to help them fight their battles, even when he was struggling with his own. I think the fact that Donor Day and Valentine’s Day are on the same day is one of the most beautiful things that I have heard. From what I have seen, there is no greater act of love than giving a piece of oneself to help another, something that Danny lived out in his life and even in his passing. I ask that today, everyone take some time to think about how to live out acts of love in your daily life. Take some time to appreciate your loved ones, appreciate those who have been donors, and seek to make the same kind of impact with love that Danny has made. Take some time to look past the boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses and remember that this day is really about showing love and putting others first, something Danny stood for. I have seen a resilient family grow through tragedy. Today I ask that you keep them and the families of other donors in your thoughts. Happy Valentine’s and Donor Day to everyone, especially the incredible and beautiful Rankin family.


Adventure traveling

MY FIRST TRIP WHILE ABROAD Amsterdam: the home of endless museums, canals, prostitution and coffee shops much different than what we have back home! A trip here should be as long as possible because there is so much to do. This place has the highest museum density in the world, including the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. The Heineken Experience was also really fun to visit. The tour includes learning about their beer recipe, a simulation of the process the beer goes through, tons of arcade games, a beer tasting and two more drinks! We walked almost everywhere, but it was okay because of the unique scenery of elegant buildings, interesting people and ever-flowing canals. Most of the canals aren’t used for transportation anymore, but when they are used, it’s mostly for tourism. Nonetheless, they’re very charming and add an even more relaxed vibe to the city. Every day we had to walk through the Red Light District and it is exactly like what it’s made out to be. Barely-clothed women of all shapes and sizes try to lure in customers from the red-lit windows LaCY of classic Dutch GRAHAM buildings. The street Kappa Delta Lacy is a sophomore is also filled with sex studying journalism and shops and theaters for art. You may contact her at sex shows. Luckily, a transformation of the area is underway. A Dutch friend of mine said clothing stores and art exhibits are being put in the place of what used to be certain prostitutes’ windows. Most coffee shops in Amsterdam, ironically, don’t sell coffee – they sell marijuana. First, you decide if you would like to buy a pre-rolled joint, a weed brownie cake, otherwise known as a space cake or just a certain amount of marijuana. Then, you pick a Sativa or an Indica – a sleepy, relaxed high or a more energetic and uplifting high. You can either smoke it in the laid-back atmosphere of the coffee shop or you can take it to go and smoke it wherever. My favorite part of my trip to Amsterdam was going to a huge show at a local venue with Dutch friends. We listened to multiple DJs and danced all night long.I felt like a part of their culture, which I believe is the point of traveling. It can be fun to do touristy things, but most of the people in those places are obviously tourists. The locals know the good places to have fun and enjoy their home as opposed to doing something

Adventure traveling


similar for a much higher price and an unauthentic experience.

we told them we went.

The girls I live with in Italy, and I, went to an ice bar one of our nights there. The entire bar was made of ice – the seats, the walls, the decorations and even the cups. We were given huge coats and gloves, but they weren’t warm enough. It was a really cool experience, but it was over-priced and people aren’t even allowed to stay in the ice part for more than thirty minutes. Our Dutch friends laughed at us when

Another way I like to try to experience the culture of where I’ve traveled, is to eat authentic food. It was hard to find local food in Amsterdam, but they did have the best fries and waffles I’ve ever tasted. I highly recommend visiting Amsterdam if you are open-minded and up for a real adventure.


Brace yourself. The rest of your life is coming at you a million miles per hour and there’s no stopping it. College is a constant Alpha Delta Pi turmoil of pressure, Lauren is a freshman studying English / journalism. madness and plenty of You may contact her at mental breakdowns. Most of us have resorted to our comforts, a.k.a. bad habits, of handling the stress. While some prefer the common practice of popping pills and others have an unbreakable addiction to caffeine, it’s a real wonder all of us haven’t exceeded the freshman fifteen limits. With all this pressure over grades, jobs, money and parents, I’m surprised the university hasn’t gone from a student body of 24,000 to 24. But where does all this pressure come from?


