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Summer Friday Night Service Schedule

Teens from Beth El went with Morah Miki and Cantor Perry Fine to see Irena's Vow on Broadway followed by dinner, in the closing event of Teen Talk.

SCHEDULE OF SERVICES Morning Minyan Monday through Friday 7:45 am Sundays 8:15 am Legal holidays 8:30 am Evening Minyan Sundays-Wednesdays 7:45 pm ~~~~~~~

Shabbat Evening Service Every Friday at 6:15 pm Shabbat Morning Torah Talk 9:00 am Services begin at 9:30am

Shabbat Morning Children’s Schedule Child Care 10:00 am Mini Minyan (age 2-6) 11:00am Kehillah Kids (gr. 1-3) 11:00 am Tefillah Troupe (gr. 4-6) 11:00 am Minyan Makers (gr. 7) 9:15 am Teen Experience (gr. 8-12) 11:00 am Next session Fall 2009

Special Dates Tisha B’Av services Wed., July 29 8:00 pm at Oheb Shalom Thurs., July 30 Shacharit & Mincha at Beth El

From Our Rabbi Summer Reading I thought I would share with you some of the titles I am planning to read this summer. Some have been waiting patiently on my shelf all year. Some just arrived. If you read one of these, drop me a note or e-mail. I”d love to hear your thoughts, and I’ll share mine. You might even find some of the themes of the books below working their way into a Shabbat drash, or perhaps even a High Holy Day sermon!

tion For America in the Middle East by Dennis Ross and David Makovsky; and Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End by Daniel Gordis. Benny Morris, a historian, looks at the history of the Zionist movement and the Palestinian national movement and then assesses the various one- and two-state proposals. I am interested in his historical analysis and assessment of what is possible for these two nations to live in peace.

Ross and Makovsky discuss America’s role in the conflict within the broader frame of the Middle East. They debunk American myths about the Middle East that have prevented the United In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed by Carl States from achieving its strategic goals in the region. Middle Honore East politics are larger than Israel. As we watch American policy The title of this book caught my eye; its focus on slow movement shift regarding Iraq, Iran and Israel, I look to experts like Ross and Makovsky for their analysis. and the desire for balance over speed appeals to my tired self. Sign me up! Danny Gordis has an agenda. He is writing a defense of Israel: reminding us why Israel is necessary, what Israel Why Faith Matters by David Wolpe has already accomplished, and what Israel must do to survive and have a bright future. I look forward to We Plan, God Laughs: 10 Steps to Finding Your reading this book for its insight into Israel’s survival Divine Path When Life Is Not Turning Out Like You “...join me in picking and how I can do my part. Wanted by Sherre Hirsch up a book this Finally, I picked up two books just for fun: Sacred Attunement: A Jewish Theology by Michael summer and Fishbane’s. exploring Jewish The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, ideas in a and These three titles address ways to explore God not new way.” only through prayer and meditation but also through Underground: My Life With SDS and the Weatherpersonal accounts of faith, spirituality and theology. men by Mark Rudd Rabbi David Wolpe contemporary theologian, is the A Yiddish Policemen’s Union in Alaska?! What if a haven for rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, California. He writes in Jewish refugees was set up in Sitka, Alaska after the Holocaust the Prelude: “I do not believe our choice is either an absence of and the fictional collapse of the fledgling state of Israel? What God or an over-zealous embrace of God. Every day I see and would life be like there for a homicide detective trying to solve a hear individuals trying to make sense of their lives seeking the murder and take care of his own life? This one has been out for a comfort of community and an assurance of the reality of God’s while but I haven’t read it yet. love.” I share his experience and want to read more. Mark Rudd grew up at Congregation Beth El. I came to know him as I visited his mother Bertha Rudd (may her memory be a blessing). Mark is very thoughtful about his own activism and what he has learned over the years. I look forward to reading his words and welcoming him home to Beth El as a guest speaker in Michael Fishbane is someone I have studied with on JTS rabbinic the near future. retreats, and I look forward to learning from him whenever I have the opportunity. Sacred Attunement is not going to be a bestsel- I hope you will join me in picking up a book this summer and exploring Jewish ideas in a new way. ler and you will not see Michael Fishbane on the “TODAY Show. This is a comprehensive Jewish theology written by a contemporary Jewish Bible scholar. I am excited to read his treatise With blessings, Rabbi Francine Roston because I hope it will offer insight into the connection he has made between the way he finds God in the Torah and the way he If you know of a Beth El member who is ill, hospitalized, is attuned to God in our world. While it can be a daunting volor homebound, please call Rabbi Roston to let her know. ume, I believe the effort will pay off. Beth El members are our source of information. Next, I bought three books on the current situation in Israel: One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict by Please visit to read a selection of Rabbi Roston’s Benny Morris; Myths, Illusions, & Peace: Finding a New Direcsermons, divrei Torah and special prayers. Sherre Hirsch and I went to rabbinical school together. I always admired her spirit and approach to the world. This book falls in the self-help category as much as it is a discussion of faith. If that is what you need, give her a try!

