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Location: Hempstead, New York 11549 Founded: 1935 Enrollment: 11,090 Affiliation: NCAA Division I Conference: Colonial Athletic Association Nickname: Pride Colors: Gold, White and Blue Home Field: James M. Shuart Stadium (13,000) Surface: Field Turf Press Row Phone: (516) 463-7725 President: Stuart Rabinowitz Faculty Athletics Representative:

Dr. Michael Barnes

Senior Sports Information Director:

Jim Sheehan Office Phone: (516) 463-6764 Senior Assistant Director of Athletic Communications: Brian Bohl Office Phone: (516) 463-6759 Director of Athletic Publications:

Len Skoros Office Phone: (516) 463-4602 Head Athletic Trainer: Evan Malings Athletic Trainer for Women’s Lacrosse:

Bobby DiMonda Equipment Managers: John Considine

Vice President and Director of Athletics:

Jeffrey A. Hathaway

(WLAX), Kathy Theiling and Dave Walsh Athletic Department Secretaries:

Deputy Director of Athletics:

Dino Mattesich Senior Associate Director of Athletics:

Cindy Lewis Senior Associate Director of Athletics/ Facilities: Jay Artinian Associate Director of Athletics/NCAA Education and Compliance Services:

Jim Gibbons Associate Director of Athletics/ Communications: Stephen Gorchov Assistant Director of Athletics/Marketing and Promotions: Chrissy Arnone Assistant Director of Athletics/ Administration: Rachel August Assistant Director of Athletics/Ticket Operations: Maria Corvino Assistant Director of Athletics/StudentAthlete Services and Life Skills Development: James Lally Assistant Director of Athletics/NCAA Education and Compliance Services:

Cathy Aull (WLAX), Clarice Smith, Harriet Teitle Jeanne O’Keefe and Diane Schuerlein Photographers: Zack Lane, Brian Ballweg, Stephen Gorchov, Jeff Mills, Kathy Kmonicek


(Northwestern, 2012) Record at Hofstra: 11-8/One season Overall Record: Same Assistant Coaches: Katie Mollot

(Towson, 2008) and Michael Bedford (LIU Post, 2010) Women’s Lacrosse Office Phone:

(516) 463-6475 (Smith)/ 6761 (Mollot)/ 5999 (Bedford) 2013 Record: 11-8 2013 Conference Record/Finish:

Samantha Sweeney


Director of Athletic Development:

Jim Furlong Director of Ticket Sales: Haile Urquhart Athletic Department Phone: (516) 463-6750 Associate Director of Athletics for Communications (WLAX Contact):

Final 2013 National Ranking: N/A 2013 Postseason: Lost in Colonial Athletic

Association Championship Game Letterwinners Returning/Lost: 23/7 Starters Returning/Lost: 10/2 Newcomers: 6

Stephen Gorchov Office Phone: (516) 463-4933 Cell Phone: (516) 523-5252 Fax: (516) 463-5033 E-mail:


TOP RE T URNING PLAYERS: Name Pos. Cl. G Brittain Altomore A Jr. 34* Julia Riemer A Sr. 25 Becky Conto M So. 16 April Iannetta D Jr. 12 Emily Considine A So. 15 Alexandra Mezzanotte M Sr. 14 Name Kelsey Gregerson * Led team

A 35* 4 5 6 3 2

Pts. 69* 29 21 18 18 16

GB DC CT 23 34 9 10 2 5 12 55* 16 50 53 40* 15 0 4 25 0 7

Pos. Cl. Min. GA GAA GB W L G Jr. 1163:41 163 8.40 51* 11 8

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 1


OF CON TE N TS Quick Facts/TOC 1 Hofstra Highlights 2 Senior Reflections 4 Under Armour 7 Head Coach Shannon Smith 8 Assistant Coach Katie Mollot 10 Assistant Coach Michael Bedford 11 Support Staff 12 2014 Roster 13 2014 Outlook 14 Player Profiles 16 This is Hofstra University 38 Hofstra President 40 University Senior Administration 41 Hofstra Director of Athletics 42 Athletic Administration and Head Coaches 44 Margiotta Hall 46 James M. Shuart Stadium/ Indoor Practice Facility 48 Sports Medicine/ Athletic Training 49 Academic Support 50 Long Island/New York City 51 The Colonial Athletic Association 52 Hofstra in the Community 53 HEADstrong 54 2013 Statistics and Results 55 2013 CAA Review 56 College Coaching Alumnae 59 Alumnae Profiles 60 Women’s Lacrosse Alumnae 66 Hofstra Lacrosse Record Book 68 Women’s Lacrosse Series Records 73 All-Time Women’s Lacrosse Results 74 Media Information 79 Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse Internships 80 Nondiscrimination Policy Hofstra University is committed to extending equal opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, marital or veteran status (characteristics collectively referred to as “Protected Characteristic”) in employment and in the conduct and operation of Hofstra University’s educational programs and activities, including admissions, scholarship and loan programs and athletic and other school administered programs. This statement of nondiscrimination is in compliance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, the Age Discrimination Act and other applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to nondiscrimination (“Equal Opportunity Laws”). The Equal Rights and Opportunity Officer is the University’s official responsible for coordinating its overall adherence to Equal Opportunity Laws. Questions or concerns regarding any of these laws or other aspects of Hofstra’s Equal Opportunity Statement should be directed to the Equal Rights and Opportunity Officer at, (516) 463-7310, C/O Office of Legal Affairs and General Counsel, 101 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549. For additional contacts and related resources, see policy/policy_eoe.html










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2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 3







hese past years at Hofstra University have been unforgettable for me. The relationships I have made with my teammates I will bring with me for the rest of my life. I have been so fortunate to be able to play the sport I love with my best friends and for a program that I believe in. I am going to miss being a part of this team and playing at such a competitive level. As I look to take on the next part of my life, I will never forget my time at Hofstra. I will always think of myself as part of the Pride.  

ver the past five years, I have been able to take on many different roles as a member of the Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse Team. I have learned how to be part of a team and also been able to develop as a leader. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been granted at Hofstra. Playing for an incredible lacrosse program and being a student in the Zarb Business School has pushed me both athletically and scholastically. I would like to thank my teammates, coaches, parents and family for continuously believing in me throughout my career at Hofstra. Go Pride!    




hen we’re seniors...” I know we’ve all lost count of how many times we’ve started out a sentence with that, not knowing how quickly the day would come. Now at least once a day we start off our sentences with “remember when we were freshmen...” These were the fastest four years of our lives and I can’t think of a greater group of girls to have spent it with. Through heartbreaking losses, indescribable wins and unforgettable times together I know I speak for all of us when I say having to graduate and leave this program will be one of the hardest things we will ever have to do. This is our year and the 13 of us refuse to leave without rings.


have made so many unforgettable memories with my teammates here at Hofstra. One huge thing I will miss is having such a large number of friends I can do anything with. On our team it never mattered if you were a senior or freshman. Some of the best friends I made were class years below me. I will also miss the chemistry between the team when we play great in a game. The way we played together against Towson during our 2013 season was unbelievable. Or when we beat JMU in the semifinals! But some of my most fond memories were made off the field in the weight room, in our locker room, on the bus and in our houses. Playing lacrosse at Hofstra has taught me important life lessons and given me friends that I will never forget.

4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



he past four years on this team have given me so much that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Hofstra has taught me to appreciate everything and learn to see the good in any situation. Being put in a situation with twenty-some best friends is the best thing that can be given to an 18-year old entering college. Each year my team has pushed me to grow into a better person. My favorite memories were the times that we accomplished what seemed to be impossible at first. Playing Hofstra lacrosse has made a group of girls that will always be in my life.



hen I was asked to reflect back I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with memories I’ve made with my teammates. The relationships I have built with my teammates have meant the world to me and I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know them all. My team has become a part of my family over the past four years and looking back leaves me with a bittersweet feeling because I’m going to miss being a part of a team – from the wins to the punishment runs and every crazy moment in between. But I also know that we are all going to do great things in the future and I am so excited to see what everyone accomplishes. The past has held great things and because of my experiences here, so does the future.



ooking back on my four years at Hofstra, I am leaving a different and better person. I’ve gained so many incredible lifelong friendships and learned so many valuable lessons. My favorite lacrosse memory at Hofstra was scoring the winning goal against a ranked Notre Dame team freshman year at home on an 8-meter shot with seven seconds remaining on the clock. That is one goal I will never forget. A few things I will miss most after I graduate: team meals on the road and hotel living, locker room dance rituals, living in Casa Blanca with eight crazy, loving girls and a Hofstra swipe card at Starbucks! And don’t forget Campus Pizza and groupme chats! A few of my favorite memories as a student at Hofstra are working the 2012 Presidential Debate as well as the opportunity to intern at Peoples Revolution Fashion Agency, the New York Islanders and the Burson Marsteller Super Bowl internship program. I’m so grateful for all the people who have supported me along the ride. A special shout out to my parents and sisters on supporting me and my senior class. Couldn’t have done it without you!  Wishing  all my underclassmen the best of luck and always remember «quotes of the day» always make a day better. “Smile at the simple stuff cause this road ain’t long enough” #QOTD

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“I get by with a little help from my friends.” - John Lennon



y four years at Hofstra University have been amazing – unforgettable. The opportunity to play a Division I sport here has truly been a privilege. I have grown immensely over the last four years with incredible teammates by my side every step of the way. Every year has brought a new challenge for us to face and work through as a team – and we’ve overcome these challenges, together. The values that our coaches have instilled in us over the past four years – the qualities and characteristics that they’ve developed and nurtured – have become an integral part of who I am as a person. Discipline, perseverance, integrity and teamwork mixed with a lot of laughter and fun – that’s what it’s all about – both on and off the field. I think the concept of coming together as a team will be my most lasting memory of my years at Hofstra. For four consecutive years, 30 women have come together to work towards a common goal. In doing so, we have learned to support each other through thick and thin – no matter what – both on and off the field. Every year it’s a new group of women – new bonds are established and old ones strengthened. This culture – the sense of family we have - isn’t something you find at every school, on every lacrosse team. It takes a special group of women to establish this kind of a culture – to grow and nurture it - and then to pass it on. It’s been awesome to be a part of this team – this family – for the last four years. I’ve learned so much and grown as a player and a person. I feel both privileged to have been a part of it and responsible to pass it on and pay it forward.



ooking back on my past three years at Hofstra University, I know I made the right decision when I decided to transfer here. It was a place that challenged me both academically and athletically. Right from the start, my teammates welcomed me into the lacrosse program and quickly became my best friends. I learned that we will all be there for each other even after we moved on from college lacrosse. Hofstra University provided a great learning environment, helping me gain experience for my future career. Being part of the Pride community has taught me that hard work, dedication and teamwork are all positive qualities that will make me successful in the future.


fter spending five years at Hofstra University as a member of the Women’s Lacrosse Team, I can whole-heartedly say that the experiences I have had, the struggles I have overcome, the friends and memories I have made and the wisdom, courage, strength and confidence I have garnered are all aspects that I would never trade for the world. With the help, guidance and support from my family, friends, teammates, athletic trainers and coaches, along with all of Hofstra’s academic advisement staff, my professors and the Hofstra Athletic Administration, I was able to develop into the young woman I am today. I can assertively say that I stand taller at a height of four-foot eleven today than I did five years ago as a freshman of the same height. No, I have not gained any inches physically, in fact I may have probably lost some after the many surgeries that I have undergone. But in the grand scheme of things emotionally, mentally, and collectively I have grown, not in inches, but in yards. With every yard I have ran, every weight I have lifted, and every practice and semester I have successfully completed, I know that I am undoubtedly prepared for whatever obstacles and challenges life throws my way. Even though this chapter of my life is coming to a close, I will never forget where I came from and the people that helped me to the places I am headed. In my own terms I live by the belief that “You can take the lion from the pack but you cannot take the pride from the lion” and I owe all my regards to all those at Hofstra that instilled that fearless mindset within me.



uring my freshman year, after experiencing a season-ending ACL injury, I thought my world had fallen apart. Now looking back, I could not be more thankful for what this fifth year has given me. I have been lucky enough to experience not four, but five fall balls, and yes, five speed camps, and five amazing spring lacrosse seasons. Blessed with one more opportunity to be a part of the team that I love and play the sport that I love; to watch my family and teammates cheer and support me; to further my education; and most importantly, it has given me one more opportunity to continue these lifelong memories with my closest friends.  I would not trade these last five years at Hofstra for anything and I am thankful everyday for all that this program has given me.

6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 7





hannon Smith, a three-time first-team lacrosse AllAmerican who is among the most decorated players in the sport, is now in her second season as the head women’s lacrosse coach at Hofstra University. Smith became the ninth head coach in the history of the Hofstra women’s lacrosse program.


In her first season at the helm, Smith led the Pride to an 11-8 mark and a berth in the CAA Championship game. The Pride posted a six-win improvement from 2012 and ranked in the top 20 nationally in scoring defense, ground balls per game and caused turnovers. Sophomore April Iannetta shared the CAA Defensive Player of the Year Award, freshman Becky Conto took home CAA Rookie of the Year accolades and sophomore Brittain Altomare set a new school record for assists under Smith’s tutelage. Smith is very adept at the business side of lacrosse as well. Since 2009, she has served as a director with Long Island Top Guns girls lacrosse club. Smith has assisted with every aspect of the club and helped organize and coach a training program for over 300 players. From managing the business side of the club to coaching teams, Smith has played a vital role in the development of one of the top club programs in the area. Through her work with Long Island Top Guns, Smith manages a total of four camps, while overseeing a staff of over 20 people.  Smith’s immense experience at the highest level of lacrosse continues with her extensive US Lacrosse career. She was named to the roster for the 2012-14 U.S. women’s national senior team. This group will serve as the training team pool for the team that will defend Team USA’s 2009 gold medal at the 2013 Federation of International Lacrosse

(FIL) World Cup in Oshawa, Ontario. Smith also was part of the 201112 U.S. women’s national training team and the 2007 U.S. women’s national under-19 team. As a member of the U-19 squad, she helped lead the team to the Gold Medal at the 2007 World Cup. In June 2012 Smith coached the North squad at the 2012 Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic. A key player on three teams that captured NCAA titles at Northwestern (2009, 2011, 2012), Smith was the Most Outstanding Player of the 2011 and 2012 Championships. During her career, she scored 58 points in the NCAA Tournament to rank second all-time in that category. Smith is not defined solely by her postseason honors and awards, though, as she totaled 254 goals, 108 assists and 362 points during her career. Her goals total ranks first all-time in program history, while she is second all-time in points and third in assists. Her 86 goals in 2011 are a single-season record for the Northwestern program. In addition, she ranks eighth all-time in NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse in points and ninth in goals. She played in 91 games during her career at Northwestern, adding 118 draw controls, 85 ground balls and 28 caused turnovers. Smith had 19 game-winning goals during her career and her 2011 season was her most prolific with 86 goals, 42 assists, 128 points, 39 draw controls, 25 ground balls and eight caused turnovers. Smith has done charitable work in the Long Island community as well. She is actively involved with the Friends of Jacyln Foundation and Our Lady of Grace Garden. She also helped lead a group of counselors at the South Bay Elementary School (West Babylon, New York)

8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



Lacrosse Camp to raise $6,500 towards the reconstruction of the school after a fire. At Hofstra, she has continued the women’s lacrosse programs involvement with the HEADstrong Foundation as well as the Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation. A native of West Babylon, New York, Smith attended West Babylon High School where she was a six-time letter-winner and was a member of the varsity squad starting in seventh grade. Smith was one of the top scholastic lacrosse players to ever come out of Long Island as she had 729 points on 505 goals and 224 assists during her career. Both the points and goals totals are New York state records as is her 129 goals in 2006. Smith received her bachelor of science in liberal arts, with a major in economics and minor in business institutions program, from Northwestern.

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT SHANNON SMITH… “Shannon is not just one of the most accomplished women’s lacrosse players in recent memory, she also has a track-record of world-class performance both academically and in the community. Hofstra has selected an exceptional leader for their program, a great example of the culture of success that Kelly Amonte Hiller has built at Northwestern.”

Shannon’s skills as a player were extraordinary. Her knowledge of the game, passion for the sport, leadership and hard work were equally as impressive. Shannon was able to communicate and share her understanding of the game with her teammates every day, both on and off the field. I am confident that as the head coach at Hofstra, Shannon will pass along to the team her knowledge and passion for the game and will instill the same qualities that she exemplified to allow her players to achieve great success as student-athletes.” Alex Frank, assistant women’s lacrosse coach at Boston College and 2012 graduate of Northwestern

Dr. James Phillips, Northwestern University’s Director of Athletics & Recreation “I give Hofstra a lot of credit for seeing in Shannon what we have witnessed for four years at Northwestern. In addition to leaving Northwestern as one of the most accomplished athletes in our program’s history, Shannon excelled in the classroom; and will be a tremendous leader for Hofstra Lacrosse, as she was for Northwestern.” Kelly Amonte Hiller, head women’s lacrosse coach at Northwestern and seven-time national champion. “Shannon has been a tremendous player, competitor and leader at the collegiate level for the past four years. Her pedigree as a player speaks for itself, but Shannon’s understanding of the game and her competitive nature will no doubt translate to coaching at this level. Her ability to relate to her players and recruit, especially on Long Island, will revitalize all of the players as well as the program as a whole. I look forward to watching her develop Hofstra’s program in the coming years.” Ricky Fried, head women’s lacrosse coach at Georgetown University and U.S. Women’s National Team head coach “We are very excited that Shannon Smith will be the next head women’s lacrosse coach at Hofstra University. Her success on the field will without a doubt lead into a very long and successful coaching career. At Northwestern she was the coach on the field, and we are all excited to support her as she begins to patrol the sidelines at James M. Shuart Stadium. Shannon has been successful at everything she has done thus far, and we are now looking forward to seeing the “Shannon Smith Era” begin at Hofstra.” Seth Tierney, Hofstra Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 9





atie Mollot is in her second season on the Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse staff in 2014.

Mollot brings five years of successful coaching experience to the sidelines for the Pride. Mollot spent two seasons as the head coach at Farmingdale State College in Farmingdale, New York, before joining Shannon Smith’s staff at Hofstra. During her two seasons at the helm she compiled an overall record of 21-10, with a stellar 13-2 record during the 2012 campaign. Mollot oversaw all aspects of the Rams lacrosse program and led the squad to the most wins in program history in 2012.


Prior to coaching at Farmingdale State, Mollot served as an assistant coach at Colgate University where she helped guide the Raiders to a 23-13 record over two seasons. In her first season on staff, Colgate went 14-5 and advanced to the NCAA Tournament. Mollot graduated from Towson University in Towson, Maryland, with a degree in exercise science in 2008. She played four years of lacrosse for the Tigers, captaining the squad in her junior and senior seasons. In 2008 she was named to the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) All-Tournament squad. During her career she played in 65 games and appeared in two NCAA Tournaments.

1 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




ichael Bedford is in his first season at Hofstra after joining the women’s lacrosse staff in the summer of 2013. “We are so excited to add Mike to our staff,” commented Smith. “His experience, dedication and passion for the game of lacrosse will make him a tremendous asset for our program. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to us defensively and we are thrilled to have him join the Hofstra

family.” Bedford is a 2010 graduate of LIU Post with a degree in physical education. Most recently, he worked as an assistant coach with the Lenoir-Rhyne University men’s lacrosse team in Hickory, North Carolina.


While at Lenoir-Rhyne, Bedford served as the defensive coordinator and was responsible for creating and implementing defensive plans. He was also involved in recruiting, as well as scouting and game planning. From 2011 to 2012 Bedford was an assistant coach and the defensive coordinator at Suffolk Community College in Selden,

New York, where he had previously been a student-athlete for two seasons (2006 and 2007). While leading the defense, the Sharks finished as the regional runner-up and had the fifth-best defense in the NJCAA. As a player, he was a member of the 2006 team that reached the NJCAA National Championship game. Bedford served as team captain in 2007 and earned second team All-America honors, as well as first team all-region honors. Bedford also has extensive club and high school coaching experience. He has worked in the Half Hollows Hills East School District as a lacrosse coach and served as an operations director with Dynamic Sports Marketing, working as a field director for various lacrosse camps, clinics and training sessions. In addition, he has worked with the Long Island Junior Lizards as a varsity assistant coach and with Team USA as an assistant to the equipment manager. In addition to his playing career at Suffolk Community College, Bedford was a member of the 2009 National Champion LIU Post team. Professionally, he was a member of the Charlotte Copperheads in 2012 and the Chesapeake Bayhawks in 2010. Bedford is a native of Miller Place, New York, and attended Rocky Point High School.

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achel PeelMacandrew is an Associate Dean for the Center for University Advisement. She has worked at Hofstra since 2003, first serving as an assistant dean before being promoted to an associate dean in 2007.





ames ired in July Prendergast of 2007, is in his fifth Bobby season as an DiMonda serves assistant strength as an assistant and conditioning athletic trainer and coach at Hofstra oversees all athletic University. training needs for Prendergast began the Hofstra women’s his career at Hofstra lacrosse and field as an intern on hockey programs. the strength and DiMonda is also in conditioning staff charge of budgeting, and moved into his current role in January 2010 inventory and the doctor’s clinic for the Hofstra Peel-Macandrew supervisors and directs the and works primarily with the Pride’s men and Athletic Training Office. student-athlete advisement program, helping to women’s lacrosse programs. develop a comprehensive advisement center for A 2005 graduate of Canisius College, DiMonda all student-athletes while ensuring compliance In his day-to-day work with the lacrosse teams, majored in health and human performance with the NCAA. She also coordinates Prendergast administers drills for speed, agility and athletic training. While an undergraduate registration efforts and develops graduation and flexibility in addition to instructing the at Canisius, DiMonda assisted the athletic plans. student-athletes on proper technique and form training efforts for the men’s ice hockey, during weight training. women’s lacrosse and the 2004 Metro Atlantic She serves as a liaison to the Office of the Athletic Conference (MAAC) champion Provost to resolve academic questions and Prior to joining the Hofstra staff, Prendergast women’s basketball team. He also worked with monitors the academic progress of studentserved as a student personal trainer through the the Buffalo State football team during his time athletes while paying special attention to atHofstra Recreation Center during the 2008-09 at Canisius. risk students. In her role, she submits NCAA academic year. In 2007-08 he completed a 200academic performance data, including APR hour internship at Institute 3e, an elite sports DiMonda, who served as a summer intern and graduation success rates, to the compliance performance facility, in Huntington, New York. athletic trainer for the Washington Redskins office. in 2004, earned his master’s in exercise and Prendergast has also been a private strength sports science from Ithaca College in 2007. Before coming to Hofstra, Peel-Macandrew coach to numerous athletes on Long Island. He assisted with the Cornell University sprint was an associate vice president for Credit football squad, and the 2006 and 2007 Cornell Suisse First Boston Corp from 1999 to 2003. In A certified strength and conditioning men’s lacrosse team while earning his degree that role, which featured time in New York City specialist, Prendergast is also certified by USA from Ithaca. and Melbourne, Australia, she managed a team Weightlifting and is a member of the National that was responsible for all equity and debt. Her Strength and Conditioning and Collegiate A native of West Hempstead, NY, DiMonda staff traded and stabilized companies listed on Strength and Conditioning Associations. He resides in North Merrick with his wife, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. also holds American Red Cross CPR and AED Amanda, his daughter, Sophie, and son, Robert. certification. Peel-Macandrew started her full-time financial career as an analyst for Salomon Smith Barney A 2009 graduate of Hofstra, Prendergast was in London, working in equity capital markets an exercise specialist major and minored in from 1995 to 1999. She coordinated intern and community health and psychology. He resides external agency systems and worked on multi- in Syosset, New York. departmental initiatives that encompassed the operations, financial and technology departments. Peel-Macandrew earned her undergraduate degree in social policy and economics from Leeds University in Yorkshire, England, graduating with honors in 1993. She also holds two master’s degrees from Hofstra, earning one in physical education in 2005 and another in educational leadership and policy studies in 2012.

