Checklist psychometric tests

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What should I bear in mind when using psychometric tests?

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Hogrefe Checklist When using psychometric tests in HR, a few things need to be considered. This starts when chosing the right tests for your requirements and continues with ensuring the professional administration of a test and interpre­ tation of results. Does the test you’ve selected fulfil basic diagnostic requirements? Check for yourself!

The test measures criteria that are relevant to assessing my requirements.

The test is appropriate for my target group.

There are reference groups for the test I selected that suit my target group.

An objective administration, evaluation and interpretation of the test results is possible.

The test has good realibility figures.

The test is valid.

The test has good face validity and is accepted by candidates.

There are clear decision-making guidelines for considering test results as part of your HR-process.

Everyone in my organisation who is involved in the administration of tests and interpretation of results has the appropriate expertise.

You haven’t been able to check off every item? No problem. We would be happy to help you find the right test for your purpose. Our experts will also be happy to assist you with including tests in your HR processes. Contact us: +49 551 999 50 570