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A Note from the Hazzan Oh those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…as our beloved Beth El goes under renovation and members scatter in search of respite, there is a holiday that seems to contradict the carefree spirit of the season. The day is austere, the culmination of three weeks of communal mourning for the breach of the walls of Jerusalem (circa 70 CE) when the second temple was destroyed by the Romans. The day, Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av, is marked by all the physical restrictions associated with Yom Kippur (no eating, conjugal relations, bathing, leather shoes or wearing of jewelry). We read from the book of Aicha (Lamentations of Jeremiah) perhaps one of the most beautiful of biblical readings, chanted in hushed tones, sitting on the floor by candlelight. M’gillat Aicha describes Jeremiah’s admonitions to the Jewish people for deeds that lead to the destruction of the Temple. The reading is filled with harsh, foreboding language, yet for all its pessimism, there is no book in the Tanach more structured and tightly woven. It is the only book in the Bible which contains five chapters (like the Torah itself). The first four chapters contain twenty-two verses in a single acrostic; the third chapter contains sixty-six verses (3 x 22), in a triple acrostic. Chapters one, two and four begin the word Aicha (“Oh how”), the final chapter is without the pause trope (etnachta). So what does one make of all

this structure? Joseph Prouser, in his article “Darkness on the face of the Deep: Lamentations as Midrash on Creation” suggests that Aicha’s message of pessimism is filled with images of hope and reconciliation. Its structure and use of acrostic mirror the Creation epic: just as God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh, so the tight acrostic and sentence count (22, 22, 66, 22) in the first four chapters lead to the sense of rest and hope in the final chapter (a Shabbat of sorts), in free form. The chaos of creation mirrors the destruction of the Temple and ensuing days of disorder. Chaos leads to order, hope and renewal, a Shabbat of sorts. We hope you will join for this moving reading of Aicha on Wednesday evening, July 29 at 8 pm at Oheb Shalom, with Shacharit and Mincha services the next day at Beth El. Miki and I wish you a relaxing and reinvigorating summer. Services will take place in the auditorium until phase I of the renovation complete. Like the message of Aicha, may the displacement and disorder in this rebuilding phase at Beth El lead to a sense of renewal in spirit and rejuvenation for us all. B’shalom Cantor Fine

If you wish to leave a message for Cantor Fine, please call his office answering machine 973-763-6447.

From Our Synagogue President Mark Brownstein,

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Education Sherri Morris, Director of Congregational Learning 973-763-0119, ing year.

While our schedules are a little less pressured and the hallways a lot quieter, there is no coasting through the summer for any education director. Friends and family have asked, “So what do you do all summer since the children aren’t there?” I thought perhaps, some of you were wondering the same thing!

Evaluate programs from the past year and make adjustments. Evaluate students with learning needs, and put special learning opportunities in place. Review the school budget. Catch up on reading literature on the latest trends in education.

First, I take a deep breath and bask in the joy of completing another successful year. Before any future planning, I like to revisit the year. It is crucial to reflect and not just plow forward. The next step is to take my vacation and regroup, personally and professionally. Today is my first day back to Beth El and after clearing my inbox, I am ready to jump in and begin planning for next year.

Prepare all of the schedules, handbooks, curriculum guidelines—and anything else that will make the start of the year in September go smoothly. Prepare the opening orientations (for faculty and parents) and opening day. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! Then orient those recruited into the school family.

Here are just a few of the things that will keep me busy for the next two months:

Prepare High Holy Day programming for the children’s services.

Review and adjust curricula, requiring meetings with teachers and committees. Finally have time to be creative and work on new programming for the year. Review and select new textbooks. Re-hire faculty. We are fortunate that all but two of our staff are returning! Create in-service opportunities for the entire faculty. Communicate with parents about student issues, new school programs, and changes in the curriculum for the upcom-

Attend the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute in August. There are many more things that need to be done but this list should provide a fair idea of what happens during the summer months. Even though I will be busy, it is too quiet for me up here on the second floor. Please stop in with your children and visit! B’vracha, Sherri

Congregation Beth El mourns the loss of our esteemed members

Bess Leibel Bertha Rudd May their memory serve as a blessing.

Not on Email? Want to be Informed? If you do not have an email account and therefore don't receive Condolence messages, we want to make sure you stay informed. If you would like a phone call from a member of our Chevra Kadisha when a fellow congregant dies, please call the synagogue office and leave your name and phone number (including a winter phone number) with Rosemary. Page 4

Education Sandy Sachs, Director, Thelma K. Reisman Preschool, 973-763-0113, Camp is off to a great start and believe it or not, it did not rain on the first day of camp! I am looking forward to a summer filled with fabulous activities and hope it is fun and provides great memories for the children. We use summer camp as a time for children and teachers alike to recharge our batteries. It is a definite change from the far more programmed school year. Summer is the time to enjoy the weather, including the rain, and become involved in outdoor activities. Arts and crafts focus on experiencing the joy of smearing and spraying and smudging all while outside. Water play in our pools or with sprinklers and spray bottles is something that doesn’t happen during classes September through May. Relaxing on the lawn and looking at clouds or bugs doesn’t typically happen during the school year either. In our personal lives away from camp, summer is also the time when many of us enjoy family vacations - often at the beach or a place where there are many outdoor activities. The daylight lasts longer, enabling us to eat outside and play outside into the evening. We all have very busy schedules and sometimes it is difficult to make time for these kinds of activities. I suggest that they will actually help you to focus during more stressful times. For those of you who have young families it is an opportunity to create memories that last forever. To the grandparents, it is a great time to do something special with your grandchildren, creating memories and providing role models for them. We are also, of course, beginning to plan for next school year! We will offer our Toddler Time Program for children ages 14-23 months. It begins as an adult/child class one day a week (Tuesdays) and then in January becomes a Young Twos Class for two days a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays). If you have an age appropriate child, you should have received an application. If you haven’t or if you know someone who might be interested in this class, please contact me at or 973-763-0113. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Please continue to drop off your Boxtops4education at the synagogue or preschool office! Visit for more info.