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HOFS TRA UNI VERSI TY T HE PRIDE No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 29 31 32 33 34 44

Player Tiana Parrella Lindsey Alfano Jacquelyn Ardolino Alexandra Mezzanotte Brittain Altomare Callahan Foley Julia Riemer Taylor Altomare April Iannetta Emily von Hollen Sam Lenox Jamie D’Arco Abby Wilson Becky Conto Emily Corzel Samantha Greiber Morgan Knox Kaitlin Ayres Jac Tierney Jenn Ward Erin Jeffery Chrissy Commons Lindsay McKinnon Shelby Milne Liz Anders Audrey Byrd Erika Neumen Alexis Greene Kelsey Gregerson Emily Considine

Pos. M/A D A M A M A A D M A D D M D D A A D M A M A D M M M G G A

Ht. 5-3 5-5 5-0 5-4 5-6 5-5 5-8 5-4 5-7 5-5 5-3 5-5 5-5 5-9 5-9 5-9 5-10 5-7 5-7 5-5 5-6 5-3 5-7 5-3 5-8 5-7 5-5 5-5 5-9 5-11

Cl. Fr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Fr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Fr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Fr. So. Sr. So. Sr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Jr. So.

Hometown/High School/Previous­­­­­­­­ Miller Place, NY/Miller Place Hauppauge, NY/Hauppauge Shirley, NY/William Floyd Forest Hill, MD/John Carroll Wolfsville, MD/Middletown Huntingdon Valley, PA/Gwynedd Mercy Academy Monkton, MD/Hereford Wolfsville, MD/Middletown Wantagh, NY/Wantagh Severna Park, MD/Severna Park Sudlersville, MD/Queen Anne’s County Brookeville, MD/Our Lady of Good Counsel Bel Air, MD/John Carroll West Hempstead, NY/Sacred Heart Academy Berwyn, PA/Merion Mercy Academy Annapolis, MD/Severn School Whiteford, MD/North Harford Glenmont, NY/Bethlehem Central Massapequa, NY/Massapequa/Lenoir-Rhyne Fallston, MD/Fallston Diablo, CA/Carondelet Port Washington, NY/Paul D. Schreiber Fairport, NY/Fairport Camillus, NY/West Genesee Reistertown, MD/Maryvale Preparatory Jarretsville, MD/North Harford Rockford, MI/Rockford Glen Head, NY/North Shore Rockville Centre, NY/South Side Rockville Centre, NY/South Side

Head Coach: Shannon Smith (Northwestern, 2012), Second season Assistant Coach: Katie Mollot (Towson, 2008), Second season Assistant Coach: Michael Bedford (LIU Post, 2010), First season

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 1 3





ollowing a season in which the Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse team advanced to the title game of the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Championship, the program will look to take the next step and capture the conference title and earn a berth in the NCAA Tournament. All the pieces are in place for Hofstra to achieve its goals as a plethora of talent returns for second-year Head Coach Shannon Smith and the program has been infused with the addition of six talented newcomers. Smith guided the Pride to an 11-win season during her first season at the helm of the program and with 10 starters and 23 letterwinners returning for Hofstra, the sky’s the limit for the team.



ATTACK One of the Pride’s top players will anchor the attack position this season as junior Brittain Altomare (Wolfsville, MD) returns for her third season in a Hofstra uniform after leading the team with 69 points on 34 goals and a program-record 35 assists. Brittain Altomare picked up a slew of awards a season ago as she was an Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) All-Mid-Atlantic Region second team selection, in addition to earning first team AllCAA accolades as well. Brittain Altomare left her mark in several other areas as well as she contributed 34 draw controls, 23 ground balls and nine caused turnovers. Brittain Altomare will not be asked to do it alone, though, as several other players will look to bolster the Pride offensive output. Sophomore Emily Considine (Rockville Centre, NY), a CAA AllRookie pick last BRITTAIN ALTOMARE year, was fifth on the team with 18 points on 15 goals and three assists despite playing in only 12 games due to injury. Several other players will look to establish themselves this season as Coach Smith hopes to create multiple options for the Pride. Also breaking into the lineup at the attack position will be junior Sam Lenox (Sudlersville, MD), freshman

Tiana Parrella (Miller Place, NY), senior Julia Riemer (Monkton, MD), senior Lindsay McKinnon (Fairport, NY), freshman Morgan Knox (Whiteford, MD), freshman Erin Jeffery (Diablo, CA), freshman Taylor Altomare (Wolfsville, MD), junior Kaitlin Ayres (Glenmont, NY) and senior Jacquelyn Ardolino (Shirley, NY). Among the returnees from that group, Riemer had a breakout season in 2013 as she ranked second on the team with 29 points on 25 goals and four assists. Lenox and McKinnon chipped in with three points a season ago, while Ayres played in four games and Ardolino appeared in three contests.

MIDFIELD The midfield position for the Pride will have a considerable amount of experience as a trio of seniors will see time for Hofstra at this spot. Seniors Emily von Hollen (Severna Park, MD), Alexandra Mezzanotte (Forest Hill, MD) and Jenn Ward (Fallston, MD) will be joined at midfield by the reigning CAA Rookie of the year in sophomore Becky Conto (West Hempstead, NY). Also looking to crack the lineup for Hofstra in the midfield will be freshman Erika Neumen (Rockford, MI) and seniors Liz Anders (Reistertown, MD) and Callahan Foley (Huntingdon Valley, PA). Von Hollen had 12 points (11 goals) and 13 ground balls last season, while Mezzanotte added 16 points (14 goals and two assists), 25 ground balls and seven caused turnovers and Ward added three goals. The conference’s rookie of the year and a CAA All-Rookie pick, Conto ranked third on the team with 21 points on 16 goals and five assists. She led Hofstra with 55 draw controls as well, while also adding 12 ground balls and seven caused turnovers. Anders played in nine games last year and scored three points, while Foley appeared in three games. Coach Smith will look for this group to help Hofstra on both ends of the field as the Pride looks to play strong defense this season and make the most of their offensive possessions.

1 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y


(Brookeville, MD) will be major contributors on defense as well. Corzel played in only seven games last year but hopes to be fully healthy in her final season in a Pride uniform. Wilson added 13 ground balls and six caused turnovers in 2013, while Milne picked up CAA All-Rookie accolades following a season in which she had 30 ground balls and a team-best 23 caused turnovers. D’Arco chipped in with a solid season on the defensive side as she had 21 caused turnovers, 20 ground balls and 11 draw controls. Sophomore Lindsey Alfano (Hauppauge, NY), senior Jac Tierney (Massapequa, NY) and senior Samantha Greiber (Annapolis, MD) will look to crack the lineup as well for Hofstra. Alfano played in every game last year and had 19 ground balls, eight caused turnovers and six draw controls for the Pride. Tierney appeared in three games and Greiber made one appearance a season ago.


DEFENSE Arguably Hofstra’s deepest position on the roster, the Pride has a multitude of different options to showcase in a defense that could be one of the top units in the nation this season. Anchoring the defense for Hofstra will be junior April Iannetta (Wantagh, NY). A preseason third team All-American selection by Inside Lacrosse, Iannetta’s value to the Pride can be seen almost everywhere on the field as she had 50 ground balls (second on team) and a team-leading 40 caused turnovers, while also being a major option offensively with 12 goals and six assists. Iannetta was the CAA Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 2013 and also earned IWLCA AllMid-Atlantic Region and All-CAA first team honors. Senior Emily Corzel (Berwyn, PA), junior Abby Wilson (Bel Air, MD), sophomore Shelby Milne (Camillus, NY) and senior Jamie D’Arco

Junior Kelsey Gregerson (Rockville Centre, NY) had an outstanding sophomore campaign and will look to continue her development into her third season in a Hofstra uniform. Gregerson started all 19 games last year and had a goals against average of 8.41, while making 121 saves and compiling a .426 saves percentage. She played 1163:23 out of a possible 1171:27 minutes last year. Joining Gregerson and providing depth at the goalie position will be freshman Alexis Greene (Glen Head, NY).

SCHEDULE The 17-game schedule will feature seven home games at James M. Shuart Stadium, including the first home game of the season against a Maryland squad that was the runner-up in the NCAA Tournament a season ago. Hofstra will play three games against teams that qualified for the NCAA Tournament in 2013, as in addition to Maryland the Pride will also take on Towson and Dartmouth. The difficult slate in 2014 will feature eight teams that won at least 10 games last year. The CAA Championship will be held on May 2 and 4 at the regular season champion. The first and second rounds of the NCAA Championship are scheduled for May 9 and 11 and the quarterfinals will be played on either May 17 or 18. The semifinals and championship game are May 23 and 25 at Johnny Unitas Stadium in Towson, MD.



2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 1 5






2013: Played in nine games, starting two…Tallied two goals and one assist for three points…Added four ground balls, two caused turnovers and one draw control…Scored goals versus Old Dominion and Towson…Had an assist versus James Madison…Had two ground balls at Old Dominion…Caused turnovers versus James Madison and George Mason…Took three shots…IWLCA Academic Squad selection…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Started all 17 games…Scored four goals on the season…Had 14 draw controls, 14 ground ball and 11 caused turnovers…Tallied goals versus Colgate, Fairfield, Delaware and James Madison…Recorded fur draw controls versus Rutgers…Had two ground balls in games versus George mason, Delaware and William & Mary…Caused two turnovers versus Delaware, William & Mary and Old Dominion…Took 14 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Played in all 16 games, starting six… Recorded two goals, eight draw controls and five caused turnovers on the season…Scored against Fairfield and Drexel…Had two draws versus Rutgers and George Mason…Took six shots… CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and field hockey, and two years of basketball at Maryvale Preparatory School in Brooklandville, Maryland…Received the team’s Unsung Heroine Award as a sophomore and senior… Earned Most Dedicated Player on the basketball team as a sophomore… Personal: Has two brothers, including a twin (Stephen)…Dean’s List student at Hofstra…Names “The Big Bang Theory” as her favorite television show and ice cream as her favorite food…Started playing lacrosse at age 8…Dual major in global studies and geography.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 16 17 9 42

S 6 14 3 23

G 2 4 2 8

A P GB CT DC 0 2 1 5 8 0 4 14 11 14 1 3 4 2 1 1 9 19 18 23

1 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in three games…Took one shot versus George Mason… IWLA Academic Honor Roll selection…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Missed the 2012 season due to injury…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Played in 11 games, starting eight, before suffering a season-ending injury…Scored 12 goals and added on assist for 13 points on the season…Tied for fourth on the team in goals…Tallied three goals and an assist at Oregon…Added three-goal games versus Boston College and Albany…Took 30 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2010: Played in 17 games, starting one…Posted 15 goals and four assists for 19 points…Also tallied five draw controls and two ground balls…Started career with a three-goal game versus St. Mary’s (CA)…Added two-goal games at Stony Brook, Stanford and Drexel… Assisted on goals against Albany, Old Dominion, Delaware and James Madison…Had three draw controls versus St. Mary’s…Took 35 shots… CAA Rookie of the Week on February 23…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played five years of lacrosse and four years of soccer at William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach, New York…Threetime All-New York State selection in lacrosse…Five-time All-Suffolk County selection…Team Most Valuable Player in each of her five seasons…Recorded 369 career goals, which ranks third in New York State history…Scored a school record 12 goals in one game…Three-year captain…Named William Floyd’s Outstanding Senior Athlete…Recipient of William Floyd Dellecave Award…Won two gold medals as part of the Empire State Games team… All-Galaxy selection for the Long Island yellow Jackets club team…Two-time all-county selection and team captain in soccer…Member of the National Honor Society…Honor student…Personal: Has one sister and two brothers… Brother, William, played lacrosse at The Catholic University of America… Hobbies include cooking, puzzles, reading and movies…Nicknamed “Little Jack” and “LJ”…Also recruited by Northwestern, Connecticut, Rutgers, Massachusetts and Colgate…Majoring in speech-language-hearing sciences and linguistics…Disability studies minor.

Year GP 2010 17 2011 11 2012 Injured 2013 3 Career 31

S 35 30

G A P GB CT DC 15 4 19 2 0 5 12 1 13 4 2 3

1 66

0 0 0 0 0 0 27 5 32 6 2 8

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 1 7





Team Captian


2013: Saw action in seven games…Tallied four ground balls and one caused turnover on the year…Had two ground balls and a caused turnover against Drexel…Scooped up one ground ball in games at Marist and William & Mary…IWLCA Academic Honor Roll selection… CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Missed the season due to injury…IWLCA Academic Honor Roll selection…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Played in all 16 games, starting 14…Picked up 13 ground balls on the season…Had four caused turnovers and one draw control…Scooped up three ground balls versus Notre Dame…Had two ground balls versus Rutgers, Towson and Old Dominion…Caused two turnovers at Rutgers…Member of the Dean’s List…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2010: Colonial Athletic Association All-Rookie selection…Played in 16 games, starting 10…Recorded 15 ground balls, four caused turnovers and three draw controls on the season…Had two ground balls at Stanford… Also picked up two ground balls versus Old Dominion and William & Mary… Took one shot…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played four years of lacrosse, soccer and basketball at Merion Mercy Academy in Merion Station, Pennsylvania…Helped team to Catholic Academy League championships as a sophomore and senior…Two-time AllMain Line first team selection in lacrosse… Lacrosse Most Valuable Player as a junior and senior…Catholic Academy League allstar in 2009…Two-time honorable mention All-Main Line selection in lacrosse… Basketball team MVP as a senior…All-Main line selection in basketball…Member of the National Honor Society…Personal: Has three sisters…Enjoys watching movies in her free time…Names Jameer Nelson as her favorite athlete…Also recruited by Virginia tech, Drexel and Monmouth…Began playing lacrosse at age 10…Involved in the Kelly Rooney Foundation, which raises money for breast cancer research…Pursuing her MBA degree in finance.

Year GP 2010 16 2011 16 2012 Injured 2013 7 Career 39

S 1 0

G A P GB CT DC 0 0 0 15 4 3 0 0 0 13 4 1

0 1

0 0 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 32 9 4

1 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in all 19 games, starting 11…Posted 20 ground balls, 21 caused turnovers and 11 draw controls on the season…Ranked third on the team in caused turnovers…Tallied four caused turnovers versus Quinnipiac…Had three caused turnovers against Temple and George Mason… Scooped up three ground balls at Maryland and versus Quinnipiac… Posted three draw controls versus Colgate…2012: Played in all 17 games, starting 15…Recorded 28 ground balls, 11 caused turnovers and nine draw controls on the season…Ranked second on the team in ground balls and tied for third in caused turnovers… Had five ground balls versus Denver…Picked up four ground balls versus Colgate, Ohio State and James madison…Posted three draw controls at Drexel…Caused three turnovers and scooped up three ground balls against Maryland…2011: Played in 11 games, starting one…Recorded three ground balls and one caused turnover on the season…Started opening game of her career versus Boston College…Had ground balls versus Boston College, Penn State and Fairfield…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and one year of volleyball and field hockey at Good Counsel High School in Olney, Maryland… Named to the All-Washington Post second team as a senior… Honorable mention All-Washington Post selection as a sophomore and junior…Helped team to four WCAC championships…Team was ranked in the Lax Power Top 25 in 2010…Posted 45 ground balls, 30 caused turnovers and 10 draw controls as a senior…Tallied 1115 ground balls, 110 caused turnovers and 40 draw controls during her scholastic career…Personal: Has one sister and two brothers… Started playing lacrosse at age 9…Names Ryan Kerrigan as her favorite athlete…Lists the “Harry Potter” series and “MacGruber” as her favorite movies…Names fruit and gummi bears as her favorite foods…Management major.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 11 17 19 47

S 0 0 0 0

G 0 0 0 0

A P GB CT DC 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 28 11 9 0 0 20 21 11 0 0 51 33 20

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 1 9






2013: Played in three games…2012: Played in two games…Scored one goal, versus George Mason…Took one shot…2011: Played in one game, versus George Mason…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Lettered in lacrosse, basketball and golf at Gwynedd Mercy Academy in Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania…Was a Catholic League All-Star as a sophomore and junior…Led team in goals scored as a sophomore and junior…Three-time Catholic League All-Star in golf…First Team All-Academies selection in both lacrosse and golf in 2009 and 2010…Personal: Has two sisters...Comes from an athletic family as sister, Bergan, played lacrosse at Louisville; uncle, Jack Fannon, played basketball at Notre Dame; cousin, Michael Bergan, played football at Gettysburg; Grandfather, Thomas Fannon, ran track at Saint Joseph’s (PA); and father, George, played semi-pro football…Hobbies include golf…Lists “Sons of Anarchy” and “Friends” as her favorite television shows…Names Skylar Diggins as her favorite athlete and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as her favorite band…Started playing lacrosse at age 8… Also recruited by Villanova and Robert Morris… Sociology major with a minor in public relations.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 1 2 3 6

S 0 1 0 1

G 0 1 0 1

A P GB CT DC 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

2 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in one game, at Rutgers…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Missed the season due to injury…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Played in four games…Tallied three ground balls, two draw controls and two caused turnovers on the season…Had ground balls versus Penn State, Albany and Fairfield…Recorded two draw controls versus Albany…Had caused turnovers against Albany and Fairfield…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Lettered in lacrosse at the Severn School in Severna Park, Maryland…Posted 45 ground balls, 20 draw controls and seven caused turnovers as a senior…Players Award recipient as a senior…Earned Maryland Distinguished Scholar honorable mention as a junior and senior…Member of the National Honor Society…Parvis Scholar…Personal: Has one brother…Dean’s List student at Hofstra…Lists skiing, water sports, music, dancing and camping as hobbies… Favorite books are “The Hunger Games” series…Started playing lacrosse at age 7…Marketing major.

Year GP 2011 4 2012 Injured 2013 1 Career 5

S 0

G A P GB CT DC 0 0 0 3 2 2

0 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 2

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 2 1






2013: Played in 12 games…Posted two goals and one assist for three points…Also had two ground balls and two caused turnovers…Scored goals versus Old Dominion and George Mason…Assisted on a goal versus New Hampshire…Had one ground ball and one caused turnover at both Rutgers and Old Dominion…Took nine shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in all 7 games, starting two… Tallied 13 goals and six assists for 19 point…Ranked sixth on the team in goals and points…Recorded three goals and an assists in win over Delaware…Had two goals in regular season finale versus William & Mary…Posted the game-winning goal versus Colgate and also added an assist… Had two ground balls against Denver…Took 31 shots…2011: Played in 14 games, starting three… Posted 12 goals and five assists for 17 points on the season…Tied for team lead with two game-winning goals (Fairfield, Notre Dame) and tied for fourth in goals scored…Had two goals and two assists versus Notre Dame…Scored three times versus Fairfield… Had a goal and two assists at Oregon…Scored two goals against George Mason…CAA Rookie of the Week on March 28…Took 33 shots…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and basketball at Fairport High School…Helped team to Section 5 championship as a junior…Named to All-America team as a senior…Honorable mention All-American as a junior…All-Greater Rochester and first team all-league selection as a junior and senior… Recorded 47 goals, 68 assists and 42 ground balls in 2010…Graduated as the third all-time leading scorer in Fairport history…Earned Marine Corps Athlete Award as a senior...Basketball team captain as a senior…Personal: Has three sisters…Father, Brian, played professional hockey in the Buffalo Sabres organization from 1984 to 1987…Hobbies include fashion, scrapbooking and lake activities… Names Lauren Conrad as her favorite actress and the Rachel Zoe Show as her favorite television program…Completed an internship at People’s Revolution Fashion Public Relations last summer… Public relations major with a minor in sociology.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 14 17 12 43

S 33 31 9 73

G 12 13 2 27

A P GB CT DC 5 17 2 2 0 6 19 5 2 0 1 3 2 2 0 12 39 9 6 0

2 2 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in all 19 games, starting seven…Tallied 14 goals and two assists for 16 points…Ranked eighth on the team in points and sixth in goals…Added 25 ground balls and seven caused turnovers…Ranked fourth on team in ground balls…Scored three goals, including the gamewinner versus Drexel…Had three goals against Colgate…Scored twice at Marist and was credited with game-winning goal…Also scored gamewinner at Old Dominion…Recorded assists against George Mason and at Towson in CAA Championship game…Had four ground balls versus Colgate and Ohio State…Caused two turnovers against Colgate…Took 32 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in 17 games, starting two…Posted nine goals and four assists for 13 points…Added 13 ground balls, 11 draw controls and eight caused turnovers…Scored three goals at California…Also recorded goals against Boston College, Ohio State, George Mason, Towson, Delaware and Old Dominion…Had two ground balls in a game against Denver, California, Ohio State, Old Dominion and James Madison…Had three draw controls at George Mason…Caused two turnovers versus California, Denver and Ohio State…Took 34 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Played in 15 games, starting seven… Recorded six goals and 10 assists for 16 points…Also added 15 ground balls, eight draw controls and six caused turnovers…Tied for second on the team in assists…CAA Rookie of the Week on February 28… Posted two goals and two assists versus Drexel…Had a goal and three assists versus George Mason…Tallied two assists against Denver…Had five ground balls and two caused turnovers against George Mason… Recorded three draw controls versus Denver and two at Oregon… Took 16 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient… High School: Played four years of lacrosse, three years of soccer, two years of indoor soccer and one year of basketball at John Carroll High School in Bel Air, Maryland…Helped lacrosse team to IAAM Class A conference championships in 2007 and 2008…Helped indoor soccer squad to an IAAM Class A Championship in 2009-10…Earned Outstanding Achievement Award as a member of the indoor soccer team as a senior…Inducted into White Blazer Society in 2009…Personal: Dean’s List student at Hofstra…Has one brother…Father, Dominic, was a junior college All-American at Essex Community College and later played at Towson and for the Baltimore Thunder…Mother, Laura, was a coach for eight years and a lacrosse official for five years…Lists “Grey’s Anatomy” as her favorite television show and crabs as her favorite food…Nicknamed “Mezz”…Started playing lacrosse at age 5…Plans to get her athletic training certification and go on to become a physician’s assistant…Athletic training major with a minor in psychology.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 15 17 19 51

S 16 34 32 82

G 6 9 14 29

A P GB CT DC 10 16 15 6 8 4 13 13 8 11 2 16 25 7 0 16 45 53 21 19

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 2 3





Team Captain


2013: Started all 19 games…Scored 25 goals and added four assists for 29 points…Ranked second on the team in points and goals…Added 10 ground balls, five caused turnovers and two draw controls…Scored a goal in 12 games…Had nine multi-goal games…Tallied three-goal games versus Maryland, Temple, William & Mary and James Madison…Added an assist against James Madison for a four-point game…Posted two goals and an assist versus New Hampshire…Scooped up two ground balls versus Quinnipiac and James Madison…Caused two turnovers against Fairfield…Took 86 shots…2012: Played in five games…Took two shots…2011: Played in six games…Had one goal on the season, versus Rutgers…Took five shots…High School: Played for years of lacrosse at Hereford High School in Parkton, Maryland…Also earned letters in soccer, basketball and track…Named to the Under Armour All-American team as a junior…First team allcounty selection as a senior…Team captain…Personal: Has one brother and one sister…Names Colbie Caillat as her favorite singer and “Entourage” as her favorite television show…Nicknamed “Jules”…Sociology major.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 6 5 19 30

S 5 2 86 93

G 1 0 25 26

A P GB CT DC 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 29 10 5 2 4 30 10 5 2

2 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in three games…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in nine games, starting three…Tallied three ground balls, one draw control and one caused turnover on the season…Had ground balls versus California, Ohio State and Old Dominion… Added draw control and caused turnover at California as well…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…Previous College: Spent the 2010-11 academic year at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina…Recorded two goals, five assists, 33 ground balls and 19 caused turnovers…Earned team Defensive Player of the Year and Unsung Hero Awards…High School: Lettered in lacrosse, and basketball at Massapequa (NY) High School…All-Nassau County selection as a senior…Earned all-conference accolades as a junior…Served as team captain of both basketball and lacrosse teams…Was all-class and all-conference selection in basketball…Selected to train at the IMG Basketball Academy in Florida…Named a New York State Scholar-Athlete…AP Scholar…Member of the National Honor Society…Named to Principal’s Honor Roll…Played lacrosse for former Hofstra star Megan Zimmer…Had her work published in “A Celebration of Poets” in 2009…Member of three county finalist teams in lacrosse…Personal: Has two brothers and one sister…Full name is Jacqueline…Sister, Jen, played lacrosse at Buffalo State…Names Michael Jordan as her favorite athlete…Lists the “Harry Potter” series as her favorite books…Started playing lacrosse at age 12…Athletic training major.

