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ICE-Medicine, OB/GYN, Surgery

ICE-Medicine, OB/GYN, Surgery

ICE-Medicine, Pediatrics

Research & Scholarship *Communication Skills, Professionalism, Continuum of Care, Social Context/ Responsibility, Quality and Effectiveness, Scientific Discovery, Decision Making and Uncertainty

ICE-Pediatrics, Psychiatry

Preparation for USMLE Step I

Nervous System; Brain and Behavior

Preparation for Advanced Clinical Experience

ICE-Medicine, OB/GYN

Microbiome; Infectious Disease; Host Defense; Musculoskeletal System

The Human Condition (HC)

Reflection, Integration, & Assessment

ICE-EMT Certification

Cardiac, Pulmonary, Renal Systems

Interacting with the Environment (IE)

Reflection, Integration, & Assessment

Curriculum Themes and Drivers*, Initial Clinical Experience

Metabolism; Gastrointestinal System

Reflection, Integration, & Assessment Summer Vacation Experiences

Patient, Physician, and Society

Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology; Genetics; Reproductive and Endocrine Systems; Cells of Hematologic System

Reflection, Integration, & Assessment


The Biologic Imperative Continuity and Change: Continuity and Change: Fueling the Body (FTB) Homeostasis (HOM) (BI)

Reflection, Integration, & Assessment

Mechanisms of Health, Disease, and Form & Function in Intervention Health and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Disease; Therapeutics Introduction to Organ Systems; Principles of Structure Pharmacology; Anatomy, Pathology, Embryology, Imaging, Physical Core Clinical Skills

Reflection, Integration, & Assessment

Curricular Components

From the Person to the Professional: Challenges, Privileges, and Responsibilities (CPR)

Transitions (TRN)

First 100 Weeks

First 100 Weeks  

The first 100 weeks

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