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Welcome to Hoffman California Fabrics, International’s first-ever catalog of its one-of-akind, screenprinted Tropical and Conversational fabrics, including authentic pareaus. Hoffman California Fabrics’ talented creative teams excel at designing a wide variety of superior-quality fabrics and products to meet the specific needs of wholesale and retail customers, and other manufacturers: Retail Division - Serves fabric stores, quilt shops and businesses selling fabric by the yard. (See the list of our Retail Sales Representatives By Region on page 39.)

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Tom Kelly

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Specialty Manufacturing Division - Caters to entrepreneurs who use Hoffman Fabrics in a wide variety of finished goods. Sportswear & Large Manufacturing Division Specializes in custom designs and large-quantity programs for garments, accessories and home textiles.

If you are an independent retailer or quilt shop owner that would like to place an order or become a customer, please call (800) 547-0100. If you are a wholesale company or a manufacturer that would like to place on order or have us create a custom fabric and/or manufacture garments, please call (800) 527-8050 or (949) 770-6801. Tammy Melott Vice President, Manufacturing Division


Hoffman California Fabrics

2013 New Releases The surf’s up, flamingos flock, and handpainted hibiscus and plumeria bloom wildly in our newest group of Tropical & Conversationals. Our designs capture lush tropical fauna and dreamy coastal scenes. We have hot surfboards and intricate “tapa” prints. We even have stylish parrots!

BBHC-900 49-Khaki

Walter and Philip Hoffman grew up surfing and were friends with many surf industry founders. (Walter Hoffman pictured above)

BBHC-900 19-Navy

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BBHC-1023 41-Aqua

BBHC-1023 62-Sand

BBHC-1023 7-Blue

BBHC-1024 22-Ivory

BBHC-1024 7-Blue

BBHC-1024 12-Pink


Hoffman California Fabrics

BBHC-1027 7-Blue

BBHC-1027 29-Jade

BBHC-1027 5-Red From Wool to Waves Rube Hoffman (shown center) founded his company as Hoffman Woolens in 1924. The New York native had relocated to Los Angeles, where he started out selling wool fabrics from a small loft. Within six years, the company was printing its own fabrics from original designs and Rube changed the name of the company to Hoffman California Fabrics. It was in the 1960s that the company took to producing tropicals and conversationals, thanks to the surfing lifestyle followed by Rube’s two sons, Philip (on right) and Walter. In addition to being a leader in this niche, Hoffman California is known for its beautifully designed quilting cottons in a variety of themes executed as artistically detailed prints. It’s also recognized for introducing authentic Bali Batiks (based on original designs created by in-house textile artists) to the quilting world and remains a leader in offering these one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed fabrics.

(800) 547-0100


BBHC-1025 61-Turquoise

BBHC-1025 14-Purple

BBHC-1025 7-Blue

BBHC-1025 12-Pink

BBKI-1028 22-Ivory

BBKI-1028 4-Black


Hoffman California Fabrics

Hoffman California Fabrics provides printed fabrics to a diverse clientele. Our customers that are garment manufacturers include companies serving the men’s, women’s, juniors’, and children’s active wear, surf wear, casual lifestyle, western wear, the accessories market, and the medical scrubs market.

We often provide services to large corporate customers seeking to distinguish its products and corporate identity. Manufacturers, wholesale companies, and corporate customers are welcome to select fabrics from our open goods line. Hoffman California also has the ability to design custom fabrics and manufacture garments to meet our customers’ specifications and budget.

(800) 547-0100


BBHC-1033 3-White

BBHC-1033 4-Black Philip Hoffman, in Hawaii, with a few of the family’s many surfboards. Philip passed away on November 10, 2010 at the age of 80. He was a champion longboard surfer in the late 1940s and early ‘50s. He also worked as a commercial diver for many years.

BBHC-1033 19-Navy


Hoffman California Fabrics

BBHC-1036 28-Silver

BBHC-1036 65-Denim

BBHC-1037 7-Blue

BBHC-1037 49-Khaki

BBTI-824 19-Navy

BBTI-824 55-Charcoal

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Mousetrap Quilt Design by Hunter’s Design Studio Quilt Size 50” x 72 1/2”

10 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBHC-1031 6-Brown

BBHC-1031 7-Blue

BBHC-1034 6-Brown

BBHC-1034 130-Multi

Philip, Walter, and cousin Carole Hoffman inside the Hoffman California Fabrics warehouse in Mission Viejo, CA.