Year 2011* 2012 2013 Career *at Lenoir-Rhyne

GP 16 9 3 28

S 8 0 0 8

G 2 0 0 2

A P GB CT DC 5 7 33 19 0 0 0 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 5 7 36 20 1

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 2 5








2013: Played in all 19 games, starting the final seven…Ranked 10th on the team in scoring with 12 points on 11 goals and one assist…Recorded 13 ground balls, five caused turnovers and one draw control…Had two-goal games versus Marist and Quinnipiac…Posted a goal and an assist against Colgate…Picked up two ground balls versus Colgate…Took 28 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in 16 games, starting 13…Scored 12 goals and added four assists for 16 points…Added 13 ground balls, eight caused turnovers and four draw controls…Scored twice versus Boston College, Drexel and Towson…Had a goal and two assists at California…Scooped up three ground balls versus William & Mary…Recorded two draw controls versus Boston College…Caused two turnovers against Penn State…Took 23 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Played in six games, starting one…Scored one goal, versus George Mason, on the season…Had a caused turnover at Rutgers…Took five shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2010: Missed the entire season due to injury… High School: Lettered in lacrosse, soccer and basketball at Severna Park High School…Member of three Class 3A/4A Maryland Championship teams from 2007 to 2009…Personal: Has three sisters…Names Kings of Leon as her favorite band…Lists the “Twilight” series, the “Harry Potter” series and “House of Night” as her favorite books…Pursuing an MBA degree in marketing.

Year GP 2010 Injured 2011 6 2012 16 2013 19 Career 41



5 23 28 56

1 12 11 24

0 1 0 4 16 13 1 12 13 5 29 26

1 0 8 4 5 1 14 5

2 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in nine games…Recorded three goals on the season…Scored versus Old Dominion, George Mason and Drexel…Took five shots… IWLCA Academic Honor Roll selection…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in all 17 games, starting 16…Scored a team-high 24 goals and added five assist for 29 points…Ranked second on the team in scoring…Tallied a three-goal, three-assist game at George Mason…Added three-goal games against Boston College, Ohio State and Old Dominion…Posted 19 draw controls, 16 ground balls and six caused turnovers on the year as well…Had three draw controls versus Rutgers, Ohio State, George Mason and Old Dominion…Scooped up two ground balls versus Colgate, Drexel, Penn State and Denver…Took 49 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2011: Colonial Athletic Association All-Rookie selection…Played in all 16 games, starting 12…Tallied 15 goals and four assists for 19 points…Tied for third on the team in goals scored and was fourth in points…Scored three goals versus William & Mary…Recorded two-goal games against Fairfield, Old Dominion, George Mason and Drexel… Scooped up two ground balls at Rutgers… Posted three draw controls at Oregon…Took 26 shots…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and field hockey at Fallston High School…First team all-county selection in lacrosse as a junior and senior…Was a second team all-county pick as a sophomore… Also earned all-county accolades in field hockey…Personal: Has two sisters and one brother…Lists smoothies as her favorite food…Names “The Big Bang Theory” as her favorite television show and “Big Fish” as her favorite movie…Names Amy Winehouse as her favorite musician and Johnny Depp as her favorite actor…Nicknamed “Wenny”… Started playing lacrosse at age 7… Mathematical business economics major.

Year 2011 2012 2013 Career

GP 16 17 9 42

S 26 49 5 80

G 15 24 3 42

A P GB CT DC 4 19 6 4 8 5 29 16 6 19 0 3 0 0 0 9 51 22 10 27

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 2 7






2013: IWLCA All-Mid-Atlantic Region second team selection…First Team All-Colonial Athletic Association selection…Two-time CAA Player of the Week…Started all 19 games…Led the team in scoring with 34 goals, a school record 35 assists and 69 points…Added 23 ground balls, 34 draw controls and nine caused turnovers…Scored at least one point in all 19 games and scored goals in 16 contests…Posted 12 multigoal and 18 multi-point games…Ranked 20th in the nation in assists and 22nd in assists per game (1.84)…Led CAA in assists and points… Ranked second in the CAA in points per game (3.63) and assists per game…Had four goals and three assists at Marist…Tallied two goals and five assists versus George Mason…Recorded two goals and two assists at Maryland…Tallied three-goal games against Quinnipiac, Ohio State, Old Dominion and William & Mary…Scored game-winning goals versus Fairfield and Quinnipiac…Chipped in with four assists versus Drexel and New Hampshire…Had three ground balls and four caused turnovers versus Fairfield…Had seven draw controls versus Drexel…Took 93 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Colonial Athletic Association All-Rookie selection…Played in all 17 games, starting 15…Led team in scoring with 31 points on 15 goals and a team-high 16 assists…Ranked sixth in the CAA in assists at 0.94 per game… Tallied three goals and four assists at George Mason… Had two goals and two assists versus Delaware…Posted three goals against Penn State…Had two assists versus Ohio State…Added 11 draw controls, eight ground balls and five caused turnovers on the season…Had four draw controls against George Mason…Scooped up two ground balls versus Penn State and Old Dominion… Took 55 shots…CAA Rookie of the Week on April 9…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and soccer, and two years of basketball at Middletown (MD) High School…Helped lacrosse team to Monocacy Valley Piedmont Conference championships all four years…Member of undefeated (18-0) Maryland state championship soccer team…First team All-Galaxy lacrosse selection as a junior and senior…Four-time first team all-area and all conference selection in lacrosse… Tallied 247 goals and 95 assists during her scholastic career…Maryland Scholar…Member of the National Honor Society…Personal: Has one brother and one sister, Taylor, who is a freshman on the Pride this season…Father, Dan, was a team captain on the U.S. Naval Academy soccer team…Hobbies include hiking and horseback riding…Lists “The Hunger Games” series and anything by James Patterson as her favorite books...Also recruited by James Madison, Boston University, Towson and George Mason…Plans to pursue a career in special education…Elementary education and linguistics major.

Year 2012 2013 Career

GP 17 19 36

S 55 93 148

G 15 34 49

A P GB CT DC 16 31 8 5 11 35 69 23 9 34 51 100 32 14 45

2 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in four games…Had one ground ball and one draw control on the season…Had ground ball versus George Mason and draw control versus James Madison…Took two shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in four games, starting one…Recorded one goal and one assist on the season, both against James Madison…Took one shot…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and three years of field hockey at Bethlehem Central High School in Bethlehem, New York…Named Offensive Most Valuable Player as a senior…Earned Academic All-America accolades in 2010-11…Personal: Has two sisters… Lists Ray Rice as her favorite athlete and Luke Bryan as her favorite musician…Names “The Firm” as her favorite book and “The Breakfast Club” as her favorite movie…Also recruited by George Washington and Holy Cross…Started playing lacrosse at age 6…Accounting major.

Year 2012 2013 Career

GP 4 4 8

S 1 2 3

G 1 0 1

A P GB CT DC 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 2 1 0 1

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 2 9






2013: Colonial Athletic Association All-Championship selection… Started all 19 games…Posted an 11-8 record, an 8.40 goals against average and 121 saves…Recorded a .426 save percentage…Ranked second in the CAA in goals against average, fifth in saves per game (6.37) and fourth in save percentage…Had 11 saves at Ohio State…Stopped 10 shots versus Maryland and New Hampshire…Allowed five goals in wins over Temple and Towson…Gave up just three goals in 53:30 versus George Mason… Faced 391 shots…Led team with 51 ground balls…Had six ground balls at William & Mary and versus James Madison…Ranked second in the CAA and 16th in the nation in ground balls per game (2.68)…2012: Played in six games, making one start…Was 0-1 with an 11.67 goals against average and a .426 save percentage…Made 20 saves…Started versus Ohio State and had 11 saves…Posted three saves in one half of action at James Madison… Faced 64 shots…Had 12 ground balls on the year, with eight against Ohio State…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played lacrosse and soccer at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, New York…Named one of the Top 50 players on Long Island by MSG Varsity…Earned All-Nassau County honors as a senior…Team and Booster Club Most Valuable Player as a senior…Cyclone Award recipient in 2011… All-county selection and team MVP as a junior…Was ranked #15 in the nation by ESPN Rise for goalkeepers in the class of 2011…All-county selection as a sophomore…Made 544 saves during her career…Threetime Lady Cyclone Award recipient as a member of the soccer team… Part of the top-ranked team in the nation in 2008, winning conference, county Long Island and New York State championships…Won Long island Championships again in 2009 and 2010…Part of state championship soccer squad in 2010…Played in three county semifinals as a member of the lacrosse team…Personal: Has two brothers…Brother, Michael, played rugby at The Catholic University of America…Names Derek Jeter as her favorite athlete…Plans to pursue a career as a coach and physical education teacher…Physical education major.

Year GP 2012 6 2013 19 Career 25

W L T Min. 0 1 0 138:47 11 8 0 1163:41 11 9 0 1302:28

SOG 47 284 331

Svs. 20 121 141

GA 27 163 190

SV% .426 .426 .426

GAA 11.67 8.40 8.75

GB 12 51 63

3 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




Named to Preseason All-America third team by Inside Lacrosse…2013: IWLCA All-Mid-Atlantic Region first team selection…Colonial Athletic Association Co-Defensive Player of the Year…First Team All-CAA selection…Named to All-CAA Championship team…Started all 19 games…Tallied 12 goals and six assists for 18 points…Tied for fifth on the team in scoring…Led team with 40 caused turnovers…Ranked second on squad with 50 ground balls and 53 draw controls…Led the CAA and ranked seventh in the nation in caused turnovers at 2.11 per game…Was fourth in the CAA and 20th in the nation in ground balls per game at 2.63…Scored two goals at Maryland…Had two goals versus Quinnipiac…Assisted on two scores at Old Dominion…Caused five turnovers in CAA Championship game against Towson…Had four caused turnovers versus Colgate and George Mason…Recorded seven draw controls at Ohio State and six versus New Hampshire…Had five ground balls at Ohio State and in CAA Championship games against James Madison and Towson…Took 36 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Named to Colonial Athletic Association All-Rookie team…Played in all 17 games, starting five…Recorded 14 goals and seven assists for 21 points…Ranked fifth on the team in goals and tied for fifth in points…Scored three goals at George Mason…Posted two goals and an assist at Boston College and versus Old Dominion…Chipped in with two assists against Delaware…Tied for team lead with 13 caused turnovers…Had two caused turnovers versus Drexel, Penn State, Ohio State, Delaware and William & Mary…Scooped up 11 ground balls on the season, including three versus William & Mary…Had two draw controls against Denver…Took 40 shots…CAA Rookie of the Week on March 5… CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient… High School: Lettered in lacrosse, soccer and basketball at Wantagh (NY) High School…Helped lacrosse team to Nassau County finals in 2009 and 2010, and to the semifinals in 2011…Named to All-Nassau County lacrosse team as a senior after earning honorable mention accolades as a junior…All-county selection in basketball as a senior as well…Also earned all-class and all conference accolades in soccer and basketball… Soccer and Basketball teams Most Valuable Player during her senior year…Honor student…Personal: Dean’s List student at Hofstra…Has one brother…Also recruited by Stony Brook, Siena and LIU-Post…Plans to pursue a career in physical therapy and coaching… Exercise science major.

Year 2012 2013 Career

GP 17 19 36

S 40 36 76

G 14 12 26

A P GB CT DC 7 21 11 13 5 6 18 50 40 53 13 39 61 53 58

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 3 1






2013: Played in 15 games…Scored two goals and added one assist for three points…Tallied two ground balls and one caused turnover on season as well…Scored goals versus Yale and Drexel…Had an assist versus George Mason…Picked up ground balls against Fairfield and at Rutgers… Caused a turnover at Rutgers…Took 14 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…2012: Played in 16 games, starting one… Posted one goal and two assists on the season…Scored goal against Delaware…Had two assists versus George Mason…Added three ground balls and two draw controls on the year…Took 12 shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Lettered in lacrosse and soccer all four years at Queen Anne’s County High School in Centreville, Maryland…Lacrosse All-American as a senior…Four-time All-Shore selection, including three first team honors…Two-time Team Most Valuable Player…Served as lacrosse team captain for two seasons…Named to All-Shore team in soccer four times…Soccer team Intensity and Heart of a Lion Awards recipient…Named Freshman of the Year in 2007… Sportsmanship Award winner as a senior…Member of three Bayside championships in lacrosse…Part of three state semifinal and one district championship lacrosse teams…Personal: Has two sisters…Started playing lacrosse at age 10…Hobbies include music, cooking and the arts… Plans to pursue a career in pediatric physical therapy…Exercise science major.

Year 2012 2013 Career

GP 16 15 31

S 12 14 26

G 1 2 3

A P GB CT DC 2 3 3 0 2 1 3 2 1 0 3 6 5 1 2

3 2 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




2013: Played in 18 games with 15 starts…Posted 13 ground balls, six caused turnovers and three draw controls on the season…Scooped up two ground balls and added a caused turnover at Rutgers...Contributed two ground balls and a draw control at William & Mary…Caused two turnovers in CAA Championship semifinal versus James Madison…2012: Played in 13 games, starting nine…Recorded eight ground balls and five caused turnovers on the season…Had two ground balls versus Denver and William & Mary…Caused two turnovers in CAA Championship matchup with James Madison…Also had two caused turnovers against Delaware…High School: Played lacrosse and soccer for four years at The John Carroll School in Bel Air, Maryland…Member of 2008 IAAM indoor soccer championship team…Was part of three IAAM Semifinal teams in both lacrosse and soccer…Helped her Skywalker Club team to an undefeated season in 2010…Member of the National Honor Society… Chinese Honor Society member…Four-year member of Fellowship for Christian Athletes…Personal: Has two brothers…Brother, Christopher, played soccer at Johns Hopkins…Lists snowboarding as a hobby and buffalo chicken as her favorite food…Names “Breaking Bad” as her favorite television show…Plans to pursue a career as a pharmacist…Chemistry major.

Year 2012 2013 Career

GP 13 18 31

S 0 0 0

G 0 0 0

A P GB CT DC 0 0 8 5 0 0 0 13 6 3 0 0 21 11 3

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 3 3








SOPHOMORE, 5-5, DEFENSE HAUPPAUGE, NY/HAUPPAUGE 2013: Started all 19 games…Tallied 19 ground balls, eight caused turnovers and six draw controls…Posted four ground balls and two caused turnovers versus Quinnipiac…Scooped up two ground balls in wins over New Hampshire, Fairfield and Temple…High School: Played lacrosse at Hauppauge (NY) High School...Member of Hauppauge’s 2011 Suffolk County championship team…Tallied three goals, one assist and 36 ground balls as a senior…Had one goal and 36 ground balls as a junior…Personal: Has two sisters and one brother… Hobbies include photography…Nicknamed “Linds”…Lists country as her favorite type of music…Started playing lacrosse at age 8…Plans to pursue a career as a speech therapist…Speech pathology major.

YEAR GP S G A P GB CT DC 2013 19 0 0 0 0 19 8 6

SOPHOMORE, 5-3, MIDFIELD PORT WASHINGTON, NY/PAUL D. SCHREIBER 2013: Played in one game, versus George Mason…Had one ground ball…Took two shots…CAA Commissioner’s Academic Award recipient…High School: Played lacrosse for six years, field hockey for four years and basketball for two years at Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington, New York…Was coached by former Hofstra standout Raquel Piraino (Wilson)…Three-time allconference selection…All-Nassau County honorable mention pick as a sophomore…Earned Nassau County Unsung Hero Award as an eighth grader…Named to Long Island National School Girls Team as a sophomore…Was ranked 23rd in the nation by ESPN in its Top 25 Juniors poll…Served as team captain for two years…All-county and all-league selection in field hockey and was also a member of the Futures Program…Two-year captain…New York State ScholarAthlete…Member of the National Honor Society and the Math Honor Society…Student Athletic Council and Varsity Letter Club member… Member of 2010 conference championship team for lacrosse… Personal: Enrolled in Hofstra’s Honors College…Has one brother and one sister…Cousin, Michelle Pesiri, played soccer at Michigan… Father, brother, aunt and grandparents are all Hofstra alumni…Names Drew Brees as her favorite athlete…Accounting major.

YEAR GP S G A P GB CT DC 2013 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0

3 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y


#44 E M I LY


#14 B E CKY


2013: Colonial Athletic Association All-Rookie team selection… Played in and started 12 games before a season-ending injury… Tallied 15 goals and three assists for 18 points…Tied for fifth on team in points and goals…Added 15 ground balls and four caused turnovers…Made impressive debut with four goals, including the game-winner versus New Hampshire…Scored three goals at Ohio State…Picked up a goal and an assist at Maryland…Scored twice, including the game-winner, versus Colgate…Scooped up four ground balls and added three caused turnovers versus Fairfield…Had three ground balls at Old Dominion…Took 28 shots…Previous College: Spent one and a half years at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York…Was a red-shirt freshman on the Orange’s national runner-up team in 2012…High School: Is a 2011 graduate of South Side High School in Rockville Centre, New York…Lettered in lacrosse and gymnastics… All-Nassau County selection as a senior…All-conference pick as a junior…Helped South Side to three consecutive division championships from 2009 to 2011…Finished her high school career with 164 points on 77 goals and 87 assists…Had 21 goals and 25 assists as a senior to go along with 29 ground balls…Was a three-time allcounty honoree in gymnastics… MVP of the gymnastics squad in 2008…Personal: Has two brothers and two sisters… Brother, Cole, is a freshman on the Pride men’s lacrosse team…Father, John, played lacrosse at Hofstra from 1981 to 1985 and is an assistant equipment manager for the Pride…Started playing lacrosse at age 8…Aspires to be a nutritionist…Exercise science major.

2013: Colonial Athletic Association Rookie of the Year…CAA AllRookie team selection…Played in 18 games, starting 17…Scored 16 goals and added five assists for 21 points…Ranked third on the team in points and fourth in goals…Led Pride with 55 draw controls, the third-best single season total in program history…Ranked first in the CAA in draw controls and draw controls per game (3.06)…Also had 12 ground balls and seven caused turnovers…Scored four goals versus George Mason…Had three goals against Temple…Scored game-winning goals versus Towson and in CAA Semifinals against James Madison…Tallied nine draw controls at Old Dominion and seven at William & Mary…Picked up four ground balls and five draw controls versus New Hampshire…Took 38 shots…High School: Attended Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead, New York, where she was a member of the lacrosse, basketball and soccer teams for four years…Also played varsity lacrosse as an eighth grader at West Hempstead High School and was an all-conference selection…Was a 2012 All-American… Named to All-Long Island team…Threetime all-league selection…Named to Under Armour Underclassman team as a junior…National School Girls Team selection in 2010 and 2011…Scored 66 goals and added 24 assists and 75 draw controls as a senior…Had 62 goals and 38 assists as a junior…Member of the National Honor Society…Helped Sacred Heart to four consecutive Long Island Catholic Conference championship appearances…Served as team captain and was co-Most Valuable Player as a senior…Named Sacred Heart’s Athlete of the Year in 2012…Personal: Has one brother and one sister…Brother, Jim, played baseball at Post…Lists Eric Church as her favorite musician…Started playing lacrosse at age 8…Athletic training major.

YEAR GP S G A P GB CT DC 2013 12 28 15 3 18 5 4 0

YEAR GP S G A P GB CT DC 2013 18 38 15 5 21 12 7 55

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 3 5



#25 S HE LBY


as a sophomore and junior…Second team Gazette All-Star in 2011 and 2012…Earned US Lacrosse Academic All-America honors as a senior… Posted 123 goals, 77 assists and 127 draw controls during her scholastic career…National Honor Society member…Personal: Has one brother and one sister, Brittain, who is a junior on the Pride lacrosse team… Father, Dan, played soccer at the U.S. Naval Academy and was team captain…Hobbies include horseback riding…Lists Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Chase Rice as her favorite musicians…Volunteers at the Rock Creek School for disabled students…Plans to pursue a career in business…Business management major.



2013: Colonial Athletic Association AllRookie team selection…Started all 19 games…Tallied 30 ground balls, 23 caused turnovers and two draw controls…Ranked third on the team in ground balls and second in caused turnovers…Ranked fourth in the CAA in caused turnovers per game (1.21)…Scooped up four ground balls against Colgate…Had three ground balls versus Fairfield, Delaware and Towson…Caused four turnovers versus New Hampshire and William & Mary… High School: Played four years of lacrosse and soccer, and two years of basketball at West Genesee High School in Camillus, New York…Member of 2012 state championship team (20-1 record)…Also part of three consecutive sectional and regional championship squads… Named to USA and Under Armour All-America teams as a senior…First team All-Central New York selection…Two-time all-league pick…Team captain Academic All-America selection…Member of the National Honor Society…Personal: Has two brothers…Hobbies include sports and wake boarding…Lists “Criminal Minds” as her favorite television show, Florida Georgia Line as her favorite band and Sandra Bullock as her favorite actress…Started playing lacrosse at age 12…Athletic training major.




FRESHMAN, 5-7, MIDFIELD JARRETSVILLE, MD/NORTH HARFORD High School: Played four years of lacrosse and field hockey at North Harford High School in Pylesville, MD…Was coached by former Pride standout Tara Buecker…Was a teammate of fellow freshman Morgan Knox…Part of regional championship and state finalist team as a freshman…Part of regional finalist teams in each of next three seasons… Served as team captain in both lacrosse and field hockey as a senior… Helped field hockey team to regional championship and state finals as a sophomore and to regional finals as a junior and senior…Member of the Distinguished Honor Roll in each of her four years…Personal: Has two sisters…Lists crabs and fruit as her favorite foods and Torrey Smith as her favorite athlete…Names “The Little Rascals” as her favorite movie and “Shameless” as her favorite television show…Started playing lacrosse at age 5…Marketing major.

YEAR GP S G A P GB CT DC 2013 19 0 0 0 0 30 23 2





High School: Played four years of lacrosse and two years of basketball at Middletown (MD) High School…Also ran cross country for four years…Helped lacrosse team post a combined 51-9 record during her four seasons…Named to the Frederick News Post All-Area first team as a senior…Also selected a first team all-star by the Gazette…MVAL First Team Antietam Conference selection as a sophomore, junior and senior…Was a second team all-area pick by the Frederick News Post

#33 A L E X IS



High School: Played lacrosse for five years at North Shore High School in Sea Cliff, NY…Part of three consecutive Nassau County Class C championship teams…Earned all-conference accolades as a senior after posting 102 saves…Personal: Has one sister…Lists One Direction and the Backstreet Boys as her favorite musicians…Names “The Great Gatsby” as her favorite book…Nicknamed “Lex”…Special Olympics volunteer… Marketing major.