B’Shalom, Sandy

Todah Rabah (Thank You) Morah Miki The Advanced Hebrew class would like to express its enormous appreciation to Morah Miki for another great year of learning and laughing together. On the theory that language fluency must be accompanied by cultural fluency, we spent at least part of each session sharing jokes-- entirely in Hebrew, of course! Humor provides a great window into the popular culture, and it was great for our vocabulary too. We also shared songs, poetry, articles, and stories of our own lives around the table. Thanks to Morah Miki for creating such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where all are comfortable to participate. For our concluding event of the year, Miki treated us to a delicious homemade Sephardic meal at her home. This is truly something to look forward to each year! We are grateful that we have such a wonderful teacher willing to donate so much of her time to our Beth El community. If you are interested in joining us next Spring, please contact Laurie Berkman ( or Nikki Pusin (

Congregation Beth El is launching a support group for caregivers. We will meet regularly to discuss both self-care and the challenges of caring for others. Our caring committee, chaired by Dan Segal, is available to help run errands, provide rides, and make visits. I am available for counseling, home visits, and referral to community resources. Please call on me. We can’t replace the extended families and involved neighborhoods that once cared for elderly or sick relatives or neighbors; but we are recognizing the needs and responding! Karen Frank Project SHIN Nurse 973-763-0111x30

ADULT EDUCATION Note: Rabbi Roston’s Psalms Class

For up to date information on Kadima activities, please contact Michael Greenstein at

will resume in Fall 2009. No classes June-August.

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Automatic External Defibrillator available in the kitchen for emergencies

Youth Activities

Social Action Claire Asarnow, Chair, Summer is a good time to bring your kids, ages 10+, to volunteer with you in the Emergency Food Pantry or Soup Kitchen. They will have fun and feel good about what they are doing and it's a great way to role model your values for them. Be sure to call the coordinator in advance. Drop-in volunteers cannot be accommodated so don't disappoint your kids! And remember, your contribution to Beth El’s Amdurer Fund helps to buy the food that we distribute.

Emergency Food Pantry Wednesday July 15, 9:30-11 am. Beth El volunteers distribute grocery packages to people who do not have enough to feed their families. Please contact Diane Stein to let her know you will be there: 973-376-3136 or Note that the food pantry has moved. It is now at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, 105 Main Street in Orange.

Community Soup Kitchen

Caring Committee Our volunteers make visits to elderly Beth El members who live alone and don't get out much, and to members just discharged from hospital. Karen Frank, our congregational nurse, identifies those who could use a visit, or a ride, and our volunteers step in to fill that need. Please send Dan Segal an email indicating the type of assistance that interests you, and the days of the week or times which are preferable, at or 973-761-8826. Please call the office or the rabbi if you know of a Beth El member who is ill, hospitalized or homebound, and the rabbi and the Caring Committee will take it from there. Beth El members are our source of information.

Shabbat Rides Can you give an elderly Beth El member a ride to services Friday night or Shabbat morning? Call Stuart Skolnik at the Beth El office; or Dan Segal, 973-761-8826, or

With the economy in bad straits, we find ourselves serving more and more people one Sunday monthly at the Soup Kitchen in Orange. Please join Shiva Minyan us – our volunteers have a good time Beth El provides a shiva minyan in the cooking and serving hot food to peohome of the bereaved. If you would ple for whom this meal is a Godsend. like to volunteer to lead shiva minyanim, please contact Marlene JaOr anytime you have access to cobs at 973-763-2733. Also, please prepared food let Cheryl at the Beth El office know if that cannot be she can call you occasionally to bring frozen, just drop suitcases of siddurim to bereaved it off at St. families sitting shiva. Beth El also proRocco's, on vides a Shabbat meal to the bereaved Springfield Avefamily during the shiva period. Note to nue at South 20th Street in Newark, 973-371-5266. To discuss donations shiva volunteers: if you agreed to lead of frozen food, or Soup Kitchen volun- a shiva minyan and your plans change, notify Marlene Jacobs so that teering, call Leah Ferencz at an alternate leader can be assigned. 973-762-2896. Travelling this summer? Bring back your throwaway toiletries for the homeless and needy - they will really appreciate them. Please leave them in the box by the Beth El office.

Thanks for your help!