(800) 547-0100 | 11

BBHC-1026 55-Charcoal

BBHC-1026 61-Turquoise

12 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Tropicals & Conversationals Hoffman Tropical & Conversationals celebrate the island lifestyle that’s enjoyed everywhere these days, no matter if you live in a coastal beach house or on a Midwest farm. Many of the designs are based on hand-drawn and hand-painted art. Photo Album Quilt Design by Lisa Moore of Quilts With A Twist Quilt Size 42” x 16”

K4090 4-Black

K4090 19-Navy

K4090 22-Ivory

K4091 4-Black

(800) 547-0100 | 13

K4091 12-Pihk

K4091 19-Navy

K4092 3-White

K4092 12-Pink

K4092 30-Lilac

K4093 7-Blue

14 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBKI-949 7-Blue

BBKI-949 25-Beige

K4093 9-Yellow

K4093 14-Purple

(800) 547-0100

Twist Hawaiian Style Quilt Size 33 1/2” x 39 1/2” Quilt Design by Larene Smith of The Quilted Button Pattern for Purchase at | 15

BBTC-921 5-Red

BBTC-921 12-Pink

SOCC-286 8-Green

SOCC-286 18-Royal

16 | Hoffman California Fabrics

In 2012, Hoffman California Fabrics was approached by Quiksilver to incorporate some of our vintage patterns into their Women’s 2013 Spring line. Seen to the left is a maxi dress from the collection. Shorts from the collection are seen on page 16.

See the collection here: jsp?categoryId=12541678

(800) 547-0100 | 17

BBHC-976 92-Slate

BBHC-976 416-Marmalade

18 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBHC-976 96-Olive

The Hoffmans’ spot on the Huntington Beach Surf Walk of Fame

BBKC-909 28-Silver

Hue Nguyen is a fine artist who has worked for Hoffman California for nearly 35 years. His hand drawings and paintings are the starting point for many designs in our Tropical & Conversationals lines. Seen above, Mr. Hue is paying tribute to the Hoffmans’ square on the Surf Walk of Fame.

BBKC-909 7-Blue

(800) 547-0100 | 19

G375 61-Turquoise

G376 18-Royal

H3142 7-Blue

H3142 41-Aqua

H3143 7-Blue

H3143 19-Navy

20 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBTC-925 4-Black

BBTC-925 19-Navy

BBTC-939 4-Black

BBTC-939 25-Beige

BBKI-948 4-Black

BBKI-948 22-Ivory

(800) 547-0100 | 21

CRTC-092 19-Navy

(55% cotton, 45% rayon blend)

BBTC-906 19-Navy

BBTC-942 4-Black

BBTC-942 19-Navy

BBTC-943 4-Black

BBTC-943 19-Navy

22 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBKC-818 4-Black

BBKC-818 7-Blue

BBTI-867 4-Black

BBTI-867 19-Navy

H379 4-Black

H379 25-Beige

(800) 547-0100 | 23

BBHC-865 4-Black

CRKC-042 19-Navy

BBHC-865 19-Navy

(55% cotton, 45% rayon blend)

BBTC-864 4-Black

24 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBKC-973 7-Blue

BBTC-864 68-Indigo

CRKC-745 17R-New Cobalt

(55% cotton, 45% rayon blend)

H3155 65-Denim

H3156 64-Tan

H3156 65-Denim

H3157 4-Black

H3157 19-Navy

(800) 547-0100 | 25

BBHC-911 4-Black

BBHC-911 19-Navy

BBHC-975 7-Blue

BBHC-975 21-Teal

26 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBTC-944 7-Blue

BBTC-944 41-Aqua

BBTC-944 28-Silver

BBKI-950 65-Denim

(800) 547-0100 | 27

BBTC-926 7-Blue

BBTC-926 12-Pink

28 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBTC-926 59-Coral

BBTC-926 65-Denim

(800) 547-0100 | 29

Hobie by Hurley is one of many surfwear companies that have sought out Hoffman California Fabrics for original textile designs. Hoffman designs went into the making of the tropical-print button-up shirts and board shorts (as well as the striped shorts) that Hobie by Hurley featured in a 2012 print ad.

30 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Tom Kelly for Hoffman

BBTC-826 Aqua

BBTC-826 Charcoal

No one captures the thrills of sportfishing quite like master pinstripe artist Tom Kelly. His depictions of tuna, sea bass, swordfish, and other game fish wonderfully illuminate the sport and nature. Kelly’s scenes of sportfishing yachts going after schools of tuna and rod-and-reel fishermen in search of bass offer authenticity with their painterly feel. His precise pen-and-ink drawings of deep-sea fish vibrate with energy. Tom Kelly got his talent through his grandfather, O.Z. Crozier (aka “The Baron” of Baron Roth & Kelly). The Baron was known as “the last of the pinstripers” and Kelly apprenticed under him starting as a teenager. Kelly still pinstripes, and he passed this “lost art” to his son. They run their business, Kelly & Son: The Crazy Painters, in Bellflower, CA.