3 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y






High School: Played lacrosse for four years and water polo for two years at Carondelet High School in Concord, CA…Three-time All-America selection…Scored 266 goals and added 118 assists and 80 ground balls over her final three seasons...Three-time first team all-league selection… East Bay Player of the Year as a junior…Two-time league MVP as a junior…Played in the 2013 Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic…Named a top 15 player to watch as a senior…Helped lacrosse team to North Coast Sectional championships in 2011, 2012 and 2013… Personal: Has two sisters…Traveled to England and France this past summer…Nicknamed “E”…Lists James Franco as her favorite actor… Started playing lacrosse at age 9…Chose Hofstra for its location and communications program…Undecided major.

#32 E RIKA



High School: Played lacrosse for four years and basketball for three years at Rockford (MI) High School…Helped lead team to state championships in 2010 and 2013, and four consecutive regional titles between 2010 and 2013…Named to All-America, All-Michigan and allconference first teams as a senior…Earned all-state and all-conference first team accolades as a sophomore and junior as well…Was an Honorable Mention All-American as a junior…Academic All-Michigan selection in 2013…Personal: Has four sisters…Older sister, Alyssa, plays lacrosse at Grand Valley State…Cousin, Kevin, played lacrosse at Providence…Hobbies include mountain biking and reading…Lists Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Aniston as her favorite actors…Aspires to a career as a physician’s assistant…Health sciences major.



# #1





High School: Played four years of lacrosse, basketball and volleyball at North Harford High School in Pylesville, MD…Played for former Pride standout Tara Buecker…Teammate of fellow freshman Audrey Byrd…Named to all-county first team as a junior and senior…Best Attacker Award recipient as a junior and senior…All-county second team selection and Unsung Hero Award recipient as a sophomore…Led team in assists (58) and draws (57), and was third in goals (35) in 2013… Two-year team captain…Part of regional championship and state finalist team as a freshman…Part of regional finalist teams in each of next three seasons…All-county pick in volleyball and basketball…Member of the National Honor Society…All-America Academic Team selection as a junior and senior…Named North Harford’s Most Outstanding Female Athlete as a senior…USMC Sportsmanship Award recipient…Personal: Has one brother…Lists Mia Hamm as her favorite athlete…Also recruited by Johns Hopkins, Virginia Tech…Aspires to work for ESPN… Majoring in television production.

Joins the Pride after one semester at the University at Albany…High School: Played four years of lacrosse and field hockey at Miller Place (NY) High School…All-Suffolk County selection as a senior…Alldivision pick as a junior…Helped field hockey team to Long Island and county championships as a senior…All-New York State, All-Long Island and All-Suffolk County field hockey selection as a senior…Earned all-county honorable mention as a junior…Captained both teams as a senior…Miller Place’s Outstanding Senior Athlete Award recipient… Personal: Has one brother and one sister…Brother, Nick, plays soccer at SUNY-Plattsburgh…Started playing lacrosse at age 7…Undecided major.


2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 3 7




ofstra University provides a dynamic college experience tailored for engaged and ambitious individuals. Students find pride and purpose at Hofstra, through small classes, a faculty whose primary concern is teaching, cutting edge technology, extensive library resources, internships, and active and compelling educational programs that appeal to their interests and abilities. The Hofstra community is driven, dynamic and energetic, helping students find and focus their strengths to prepare them for a successful future. In its relatively short 78-year history, Hofstra has established itself as a world-class institution of higher education and cultural enterprise. Each academic year, the Hofstra campus and the programs offered grow and change to meet the demands of our students and our community.


Hofstra opened in 1935 as a commuter school with all classes and offices housed in one building. Since those early days, Hofstra has evolved into an international institution with a student body hailing from all 50 states and 66 countries around the world. The beautiful campus is an accredited arboretum with 115 buildings on 240 acres. There are approximately 3,800 students living on campus, and Hofstra offers them and all students an extensive array of academic and social activities. Additionally, Hofstra’s close proximity to Manhattan means that students have easy access to the wondrous cultural, social and career offerings of the city. While the campus and its offerings have changed, what has remained consistent throughout the years is the sense of community on campus, the eagerness of our students to learn and the commitment of the Hofstra faculty and administration to provide a challenging education that encourages the pursuit of lifelong learning. The Colleges and Schools of the University are: Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College, Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, School of Education, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Health Sciences and Human Services, Maurice A. Deane School of Law, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University, School for University Studies and Hofstra University Continuing Education. Hofstra offers six undergraduate degrees in 140 different areas of study. Eleven graduate degrees are also offered with approximately 150 programs of study to choose from. The University offers three first professional degrees and 14 dual degrees as well. Hofstra joined with North Shore-LIJ Health System in establishing a medical school on the University campus in October 2007. The new school, which welcomed its first class in July 2011, is the first allopathic (MD) medical school in Nassau County and the first in New York State since 1963. On October 16, 2012, Hofstra hosted its second Presidential Debate, held in the “town hall” format, between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Hofstra also hosted the third and final presidential debate of the 2008 election cycle, between then Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, on October 15, 2008. The debate was a transformational moment for the University, highlighting the achievements of our students and faculty and their engagement in the political process. Leading up to the first debate, students and the entire community were engaged by the year-long Educate ’08 program – almost 150 lectures, conferences, and events focused on the issues, history and politics of the presidency – followed by Define ’09, which looked at the first year of the Obama presidency.

The University continues to host important political events, such as the New York State Gubernatorial Debate in 2010 and a visit from Newark, NJ, Mayor Cory Booker to kick of the Debate 2012 - Pride, Politics & Policy program. Hofstra opened its School of Engineering and Applied Science in September 2012. The new school features a co-op education program that will partner with a network of industry leaders to offer students substantial work experience before they graduate. The School of Engineering and Applied Science will combine and expand the University’s existing Engineering and Computer Science departments to develop a curriculum that emphasizes high-tech research, practical work experience and inter-disciplinary study, integrating resources and faculty from other parts of the institution, including the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine and the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication is one of the largest, most advanced non-commercial television facilities in the East. Students take classes and work in a sophisticated television production/post-production facility with two broadcast-quality studios and control rooms; two advanced online video edit suites; two Avid non-linear digital editing systems and several cuts-only video work stations. Two satellite dishes are available with one dish providing special news feeds for the broadcast journalism room, which also has access to Associated Press, Lexis-Nexis and Dow Jones services. In addition, the facility is capable of broadcasting student-produced programming to the entire campus on our own cable channels. Also located here is the University’s radio station (WRHU/88.7-FM), audio production studios, a film/video screening room, film editing rooms, a computer laboratory, a speech performance studio and a large dance studio. Hofstra’s C.V. Starr Hall offers academic facilities that are among the most technologically advanced in the nation. Every seat in every classroom allows students direct access to the Internet and Hofstra network, including the resources of Hofstra’s Axinn Library. Hofstra’s growing computer facilities offer extensive high-tech training opportunities. There are computer terminals throughout the campus for student and faculty use, with more than 750 PC, Macintosh and UNIX workstations available in labs and classrooms. Hofstra hosts more than 500 cultural events annually, bringing thousands of scholars, dignitaries and other participants to campus.

3 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

THIS IS HOFS TRA UNI VERSI TY More than 200 musical and dramatic performances take place on campus each year. The Hofstra Museum, which houses one of the largest art collections in the metropolitan area, coordinates approximately eight exhibitions annually and offers exhibition areas and an extensive outdoor sculpture collection, with 750 pieces. The Hofstra Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums – one of only 94 universities in the nation and one of six in New York to hold that distinction. Hofstra also has six theaters, a student newspaper, a lively student center, a recently renovated recreation center and numerous athletic facilities, including the 13,000-seat James M. Shuart Stadium and the 5,023-seat David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex. Hofstra also has an indoor, Olympic-sized (eight lane, 50-meter) swimming pool, one of the largest such facilities in the New York metropolitan area. The Hofstra athletics program competes on the NCAA Division I level and is a member of the Colonial Athletic Association. The University sponsors 17 intercollegiate programs – eight men’s sports and nine women’s sports. Hofstra has men’s teams in basketball, baseball, lacrosse, golf, tennis, wrestling, soccer and cross country. Women’s sports include basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, cross country and golf. Hofstra’s academic programs are accredited by numerous national agencies and the University is one of only 280 schools, out of more than 3,600 colleges and universities nationwide, with a chapter of the national honor society Phi Beta Kappa. Of Hofstra’s 1,135 faculty members, 517 are full time and 93 percent hold the highest degree in their

fields. The average undergraduate class size is 21 students, while student-faculty ratio is 14-to-1. Hofstra University is 100-percent program accessible to persons with disabilities, and has been cited as a national model for this achievement. NATIONAL RECOGNITION For the fourth straight year, Hofstra has been selected as one of Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For” receiving recognition for having an innovative and high quality teaching environment as well as clear requirements for tenure. Hofstra has also been named to the 2012 President’s Higher Education & Community Service Honor Roll for exemplary commitment to service and civic engagement on and off campus.



Hofstra continues to be recognized by U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review, Fiske, Washington Monthly, and Forbes on each of their Best College lists. The University was ranked in Tier One in US News & World Report at number 134, an improvement of 17 positions since the 2006 edition. Princeton Review has also recognized Hofstra for the 3rd year in their “Guide to Green Colleges”, which profiles colleges and universities committed to sustainability inside and outside the classroom. U.S. News & World Report has once again ranked The School of Education, the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, and the Maurice A. Deane School of Law as Best Graduate Schools, as well as recognized Hofstra’s graduate online programs in business, information technology, and education as top 100 programs. The Frank G. Zarb School of Business was also ranked among the top 75 M.B.A. programs by Forbes magazine, one of the top 5 Largest M.B.A. programs by Crain’s New York, and the undergraduate business program was ranked 117th in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The undergraduate engineering program was ranked at 57 in U.S. News & World Report ranking of non-doctoral engineering programs.

Eateries on campus


Local and national fraternities and sororities


Average undergraduate class size

22 37 100 200+ 500 1935

Academic accreditations Residence halls Percent program accessibility to persons with disabilities Student clubs and organizations Cultural events per year Founding date


Full-time undergraduate enrollment


Total University enrollment, including part-time undergraduate, graduate and School of Law

124,000+ 1.2 Million

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 3 9

Varsity sports

Hofstra alumni Volumes available at Hofstra University Libraries





tuart Rabinowitz was chosen by the Hofstra University Board of Trustees to serve as the eighth president of the University on December 20, 2000. Prior to his appointment, he served as dean of Hofstra University School of Law from September 1989 through June 2001. He joined the faculty of the School of Law in 1972. President Rabinowitz currently holds the Andrew M. Boas and Mark L. Claster Distinguished Professorship in Civil Procedure.


President Rabinowitz holds positions with a number of important government and community organizations, including the Judicial Advisory Council of the State of New York Unified Court System - County of Nassau, and the Nassau County Health and Welfare Council. He serves as a trustee of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, and on the Board of Directors for the Fair Media Council and the Long Island Technology Network. President Rabinowitz is a former member of the Nassau County Blue Ribbon Financial Review Panel, former chair of the Nassau County Local Advisory Board, and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Long Island Association. Additionally, President Rabinowitz served as a member of the Nassau County Commission on Government Revision, which was charged with drafting a new charter and a new form of government for the County. He is the recipient of the Martin Luther King Living the Dream Award, EOC; Distinguished Service in the Cause of Justice, Legal Aid Society; UJA Federation Leadership Award; the Bar Association of Nassau County Proclamation for Outstanding Service to both the legal profession and the community; the Community Service Award from the Conference of Jewish Organizations of Nassau County; and the Alumni Association of the City College of New York 2005 Townsend Harris Medal. He has also been honored by the Long Island Software and Technology Network (LISTnet) and was the recipient of Networking magazine’s David Award. President Rabinowitz received a juris doctor, magna cum laude, from Columbia University School of Law, where he was a member of the board of editors of the Columbia Law Review and a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. He graduated from City College of New York with honors, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the American Law Institute.


4 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



As of January 2014 OFFICERS

M. PATRICIA ADAMSKI Senior Vice President for Planning and Administration

Janis M. Meyer,* Chair James E. Quinn,* Vice Chair Peter G. Schiff, Vice Chair David S. Mack,* Secretary Stuart Rabinowitz, President ____________________

JESSICA EADS Vice President for Enrollment Services


JOSEPH M. BARKWILL Vice President for Facilities and Operations

DOLORES FREDRICH, ESQ. Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel

SANDRA S. JOHNSON Vice President for Student Affairs

DR. HERMAN BERLINER Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

RICHARD V. GUARDINO, JR., ESQ. Vice President for Business Development

ROBERT W. JUCKIEWICZ Vice President for Information Technology

Alan J. Bernon* Tejinder Bindra Robert F. Dall* Steven J. Freiberg* Arno H. Fried Martin B. Greenberg* Leo A. Guthart Peter S. Kalikow* Arthur J. Kremer Diana E. Lake* Karen L. Lutz John D. Miller* Marilyn B. Monter* Martha S. Pope Julio A. Portalatin* Edwin C. Reed Robert D. Rosenthal* Debra A. Sandler* Thomas J. Sanzone* Leonard H. Shapiro Joseph Sparacio* Frank G. Zarb* DELEGATES Stuart L. Bass,* Chair, University Senate Executive Committee Tanya Levy-Odom,* President, Alumni Organization William F. Nirode, Speaker of the Faculty Andrea Standrowicz, President, Student Government Association Ron Singh, Vice President, Student Government Association Eugene Maccarrone,* Chair, University Senate Planning James M. Shuart,* President Emeritus

STEPHANIE BUSHEY Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment

JEFFREY A. HATHAWAY Vice President and Director of Athletics

MELISSA CONNOLLY Vice President for University Relations

CATHERINE HENNESSY Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer

ALAN J. KELLY Vice President for Development

Wilbur Breslin, Trustee Emeritus Emil V. Cianciulli,* Chair Emeritus John J. Conefry, Jr., Chair Emeritus Maurice A. Deane,* Chair Emeritus George G. Dempster,* Chair Emeritus Joseph L. Dionne,* Trustee Emeritus Helene Fortunoff, Chair Emerita Lawrence Herbert,* Trustee Emeritus Florence Kaufman, Trustee Emerita Walter B. Kissinger, Trustee Emeritus Ann M. Mallouk,* Chair Emerita Thomas H. O’Brien, Trustee Emeritus Arnold A. Saltzman, Trustee Emeritus Norman R. Tengstrom,* Trustee Emeritus * Hofstra Alumni

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VICE PRESIDENT AND DIRECTOR OF ATHLE TICS at the school from 1990 to 2001. In his two years away from the Storrs campus, Hathaway enjoyed a successful tenure as the director of athletics at Colorado State University from 2001 to 2003. During Hathaway’s career, he has always made the academic success of student-athletes a top priority. In the classroom, more than 50% of UConn’s 650 student-athletes achieved a 3.0 “B-or better” semester grade point average during the spring and/or fall semesters of the 2010 calendar year, including 16 who earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average. In addition, the Division of Athletics consistently maintained a 99 percent academic retention rate among its student-athletes.


effrey A. Hathaway is in his second year as the Vice President and Director of Athletics at Hofstra University in 2013-14.

Hathaway, formerly the Director of Athletics at the University of Connecticut and the chairman of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, was introduced by Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz on May 15, 2012. “In collegiate athletics, the name Jeff Hathaway means success on any number of levels: in the classroom, on the playing field, in the boardroom, with donors and the media. Most importantly, Jeff’s focus on excellence, ethics, leadership and academics will allow the Hofstra Pride athletics program to move to the next level of excellence,” said Rabinowitz. “His tenure at the University of Connecticut was one of unprecedented growth, and under his leadership, we look forward to ushering in a new era of Hofstra Pride athletic success.” “I am excited to join the Hofstra University community and to have the opportunity to provide leadership and serve the studentathletes, coaches and staff in this outstanding athletics program,” commented Hathaway at his introductory press conference.  “I particularly would like to thank President Stuart Rabinowitz for allowing me to become part of the Hofstra University family. Throughout my career I have been part of programs that have competed against Hofstra and I have seen firsthand the success the Pride has had over the years.  My primary focus will be on the academic achievement of our student-athletes and providing them the opportunity to participate and achieve in

their academic and athletic endeavors as we prepare them for their lives after graduation from Hofstra.” In his first year at Hofstra, Hathaway oversaw a department that produced four Colonial Athletic Association championship and NCAA Tournament teams, as well as two other teams that reached the conference championship game. In addition, Hofstra Athletics saw three student-athletes earn Academic All-America accolades and five garner CAA ScholarAthlete of the Year honors. On of those Academic All-Americans, Joe Burg, also was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship in 2012, becoming just the second Hofstra student to ever earn the distinction. The Pride not only flourished on the fields and in the classroom, but also in the area of athletic development. The Hofstra Pride Club enjoyed a banner year with $1.1 million in cash funds raised, a 13% increase over 201112, and a 16% increase in annual funds. In 2013 Hathaway was named to the NCAA Division I Leadership Council, continuing his long tradition of service on a national level. Hathaway guided the University of Connecticut (UConn) Division of Athletics through an unprecedented period of academic and athletic achievement during his eight years as director of athletics from 2003 to 2011. At the same time, he became an influential leader for college athletics on both the national and conference level. Hathaway played a vital role in UConn’s success story for nearly 20 years as he was the executive associate director of athletics

The University of Connecticut was saluted for its community service efforts by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) three times under Hathaway’s watch for its community service efforts. UConn was also honored by the NCAS in 2006 and 2007 for its efforts to assist former student-athletes in earning their college degree. Hathaway’s leadership positions have extended beyond the campus. He recently completed a five-year term as a member of the prestigious NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, representing the BIG EAST Conference, serving as chair in 201112. As a member of the 10-person committee, Hathaway took part in the selection and administration of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship and the administration of the CBS/Turner television contract. During his tenure at both Colorado State and UConn, he was a member of the NCAA Division I Championships/Competition Cabinet. On the conference level, Hathaway was the chair of the BIG EAST Athletic Directors Executive Committee through November of 2009. He is also past chairman of the BIG EAST Championship and Competition Committee as well as the league’s Finance Committee, and also served on the Television Committee. Hathaway is a past member of the Division I-A Athletic Directors Association Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). In 2004 The Sporting News named Hathaway to its “Power 100 List” - comprised of the 100 most powerful people in sports. During his time at the University of Connecticut, private fundraising averaged more than $13 million a year. Hathaway was also responsible negotiating several key

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VICE PRESIDENT AND DIRECTOR OF ATHLE TICS revenue and partnership agreements, securing major gifts, and guiding the building of two LEED certified athletic facilities, UConn’s first, which received recognition from the University and from the Connecticut Real Estate Exchange.


Hathaway led a head coaching staff that is one of the most experienced in the country. At the conclusion of Hathaway’s tenure, UConn had 12 head coaches that had been in their current position 10 or more years as of the 2010-11 academic year.

PHILIP E. AUSTIN, President Emeritus, University of Connecticut “I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Hathaway through my tenure as president of the University of Connecticut. He was a valuable member of our senior leadership team and led the athletic program to its most successful era. Jeff is committed to not only athletic excellence but also academic excellence, integrity and the overall welfare of student athletes.”

In Hathaway’s final year with UConn, the Huskies experienced great athletic success. The men’s basketball team won its third NCAA Division I Championship while the football team played in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. In addition, the women’s basketball team played in the NCAA Final Four for the fourth consecutive season and set a college basketball record for most consecutive wins with 90. The UConn baseball team made history with its first-ever appearance in NCAA Super Regional play. The men’s soccer, women’s soccer and field hockey teams participated in NCAA tournaments while representatives from men’s and women’s track and field and women’s diving also took part in NCAA action.

JOSEPH R. CASTIGLIONE, Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Oklahoma “From our days in college to the many years as colleagues in the profession, I have always known Jeff Hathaway to be a man of character. He has a tenacious work ethic, an innate ability to establish the right vision, mission and values for the organization he leads and a collaborative style to appropriately involve all stakeholders in the process of setting goals and creating the means to achieve them. At the heart of it all is a passionate commitment to creating the best possible environment for student athlete success. Hofstra University made a wonderful decision in hiring Jeff.”

Hathaway originally came to Connecticut in November of 1990 as senior associate athletic director. In that role, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Division of Athletics and served as a program administrator for several sports. During Hathaway’s tenure at Colorado State, he oversaw a 15-sport program – nine women’s teams and six men’s. Hathaway was an extremely successful fundraiser during his time in Fort Collins. The school drew national attention for a $15.2 million gift for football stadium renovations and expansion. Prior to joining UConn, Hathaway served in a number of capacities at his alma mater, the University of Maryland, from 1982 to 1990, including assistant athletics director for marketing and communications, acting assistant athletics director for business affairs, athletics business manager and men’s basketball trainer. Hathaway earned his degree in athletic administration from Maryland in 1981. He later received a master’s degree in general administration from Maryland and is currently continuing work on a PhD in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut. Hathaway and his wife, Paula, have two children – Meghan (22) and Michael (18).


MARK EMMERT, President, National Collegiate Athletic Association “Jeff did a tremendous job as a member and later chair of the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee. His efforts directly contributed to lifelong experiences for thousands of student-athletes. I’m confident that he will bring the same dedication and passion to the athletic program and the student-athletes of Hofstra.” JIM NANTZ, CBS Sports “I have known Jeff Hathaway a long time and there is no one I respect more in college athletics than Jeff Hathaway. This is a big day for Hofstra University and the future of Hofstra has been placed in good hands. Jeff is a high-achieving, high-quality person that I have gotten to know well during his tenure as the Chair of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee. Jeff’s success as a leader speaks for itself. He has the Midas touch!” MIKE SLIVE, Commissioner, Southeastern Conference “I have known Jeff Hathaway for many years and had the pleasure of serving with him on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee. Jeff’s extensive experience, his enthusiasm and his energy makes him a leader no matter what room he is in. His commitment to assisting young men and women in getting an education while participating in college sports make him an outstanding choice as Hofstra’s new athletics director.” MIKE TRANGHESE, former Commissioner, Big East Conference “Jeff is an outstanding administrator who will provide Hofstra with great leadership in the future. He has long been a leader in collegiate athletics and Hofstra will do well with Jeff at the helm. ” TOM YEAGER, Commissioner, Colonial Athletic Association “Jeff Hathaway is one of the brightest, creative and competent administrators in college athletics. Everyone in the CAA is excited about his joining our team and we look forward to his contribution to the continued success of the Hofstra program and the CAA.” KEVIN WHITE, Vice President/Director of Athletics, Duke University “Hofstra literally hit the proverbial lottery! Hiring Jeff Hathaway as vice president and director of athletics – a highly seasoned athletic director who is clearly one of the most skilled and talented administrators within the NCAA – is nothing short of an immeasurable leadership acquisition!”