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Shalom from South Orange USY! It’s Mazel Tov to the 20092010 South Orange USY Chapter Board:


Presidents - Yehudah Webster and Dustin Nelson Executive/Israel Awareness Vice President - Mimi Grinberg Social Actions-Tikun Olam Vice Presidents - Kayla Friedlander and Theo Silverberg Membership Programming Vice Presidents - Jesse Hein and Sam Blumkin Religious Education Vice President Eitan Morris Communications Vice President Sammie Greene Freshman Representative(s) - Jonas Singer, Rachel Drucker, and Yoni Cooper Many thanks to David Glass for serving as USY advisor for the past three years, and welcome to our new USY advisor, Linda Ripps. She can be reached at Applications are still being accepted for Hagalil's USY and Kadima Encampments which will be held from August 24 -31 at the B'nai Brith Perlman Camp in Starlight, PA. A whole summer's worth of fun and excitement are packed into one week! Applications can be found on the USY website:

Sisterhood As we wait for the rain to stop and the warm, sunny weather to begin, nothing could dampen our spirits as we reflect on the success of Sisterhood's first Bargain Barn! A million THANK YOUs go to our co-chairs Norma Aronson and Gail Roth for the spectacular feat they accomplished in putting the Bargain Barn together. They worked tirelessly publicizing, schlepping, collecting, organizing, merchandising and selling stuff to raise money for Sisterhood. They worked hard to get volunteers and as we all discovered, it was wonderful to work together for the benefit of the Sisterhood, Beth El and the entire community. We thank all of you who volunteered your time, who donated merchandise and who supported the sale by going home with more than you brought in! Thinking ahead, you should have all received your order form for our Rosh Hashanah Honey. Please consider sending this New Year greeting. We hope you all have a healthy, happy, sunny summer! B’shalom, Nancy Isaacson and Ellen Tamaroff;

Honey Sale for Rosh Hashanah It is time to start planning for Rosh Hashanah. As in past years, Beth El's Sisterhood is holding a honey sale so you can help family and friends prepare for a sweet new year. The attractive honey jars will be mailed with a brief note from the sender to the recipients in time to be enjoyed with apples on Rosh Hashanah. They can be ordered by clicking the link on the Beth El website. If you cannot access the link, look for the forms in the mail and return them before July 15. If you have any questions, call Miriam Lefkowitz at 973-761-5010. All profits benefit the projects of the Sisterhood.

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Torah Fund 5770 Three cheers for Beth El Sisterhood! In spite of the difficult economic times we achieved our fundraising goal for 2009’s Torah Fund Campaign. Thank you to all our contributors. The Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism supports the Jewish Theological Seminary and its students around the world. JTS and its affiliates in Los Angeles, Israel and Buenos Aires train the rabbis, cantors and educators who will be the future leaders of the Conservative movement. Torah Fund contributions improve the lives of JTS students in many ways, including the refurbishing of the dormitories and the library in New York, and the construction of the Women’s League Synagogue at JTS. Perhaps most important, numerous scholarships have been provided for students over the years, enabling them to continue their studies. Every year the Torah Fund Campaign is based on a special theme. This year’s theme is both exciting and timely: L’avdah ul-shamrah, ―to plant and preserve.‖ This is God’s first command to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This divine directive to protect the environment is as appropriate today as it was in ancient times. Please consider becoming a benefactor of Torah Fund. For a contribution of $180, you will be a benefactor and receive the beautiful Torah Fund pin as a gift. There are also opportunities to give at a higher level to support specific projects and to give general donations of any amount. This year’s pin is a beautiful gold colored leaf, with: ―Le’avdah ulshamra”, inscribed in Hebrew. We wear it proudly to show our support for Torah Fund. To receive your pin in time for the High Holy Days, contact Ilisia Kissner at 973-763-3316 or

Welcome New Members Robert Schwartz Beth El is pleased that Bob has decided to join our congregation. His Beth El family already includes Jonathan and Sherry Woocher, the sister of his recently deceased wife, Leslie. Bob says he is grateful to the congregation and especially to Rabbi Roston for all the support and comfort he received during the last stages of Leslie’s illness. Bob lives in South Orange and is a native of Lawrence, Mass. He is a civil engineer and director of capital projects for American Water Enterprises in Hillsborough, a unit of American Water Works Co. Inc. Robert has two grown children. Rebecca, known as Bex, lives in Manhattan and is a writer-producer for VH1 television and a frequent commentator on CNN. Andrew is an acquisitions editor for self-help publisher Career Press, who now lives with his father. Bob is anxious to get involved in the Beth El community, which has been ―extremely warm and welcoming,‖ he says. ―I feel comfortable here.‖

Melissa Comerchero and Shelley Rappaport We are also very pleased to welcome Melissa and Shelley to the synagogue, as well as their beautiful triplets—Laila, Fineas, and Yitzhak Rappaport, who were born last October. Beth El was pleased to share in their baby naming in June. The family moved to Maplewood from Manhattan last year. Melissa, originally from Pennsylvania, is a high school math teacher now enjoying full-time motherhood, tutoring math when her schedule permits. Shelley, from Massachusetts, is involved in research for MDRC, a non-profit organization focusing on education and social policy. Melissa and Shelley have already taken their children to several Beth El tot Shabbats and look forward to more activities as they get older. As one set of Beth El triplets—Rachel, Josh and Michael Sender—go off to college, we are so happy to have another in our midst!

