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News Hofstra Law Review Celebrates 40 Years of Impact MORE






we are today, citing events such as the second impeach-

current staff members gathered on October 15 in


ment of a U.S. president, the landmark legislation of the

New York City to celebrate 40 years of the Hofstra Law

Clean Air and Clean Water acts, the Patriot Act, the many

Review. The evening recognized the impact of the jour-

controversial decisions on the Supreme Court, the worst

nal and the work of its contributors and staff in creating

terrorist attack in U.S. history, several wars, and interna-

a publication that has made

tional developments as impact-

its mark on the legal commu-

ing the laws of our land. In a time

nity. In her opening remarks

when law reviews have become



less relevant and the public thinks

Grinshteyn ’12

less about what lawyers do, he

Allana quoted



encouraged the students to con-

chief, the Honorable John J.



tinue to grapple with the issues of

Farley III ’73, who in the

the day and publish meaningful

40th anniversary issue wrote,

pieces that stand the test of time.

“Forty boards of editors, forty

With the presidential debate

sets of managing editors, and


forty staffs have all labored

Hofstra’s campus the next day,

toward the common goal of

Ashcroft emphasized the impor-

serving the law by making the

tance of debates, going back to

Hofstra Law Review a publica-

the Lincoln-Douglas debates of

tion recognized for its accuracy, authority, and originality.”

Inaugural issue of the Hofstra Law Review

The evening’s guest speak-





1858, as a chance for a “collision of ideas that give us the opportunity to move forward.” He spoke elo-

ers, Michael Gerhardt, the Samuel Ashe Distinguished

quently of America’s place in the forefront of freedom,

Professor in Constitutional Law and director of the

reciting Emma Lazarus’ words inscribed on the Statue of

Center on Law and Government at the University of North

Liberty, and remarked that our government is a “growth

Carolina School of Law, and former U.S. Attorney General

industry for the growth of the people, not the growth of

John D. Ashcroft, chairman of The Ashcroft Group,

government.” He noted that the Hofstra Law Review is

LLC — both contributors to the anniversary issues of the

part of the discussion that makes freedom possible and

journal — further endorsed the value of publications like

that the quality of the conversation inspired by such pub-

the Hofstra Law Review in providing an important forum

lications is important. He closed by praising the noble

for examining the legal issues of the day.

work of the Hofstra Law Review in creating a culture of

Gerhardt spoke about the extraordinary changes in

long-term intergenerational support through its current members and alumni. H

the law over the past 40 years that have shaped who


Hofstra Law Report, Spring 2013  

HOFSTRA LAW REPORT, Hofstra Law’s magazine, is published once a year by the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.

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