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How to Maintain Granite Countertops When it comes to Granite Countertops , one thing that make it special is it look and attraction that never fades away even after long years of usage. The money you spend over getting the Granite Countertops fixed for your kitchen is surely worth it. Even if these Kitchen countertops are durable and have a great look, it is a must to take all the necessary care to maintain its look to have it look new for a longer period of time. Especially Women are very particular that things in their home must look brand new, even if they are old. When it comes to Granite Countertops , the maintenance is comparatively easier than any other normal counter tops. So if you own the Granite Countertops or plan to have one fixed, you can just stay cool and relaxed. You must have visited a lot of your friends’ house and must have had a chance to see their worn-out kitchen countertops. Many women are driven by cheap plastic coated kitchen counter tops, but after they start to use it, they will face a lot of issueslike scratches and burns becauseof placing hot objects over the countertops. You can stop worrying about all these troubles when you have the Granite Countertops . Taking care of your kitchen is never easier when you own these beautiful Granite Countertops in your kitchen. Follow the steps that are discussed below to maintain your Granite kitchen countertops as new as it was bought for years to come. The first and the most important step to keep your countertops stain free are to clean it daily with mild detergent. Never use cleaners which are too much acidic as it will corrode the sealant that is applied over the granite. If the sealants are removed from the surface of the granite, then the chemicals used on top of the countertops will be observed into the granite and may causedamages.When you want to remover and y stains made by food products, you can use hot water and detergent with sponge to wipe them away. Scrubbing daily can be avoided and weekly once or once in a fortnight scrubbing will keep your countertops clean and sanitized. You will have to completely avoid using hydrofluoric acid on the granite Countertops as they have a tendency to etch the polished granite and make it look dull. Application of sealants over the granite two times a year is as important as cleaning them. If you want to clean any kind of oil stains use acetone or ammonia diluted in water. Never mix ammonia and bleach together for cleaning the granite. If you want to clean any organic stains mix a few drop of ammonia in hydrogen peroxide to wipe away the stains and then clean the granite countertops with water and wipe it dry. Source:

How to Maintain Granite Countertops