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Beth El Family News July/August Birthdays July 1 David Rubin, Brian Schlesinger 2 Peter Leepson, Murray Mohl, Michael Morris 3 Emily Green, Jay Leipzig, Saul Rosen, Steve Tamaroff 4 Lester Z. Lieberman 5 Shonna Ascher, Amy Grace Brownstein, Raina Ferencz, Alexandra Fischer, Carolyn Goldstein, Stephen Seiden 6 John Branigan, Kalman Carmel 7 Claire Asarnow, Sarah Solomon, Ronnie Weinstein 8 William Adelson, Nettie Bzura, Sydney Rednik, Geraldine Zemel 9 Samantha Lax, David Stolow 10 Rafael Colton-Max, Howard Cooper, Craig Miller, Claude Szyfer 11 Harry McNamara, Jay Myers, Jeremy Wood 12 Juliette Lackow, Yaron Opdenberg, Sydney Schatz 13 Seth Dudowsky, Hannah Goldstein, James Pomeranz, Molly Reckson, David Rudd 14 Marc Hoffman, Stanley Klughaupt 15 Randi Berson, Alan Cooper, Darren Jacobs, Asher Kaminsky, Rita Yohalem 16 Adiel Benisty, Emmett Bikales, Iris Levitt, Ben Orgera 17 Evelyn Eisenstein, Nahum Kianovsky, Alexander Miller 18 Alexandra Adler, Joan Bucholtz, David Markel 19 Alex Klein, Dena Mallach, Joyce Raynor, Aaron Tolpin 20 Daniel Gerstein 21 Les Blatt, Michael Hessdorf, Matthew Nelson 22 Ruth Bernstein, Harvey Bucholtz, Simon Resnik 23 Betsy Chernoff, Elana Chernoff, Caryn Emmons, David Lenkowsky, Benjamin Welt, Eli Wolkoff 24 Robert Aden, Andrew Fair, Alicia Zucker 25 Carrie Siegel 26 Peter Greene, Arlene Hyman, Aaron Kessler, Ellen Weiser 27 Sophie Berenberg, Matthew Bobrow, Celia Hait, Lauren Kasdan, Michael Rublin, Emma Stein 28 Nick Borg, Patricia David, Sandra Levine Purkert 29 Amelia Branigan, Eliezer Chesir-Teran, Lisa Fedder, Arielle Newman, Barry Ostrowsky, Diana Perilstein, Lesley Schiftic 30 Anna Dudowsky, Alexander Gold

July/August Anniversaries July 3 Ronnie & Jeffrey Weinstein 4 Marse & Mark Gatof 4 Greg & Gyneen Meyers 8 Kora & Adam Licht 13 Lloyd & Linda Alterman 23 Rachel Baum & Bethany Joseph 24 Nomi & Harold Colton-Max 24 Linda Jacobs Kalodner & David Kalodner 26 Robin Straus & Martin Reiman 28 Susan & Ephraim Schachter

August 1 Rebecca Hollender, Elana Jacobs, Miriam Lefkowitz, Devra Reiman, Elana Rothenberg, Marc Vollrath 2 Lucy Parry, Florence Welt 3 Melvin Zwillenberg 4 Morton David, Eve Greenberg 6 Melanie Gorelick, Harris Mevorah, David Posner 7 Daniel Brown, Samuel Cohen-Wade, Jesse Eisenstein, Michelle Knopman, Doris Leibowitz, Carley Stein, Jason Volk 8 Hyman Fine, Alan Gerstein, Risa Goldstein, Joseph Haber, Lauren Miller 9 Rebecca Carmel, Marse Gatof, Noah Hessdorf, Ilisia Kissner 10 Shira Cohen, Frieda Friedman, Logan Nelson, Michele Zembow 11 Noah Gomberg, Alain Haim, John Purkert 12 Esther Gildengers, Nathan Schiftic, Paloma Szyfer, Ligaya Woog 13 Eileen Davis, Joel Friedman, Leah Gomberg, Wayne Tillman, Jesse Zatloff 14 Yevgeniy Breslav, Lindsay Kepniss, Andy Lackow, Jonah Traub 15 Nathaniel Berenberg, Sofia Szyfer 16 Marc Berson, Elana Drell-Szyfer, Douglas Green, Debra Lebersfeld 17 Maxim Bank-Walker, Aaron Chaleff, Beth Dorogusker, Sophie Fox, Jonathan Kepniss, Alyson Platkin 18 Cindy Chazan, Haylee Mevorah, Lori Posner 19 Hermine Barnet, Diana d'Ambra, Stacey Leibowitz, Jennifer Maidenberg 20 Judah Cohen, Elaine Harris, William Srebrenick 21 Hannah Anthony, Jane Canter, Benjamin Fischer, Adam Price 22 Michael Bruk, Annie Goldfischer, Julie Levine, Francine Rod, Arielle Seiden, Margot Wildman 23 Helen Cohen, Stephen Gould, Lewis Grimm, Mia Jacobs, Rebecca Jacobs, Julia Traurig 24 Sheryl Borg, Susan Brauner 25 Edna Axelrod, Martin Hoffman, Noel Siegel 26 David Horn, Teddy Lavon, Jared Mahoney 27 Michael Wallach, Jonathan Woocher 28 Rita Barbarosh, Ariel Jackson, Lauren Meisels, Chris Walker 29 Elizabeth Samet, Julia Schachter 30 Robin Chernoff, Marion Mohl 31 Kerri Berson, William Emmons, Marcy Felsenfeld, Benjamin Hirsh, Avram Rips, Gregory Rivkin, Alexander Toledano

August 3 Lori Abrams & Andy Lackow 5 Karen & Stephen Gevirtz 7 Mattye & Robert Gandel 7 Lesley & Matthew Schiftic 8 Amy & David Cooper 8 Susan Mattisinko & Robert De Leon 8 Jeffry & Carrie Siegel 9 Sarah Rosen & Nahum Kianovsky 11 Judith & Lester Z. Lieberman 11 Linda Dorf & Avram Rips 12 Marcy Felsenfeld & Ken Gold Page 10

