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SPANS Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status A short battery of neuropsychological tests for accurate cognitive analysis Dr Gerald H. Burgess

Introducing the SPANS for accurate neuropsychological testing Medical and allied health and social care professionals rely on accurate, measurable and flexible cognitive analysis – tests that are easily adaptable to clinicians’ time and patients’ distinct and very precise needs. Comprising a series of 30 cognitive, perceptual and language tasks, the Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status (SPANS) offers within-test flexibility and reliable results in seven crucial areas. A parallel test – different but equal – guarantees reliable retesting with minimal impact on accurate results. The SPANS measures: • Orientation • Attention/Concentration • Language • Memory/Learning • Visuo-Motor Performance • Efficiency • Conceptual Flexibility.

How do I use the SPANS? Designed and written by a practising clinical psychologist seeking ease in administration and scoring, testing takes just 35–45 minutes. Normed in the UK, the manual includes extensive interpretation guidelines for patients in several age groups between 18 and 74. The SPANS comprises two versions: • SPANS A measures within seven indices, each containing between two and eight short tasks (‘subtests’). • SPANS B has different but equivalent content to SPANS A, designed to retest and/or track patient progress or decline. The SPANS also offers the option to design briefer assessments around the needs of the clinician or capabilities of the patient without sacrifices at any testing level. Assessments can be easily administered in outpatient clinics or at the bedside. Clinicians are able to pause as needed, with seven natural stopping points included throughout.

What’s inside the SPANS kit? Your SPANS kit comes in a convenient carry case and includes: • Manual • Stimulus Book A • Stimulus Book B • 25 A Scoring Booklets • 25 B Scoring Booklets • LNC Scoring Card • Clipboard • Stopwatch.

‘This assessment... is especially suitable for inpatient assessment. I like the fact it is accessible to the majority of people in the early stages of rehab, and has a parallel version to allow for retesting... I would certainly recommend it be part of a “test cupboard”.’ Dr David Eley, Clinical Psychologist, Kent Clinical Neuropsychology Service

‘The tool is very quick and simple to administer, which is a real strength of the SPANS... Patients seemed engaged and to enjoy the tests, and there was little evidence of fatigue or frustration from what was observed qualitatively... As an administrator, the instructions were very clear, easy to follow and flowed nicely from one subtest to the next’ Neuropsychology Department, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

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Coming soon: SPANS extension for assessing older adults Plans are currently underway to extend the norms of the SPANS to cover ages 74 to 89 – a useful development for older adult services and memory clinics around the UK.

About the author Dr Gerald Burgess is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who earned his PsyD in Combined-Integrated Clinical, Counselling, and School Psychology from James Madison University in Virginia, USA. Completing this American doctorate in London, he went on to work in the NHS, first in Leicester, and later back in London. In Leicester for nearly six years while completing a postdoctorate MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology, he developed and validated the SPANS ‘on-the-job’, in the context of working with a variety of neurological patients on inpatient rehabilitation wards and outpatient clinics. This work informed the development of the SPANS, and it is intended that these ‘real-life’ experiences are transferred through this test and its manual to others using this measure, who, the author hopes, will find the SPANS both reliable and of practical use.

Dr Gerald H. Burgess

Free SPANS workshop ‘How the SPANS can be used to assess mental capacity’ 10 November 2017 (afternoon) In this workshop, the SPANS author, Dr Gerald Burgess, will talk delegates through the design features of the measure, explain its development and how it is more useful than other brief neuropsychological tests on the market. There will also be a walk-through of administration, scoring and interpretation. BPS guidance on assessing mental capacity will be examined, and an illustrative case demonstrating how the SPANS can be utilised for this purpose will be presented. There will also be the chance to put your questions to Dr Burgess in a Q&A session. The workshop is a free event and delegates will also receive an exclusive 25% discount on the SPANS kit to get them started. Workshop attendance is not required to start using the SPANS but it does provide a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the measure.

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