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RACHEL AUGUST Assistant Director of Athletics/ Administration

CATHY AULL Athletic Department Secretary

PETE ALFANO Cross Country Coach

ROB ANSPACH Wrestling Coach

ANN BALLER Associate Director of Athletic Facilities

DR. MICHAEL BARNES Faculty Athletics Representative

JOHN CONSIDINE Assistant Equipment Manager

TARA COPPOLA Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities

MARIA CORVINO Assistant Director of Athletics/Ticket Operations

COURTENEY CREWS Assistant Director of Athletic Development

MAREN CROWLEY Women’s Golf Coach

KATHY DE ANGELIS Field Hockey Coach

BILL EDWARDS Softball Coach

JOE ELLIOTT Men’s Golf Coach

DAVID FERNANDEZ Athletic Facilities Coordinator

JIM FURLONG Director of Athletic Development

JIM GIBBONS Associate Director of Athletics/NCAA Education and Compliance Services

DOUG GILLIES Athletic Facilities Coordinator

STEPHEN GORCHOV Associate Director of Athletics/Communications

CHRISSY ARNONE Assistant Director of Athletics/Marketing and Promotions

JAY ARTINIAN Senior Associate Director of Athletics/ Facilities

JAMES BARONE BROOKE BENDERNAGEL BRIAN BERT Athletic Facilities Assistant Director of Assistant Strength and Coordinator Athletic Development Conditioning Coach


COLM KENNEDY Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities


BRIAN BOHL Senior Assistant Director of Athletic Communications

JAMES LALLY Assistant Director of Athletics/ Student-Athlete Services and Life Skills Development

4 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



LAUREN LEO Director of Tennis

CINDY LEWIS Senior Associate Director of Athletics

RICHARD NUTTALL Men’s Soccer Coach

JEANNE O’KEEFE Athletic Department Secretary

DAVID SALOMON Athletic Facilities Coordinator

DIANE SCHUERLEIN Athletic Department Secretary

MICHELLE SPATERELLA SAMANTHA SWEENEY Assistant Dean of Assistant Director Advisement of Athletics/NCAA Education and Compliance Services

DAVE WALSH Assistant Equipment Manager

EVAN MALINGS Head Athletic Trainer

DINO MATTESSICH Deputy Director of Athletics

JOE MIHALICH Men’s Basketball Coach

KEVIN MURGA Athletic Facilities Coordinator

RACHEL PEELJAMES PRENDERGAST SIMON RIDDIOUGH MACANDREW Assistant Strength and Women’s Soccer Coach Associate Dean of Conditioning Coach University Advisement

JOHN RUSSO Baseball Coach

JIM SHEEHAN Senior Sports Information Director

LEN SKOROS Director of Athletic Publications

CLARICE SMITH Athletic Department Secretary

SHANNON SMITH Women’s Lacrosse Coach

HARRIET TEITLE Athletic Department Secretary

KATHY THEILING Equipment Manager

SETH TIERNEY Men’s Lacrosse Coach

HAILE URQUHART Director of Ticket Sales

RYAN WATSON Assistant Director of Athletic Facilities

IRENE WYMES Ticket Office Graduate Assistant

WINNIE WYMES Athletic Department Secretary

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 4 5

DR. MICHAEL YORIO Medical Director




pened in 1992, Margiotta Hall, a magnificent three-story, 22,500-square-foot building, is a centerpiece of the Hofstra University Athletics program. The state-of-the-art field house, combined with Hofstra’s 13,000-seat stadium, has created one of the finest facilities in the nation. The facility was named after Joseph M. Margiotta ’50, a former Pride student-athlete and long-time supporter. Margiotta, who founded and served as President of the Hofstra Pride Club for more than 20 years, passed away in November 2008 Margiotta Hall features a 3,500-square-foot weight room on the first floor. The building also contains locker rooms for men’s lacrosse and women’s lacrosse, all of which have undergone major renovations since 2008.

sessions, as well as a viewing room with hardwood flooring and a 50inch flat screen television that overlooks the field. In 2010 Margiotta Hall was the recipient of a “Traditions Project” that provides a sense of history of the lacrosse programs. The walls of the second floor of Margiotta Hall contain pictures and brief text descriptions of the key moments and people in Hofstra Lacrosse history. The project was made possible through the generosity of former lacrosse All-American James C. Metzger ’83. The lower level of Margiotta Hall contains a 178-seat theater, additional meeting rooms and an indoor golf training facility.

The state-of-the-art athletic training room, also located on the first floor, has hydrotherapy and electrotherapy areas, cardiovascular and isokinetic equipment, as well as taping areas, a rehabilitation area, an aerobics room, and athletic trainer and physician offices. On the second floor, an attractive multi-purpose room, enclosed by a glass wall, provides a panoramic view of James M. Shuart Stadium. Meetings and receptions for alumni, parents and friends of the Hofstra Athletic program are held in this area. Located on this level are the offices for the men and women’s lacrosse coaching staffs. The lacrosse office was the benefit of a major renovation project in 2008. The offices are equipped with video equipment, a 12-seat theater with stadium seating for group film and meeting

4 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y







2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 4 7



riginally opened in 1963 as Hofstra Stadium and renamed James M. Shuart Stadium in August 2002, the facility serves as the home to Hofstra’s lacrosse teams.

Named after the former Hofstra President, who played football and lacrosse during his undergraduate days at Hofstra, James M. Shuart Stadium has served as the host for the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse Championship Quarterfinals and first round games in the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Championships, numerous conference championship contests, the Long Island All-Star Football Game, the Fun City Bowl featuring the New York City Police and Fire Department teams, the Long Island Lizards of Major League Lacrosse, the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League and various Long Island high school and New York state championship games. The stadium also served as a home for the Long Island Rough Riders of professional soccer’s A-League. In 1968 the stadium became the third college facility in the nation to install an artificial playing surface. James M. Shuart Stadium underwent a major renovation and expansion that was completed in the fall of 1996, making the facility into one of the premier complexes in the Northeast. The project included the expansion of the seating capacity from 7,000 to 13,000; the creation of the Howdy Myers Pavilion in the southeast corner of the stadium; and the installation of scoreboards in both end zones. The renovation transformed James M. Shuart Stadium into the largest outdoor sports and entertainment complex on Long Island. In 2007 the artificial turf at James M. Shuart Stadium was replaced with FieldTurf, then in 2009 new scoreboards were installed in the north and south end zones. This past fall the existing FieldTurf was replaced by the new FieldTurf Revolution playing surface.

The largest crowds in James M. Shuart Stadium history occurred during the hosting of the NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals. A stadium record 13,447 people, the largest-ever lacrosse crowd on Long Island, were in attendance for the 2011 NCAA Quarterfinals, while a crowd of 12,292, a then-NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship Quarterfinal, witnessed the 1999 NCAA Quarterfinals featuring Hofstra versus Johns Hopkins. In 2009 11,292 fans were present and 10,510 fans attended the 2001 quarterfinals that featured Hofstra against Syracuse.



he Pride has use of the Hofstra Indoor Practice Facility, that formerly was the property of the New York Jets of the National Football League. The 50-yard turf field gives Hofstra a unique environment that many teams in the Northeast do not have. The practice bubble is located on the North Campus, behind the Mack Sports Complex.

4 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



hrough a comprehensive athletic training program, Hofstra University student-athletes are provided excellent health care during their time at the University. A coordinated effort between the University Health and Wellness Center, the Athletic Department and outside health care providers ensures every studentathlete the best medical attention possible. University student-athletes have direct access to a myriad of health care services. Managing the coverage of every practice and competition event is Hofstra University’s athletic training staff, which is led by Head Athletic Trainer Evan Malings and features six full-time athletic trainers and numerous student athletic trainers. The athletic trainers provide injury management, rehabilitation and treatment to the entire Athletic program. Utilizing three state-ofthe-art athletic training rooms, these professionals work tirelessly to ensure the safe participation of Hofstra’s student-athletes and to return injured athletes to play quickly and safely. Supporting the athletic trainers is medical director Dr. Michael Yorio and his team at Pro Health Care, Inc. Dr. Yorio is in his sixth year on Hofstra’s medical team. Yorio is an internist with specialized training in sports medicine. He earned his undergraduate degree at Villanova University, and received his medical degree from the SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse. Yorio previously served as a sports medicine fellow with the University of Maryland Orthopedics. Prior to that, he was a resident physician in internal medicine at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Yorio was named the Director of Player Medical Services for the 2008 U.S. Open Tennis Tournament in Flushing, New York, and is on the medical staff for the New York Islanders. He also worked as a team physician for the University of Maryland from 2003 to 2005. Physical therapist John Finneran of Peak Performance also aids in Hofstra’s student-athlete care. Hofstra University sponsors a fully accredited, highly competitive undergraduate degree program for athletic training majors, in which Hofstra student athletic trainers participate in all aspects of the health care system.


Head Athletic Trainer



Team Physician

Women’s Lacrosse Athletic Trainer

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 4 9



ofstra University is committed to the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. The University views participation in intercollegiate athletics as benefiting the studentathlete in an educationally enhancing experience beyond any other opportunity available. Hofstra also realizes the time commitment made by student-athletes and has committed the facilities and resources to support all students.


The University Tutorial Program (UTP) provides free tutoring in every subject area to any Hofstra student. Students are able to obtain up to 1 1/2 hours of individual tutorial assistance per week for up to three courses. They are also able to utilize the various help labs on campus, which specialize in providing assistance in writing, business and QM, and biology and chemistry. In addition to this service, student-athletes are assigned an academic advisor, through the Center for University Advisement, who helps address the various needs of student‑athletes. The academic advisor emphasizes four areas in their efforts to ensure the academic success of Hofstra’s student-athletes. Area one is academic counseling. Services are provided in the areas of academic planning, career planning, personal counseling, and campus and community referrals. The advisor also meets with prospective student‑athletes, at the coach’s request, to share the many benefits of a Hofstra University education.

Area two is academic advising. The academic advisor serves as the primary advisor for first-year and undecided student-athletes, and also assists upperclassmen who have declared a major. Area three is academic monitoring. The advisor monitors the academic progress of student‑athletes to ensure compliance with Hofstra University, NCAA and conference regulations. The advisor’s regular communication with the faculty and coaches provide opportunities for early intervention should academic difficulties arise. Area four is study halls. The University Tutorial Program supports athletic study halls by providing tutors in various subjects as necessary. The academic advisors also assess the needs of individual student‑athletes to provide the most effective study environment. The assessment tool administered by the Center for University Advisement is also used to provide various enrichment seminars for the student‑athletes such as time management, writing skills, campus resources, and surviving the college transition. In 2010 The Fried Family Student-Athlete Development Center was opened on the second level of the James M. Shuart Stadium Building. The center houses the offices of the Student-Athlete Services Staff, as well as a large computer lab with printer access for use by Hofstra student-athletes, a quiet study area with wireless internet access and two group study/tutor rooms with power point access and white boards.

5 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

LONG ISLAND/NE WYORK CI TY AB OU T LONG ISLAND… Long Island has a rich history as an active, vibrant community, a summer playground, and home to some of New York’s most prominent families.

FI VE DIS TINC T REGIONS MAKE UP LONG ISLAND: • North Shore, otherwise known as the Gold Coast, with dozens of historic sites dating back to colonial days and Gatsby-era mansions. • South Shore, the Island’s spectator sports and entertainment center, with worldfamous Jones and Fire Island Beaches, and home to the New York Islanders. • Central Suffolk, with beautiful forests and natural inlets, the world’s largest factory outlet center and a huge water park. • North Fork, with an array of vineyards, waterfront ports and farm stands. • South Fork, widely known as “The Hamptons,” with its pristine beaches and exclusive villages. You can catch a Hofstra shuttle bus to Jones Beach – a state park with six miles of gorgeous coastline, a boardwalk, swimming pools, golf and outdoor concerts.

WI T H E VERY T HING FROM : • museums, historical sites and lighthouses, • to sophisticated malls, designer outlets and shopping villages, • to wineries and farm stands, • to family fun parks, aquariums and zoos,

...there is plenty to do on Long Island!

ABOUT NEW YORK CITY… Hofstra is located only 30 miles from New York City – the capital of culture and finance. You can visit Carnegie Hall, South Street Seaport, Hard Rock Café, Grand Central Station, Central Park, NBC Studios in Rockefeller Center, Little Italy or Chinatown.

• Study the world’s finest sculptures and paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. • Go and cheer along with the crowd at a Yankees, Mets, Rangers or Knicks game. • Wave at the TV cameras in the street-level studios of FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC. • Walk through the financial capital of the world at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. • Take the subway to Coney Island for a Nathan’s hot dog and a ride on the Cyclone, the last of the great wooden rollercoasters. • Get half-priced tickets to Broadway’s finest shows at the TKTS booth in a new, glittering Times Square.

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 5 1




ith nearly three decades of success athletically and academically, the Colonial Athletic Association has built a reputation as one of the nation’s top collegiate conferences.


more than 36,000 units of blood over the past 11 years. The first-ever CAA Food Drive Challenge last winter resulted in over 9,500 pounds of donated food.

The CAA encompasses many of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas with a geographic footprint that stretches from Boston to Charleston, S.C. The conference has produced 16 national team champions in five different sports, 33 individual national champions, 13 national players of the year, 12 national coaches of the year and 13 Honda Award winners. Just as impressive, however, are the honors accumulated away from competition, which include five Rhodes Scholars and 23 NCAA post-graduate scholars. In 201213, more than 1,900 of the league’s 4,000 student-athletes received the Commissioner’s Academic Award after posting at least a 3.2 grade point average while lettering in a varsity sport. The conference had 23 teams in 15 different sports receive NCAA Public Recognition Awards based on the latest Academic Progress Report released in 2013. The landscape of the conference stretches along the majority of the East Coast, and includes several of the nation’s top media markets – New York (1), Philadelphia (4), Boston (7), Washington, D.C. (9) and Baltimore (25). The number of television homes in the CAA market exceeds 20 million. The CAA conducts championships in 22 sports. Male athletes compete for championships in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis and track & field. Female athletes battle for conference titles in basketball, cross country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field and volleyball. In 2012-13, 27 teams earned NCAA Tournament berths and 43 student-athletes received AllAmerica honors in 14 different sports.

Behind the play of Honda Award winner Elena Delle Donne, the Blue Hens finished the season ranked #13 in the final USA Today Coaches Top 25 poll. Drexel captured the WNIT championship with a 46-43 victory over Utah and James Madison reached the quarterfinals of the WNIT. CAA teams have gone 20-9 in postseason play over the past two years. The conference also excels in many other sports. CAA squads have combined to win 10 field hockey national titles since the championship began in 1981. Three men’s soccer teams earned NCAA Tournament berths last season and each current member of the conference has reached the NCAA Tournament since 2006. In softball, Hofstra reached the NCAA Super Regionals in 2012 and the CAA placed two teams (Hofstra and James Madison) in the NCAA’s for the first time last season. At least two women’s soccer teams have reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament three times in the past six seasons. William & Mary’s men’s cross country squad has made the NCAA Championship in 12 of the past 14 years and the women’s team had two runners (Elaina Balouris and Emily Stites) earn All-America honors in 2012. Delaware and Towson have each reached the Final Four of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship. The CAA sent three teams to the NCAA Baseball Championship in 2013 and has had at least 11 players selected in nine of the last 11 Major League Baseball drafts. The conference also had individuals earn All-America honors in women’s lacrosse, track and field and swimming & diving last season and had players nationally ranked in tennis and golf.

The conference has made its presence known nationally in men’s basketball with two teams – George Mason (2006) and VCU (2011) – advancing to the NCAA Final Four over the past seven years. CAA teams have combined to win 41 games in postseason play since 2006, including 14 victories in the NCAA Tournament. The CAA has posted at least one NCAA Tournament win in six of the past eight years, including the last four in a row. The conference has seen five or more teams reach postseason play in four of the last five seasons.

CAA member institutions are committed to excellence in the classroom. The Colonial Academic Alliance was created in 2002 by the league’s presidents with a goal of expanding their partnership to all aspects of university education and life outside of intercollegiate athletics. Among the programs that have been established are an undergraduate research conference, coordination of study abroad programs, visiting faculty programs and a recent partnership with NBC Learn to provide educational videos to over 8,500 public schools across the United States.

In women’s basketball, 2013 CAA champion Delaware defeated West Virginia and North Carolina to become the 12th CAA team to reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

CAA schools are also very active in community service projects. The CAA Blood Challenge, which is held each fall, has raised

Commissioner Thomas E. Yeager has guided the CAA since its inception. The conference traces its roots back to 1983 when two of its current members- James Madison University and the College of William and Mary - were aligned with East Carolina University, George Mason University, the United States Naval Academy and the University of Richmond as a basketball league (ECAC South). During the next two years, the league added 11 sports, acquired two new members (the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and American University) and decided to form a new conference. The transformation from ECAC South to CAA took place on June 6, 1985. Old Dominion University joined the CAA in 1991 and was followed by Virginia Commonwealth University in 1995. The conference added the University of Delaware, Drexel University, Hofstra University and Towson University in 2001. Georgia State University and Northeastern University became members of the conference in 2005 and the College of Charleston began its first year as a CAA member on July 1, 2013. Elon University will join the conference beginning in 2014-15.

CAA Membership History Current Membership College of Charleston (2013-present) University of Delaware (2001-present) Drexel University (2001-present) Hofstra University (2001-present) James Madison University (1983-present) University of North Carolina-Wilmington (1985-present) Northeastern University (2005-present) Towson University (2001-present) College of William and Mary (1983-present)

Past Members American University (1985-2001) East Carolina University (1983-2001) George Mason University (1983-2013) Georgia State University (2005-2013) United States Naval Academy (1983-1991) Old Dominion University (1991-2013) University of Richmond (1983-2001) Virginia Commonwealth University (1995-2012)

Future Member Elon University (2014)

5 2 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



he Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse team lends a great deal of time to the Long Island community.

This past holiday season the Pride participated in Holiday Magic. The team helped collect, wrap and distribute toys to underprivileged children, providing a bit of joy to those in need. Hofstra is also actively involved in the fight against blood cancer through the HEADstrong Foundation, which was founded by Nick Colleluori before his passing as a result of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The team has raised awareness and a great deal of funds through the sales of “Relentless” t-shirts and lime green shoelaces. Each year the team hosts the Nick Colleluori Classic at James M. Shuart Stadium. The fifth-year event features a full-day of games and serves as a fundraiser for the HEADstrong Foundation. The team is also involved with Surfer’s Healing, which is an organization that teaches children with autism how to surf, along with other activities. Women’s Lacrosse student-athletes assisted with serving food as well as interacting with the children. In September the team took part in the Tunnel to Towers Run to benefit the Stephen Siller Foundation. Siller was a firefighter, who lost his life on September 11, 2001. The run follows the path he took from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers that day. The team is also involved with a variety of initiatives with Hofstra’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), including reading programs at local schools, the Special Olympics, Long Island Cares Holiday food drives, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island Toy and Coat Drives and the Shake-A-Rake event that assists elderly and disabled community members with yard cleanups. The team has also joined with the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation and is involved with physical fitness programs at local elementary schools, charity walk-a-thons, and cooking and serving meals at a local Ronald McDonald House.

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 5 3




he team is quite active in the Nick Colleluori HEADstrong Foundation, which was founded by former Pride men’s lacrosse player Nick Colleluori and raises money and awareness for the treatment of blood cancer. Colleluori started the foundation before succumbing to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006.


The fifth annual Nick Colleluori Women’s Lacrosse Classic was held September 28 at Hofstra University and there were 11 teams in this year’s event as Hofstra, Central Connecticut State, LIU Post, Iona, LIU Brooklyn, Manhattan, Stony Brook, Villanova, New York Athletic Club, Adelphi and Catholic competed in the all-day tournament. The Colleluori family was on hand sharing their personal experience and progression of their organization with spectators.  During the event teams gathered for the inspirational HEADstrong presentation, in

which Cheryl Colleluori addressed the players, recognized the coaches that made the event possible and shared her son’s legacy with all in attendance. The HEADstrong Foundation recognized players from each program with the Nicholas Colleluori Award, presented to a player demonstrating leadership, service and a relentless drive for success on an off the playing field.     In its five years of existence, the Nick Colleluori Women’s Lacrosse Classic has raised more than $160,000 for the HEADstrong Foundation. “We are truly grateful to be so closely related to the HEADstrong Foundation, especially being that Nick was a player here,” said Hofstra Coach Shannon Smith. “Like the Colleluori family, our Pride family will continue carrying on his legacy to do whatever we can do to help people who are battling blood cancers.”  

5 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



Player 5 Altomare, Brittain 7 Riemer, Julia 14 Conto, Becky 8 Albright, Taylor 44 Considine, Emily 9 Iannetta, April 15 Maier, Jill 4 Mezzanotte, Alex 22 Brady, Clare 10 von Hollen, Emily 33 Kellogg, Casey 31 Miler, Maryann 21 Ward, Jenn 11 Lenox, Sam 24 McKinnon, Lindsay 29 Anders, Liz 1 Guthrie, Meagan 18 Chandler, Lauren 23 Commons, Chrissy 19 Ayres, Kaitlin 34 Gregerson, Kelsey 3 Ardolino, Jacquelyn 32 Stergis, Slobhan 25 Milne, Shelby 20 Tierney, Jac 17 Greiber, Samantha 16 Corzel, Emily 13 Wilson, Abby 12 D’Arco, Jamie 6 Foley, Callahan 2 Alfano, Lindsey Total Opponents

GP GS G A Pts. SH FPG-FPS 19 19 34 35 69 93 3-6 19 19 25 4 29 86 1-12 18 17 16 5 21 38 3-6 19 12 17 3 20 39 2-4 12 12 15 3 18 28 1-2 19 19 12 6 18 36 2-5 10 10 15 2 17 33 3-3 19 7 14 2 16 32 2-5 19 1 8 5 13 29 1-4 19 7 11 1 12 28 3-10 14 8 7 1 8 23 5-10 19 12 3 1 4 11 1-4 9 0 3 0 3 5 0-1 15 0 2 1 3 3 0-3 12 0 2 1 3 9 0-0 9 2 2 1 3 3 0-1 3 0 1 0 1 2 0-0 3 0 0 1 1 0 0-0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0-1 4 0 0 0 0 2 0-1 19 19 0 0 0 1 0-1 3 0 0 0 0 1 0-0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 19 19 0 0 0 0 0-0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 18 15 0 0 0 0 0-0 19 11 0 0 0 0 0-0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 19 19 0 0 0 0 0-0 19 -- 187 72 259 515 27-78 19 -- 169 74 243 400 23-80

GB DC TO 23 34 46 10 2 31 12 55 16 8 0 9 15 0 20 50 53 22 9 27 2 25 0 11 5 1 17 13 1 7 7 2 7 15 2 8 0 0 2 2 0 3 2 0 1 4 1 2 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 51 0 13 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 2 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 2 13 3 5 20 11 5 0 0 0 19 6 6 341 203 252 312 200 281

CT F 9 30 5 32 7 28 2 13 4 16 40 54 3 21 7 47 3 8 5 11 4 10 3 17 0 2 1 1 2 2 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 13 5 0 0 0 0 23 56 0 2 0 0 1 3 6 21 21 40 0 2 8 21 169 448 144 436

GOALKEEPING Player 34 Gergerson, Kelsey 32 Stergis, Siobhan Total Opponents

GP 19 3 19 19

GS 19 0 -- --

Minutes GA 1163:23 163 8:04 6 1171:27 169 1171:27 187

GAA 8.40 44.63 8.66 9.58

Saves 121 1 122 174

Pct. .426 .143 .419 .482

W 11 0 11 8

Goals by Period Hofstra Opponents

1 2 OT OT2 OT3 Total 96 89 2 0 0 187 81 84 3 0 1 169

Goals by Period Hofstra Opponents

Goals by Period Hofstra Opponents

1 2 OT OT2 OT3 Total 49 73 0 0 0 122 96 76 1 1 0 174

Clears: Hofstra 250-309 (.912); Opponents 238-302 (.788)

TEAM STATISTICS Hofstra Opponent SHOT STATISTICS Goals-Shot attempts 187-515 169-400 Goals scored average 9.84 8.89 Shot pct. .363 .423 Shots/Game 27.1 21.1 Assists 72 74 GOAL BREAKDOWN Totals Goals 187 169 Free-position 27 23 Unassisted 115 95 GROUND BALLS 341 312 DRAW CONTROLS 203 200 TURNOVERS 252 281 CAUSED TURNOVERS 169 144 ATTENDANCE Total 5858 2743 Dates/Avg. 10/586 8/343 Neutral Site #/Avg. 1/350