14 Erica & Gabriel Anthony 16 Sheryl & Nick Borg 16 Karen & David Koenig 17 Cecily Hurst & Jurgen Vollrath 20 Howard & Ellen Cooper 20 Leah & David Gomberg 27 Suzy & Glenn Silver 27 Elana Drell-Szyfer & Claude Szyfer 30 Valerie & Samuel Shukovsky 31 Judith & Stephen Gould 31 Susanlisa & Aaron Kessler

Mazel Tov To 

Get Well 

Condolences To 

Did you know that……………. Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) offers two affordable and reliable services. At Home Services is staffed with caring and dependable Caregiving Companions who provide non-medical home care and companionship for seniors while they remain at home. Some of the duties At Home Services provide are; assistance with shopping and errands, light housekeeping, escort to doctors’ visits, laundry, light housekeeping, medication reminders and other non-medical tasks. Home Maintenance Solutions provides a wide variety of basic home maintenance and repair and safety services. Some of the services include; change screens and storm windows, yard cleanup, replace batteries and light bulbs, and indoor painting. Also available are services such as; the installation of grab bars, smoke detectors and hand-held showers and the removal and or/tack down of carpeting. The JVS programs are staffed by trained personnel, charge a very competitive hourly rate, offer flexible scheduling and is directed by an experienced social worker who personally supervises each assignment. For more information, please call 973-674-2415, ext. 293 or e-mail Jewish Vocational Service of MetroWest (JVS) is a nonprofit social service agency helping New Jersey residents and businesses on a nonsectarian basis since 1939. Look at all the ways Beth El can help you honor or send a special gift to your friends and loved ones! Please support these programs. Send a Beth El Tribute $9.00 each - call or simply go to < tributes.shtml. > Shop AMAZON Click the Amazon logo on and buy all your gifts online. Beth El receives between 4% - 8% of your purchase at no extra cost to you. Simply log in first to and click the amazon logo in the middle of the page. Personalized Siddur Bookplates Honor a B'nai Mitzvah, a newly Married Couple or a Special Birthday by purchasing a bookplate in the new Kabbalat Shabbat Siddur. For $36, this permanent honor will bring joy to the honoree when they hear of your gift! Contact Cheryl Slutzy for more info., Sponsor Kiddush For as low as $100, celebrate that special simcha with your Beth El family! Call Stuart in the office to start planning today! Buy Scrip For all your summer BBQ's or just weekly groceries! Beth El makes 5% and it costs you nothing! Call David Beyth and he'll deliver Kings, ShopRite, Pathmark, Zayda's and/or Maple Kosher scrip to your home! Sisterhood Gift Shop Many new items from Israeli artists that would make a perfect gift for any occasion. Come by the Beth El office and they'll help you or contact Lauren Morris for an appointment, Page 11

THE CONGREGATION GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGES THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTIONS. THANK YOU FOR CARING. DOUBLE CHAI FUND IN MEMORY OF Jennie Beck from Terri Trieger Sol Braunstein from Poppy Segal Aaron Cohen from Deborah Cohen Bernice Davis from Howard Davis Harriet Green from Susan Green Meyer Horn from David Horn Jean Jacobs from Lowell Jacobs Sophia Kislak from Sima Jelin Betty Leepson from Peter Leepson Bess Liebel from Marvin and Gladys Jacobs, Shirley and Seymour Rubin Hyman Mevorah from Erwin Mevorah Donna Beth Rubin from Sonya Rubin IN HONOR OF Marc Roston on his 40th birthday from Aaron and Ruth Bernstein

CHAI FUND IN MEMORY OF Gerald Altman from Susan Zwillenberg Morris Brounstein from Barbara Lenkowsky Herbert Dear from Sarafae Dear Ruth Goldwasser Gallner from Jill Jackson Jack Gold from William Gold Louis Goldstein from Geraldine Zemel Murray Granet from Judith Levy Ettie Greenberg from Mitchell Greenberg Bertha Horowitz from Edward Horowitz Heyman Klein from Dorothea Klein Marvin Knopfler from Barbara Hulnick Max Knopfler from Barbara Hulnick Julius Kislak from Sima Jelin Bess Leibel from Bettye and Ramon Green, Rose Steinglass Ethel Lenkowsky from David Lenkowsky Max Levy from Arthur Levy Harry Neivert from Elton Neivert Eva Nelson from Peter Nelson Adrienne Parker from Ronald Parker Louis Rosenblum from Steve Rosenblum Sadie Rous from Celia Hait Hortense Rubin from David Rubin Bertha Rudd from Ellin and Fred Cohen, Dottie Klein, Ann and Melvyn Schaefer Sarah Sher from Lowell Jacobs Harry Sondak from Sonya Rubin Joseph Zilber from Leslie Blatt IN HONOR OF Treasure and Rich Cohen on the birth of the new grandson from Laurie Berkman, David Trager and family Mattye and Bob Gandel on the birth of their granddaughter, Allison Casey,

