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Students may participate in relocated selection by signing on to their housing application online during the designated relocated selection time and select a room that is identical to the type of room you are currently living in from a list of available spaces (e.g., a double room to a double room, not a double room to a single room). All rooms must be filled to capacity.

Note: Students assigned to first-year areas or spaces are not

Room Selection 2013-2014 Important Deadlines Room Selection Timeline DATE


Friday, March 1

Online Housing Deposits and Applications Available via

Monday, March 11

$300 Housing Deposit Deadline to participate in Homesteading, Themed Living or Relocated Selection

Monday, March 11Tuesday, March 12


Wednesday, March 13

Themed Living Communities Selection

Thursday, March 14

Relocated Selection Deadline to submit $300 Housing Deposit to participate in the General Selection process.

Monday, March 18Tuesday, March 19

Graduate/Law/Medical Student Selection

Wednesday, March 20Thursday, March 21

Senior Selection

Tuesday, April 2Wednesday, April 3

Junior Selection

Monday, April 8Tuesday, April 9

Sophomore Selection

Wednesday, April 10Thursday, April 11

First-Year Student Selection

considered eligible for relocated selection.

General Selection The general selection process gives students the opportunity to select a space in the living area that best suits their needs and preferences. Selection is prioritized by class year (i.e., Rising Senior, Rising Junior, Rising Sophomore, etc.). All rooms must be filled to capacity (for example, a double room must have two occupants).

Administrative Assignment Students who have paid their deposit by the designated deadlines who would prefer to have the Office of Residential Programs assign them a space according to the preferences outlined on their application, may submit their request by Friday, April 12, 2013. The Office of Residential Programs will assign you a space based on your preferences and notify you of your housing assignment via email.

Note: Students who apply for housing after the April 12 deadline will be assigned on a space-available basis later in the summer.

We encourage you to carefully review the “Residential Living Agreement” prior to selecting your room, as your electronic signature provides your consent to abide by all rules and regulations as outlined in the Agreement. Please refer to the Residential Programs website for all rules and procedures related to both the selection and homesteading process at Our office will email students prior to the start of each selection process to ensure you do not miss your specific selection date.

Hofstra University is committed to extending equal opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, marital or veteran status in employment and in the conduct and operation of Hofstra University’s educational programs and activities, including admissions, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. This statement of nondiscrimination is in compliance with Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, the Age Discrimination Act and other applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to nondiscrimination (“Equal Opportunity Laws”). The Equal Rights and Opportunity Officer is the University’s official responsible for coordinating its overall adherence to Equal Opportunity Laws. Questions or concerns regarding any of these laws or other aspects of Hofstra’s Equal Opportunity Statement should be directed to the Equal Rights and Opportunity Officer at, 516-463-7310, C/O Office of Legal Affairs and General Counsel, 101 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549. For additional contacts and related resources, see

Office of Residential Programs

Full-Time Student Registration DATE


Monday, February 25

Graduate students and seniors

Monday, March 4


Monday, March 11


Monday, March 18

First-year students

Friday, May 24

Deadline to register for fall 2013 classes. After this date, unregistered students risk losing fall housing assignment.

Room Selection Process

2013-2014 Academic Year

February 2013

Eligibility Requirements

Room Selection Options

Dear Resident Student:

v v

Current Residency On Campus – The annual room selection process is for current residents (commuting students may be requested as a roommate if they meet all other eligibility requirements and be pulled into a room during the homesteading process). Students who wish to pull a current commuter student into their room during the general selection process must contact the Office of Residential Programs as this cannot be accommodated via the online process. Housing Deposit – Students must pay a $300 housing deposit by the established deadlines and meet the following two additional requirements: v Immunization Compliance – Students must meet New York state immunization compliance (or deposit will be rejected). v Zero Account Balance – Students’ account balances must be cleared in order to submit a deposit. Outstanding accounts will apply any deposits made toward the money owed to your current bill. v Register for Classes – Undergraduate students must register full time for the fall 2013 semester by Friday, May 24.

There are five ways in which students can participate in the room selection process. Students can choose to Homestead their current room; apply for the Themed Living Communities; participate in the Relocated Selection (if applicable); participate in the General Selection; or request an Administrative Assignment, in which students can request that the Office of Residential Programs assign them a space according to their housing preferences outlined on their application.