1 2 OT 275 236 3 180 211 6

L Shots Faced 8 391 0 9 8 400 11 515

OT2 1 1

OT3 Total 0 446 2 454

2013 RESULTS 2/16 2/20 2/23 2/27 3/3 3/9 3/13 3/17 3/21 3/30 4/5 4/7 4/12 4/14 4/19 4/21 4/27 5/3 5/5

NEW HAMPSHIRE FAIRFIELD COLGATE at Marist at #1 Maryland YALE at Rutgers QUINNIPIAC TEMPLE at Ohio State at Old Dominion* at William & Mary* JAMES MADISON* GEORGE MASON* TOWSON* at Delaware* DREXEL* at James Madison# at Towson#

*Colonial Athletic Association game #CAA Championship (Towson, MD)

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 5 5

13-12 W 8-7 W (OT) 13-11 W 14-8 W 11-16 L 7-9 L 6-13 L 12-8 W 8-5 W 10-11 L (OT) 15-6 W 11-2 L (OT) 8-9 L (3OT) 18-7 W 6-5 W 5-7 L 12-10 W 6-4 W 4-9 L


2013 CAA RE VIE W 2013 STANDINGS James Madison Towson* Hofstra Drexel Delaware William & Mary Old Dominion George Mason

CAA W L Pct. 6 1 .857 6 1 .857 4 3 .571 4 3 .571 4 3 .571 2 5 .286 2 5 ,286 0 7 .000

Overall W L Pct. 11 6 .647 10 9 .526 11 8 .579 11 7 .611 10 6 .625 5 11 .313 4 13 .235 5 11 .313

*CAA Champion




Brittain Altomare Casey Anacarrow Ashleigh Rohrback Amy Roguski Rhiannon Coogle Kelli Joran Caitlin McCartney Amanda Norcini Angela Biciocchi Alexa Demski April Iannetta Schylar Healy


Hofstra James Madison Towson James Madison Towson Drexel Delaware Drexel Delaware Towson Hofstra James Madison


Towson Delaware George Mason William & Mary Drexel James Madison William & Mary George Mason Old Dominion Old Dominion James Madison Towson Towson

2013 FINAL STATISTICS TEAM STATISTICS Scoring James Madison Towson William & Mary Hofstra Delaware Drexel Old Dominion George Mason

GP 17 19 16 19 16 18 17 16

P PPG 252 14.82 280 14.74 229 14.31 259 13.63 217 13.56 230 12.78 186 10.94 175 10.94

Goals Per Game Delaware James Madison Towson William & Mary Hofstra Drexel George Mason Old Dominion

GP 16 17 19 16 19 18 16 17

No. Avg./G 177 11.06 182 10.71 191 10.05 160 10.00 187 9.84 174 9.67 146 9.12 147 8.65


SECOND TEAM Paige Duncan Chelsea Fay Allie Hilderbrandt Kyrstin Mackrides Alyse Maiden Ali Curwin Jenna Dougherty Rachel Obregon Christina Rea Alex Burns Lexi Cross Michelle Dufault Kelea Donnelly


Zoe Boger (William & Mary), Emily Considine (Hofstra), Becky Conto (Hofstra), Kara Dattellas (Delaware), Emily Duffey (Drexel), Jaci Gordon (James Madison), Breanna Hamm (Towson), Shelby Milne (Hofstra), Rachel Shaw (Old Dominion), Erin Wein (Delaware) 2013 CAA Co-Players of the Year: Casey Ancarrow, James Madison and Ashleigh Rohrback, Towson 2013 CAA Co-Defensive Players of the Year: April Iannetta, Hofstra and Alexa Demski, Towson 2013 CAA Rookie of the Year: Becky Conto, Hofstra 2013 CAA Coach of the Year: Sonia LaMonica, Towson

5 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




Assists Per Game Towson William & Mary James Madison Hofstra Drexel Delaware Old Dominion George Mason

GP 19 16 17 19 18 16 17 16

No. Avg./G 89 4.68 69 4.31 70 4.12 72 3.79 56 3.11 40 2.50 39 2.29 29 1.81

Caused Turnovers Hofstra Delaware Old Dominion Towson William & Mary James Madison George Mason Drexel

Ground Balls Old Dominion Hofstra Delaware Towson William & Mary George Mason James Madison Drexel

GP 17 19 16 19 16 16 17 18

GB GB/G 316 18.59 341 17.95 260 16.25 304 16.00 252 15.75 240 15.00 240 14.12 203 11.28

Goals Against Avg. Drexel Delaware Hofstra Towson James Madison George Mason Old Dominion William & Mary

Draw Controls William & Mary Drexel Delaware Hofstra James Madison Towson Old Dominion George Mason

GP 16 18 16 19 17 19 17 16

DC DC/G 193 12.06 205 11.39 182 11.38 203 10.68 180 10.59 198 10.42 175 10.29 162 10.12

Save Percentage GP GA Saves Pct. James Madison 17 155 152 .495 Towson 19 165 138 .455 Delaware 16 137 108 .441 George Mason 16 204 154 .430 Drexel 18 153 115 .429 Hofstra 19 169 122 .419 William & Mary 16 228 146 .390 Old Dominion 17 237 141 .373

GP 19 16 17 19 16 17 16 18 GP 18 16 19 19 17 16 17 16

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 5 7

CT CT/G 169 8.89 136 8.50 131 7.71 140 7.37 113 7.06 106 6.24 98 6.12 104 5.78

GA 153 137 169 165 155 204 237 228

Min. GAA 1080:00 8.50 960:00 8.56 1171:27 8.66 1140:00 8.68 1039:45 8.94 959:48 12.75 1019:59 13.94 966:00 14.16



Scoring Ashleigh Rohrback, TU Brittain Altomare, HU Caitlin McCartney, UD Casey Ancarrow, JMU Alyse Maiden, DU Kyrstin Mackrides, W&M Amu Roguski, JMU Allison Hahn, UD Chelsea Fay, UD Allie Hilderbrandt, GMU

GP G A P PPG 13 19 32 51 3.92 19 34 35 69 3.63 14 41 5 46 3.29 17 41 12 53 3.12 18 34 21 55 3.06 16 41 7 48 3.00 15 34 7 41 2.73 16 26 15 41 2.56 16 38 3 41 2.56 16 37 4 41 2.56

Goals Caitlin McCartney, UD Kyrstin Mackrides, W&M Casey Ancarrow, JMU Chelsea Fay, UD Allie Hilderbrandt, GMU Amy Roguski, JMU Taelor Salmon, W&M Rhiannon Coogle, TU Rachel Obregon, GMU Kelli Joran, DU

GP 14 16 17 16 16 15 15 19 16 18

G GPG 41 2.93 41 2.56 41 2.41 38 2.38 37 2.31 34 2.27 33 2.20 41 2.16 34 2.12 37 2.06

Assists Ashleigh Rohrback, TU Brittain Altomare, HU Kaleigh Noon, W&M Alyse Maiden, DU Sarah Maloof, TU Rebecca McLouth, JMU Allison Hahn, UD Paige Duncan, TU Jessica Rudloff, DU Casey Ancarrow, JMU Ali Curwin, JMU

GP 13 19 16 18 17 17 16 19 18 17 17

A APG 32 2.46 35 1.84 19 1.19 21 1.17 17 1.00 17 1.00 15 0.94 14 0.74 13 0.72 12 0.71 12 0.71

Ground Balls Brittany Pastrana, GMU Kelsey Gregerson, HU Carolina Brouse, GMU April Iannetta, HU Karen Hayde, ODU

G 13 19 12 19 17

GB 35 51 32 50 44

GB/G 2.69 2.68 2.67 2.63 2.59

Draw Controls Becky Conto, HU Kristin Kopenhaver, DU Kelli Joran, DU April Iannetta, HU Jill Maier, HU

G 18 18 18 19 10

DC 55 54 53 53 27

DC/G 3.06 3.00 2.94 2.79 2.70

Caused Turnovers April Iannetta, HU Alexandra Burns, ODU Kallie McCormick, ODU Shelby Milne, HU Alexa Demski, TU

G 19 17 17 19 19

CT 40 23 21 23 22

CT/G 2.11 1.35 1.24 1.21 1.16

Goals Against Avg. Teresha Bradley, DU Kelsey Gregerson, HU Kelsea Donnelly, TU Alex Zaugra, UD Schylar Healy, JMU Karen Hayde, ODU Colleen Nofi, W&M

GP 18 19 19 14 15 17 16

GA 141 163 151 112 146 237 181

Min. 1029:30 1163:20 1072:00 716:17 919:45 1019:50 772:23

GAA 8.22 8.41 8.45 9.38 9.52 13.94 14.06

Save Percentage Schylar Healy, JMU Kelsea Donnelly, TU Teresha Bradley, DU Kelsey Gregerson, HU Alex Zaugra, UD Colleen Nofi, W&M Karen Hayde, ODU

GP 15 19 18 19 14 16 17

GA 138 128 111 121 81 123 141

Saves 146 151 141 163 112 181 237

Pct. .486 .459 .440 .426 .420 .405 .373


5 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



umerous Hofstra women’s lacrosse alumnae have pursued careers in coaching at various levels of the sport. Currently, eight players are involved in collegiate coaching.





Assistant Coach Rutgers University

Assistant Coach Boston University

Assistant Coach Bryant University

Assistant Coach Long Island University





Graduate Assistant Coach Long Island University

Graduate Assistant Coach Niagara University

Assistant Coach University of Tampa

Assistant Coach University of California, Davis

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 5 9



he Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse Program is very proud of its alumnae and what they do after they graduate from Hofstra. Here is a look at a sampling of Hofstra Lacrosse alumnae and what they are doing today.

LORRAINE HAUSCH, 1977 Occupation: Credit manager in Jericho, NY, for a company that

produces material for healthcare mattresses.

DEBBIE ORGAN, 1983 Occupation: Physical therapist at Blythedale Children’s Hospital

in Valhalla, NY. I am also an instructor at Mercy College in their Physical Therapy Program. Prior to teaching at Mercy College I was an instructor in the Physical Therapy Program at Columbia University for eight years. Degrees: I received a BA in biology from Hofstra and then went on to earn an MS in physical therapy at Columbia. Other Notes: While I was at Hofstra I volunteered in the Physical


Therapy Department at Nassau County Medical Center.

Occupation: Recreational therapist




Occupation: Director of mental health and service programs, disaster

Occupation: Worked on Wall Street for 12 year and now I am

planning & response for the American Red Cross in Greater New York.

coaching lacrosse at Port Washington Junior High School. Degree: I earned a degree in business administration. Other Notes: Inducted into Hofstra Athletics Hall of Fame in 2008.

Degree: I earned a BA in psychology with minors in physical

education and sociology.



Occupation: Stay at home mom in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Occupation: Cardiologist with Chapel Hill Internal Medicine and

clinical assistant professor of medicine at UNC School of Medicine.

Degrees: BA in creative studies from Hofstra and MA in higher education administration from Columbia

Hofstra Degree: BS in education (major - physical education; minor -

Other Notes: Certified girls youth lacrosse coach for the Saratoga

speech & hearing sciences)

Youth Lacrosse Association and former assistant dean for student support services and director of the University Tutorial Program at Hofstra University (1997-99).

CYNTHIA KINCH DONALDSON, 1979 Occupation: Consulting environmental engineer, professor and


science department chair at Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Occupation: Athletic trainer and professor at Hofstra University.

Degree: BS in science, major in geology and minor in biology

JAYNE KITSOS, 1993 Occupation: Athletic training program coordinator and assistant

LYNN ADLER, 1980 Occupation: Financial journalist at Reuters in New York, NY

professor in the Hofstra Department of Health Professions & Kinesiology.

Degree: I earned my degree in communications from Hofstra and a

Degree: BS in exercise science with a minor in athletic training from

master’s in social work from Adelphi.


Other Notes: I was an intern at the Massapequa Observer.

Other Notes: Was a student-athletic trainer for the field hockey,


volleyball, wrestling, football, baseball and men’s soccer teams. Completed exercise science internships at the Omni Building Fitness Center & Amityville Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Occupation: Corporate Compliance Director at Driver’s Insurance

Group Degree: BA in Spanish literature Other Notes: Serve as the lacrosse coach at Chattahoochee High

School, John’s Creek, Georgia.

6 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

AL UMNAE PROFILES LARAINE PIZZI, 1995 Occupation: OB/GYB physician assistant in Scottsdale, AZ


Degree: I earned a BS in exercise science and minored in psychology. Other Notes: I serve as varsity girl’s lacrosse coach at Notre Dame

Preparatory in Scottsdale. I am also a past president of the Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association and the current vice president of the Arizona Chapter of US Lacrosse.

SANDRA (LUBERTAZZI) KRAULAND, 1995 Occupation: Director of sales coordination at Fox Cable Networks in

New York City. Degree: BA in communications Other Notes: Senior year internship at “One Life to Live”.


MELISSA (COMPTON) PASKO, 1995 Occupation: Surgical critical care RN for post-operative open heart

surgery at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. Degree: BBA in accounting from Hofstra and a BS in nursing at the

University of Maryland-Baltimore County Other Notes: Inducted into the Hofstra Athletics Hall of Fame in

2007. Was a CPA before becoming a nurse.


Occupation: Currently teaching and coaching junior varsity lacrosse

at Hayfield Secondary High School in Alexandria, VA. Degree: I earned a BA in psychology.

BRIDGET (MOLD) MICHENER, 1997 Occupation: Senior relationship manager at Executive Services

Group, a wealth and lifestyle management company located in Conshohocken, PA. Degree: BA in English with an emphasis on creative writing Other Notes: Ran a marathon in Alaska and worked as the executive

assistant to the CEO of the Philadelphia Eagles (2007 & 2008).

JEN (STABILE) LALLY, 1999 Occupation: Marketing manager for North America for Nestle’s

coffee division in New York City. Degree: I earned a BBA with a concentration in marketing. Other Notes: I was a marketing intern for the New York Jets.

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 6 1

AL UMNAE PROFILES MELISSA COFFAS, 2001 Occupation: Group planning director and partner at Mindshare in

New York City Degree: BBA in marketing


DEE (BRENNAN) BIER, 2001 Occupation: Teaching high school math at Charlotte (NC) Catholic

High School. I also serve as varsity lacrosse coach and won the 2010 North Carolina state championship. Degree: I earned a BBA in business computer information systems

and a MA in industrial/organizational psychology. Other Notes: I was an intern at Noodle Kidoodle and I also coach a

club lacrosse team – the Queen City Stars.


KATHLEEN (MCPIKE) TAYLOR, 2001 Occupation: Primary school physical education teacher in the

Harborfields School District. Degrees: I earned a degree in physical education and a master’s degree in health from Hofstra. I then received a building and school district administration degree from C.W. Post.

JULIE (TRUE) WRIGHT, 2001 Occupation: Math teacher and varsity soccer and lacrosse coach at

Kennedy High School in Bellmore, NY. Degrees: Bachelor’s degree in math and master’s in education

KRISTIN (MARSHALL) KELLY, 2002 Occupation: Reporter for CBS affiliate in Sacramento, CA. Degree: BA in broadcast journalism Other Notes: Interned at 20/20 (ABC-TV) in Washington, DC. Still

playing lacrosse with SACLax and BayLax Adult Leagues.

ALEXIS LONGHITANO, 2004 Occupation: Special education teacher in the Mamaroneck (NY)

School District. I am also the varsity lacrosse coach at Mamaroneck High School. Degree: I received a BS in psychology from Hofstra.

KERI HALL, 2004 Occupation: Physical education and health teacher at the Horace

Mann School in New York, NY. I also serve as head varsity lacrosse and field hockey coach as well as assistant varsity basketball coach and head 7th grade girl’s basketball coach. Degrees: BS in physical education from Hofstra and MS in health education from CUNY Lehman.


6 2 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

AL UMNAE PROFILES TARA BUECKER, 2005 Occupation: Physical education teacher at Jarrettsville Elementary

School in Maryland and the varsity lacrosse coach at North Harford High School. I am also the director of girls’ lacrosse in the sports performance program at The Arena Club in Churchville, MD. I also conduct camps, clinics and tournaments through TB9 – a company I created to facilitate instructional lacrosse programs.


Degrees: I earned a BS in physical education and a master’s in health science, community health education and school health education.

CAITLIN CONNOLLY, 2005 Occupation: Director of Operation at Broadridge Financial Solutions

in Suffolk County, New York. Degree: I earned a BBA in business management. Other Notes: Active Member of Women’s Bond Club in NY, serving

women in financial institutions. I also coach Liberty Lacrosse and Club Long Island Rising Sophomores.

JILL (WIENECKE) BABE, 2005 Occupation: School counselor and junior varsity lacrosse coach at

STEPHANIE JACOBSON, 2005 Occupation: Account executive with Van Wagner Communication in

New York, NY.

Catonsville (MD) High School.

Degree: I earned a BA in public relations.

Degrees: I received my BA in psychology and minored in sociology. I then went to Loyola to get my masters in education, specializing in school counseling.

Other Notes: Sponsorship Coordinator for Team in Training –

bringing funds & people together that ultimately benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Ronald McDonald House NYC Chapter.

MARY ROMANO, 2005 Occupation: Physical education teacher at Weber Middle School in

Port Washington, NY. I also serve as middle school girl’s soccer coach & volleyball coach as well as assistant varsity coach at Schreiber High School. Degrees: BS in physical education and MS health education.


KERRY MCCAFFREY, 2006 Occupation: Diabetic specialist-pharmaceutical representative at

Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Degree: I earned a BA in social science from Hofstra.

JAMIE RABUANO, 2006 Occupation: Financial analyst for AYCA Company, L.P. – division of

Goldman Sachs Company, NY. Degree: BBA with a major in accounting Other Notes: I was an intern at JJ Burns and Co., and I also was a

marketing intern with the Long Island Lizards.

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 6 3


AL UMNAE PROFILES KELLY MCGRATH, 2008 Occupation: Assistant lacrosse coach at Stevenson University in

Baltimore, Maryland. Also serves as a trainer at Shropshire Sports Training in Columbia, Maryland. Degree: BS in exercise science Other Notes: Currently working towards a teaching certificate at

Towson University. I am also coaching the Hero’s Lacrosse team in 2014.

JEN BACH, 2009 Currently in nursing school at the University of Maryland at Baltimore going for a second bachelor’s degree. LIZ FALCO


Degree: I earned a BS in community health from Hofstra. Other Notes: Served as an intern in several positions related to the

health profession while at Hofstra.

JACKIE HETZEL, 2009 Degree: I earned a BS in speech-hearing-language science with a

minor in disability studies. Graduated Cum Laude. My master’s is in speech language pathology with a specialization/concentration in augmentative and alternative communication.     Other Notes: Currently coaching in the SEPA lacrosse program and

has coached abroad in England.

CAT THORESON, 2009 Occupation: Marketing and communications associate at the Waverly


Group in Columbia, Maryland

Occupation: Teacher in Harborfields School District and coach at

Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, NY. Degrees: BA in psychology, a MSEd in elementary & special

education and an advanced certification in literacy

KARA MEEKINS, 2007 Occupation: Account manager with New York Blood Center in New

York, NY. Degree: I earned my degree in public relations.

Degree: I earned a BA in public relations. Other Notes: I interned with the Long Island Lizards, Stanton

Crenshaw Communications, Bloomingdale’s PR Department, the Kbuzz (now Likeable Media), Hofstra University Relations Department and MS&L. I also serve as the Atholon varsity assistant coach and I will coach the M&D 2015 Black Team this summer.

MARY CUDDIHY, 2010 Occupation: Assistant women’s lacrosse coach at Bryant University

in Rhode Island. Degree: BS in physical education

KERRIN FRASER, 2008 Occupation: Assistant lacrosse coach at the University of Tampa.

Other Notes: Recently traveled abroad to serve as head women’s

lacrosse coach for the Vienna Monarchs in Austria.

Degree: BS in exercise science Other Notes: Former Team Hills Coach and volunteer Hofstra

Strength and Conditioning staff member.

6 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



Occupation: Senior IT Recruiter at Robert Half Technology,

Occupation: Rehabilitation technician at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Princeton, NJ. Degree: I received a BA in biology. Degree: I earned a BBA with a major in management. Other Notes: Plans to pursue a graduate degree in occupational Other Notes: I currently serve as a girl’s lacrosse official.

therapy. Served as a volunteer in the occupational therapy department at the Kennedy Kreiger Institute.



Occupation: Girl’s lacrosse coach/instructor at House of Sports NY.

Occupation: Assistant lacrosse coach at LIU Brooklyn.

Degree: BA in psychology and master’s in physical education

Degree: Earned a BS in community health. Minored in psychology.

Other Notes: Serves as club coach for the Hudson Valley U15 girls

travel lacrosse team.

Currently pursuing a graduate degree in school counseling. Other Notes: Was an intern at Long Island Jewish Hospital and at the

LI Sports Rehabilitation Center.

CORRINE (GANDOLFI) UNTERSTEIN, 2010 Occupation: Physical education teacher at Patchogue-Medford High

School. I also coach middle school field hockey and lacrosse. Degree: I earned a BS in physical education.

ELIZABETH ZOROVICH, 2012 Degree: Received a BS in health science with minors in biology and

chemistry. Is currently attending medical school. Other Notes: Is a licensed EMT and a volunteer at Cohen’s Children



Occupation: Financial Analyst for Honeywell, Inc.


Degree: I received a degree in finance with a minor in economics.

Occupation: Project management at TYCO

Other Note: Held internships at Northeast Securities & Guidance

Degree: BA in public relations



Other Notes: Completed internships with the New York Jets and New

York Islanders.