As I type this article I can assure you of one thing somewhere on campus. There is an individual who has already done the homework for comp class for the next three weeks. They probably are involved in numerous philanthropy hours and are president of multiple clubs and their total sleep count is four hours a night. These are the kind of people who make the rest of us want to lie in the road and wait for the reality bus to run us over. It’s situations like these that set the bar at unattainable levels for the norm and skyrocket the pressure we pile on ourselves.

In today’s world there is nothing but competition. We are all competing for a job, an internship, the spot in the sorority or fraternity and even a spot in the Starbucks line. It seems that there will always be somebody who is going to be better than you no matter what. I spent four days and 12 hours on a Basic Econ exam that I ended up getting a C on, while the kid behind me probably studied the night before and aced it. My parents have always told me, do all that you can possibly do and know that it’s your best. Your best is no longer good enough. Every day you are building your resume and one slip seems like the end of a career choice or even a life plan. We are expected to volunteer, hold officer positions in clubs, make straight As and earn money for tuition to prove we are the best. Mediocrity will no longer cut it. I can’t tell you how many times I beat myself up over not having enough volunteer hours or not being more involved. Since I’ve come to college the smallest things seem to matter even more. I can no longer spend my days goofing off. We now all have certain obligations to fulfill. I have realized, though, most of the time I’m in the biggest competition with myself. The pressure doesn’t come from my parents or professors, but my own idea that I’m not good enough. We set our sights on the big picture instead taking on one moment at a time. Most of us are so focused on the future, with such determination, that we forget to focus on the now. Maybe that engineering career that you have dreamed of since you were a kid is two years away, but that Calculus class that’s going to get you there is tomorrow. Every day you are getting closer to your dreams and goals as an adult, but today you have to take the pressure off yourself and live one day at a time.

Adventure traveling


I am so tired of hearing this question. Why? Because there seems to only be two answers, PCB or STFU. Now I’ve Pi Kappa Alpha been to PCB and, let Taylor is a sophomore studying me tell you, I was not journalism & polical science. impressed. If staying in You may contact him at a butt of a beach is your thing, more power to you. I would prefer to make my way to a less crowded part of the country or out of the country. I can see the allure PCB may have for somebody who has never seen the disaster of a spectacle.If you plan on making the trip to PCB, let me mentally prepare you for what you will experience. You may not have a period of sobriety – this is the law of the land in PCB – and if you obtain a moment of clarity you will find yourself quickly doing anything you can to forget what is happening. Some of the things you will see will sicken you and fill you with regret. I would elaborate, but I don’t think freedom of speech would protect me in these cases. Things work out better when everybody is in a constant state of stupor, that way nobody is responsible for anybody. PCB is a war zone and the enemy is sobriety.


Luckily, there are thousands of allies with you helping you storm the beaches and claim victory.It may sound like I’m completely ragging on PCB. Don’t get me wrong, you will undoubtedly have the greatest time of your life provided you don’t get completely


obliterated and end up rafting into the ocean and needing the help of the coast guard to return to shore. Before you ask, I won’t be releasing any names, nor will I be incriminating myself. Decisions made at PCB are fueled by raging hormones and Corona, and that’s how it is all week long. Even some of your most trusted brothers or sisters will, most likely, abandon you for a personal adventure they thought (at the time) was a good idea. If you think the University of Arkansas has some great parties, you haven’t seen anything, yet. PCB is one giant party. It’s a mix between the Deep South and the Caribbean, so the atmosphere is hard to describe. You will encounter people from all over the country, mostly from the South and many in the same sorority or fraternity as you. This is a great opportunity to make some good friends and party with people you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to party with. This has got to be the best part of PCB, meeting hundreds of people that you may never see again and if things start to get dicey all you need to do is quietly slip into the crowd of hundreds of college kids who are all dressed in the same brightly colored spring break tanks and trucker hats. I am burnt out on the idea of PCB. It’s not for everybody but it is definitely a spectacle and one of those things in life you should experience, if given the opportunity. If you haven’t decided what you will be doing for spring break, PCB should still be one of your top choices. For me, going to a place like Colorado is preferable. I love the idea of being high up in the mountains, snowboarding.


