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ESB Early Sociocognitive Battery

Overview An assessment for preschool children with language and communication difficulties. Authors Penny Roy, Shula Chiat and Jennifer Warwick

Background A substantial number of preschool children referred to speech and language therapy services have social communication difficulties and/or disorders that are not identified until late childhood. These late diagnosed children miss opportunities to benefit from earlier targeted interventions. Interpersonal engagement, joint attention and pretend play are skills and behaviours known to be important for the development of early language and social communication. However, historically, there has been no one tool for evaluating sociocognitive skills directly and systematically. To address this gap, and provide a direct and objective measure of key sociocognitive skills, Hogrefe has launched the Early Sociocognitive Battery (ESB); a tool for assessing sociocognitive skills in preschool children that is predictive of later language and social communication difficulties including autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Product description The ESB is a primarily non-verbal preschool clinical assessment tool, suitable for use with children aged 2–5 years and from diverse language backgrounds. It is a battery of three subtests assessing sociocognitive skills known to be associated with language development and impairment in children with social communication difficulties and ASD. The ESB can identify deficits in key sociocognitive skills and help early years professionals target their intervention strategies appropriately. Evidence shows that preschool performance on the ESB is a good predictor of children who will struggle with social communication difficulties 7–8 years later.

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Administration The kit comes in an easy-to-carry case containing items designed to engage young children. Taking 15 minutes or less to complete, the assessment comprises these three subtests: 1. Social Responsiveness: the assessor acts out a sequence of scenarios in which they express six feelings, such as hurt and surprise, and children are scored for looks to the assessor’s face. 2. J oint Attention: the child is shown a set of six plastic eggs and opens these to reveal an object inside each; the assessor then looks and/or points at the corresponding object placed in the room earlier. The child is scored for alternating gaze between the assessor and object and for following the assessor’s gaze or pointing gesture. 3. S  ymbolic Comprehension: the assessor presents the child with six gestures, then six miniature objects and six uses of pretend objects, and asks the child to choose one out of six objects that match (is best for) each demonstrated gesture, miniature or pretend object. The child is scored on correct matches.

‘[The ESB] has had a positive impact on decision making and allowing context for discussion between SLTs and parents...The rapid scoring allows for immediate feedback on the outcome, and because it’s being used for a specific purpose, the pathway becomes clear for the family straightaway.’ Matt Cruse, Senior Speech & Language Therapist at Roscommon Early Intervention Service

Suitable for The ESB can be used by speech and language therapists, clinical and educational psychologists, and paediatricians. It is also available for use by early years professionals who have certified training and experience in a relevant discipline, membership of a professional organisation appropriate to the focus of the test or evidence of competence in the use of relevant psychological tests.

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Early Sociocognitive Battery  

The ESB is a battery of three subtests assessing sociocognitive skills known to be associated with language development and impairment in pr...

Early Sociocognitive Battery  

The ESB is a battery of three subtests assessing sociocognitive skills known to be associated with language development and impairment in pr...