Occupation: Medical student at Upstate Medical College. Degree: BA in biological sciences, MBA in health care administration


2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 6 5




H Lynn Adler Taylor Albright Heather Albro Lauren Andronici Elaine Anton Jen Bach Rosemarie Balian Jaime Basile Deborah Berk Janine Blozis Karen Bolton Bryana Borrelli Kristy Bosley Claire Brady Laurie Brasher Dee Brennan Maureen Brown Christine Bruno Tara Buecker Karen Callender Kristen Carano Renee Carfero Jackie Carroll Linda Caruso Lauren Chandler Tierney Clark Stephanie Clarke Melissa Coffas Melissa Compton Caitlin Connolly Carie Conversano Carol Ann Costello Shirley Crumm Mary Cuddihy

1980 Lindsay Dieringer 2013 Donna DiFalco 2006 1992 1990 2009 1993 2005 1993 2001 1982 2010 2009 2013 1978 2001 1979 1989 2005 1985 1996 1995 2001 1978 2013 1997 1997 2001 1995 2005 1988 BRYANA BORRELLI 1998 1961 2010

Gina Dinisio Kelly Dodson Cynthia Donaldson Marilyn Doscher Kerri Dowd Leah Dubie Lauren Eberling Bridget Eder Jennifer Faber Nanette Faciszewski 2004 Liz Falco 1979 Teresa Fernandez-Vuolo Gail Fisher Liz Fisher Ilonka Flammer Anya Flannery Dawn Ford Meryl Fordin Kristin Frae Kerrin Fraser Nancy Fullan Jennifer Funston Corinne Gandolfi Catherine Garfinkel Maureen Gerold Janie Girolamo Maria Grasso Joan Griffin Catherine Guerriere Keri Hall Alexandra Hannon Maddie Hannon Melissa Hedrick Mary Henwood Katie Hertsch Jacquelyn Hetzel Kimberly Hillier Kaylie Howard Barbara Intrieri Jaime Irving Stephanie Jacobson Ashley Jones Donna Jones Chrissy Jones

2000 2001 ---1991 1990 1999 2009 2005 1992 1986 2010 1983 1979 1996 1984 1997 1990 1990 1991 2008 1983 1995 2010 1984 1998 1981 1986 1977 2006 2004 2011 2011 2003 1986 2011 2009 2007 2000 1983 2006 2005 2010 1985 2012

Heather Kain Robin Kammerer Brittany Kaplan Casey Kellogg Jayne Kistos Lisa Kovalsky Genna Kovar Kimberly Kozlowski Eileen Kraemer-Rervy Josephine Laham Jean Lepore Amanda Lewis Cindy Lewis Jessica Liberto Marie Limanni Patricia Linhart Barbara Linwood Alexis Longhitano Kristin Lonigro Mary-Jo Lorello


6 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

1999 1993 2007 2013 1993 1984 2012 2007 1980 1991 1988 1985 1979 2008 1984 1979 1957 2004 1992 1981


Sandra Lubertazzi 1995 Stacey Macklin 1991 Jen Maget 2005 Jill Maier 2013 Cathie Malach 1980 Katie Marks 1999 Kristin Marshall 2002 Brenda Marsteller-Kowalewsk 1990 Jean Mazzilli 1987 Kerry McCaffrey 2006 Deidre McGill 1988 Casey McGrath 2007 Kathleen McPike 2001 Kara Meekins 2007 Bettina Mianulli 2011 Kathleen Mikowski 2003 Maryann Miller 2013 Julie Milo 2001 Bridget Mold 1997 Gail Neuman 1978 Cindy Norden 1982 Lisa Occhicone 2003 Courtnet O’Connor 2010 Kirsten O’Farrell 2002 Deborah Olivero 1980 Donna Olsen 1993

Jenn Olson Jayne O’Neill Deborah Organ Jaclyn Pandolf Lisa Papa Edithmarie Parker Ana Pastrana Natalie Petrizzo Laraine Pizzi Cathlene Poons Maisie Osteen Karen Principato Sylvia Queener Jamie Rabuano Meg Radonis Kristen Reed Kathleen Reeve Susan Reinhardt Stephanie Rice Mary Romano Beth Rosenberg Deborah Russell Linda Russo Alysse Ruszkowski Diane Ryan Karen Ryan

2010 1990 1981 2012 2005 1982 1981 1996 1995 1992 2008 1979 2008 2006 2008 1993 1990 1981 2011 2005 1979 1989 1990 2009 1983 1986

LAUREN WHITCOMB Arlene Sapanski Irene Scalese Jenny Senra Frances Sheehan Kathleen Sheehan Danielle Skakandi Mary Beth Simmons Beth Simpson Jen Small Christine Smith Lindyn Soviero



2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 6 7

1987 1991 2001 1989 1987 2005 2004 1992 1996 1983 2008

Genevieve Statelman Debbie Stellke Tara Sterlacci Jania Stout Kristin Streeker Cassandra Stuke Liz Sturm Kathleen Theiling Cat Thoreson Becky Thorn Mary Tkatch Susan Todd Jennalee Trombley Julie True Sally Trumbower Lori Vaccariello Karen Vacchio Jo-ann Vaites K’Leigh Vanaman Grace Vidulich Susan Viola Patricia Vonghlan Janine Wagner Rebecca Wales Janet Walsh Erin Ward Sandy Wasserbach Debbie Waters Lauren Whitcomb Jill Wienecke Lakisha Wilson Racquel Wilson Kimberly Wist Lisa Yevoli Megan Zimmer Elizabeth Zorovich

1979 2008 2002 1992 1998 2006 2000 1975 2009 2007 1979 1987 2011 2001 1991 1986 1996 1999 2010 2002 1977 1979 1993 1997 2000 1997 2010 ---2009 2005 1998 1996 1994 1984 2002 2012

Note: This list was compiled from the best available sources. Any omission is accidental. Please call (516) 463-4933 with any additions.


WOME N’S LACROSSE RE CORD B OOK SE ASON AND CAREER RE CORDS *Became an official NCAA statistic in 2001. Statistics prior to 2001 are not included.

Season Record Player

Number Year

Goals Kathleen Mikowski Assists Brittain Altomare Points Kimberly Hillier Kathleen McPike Ground Balls* Bridget Eder Caused Turnovers* Bridget Eder Draw Controls* Corrine Gandolfi Save Percentage Stephanie Clarke Saves Irene Scalese


Career Record Player

57 35 73 73

2003 2013 2006 2001







.657 258

1997 1991

Number Years

Goals Kathleen Mikowski Assists Kathleen McPike Kimberly Hillier Points Kathleen Mikowski Ground Balls* Bridget Eder Caused Turnovers* Bridget Eder Draw Controls* Becky Thorn Saves Irene Scalese

183 82 82 240

2000-03 1998-01 2004-07 2000-03





145 922

2003-07 1988-91

SE ASON RE CORDS GOALS 1. Kathleen Mikowski 2. Kathleen Mikowski 2. Casey McGrath 4. Corrine Gandolfi 4. Kristin Streeker 4. Megan Zimmer 7. Kimberly Hillier 8. Corrine Gandolfi 9. Casey McGrath 10. Kathleen Mikowski

57 50 50 49 49 49 48 45 43 42

2003 2001 2006 2010 1998 2002 2006 2009 2007 2002


ASSISTS 1. Brittain Altomare 2. Kathleen McPike 3. Kathleen McPike 4. Melissa Hedrick 5. Carol Ann Costello 6. Corrine Gandolfi 6. Kimberly Hillier 8. Kristin Marshall 9. Kristin Marshall 9. Kimberly Hillier

35 34 32 28 27 25 25 24 23 23

2013 2000 2001 2003 1998 2009 2006 2002 2000 2007

POINTS 1. Kathleen McPike 1. Kimberly Hillier 3. Corrine Gandolfi 3. Kathleen Mikowski 5. Corrine Gandolfi 6. Brittain Altomare 7. Kathleen McPike 7. Kathleen Mikowski 9. Casey McGrath 10. Kristin Streeker 10. Kristin Marshall

73 73 71 71 70 69 68 68 66 62 62

2001 2006 2010 2003 2009 2013 2000 2001 2006 1998 2002

GROUND BALLS* 1. Bridget Eder 2. Kathleen Mikowski 3. Bridget Eder 4. Bridget Eder 5. Kathleen Mikowski 5. Jaclyn Pandolf 5. Jaclyn Pandolf 8. Kelsey Gregerson 9. April Iannetta 10. Kathleen McPike 10. Kristin Marshall

74 64 58 56 55 55 55 51 50 48 48

2004 2001 2005 2003 2003 2011 2012 2013 2013 2001 2001

CAUSED TURNOVERS* 1. Bridget Eder 2. April Iannetta 3. Bridget Eder 3. Jaime Irving 3. Jaime Irving 6. Alysse Ruszkowski 7. Caitlin Connolly 7. Corrine Gandolfi 9. Grace Vidulich 10. Melissa Coffas

47 40 32 32 32 31 30 30 28 27

2005 2013 2004 2005 2006 2009 2005 2010 2002 2001




6 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y





DRAW CONTROLS* 1. Corrine Gandolfi 2. Kathleen Mikowski 3. Becky Conto 4. April Iannetta 5. Kimberly Hillier 6. Becky Thorn 7. Kimberly Hillier 8. Bridget Eder 9. Kathleen Mikowski 9. Jill Maier

61 60 55 53 51 50 49 46 43 43

2010 2003 2013 2013 2007 2005 2006 2004 2002 2011

258 257 251 237 216 211 210 202 199 172

1991 1996 1989 1995 1994 1988 2000 1990 1997 1999

SAVES 1. Irene Scalese 2. Stephanie Clarke 3. Irene Scalese 4. Stephanie Clarke 5. Stephanie Clarke 6. Irene Scalese 7. Jackie Carroll 8. Irene Scalese 9. Stephanie Clarke 10. Jenny Senra

GOALS 1. Kathleen Mikowski 2. Becky Thorn 3. Corrine Gandolfi 4. Kimberly Hillier 5. Casey McGrath 6. Kathleen McPike 7. Beth Simpson 8. Kelly Dodson 9. Janet Walsh 10. Rebecca Wales

183 155 148 133 125 124 105 102 101 100

2000-03 2003-07 2007-10 2004-07 2004-07 1998-01 1989-92 1998-01 1996-00 1993-97

ASSISTS 1. Kathleen McPike 1. Kimberly Hillier 3. Kristin Marshall 4. Corrine Gandolfi 4. Melissa Hedrick 6. Kathleen Mikowski 7. Brittain Altomare 8. Rebecca Wales 9. Janet Walsh 10. Kelly Dodson

82 82 64 61 61 57 51 49 48 46

1998-01 2004-07 1999-02 2007-10 2000-03 2000-03 2012-pres. 1993-97 1996-00 1998-01


POINTS 1. Kathleen Mikowski 2. Kimberly Hillier 3. Corrine Gandolfi 4. Kathleen McPike 5. Becky Thorn 6. Casey McGrath 7. Kristin Marshall 8. Rebecca Wales 8. Janet Walsh 10. Kelly Dodson

240 215 209 206 177 162 153 149 149 148

2000-03 2004-07 2007-10 1998-01 2003-07 2004-07 1999-02 1993-97 1996-00 1998-01



2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 6 9



Stephanie Clarke - 1996 (third team), 1997 (second team) Kathleen McPike - 2001 (third team) Kathleen Mikowski - 2001, 2003 (third team) Bridget Eder - 2004 (second team), 2005 (first team) Becky Thorn - 2005 (third team) Kimberly Hillier - 2006 (second team), 2007 (third team) Corrine Gandolfi - 2009, 2010 (third team)


USWLA ALL-AMERICAN Stephanie Clarke - 1994 (H.M.)

RETIRED JERSEY #30 - Stephanie Clarke




GROUND BALLS* 1. Bridget Eder 2. Kathleen Mikowski 3. Katie Hertsch 4. Jaclyn Pandolf 5. Caitlin Connolly 6. Becky Thorn 7. Alysse Ruszkowski 7. Kimberly Hillier 9. Maisie Osteen 10. Jaime Irving

229 148 138 136 134 127 120 120 108 105

2002-05 2001-03 2008-11 2009-12 2002-05 2003-07 2006-09 2004-07 2005-08 2003-06

CAUSED TURNOVERS* 1. Bridget Eder 2. Alysse Ruszkowski 3. Caitlin Connolly 4. Jaime Irving 5. Corrine Gandolfi 5. Katie Hertsch 7. Kathleen Mikowski 8. Becky Thorn 9. April Iannetta 10. Grace Vidulich 10. Casey McGrath

126 89 79 74 70 70 65 60 53 47 47

2002-05 2006-09 2002-05 2003-06 2007-10 2008-11 2001-03 2003-07 2012-pres. 2001-02 2004-07

DRAW CONTROLS* 1. Becky Thorn 2. Kimberly Hillier 3. Bridget Eder 4. Jill Maier 5. Kathleen Mikowski 6. K’Leigh Vanaman 7. Katie Hertsch 8. Corrine Gandolfi 9. Lauren Whitcomb 10. Casey McGrath

145 143 135 128 127 115 110 104 95 68

2003-07 2004-07 2002-05 2010-13 2001-03 2007-10 2008-11 2007-10 2006-09 2004-07

922 909 527 506 387 345 329 254 246 246

1988-91 1994-97 2005-08 1998-01 2009-12 2002-05 1981-84 1998-01 2007-10 1984-85

SAVES 1. Irene Scalese 2. Stephanie Clarke 3. Maisie Osteen 4. Jackie Carroll 5. Jackie Pandolf 6. Lisa Papa 7. Donna Jones 8. Jenny Senra 9. Mary Cuddihy 9. Sue Todd


*Became an official NCAA statistic in 2001. Statistics prior to 2001 are not included.

Ashley Duncan 1989 Northeast Region Beth Simpson 1989 Northeast Region (honorable mention) Beth Simpson 1992 Northeast Region Kristen Cipullo 1992 Northeast Region Cathi Poons 1992 Northeast Region Stephanie Clarke 1994 North Region (second team) Stephanie Clarke 1996 North Region (first team) Tierney Clark 1996 North Region (second team) Carol Ann Costello 1996 North Region (second team) Stephanie Clarke 1997 North Region (first team) Tierney Clark 1997 North Region (first team) Rebecca Wales 1997 North Region (second team) Kristen Streeker 1998 North Region (first team) Katie Marks 1998 North Region (second team) Heather Kain 1999 North Region (second team) Janet Walsh 2000 North Region (first team) Kathleen McPike 2000 North Region (second team) Kathleen McPike 2001 North Region (first team) Kathleen Mikowski 2001 North Region (first team) Megan Zimmer 2001 North Region (second team) Kristin Marshall 2002 North Region (first team) Kathleen Mikowski 2002 North Region (second team) Megan Zimmer 2002 North Region (second team) Kathleen Mikowski 2003 Northeast Region (first team) Bridget Eder 2003 Northeast Region (second team) Bridget Eder 2004 Northeast Region (first team) Kimberly Hillier 2004 Northeast Region (first team) Bridget Eder 2005 North Region (first team) Becky Thorn 2005 North Region (first team) Kimberly Hillier 2005 North Region (second team) Kimberly Hillier 2006 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Jaime Irving 2006 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Casey McGrath 2006 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Kimberly Hillier 2007 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Casey McGrath 2007 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Becky Thorn 2007 Mid-Atlantic Region (second team) Corrine Gandolfi 2009 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Alysse Ruszkowski 2009 Mid-Atlantic Region (second team) Corrine Gandolfi 2010 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Katie Hertsch 2010 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Liz Falco 2010 Mid-Atlantic Region (second team) Katie Hertsch 2011 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team) Brittain Altomare 2013 Mid-Atlantic Region (second team) April Iannetta 2013 Mid-Atlantic Region (first team)


(Top Three GPA in Division I) Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse - 2009 Hofstra Women’s Lacrosse - 2010 (Highest GPA In Nation)


7 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y




IWLCA ACADEMIC SQUAD Melissa Compton Sandy Lubertazzi Liz Sturm Liz Sturm Kathleen McPike Kathleen McPike Grace Vidulich Tara Buecker Caitlin Connolly

1995 IWLCA Academic Squad 1995 IWLCA Academic Squad 1999 IWLCA Academic Squad 2000 IWLCA Academic Squad 2000 IWLCA Academic Squad 2001 IWLCA Academic Squad 2001 IWLCA Academic Squad 2004 IWLCA Academic Squad 2004 IWLCA Academic Squad


Mary Beth Simmons Mary Romano Catherine Guerriere Tara Buecker Bridget Eder Caitlin Connolly Jill Wienecke Kim Kozlowski Lauren Eberling Jacquelyn Hetzel Maisie Osteen Jen Bach Bryana Borrelli Lauren Eberling Jacquelyn Hetzel Courtney O’Connor Sandy Wasserbach Bryana Borrelli Courtney O’Connor Jennalee Trombley Katie Hertsch K’Leigh Vanaman Sandy Wasserbach Stephanie Rice Katie Hertsch Bettina Mianulli Stephanie Rice Jennalee Trombley Jacquelyn Ardolino Emily Corzel Jill Maier Maryann Miller Liz Anders Jacquelyn Ardolino Emily Corzel Jill Maier Maryann Miller Jenn Ward

2004 IWLCA Academic Squad 2005 IWLCA Academic Squad 2005 IWLCA Academic Squad 2005 IWLCA Academic Squad 2005 IWLCA Academic Squad 2005 IWLCA Academic Squad 2005 IWLCA Academic Squad 2006 IWLCA Academic Squad 2008 IWLCA Academic Squad 2008 IWLCA Academic Squad 2008 IWLCA Academic Squad 2009 IWLCA Academic Squad 2009 IWLCA Academic Squad 2009 IWLCA Academic Squad 2009 IWLCA Academic Squad 2009 IWLCA Academic Squad 2009 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2010 IWLCA Academic Squad 2011 IWLCA Academic Squad 2011 IWLCA Academic Squad 2011 IWLCA Academic Squad 2011 IWLCA Academic Squad 2012 IWLCA Academic Squad 2012 IWLCA Academic Squad 2012 IWLCA Academic Squad 2012 IWLCA Academic Squad 2013 IWLCA Academic Squad 2013 IWLCA Academic Squad 2013 IWLCA Academic Squad 2013 IWLCA Academic Squad 2013 IWLCA Academic Squad 2013 IWLCA Academic Squad


ALL-COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Kristin Marshall Kathleen Mikowski Megan Zimmer Bridget Eder Becky Thorn Kimberly Hillier Casey McGrath Jaime Irving Alysse Ruszkowski Corrine Gandolfi Lauren Whitcomb Liz Falco Alysse Ruszkowski Katie Hertsch K’Leigh Vanaman Jill Maier Casey Kellogg Brittain Altomare April Iannetta

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 7 1

2002 2002, 2003 2002 2003, 2004, 2005 2003, 2005, 2007 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 2005, 2006, 2007 2006 2007, 2008 2008, 2009, 2010 2008 2009, 2010 2009 2010, 2011 2010 2011 2012 2013 2013





Jill Maier

ALL-AMERICA EAST Stephanie Clarke Tierney Clark Heather Kain Janet Walsh Rebecca Wales Katie Marks Kristen Streeker Megan Zimmer Jessica Gaither Kathleen McPike Melissa Coffas Liz Sturm Kathleen Mikowski Julie True


2012, 2013

1997 1997 1997, 1998, 1999 1997, 1998, 2000 1997 1998 1998 2000, 2001 2000, 2001 2000, 2001 2000 2000 2001 2001




2001 2001

ALL-NORTH ATLANTIC CONFERENCE Tierney Clark Carol Ann Costello Stephanie Clarke Karen Vacchio

1996 1996 1996 1996

NORTH ATLANTIC CONFERENCE PLAYER OF THE YEAR COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ALL-ROOKIE TEAM Maisie Osteen Lauren Whitcomb Corrine Gandolfi Stephanie Rice Emily Corzel Jill Maier Jenn Ward Brittain Altomare April Iannetta Becky Conto Emly Considine Shelby Milne

2005 2006 2007 2008 2010 2010 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2013

Stephanie Clarke



ALL-EAST COAST CONFERENCE Beth Simpson Cathi Poons Kristen Cipullo

1989 1989 1989

Active players in bold.

NATIONAL TEAM MEMBERS Stephanie Clarke - United States (1996-97) Kimberly Hillier - United States (2007-08) Maisie Osteen - Wales (2008-2010) Corrine Gandolfi - United States (2009-2011) Katie Hertsch - United States (2010-pres.)

ALL-TIME COACHING RECORDS Coach Years Nathalie Smith (1976-79, 1981) 5 Jacquie Gow (1980) 1 Cindy Lewis (1982-84) 3 Lynn Kotler (1985-86) 2 Beth Bozman (1987) 1 Carie Bodo (1988-2001) 14 Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe (2002-06) 5 Abby Morgan (2007-12) 6 Shannon Smith (2013-) 1



2004, 2005 2013 (Co-DPOY)


2004 2013

7 2 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

Record Pct. 8-23-2 .273 3-7 .300 12-16 .429 9-12 .429 1-12 .077 94-123 .433 50-35 .588 52-50 .510 11-8 .579

WOME N’S LACROSSE SERIES RE CORDS Albany 3-1 American 0-1 Army 6-2 Boston College 3-13 Boston University 6-7 Bowdoin 0-1 Brown 3-7 Bryn Mawr 3-0 Bucknell 7-5 California 0-1 Centenary 2-1 Central Connecticut St. 0-0 Colgate 6-9 Connecticut 1-0 Cornell 4-4 Dartmouth 0-0 Davidson 2-0 Delaware 10-16 Denver 2-3 Drew 7-6 Drexel 24-6 Duke 0-3 Fairfield 9-1 Fordham 1-0 George Mason 9-3 Georgetown 0-1 Haverford 3-4 Holy Cross 11-1 Iona 1-0 Ithaca 0-2 James Madison 5-13 Johns Hopkins 2-2 Kings Point 1-0 Lafayette 0-7 Lehigh 1-7 LIWLA 1-1 Loyola 3-4 Manhattan 2-0 Marist 1-0 Maryland 0-2 Massachusetts 10-6 Montclair State 5-1 Mount St. Mary’s 1-0 New Hampshire 9-6 Northeastern 1-0 Northwestern 0-4 Notre Dame 1-3 Ohio State 0-2 Oneonta State 1-0 Old Dominion 9-5 Oregon 2-0 Penn State 0-2 Pennsylvania 0-2 Philadelphia Textile 1-0 Plymouth State 0-1

Princeton 0-8 Quinnipiac 1-0 Russell Sage 1-0 Rutgers 10-22 Sacred Heart 1-0 Saint Mary’s (CA) 2-0 Springfield 0-2 St. Lawrence 0-1 Stanford 1-2 Stony Brook 5-1 SUNY Cortland 0-4 Sweet Briar 0-1 Syracuse 0-1 Temple 1-2 Trenton State 0-14-2 Towson 13-19 UMBC 1-6 Univ. of London 0-1 Vanderbilt 3-1 Vermont 8-5 Villanova 4-2 Virginia Tech 2-2 Vanderbilt 3-1 William & Mary 7-6 Yale 1-19



2014 opponents in bold

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 7 3


ALL-TIME WOME N’S LACROSSE RES ULTS 1976 (First varsity season) Coach: Nathalie Smith

1981 Coach: Nathalie Smith Record: 2-7-1

Results not available

Yale University of London* Colgate Boston College Plymouth State Vermont Montclair State Trenton State U.S. Military Academy Cortland State Drew

1977 Coach: Nathalie Smith Record: 0-4 Princeton Rutgers Centenary LIWLA


1-16 L 1-12 L 2-7 L 5-7 L

1978 Coach: Nathalie Smith Record: 3-5 at Trenton State at Rutgers at Colgate at Ithaca Cortland State Princeton Centenary Drew

5-9 L 9-4 W 1-10 L 1-9 L 2-9 L 3-14 L 13-1 W 15-8 W

5-11 L 1-13 L 3-13 L 6-7 L 12-12 T 8-0 W 6-11 L 10-8 W 6-9 L 14-5 W 5-21 L

1980 Coach: Jacquie Gow Record: 3-7 Yale SUNY-Cortland Army Boston College Tourn. Boston College Tourn. Boston College Tourn. Trenton State LIWLA Centenary Drew

2-25 L 8-12 L 3-17 L 6-7 L 1-15 L 9-12 L 3-4 L 5-5 T 12-8 W 6-7 L 16-6 W


1979 Coach: Nathalie Smith Record: 3-7-1 Colgate Yale Princeton Sweet Briar Trenton State U.S. Military Academy St. Lawrence Oneonta State Cornell Drew Rutgers

1984 Coach: Cindy Lewis Record: 6-6

3-15 L 6-8 L 7-8 L 2-6 L 4-14 L 2-4 L 1-14 L 11-5 W 18-0 W 6-3 W

3-7 L 7-9 L 12-2 W 0-20 L 5-11 L 6-3 W 2-13 L 12-1 W 7-6 W

1983 Coach: Cindy Lewis Record: 2-5 Loyola Montclair State Bryn Mawr Springfield Trenton State Bucknell Drexel *Forfeit win

10-2 W 6-17 L 9-5 W 10-4 W 4-11 L 10-4 W 5-6 L 9-10 L 13-6 W 10-5 W 4-14 L 5-9 L

1985 Coach: Lynn Kotler Record: 7-2

1982 Coach: Cindy Lewis Record: 4-5 Springfield Vermont Montclair State Trenton State Cortland State U.S. Military Academy Colgate Russell Sage Drew

Haverford Towson Bryn Mawr Montclair State Trenton State Northeastern Drexel Bucknell U.S. Military Academy Montclair State Lafayette Drew

3-25 L 1-0 W* 10-5 W 4-5 L 2-11 L 8-9 L 6-7 L

Haverford Bryn Mawr Towson State Montclair State Lafayette Drexel Bucknell Trenton State Army