from Bob and Robin Rabinowitz from Elana Schipper Michael Rubin on his graduation from the Irwin and Blossom Primer on the birth of University of Maryland from Sandi, their new grandchild from Leslie and Abbott and Rebecca Brown Les Blatt, Marcia Glassel Nikki Pusin and Steven Sklar on the bat mitzvah of their daughter, Molly, from TRIBUTE FUND Ruth and Ben Perlmutter IN MEMORY OF Jackie and Michael Levinson on the birth William August from Howard August of their new grandchildren from Cheryl Regina Freeman whose dynamism and and Marc Slutzky excitement left her mark on everyone Anita and Stuart Skolnick on the graduawho knew her from Sara Mellk-Rose, tion of their son, Eliot, from Seton Hall Ellen Tamaroff and Peter Leepson Law School from Jackie and Michael William Debin from Arnold Mirsky Levinson, Cheryl and Marc Slutzky Louis Geller from Irving Goodman Ruth Gilbert from George Gilbert Margaret Hochhauser from Harriet ANN DEENER FUND FOR CAMP Zimmer-Parker RAMAH Mathilda Kaplan from Frances Kaplan IN MEMORY OF Annie Katz from Hermine Barnet Betty Allman, mother of Cecille Asekoff, Elaine Klughaupt, mother of Stanley from Joan and Harvey Bucholtz Klughaupt, from Sharon and Stephen Dance and Poppy Bieber from Shari and Seiden, Nusha Wyner Erwin Mevorah and family Stella Kresch from Richard Gordon Ronen Segal, beloved son of Etty Segal, Bess Leibel from Adele and Herman Lefrom Shari, Erwin, Harris, Haylee and bersfeld, Irwin and Blossom Primer, D.J. Mevorah Elana Schipper Anna Mandelbaum from Judith Levine IN HONOR OF Ella Mandelbaum from David MandelRachel Baum and Bethany Joseph on the baum baby naming of their daughter, Eloise, Sadie Newman from Fay Rubenstein from Shari and Erwin Mevorah and Bertha Rudd from Samuel Convissor, family Cecelia and Louis Fishman, Marcia Natasha Cooper-Benisty receiving the Glasser, Gail and Kenneth Jaffe, Vicki Geffen Prize in Contemporary Jewish and Bill Semel, Ronald Tambor Studies Award from Grantz College Harvey Samo from Carol Boyar from Janice and Michael Wallach Ruth Saxon from Mae Gorman Stephanie and Matthew Carmel on the Saul Strauss from Sharon Kepniss Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Rebecca Jacob Tamaroff from Steve Tamaroff Carmel, from Joan and Harvey Bucholtz Joseph Tassler from Evelyn Leynor Sharon and Howard Charish on the birth Irving Volk from Miriam Volk of their new granddaughter from Joan Pincus Wolfenstein from Evelyn Leynor and Harvey Bucholtz Treasure and Rich Cohen on their 40th IN HONOR OF anniversary and the birth of their new Treasure and Rich Cohen on the birth of grandson from Joan and Harvey their new grandchild from Leslie and Bucholtz, Shari and Erwin Mevorah and Less Blatt, Marcia Glassel, Irwin and family Blossom Primer, Cheryl and Marc Mattye and Bob Gandel on the birth of Slutzky their granddaughter, Allison Casey, Mattye and Bob Gandel on the birth of from Joan and Harvey Bucholtz, Brenda their granddaughter, Leslie and Less and Jerry Deener Blatt, Allison Casey Gandel, from Lisa Small and Danny Goldstein on the Jackie and Michael Levinson, Cheryl bar mitzvah of their son, Jake, from the and Marc Slutzky, Janice and Michael Mevorah family Wallach Nate and Pam Lassman on the birth of Sheryl and Martin Hoffman on the their new grandson, Ryan Rich Lassgraduation of their daughter from Jackie man, from Joan and Harvey Bucholtz and Michael Levinson Selim and Chris Rakib on the bar mitzEvelyn Leynor for her belated birthday Page 12

vah of their son Aaron from Joan and Harvey Bucholtz Nikki Pusin and Steven Sklar on the bat mitzvah of their daughter Molly from Joan and Harvey Bucholtz

AUDREY MILLER LIBRARY FUND IN HONOR OF Blossom and Irwin Primer in honor of their granddaughter, Talia Rose Fa Primer, from Janice and Michael Wallach

CULTURAL ARTS FUND IN MEMORY OF Bertha Rudd from Wilma and Marty Steinberg IN HONOR OF Cantor Fine on the honor of his award with great love from Jerry and Ruth Demel Mattye and Bob Gandel on the birth of their new granddaughter from Ellin and Fred Cohen Rabbi and Sylvia Orenstein on their 50th wedding anniversary with more good years ahead from Jerry and Ruth Demel Sanford and Ellen Oxfeld on the engagement of David and Elana from Fred and Ellin Cohen Ronnie and Jeff Weinstein on the marriage of their son, Evan, from Jeff and Ruth Demel

DOROTHY AMDURER FUND FOR THE HOMELESS IN MEMORY OF Abe Ostrowsky from Barry Ostrowsky IN HONOR OF Treasure and Rich Cohen on their 40th anniversary from Marian and Phillip Schaefer Mark and Marse Gatof on the graduation of their son, Max, from Gail Roth and Ellen Tamaroff Philip and Cynthia Litwinoff on the graduation of their daughter, Sharon, from high school from Gail Roth and Ellen Tamaroff Nancy and Allan Sloan on their 40th anniversary from Marian and Phillip Schaefer

IN HONOR OF Niki Pusin and Steven Sklar on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Molly, from Ronnie and Jeff Weinstein Marc & Cheryl Slutzky on their birthdays from Marian Rothenberg