BBTC-826 Navy

(800) 547-0100 | 31

Pareaus Pareau -- a name given to a floral print -- comes from pareo, the rectangular piece of fabric wrapped around the waist to become a fashionable cover-up. Pareaus evolved into men’s button-up shirts, and the fact these shirts became symbolic of the beach lifestyle is due largely to Hoffman California bringing tropical prints to market beginning in the 1950s. Each Hoffman tropical print starts with handpainted art for a look that’s authentic, individual, and frankly, the best. “It’s the guys who’ve always done it the best who will outlast the fads,” said Walter Hoffman. BBKT-213 5-Red

BBKT-213 18-Royal

BBKT-213 214-Aquamarine

BBKT-641 8-Green


BBKT-641 165-Melon

BBKT-641 404-Bubblegum

32 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBKT-194 Red/Blue

BBKT-194 Red/White

BBKT-194 Navy/White

BBKT-194 University Blue

BBKT-194 White/White

BBKT-194 College Red

BBKT-213 23-Fuchsia

BBKT-213 70-Lavender

BBKT-194 Royal/White

(800) 547-0100 | 33

BBKT-177 10-Crimson

BBKT-177 19-Navy

BBKT-641 White/White

BBKT-641 Navy/White

BBKT-641 Royal/White

BBKT-641 Raspberry/White

BBKT-641 Red/White

BBKT-919 Royal

BBKT-919 Black/Turquoise

34 | Hoffman California Fabrics

BBKT-919 Navy/Turquoise

BBKT-919 Aqua/Coral

BBKT-919 Navy/Fuchsia

BBKT-862 19-Navy

(800) 547-0100 | 35

Did you know..?

This beautiful Hoffman California orchid-design print was selected for a custom Aloha shirt made for the actor Tom Selleck, when he starred in the 1980s TV detective series “Magnum, P.I.” The shirt now lives in the Smithsonian Museum. Another Hoffman California print of parrots perched on palm leaves against a red background also was made into an Aloha shirt for Mr. Selleck. The parrot shirt turned up in an episode of “Cougar Town” starring Courtney Cox.

36 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Can you find the Hoffman in this picture? Here is a hint: even in grade school, Walter Hoffman was representing Hawaiian print Aloha shirts! He still wears them to the office daily.

(Can’t find him? Answer shown below)

This is Hoffman California Fabrics today, with the family’s history still intact. Our only location is in Mission Viejo, CA.

Answer: He is the 3th boy from the right on the top row, behind the boy in the glasses.

(800) 547-0100 | 37

Land’s End collaborated with Hoffman California Fabrics to design a board short that was later featured on the cover of their men’s wear catalog.

38 | Hoffman California Fabrics

HOW TO ORDER FABRICS IF YOU ARE A QUILT SHOP OWNER OR INDEPENDENT RETAILER Hoffman California Fabrics is a wholesale textile manufacturer serving retailers and manufacturers. There are several methods available for ordering: Call 1-800-547-0100 to speak to a helpful and knowledgeable Customer Service assistant. Visit to set up an online ordering account. Stop by our booth at a regional or national trade show (find show dates on our website.)

Regional Sales Representatives

Chris Gardner (OH and MI) (330) 888-9084 John Gardner (OH and MI) (216) 513-1620 Kathy Gardner (DE and MD) (302) 584-1442 Robyn Green (N. CA and Reno, NV) (415) 516-2032

Nancy Arnoldy (KS and NE) (785) 643-7446

Doug and Myra Higgins (IL, IA, MN, MO, ND, SD and WI) (641) 782-4959

Kathy Beal (OR) (541) 504-5297

Julie Manning (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI and VT) (508) 653-3108

Micheal Bourlard (International) (800) 547-0100 (Hoffman California Fabrics headquarters)

Kelly Meyer (AK) (907) 232-5950

Allen Brock (AZ, CO, NM, NV (except Reno area), and El Paso, TX) (303) 753-9667

Sandy Muckenthaler (HI) (800) 547-0100 (Hoffman California Fabrics headquarters)

Brian Cox (FL and GA) (352) 735-3189

Erin Pratt (WA) (360) 430-2392

Frank Cox (FL) (407) 886-6093

Ellen Primack (S. CA) (949) 212-8123

Gerald Crum (AR, OK and N. TX) (936) 588-0374

Kristy Osborne (ID, UT and WY) (208) 542-1000

Judy Crum (LA and TX) (936) 588-0374

Lew Richard (MT & WY Casper & North) (406) 494-4967

Kim Deneault (AL, MS, NC, SC and TN) (804) 852-3934

Barry Spingarn (NJ, NY City, Long Island, West Chester Co., & Philadelphia area) (732) 446-2908

David Evanciew and Debbie Holmes (PA & Upstate NY, not metropolitan NY City) (315) 655-0668

Laurie Voggenthaler (IN and KY) (317) 465-1924

(800) 547-0100 | 39

25792 Obrero Drive Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Hoffman California Fabrics •

Retail Stores and Specialty Manufacturers: (800) 547-0100 Fax: (949) 770-4022 40 | Hoffman California Fabrics

Manufacturers: (800) 527-8050 Fax: (949) 770-5747

Tropicals and Conversationals  

Have you ever seen an Aloha print floral shirt? Chances are your answer is yes. Hoffman California Fabrics is known for it's tropical screen...

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