14-8 W 18-2 W 10-9 W 20-3 W 9-11 L 7-4 W 9-5 W 4-9 L 11-8 W

1986 Coach: Lynn Kotler Record: 2-10 Haverford Boston College Boston University Rutgers Lafayette Trenton State Bucknell Army Towson State Princeton Drexel Drew

5-7 L 3-10 L 4-9 L 1-11 L 0-13 L 5-17 L 7-14 L 13-4 W 11-13 L 4-14 L 9-7 W 10-12 L

1987 Coach: Beth Bozman Record: 1-12 Haverford Bowdoin Delaware Rutgers

4-13 L 5-11 L 3-25 L 6-10 L

7 4 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

ALL-TIME WOME N’S LACROSSE RES ULTS Lafayette Lehigh Trenton State Bucknell Kings Point Towson State Princeton Drexel Drew

5-14 L 4-13 L 5-15 L 7-13 L 11-5 W 4-7 L 2-17 L 8-13 L 5-8 L

1988 Coach: Carie Conversano Record: 1-13 Haverford Massachusetts at Yale at Delaware Rutgers Lehigh at Trenton State at Bucknell Princeton at Towson State Army Drexel at Lafayette Drew

9-11 L 8-14 L 3-24 L 2-11 L 6-8 L 5-20 L 1-14 L 6-7 L 8-15 L 3-11 L 20-5 W 11-12 L 2-15 L 6-8 L

1989 Coach: Carie Conversano Record: 2-14 at UMBC Massachusetts Yale Delaware at Rutgers at Drew Lafayette Trenton State Bucknell Brown at Princeton Towson State at Drexel at Boston College Haverford at Lehigh

2-12 L 11-16 L 4-14 L 3-22 L 7-9 L 9-10 L 7-17 L 4-8 L 11-2 W 8-13 L 1-21 L 7-8 L 4-11 L 6-20 L 15-10 W 3-15 L

1990 Coach: Carie Conversano Record: 3-13 Massachusetts Rutgers

Drew at Lafayette Boston College Yale at Bucknell at Brown at Towson State UMBC Drexel at Delaware Princeton Lehigh New Hampshire at Trenton State

12-4 W 5-18 L 6-10 L 2-12 L 7-6 W 5-17 L 2-15 L 8-11 L 11-7 W 1-22 L 3-18 L 8-16 L 3-19 L 3-17 L

1991 Coach: Carie Conversano-Bodo Record: 3-12 UMBC Brown Colgate Delaware Rutgers Vermont Yale Trenton State Boston College New Hampshire Phil. Textile Towson State Fordham (Club) Drexel Drew

4-10 L 4-18 L 6-11 L 3-17 L 5-9 L 5-15 L 3-10 L 8-12 L 6-17 L 2-18 L 8-5 W 4-14 L 18-1 W 5-16 L 9-7 W

1992 Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 5-9 Brown Rutgers Trenton State Drew Bucknell Drexel UMBC Yale Colgate Boston College Towson State Holy Cross New Hampshire Vermont

1993 Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 2-12 New Hampshire Vermont Colgate Brown at Boston College at Holy Cross at American at UMBC at Drexel at Yale at Rutgers Lehigh Bucknell Trenton State

4-16 L 7-17 L 10-12 L 3-18 L 6-14 L 11-10 W(OT) 10-12 L 7-14 L 5-18 L 8-23 L 14-18 L 12-14 L 13-9 W 2-18 L

1994 Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 8-6 UMBC Yale at Temple Villanova Holy Cross Boston College at Brown at Colgate Drexel Massachusetts Rutgers at Lehigh at Bucknell at Sacred Heart

7-8 L 9-15 L 7-14 L 11-7 W 11-3 W 7-16 L 6-7 L 8-10 L 14-3 W 15-14 W 16-9 W 10-8 W 14-8 W 20-3 W

1995 Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 8-7 3-11 L 11-12 L 11-17 L 14-10 W 9-8 W 15-4 W 8-12 L 10-13 L 11-8 W 7-9 L 9-16 L 10-8 W 11-14 L 3-15 L

Davidson at UMBC at Drexel Colgate at Yale Brown Temple at Rutgers Vermont at Villanova at Massachusetts at New Hampshire Lehigh Bucknell at Holy Cross

6-10 L 7-9 L

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 7 5

20-5 W 8-15 L 13-7 W 6-4 W 8-11 L 9-15 L 6-17 L 5-4 W 18-10 W 11-12 L 11-10 W 2-17 L 11-12 L 18-10 W 13-3 W


ALL-TIME WOME N’S LACROSSE RES ULTS 1996 Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 13-3, 6-0 North Atlantic


at Davidson Yale Vermont* at Brown Rutgers Drexel* Villanova at Boston University* at New Hampshire* Massachusetts Towson State* Holy Cross at Delaware* at Lehigh Vermont# Towson State#

23-5 W 6-10 L 11-6 W 5-14 L 9-8 W (OT) 17-9 W 13-10 W 18-10 W 14-3 W 11-8 W 13-7 W 6-5 W 8-3 W 2-15 L 12-8 W 11-9 W

*North Atlantic Conference game #North Atlantic Championship 1997 Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 9-7, 4-2 America East Virginia Tech at Drexel* at Towson State* at Yale Colgate Manhattan Fairfield Vermont* at Villanova Boston University* at Rutgers at Massachusetts at Holy Cross Delaware* New Hampshire* at Delaware#

8-5 W 7-2 W 6-12 L 4-13 L 10-13 W 16-1 W 17-2 W 16-8 W 7-8 L 15-4 W 4-9 L 12-5 W 10-4 W 7-16 L 8-7 W 5-8 L

*America East game #America East Championship

1998 2000 Coach: Carie Bodo Coach: Carie Bodo Record: 9-7, 4-2 America East Record: 11-6, 4-2 America East (18th Ranked) Yale 7-13 L Vermont* 20-7 W at Colgate 7-8 L at Fairfield 15-10 W Yale 10-13 L Towson* 10-11 L Vermont* 16-4 W at Boston University* 17-9 W at Fairfield 15-2 W Rutgers 12-10 W at Holy Cross 20-10 W at New Hampshire* 16-15 W (OT) Rutgers 7-8 L Villanova 20-6 W Massachusetts 9-7 W at Colgate 8-11 L Johns Hopkins 16-11 W Massachusetts 8-9 L Drexel* 15-4 W Drexel* 13-4 W Stanford 18-5 W Holy Cross 17-10 W at Virginia Tech 14-13 W (OT) Manhattan 18-3 W at Delaware* 11-14 L at Delaware* 12-17 L Towson* 14-5 W at Virginia Tech 8-13 L at New Hampshire* 15-11 W at Towson$ 11-16 L at Boston University* 11-12 L at Delaware# 12-9 W *America East game at Boston University$ 8-18 L $America East Semifinals *America East game 1999 #America East Semifinals Coach: Carie Bodo $America East Championship Record: 4-11, 2-4 America East 2001 Coach: Carie Bodo at Duke 3-14 L Record: 16-3, 6-0 America East at Yale 3-13 L (15th Ranked) at Towson* 8-18 L at Holy Cross 10-11 L Colgate 18-4 W Fairfield 15-3 W at Yale 4-8 L Virginia Tech 10-12 L Brown 11-10 W at #12 Rutgers 4-9 L Holy Cross 15-10 W at Massachusetts 10-15 L Fairfield 13-0 W at Villanova 13-7 W Colgate 7-13 L Boston College 13-5 W at Massachusetts 10-6 W at Drexel* 14-3 W at Drexel* 16-4 W at Vermont* 16-3 W at Towson* 18-10 W #13 Delaware* 8-16 L at Johns Hopkins 12-10 W New Hampshire* 6-12 L at Duke 7-17 L Boston University* 7-8 L (OT) at Rutgers 11-10 W (OT) Delaware* 10-9 W (OT) *America East game at Vermont* 17-5 W New Hampshire* 16-5 W Boston University* 9-4 W New Hampshire# 13-5 W Boston University$ 7-6 W (OT) at Georgetown% 5-20 L *America East game #America East Semifinals $America East Championship %NCAA Tournament

7 6 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

ALL-TIME WOME N’S LACROSSE RES ULTS 2002 Coach: Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe Record: 9-8, 3-5 Colonial Massachusetts at George Mason* Albany at Old Dominion* at Fairfield Rutgers at Boston College #15 James Madison* Drexel* William & Mary* Towson* at #6 Loyola* at Delaware* at Holy Cross #11 James Madison% #17 Johns Hopkins #9 Yale

6-12 L 6-15 L 14-3 W 8-16 L 16-6 W 12-10 W 16-10 W 10-11 L (OT) 13-3 W 15-9 W 14-9 W 7-10 L 8-11 L 8-4 W 4-13 L 12-15 L 12-11 W

*Colonial Athletic Association game %Colonial Athletic Association Quarterfinals 2003 Coach: Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe Record: 8-8, 4-3 Colonial Holy Cross at #12 Vanderbilt at Rutgers at George Mason* at #14 James Madison* Delaware* at Massachusetts William & Mary* #17 Old Dominion* Drexel* at Towson* at #1 Loyola Fairfield at Albany #17 Old Dominion% at #9 Yale

17-2 W 7-10 L 10-11 L 11-8 W 7-10 L 8-10 L 9-8 W 14-7 W 10-12 L 16-9 W 12-4 W 8-14 L 14-11 W 13-2 W 10-14 L 8-10 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game %Colonial Athletic Association Semifinals

2004 Coach: Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe Record: 8-8, 3-4 Colonial (20th Ranked)

2006 Coach: Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe Record: 11-7, 5-2 Colonial (17th Ranked)

Rutgers Massachusetts at Cornell #4 Loyola at Boston College at Stanford at Saint Mary’s (CA) at #17 Towson* Delaware* Old Dominion* #16 William & Mary* at #8 James Madison* at #19 George Mason* #10 Vanderbilt at Drexel* #5 Duke

#1 Northwestern Rutgers at Denver at #17 Cornell #6 Boston University Massachusetts #20 Loyola (MD) at George Mason* at #17 James Madison* Delaware* at Towson* #13 William & Mary* Old Dominion* at Drexel* Vanderbilt at Stony Brook #15 William & Mary% at #13 James Madison%

7-12 L 10-8 W 11-9 W 7-12 L 15-9 W 8-9 L (OT) 18-5 W 6-8 L 17-8 W 8-7 W 8-9 L 9-12 L 4-13 L 14-13 W(2OT) 15-12 W 6-7 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game 2005 Coach: Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe Record: 14-4, 6-1 Colonial (14th Ranked) at Rutgers Drexel* at #9 Loyola (MD) #20 Cornell at #17 Boston University at #16 Vanderbilt at Massachusetts Denver Stony Brook #17 Towson* at #15 Delaware* at Old Dominion* at William & Mary* James Madison* George Mason* Boston College #16 Delaware% #14 Towson%

8-6 W 17-4 W 9-8 W 14-7 W 7-8 L 10-8 W 14-8 W 17-9 W 16-6 W 10-6 W 11-9 W 9-8 W (2OT) 9-11 L 9-4 W 12-10 W 7-8 L (2 OT) 9-4 W 15-18 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game %Colonial Athletic Association Championship at Hofstra

9-16 L 7-9 L 9-15 L 5-13 L 11-8 W 10-8 W 20-13 W 13-14 L 8-12 L 16-13 W (OT) 15-9 W 10-8 W 15-7 W 14-13 W (OT) 10-6 W 16-8 W 12-9 W 8-14 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game %Colonial Athletic Association Championship at JMU 2007 Coach: Abby Morgan Record: 12-7, 6-1 Colonial (13th Ranked) at Loyola (MD) at #17 Boston University #16 Denver #17 Cornell at Vanderbilt at #18 Rutgers at New Hampshire Drexel* at William & Mary* at Old Dominion* George Mason* at #20 Delaware* Towson* Stony Brook #8 James Madison* at #1 Northwestern Old Dominion% #17 James Madison% #8 Johns Hopkins#

13-8 W 10-14 L 5-14 L 13-8 W 7-12 L 12-14 L 9-6 W 11-10 W (OT) 11-4 W 7-6 W 9-6 W 6-9 L 14-11 W 15-14 W 12-9 W 4-16 L 10-9 W 15-13 W 8-12 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game %Colonial Athletic Association Championship at Hofstra #NCAA First Round at Hofstra

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 7 7


ALL-TIME WOME N’S LACROSSE RES ULTS 2008 Coach: Abby Morgan Record: 7-9, 4-3 Colonial


at Maryland – Baltimore County New Hampshire #1 Northwestern #5 Syracuse at Cornell Brown Rutgers #13 Notre Dame at Drexel* at #20 Towson* Delaware* Old Dominion* #18 William & Mary* at James Madison* at #12 George Mason* at Stony Brook

2010 Coach: Abby Morgan Record: 12-6. 5-2 Colonial (15th Ranked)

16-7 W 8-7 W 4-22 L 10-21 L 3-14 L 7-6 W 6-9 L 13-14 L 10-9 W 12-13 L 7-11 L 11-7 W 10-8 W 8-10 L 11-10 W 10-14 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game

St. Mary’s (CA) #8 Notre Dame Albany at Cornell at #4 Penn #20 Rutgers at Stony Brook Oregon at #11 Stanford #19 William & Mary* Old Dominion* at George Mason* at #10 James Madison* Delaware* at #10 Towson* at Drexel* #8 Towson% at #7 James Madison%

2009 Coach: Abby Morgan Record: 10-6, 4-3 Colonial

*Colonial Athletic Association game %Colonial Athletic Association Championship at JMU

Iona Connecticut at Brown #16 Cornell at #1 Northwestern at #11 Notre Dame at Mount St. Mary’s at Rutgers Stony Brook *#20 James Madison *George Mason *Towson *at Delaware *at Old Dominion *at William and Mary *Drexel

2011 Coach: Abby Morgan Record: 6-10, 2-5 Colonial

18-5 W 12-8 W 11-7 W 10-13 L 6-20 L 15-17 L 19-5 W 13-7 W 15-7 W 13-12 W (2OT) 12-11 W (OT) 11-13 L (OT) 8-6 W 9-14 L 13-19 L 18-10 W

*Colonial Athletic Association game

#19 Boston College at Oregon Denver at Albany #4 Pennsylvania at Rutgers at Penn State Fairfield #17 Notre Dame at Delaware* Towson* at #18 William & Mary* at Old Dominion* George Mason* #12 James Madison* Drexel*

21-3 W 13-12 L 17-14 W 12-10 W 6-5 L 10-9 W (2OT) 17-7 W 21-8 W 14-13 L (2OT) 15-7 W 16-8 W 12-9 W 14-8 L 15-6 W 9-7 L 19-7 W 9-8 W 10-6 L

9-14 L 12-11 W (OT) 13-9 W 8-13 L 4-8 L 10-11 L 7-16 L 15-6 W 10-9 W 6-7 L 9-18 L 8-13 L 4-6 L 16-7 W 8-9 L 9-8 W

*Colonial Athletic Association game

2012 Coach: Abby Morgan Record: 5-13, 4-3 Colonial at Colgate a Fairfield at #13 Boston College at Drexel* #3 Maryland Rutgers #11 Penn State vs. Denver (at California) at California #14 Ohio State at James Madison* at George Mason* at Towson* Delaware* Old Dominion* William & Mary* vs. James Madison#

9-8 W 8-12 L 10-12 L 15-9 W 4-11 L 7-15 L 9-11 L 5-8 L 11-15 L 9-15 L 6-12 L 23-7 W 9-16 L 13-9 W 9-8 W 7-8 L (OT) 9-10 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game #CAA Championship (Towson, MD) 2013 Coach: Shannon Smith Record: 11-8, 4-3 Colonial New Hampshire Fairfield Colgate at Marist at #1 Maryland Yale at Rutgers Quinnipiac Temple at Ohio State at Old Dominion at William & Mary James Madison George Mason Towson at Delaware Drexel vs. James Madison# at Towson#

13-12 W 8-7 W (OT) 13-11 W 14-8 W 11-16 L 7-9 L 6-13 L 12-8 W 8-5 W 10-11 L (OT) 15-6 W 11-12 L (OT) 8-9 L (3OT) 18-7 W 6-5 W 5-7 L 12-10 W 6-4 W 4-9 L

*Colonial Athletic Association game #CAA Championship (Towson, MD)

7 8 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y



he Hofstra University Office of Athletic Communications welcomes the members of the media covering the 2014 Pride women’s lacrosse team. If we can be of any assistance to you throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope the following items will help you during your visits to Hofstra University. Enjoy the season. OFFICE OF ATHLETIC COMMUNICATIONS 240 Hofstra University – Mack Physical Education Center Hempstead, NY 11549 (516) 463-4933 - Stephen Gorchov’s Office (516) 463-5033 - Fax (516) 523-5252 - Cell Press Box: The James M. Shuart Stadium press box, located on the fourth floor of the Shuart Stadium Building, is intended for working media. All media members, including radio stations, will be seated on the fourth floor while video camera locations are on the roof. All press box guests must have a pass, issued by the Hofstra Office of Athletic Communications, to gain entrance. Wireless Internet: The James M. Shuart Stadium Press Box is equipped with highspeed wireless internet access. To access the wireless network, select HU Events or HU Guest and request the password from an Athletic Communications staff member. Credentials: All members of the press should contact the Office of Athletic Communications at least 48 hours before each game for press box space and credentials.

up their game information packets consisting of media guides, programs, releases and notes as they enter the press box. Complete game statistical books will be available in the press box 20 minutes after each game.


Telephones: Hofstra University provides numerous telephones for use by the media in the press box. Please indicate your telephone need when you request your credentials.

NEWSDAY 235 Pinelawn Road Melville, NY 11747 (631) 843-2820 - Office (631) 454-6892 - Fax

Radio: The Hofstra Office of Athletic Communications will provide a touchtone digital phone line for the opponent’s commercial and student radio stations. Visiting teams will need to give the Athletic Communications Office two weeks notice of their intention to broadcast. There will be a $75.00 charge, which must be paid by game time, for use of the line. An ISDN line is also available for a rental charge of $200.00. All calls must be made collect or direct dial from the radio station to James M. Shuart Stadium.

NEW YORK TIMES 229 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036 (212) 556-7384 - Office (212) 556-5848 - Fax

Postgame Interviews: Hofstra players and coaches will be available for postgame interviews following the mandatory 10-minute cooling off period. Please see Stephen Gorchov with your request. Player Interviews: All requests for player interviews during the week should be made at least one day in advance with the Office of Athletic Communications. If you are requesting a phone interview, we will either put you through to the player requested or have the player return your call at a mutually convenient time. Student-athlete phone numbers will not be distributed. In-person interviews may be conducted in a number of locations in and around Margiotta Hall. However, interviews may not be conducted in the locker room or the training room.

Photographers: Photographers who intend to shoot from the field should request a sideline photo pass. Only press and staff photographers will be allowed on the sidelines. All members of the press photo corps are reminded to stay out of the bench areas during the course of the game. Photo sideline passes should always be visible when on the field. Freelance photographers are not allowed on the James M. Shuart Stadium field. Game Services: Members of the media are asked to pick

2 0 1 4 W o m e n ' s L a cros s e • 7 9

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 450 West 33rd Street New York, NY 10001 (212) 210-1692 - Office (212) 643-7845 - Fax NEW YORK POST 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 (212) 930-8700 - Office (212) 930-8727 - Fax HOFSTRA CHRONICLE Student Center Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 463-6965 - Office (516) 463-6977 - Fax NEWS 12 LONG ISLAND 150 Media Crossways Woodbury, NY 11797 (516) 393-3740 - Office (516) 393-1269 - Fax WLNY-TV 55 270 South Service Road Melville, NY 11747 (631) 753-6397 - Office (631) 420-4846 - Fax WRHU-FM 88.7 Hofstra University Dempster Hall Hempstead, NY 11549 (516) 463-5667 - Office (516) 463-5668 - Fax INSIDE LACROSSE 621 East Pratt Street, Ste. 200 Baltimore, MD 21202 (888) 367-2860 (410) 510-1033 - Fax LACROSSE MAGAZINE US Lacrosse 113 W. University Parkway Baltimore, MD 21210 (410) 235-6882




ofstra University students have many opportunities to serve as interns in their chosen career path. Here is a listing of some of the internships that recent Pride women’s lacrosse players have completed. Stephanie Rice - E. John Gavras Center, United Cerebral Palsy Association of Cayuga County, Inc. Alex Hannon - Guidance Corporation on Wall Street (financial recruiting firm), Northeast Securities (trading brokerage house) ALEXANDRA HANNON

Taylor Albright - Sports Writer


Stephanie Jacobson - Rogers and Cowan Public Relations firm Kara Meekins - Long Island Lizards (public relations), Inside Lacrosse Magazine (marketing)

Jen Maget – Stony Brook Athletics Strength and Conditioning

Lynn Adler - Massapequa Observer

Jaclyn Pandolf - Long Island Jewish Medical Center- Hospital Elder Life Program, LI Sports Rehabilitation Center

Courtney O’Connor - Merck & Co. - Information Management & Decision Support

Lindsay McKinnon - Peoples Revolution Fashion Agency, the New York Islanders and Burson-Marsteller

Casey McGrath - Hofstra Basketball Office

Cat Thoreson - Long Island Lizards, Bloomingdales, Likable Media - A Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing Firm, MS&L, Stanton Crenshaw Communications

Kerrin Fraser - Institute 3E- Elite Sports Performance Facility


Kelly McGrath- Equinox Fitness and Peak Performance Health and Wellness Lisa Papa - Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect in Garden City, NY Jennalee Trombley – Long Island JewishNorth Shore Hospital Cardiology Department Maddie Hannon - Hofstra Corporate Relations and Athletic Marketing Department, Guidance Corporation Debbie Organ - Physical Therapy Department at Nassau County Medical Center Kerry McCaffrey - Forbes Magazine Jen Bach - Mid Island YMCA Jayne Kitsos - Omni Building Fitness Center & Amityville Cardiac Rehabilitation Kristin Marshall - ABC-TV in Washington, DC (20/20) Jamie Rabuano - private financial advisor (JJ Burns and Co.), Long Island Lizards JENN BACH

8 0 • h ofs t r a U ni v e rs i t y

Jenn Ward

Callahan Foley

Jacquelyn Ardolino

Jac Tierney

2014 Hofs tra Uni versi ty Women's Lacrosse Schedule FEBRUARY 15 18 22 25

Sat. Tue. Sat. Tue.

APRIL at New Hampshire 12 p.m. at Fairfield 3 p.m. at Colgate 1 p.m. Maryland 5:30 p.m.

MARCH 1 7 9 15 19 22 26

Sat. Fri. Sun. Sat. Wed. Sat. Wed.

Central Connecticut 3 p.m. Marist 7 p.m. at Quinnipiac 1 p.m. Ohio State 12 p.m. at Temple 3 p.m. at Albany 12 p.m. Rutgers 7 p.m.

4 6 14 18 20 26

Fri. Sun. Mon. Fri. Sun. Sat.

Towson* Delaware* at Dartmouth at William & Mary* at James Madison* at Drexel*

7 p.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m. 7 p.m. 1 p.m. 1 p.m.

MAY Colonial Athletic Association Championship (at highest seed) 2 Fri. Semifinals 4 Sun. Championship Game


*Colonial Athletic Association Game Home games in bold. Dates and times subject to change.

Jamie D’Arco

Alexandra Mezzanotte

2014 Hofstra Women's Lacrosse Media Guide  

84 Pages Full Color Player and Coach Bios Stats Results History

2014 Hofstra Women's Lacrosse Media Guide  

84 Pages Full Color Player and Coach Bios Stats Results History