Although you are just beginning your spring semester, the Office of Residential Programs is already busy preparing for the fall 2013 semester! I am happy to announce the dates for this year’s annual room selection process and to outline some exciting changes to our residence halls effective fall 2013 that may influence your choices during room selection. Beginning in May 2013, Estabrook and Vander Poel Halls will receive complete renovations that will enhance the facilities and the overall community in these halls. The exteriors of the buildings will receive new windows, adding a distinctive and attractive view from the ground floor all the way to the scenic top floors and lounges. New flooring, paint and ceiling tiles will beautify hallways, bedrooms and common spaces, and student rooms will have restorations to HVAC units. Brand-new, state-of-the-art furnishings that meet needs to study, rest and play in our campus residences will be available in these two residence halls. In an effort to help foster a sense of community among the residents of Estabrook and Vander Poel Halls, we will be piloting a new layout of floor lounges by moving the lounges to the corner single rooms on every floor. This change will provide a more spacious lounge area for students to gather on their floors and will offer spectacular views of the surrounding community, including Manhattan on a clear day from the higher level floors! Additional double rooms will be made available in Vander Poel Hall this year by combining two of the single rooms on each floor with an adjoining internal doorway between the two rooms. Students selecting this option may choose to bunk their beds on one side of the room and set the other side of the room up as a lounge area. Schematics of this new room will be available on the Residential Programs website at We will also be offering undergraduate students an opportunity to select “super single” rooms in Hempstead House, Colonial Square. These spacious offerings will house one student per bedroom and provide a small lounge area per suite. Graduate students will also have a third option made available to them in Colonial Square to reside in “super singles” in Plymouth House. Effective fall 2013, all undergraduate students living in the residence halls are required to select a dining plan for the upcoming academic year. Students can select any plan other than Plan 1, which is reserved strictly for commuting students. If you do not select a dining plan, the minimum plan will be assigned to you, as it is a condition of residency. If you are a graduating senior, I thank you for spending your time in the residence halls, and would like to remind you that housing is available for graduate students if you plan to return to Hofstra University for your graduate studies. Enclosed you will find the Room Selection Process guide for the 2013-2014 academic year. Please review the guide and packet of information carefully. Visit our website for additional information on our online room selection process at Please feel free to email us at or call us at 516-463-6930. We look forward to you living with us again next year in campus housing. Sincerely, Novia Whyte Associate Director of Residential Programs/Occupancy Management

Submitting the Housing Deposit Students can pay the required $300 housing deposit online. Housing deposits can only be paid via Visa, MasterCard or electronic check online through E-bill located on the Deposits tab through the Hofstra portal at If you choose to pay by cash or money order you must do so at the Student Financial Service Suite, 206 Memorial Hall, South Campus. To pay online, please follow the steps below: 1. Simply log in to the Hofstra portal at 2. Go to the navigation menu on the left. 3. Click on “Hofstra Online.” 4. Click on “Student Payment Center” under Student Services. 5. Click on “My Payment Center.” 6. Select “eDeposit” tab. 7. Select term – e.g., fall 2013 8. Select deposit payment type – i.e., Housing Deposit

Submitting the Housing Application As of Monday, March 11, 2013, you can complete and/or update your housing application and housing preferences online and indicate if you wish to homestead, be pulled into another resident student’s room, be administratively assigned to a room by the Office of Residential Programs, or choose to go through the selection process. As a reminder, you must pay the housing deposit first before being able to access and update your housing application. To submit your application, please follow the steps below: v Simply log in to the Hofstra portal at v From the Navigation menu on the left, choose “Hofstra Online.” v Click on the Residential Programs menu. v Click on Residential Programs Room Application. v Select the term for which you are applying (e.g., 201309 fall undergraduate, graduate, or law students or 201311 for medical school students). v Follow instructions to complete the housing application and select a dining plan as it is a condition of residency for all undergraduate students effective fall 2013.

Homesteading Homesteading is a process by which students can reserve their current room or suite for next year. Also through this process, students can request to live with another student in their current room or suite* (referenced as being “pulled” into a room). Students may request to “homestead” their current space by completing the online housing application and indicating that they wish to homestead their current room. All rooms must be filled to capacity (a double room in the High Rises or Liberty/ Republic must have two occupants and a suite must have each bedroom other than the single filled to capacity). To successfully homestead your room you MUST check the homesteading box on your online housing application during the advertised homesteading periods. *If a student’s space is ineligible for homesteading due to relocation the student can elect to participate in relocated selection. First-year students assigned to areas or spaces designated for incoming first-year students may not homestead their space, and they are not eligible for relocated selection. First-year students must select to live with another student who is eligible to homestead their room, participate in general selection, or request an administrative assignment.

Themed Living Communities Themed living is designed to offer students who share common educational, social or extracurricular interests the opportunity to live together in Nassau Hall. Students may choose to join one of six predetermined themes for next year with friends from common classes, clubs, organizations, fraternities or sororities. All rooms must be filled to capacity. For additional information on themed housing and to apply, please visit themed_housing.html.

Relocated Selection Relocated selection is designed for those students who have been informed by the Office of Residential Programs that their current room or suite is not eligible for “homesteading.” Relocated students are given an earlier selection time than all other students since they could not homestead their current space.

Room Selection Process  

Room Selection Process

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