Self improvement pROS aND CONS OF a ReLaTIONSHIp OVeR SpRINg BReaK It’s that time of year again. The gym is getting unreasonably packed, the tanning salons are booked until June and everyone is re-evaluating who is, and isn’t, going to be attending their spring break get-away this year.

while on break.


Rachel is a sophomore studying advertising and public relations. You may contact her at

In today’s world of random hook-ups and drunken debauchery, relationships are often considered taboo and not many people want the level of commitment that comes with a relationship weighing on them for a week while in Florida. Those whose relationship status is not yet official are frantically trying to iron out the details. More often than not, things are one sided. One side wants to make things FOB in order make sure there won’t be any random hookups happening, while the other doesn’t want anything official until they return home. He is going to need an excuse when asked about the random girl in his pictures and who wants all of the people you meet on spring break looking you up online, only to find that the first thing on your profile is a mushy display picture and the infamous “in a relationship” looming over your page.

After all, spring break is the opportune time to meet, and hook up with, all kinds of new people – right? Yes, for some. For others, spring break is a time to spend with your significant other. Not only can you split bar tabs and hotel prices, but you also have a built-in bodyguard. Forget the buddy system, your boyfriend can get rid of that creepy guy at the bar with just a quick glance. And after a long day of partying, it’s nice to have someone you actually know with you in your bed. That is, if you and your significant other choose the same vacation destination. We have all seen the couple that decides to go in separate directions. They say their goodbyes and seem to be more excited for the other person than themselves. But this excitement is just a way to mask the questions of trust and the thought of missing them over break. No matter what situation you find yourself in during your spring break preparations, there are only a few things you actually need to worry about. First and foremost, have fun. You are only in college once and you only have four spring breaks during this time. Who cares if you’re single or in a relationship? Go have fun with your best friends or your boyfriend and make memories that will last long after the week is over. Secondly, be smart. Yes you are on spring break and, yes, most of us like to use the phrase YOLO, but STDs stick around the whole time you’re YOLO-ing and I want all of y’all to be saying YOLO for long after your college years are over, so stick with your friends and make good decisions.

The person doing the Facebook stalking hates seeing that relationship status just as much as you hate it being seen. They came to spring break single and ready to mingle.

Lastly, don’t overthink relationship statuses. If you’re happy where you are in life, good for you. That’s that. Don’t question what things mean or whether or not he or she is going to hook up with anyone else over break. Just do you and be happy. Things always work out in the end and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

They spent a solid two months getting their body beach ready and though they may hate the fact that they normally don’t have anyone to come home to at night, they make up for it

So whether you’re single or in a relationship, just go with the flow this spring break and have the time of your life.


500 words on politics

especially being a second-semester senior. The members obviously did not think



would ever get them


Katie is a senior studying creative writing. You may contact her at

in this much trouble because it was posted on Facebook for all their friends to see. There have been fiesta themed functions on our campus and I know for a fact people across campus and throughout the years have dressed in these unfortunate stereotypical outfits. I think the final straw for the Chi Omegas in this picture were those two signs. I would never have made signs like that, but to be honest, I probably would The Chi Omega chapter at Penn State is officially leaving campus after

not have thought much of it if I had seen someone else holding one. This is an

backlash from a racially controversial photo of multiple members from over

unfortunate problem our society has. We see “thugs” on shows like Law and

14 months ago.

