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Few years ago granite is formed in the earth. It contains Quartz, Feldspar and Mica. Granite stone is hard course grained igneous rock. The granite is taken from the ground of quarry in the enormous block. This granite is pieced in to slices from the place of quarry. These portions are then polished on one side and then import it for distributors. The enormous pieces are used for floors and bathrooms, kitchen, while smaller pieces are used for monument, tiles and custom carvings.


Granite is formed from the collective crystals which are molded together without any interspaces between one and another. The amazing crystalline of granite is outstanding characteristic. It is exact to speak of with granite is that it have many variety of the obtainable stone. It contains three essential minerals, namely feldspar, Quartz and Mica.

These three necessary minerals occur in different proportions, revealing each in its color, texture and structural characteristics. Besides hornblende, hematite, pyrite, zircon, garnet, magnetite, corundum and other minerals also present in lesser amounts, adding to the single coloration and texture of every granite deposit. When supplying granite for small, large or complex buildings, it is important that the stone be consistent in color and texture. Ensure to select the granite from the similar deposit quarry

Hot items must not be placed above the stone surface. Because it may cause any scrape, injure or stain in the surfa.These are the following steps to be taken for protecting the granite stones. Careful measures to be taken by the homeowners when maintains the surface. He has to act as per the instruction given by the stone polisher or stone seller. Don’t clean the granite stone with the cleaning products like ammonia, bleaching powder, rough dry cleaners (dry cleaner, scouring powder) and products which contains lemon, vinegar or other acids.

When stain is dropped on the stone surface, it must be cleaned from the surface before it gets incisive in the surface. While cleaning use clean, spongy cloth and soft cleaning agent in the granite. Clean the stone, after washing with any cleaning agent. When stain/spill is penetrate in the surface, then make use of some cleaning agents like stone soap, neutral cleaner, any mild liquid or warm water. Seek the assist of the professionals/experts to remove the dirt, stain or spill in the floor. It helps to retain the everlasting good looks of the stone granite.

Granite stone and its protection