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Grade and Quality of Granite Countertops Granite countertops are a sign of quality in every home. They are a mark of luxury that every home owner would like to have in their kitchen. When renovating the house, every homeowner would like to give their kitchen a facelift with the help of a granite countertop. It is not common to see people cut budget for other amenities in the house for the sake of a granite countertop. Very often people make do with a less expensive carpet or a standard paint just so that they can have a granite countertop in their kitchen. The reason why they are so expensive is becausethey change the total look and value of your home. Once upon a time, these granite countertops were only seen in high end home. People would often crave and dream of having a granite countertop in their house. Today, with the changing economy, granite countertops have become more accessible to people. This does not mean that the granite countertops have become cheaper or is of any less value. It means that people are in a stronger financial situation to afford granite counter tops. Granite countertops still remain as an object of desire for people all around the world. But why do people like granite countertops so much? The look of the granite countertop is what attracts most people. Granite is basically a natural substance. All the work that is done of the granite is cutting and shaping. There is no manufacturing processthat goes into the granite after it has been mined. As such it gives a very natural feel to your kitchen. Since there is no other processthat goes into making the granite, all the beauty of the stone comes from how the granite is cut. The different types of cut in the granite are what make it as special as countertops. You will find that granite will blend in with any dĂŠcor and background. The choice of color is limiting owing to the fact that it is a natural material. However, you will quickly find that you can match all these colors to any ambience. The workmanship of the granite will be shown in its finish. The granite is often honed to give it a smoother look and a nicer finish. For a textured look a flamed granite countertop is often torched. A tumbled look is given to the granite countertops by giving it rounded edges. These way different designs are made on the granite countertop to make them look different and distinct. You should be warned that no two pieces of granite are alike. Therefore you should not be surprised to find that the granite slab that reaches your home is different from the sample that you chose. The only way you can get the exact granite of your choice is to go to your contractor in person and have them but out the granite of your choices. The granite countertops are very helpful in the kitchen you can place hot objects directly on the countertop without having to worry about the damage.


Grade and Quality of Granite Countertops