Order, they are often black or Hispanic. Rappers say the n-word practically

Around two-dozen members posed for a picture dressed for a fiesta themed

every three lines. We’ve become desensitized to what can still be offensive.

function around Halloween 2012. Girls were wearing sombreros, fake

On one hand, we can say, oh, that’s fine, that just mean the lines between

mustaches, ponchos and two signs are featured front and center that read,

races are beginning to blur. But there are some lines we just can’t cross.Mexico

“will mow lawn for weed + beer” and “I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

is in the middle of a savage war between drug cartels fighting for control

The chapter was not punished by the university at the time, but did see

over the “lucrative drug trade to the U.S.” according to the LA Times, who

plenty of consequences for the photo. Flyers calling the chapter “rascist” were

has had reporters and photographers covering the conflict since June 2008.

posted everywhere around campus. Penn State’s Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez, made a public statement stating the association’s “disappointment in the attire chosen by this sorority.”

Since the war’s beginning December 11, 2006 to 2012, the official death toll was at 60,000. However, officials estimate, due to the large number of people who have disappeared, the number is probably over 100,000 victims. My point is this isn’t a joke. None of us have any right to joke about stereotypes

Chi Omega’s national organization made the decision to close the Penn

that are not even true, especially if it makes light of the carnage and fear

State chapter after a visit to the campus February 11. They ultimately stated

Mexicans have been dealing with for the last seven years.It is unfortunate

the closing of the chapter was not due to “one particular incident, or one

what this specific Chi Omega chapter had to go through to bring this issue

particular member.”

to light. However, I suggest we learn from their example and avoid future

Penn State Panhellenic President Meaghan DeMallie said, in a statement to PennLive, the sorority was likely shut down due to events and actions after the release of the photo and not necessarily because of it. I can’t imagine having my chapter shut down and forced to leave campus,

issues like this completely. I’m pretty confident no chapter on our campus needs to be told this, but always better safe than sorry. This campus has seen its share of chapters get kicked off campus in the past and I vote we keep it that way, in the past.


Sports local



They had a security blanket that they would have at least two years with most


done rule in college basketball. We love it, we hate it, we


of their athletes to build a solid team. To build anything that can withstand

H a n n a h i s a f re s h m a n studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at


Delta Delta Delta

don’t know how to feel about it. Love if you are a fan of

for two or three years, the chemistry is inevitable. They learn how to play The problem today among many of the top teams with amazing freshmen is that they are just that -- freshmen. They are not mature and lack experience.

powerhouses such as Kentucky, it’s practically an unspoken rule to not get too comfortable with the freshman class.

Maybe the experience is not lacking in skill. Anyone can posses skill. The experience is lacking in leadership, in teamwork and in effort. When these top high school freshmen come into their selected programs, they have

The 2011-2012 University of Kentucky starting class consisted of three freshmen: Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-

tough times, a solid foundation is required. By having the boys play together

predetermined they will start, they will play most of the game, and they will score a lot of points.

Gilchrist, and Marquis Teague, and two sophomores: Terrence Jones

and Doron Lamb. These players would lead Kentucky to its eighth NCAA National Championship

title. The team’s 38 wins broke a record shared by five teams for the

These boys who claim to be men were just in

The problem today among many of the top teams with

high school months ago. They played for their

amazing freshmen is that they are just that -- freshmen.

high school teams were their role was most

experience is not lacking in skill. Anyone can posses skill.

most wins in NCAA men’s Division

superstar, which they obviously did or they wouldn’t be in their current position. When these boys get to college, they either continue to shine, at times appearing very selfish, or

I history. All five starters would go to the NBA.

likely to put the team on their back and be the

They are not mature and lack experience. Maybe the

they disappear into the bench where they will

never get their chance at the league again, as new freshmen come through. For

In 2012-2013, similar story. Although Kentucky would not make an

those who make it to the NBA, well, that’s practically a cupt of guys who get

appearance in the NCAA Tournament and would lose the first round of

paid to be selfish. A tough pill for these freshmen to swallow is that they are

the NIT tournament to Robert Morris, freshmen Nerlens Noel and Archie

no longer the best. They are the best battling against a bunch of other bests,

Goodwin were selected in the first round of the NBA draft.