PRESCHOOL PLAYGROUND FUND IN MEMORY OF Doris Cox, mother and mother-in-law of Helen Cox and Alan Fendler from Sharon and Jimmy Schwarz Mitchell Kalter from Sharon Schwarz Bess Leibel from Mr. and Mrs. David Cook Bertha Rudd from Randi and Marc Berson Selig Weinberg from Sylvia Feinberg

RENOVATION FUND IN MEMORY OF Bess Leibel fron Shelia and Herb Marton Mildred Pusin from Russett Feldman Harvey Samo from Teresa Livingstone IN HONOR OF Anita and Stuart Skolnick on the graduation of your son, Eliot, from Seton Hall Law School from Susan and Mitchell Lieberman

SAMUEL RINGEL YOUTH ENRICHMENT FUND IN MEMORY OF Sadie Ringel from Bryna Ringel Lax Bertha Rudd from Bryna Ringel Lax and Oscar Lax IN HONOR OF Treasure and Rich Cohen on the birth of their grandson, Gabriel William, from Janice and Michael Wallach

ZELLER LIBRARY FUND IN MEMORY OF Bess Leibel from Sarah Zeller

The Bulletin of Congregation Beth El is published monthly by Congregation Beth El Beth David Jewish Center Affiliated 1988 222 Irvington Avenue South Orange, NJ 07079 973-763-0111 Fax 973-763-5793

Francine Roston, Rabbi Perry Fine, Hazzan Jehiel Orenstein, Rabbi Emeritus Theodore Friedman Z‖L, Rabbi Emeritus Julius Eidenbaum Z‖L, Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Beth David Morris Levinson Z‖L, Hazzan Emeritus Stuart P. Skolnick, Executive Director Sherri Morris, Dir. of Cong. Learning Sandy Sachs, Preschool Director Karen Frank, Congregational Nurse Yael Buechler, Program Coordinator Mark Brownstein, President Nancy Isaacson & Ellen Tamaroff, Sisterhood Co-Presidents The Bulletin Copy Editor, Johanna Ginsberg Layout, Lauren Morris Advertising & New Members, Debbie Rubin

Beth El Office E-mail Addresses Cheryl Slutzky-Assistant to Rabbi Roston Tanya Esman—Bookkeeper Rosemary Cerracchio-Admin. Assistant Bethany Joseph-Office Assistant General

Please do not make telephone calls or send emails on Shabbat (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) or Jewish holidays to Beth El officers, staff, committee chairs, congregants, preschool or religious school staff. Remember to notify the office 973-763-0111, or if you change your home or work phone number, your address, or your email address.

JOY OF MUSIC FUND IN MEMORY OF Bess Leibel with our deepest sympathy from Ronnie and Jeff Weinstein Page 13


Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) is a non-profit, nonsectarian agency that has been a valuable recruiting resource to area businesses since its founding in 1939. JVS screens and refers qualified, experienced applicants for available positions at no cost to the employer.

ACCOUNTING / FINANCE Accountant (6027-ML) For profit and non-profit accounting experience preparing all financial statements, focusing on problem identification and solutions. Accountant (5871-MK) Accounting professional with 10+ years of experience. Specific skills include: analysis of financial statements, reconciliations, sales forecasting, budgeting and reporting operational results.

Management for multi-national complex organizations. Comprehensive understanding of foreign exchange, banking, A/ P, budgeting and freight duty audit functions. Financial Analyst (5821-MK) Dynamic financial analyst with significant experience in various industries, including transportation, media, telecommunications, manufacturing and pharmaceutical. Expertise in analyzing financial statements and business situations, identifying credit risk/ strengths and developing complex and detailed financial projections. Experienced in senior debt and structured finance documentation. Passed Level II of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Controller (5976-ML) Accomplished financial controller with comprehensive experience in start-up & established companies. Expertise includes fiscal planning, cash management and internal controls. MBA. Financial Analyst (5939-MK) Skilled in forecasting and budgeting, fiCredit Analyst (5988-ML) Credit trained financial/credit analyst with nancial analysis & reporting, computer Law Degree (NY, NJ Bars). Expertise in modeling & database management. Comcredit analysis, risk assessment, structur- pleted and analyzed annual operating ing, negotiating, securitizing debt facilities budgets and quarterly forecasts. Competent in both for profit & non-profit sector. and portfolio management.

Profiles of selected clients currently seeking employment are listed below. Contact Marty Katz for additional information, to list a job opening, to request a detailed resume, or if you would prefer receiving these profiles in another manMany more profiles available from JVS. ner. Phone: (973) 674-6330 x259 - Director of Finance (5979-LCS) Accomplished financial professional with Fax: (973) 674-6820 Email: extensive experience in Treasury and Cash

P A T R O N I Z E O U R A D V E R T I S E R S â&#x20AC;&#x201D; T H A N K T H E M F O R S U P P OR T I N G B E T H E L

Skilled Nursing Alzheimer's Special Care Unit Hospice Care Short & Long Term Rehabilitation Adult Medical Day Care l Senior Housing COOPERMAN FAMILY BUILDING

1155 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052

973-400-3307 Fax: 973-731-8364 l Website:

Plant A Tree in Israel. Plant A Tree in Newark. Call (800) 542-TREE (8733) ext. 366

to plant a tree in Israel and Newark for any occasion.

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