making them mediocre at best. In stressful situations, these men can quickly

As far as recruitment goes, college coaches are in a difficult position. While they can butter-up the great education the prospect will receive if they choose to attend their university, the coaches still have their underlying ambitions: to win national championships and to keep their jobs. Bottom line: most of the top freshmen are expected to come in and play right away. They most always are predetermined to start, and just like a perfectly scripted story, they came, they saw, they conquered. They start, they make impacts, they get a run at a national championship, coach is happy, and they’re on to the glamorous life of NBA athletes. But what about the great education? Before the rule was implemented, only eight or 12 guys would go pro right out of high school, which the college coaches didn’t even bother recruiting.

become boys. Dazed and confused, they are most times not as clutch as they thought they were. One mess up, the media is back in their face , this time not so uplifting. These freshmen have a bullseye on their back from the start. The one-and-done rule does more harm than good in my opinion. I would love to see the NCAA rules change, making players remain at their respected universities for at least 2 years. I think we would start to see more consistency in teamwork as well as seeing more of the younger guys learn the value of a true leader through the actions of their older teammates. Just like in high school sports where 4 years on Varsity is a big deal, being a freshmen should mean you are certainly deserving of a spot on the squad, but everything else is even-keel.

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on campus run around in baseball pants. It’s a winwin in my opinion. Oh and what about those Alpha Omicron Pi RBI girls? I would kill to dress up in a baseball Alex is a sophomore studying uniform and dance on top journalism-public relations/ of the dugout and have advertising. You may contact fans idolize me and envy her at alexperez@knights.ucf. me. What girl doesn’t edu. want that? And what guy doesn’t love that? Another win-win. Also, Ribby the official razorback baseball mascot is pretty much the coolest and cutest mascot ever. You can almost always see him interacting with fans during the game. Another reason you should definitely be attending the baseball games is our team is freaking good y’all. I know with how rough our football season was I’d really love to see one of our teams succeed and baseball seems like the perfect sport. I mean we’ve had seven College World Series appearances and 25 NCAA post-season appearances since the program began back in 1923, making this the Razorbacks 91stplay. If that isn’t impressive, then you’re wrong. Lastly, supporting our Razorback athletic teams and program is just fun. School pride is one of the most exhilarating feelings ever, especially when playing an SEC rival. So get out of your beds and turn off Netflix and make your way over to Baum Stadium for the next Razorback Baseball game. You won’t regret it! The Razorbacks next game is Friday February 28th at Baum Stadium against South Alabama at 3:05 p.m. For the full schedule visit


Baseball is famously known as America’s past time and lucky for us, our Diamond Hogs happen to be pretty spectacular at playing the game. The Arkansas Baseball team remains ranked No. 25 after sweeping Appalachian State last weekend, yet it seems that our boys do not receive as much attention as they should, especially with their successful history in the SEC. For all you students that have yet to make it out to a game at Baum Stadium, there are plenty of reasons why you should go out and watch our talented baseball team and why you’ll love every minute of it. First and foremost, Baum Stadium is one of the biggest and most famous stadiums in the country. Whether you are sitting in the Hog Pen area behind the field grilling and enjoying the spring weather, or sitting in the Hog Heaven area enjoying a perfect view of the game at premium level seats, you are guaranteed to have a great and memorable time at one of the nicest facilities college baseball has ever seen. Also, the weather is beautiful this time of year! After spending weeks feeling like I belonged in the movie ‘Frozen’ I think it’s safe to say everyone is ready for warmer weather. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than sitting in the sun, tanning your legs, and eating fried food that’s terrible for you? Oh, and also getting to watch some of the most attractive guys



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@samir : The movie Blackfish was created so no one goes to Seaworld so the creators of Blackfish

seeing them drunk is exciting....Meeting someone drunk and seeing them sober....awkward.

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Arkansas 2 27 14 proof3  
Arkansas 2 27 14 proof3